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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Almora Almora Almora Adhar Muafi
2 Almora Almora Almora Adheli Sunar
3 Almora Almora Almora Aditha
4 Almora Almora Almora Almora Range
5 Almora Almora Almora Amkholi
6 Almora Almora Almora Anariyakot
7 Almora Almora Almora Asota
8 Almora Almora Almora Atdeli Tiwari
9 Almora Almora Almora Athar Bari
10 Almora Almora Almora Bajainiya Muafi
11 Almora Almora Almora Bajgal
12 Almora Almora Almora Bajwar
13 Almora Almora Almora Bakh
14 Almora Almora Almora Bakh Madhye Damudhara
15 Almora Almora Almora Balam
16 Almora Almora Almora Balta
17 Almora Almora Almora Balt Bari
18 Almora Almora Almora Bangsar
19 Almora Almora Almora Barseemi
20 Almora Almora Almora Barsimi
21 Almora Almora Almora Basar
22 Almora Almora Almora Basgaon
23 Almora Almora Almora Basoli Bhakuni
24 Almora Almora Almora Batgal Bhatt
25 Almora Almora Almora .Batgal Routela
26 Almora Almora Almora Beena
27 Almora Almora Almora Beni Tamta
28 Almora Almora Almora Bhagoti
29 Almora Almora Almora Bhaisora
30 Almora Almora Almora Bhaisori
31 Almora Almora Almora Bhakar
32 Almora Almora Almora Bhakara Dak
33 Almora Almora Almora Bhakuna
34 Almora Almora Almora Bhalar
35 Almora Almora Almora Bhanar
36 Almora Almora Almora Bhat Gaon
37 Almora Almora Almora Bhetuli
38 Almora Almora Almora Bhulyura
39 Almora Almora Almora Bimola
40 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Captain Saiwej
41 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Madhve Chak No2
42 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Madhye Chak No1
43 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Madhye Jauljibi
44 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Madhye Miss Shahib
45 Almora Almora Almora Binsar Madhye Sarkari Dukan
46 Almora Almora Almora Bintola Malla
47 Almora Almora Almora Bintola Talla
48 Almora Almora Almora Birora
49 Almora Almora Almora Bisara
50 Almora Almora Almora Budh Khola
51 Almora Almora Almora Champa
52 Almora Almora Almora Chaukhuriya
53 Almora Almora Almora Chaumu
54 Almora Almora Almora Chauna
55 Almora Almora Almora Chaunli Malli
56 Almora Almora Almora Chaunoli Talli
57 Almora Almora Almora Chausali
58 Almora Almora Almora Chautra
59 Almora Almora Almora Chhana
60 Almora Almora Almora Chhana
61 Almora Almora Almora Chhani
62 Almora Almora Almora Chinona
63 Almora Almora Almora Chitai Pant
64 Almora Almora Almora Chitai Tiwari
65 Almora Almora Almora Chular Musyoli Lagga Papara
66 Almora Almora Almora Churari
67 Almora Almora Almora Dal
68 Almora Almora Almora Dangi Khola
69 Almora Almora Almora Darimi Udiyari
70 Almora Almora Almora Darmar
71 Almora Almora Almora Deoli
72 Almora Almora Almora Deoli Khan
73 Almora Almora Almora Dhaili
74 Almora Almora Almora Dhamas
75 Almora Almora Almora Dhamuwa Kanala
76 Almora Almora Almora Dhankholi
77 Almora Almora Almora Dhari
78 Almora Almora Almora Dharsimi
79 Almora Almora Almora Dhatwal Gaon
80 Almora Almora Almora Dhaura
81 Almora Almora Almora Dhura(Joshi Dhura)
82 Almora Almora Almora Dilkot
83 Almora Almora Almora Dinapani
84 Almora Almora Almora Doba
85 Almora Almora Almora Dol Bakhli
86 Almora Almora Almora Dol Pokhra
87 Almora Almora Almora Dotiyal Gaon
88 Almora Almora Almora Dugal Khola
89 Almora Almora Almora Falsima
90 Almora Almora Almora Farka
91 Almora Almora Almora Fatehpur Bari
92 Almora Almora Almora Gadholi
93 Almora Almora Almora Gadhwali
94 Almora Almora Almora Gaijole
95 Almora Almora Almora Gali Basyur Mai Chaktunkande
96 Almora Almora Almora Gangola Kotuli
97 Almora Almora Almora Gangtari
98 Almora Almora Almora Gar Gunth Mala Bhawanthapaliya
99 Almora Almora Almora Garhteet
100 Almora Almora Almora Ghaneli
101 Almora Almora Almora Gharsun Gunth
102 Almora Almora Almora Golna Karariya
103 Almora Almora Almora Guna
104 Almora Almora Almora Gurna
105 Almora Almora Almora Hadouli
106 Almora Almora Almora Harkhola Jagshwar(Mahar Kholi)
107 Almora Almora Almora Hawal Bagh Bajar
108 Almora Almora Almora Hawal Bagh Farm
109 Almora Almora Almora Hawal Bagh Harnal
110 Almora Almora Almora Hawal Bagh Sahu
111 Almora Almora Almora Ina Kote
112 Almora Almora Almora Islana Mafi
113 Almora Almora Almora Jakh Kathayat Chhana
114 Almora Almora Almora Jakh Saura
115 Almora Almora Almora Jharkote
116 Almora Almora Almora Jhaser Tana
117 Almora Almora Almora Jhijhar
118 Almora Almora Almora Jol Swar
119 Almora Almora Almora Josyana
120 Almora Almora Almora Jur Kafun
121 Almora Almora Almora Jyoli
122 Almora Almora Almora Jyoli
123 Almora Almora Almora Kafal Kot
124 Almora Almora Almora Kafchaun
125 Almora Almora Almora Kaini Khola
126 Almora Almora Almora Kakrat Maufi
127 Almora Almora Almora Kalati
128 Almora Almora Almora Kalautia
129 Almora Almora Almora Kalet
130 Almora Almora Almora Kalimati
131 Almora Almora Almora Kalmatiya
132 Almora Almora Almora Kalsima
133 Almora Almora Almora Kaltani Madhye Bijrkhiya
134 Almora Almora Almora Kanaw
135 Almora Almora Almora Kanda Talla
136 Almora Almora Almora Kandey
137 Almora Almora Almora Kaneli
138 Almora Almora Almora Kasun
139 Almora Almora Almora Katarmal Gunth
140 Almora Almora Almora Kayala
141 Almora Almora Almora Kesta
142 Almora Almora Almora Khagmara Kote
143 Almora Almora Almora Khai Kata
144 Almora Almora Almora Khaldhar
145 Almora Almora Almora Khanaun
146 Almora Almora Almora Kharaun
147 Almora Almora Almora Khari
148 Almora Almora Almora Kharkuna
149 Almora Almora Almora Khatyari (CT)
150 Almora Almora Almora Kherda
151 Almora Almora Almora Khirauli
152 Almora Almora Almora Khori
153 Almora Almora Almora Khunt
154 Almora Almora Almora Kirara Malla
155 Almora Almora Almora Kirara Talla
156 Almora Almora Almora Kotuli
157 Almora Almora Almora Kotwal Gaon
158 Almora Almora Almora Kotyura
159 Almora Almora Almora Kuchar
160 Almora Almora Almora Kud Goli
161 Almora Almora Almora Kujari
162 Almora Almora Almora Kuman
163 Almora Almora Almora Kuneta Gunth
164 Almora Almora Almora Kunyura
165 Almora Almora Almora Kurchoun
166 Almora Almora Almora Kwairala
167 Almora Almora Almora Kwairali
168 Almora Almora Almora Ladh Pahal
169 Almora Almora Almora Lat
170 Almora Almora Almora Latwal Gaon
171 Almora Almora Almora Laxmipur
172 Almora Almora Almora Line State Farm
173 Almora Almora Almora Lohana
174 Almora Almora Almora Mahat Gaon
175 Almora Almora Almora Maichor
176 Almora Almora Almora Maini
177 Almora Almora Almora Malera
178 Almora Almora Almora Mall
179 Almora Almora Almora Manaun
180 Almora Almora Almora Manyoli
181 Almora Almora Almora Mat
182 Almora Almora Almora Matela
183 Almora Almora Almora Matela
184 Almora Almora Almora Matena
185 Almora Almora Almora Murad
186 Almora Almora Almora Nai Dhaul
187 Almora Almora Almora Naikana
188 Almora Almora Almora Nai Khola Dula gaon
189 Almora Almora Almora Naini Kumsyal
190 Almora Almora Almora Nakuta Mufi
191 Almora Almora Almora Narayan Tiwari Diwal
192 Almora Almora Almora Naugaon
193 Almora Almora Almora Naugaon Gunth
194 Almora Almora Almora Naula
195 Almora Almora Almora Nayal Lagga Railakot
196 Almora Almora Almora Nisani
197 Almora Almora Almora North Gola Range
198 Almora Almora Almora Paisari
199 Almora Almora Almora Pakhura
200 Almora Almora Almora Palari Garh
201 Almora Almora Almora Palarigar Lagga Chaura Chamari
202 Almora Almora Almora Palna
203 Almora Almora Almora Panch Gaon
204 Almora Almora Almora Pande Khola Karnatak Khola
205 Almora Almora Almora Paner Gaon
206 Almora Almora Almora Pankote
207 Almora Almora Almora Papar Saili
208 Almora Almora Almora Papoli
209 Almora Almora Almora Patalna
210 Almora Almora Almora Pathar Kot
211 Almora Almora Almora Pathura
212 Almora Almora Almora Patiya
213 Almora Almora Almora Patriya
214 Almora Almora Almora Petashal Bari
215 Almora Almora Almora Phapana
216 Almora Almora Almora Pilkha
217 Almora Almora Almora Pithoni
218 Almora Almora Almora Pokhari
219 Almora Almora Almora Pokhari
220 Almora Almora Almora Poth Free Sample State
221 Almora Almora Almora Raigal
222 Almora Almora Almora Raikholi
223 Almora Almora Almora Raila Kot
224 Almora Almora Almora Raila Tyari
225 Almora Almora Almora Raisal
226 Almora Almora Almora Ramana
227 Almora Almora Almora Rankhila
228 Almora Almora Almora Rikhai
229 Almora Almora Almora Rnlapali P.W.D. Workshop
230 Almora Almora Almora Rore Mafi
231 Almora Almora Almora Roun
232 Almora Almora Almora Saikura
233 Almora Almora Almora Sail Gunth
234 Almora Almora Almora Sainar
235 Almora Almora Almora Sainj
236 Almora Almora Almora Salla Rautela
237 Almora Almora Almora Sarana
238 Almora Almora Almora Sariya Pani
239 Almora Almora Almora Sarkar Ki Ali
240 Almora Almora Almora Saroli
241 Almora Almora Almora Sarso
242 Almora Almora Almora Saule
243 Almora Almora Almora Sidhpur
244 Almora Almora Almora Silari
245 Almora Almora Almora Silkhora
246 Almora Almora Almora Simalta
247 Almora Almora Almora Simalti Uregi
248 Almora Almora Almora Simkukari
249 Almora Almora Almora Simtola
250 Almora Almora Almora Sinduri
251 Almora Almora Almora Sirar
252 Almora Almora Almora Snobhyun Estate
253 Almora Almora Almora Sunar Khola
254 Almora Almora Almora Sunola Malla
255 Almora Almora Almora Sunola Talla
256 Almora Almora Almora Sunoli Mafi
257 Almora Almora Almora Suwal
258 Almora Almora Almora Syahi Devi Bagich
259 Almora Almora Almora Syahi Devi Gunth
260 Almora Almora Almora Syali
261 Almora Almora Almora Syalsima
262 Almora Almora Almora Syal Tanda
263 Almora Almora Almora Syuna
264 Almora Almora Almora Syura
265 Almora Almora Almora Syura
266 Almora Almora Almora Takoli
267 Almora Almora Almora Talar
268 Almora Almora Almora Talar Bari
269 Almora Almora Almora Tani
270 Almora Almora Almora Tatik
271 Almora Almora Almora Thapala
272 Almora Almora Almora That
273 Almora Almora Almora That Bangla
274 Almora Almora Almora Titar Muchi
275 Almora Almora Almora Turiya
276 Almora Almora Almora Tyari Khan
277 Almora Almora Almora Udal Kote
278 Almora Almora Almora Udiyari
279 Almora Almora Almora Ujyoula
280 Almora Almora Almora Vadla
281 Almora Almora Almora Vijepur
282 Almora Almora Almora Walsa
283 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Airi Khan
284 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Alai Supyal
285 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Anarsa
286 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Baburiya Nayal
287 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Baisiya Chhana
288 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bajyoli
289 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bakhariya Tana
290 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bamanswal
291 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Baman Tilari
292 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bamouri Khalsa
293 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Ban Thoke
294 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Barakote
295 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bargal
296 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bartoli
297 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Baruwa Tana
298 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Batuliya
299 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Baura
300 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Belawalgaon
301 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bhanjar
302 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bheta Bariya
303 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bheta Dangi
304 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bina
305 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Brahma Tana
306 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Bunga
307 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Chan
308 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Chanoli
309 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Chapar
310 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Chauleti
311 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Chirala
312 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dalakote
313 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dashoun
314 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Daula
315 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Deora
316 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dhamoli
317 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dhaniyan
318 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dhari
319 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dhaul Naili
320 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Digoli
321 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Divdiya
322 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Diyari
323 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Diyari Kuna
324 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dugari
325 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Dungar Lekh
326 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Gaunap
327 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Ghunduli
328 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Girchaula
329 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Gwar Malla
330 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Gwar Talla
331 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Harara
332 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Hatola
333 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jaduri Gunth
334 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jagyura Dalakote
335 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jagyura Pathak
336 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jal Bagri
337 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jamrari
338 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Jingal
339 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kali Kotuli
340 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kali Patli
341 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kalon
342 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kanchula
343 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kasan
344 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Katogiya Mai Gunth
345 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Khankari Gunth
346 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Khankari Khalsa
347 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Khas Tilari
348 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Khudiyari
349 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kota
350 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kotyura Khalsa
351 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kumoli May Gunth
352 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kunja Kimola
353 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kunj Bargal
354 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kunj Rataura
355 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Kwite
356 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Ligurata
357 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Lweta
358 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Magrdubhanari
359 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Maichune
360 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Malli Dhauni Gunth
361 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Maniagar
362 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Naini
363 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Naini Gunth
364 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nakot
365 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nali Malli
366 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nali Talli
367 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Narain Deval
368 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Naugaon
369 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Naula
370 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nauli
371 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nayal
372 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nayal Gunth
373 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nisnaili
374 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Nyoli
375 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Pabhya
376 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Padoli
377 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Palyun May Chak
378 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Pandetoli
379 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Pateshal
380 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Puna Kote
381 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Salla
382 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Salla Bhatkote
383 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Saluri
384 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Sanri
385 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Seal
386 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Sela
387 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Sela
388 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Simkhalya
389 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Sukna
390 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Supai Supyal
391 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Supai Tiwari
392 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Tarula
393 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Thala Gunth
394 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Thiklana
395 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Tirnaili
396 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Toli
397 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Udal Gaon
398 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Umer
399 Almora Almora Dhaulchhina Utyan
400 Almora Almora Lamgada Aicholi
401 Almora Almora Lamgada Anuli
402 Almora Almora Lamgada Aroli
403 Almora Almora Lamgada Badhar
404 Almora Almora Lamgada Badyura
405 Almora Almora Lamgada Baiditana
406 Almora Almora Lamgada Baigania
407 Almora Almora Lamgada Bajethi
408 Almora Almora Lamgada Baliya
409 Almora Almora Lamgada Bargla
410 Almora Almora Lamgada Bari Matena
411 Almora Almora Lamgada Barsima
412 Almora Almora Lamgada Bashar
413 Almora Almora Lamgada Bhaga Deoli
414 Almora Almora Lamgada Bhaisora
415 Almora Almora Lamgada Bhandoli
416 Almora Almora Lamgada Bhatkhola
417 Almora Almora Lamgada Bhatkot Gunth Kamleshwar
418 Almora Almora Lamgada Bheta
419 Almora Almora Lamgada bijarkhiya
420 Almora Almora Lamgada Biroura
421 Almora Almora Lamgada Bishod Kot
422 Almora Almora Lamgada Boragaon
423 Almora Almora Lamgada Bughad
424 Almora Almora Lamgada Bursan
425 Almora Almora Lamgada Busouri
426 Almora Almora Lamgada Chauna
427 Almora Almora Lamgada Chhatola
428 Almora Almora Lamgada Choura
429 Almora Almora Lamgada Damar
430 Almora Almora Lamgada Dautha
431 Almora Almora Lamgada Dayarkot
432 Almora Almora Lamgada Devnala
433 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhaili
434 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhar Khola
435 Almora Almora Lamgada Dheuly Rawatela
436 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhoora Lamtana
437 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhoora Sangroli
438 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhuli Dkauni
439 Almora Almora Lamgada Dhura
440 Almora Almora Lamgada Dol
441 Almora Almora Lamgada Dol Bagla
442 Almora Almora Lamgada Drou
443 Almora Almora Lamgada Gailakot
444 Almora Almora Lamgada Gauli Mahar
445 Almora Almora Lamgada Gauna
446 Almora Almora Lamgada Ghoriya
447 Almora Almora Lamgada Gurera
448 Almora Almora Lamgada Gutholi
449 Almora Almora Lamgada Hatpalla
450 Almora Almora Lamgada Jakh Tewari
451 Almora Almora Lamgada Jalna
452 Almora Almora Lamgada Jifalta
453 Almora Almora Lamgada Kaltani
454 Almora Almora Lamgada Kalwani
455 Almora Almora Lamgada Kanra
456 Almora Almora Lamgada Kapkot
457 Almora Almora Lamgada Katholi
458 Almora Almora Lamgada Kharsora
459 Almora Almora Lamgada Khekhad
460 Almora Almora Lamgada Kina
461 Almora Almora Lamgada Kokilagaon
462 Almora Almora Lamgada Malari
463 Almora Almora Lamgada Malla Lamkot
464 Almora Almora Lamgada Malli Toli
465 Almora Almora Lamgada Malta
466 Almora Almora Lamgada Melta
467 Almora Almora Lamgada Mer Gaon
468 Almora Almora Lamgada Miroli
469 Almora Almora Lamgada More Patuyri
470 Almora Almora Lamgada Mungal
471 Almora Almora Lamgada Naini
472 Almora Almora Lamgada Nan Kande
473 Almora Almora Lamgada Nata Dol
474 Almora Almora Lamgada Naura
475 Almora Almora Lamgada Oligaon
476 Almora Almora Lamgada Panyalichina
477 Almora Almora Lamgada Patoli
478 Almora Almora Lamgada Pokhari Bilwan
479 Almora Almora Lamgada Pokhari Dayal
480 Almora Almora Lamgada Pokhari Nayal
481 Almora Almora Lamgada Queta
482 Almora Almora Lamgada Ralakot
483 Almora Almora Lamgada Raraun
484 Almora Almora Lamgada Ratkhan
485 Almora Almora Lamgada Raut
486 Almora Almora Lamgada Rawal Khet
487 Almora Almora Lamgada Sagar Kwarbi
488 Almora Almora Lamgada Sagar Shahu
489 Almora Almora Lamgada Sainj
490 Almora Almora Lamgada Satyun
491 Almora Almora Lamgada Sirshora
492 Almora Almora Lamgada Sirsoli
493 Almora Almora Lamgada Surkhal
494 Almora Almora Lamgada syura
495 Almora Almora Lamgada Talla Lamkot
496 Almora Almora Lamgada Talli Toli
497 Almora Almora Lamgada Thana Matena
498 Almora Almora Lamgada That
499 Almora Almora Lamgada Tuleri
500 Almora Almora Lamgada Ulseti
501 Almora Almora Lamgada Unyura
502 Almora Almora Lamgada Walma
503 Almora Almora Someshwar Adhuriya
504 Almora Almora Someshwar Agar Raulkuri
505 Almora Almora Someshwar Airadev
506 Almora Almora Someshwar Ajhora
507 Almora Almora Someshwar Amritpur
508 Almora Almora Someshwar Arjunrath
509 Almora Almora Someshwar Babari
510 Almora Almora Someshwar Bachurari
511 Almora Almora Someshwar Bagainiya Sela
512 Almora Almora Someshwar Baiganiya Tela
513 Almora Almora Someshwar Bajel
514 Almora Almora Someshwar Bale
515 Almora Almora Someshwar Balota
516 Almora Almora Someshwar Baman Falya
517 Almora Almora Someshwar Bamani Garh
518 Almora Almora Someshwar Banaura
519 Almora Almora Someshwar Bargaon
520 Almora Almora Someshwar Barseela
521 Almora Almora Someshwar Basoli Mafi with chak Chhipanaula
522 Almora Almora Someshwar Bayala Khalsa
523 Almora Almora Someshwar Beh
524 Almora Almora Someshwar Bergaon
525 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhaisargaon
526 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhanar
527 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhana Rath
528 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhanar Gaon
529 Almora Almora Someshwar Bharar Gaon
530 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhatgar
531 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhat Jyula with Chak Simari
532 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhauri
533 Almora Almora Someshwar Bhelgar
534 Almora Almora Someshwar Bheruki Ali
535 Almora Almora Someshwar Bheta
536 Almora Almora Someshwar Bilori
537 Almora Almora Someshwar Binsar
538 Almora Almora Someshwar Birluwa
539 Almora Almora Someshwar Bora Ejar
540 Almora Almora Someshwar Bunga
541 Almora Almora Someshwar Chanauda
542 Almora Almora Someshwar Chanoli
543 Almora Almora Someshwar Chaura
544 Almora Almora Someshwar Chhani Lwesal
545 Almora Almora Someshwar Chota Chin
546 Almora Almora Someshwar Darim Khola
547 Almora Almora Someshwar Dauni
548 Almora Almora Someshwar Dhamuk Gunth
549 Almora Almora Someshwar Dhamuk Joshi
550 Almora Almora Someshwar Dhamuk Patariya
551 Almora Almora Someshwar Dhaun Sunar
552 Almora Almora Someshwar Dholara
553 Almora Almora Someshwar Dhumargaon
554 Almora Almora Someshwar Digra
555 Almora Almora Someshwar Diyuna
556 Almora Almora Someshwar Dugari Auliya urf ramela dungari
557 Almora Almora Someshwar Falta
558 Almora Almora Someshwar Falyati
559 Almora Almora Someshwar Gagil
560 Almora Almora Someshwar Golane
561 Almora Almora Someshwar Gurura
562 Almora Almora Someshwar Gwala Kote with Chak Bhagtola
563 Almora Almora Someshwar Hatura Gunth
564 Almora Almora Someshwar Jaicholi
565 Almora Almora Someshwar Jal Dhaular
566 Almora Almora Someshwar Jariya Khali
567 Almora Almora Someshwar Jeetap
568 Almora Almora Someshwar Jhaloli
569 Almora Almora Someshwar Jyula
570 Almora Almora Someshwar Kakarai
571 Almora Almora Someshwar Kakrad
572 Almora Almora Someshwar Kalet
573 Almora Almora Someshwar Kanal Bunga
574 Almora Almora Someshwar Kantali
575 Almora Almora Someshwar Khaira Kot
576 Almora Almora Someshwar Khakoli
577 Almora Almora Someshwar Kharikhet
578 Almora Almora Someshwar Khari Sunar
579 Almora Almora Someshwar Khira Kote
580 Almora Almora Someshwar Kwarali
581 Almora Almora Someshwar Lachham Pur
582 Almora Almora Someshwar Ladyura
583 Almora Almora Someshwar Lakhnari
584 Almora Almora Someshwar Lod Batuliya
585 Almora Almora Someshwar Maigari
586 Almora Almora Someshwar Majehra Mafi
587 Almora Almora Someshwar Mala
588 Almora Almora Someshwar Malargaon
589 Almora Almora Someshwar Malla Kholi
590 Almora Almora Someshwar Malonj
591 Almora Almora Someshwar Mave
592 Almora Almora Someshwar Mehla
593 Almora Almora Someshwar Melti Pande
594 Almora Almora Someshwar Melti Sainjari
595 Almora Almora Someshwar Nag Bhakuni
596 Almora Almora Someshwar Nagharnal
597 Almora Almora Someshwar Nag Joshi
598 Almora Almora Someshwar Nagoriya
599 Almora Almora Someshwar Naikara
600 Almora Almora Someshwar Nainoli
601 Almora Almora Someshwar Nakot I
602 Almora Almora Someshwar Nakot II
603 Almora Almora Someshwar Naraula bagar
604 Almora Almora Someshwar Naugaon gunth
605 Almora Almora Someshwar Nawali
606 Almora Almora Someshwar Nayal Jyula
607 Almora Almora Someshwar Nirai
608 Almora Almora Someshwar Okali
609 Almora Almora Someshwar Oliya Gaon
610 Almora Almora Someshwar Pachchisi
611 Almora Almora Someshwar Palyura
612 Almora Almora Someshwar Panth Gaon
613 Almora Almora Someshwar Papera
614 Almora Almora Someshwar Paroliya
615 Almora Almora Someshwar Payan
616 Almora Almora Someshwar Pitharar
617 Almora Almora Someshwar Pokhari
618 Almora Almora Someshwar Rait
619 Almora Almora Someshwar Ranman
620 Almora Almora Someshwar Rasyara Gaon
621 Almora Almora Someshwar Ratu Rath
622 Almora Almora Someshwar Raulayana Gunth
623 Almora Almora Someshwar Saijari
624 Almora Almora Someshwar Sail
625 Almora Almora Someshwar Sajoli
626 Almora Almora Someshwar Sakania Kote
627 Almora Almora Someshwar Sakar
628 Almora Almora Someshwar Salauj
629 Almora Almora Someshwar Satrasi Arariya
630 Almora Almora Someshwar Saun Kotuli
631 Almora Almora Someshwar Sayunara Kote
632 Almora Almora Someshwar Simkhola
633 Almora Almora Someshwar Sunari
634 Almora Almora Someshwar Supa Kote
635 Almora Almora Someshwar Surf
636 Almora Almora Someshwar Sutoli
637 Almora Almora Someshwar Talar Gunth
638 Almora Almora Someshwar Tana
639 Almora Almora Someshwar Teetakote
640 Almora Almora Someshwar Thapniya
641 Almora Almora Someshwar Tiloura
642 Almora Almora Someshwar Tola Gunth
643 Almora Almora Someshwar Ubholi
644 Almora Almora Someshwar Uskuna
645 Almora Almora Someshwar Utraura Ghurdoura
646 Almora Almora Someshwar Vadyura
647 Almora Almora Someshwar Wadyura
648 Almora Almora Someshwar Walsa khalsa
649 Almora Almora Someshwar Walsa Talla
650 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Adagoli
651 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Adborha
652 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Amgadhera
653 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Amoli
654 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Amuroli
655 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Badaruwa Tila
656 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bagarh
657 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bagdawar
658 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baghar
659 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bahnoli
660 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baina
661 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baiskhet
662 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bajan
663 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baman Chauna
664 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bamyoli
665 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bangora
666 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Barikote
667 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Barkinda
668 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Barswaltana
669 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baserhibaman
670 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baseri
671 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Baseri Basnal
672 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Basot
673 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Batula
674 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bauli
675 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bel
676 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Belti
677 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Benibelt gaon
678 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Besar Bagarh
679 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhagiru
680 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhakuniya
681 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhamoria
682 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhatoli
683 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhikiyasin
684 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bhulbagar
685 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bijwan
686 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bilara
687 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Binoli
688 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Binoli
689 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Binoli
690 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Buganaurarh
691 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bunga
692 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Bungidhar
693 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chanali
694 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chanoli Talli Malli
695 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chaparh
696 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chauna
697 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chhapoli
698 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Chharnga Heeth
699 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dabara
700 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dadholi
701 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dadhuli
702 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dalmari
703 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dalmori
704 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Danpau
705 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Denura
706 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Deyoli
707 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dhanoli Malli
708 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dhanoli Talli
709 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dharar
710 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dhunga
711 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dhura
712 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dob Syotari
713 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dugoli
714 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dumana
715 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dumdoli Bokar
716 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dumdoli Patliya
717 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dungara
718 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Dyuna
719 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Erakote
720 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Falsaun
721 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gahana Heeth
722 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gahana Timlaya
723 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gairgaon
724 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gairkholi
725 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gangora
726 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gangora
727 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ganiya
728 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Garhkhet
729 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ghangli
730 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gujargari
731 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Gunsar
732 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Hadoli
733 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Harnoli
734 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Hauli
735 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Inda
736 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Inlo
737 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Inoli
738 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jabka
739 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jaitha
740 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jaitkhola
741 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jamoli
742 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Janal Bangari
743 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jassajunena
744 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jhar Kote
745 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jhimar
746 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Jogyura
747 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kadholi
748 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kainakapoli
749 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kamrarh
750 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kangari
751 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kanhaira
752 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Karakote
753 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kargina
754 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khairia
755 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khairuri
756 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khaliyon
757 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khalta
758 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khanoli
759 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khanoliya
760 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khargoli
761 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kharhkhet
762 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kharkuli
763 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khobara
764 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khuna
765 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khureri
766 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Khururhi
767 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kotagiwai
768 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kotajhimar
769 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Koteaswal
770 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kotiyada
771 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kotuli
772 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kumarti
773 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kumhna
774 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kunhil Heeth
775 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kunhil Syutari
776 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kunjhana
777 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kuridhar
778 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Kurjhina
779 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Laukote
780 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Liserhi
781 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Mahar Nel
782 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Mahartana
783 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Majgaon
784 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Majhera
785 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Malihari
786 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Manari
787 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Manuli
788 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Maudali
789 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Mayalkote
790 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Michauli
791 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Millekh
792 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Minar
793 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Mohanri
794 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Mundil
795 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Musoli
796 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naharna
797 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nahran
798 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naikana
799 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nail
800 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nail
801 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nainisera
802 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nainwal Pali
803 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naiti
804 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nanankote
805 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nauban
806 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naugaon
807 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naugaon
808 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naughar
809 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nauhariya
810 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Naula
811 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nigarali
812 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Nimuabagar
813 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Noona
814 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Numa
815 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Odiyari Sera
816 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Okhala Bakhad
817 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pali
818 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Panpola
819 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pantgaon
820 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Peepalgoan
821 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pipaliya
822 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pipalkote
823 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Piparoli
824 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pothi
825 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Punakote
826 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Puriya Chaura
827 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Pusaila
828 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Querala
829 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Raparh
830 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rigria
831 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rikharh
832 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rikhari Dhorituri
833 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rikhari Negi
834 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rora
835 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Rutbaw
836 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sagina
837 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Saikura
838 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sainanur
839 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sainsera
840 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sajkholi
841 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Saknara
842 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Salauni
843 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sanara
844 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sanra
845 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sansari
846 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sarpata
847 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Seem
848 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Seema Listana
849 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Silphori
850 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Simal Dhar
851 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Simali Heet
852 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Simli Bangari
853 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Simtoli
854 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Simura
855 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sinar
856 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sinaura Dangwal
857 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sinaura Kadakoti
858 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Singoli
859 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sirkhaun
860 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sirmoli
861 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Soli
862 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sorei
863 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sounli
864 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Srikote Majhli
865 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Srikote Nahuri
866 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Srikote Unchi
867 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Suboli Mangchauri
868 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Suboli Rotela
869 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Suni
870 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Sutoli
871 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Syalkot Palla
872 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Syalkot walla
873 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Syautara
874 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Tana Chatura
875 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Tani
876 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Tatak Naurarh
877 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Termoli
878 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Thapala
879 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Thiroli
880 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Tholi
881 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Titoli
882 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Toli
883 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Tulkaande
884 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Uajarar
885 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ugaliya Aswal
886 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ugaliya Bist
887 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ugaliya Kathayat
888 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ugaliya Lalchand
889 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Ugaliya Rotela
890 Almora Bhikiyasain Bhikyasain Unduli
891 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Afalkhola
892 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Afaun
893 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Agaspur
894 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Amkhet
895 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Arari Bist
896 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ararirajwar
897 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ataliya
898 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Babalia
899 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bairsal
900 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bajar Khora
901 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bajkhet
902 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bansari
903 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Barahkhal
904 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Barangal
905 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Basai
906 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Basanalgaon
907 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Basbhira
908 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bauli Khalyari
909 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bawari Kichar
910 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Betandhar
911 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhaisora
912 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhakura Malla
913 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhakura Talla
914 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhanaria Nata
915 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhanaria Pati
916 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhanaria Seru
917 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhanriakali
918 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bharsoli
919 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhaunlekh
920 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhawar Lagga Palpur
921 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bhelipar
922 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bheliwar
923 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bheti
924 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Birot
925 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bisarakhet
926 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Bisar Dhaya
927 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Buraspani
928 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chacha Qurali
929 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chachroti
930 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chakkar goan
931 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chanoli
932 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chantar Khari
933 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chauna
934 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chhayani
935 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chichoan
936 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chintoli
937 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Chitphanda
938 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Churain gouth
939 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dathiwalli
940 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dhayakichar
941 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dhika
942 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dhondiyual Bakhal
943 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dotiyalbakhal
944 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dubsil
945 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dudhauri Birkhal
946 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Dungari
947 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ekoraula
948 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Faniya
949 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gajar
950 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gangajhala pokhal
951 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Garasari
952 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Garhakhet
953 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gawal Beena
954 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gewaipani
955 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghagruwa Bagar
956 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghaniyal Palla
957 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghaniyal Walla
958 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghanyal
959 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghhipa
960 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ghughati
961 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Goghyanibasiseem
962 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Golana
963 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gudlekh
964 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gumati
965 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gwali
966 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Gwaligaon Talli Malli
967 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Hansa Bhanariya
968 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Hansali
969 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jaikhal
970 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jalikhan
971 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jalotia
972 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Janarkhani
973 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jashkote
974 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jaspur
975 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jhejakote
976 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Jhipa Jabar
977 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Juniya
978 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kafal Gair
979 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kafalgaon
980 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kafaltana
981 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kainhargaon
982 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kalia Ligune
983 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kaljhipa Joshi
984 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kaljhipa Rajwar
985 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kalyanpur
986 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kaman
987 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kamet Pani
988 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kanari Kheel
989 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kanari Thor
990 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kanhayni Talli
991 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kankote
992 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kanmunga
993 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kanyal Bakhal
994 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Karchuli Bagar
995 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kelani
996 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kelani
997 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kelani
998 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Khadaku Bhanriya
999 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Khalyun
1000 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kharik Dang
1001 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Khatal Gair
1002 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Khatalgoan
1003 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kimbagarh
1004 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kotesari
1005 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kotha
1006 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kumaleshwar
1007 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kusiyachaun Malla
1008 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Kusiyachaun Talla
1009 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Lakharkote
1010 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Lal Nagari
1011 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Lambari
1012 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Mahgyari
1013 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malla Dhaneta
1014 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malla Khalduwa
1015 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malla Mahargaon
1016 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malla Matela
1017 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malli Chamyart
1018 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Malli Mahroli
1019 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Mangaru Khal
1020 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Masaur
1021 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Masmoli
1022 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Matakhani
1023 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Maunidhaya
1024 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Mayalgaon
1025 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Munyarhi
1026 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Musalkanda
1027 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Nagargaon
1028 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Nagar Kotia
1029 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Nail
1030 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Naugaon
1031 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Naugaon
1032 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Newalgaon
1033 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Nimugair
1034 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Okhalyun
1035 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pacharuwa Kainhargaon
1036 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pacharuwa Tamadhaun
1037 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Paharpani
1038 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Paithana
1039 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Palpur
1040 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Panpnaula
1041 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Paparia
1042 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Parathola
1043 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Patal Gaon
1044 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Patthar Khola
1045 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Payalgaon
1046 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pilkhi
1047 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pipalgaon
1048 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pipalkhal
1049 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pipaura
1050 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Pituli Kote
1051 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ramsingh Kichar
1052 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Ratkhet
1053 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Rikhon
1054 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Rodiyal Bakhal
1055 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Rotapani
1056 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Rudholi
1057 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sade
1058 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sali Patli
1059 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sanar Bhira
1060 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sarai Khet
1061 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sarsoan
1062 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Saterh
1063 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Saugarh
1064 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sera
1065 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Shadigaon
1066 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Simal Gwina
1067 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Simgoan
1068 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Sunoli
1069 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Surmoli
1070 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talai
1071 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Taleshwar
1072 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talla Dhaneta
1073 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talla Khalduwa
1074 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talla Mahargaon
1075 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talla Matela
1076 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talli Chamyari
1077 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Talli Mahroli
1078 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Tamadhaun
1079 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Timili
1080 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Timiltanola
1081 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Titari
1082 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Tolbudhani
1083 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Udepur
1084 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Uprari
1085 Almora Bhikiyasain Syalde Wal Mara
1086 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Almiya Gaon
1087 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Aru Bagar
1088 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bagargaon
1089 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bainali
1090 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bari
1091 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Basulisera
1092 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bhandar Gaon
1093 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bhatora
1094 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Bhet
1095 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Binta
1096 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Budha Surna
1097 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chak Aliyagarh
1098 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chak Devaldhar
1099 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chak Nariyasim
1100 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chayli
1101 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chhabisa
1102 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chhana
1103 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Chilal Gaon
1104 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Dank
1105 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Dhamkot
1106 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Dhamoli
1107 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Dhankhal Gaon
1108 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Dotal Gaon
1109 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Eda Sera
1110 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Jakh
1111 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Kama
1112 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Kanal Gaon
1113 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Khunapant
1114 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Kwaradi
1115 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Malla Surana
1116 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Malonj
1117 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Masar
1118 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Matela
1119 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Melta
1120 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Nahra Gunth
1121 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Nati Korari
1122 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Naula Kote
1123 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Nausar
1124 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Nayl
1125 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Orhchanriya
1126 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Paner Gaon
1127 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Parkote
1128 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Petasal
1129 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Pokhari
1130 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Rawal Sera
1131 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Rawari
1132 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Sakuni
1133 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Seti naugaon
1134 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Silang Sera
1135 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Simlti
1136 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Tail Mainari
1137 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Talla Surana
1138 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Tamakhani
1139 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Tiwari Gaon
1140 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Udagal
1141 Almora Dwarhat Bagwalipokhar Ulina
1142 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Adigaon Bangari
1143 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Adigaon Fuloli & Chak Adigaon
1144 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Adigaon Kanhodiya
1145 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Agar
1146 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Agaramanral
1147 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Agar Noula
1148 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Akheti
1149 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Akhoria
1150 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Amdali
1151 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Amsiyari
1152 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Aseti
1153 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bagari
1154 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bagwali Khet
1155 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bairati
1156 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bais okhlyu
1157 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bakhli Bisht
1158 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bakhli Tadiyal
1159 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Baman Gaon
1160 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bamangwali
1161 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Barlgaon
1162 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Basaura
1163 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bashbira
1164 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bash Kaniya
1165 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bashrkhet
1166 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Basoli
1167 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Betandhar
1168 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhainar
1169 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhalt Gaon
1170 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhanotiya
1171 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhatkote
1172 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhgoti
1173 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhltwani Palli
1174 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bhltwani Walli
1175 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Bijrani
1176 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Boharagaon
1177 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Boragaon
1178 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Brahmdevchauri
1179 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chaleraseem
1180 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chandikhet
1181 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chani
1182 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chhana
1183 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chhitar
1184 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chinoni
1185 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Chitalli
1186 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dang
1187 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dantola
1188 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Darhamar
1189 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhanshyari
1190 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya dhaulavgarh
1191 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhaur
1192 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhnar
1193 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhudaliya Mahar
1194 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhudaliya Manral
1195 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhudhaliya Bisht
1196 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dhun
1197 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Digot
1198 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dipakote
1199 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dolri
1200 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Dwarahat Range
1201 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Fali
1202 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Farika
1203 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Fulai
1204 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gairarh
1205 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gajar
1206 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Ganai
1207 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Garhsari
1208 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Ghugutiyalgaon
1209 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Giwali
1210 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Godi
1211 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gogata
1212 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Golkhal
1213 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gopalgaon
1214 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gugholi
1215 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Gwal Choura
1216 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Hat
1217 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jaintha
1218 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jairam Bakhl
1219 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jaitisera
1220 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jala
1221 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jamarar
1222 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jamariya
1223 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jardhar
1224 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jaurashi
1225 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jaurasi Range
1226 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jhla
1227 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jhuranga
1228 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jhurga Katarmal
1229 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jool Chura
1230 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Jukanouli
1231 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kabdola
1232 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kabdoli
1233 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kakarkhet
1234 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kala Chauna
1235 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kanere
1236 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kanhori
1237 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kanikhola
1238 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Katarmal
1239 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Khajaurani
1240 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Khira
1241 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Khnuli
1242 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Khrktaya
1243 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Khunapani Chak Kamarad Mahar
1244 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kirola Aali
1245 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kononi Talli
1246 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kothyu
1247 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kotura
1248 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kotura
1249 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kumkhola
1250 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kwarali Palli
1251 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kwarali Walli
1252 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Kyasar Bairath
1253 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Laluri
1254 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Mahal chaura
1255 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Mahatgaon
1256 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Majur Bangari
1257 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Majurjethua
1258 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Majur Kanauri
1259 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Majur Manral
1260 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Majur nayak
1261 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Malla Mohana
1262 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Malla Tajpur
1263 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Malli Khtiyari
1264 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Malsakhet
1265 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Maludhar
1266 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Markuwakhal
1267 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Masi
1268 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Masun
1269 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Nagar
1270 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Nagarseem
1271 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Naogaon Bariya
1272 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Naugaon
1273 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Nyuni
1274 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Paili
1275 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Palangbari
1276 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Pan
1277 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Papoli
1278 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Patalgaon
1279 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Peichuni
1280 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Pepal Dhar
1281 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Puniyabagar
1282 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Purana Dang & Chak Kujwahal
1283 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Ramanagaon
1284 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Rampur
1285 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Ritha Chaura
1286 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sabhabaithak
1287 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sadi Gaon
1288 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Saklikurali
1289 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Salaagar
1290 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Seema
1291 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Seemapani
1292 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Seera
1293 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Selagarhi
1294 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Simal Khet
1295 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sirda
1296 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sirda
1297 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Siroli
1298 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Someshwar Range
1299 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Songaon
1300 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sungari
1301 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Sunoli
1302 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Surankotura
1303 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Surna Rikhari Talli
1304 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Talai
1305 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Talla Tajpur
1306 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Talli Khtiyari
1307 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Taraghtall
1308 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Tatalgaon
1309 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Tedagaon
1310 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Temata
1311 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Thapla
1312 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Totanoliya
1313 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Udalikhan
1314 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Uledi
1315 Almora Dwarhat Chaukhutiya Uncha wahan
1316 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Agar
1317 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Agina
1318 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Arari
1319 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Ashgoli
1320 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bajoli
1321 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bamanpuri
1322 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Banoli
1323 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Baret
1324 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bargal
1325 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bari
1326 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Basera
1327 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bawas
1328 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bayela
1329 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bhumkiya
1330 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bhura
1331 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bijepur
1332 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Bunga
1333 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat chak patal
1334 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat chak raun
1335 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Chakseldhaya
1336 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Chamola
1337 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Chari
1338 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Chatgula
1339 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Chhatena
1340 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dabhar
1341 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dadholi
1342 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dairi
1343 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Darhamar
1344 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Daularh Gunth
1345 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dhanyari
1346 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dharam Gaon
1347 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dhar Gaon Gunth
1348 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dhniya Kande
1349 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dhyari
1350 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat dudholi
1351 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dudhouli
1352 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Dwarahat Range
1353 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Egyara
1354 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Faldwari
1355 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Ghaglori
1356 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Ghusela
1357 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Guptali
1358 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Gwar
1359 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Hat
1360 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Hatela chak Barna
1361 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Hulank Lagga Malli Mirai
1362 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Hulank Talli Mirai
1363 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Jamar
1364 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Jhuria
1365 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat kanar
1366 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kaphara
1367 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kaula
1368 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kauna
1369 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Khari
1370 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kholiya Baj
1371 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Khurudgad
1372 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kina Lagga Malli Kiroli
1373 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kotila
1374 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kotyura
1375 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kui
1376 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kumalt
1377 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Kunthari
1378 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Mainoli
1379 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Malli Kahali
1380 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat malli Kirouli
1381 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Malli Mirai
1382 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Manela
1383 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Matela
1384 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Mishan Dwarahat
1385 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Narh
1386 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Nataguli
1387 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Nayal
1388 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Pinoli
1389 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Purdiya
1390 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Rana
1391 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Ratkhal
1392 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Reserve Forest Range Ranikhet
1393 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Salal Khola
1394 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Salna
1395 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Selisar
1396 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Selisunoli
1397 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Shyotoli
1398 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Syal Suna
1399 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Talli Kahali
1400 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Talli Kiroli
1401 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Talli Mirai
1402 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Talli sunoli
1403 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Todhara
1404 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Tumari
1405 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Ubhayari
1406 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Uncha Kote
1407 Almora Dwarhat Dwarhaat Walna
1408 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Baban
1409 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Bajina
1410 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Basakana
1411 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Beduli
1412 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Belakualawun
1413 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Bhanti
1414 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Bhat Kote
1415 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Bhetikama
1416 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Bhuwoli
1417 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Budhina
1418 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Budhina
1419 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Bandhara
1420 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Bhasi
1421 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Chauk
1422 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Ghune
1423 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Giwari
1424 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak mall Bayera
1425 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak Selata
1426 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chak tall Bayera
1427 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chamini Malli
1428 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chamini Talli
1429 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chank Gular
1430 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chanoli
1431 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chora
1432 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chouniya
1433 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chura
1434 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Chura Chak Gaja
1435 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Dahal
1436 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Dangar Khola
1437 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Daula
1438 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Dhamera
1439 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Dulgarhi
1440 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Dungiyari
1441 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Ganoli
1442 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Ghaugiya
1443 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Ghugti
1444 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Hatela Talla
1445 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Irha
1446 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Jaitoli
1447 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Jalali
1448 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Jaminipar
1449 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Jaminiwar
1450 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Jhola
1451 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Kafalani
1452 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Kande
1453 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Khalna
1454 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Khanari
1455 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Kharak
1456 Almora Dwarhat Jalali KololaVagad
1457 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Kuna
1458 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Kunsyaari
1459 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Malli Bitholi
1460 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Malli Mayoli
1461 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Malli Suwali
1462 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Mason
1463 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Matela Malla
1464 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Matela Talla
1465 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Mohani
1466 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Muniya Chura
1467 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Nagarjun
1468 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Nai Khola
1469 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Nairi
1470 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Naithanaguth
1471 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Nar Singh
1472 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Nirkote
1473 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Noabara
1474 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Padhuala
1475 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Paithani
1476 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Pali
1477 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Patash
1478 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Ponali
1479 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Rupanouli
1480 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Sagnatee
1481 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Shilangh
1482 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Simal Gaon
1483 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Sure
1484 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Takulty
1485 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Talli Bitholi
1486 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Talli Mayoli
1487 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Talli Suwali
1488 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Tarigaon
1489 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Tatak Batolia
1490 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Tergaon
1491 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Tipola
1492 Almora Dwarhat Jalali Vaigad
1493 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Amogh
1494 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Andoli
1495 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ara Salpar
1496 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Archali
1497 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Artola
1498 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ati
1499 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Badiyar Bisht
1500 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Badiyar Rait
1501 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bahatad
1502 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bajela
1503 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Baliya
1504 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Balsuna
1505 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Baman Kandey
1506 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bara Baroli
1507 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Barakuna
1508 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bari Jogyura
1509 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Barth lekh
1510 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Basan
1511 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Belak
1512 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhagar Tola
1513 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhaina
1514 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhandar
1515 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhanoli
1516 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhasori Lagga Sindhiya Khet
1517 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bhiloli
1518 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Binikhet Malli
1519 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Bini Khet Talli
1520 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Birkola
1521 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Budhmanya
1522 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chagethi
1523 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chak Udiyar
1524 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chalthi
1525 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chalthi Lagga Khatyola
1526 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chami
1527 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chamuwa
1528 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chamuwa Gunth
1529 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chap Dola
1530 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chauda
1531 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chauna Bhanar
1532 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chausala
1533 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chhana
1534 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chhantana
1535 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chil
1536 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chimkholi
1537 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Chitaula
1538 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Choun Dungari
1539 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Damaria
1540 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Danaun
1541 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Daniya lagga Naini Kulori
1542 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Danya
1543 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Danya Lagga Dhura
1544 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Darimkhet
1545 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dasili
1546 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Daula
1547 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dhar
1548 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dhari May Gunth
1549 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dhaspar
1550 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dhura
1551 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli dhura lagga tak
1552 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dhurka Devi Gunth
1553 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Digari Gunth
1554 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Diyar Kholi
1555 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Doram Paloli
1556 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dunad
1557 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dungra
1558 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Dyotoli Gunth
1559 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Faltiya(D)
1560 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Falyat
1561 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Fara Kholi
1562 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Fulai Agethi Gunth
1563 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Fulai Jageshwar
1564 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Futa
1565 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gairar Gunth
1566 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gairar Malla
1567 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gairar Talla
1568 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gandhak
1569 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gauli
1570 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ghatyuri
1571 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ghurkuna
1572 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gothyura Gunth
1573 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gudoli
1574 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gudoli Lagga bot
1575 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gujiachhana
1576 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gunadity Gunth
1577 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Gurura
1578 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Jajar
1579 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Jhal Dungra
1580 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kabhari
1581 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kachhiyola may chak
1582 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli KadGoli
1583 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kafali
1584 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kafalni
1585 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kahna
1586 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kakar lagga Chupra
1587 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kali Beshali
1588 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kalouta
1589 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kana
1590 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kana Maharkana
1591 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kandey
1592 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kanya
1593 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli kanyda
1594 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kapkoli
1595 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kasermanya
1596 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kedia mad
1597 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli KhadKoli
1598 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khali Gunth
1599 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khanyari
1600 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khaspar maichak
1601 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khaudi
1602 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kheti
1603 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kheti Gaon
1604 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kheti Lagga Siddi
1605 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kheti Pande
1606 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khina
1607 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli khola may chak
1608 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Khuna
1609 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kola
1610 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kole
1611 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Koteshwar
1612 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kotila
1613 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kotmahar Bind
1614 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kotuli Gunth
1615 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kotyura
1616 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kuja Gunth
1617 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kujeli
1618 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kumad
1619 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kuri
1620 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Kwarali may chak
1621 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ladholi
1622 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Laxchana Gunth
1623 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Lwtaladfora
1624 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Madam
1625 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Madu
1626 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Mahra Gaon
1627 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Majhera
1628 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Malar
1629 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Mantola Gunth
1630 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Matkanya
1631 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Mayoli
1632 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Mel Gaon
1633 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Melkande
1634 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Mirtola
1635 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Munoli
1636 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Naikana Gunth
1637 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Naikina
1638 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Nail Par
1639 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Nainoli
1640 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Naugaon
1641 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Nayal(M)
1642 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Nayal(T)
1643 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Naya Sirkot
1644 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pabhou
1645 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pachel
1646 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pakaun
1647 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pali
1648 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Papgarh
1649 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Papoli
1650 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pardi
1651 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pata
1652 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Patgalya
1653 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pathrola Nayabad Gunth
1654 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pokhari
1655 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Pokhari gunth
1656 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Punoli (k)
1657 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Punoli(M)
1658 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Raipad
1659 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Rikhari
1660 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ritha Kot
1661 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Roul
1662 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Ruwal
1663 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Sailoni Gunth
1664 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Sangar
1665 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Selakot
1666 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Seli
1667 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Setyura
1668 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Silangi Gunth
1669 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Simad gunth
1670 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Sindhiya Malla
1671 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Sirani
1672 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Siraula
1673 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Siroda Gunth
1674 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Sukna
1675 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Surangi
1676 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Syuni
1677 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Tadkot
1678 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Takoli
1679 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Talar
1680 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli TalChauna may chak
1681 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Tangura Gunth
1682 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Tapdi
1683 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Thali may chak
1684 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Thirola
1685 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Tulna
1686 Almora Jaiti Bhanoli Tyunara
1687 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Anoli may chak dhuna
1688 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Bag Pali
1689 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Bali Khet
1690 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Basoli
1691 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Bhaisari
1692 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Bheta Baroli may chak ranisyra
1693 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Chamtola
1694 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Dasoli Badiyar
1695 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Dauligarh
1696 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Dewalsiri
1697 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Dhankana
1698 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Dhyari
1699 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Faltiya
1700 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Gali
1701 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Gauli Ghughuti kot
1702 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Jigoli Toli
1703 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Kada Gunth
1704 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Kanari
1705 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Kimana
1706 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Kuna Pokhari
1707 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Makadau
1708 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Mano
1709 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Meltajol
1710 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Mergaon
1711 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Nayal Dhura
1712 Almora Jaiti Dhyari paladi gunth
1713 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Papoli
1714 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Rangodi
1715 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Sanadi
1716 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Sindhia Khet
1717 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Sirgaon
1718 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Uchabayda
1719 Almora Jaiti Dhyari Virkola
1720 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Bach Kande
1721 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Bakswar
1722 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Bangi
1723 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Barakot
1724 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Baram Lagga Chaukuna
1725 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Bas Gaon
1726 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Bhabu
1727 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Birar
1728 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Chaukuna
1729 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Chauriakhet
1730 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Chhana Khorkota
1731 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Chira Tinmina
1732 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Chupra
1733 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Danyoli
1734 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Darimi
1735 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Darmari
1736 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Devali
1737 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Dhauli Kuna
1738 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Fatqwal Dungra
1739 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Gajar
1740 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Garaun
1741 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Jainti
1742 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Jakh
1743 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Jakh
1744 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Jakh Nauli
1745 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kala Dungra
1746 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kandey
1747 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Khadiya Nauli
1748 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Khankar
1749 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kumalsoun
1750 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kunj
1751 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kunjal Urf Ara lagga kujal khet
1752 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Kutoli
1753 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Lara
1754 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Lohana
1755 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Lwali
1756 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Malla Bhatura
1757 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Malla Binaula
1758 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Malli Dungri
1759 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Malli Pipali
1760 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Mornaula
1761 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Naugaon
1762 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Nauli
1763 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Naya Sangroli
1764 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Nirai
1765 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Pajena
1766 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Pitana
1767 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Pubhaun
1768 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Ranak
1769 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Ranoli Kunj
1770 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Rausila
1771 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Sainoli
1772 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Selta Chapar
1773 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Shivnani
1774 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Silpar
1775 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Sugari
1776 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Sunari
1777 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Surchora
1778 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Suri
1779 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Surkhal
1780 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Syura
1781 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Talkot
1782 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Talla Bhatyura
1783 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Talla Binaula
1784 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Talli Dungri
1785 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Talli Pipli
1786 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Tareni
1787 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Teekar
1788 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Tham Tholi
1789 Almora Jaiti Jaiti Udiyari
1790 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Aina
1791 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Airad
1792 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Airari
1793 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Airoli
1794 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Almiyakady
1795 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Amyari
1796 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Aswal Kotyoura
1797 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Badhan Khet
1798 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Badseela
1799 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Baghan
1800 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Baguna
1801 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bagwali Rawtila
1802 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bahro
1803 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Baina
1804 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bajeena
1805 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bajol
1806 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Baliyali
1807 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bamasyon
1808 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Banoliya
1809 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Barkat Bag
1810 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bat Kotuli
1811 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bed Gaon
1812 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Beyari
1813 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhagina
1814 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhaisoli
1815 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhargaon
1816 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhatuliya
1817 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhitar Kote
1818 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bhuina
1819 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Billekh
1820 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bisaona
1821 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bishal Kote
1822 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bisht Kotoli
1823 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bithar
1824 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Bohara gaon
1825 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Buklani
1826 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chalsiapadoli
1827 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chamana
1828 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chamdoli Bagoti
1829 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chamdoli Baman
1830 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chamdoli Purniya
1831 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chamoli
1832 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chapar
1833 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chaugaon
1834 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chaukuni
1835 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chauna
1836 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chhati
1837 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Chuchri Blsht
1838 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dadgaliya
1839 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dadhuli
1840 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dalmoti
1841 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dauni
1842 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dena
1843 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dhankholi
1844 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dhooni
1845 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dida
1846 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Digoti
1847 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Diholi
1848 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dina
1849 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dinga
1850 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Doba
1851 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dol
1852 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dorab
1853 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dubhanna
1854 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dugaura
1855 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dungara
1856 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Dyalekh
1857 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Enar
1858 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Faldwri
1859 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gadhyoula
1860 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gadiyali
1861 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gaira
1862 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gairar
1863 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gaja
1864 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gangora
1865 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Garhi
1866 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Garhsari
1867 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gatoli
1868 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ghingari
1869 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ghingari
1870 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ginai
1871 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gouloli
1872 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gudholi
1873 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gumata
1874 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Gumori
1875 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Hadoli
1876 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Haldiyani
1877 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Harare
1878 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Haroli
1879 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Hidam
1880 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Irha
1881 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jaal
1882 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jaina
1883 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jainoli
1884 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jaitha
1885 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jaiti
1886 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jakh
1887 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jakholi
1888 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jala
1889 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jamar
1890 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jana
1891 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Janta
1892 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jarga
1893 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jhalori
1894 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jitoli
1895 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jiura
1896 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jogyari
1897 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jyarhi
1898 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Jyura
1899 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kaflana
1900 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kafulti
1901 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kakara
1902 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kalanu
1903 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kalona
1904 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kanda
1905 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kanoli
1906 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kapina
1907 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Karchuli
1908 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Karkhet
1909 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khagyar
1910 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khali
1911 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khan
1912 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khaniya
1913 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kharkari
1914 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kharkhet
1915 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kharkiya
1916 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khirurhi
1917 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khudoli
1918 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khudoli
1919 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Khyusayal kote
1920 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kimkhola
1921 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Korarh
1922 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kotara
1923 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kote
1924 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kothai
1925 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kotila
1926 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kotli Gatoliya
1927 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kotuli
1928 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kotuli Purniya
1929 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kulsibi
1930 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kunkoli
1931 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kuriya Matela
1932 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Kuwali
1933 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Lachhina
1934 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ladholi
1935 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Lawasi
1936 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Leti
1937 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Lod Bagar
1938 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Lohali
1939 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Lotana
1940 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Machaliya
1941 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mahariya Chamdoli
1942 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mahar Khola
1943 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mahar Khola
1944 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mahat Gaon
1945 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Majethi
1946 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Majgaon
1947 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Majhigaon
1948 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Majyur
1949 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Makron
1950 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Maliyal Gaon
1951 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malla Biswa
1952 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malla Dabhar
1953 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malla Dauda
1954 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malla Syuin
1955 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malli Saloni
1956 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malona
1957 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Malota
1958 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Manari
1959 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Manbajouna
1960 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mandalkote
1961 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mang Chaura
1962 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mangdoli
1963 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet manral Kotyura
1964 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Matela
1965 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Matela Manihar
1966 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Matila
1967 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mauna
1968 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mawara Mafi
1969 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mehal Khand
1970 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Meyon Malla
1971 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Meyon Talla
1972 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Miloti
1973 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mowari
1974 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mujholi
1975 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Mushiya Kote
1976 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Musoli
1977 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nail
1978 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Naini
1979 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nainisar
1980 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nairi
1981 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nakote
1982 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Namala
1983 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Naphar
1984 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Naugaon
1985 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nau Gaon
1986 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Naugarh
1987 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Naula
1988 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nausari
1989 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nawali
1990 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ninwal Chak
1991 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nouna
1992 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Nourha
1993 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Obari
1994 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Okhina
1995 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Oliya Gaon
1996 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Padhalana
1997 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pagsha
1998 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pajina
1999 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pakhora
2000 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pali Nadoli
2001 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Panch Khola
2002 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pande Kota
2003 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Panoura
2004 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pant Kotuli
2005 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Paparha
2006 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Papne Kothar
2007 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pastora Par
2008 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pastorawar
2009 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Patholi
2010 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Peepal Khand
2011 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pilkholi
2012 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pinoli
2013 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pipali
2014 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pipali
2015 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pipal Tana
2016 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pokhari
2017 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Pora Kothal
2018 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Punoli
2019 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Raili Bayali
2020 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ratgal
2021 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ratgal Kotali
2022 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Rikholi
2023 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Rikosha
2024 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Rodpur
2025 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Ruma
2026 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sagneti
2027 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Saikura
2028 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sainari
2029 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sajgori
2030 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sakdina
2031 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sanara
2032 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sangura
2033 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sarana
2034 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sarka
2035 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Saula
2036 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Saula
2037 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sauni
2038 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Saunkhola
2039 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sebhuwa
2040 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Seema Malla
2041 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Seem Talla
2042 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Seltana
2043 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sewar Matiyani
2044 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Shaharo
2045 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Shilingi
2046 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Shir Kuwali
2047 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Shiroli
2048 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Simoli
2049 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Simoli
2050 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Simora
2051 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sindur Khand
2052 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Singoli
2053 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sirkhai
2054 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Siroli
2055 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Siwali
2056 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Soni
2057 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sugar Khal
2058 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Suniya Kote
2059 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Suri
2060 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Sutar Gaon
2061 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Syalikhet
2062 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Syon
2063 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tahrar
2064 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talla Biswa
2065 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talla Dabhar
2066 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talla Dauda
2067 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talla Syun
2068 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talli Riuni
2069 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Talli Saloni
2070 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tana
2071 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tana
2072 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tari Juli
2073 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tarswar
2074 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Taura
2075 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Telgaon
2076 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Thakulari
2077 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Thapla
2078 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Timila
2079 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tipola
2080 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tuna Kote
2081 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Turiyajoshi
2082 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Turiya Suyal
2083 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Turkaura
2084 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Tusyari
2085 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Uni
2086 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Uprari
2087 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Uroli
2088 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Vabur Khola
2089 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Walana
2090 Almora Ranikhet Ranikhet Walni
2091 Almora Sult Macchod Achhron Malla
2092 Almora Sult Macchod Achhron Talla
2093 Almora Sult Macchod Ajoli Malli
2094 Almora Sult Macchod Ajoli Talli
2095 Almora Sult Macchod Amdali
2096 Almora Sult Macchod Bagadiya Sain
2097 Almora Sult Macchod Baman Gaon
2098 Almora Sult Macchod Bamaura
2099 Almora Sult Macchod Ban Kota
2100 Almora Sult Macchod Baret
2101 Almora Sult Macchod Baurh Talla
2102 Almora Sult Macchod Beb
2103 Almora Sult Macchod Bhakra Kote
2104 Almora Sult Macchod Bhel Gaon
2105 Almora Sult Macchod Bour Malla
2106 Almora Sult Macchod Chari Kyari
2107 Almora Sult Macchod Charwan
2108 Almora Sult Macchod Chounali
2109 Almora Sult Macchod Dabhara Saural
2110 Almora Sult Macchod Dangkara Koti
2111 Almora Sult Macchod Darmoli
2112 Almora Sult Macchod Dhanas
2113 Almora Sult Macchod Dharkot
2114 Almora Sult Macchod Dunga Mohan
2115 Almora Sult Macchod Dungari
2116 Almora Sult Macchod Dungaria Sera
2117 Almora Sult Macchod Dyurari
2118 Almora Sult Macchod Gharkheton
2119 Almora Sult Macchod Ghweri
2120 Almora Sult Macchod Haneri
2121 Almora Sult Macchod Harara Tariyal
2122 Almora Sult Macchod Hararhamaulekhi
2123 Almora Sult Macchod Jakh
2124 Almora Sult Macchod Jihar
2125 Almora Sult Macchod Khatoli
2126 Almora Sult Macchod Khoulyo Kyari
2127 Almora Sult Macchod Kotali Malli
2128 Almora Sult Macchod Kotali Talli
2129 Almora Sult Macchod Kothal Gaon
2130 Almora Sult Macchod Luherha
2131 Almora Sult Macchod Machhor
2132 Almora Sult Macchod Machhora Section
2133 Almora Sult Macchod Maithani
2134 Almora Sult Macchod Medari
2135 Almora Sult Macchod Mijholi
2136 Almora Sult Macchod Mijhora
2137 Almora Sult Macchod Nagachula
2138 Almora Sult Macchod Newal Gaon
2139 Almora Sult Macchod Panua Devakhan
2140 Almora Sult Macchod Pina Kot
2141 Almora Sult Macchod Ratan Kote
2142 Almora Sult Macchod Shokhati
2143 Almora Sult Macchod Taraari
2144 Almora Sult Macchod Taram
2145 Almora Sult Macchod Taya
2146 Almora Sult Macchod Tolyo
2147 Almora Sult Macchod Totam
2148 Almora Sult Macchod Uniyalgaon
2149 Almora Sult Sult Amdhar
2150 Almora Sult Sult Ansutale
2151 Almora Sult Sult Baluli
2152 Almora Sult Sult Bandharan Basnal
2153 Almora Sult Sult Bandharan Bist
2154 Almora Sult Sult Banghat
2155 Almora Sult Sult Bangidhar
2156 Almora Sult Sult Barasi
2157 Almora Sult Sult Barhaliya
2158 Almora Sult Sult Bhaisya Gangashri
2159 Almora Sult Sult Bhawali Malli
2160 Almora Sult Sult Bhawali Talli
2161 Almora Sult Sult Bhinne
2162 Almora Sult Sult Bhitakote
2163 Almora Sult Sult Bhondada
2164 Almora Sult Sult Bhyari
2165 Almora Sult Sult Biralgaon Malla
2166 Almora Sult Sult Biralgaon Talla
2167 Almora Sult Sult Bora Gaon
2168 Almora Sult Sult Burakota
2169 Almora Sult Sult Chami
2170 Almora Sult Sult Chamkana Adha
2171 Almora Sult Sult Chamkana Dadharya
2172 Almora Sult Sult Chamkana Manral
2173 Almora Sult Sult Chamori
2174 Almora Sult Sult Chanch
2175 Almora Sult Sult Chhater Munil
2176 Almora Sult Sult Chhoya
2177 Almora Sult Sult Churi Jakhani
2178 Almora Sult Sult Dadhariya
2179 Almora Sult Sult Dangula
2180 Almora Sult Sult Darmi
2181 Almora Sult Sult Debayal
2182 Almora Sult Sult Debikhal
2183 Almora Sult Sult Dhairagaon
2184 Almora Sult Sult Dhopari
2185 Almora Sult Sult Dungara
2186 Almora Sult Sult Dyona
2187 Almora Sult Sult Geluwa Danda
2188 Almora Sult Sult Gethiya
2189 Almora Sult Sult Ghach Kote
2190 Almora Sult Sult Ghuruwa Dhunga
2191 Almora Sult Sult Gingrai
2192 Almora Sult Sult Gular
2193 Almora Sult Sult Jakhal
2194 Almora Sult Sult Jalikhan
2195 Almora Sult Sult Jamani
2196 Almora Sult Sult Jamoli
2197 Almora Sult Sult Jamriya
2198 Almora Sult Sult Jaspurkote
2199 Almora Sult Sult Jaspur Patawal
2200 Almora Sult Sult Jaspursidh
2201 Almora Sult Sult Jaspur Simal
2202 Almora Sult Sult Jaspur Talla
2203 Almora Sult Sult Jhargaon
2204 Almora Sult Sult Jhimar
2205 Almora Sult Sult Jhipa
2206 Almora Sult Sult Jogyura
2207 Almora Sult Sult Kafalta Talla
2208 Almora Sult Sult Kaligaon
2209 Almora Sult Sult Kaligarh
2210 Almora Sult Sult Kalsir
2211 Almora Sult Sult Kande Khalpati
2212 Almora Sult Sult Kaphalta Malla
2213 Almora Sult Sult Karget
2214 Almora Sult Sult Katriya Malla
2215 Almora Sult Sult Katriya Talla
2216 Almora Sult Sult Kaula Chountara
2217 Almora Sult Sult Kaulapani
2218 Almora Sult Sult Khaderagaon
2219 Almora Sult Sult Khatalgaon
2220 Almora Sult Sult Khumarh
2221 Almora Sult Sult Koilekh
2222 Almora Sult Sult Kopi
2223 Almora Sult Sult Kota
2224 Almora Sult Sult Kuloli
2225 Almora Sult Sult Lohargaon
2226 Almora Sult Sult Maina Kote
2227 Almora Sult Sult Malla Garhkote
2228 Almora Sult Sult Mangron sirau
2229 Almora Sult Sult Manhaite
2230 Almora Sult Sult Manral Tanaula
2231 Almora Sult Sult Masaniyabanj
2232 Almora Sult Sult Matwash
2233 Almora Sult Sult Maulekh
2234 Almora Sult Sult Mavalgaon
2235 Almora Sult Sult Mayal Bakhal
2236 Almora Sult Sult Mayal Gaon
2237 Almora Sult Sult Morgarh
2238 Almora Sult Sult Munra
2239 Almora Sult Sult Nadoli
2240 Almora Sult Sult Nagtale
2241 Almora Sult Sult Naikana
2242 Almora Sult Sult Newal Gaon
2243 Almora Sult Sult Okhaliya
2244 Almora Sult Sult Olet
2245 Almora Sult Sult Paisiya
2246 Almora Sult Sult Pali Ghanyal
2247 Almora Sult Sult Palligaon
2248 Almora Sult Sult Patiya Chaura
2249 Almora Sult Sult Patoli
2250 Almora Sult Sult Pipana
2251 Almora Sult Sult Pokhari Malli
2252 Almora Sult Sult Pokhari Talli
2253 Almora Sult Sult Ragar Garh
2254 Almora Sult Sult Rampur
2255 Almora Sult Sult Rankuna
2256 Almora Sult Sult Ranthaml
2257 Almora Sult Sult Rikawasi
2258 Almora Sult Sult Ritha
2259 Almora Sult Sult Riwali Palli
2260 Almora Sult Sult Riwali Walli
2261 Almora Sult Sult Sakarkhola
2262 Almora Sult Sult Saknari
2263 Almora Sult Sult Sankar
2264 Almora Sult Sult Sarurh Patsari
2265 Almora Sult Sult Shailain
2266 Almora Sult Sult Singro
2267 Almora Sult Sult Sirali
2268 Almora Sult Sult Siroli Kukrar
2269 Almora Sult Sult Sirswarhi
2270 Almora Sult Sult Soli
2271 Almora Sult Sult Talla Garhkote
2272 Almora Sult Sult Tari
2273 Almora Sult Sult Teet
2274 Almora Sult Sult Thala Manral
2275 Almora Sult Sult Thala Tariyal
2276 Almora Sult Sult Thalmarh
2277 Almora Sult Sult Thatwarar
2278 Almora Sult Sult Tukanauli
2279 Almora Sult Sult Tukura
2280 Almora Sult Sult Waila
2281 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Adoli
2282 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Agar
2283 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Airadi
2284 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Amsarkot
2285 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Amtora
2286 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Anarsa
2287 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Aneriya
2288 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Angari
2289 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Arara
2290 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Are
2291 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ason
2292 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ason (P-2)
2293 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Badoli
2294 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bahali
2295 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bahuli
2296 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Baitoli Mai chak
2297 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bajigaon
2298 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Balsuna
2299 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Baman Bhiri
2300 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bamradi
2301 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bamtana
2302 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bangchuri
2303 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bang Churi
2304 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bang Dungariya
2305 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Banja
2306 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Baret
2307 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Barkhand
2308 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Basai
2309 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Baset
2310 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Belta
2311 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhatni Kot
2312 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhatoli Khalsa B
2313 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhatora
2314 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhatrola
2315 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhayeri
2316 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bheruchaibatta
2317 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhiri
2318 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhitalgaon
2319 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhitari
2320 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bhulyura
2321 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bijori
2322 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bijori Jhal
2323 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bijoriya
2324 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bilkhet
2325 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bilonasera
2326 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Bintoli
2327 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Binwal Tewari
2328 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Boragaon Lagga Chak Chhana
2329 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Borgaon
2330 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Borgoan
2331 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Burghuna
2332 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chamerta
2333 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chami
2334 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chatina
2335 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chaugaon Chhina
2336 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chauni
2337 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chaura
2338 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhana Upadhyay
2339 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhati
2340 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhatikhet
2341 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhatina Mai Cha
2342 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhiriya Kanala
2343 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chhurmul
2344 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chirang
2345 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Choni
2346 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chonli Gunth
2347 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Chouhana
2348 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Churari
2349 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Darimthok
2350 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dewalchaura
2351 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dewal Dank
2352 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dewaldhar
2353 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dewali
2354 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dhal Malla
2355 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dhari
2356 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dharkuna
2357 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dhunga
2358 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Digra
2359 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Doba
2360 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dobali Amkhet
2361 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dunga Patli
2362 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dungar Gaon
2363 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dungari
2364 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dwali
2365 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Dwarson
2366 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Era Gunth
2367 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Faltniya
2368 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Falyati
2369 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Falyati
2370 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Falyati
2371 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Falyati
2372 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Fatgali
2373 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gaadgaon
2374 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gagad
2375 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gairar
2376 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gairkhet
2377 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gajali
2378 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gapani
2379 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gariyagaon
2380 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gewai
2381 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ghangar
2382 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ghingartola
2383 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ghiroli
2384 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Goginapani
2385 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gola
2386 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gunakot
2387 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gurgucha Dhapola
2388 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gurna
2389 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gwar
2390 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Gwarbhil Kot
2391 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Harwar
2392 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Hirmoli
2393 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jajurali
2394 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jaltha Kot
2395 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jalthi
2396 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jamkhitola
2397 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jethai
2398 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jhar Kot
2399 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jogyariron
2400 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jol Gaon
2401 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Jolkanda
2402 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Julkiya
2403 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafoli
2404 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kakarat Upadhyay
2405 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kakrat adhela ( Dofar Lagga kakrta)
2406 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kalang
2407 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kalauta
2408 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kaldhanga
2409 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kaliya Bagar
2410 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kalna
2411 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kameri
2412 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kametpani
2413 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kamol
2414 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kande
2415 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kangarehina
2416 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kansyari
2417 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kaphalkhet
2418 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Karas
2419 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Karuli
2420 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kathayatbara
2421 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kathmaliya
2422 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kavata (Sanivdyar)
2423 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khabdoli
2424 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khabdoli
2425 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kharktamta
2426 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khola Khet
2427 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kholi
2428 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kholiya Gaon
2429 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khuldori
2430 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khuna
2431 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Khunoli
2432 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kimoli
2433 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kujket
2434 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kukra
2435 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kukradanda
2436 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kukragar
2437 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kukrauli
2438 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kula Rangchora
2439 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kunar
2440 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kwairali
2441 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kwairali
2442 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kwairali
2443 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Kwairali Laga Badoli
2444 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Leti
2445 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Magrau Pahri
2446 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mahat Gaun
2447 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Maithara
2448 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Majbe
2449 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Majbe
2450 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Majiyakhet
2451 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Malta
2452 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Malujhal
2453 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mandalsera
2454 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mankot
2455 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Marigaon
2456 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Maswari
2457 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Matyoli
2458 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mayun Gunth
2459 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mehalchaura
2460 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mehnar Bunga
2461 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mihniya
2462 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mndalsera
2463 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Mostgaon
2464 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Musyoli May Chak
2465 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Myun
2466 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Naghar Sahu
2467 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nail
2468 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nail
2469 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nailgara
2470 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Naini Udiyar
2471 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Naugaon Maichak
2472 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nawli
2473 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nayal Chamoli
2474 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nayalmafi
2475 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nayal Thapola
2476 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Nayal Upadhayay
2477 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Okhalson
2478 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Painsiya
2479 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pali Bagar
2480 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Palson
2481 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pandra Pali
2482 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pan Kande
2483 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pape
2484 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Papon
2485 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Patali
2486 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pauri
2487 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pilrora
2488 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Pokhri
2489 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Purkot
2490 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Raikholi
2491 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Rankanda
2492 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ran Kot
2493 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ratbe
2494 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ratmoli
2495 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Rikhudyar
2496 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Rouryara
2497 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Saat
2498 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sainj
2499 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sakiri
2500 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sela
2501 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Selta
2502 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sgn
2503 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simalgaon
2504 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simayal
2505 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simi Nargol
2506 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simkhet
2507 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simkhet Chak Gai
2508 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simron
2509 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simtola
2510 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Simtoli
2511 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Siroli
2512 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sisakhani
2513 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sukrari
2514 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Suneri
2515 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sunyura Malla
2516 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Sunyura Talla
2517 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Syaldhunga
2518 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Syaldoba
2519 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Syal Doba
2520 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Syuni
2521 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tachhani
2522 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Talar
2523 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tarigaon
2524 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thaklad
2525 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thaklan
2526 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thanga Rotela
2527 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thapli
2528 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thela Patan
2529 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Thurai
2530 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tirkot
2531 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tripali
2532 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tuladi
2533 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tunera
2534 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tunera
2535 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tuper
2536 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Tyunura
2537 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Udalgaon
2538 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Udera
2539 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ujera
2540 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Ujyoli
2541 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Vilekh
2542 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Virari
2543 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Volannaghar
2544 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Volannaghar
2545 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Volgon
2546 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Vurgarh
2547 Bageshwar Bageshwar Bageshwar Walna
2548 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Akhoriya Gar
2549 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Aksora
2550 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Amjharu
2551 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Badyura Maichak Pahrura
2552 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Baikori
2553 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Bamroli
2554 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Barurigaon
2555 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Bisha Jajari
2556 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Chipoli Punera
2557 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Darsing
2558 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Dayali
2559 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Dofar
2560 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Fusera
2561 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Gadera
2562 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Gairsaneti
2563 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Gumti
2564 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Gwatoli
2565 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Horali
2566 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Jarti
2567 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Jhakrora
2568 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Junayal
2569 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kamad
2570 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kande Thapliya
2571 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Khatigaon
2572 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Khwasi
2573 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kirai Chak Dhamigaon
2574 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kiroli
2575 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kulauri
2576 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kulgara
2577 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Kuroli
2578 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Lesani
2579 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Maholi
2580 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Manikhet
2581 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Moudiyar
2582 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Naghar
2583 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Nari
2584 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Nathi Sera
2585 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Nau Gaon
2586 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Oliyagaon
2587 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Pachar
2588 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Palen
2589 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Pang Chora
2590 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Papoli
2591 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Parai
2592 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Potan
2593 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Raikholagaon
2594 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Rangdeo
2595 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Rigariya
2596 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Rimakwiti
2597 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Rithayat
2598 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Salet
2599 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Saligaon
2600 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Siralagaon
2601 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Sundil
2602 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Surkali Gaon
2603 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Syunigaon
2604 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Tharaejar
2605 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Totigar
2606 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Udiyar
2607 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Wafilagaon Malla
2608 Bageshwar Bageshwar Dugnakuri Wafilagaon Talla
2609 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Airiyagar
2610 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Amoli
2611 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Ason
2612 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bagwalikhan
2613 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Baidibagar
2614 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bajgaon
2615 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Baskhola
2616 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bauri
2617 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Betar
2618 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bhanartoli
2619 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bhatgar
2620 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bhatkhola Chak Kimkholi
2621 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bholana Naghar
2622 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bihargaon
2623 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bilori
2624 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Binsar
2625 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bohala
2626 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Bugadi
2627 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chak Lachuudiyar
2628 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chak Sakar Paithan
2629 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chanbauri
2630 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chaura
2631 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chhani
2632 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Chhauna
2633 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Dalkholiya
2634 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Dinaula
2635 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Gahatyari
2636 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Gairigar
2637 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Garikhet
2638 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Ghatgar
2639 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Ghatori
2640 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Guthera
2641 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Harkhola
2642 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Hiragoni
2643 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Jainkras
2644 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Janauti Palri
2645 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Jatha
2646 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Jharauli
2647 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Joshi Gaon
2648 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Joshigaon chak dak
2649 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Joshi Palri
2650 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kabhara
2651 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kaligar
2652 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kanda
2653 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kangar
2654 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Karala Gaon
2655 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Karala Palari
2656 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Karasi Bunga
2657 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kathani
2658 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Khankar
2659 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Khankar Chak Udiyar
2660 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Khiroli
2661 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kholsir
2662 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kisroli
2663 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kotuligunth
2664 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Kras Mafi
2665 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Lob Chak Udiyar
2666 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Maitigaon
2667 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Majigaon
2668 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Malla Sarna
2669 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Matela
2670 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Naidi
2671 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Nandigaon
2672 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Nayal
2673 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Odlohar
2674 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Okhalisirod
2675 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Owaligar
2676 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Padkhet
2677 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Pagana
2678 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Pana
2679 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Panthgaon
2680 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Pasdeo
2681 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Pyara
2682 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Raikholi
2683 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Regariya
2684 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Rikhel
2685 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Sainj
2686 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair sakira
2687 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Satari
2688 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Simsyari
2689 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Simtoli
2690 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Sinduri
2691 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Siya
2692 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair sutargaon
2693 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Sutargaon chak Bamangaon
2694 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Talar Gunth
2695 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Talla Sarna
2696 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Tarmoli
2697 Bageshwar Bageshwar Kafligair Uderkhani
2698 Bageshwar Garud Garud Agar
2699 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ainchar
2700 Bageshwar Garud Garud Akurai
2701 Bageshwar Garud Garud Amoli
2702 Bageshwar Garud Garud Amsyari
2703 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ana
2704 Bageshwar Garud Garud Athron
2705 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ayartoli
2706 Bageshwar Garud Garud Baigaon Kalron
2707 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bajwar
2708 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bajwar R.F.
2709 Bageshwar Garud Garud Band
2710 Bageshwar Garud Garud Baneshwar
2711 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bantoli
2712 Bageshwar Garud Garud Baret
2713 Bageshwar Garud Garud Barikhet
2714 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bayalisera
2715 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhagar Tola
2716 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhagdanu
2717 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhakunkhola
2718 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhana Padiyar
2719 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhatriya
2720 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhetagunth
2721 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bheta Kutoliya
2722 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhil Kot
2723 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhitar Kot
2724 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bhojgan
2725 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bimola
2726 Bageshwar Garud Garud Binkholi
2727 Bageshwar Garud Garud Borgaon
2728 Bageshwar Garud Garud Bunga
2729 Bageshwar Garud Garud Chamoli
2730 Bageshwar Garud Garud Chanoli
2731 Bageshwar Garud Garud Charan Gunth
2732 Bageshwar Garud Garud Charna
2733 Bageshwar Garud Garud Chhanisera
2734 Bageshwar Garud Garud Chhatiya
2735 Bageshwar Garud Garud Chhatyani
2736 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dank
2737 Bageshwar Garud Garud Darimkhet
2738 Bageshwar Garud Garud Darshani
2739 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dewal Khet
2740 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dhirtoli
2741 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dhola Gaon
2742 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dhonpa
2743 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dhukra
2744 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dhyonai
2745 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dudila
2746 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dumlot State
2747 Bageshwar Garud Garud Dungari Chakhera
2748 Bageshwar Garud Garud Eriya Gunth
2749 Bageshwar Garud Garud Falyati
2750 Bageshwar Garud Garud Fulwari Gunth Ba
2751 Bageshwar Garud Garud Gairlekh
2752 Bageshwar Garud Garud Galai
2753 Bageshwar Garud Garud Gani Gaon
2754 Bageshwar Garud Garud Garkhet
2755 Bageshwar Garud Garud Garkhet
2756 Bageshwar Garud Garud Garser
2757 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ghaina
2758 Bageshwar Garud Garud Gheti
2759 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ghorana
2760 Bageshwar Garud Garud Gwalde
2761 Bageshwar Garud Garud Gwar Pajena
2762 Bageshwar Garud Garud Harbagar
2763 Bageshwar Garud Garud Hari Nagari
2764 Bageshwar Garud Garud Hawil Kulwan
2765 Bageshwar Garud Garud Hunera
2766 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jabra State
2767 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jaisar
2768 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jakh
2769 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jakhera
2770 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jakhera
2771 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jakhera
2772 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jijoli
2773 Bageshwar Garud Garud Jinkhola
2774 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kafaldhunga
2775 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kajyuli
2776 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kajyuli
2777 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kakardhar
2778 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kaneri
2779 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kansyari
2780 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kapkoti
2781 Bageshwar Garud Garud Katarmal
2782 Bageshwar Garud Garud Katuwa Pani
2783 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kaulang
2784 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kausani State
2785 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kaushani
2786 Bageshwar Garud Garud Khaderya
2787 Bageshwar Garud Garud Khi Roliya
2788 Bageshwar Garud Garud Khitoli
2789 Bageshwar Garud Garud Khumtiya Naikra
2790 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kohina
2791 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kotali Gunth
2792 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kot Fulwari
2793 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kothon
2794 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kot Tulari
2795 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kotyura
2796 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kulaun
2797 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kulaun
2798 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kulsari
2799 Bageshwar Garud Garud Kunjhali
2800 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ladyura
2801 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lakhani
2802 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lamchula
2803 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lar Khet
2804 Bageshwar Garud Garud Laskar Khet
2805 Bageshwar Garud Garud Latugar Chandrap
2806 Bageshwar Garud Garud Laubaj
2807 Bageshwar Garud Garud Loha Gari
2808 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lohakot
2809 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lohar Chora
2810 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lohari Malli
2811 Bageshwar Garud Garud Lohari Talli
2812 Bageshwar Garud Garud Magalta
2813 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mahar Gheti
2814 Bageshwar Garud Garud Maharpale
2815 Bageshwar Garud Garud Maigari State
2816 Bageshwar Garud Garud Maj Kot
2817 Bageshwar Garud Garud Malla Doba
2818 Bageshwar Garud Garud Malla Paya
2819 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mandalsera
2820 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mantoli
2821 Bageshwar Garud Garud Manya Khet
2822 Bageshwar Garud Garud Matena
2823 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mat Gauth
2824 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mathron
2825 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mawai
2826 Bageshwar Garud Garud Mela Dungri
2827 Bageshwar Garud Garud Motisari
2828 Bageshwar Garud Garud Munyura Mafi
2829 Bageshwar Garud Garud Myalde Bhramari
2830 Bageshwar Garud Garud Nakuri Talli
2831 Bageshwar Garud Garud Nan Kuwali
2832 Bageshwar Garud Garud Nargwari
2833 Bageshwar Garud Garud Naugaon
2834 Bageshwar Garud Garud Nau Gaon
2835 Bageshwar Garud Garud Naughar
2836 Bageshwar Garud Garud Naughar State
2837 Bageshwar Garud Garud Pachana
2838 Bageshwar Garud Garud Panyali
2839 Bageshwar Garud Garud Parena
2840 Bageshwar Garud Garud Parigaon
2841 Bageshwar Garud Garud Par Koti
2842 Bageshwar Garud Garud Patali
2843 Bageshwar Garud Garud Pathariya
2844 Bageshwar Garud Garud Patula Kot
2845 Bageshwar Garud Garud Paye
2846 Bageshwar Garud Garud Pinglon
2847 Bageshwar Garud Garud Pokhari
2848 Bageshwar Garud Garud Punya Mafi
2849 Bageshwar Garud Garud Purara
2850 Bageshwar Garud Garud Purwi Ayartoli
2851 Bageshwar Garud Garud Raitoli
2852 Bageshwar Garud Garud Rampur Malla
2853 Bageshwar Garud Garud Rampur Talla
2854 Bageshwar Garud Garud Rankuri
2855 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ratmatiya
2856 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ratora
2857 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ritha Baman Gaon
2858 Bageshwar Garud Garud Ritha Gunth
2859 Bageshwar Garud Garud Rithar
2860 Bageshwar Garud Garud Riuni Lakhamar
2861 Bageshwar Garud Garud Rolyan
2862 Bageshwar Garud Garud Sal Gara
2863 Bageshwar Garud Garud Salkhanyari
2864 Bageshwar Garud Garud Sanu
2865 Bageshwar Garud Garud Seelkuna
2866 Bageshwar Garud Garud Selakhola
2867 Bageshwar Garud Garud Selihat
2868 Bageshwar Garud Garud Silangtoli
2869 Bageshwar Garud Garud Silli
2870 Bageshwar Garud Garud Silri
2871 Bageshwar Garud Garud Simagaon
2872 Bageshwar Garud Garud Simgari
2873 Bageshwar Garud Garud Simkhet
2874 Bageshwar Garud Garud Simpuri
2875 Bageshwar Garud Garud Sirkot
2876 Bageshwar Garud Garud Sirkote
2877 Bageshwar Garud Garud Sitoli
2878 Bageshwar Garud Garud Soliya Bajyari
2879 Bageshwar Garud Garud Surag
2880 Bageshwar Garud Garud Syalde
2881 Bageshwar Garud Garud Syali
2882 Bageshwar Garud Garud Syaltit
2883 Bageshwar Garud Garud Tailihat
2884 Bageshwar Garud Garud Talla Doba
2885 Bageshwar Garud Garud Talla Paya
2886 Bageshwar Garud Garud Tanikhet
2887 Bageshwar Garud Garud Thakala
2888 Bageshwar Garud Garud Than Dangoli
2889 Bageshwar Garud Garud Thepuru Bajwar
2890 Bageshwar Garud Garud Tilsari
2891 Bageshwar Garud Garud Titoli
2892 Bageshwar Garud Garud Uncha Khet
2893 Bageshwar Garud Garud Urkhuli
2894 Bageshwar Garud Garud Wajyula
2895 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Adhyali
2896 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Agar
2897 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Airari Gunth
2898 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Alkanya
2899 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Athpaisiya
2900 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Aulani
2901 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bag Rati
2902 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bajet
2903 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bakhet
2904 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Balgari Dhurpatt
2905 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Banal Bari
2906 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Baniegaon
2907 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bans Jhirothi
2908 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Banstoli
2909 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Baruwa Gaon
2910 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Basti
2911 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Basu Deo
2912 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bera Talara
2913 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhadaura
2914 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhadrakali
2915 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhandar
2916 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhandari Gaon
2917 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhandari Sera
2918 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhanker Pant
2919 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhantola
2920 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhatgar
2921 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhatigaon
2922 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhesyuri
2923 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bheta
2924 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bhul Gaon
2925 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bijepur
2926 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bijet
2927 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Bunga Ejar
2928 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chakna Gaon
2929 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chakrigaon
2930 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chantola
2931 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chaun bagar
2932 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chauni
2933 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chhana
2934 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chifalet
2935 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chonala
2936 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Chuhara
2937 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dantoli
2938 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dauligar
2939 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Delmel
2940 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Deolet
2941 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Deo Toli
2942 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dewal Bichharal
2943 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhanar
2944 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhanigaon
2945 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhanigaon
2946 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhap Bhandar
2947 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhap No.2
2948 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhapolasera
2949 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhapoli
2950 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhapti
2951 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dharamgarh Range
2952 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dharari
2953 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhari
2954 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhatiya Dhunga
2955 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhaula
2956 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhola Gaon
2957 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dholiya Pata
2958 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dhunga Pant
2959 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Digoli
2960 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Digoli
2961 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dobar Gara
2962 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dwali
2963 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dyarinau
2964 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Dyorakh
2965 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Ganyura
2966 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Garuwa Sirmoli
2967 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Godoli Jhutoli
2968 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Gojani Hawantoli
2969 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Gokhuri
2970 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Hathrsiya
2971 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jagthali
2972 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jakhani
2973 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jalmani
2974 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jaspur
2975 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jhakra
2976 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jogiya Bari
2977 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jogsara
2978 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jouyara
2979 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Jyularotela
2980 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kabhata
2981 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kafali
2982 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kande Kanyal
2983 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kapuri
2984 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kardiya gaon
2985 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Khantoli
2986 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Khari Kapuri Lag
2987 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kharkhat
2988 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Khati Gaon
2989 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Khel Kot
2990 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Khiruwa Kot
2991 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kholagaon
2992 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kot Bhandar
2993 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kucholi
2994 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kulera chak lek suna
2995 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kumltiya
2996 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kunara (Kanda)
2997 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kunara (Kanda)
2998 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kunara (Kanda)
2999 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kunara (Kanda)
3000 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kun Khet
3001 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Kusauli Bagar
3002 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lachheti
3003 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lajher
3004 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lamjhigara
3005 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lataulamai Chak
3006 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Latela
3007 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Letgari
3008 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lohar Khet
3009 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Lwatoli
3010 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Machhiyakot
3011 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mad Gopeshwar
3012 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Madhya
3013 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Magru Bhantola
3014 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mahara Gaon
3015 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mahat Gaon
3016 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mahruri
3017 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Majgaon
3018 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Majhera
3019 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mal Suna
3020 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mana Kabhata
3021 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mantoli
3022 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Mithun Kot
3023 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Naghar Majila
3024 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Nag Kanyal
3025 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Narayan Gunth
3026 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Nargoli
3027 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Paithar
3028 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Pali chak Titoli
3029 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Pang Chora
3030 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Papriya
3031 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Pata Dungari
3032 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Patal
3033 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Pathkyura
3034 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Patoja
3035 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Pokheri
3036 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Purani
3037 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Rajoli
3038 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Ratghar
3039 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Ratghar Muafi
3040 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Rawat Sera
3041 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Rikhari
3042 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sajyula
3043 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sakhet
3044 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Saliya
3045 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sangar
3046 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sangar
3047 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sani Udiyar
3048 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sankyura
3049 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sasola
3050 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Saukiyathal
3051 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Seri
3052 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Silangar
3053 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Silangiya
3054 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Silati
3055 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Simali
3056 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Simayal
3057 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Simgari
3058 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Simkuna
3059 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sinayal
3060 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sirkuli
3061 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Sunar Gaon
3062 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Syakot
3063 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Taknar
3064 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Tarkhet
3065 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Thala
3066 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Thanga
3067 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Toli
3068 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Tota Dewal
3069 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Tusera
3070 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Tya Kot
3071 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Uderiya
3072 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Uprara
3073 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Uttardug
3074 Bageshwar Kanda Kanda Wajina
3075 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Aithar
3076 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Ason
3077 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Badiyakot
3078 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bageli
3079 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Baghar
3080 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Baisani
3081 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bamsera
3082 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Baret
3083 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Barmati
3084 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Baskuna
3085 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Batal Gaon
3086 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Beira Majhera
3087 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bhadaura
3088 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bhandari Gaon
3089 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bhani
3090 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bhasauri Kutir
3091 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bhayu Mai Hhurauni
3092 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bithi Panyali
3093 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Bor Balra
3094 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chachai
3095 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chalkana
3096 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chaura
3097 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chaura Sthal
3098 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Cheera Bagar
3099 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chhidu
3100 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chhuriya
3101 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chhuriya Panaura
3102 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Chore Kharak
3103 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dangugwar
3104 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dhakuri Van
3105 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dhaula
3106 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dhotigaon
3107 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dobar
3108 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Dulam
3109 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Duni Van
3110 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Farsali Palli
3111 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Farsali Walli
3112 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Fulai
3113 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Gadera
3114 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Gainar
3115 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Gairkhet
3116 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Gasi
3117 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Golana
3118 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Gulam Pargar
3119 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Guler Gurchhutti
3120 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Harkot
3121 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Harsila
3122 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Hichauri
3123 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jagthana
3124 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jagthana Van
3125 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jakheri Van
3126 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jalekh
3127 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jankuri
3128 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jasrauli
3129 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jasroli Van
3130 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jatarkot
3131 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jhopara
3132 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Jhuni
3133 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kaflani
3134 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kalu
3135 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kanyuti
3136 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kaphali Kamera
3137 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kapholi
3138 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kapkot
3139 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Karimpur
3140 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Karmi
3141 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Khadgera
3142 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Khaljhuni
3143 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kharkana Toli
3144 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kheti
3145 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kilpara
3146 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kilpara Van
3147 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kiroli
3148 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kui
3149 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kumtira
3150 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kunera
3151 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Kuwari
3152 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Lahur
3153 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Lili
3154 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Liti Van
3155 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Loharkhet
3156 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Mahret
3157 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Malladesh
3158 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Mikila Khalpata
3159 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Monal Forest Compound Van
3160 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Munar
3161 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Nakuri
3162 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Nankanyalikot
3163 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Nargara
3164 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Nir Nagela
3165 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Pakar
3166 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Pali Dungra
3167 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Panaura
3168 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Pausari
3169 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Pethi
3170 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Poling
3171 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Pothing
3172 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Purkuni
3173 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Raithal
3174 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Reetha Bagar
3175 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Rikhari
3176 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Saling
3177 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Saling Udiyar
3178 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Shikhar Mandir Van
3179 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Sima
3180 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Sorag
3181 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Suding
3182 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Sulmati
3183 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Sumgarh
3184 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Sumti
3185 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Supi
3186 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Taarsal Patiyasar
3187 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Teekh
3188 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Toli
3189 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Toli
3190 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Ukhal Dhar
3191 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Utaraura
3192 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Vasti Van
3193 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Wachham
3194 Bageshwar Kapkot kapkot Waichham
3195 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Bari Panyali
3196 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Bhadouna
3197 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Bhakuna
3198 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Bhalauri
3199 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Bhanar
3200 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Chuchera
3201 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Dhaniyar
3202 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Gogina
3203 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Gunthi
3204 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Hamti Kapari
3205 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Jainti
3206 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Kafal Kot
3207 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Kalapair Kappri
3208 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Kanoli
3209 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Keemu
3210 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Khati
3211 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Kichuwa
3212 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Kismila Machera
3213 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Koti Wula
3214 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Lamaghar
3215 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Lathi
3216 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Liti
3217 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Litilagga Dangugwar
3218 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Lweta
3219 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Majkhet
3220 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Malkha Dungrcha
3221 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Namti Chita Bagar
3222 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Nani Panyali
3223 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Ramari
3224 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Ratir Kethi
3225 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Sama
3226 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Seli Sama
3227 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Siri
3228 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Sukhchauna
3229 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Syuli Dalari
3230 Bageshwar Kapkot Shama Theli
3231 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Ala chak bura
3232 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Amkheth
3233 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Anagoli
3234 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Angthala
3235 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Ansuya
3236 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bachher
3237 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Baindu
3238 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bairagana
3239 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bamiyala
3240 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bandwara
3241 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Banj Bagar
3242 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Barachaksainji
3243 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Batula
3244 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Baunla
3245 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bemru
3246 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bhadakoti
3247 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bhirlagga Gadora
3248 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Birhi
3249 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Boli
3250 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Bura
3251 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Chandulichakhat
3252 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Chaparudiyar
3253 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Chatolikiroli
3254 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Chhinka
3255 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Daswan
3256 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dewaldhar
3257 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dewar Khandora
3258 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dhanoli
3259 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dhogarikandai
3260 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dhurma
3261 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Digoli
3262 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dungari
3263 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Dusat Gaon
3264 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli F-1
3265 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli F-2
3266 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli F-3(P-1)
3267 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli F-3(P-2)
3268 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli F-3(P-3)
3269 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gadi
3270 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gadora
3271 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gairgunth
3272 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gauhana
3273 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gauna Chak dhar Kumala
3274 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gawar
3275 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Ghorsal
3276 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Golim
3277 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Guhai
3278 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Guniyala
3279 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Gwarlggabemru
3280 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Hadung lagga sainji
3281 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Harmani
3282 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Hat
3283 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Irani
3284 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Jainsal
3285 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kamyar
3286 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kana
3287 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kathur
3288 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Keludichakgawar
3289 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Khainuri
3290 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Khala
3291 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Khinkan
3292 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kilondi
3293 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Koteshwar
3294 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kudav
3295 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kunjonmaikot
3296 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kunjpothani
3297 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kunkuli
3298 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kuthan Lagga Maikot
3299 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Kweralu
3300 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Lasi
3301 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Lasiyari
3302 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Lwanh
3303 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Mahargaon
3304 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Majothi
3305 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Majyu Lagga Bemru
3306 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Makroli
3307 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Malanachaknail
3308 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Mandal
3309 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Math Jhadeta
3310 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Mathlaggapilng
3311 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Mathmalana
3312 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Maunti bedula
3313 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Nagartangsa
3314 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Nagbugar urf farkhet
3315 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Nailmalana
3316 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Naini Urf Choprakot
3317 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Naurakh
3318 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Nawa lagga majothi
3319 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Nijmola
3320 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Pagna
3321 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Pana
3322 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Pilang Chatoli
3323 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Rangtoli
3324 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Rauligwar
3325 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Ropa
3326 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Ropachalthar
3327 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Rudra Nath
3328 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Saikot
3329 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Sainji
3330 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Sainjilagga Maikot
3331 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Salaraitoli
3332 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Sanji
3333 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Saudiyani
3334 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Semdugara
3335 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Siroli
3336 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Siron
3337 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Sonala
3338 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Sutol
3339 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Syanachak Kurawa
3340 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Syuna
3341 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Tairakhansal
3342 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Tartoli
3343 Chamoli Chamoli chamoli Tilfara
3344 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bairau
3345 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Baligwar
3346 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Banala
3347 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Banswara
3348 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Banswara Chak sainti
3349 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bazbagar
3350 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bhainswara chak Vaduk
3351 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bhairni
3352 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bhatiyana lagga lakhi
3353 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Bijar
3354 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Chaka
3355 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Chamtoli Chak Banswara
3356 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Charbang
3357 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Chari
3358 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Dhar gaon
3359 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Dhar Gaon lagga ustoli
3360 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Dharwani
3361 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Dhola Chak Ustoli
3362 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Durmi
3363 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Gairi
3364 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Gandasu
3365 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Ghuni
3366 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Gulari
3367 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Hina
3368 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Huna lagga Ramani
3369 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Hung lagga kandai
3370 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Jakhni
3371 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Jokhana
3372 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kanda
3373 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kandai
3374 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kanol
3375 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Khaltara
3376 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Khunana
3377 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kumartoli
3378 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kumjug
3379 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kundi
3380 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kuntari Laga Phali
3381 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kuntari lagga sarpani
3382 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kurar gunth
3383 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kurur Raulipar
3384 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Kwirali
3385 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Lankhee
3386 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Loladi
3387 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Luntara
3388 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Lwani
3389 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Maharbagti
3390 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Manakhi
3391 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Matai
3392 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Mathkot
3393 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Mokhmalla
3394 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Mokhtala Chak Chaumas
3395 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Mokhtalla
3396 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Moling Chak Andar
3397 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Moling Chak Dhurma
3398 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Moling Chak Lakhi
3399 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Motha
3400 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Narangi
3401 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Nauna
3402 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Padairgaon
3403 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Pagana
3404 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Pairi
3405 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Pangar Basa
3406 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Panigair
3407 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Parnmati
3408 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Patholi Chak Bhainti
3409 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Phali
3410 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Pilkhola
3411 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Punkila
3412 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Rajbagti
3413 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Ramani
3414 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Rani Hat
3415 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Rikhtoli Chak Duhrma
3416 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sainti Gunth
3417 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Saitoli
3418 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sarpani
3419 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Seek chak geri
3420 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sema
3421 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sera
3422 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Simali mangari
3423 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Simar lagga rajbakti
3424 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sironsar lagga kungjukh
3425 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sitel
3426 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Sung
3427 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Suniti
3428 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Syari lagga bangali
3429 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Tangala
3430 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Tatarlaggasutol
3431 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Tunla
3432 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Ustoli
3433 Chamoli Chamoli Ghat Vaduk
3434 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Banala
3435 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Bantoli
3436 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Barali
3437 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Baroun
3438 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Beroun
3439 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Bhaduda
3440 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Bhainti
3441 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Bhatingyala
3442 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Bherani
3443 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Chamtoli
3444 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Chappno lagga masau
3445 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Chatigyala
3446 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Dadar
3447 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Dewar
3448 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Dharkot
3449 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Gandasu
3450 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Gwala
3451 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Hadkoti
3452 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Hindoli
3453 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Jaintha
3454 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Jaiti Bhatkoti
3455 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Kafal Khet
3456 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Kameda
3457 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Kandara
3458 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Kanderi
3459 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Khaltara
3460 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Koti
3461 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Kwirali
3462 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Maharbagathi
3463 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Maithana
3464 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Mangroli
3465 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Mason
3466 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Matharpal
3467 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Matiai
3468 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Med lagga palethi
3469 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Motha
3470 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Mutrai
3471 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Naitoli
3472 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Nauli Malli
3473 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Nauli Talli
3474 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Nauna
3475 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Pajyana
3476 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Palethi
3477 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Palnav Sonali
3478 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Panigair
3479 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Punkila
3480 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Pursari
3481 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Rajbagathi
3482 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Rambori
3483 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sakand
3484 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sangud
3485 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sartoli
3486 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sem
3487 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sema
3488 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sena lagga Sartoli
3489 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Simar Chak Rajbagathi
3490 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Simli Mangri
3491 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sonla
3492 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Sunali
3493 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Tefna
3494 Chamoli Chamoli Nandprayag Thirpak
3495 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Aali Majyari
3496 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Airoli
3497 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bair Bagar
3498 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Banaula
3499 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bareth
3500 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bauli Laga Tal
3501 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Beri Malli
3502 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Beri Talli
3503 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bhalason Urf Jhurkande
3504 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bhandar Sera
3505 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bhatmwali
3506 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bisauna
3507 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Bunga
3508 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Burakholi
3509 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Chhimatha
3510 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Daliyana
3511 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Daramoli
3512 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Dhamkar
3513 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Doltu
3514 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Dugda Sera
3515 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Giratoli
3516 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Gwar
3517 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Hali Sera Urf Adibadari
3518 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Haragaon
3519 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Jaim
3520 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Jakhet
3521 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Julgar
3522 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kaflori
3523 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kaira
3524 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kalyari Malli
3525 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kalyari Talli
3526 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kand Laga Kansuwa
3527 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kansuwa
3528 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Khal Kumkhori
3529 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Khet
3530 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kheti
3531 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kheti Laga Kirasal
3532 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Kirasal
3533 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Lal Nagari
3534 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Langtai
3535 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Majyari Malli
3536 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Malai
3537 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Malasi
3538 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Malethi
3539 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Malgur
3540 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Mathar
3541 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Matiyala Laga Kirsal
3542 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Mauni Daduwa
3543 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Miroli
3544 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Nagali
3545 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Nauna
3546 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pajyana Kumar
3547 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pajyana Malla
3548 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pandav
3549 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri payaya
3550 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Peb
3551 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pindawali
3552 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pungaon
3553 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Pyura
3554 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Randoli
3555 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Ritha Mangari
3556 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Rithola
3557 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Silapata
3558 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Simali Laga Nagali
3559 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Sirana
3560 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Sugar
3561 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Syalkot
3562 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Tal
3563 Chamoli Gairsain Adibadri Thapali
3564 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Agar Laga Gawali
3565 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Agar Laga Jinagor
3566 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Akshawara
3567 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Andrapa
3568 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bacchuwa Ban Malla
3569 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bacchuwa Ban Talla
3570 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Badiya Sem
3571 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bajyani
3572 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Banjyani
3573 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bausar
3574 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bhains Wara Sain
3575 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bhandari Khor
3576 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bhanot Gwar
3577 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bheriyana Laga Lakheri
3578 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bina
3579 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bisarakheta Palla
3580 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bisara Khet Urf Harsari
3581 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Bukhara Kheta
3582 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Chhapali
3583 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Chhari Sain
3584 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Chhasiya Kot
3585 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Chhina Kulari
3586 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Chorda
3587 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dadeo Laga Panchali
3588 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dadiyalgaon Basisen
3589 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Danga Laga Pajyana
3590 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dasamiya Gaon
3591 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Devpuri
3592 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dewalgarh
3593 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dewali Jangal
3594 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dham Dev
3595 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dhargair
3596 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dhargar
3597 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Divadhar
3598 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dobiya Tal
3599 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dugara Laga Sahankot
3600 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Dungri
3601 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain F-1
3602 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain F-3
3603 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Farakande Talli
3604 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Farkande Malli
3605 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Farson
3606 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gadauta
3607 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gadoli
3608 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gair
3609 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ganwali
3610 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gaul
3611 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ghandiyal Khalsa Laga Chapal
3612 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ghandiyal lagga chhapali
3613 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ghuma Khet Malla
3614 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Giwar
3615 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gogana Malla
3616 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Gogana Talla
3617 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Haragarh
3618 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Hargarh Laga Jaugrh
3619 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Hislani
3620 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Hulan kot walla
3621 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Hularkot Palla
3622 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jaitoli Laga Gwar
3623 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jaul Chaura Malla
3624 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jaul Chaura Talla
3625 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jhuma Khet Talla
3626 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jinagor
3627 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Jwalagiri Kalyan
3628 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kalchunda
3629 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kali Mati
3630 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kalu Bisht Sera
3631 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kalyana malla (Lali Kalyani)
3632 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kalyana Talla
3633 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kamand
3634 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kandari Khor
3635 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Khadun Laga Gawali
3636 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Khan gwar Sera
3637 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Khatriyana
3638 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Khinsar
3639 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kolakhi Gwar
3640 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kolani
3641 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Koliyana Laga Dhargair
3642 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kot
3643 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kotha
3644 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kothar
3645 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kulagar
3646 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kumeli Laga Saliyana
3647 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kumoli Raiwan
3648 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kunakhet
3649 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kuneli Laga Marora
3650 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kunigar Bichli
3651 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kunigar Malli
3652 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kunigar Talli
3653 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kushrani Bichali
3654 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kushrani Malli
3655 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kushrani Talli
3656 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Kwilakh
3657 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Lakhan
3658 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Lakheri
3659 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Lam Bagar
3660 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Latudhar
3661 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Latu Gair
3662 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Maikholi
3663 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Majerasar
3664 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Malkot
3665 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Manda Laga Siman
3666 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Marora
3667 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Maso Sera
3668 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Mathakot
3669 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Mathkot Khal
3670 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Mehal Chauri
3671 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Mehargaon
3672 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Melbagar
3673 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Morpani
3674 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Muson
3675 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Nail
3676 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Nail Laga Farakande
3677 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Naini
3678 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Naugadh Dhal Kandae
3679 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Naugaon Malla
3680 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Naugaon Talla
3681 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Nigal Sain
3682 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Pajai Sera
3683 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Pajyana
3684 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Pala Bagar
3685 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Panchali
3686 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Paramghat Laga Chhapali
3687 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Parawari
3688 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Pata Bungi
3689 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Patal Chaura
3690 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Patto (Pemtha)
3691 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Pitoti lagga gain
3692 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ramara Malla
3693 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ramara Talla
3694 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Rangchaura
3695 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Rikholi
3696 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Rithiya
3697 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Rohira
3698 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Roykot
3699 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Ruriya Tal
3700 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sahajkot
3701 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sainji
3702 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Saliyana
3703 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Saner Laga Jingor
3704 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sankot
3705 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sare Gwar
3706 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Saring Gaon
3707 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sarkot
3708 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sarowar
3709 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sera
3710 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Silakot
3711 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Silanga/Silangi
3712 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Silangi
3713 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Siman Malla
3714 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Siman Talla
3715 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Simliya Lagga Kunigar
3716 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sinatoli
3717 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Soniyana
3718 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Sumerpur
3719 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Syunimalli
3720 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Syuni Talli
3721 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Taituna
3722 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Tal Gaon
3723 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Thala
3724 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Timil Gair
3725 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Tollyu Chak latugair
3726 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Uttari Jhuma Khet
3727 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Wadiyari Laga Kwilakh
3728 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Wasisem Laga Akshawara
3729 Chamoli Gairsain Ghairsain Wasi Sem Laga Lakheri
3730 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Aira
3731 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Arurhi Paturi
3732 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Auli Laga Joshimath
3733 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Auli Laga Salude
3734 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Badal Gaitha
3735 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bampa
3736 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bara gaon
3737 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bhalgaon
3738 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bhangyul
3739 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bharkichak-Urgam
3740 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bheta Chak Urgam
3741 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bhyudar
3742 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Bilagar
3743 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Chaien
3744 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Chamoli
3745 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Chamtoli
3746 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Darmi
3747 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Dhak
3748 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Dronagiri
3749 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Dumak
3750 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Dwing
3751 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath F-1
3752 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Fagti
3753 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Farkiagaon
3754 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Gahar
3755 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Gamsali
3756 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Ganai
3757 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Garpak
3758 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Gaunkh Laga Sailang
3759 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Gulabkoti
3760 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Gurguti
3761 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Hailang
3762 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Inara
3763 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Jakhola
3764 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Jalam
3765 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Jalgwar
3766 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Joshimath
3767 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Joshimath
3768 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Jugaju chak lata
3769 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Jumma
3770 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Juwagwar
3771 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kaga Laga Dronagiri
3772 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kailashpur
3773 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kalgoth
3774 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Karachhon
3775 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Karchi
3776 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Khancha malla
3777 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Khancha talla
3778 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Khiron
3779 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kimana
3780 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kosa
3781 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kundikhola
3782 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Kuraipani
3783 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Lamtoli
3784 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Langsi
3785 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Lanji
3786 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Lata
3787 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Longsagari
3788 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Lyari Thana
3789 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Mahargaon
3790 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Malari
3791 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Mana
3792 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Marwadi Chak Pakhi
3793 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Mirg
3794 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Molta
3795 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Morana Chak Subhai
3796 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Niti
3797 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Noligwar
3798 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pagnau
3799 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pagrasu
3800 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pail Chak Bhyudar
3801 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Paini
3802 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pakhi
3803 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Palla
3804 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pandukaswar
3805 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pang Chak Lata
3806 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Payya chormi
3807 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Pokhani Urf Pokhari
3808 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Raigari
3809 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Raini Chak Lata
3810 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Raini Chak Subhai
3811 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Rewal Chak Kurkuti
3812 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Ringi
3813 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Sailang
3814 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Salna Chak Urgam
3815 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Salud Dugra
3816 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Subhai
3817 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Sukhi
3818 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tangni malli
3819 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tangni talli
3820 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tapon
3821 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Thaing
3822 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tirosi
3823 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Toli Laga Chiae
3824 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tolma
3825 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Topovan
3826 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Tugasi
3827 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Uchougaur
3828 Chamoli Joshimath Joshimath Urgam
3829 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Agechchha
3830 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Agontha
3831 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Aind
3832 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Airwadi
3833 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ali Chak Dimar
3834 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bagoli
3835 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bainital
3836 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bainoli
3837 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bairot
3838 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bameli
3839 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bangaon Malla
3840 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bangaon Talla
3841 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bangri
3842 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baniyas
3843 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bansoli
3844 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bansoli Palli
3845 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bansoli Walli
3846 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baratoli
3847 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Barmoli
3848 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baron
3849 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Barsali
3850 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baskwali
3851 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baula
3852 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Baulasera
3853 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bhagara
3854 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bhatoli Laga Gairoli
3855 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bhatoli lagga Top
3856 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bholnaon
3857 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Bidoli
3858 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Biroli Laga Ghinta
3859 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chamali
3860 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chamali Laga Umatta
3861 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chamola
3862 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Charkhilgwar
3863 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chaudali
3864 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chauki
3865 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chhatauli
3866 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chirmori
3867 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chorara
3868 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chula
3869 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Chulakot
3870 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dada Dhamdhama
3871 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dewal
3872 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dewal Garasari
3873 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Deyarkot
3874 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dhal Kanchula
3875 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dhanai Laga
3876 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dhanpur Khas
3877 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dhansari
3878 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dhar Dungri
3879 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dharkot
3880 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dimar
3881 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dothla
3882 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dugalwali
3883 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dungri
3884 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Duwa
3885 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Dwalghat
3886 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gain Saja Kata
3887 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gainthi
3888 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gainthi Beat
3889 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gairoli
3890 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Galnau
3891 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ganoli
3892 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Garkudi Ulphada
3893 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ghandiyal
3894 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ghatgar sera
3895 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ghatuda
3896 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gopthala
3897 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gunad Sera
3898 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gwad
3899 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gwad
3900 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Gwal Khet
3901 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Hyuna
3902 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jaikandi
3903 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jainta
3904 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jakh
3905 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jalgaon
3906 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jaspur
3907 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jasyara
3908 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jhirkoti
3909 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jhurakandi urf matoli
3910 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Jhurkande
3911 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kaldu (Kaleshwar)
3912 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kamera
3913 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kamera Beat
3914 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kanauth
3915 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kanchula
3916 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kanda
3917 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kandai
3918 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kanda Maikhura
3919 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kandara
3920 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kankhul Malla
3921 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kankhul Talla
3922 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kantholi
3923 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Karakot
3924 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Karnprayag Beat
3925 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Khageli
3926 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Khageta Laga Top
3927 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Khalyugwar
3928 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Khandura
3929 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kharkholi
3930 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kharsain
3931 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Khatyari
3932 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kimoli Malli
3933 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kimoli Talli
3934 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kola Dungari
3935 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Koli Malli
3936 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Koli Talli
3937 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kolson
3938 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kolyagad
3939 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Koni Laga Khageli
3940 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kothi
3941 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kukdai
3942 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kundela
3943 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kundungra
3944 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kuneth
3945 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Kwagar lagga top
3946 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Lalisera
3947 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Laloti
3948 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Langasu
3949 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Lwita
3950 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Majkhola
3951 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Matha Manda (Matha)
3952 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Matholi
3953 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Matiyala
3954 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Mauna
3955 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Melyagwar
3956 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Mulyagaon
3957 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nail
3958 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Naini
3959 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nakot Laga Dimar( nakot talla)
3960 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nakot Malla
3961 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nalagaon
3962 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Naugaon
3963 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Naugara lagga kandai
3964 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nauli Gunth
3965 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nausari
3966 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Nauti
3967 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Niwadi
3968 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ovyagwar
3969 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Padli
3970 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Paduligwar
3971 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Partoli
3972 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Phala
3973 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Phalota
3974 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Pipalsera
3975 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Pokhari
3976 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Pudiyani
3977 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Purna
3978 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Radkhi
3979 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Raing Gaon
3980 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Rangaon
3981 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ratura
3982 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ritholi
3983 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Saij
3984 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sainu
3985 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sakand
3986 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Saliyana Malla
3987 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Saliyana Talla
3988 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sarkari Sera
3989 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sauna
3990 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sem
3991 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sera Pakhudi
3992 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Shrikut Beat
3993 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sidoli
3994 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Silangi
3995 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Silangi
3996 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Simalt
3997 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Simli
3998 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Simtoli
3999 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sindwani Laga Jhirkoti
4000 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sindwani Laga Kanda
4001 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Siran
4002 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Siri
4003 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Siroli
4004 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sirpa
4005 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sirtoli Bairphala
4006 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sonla van beat
4007 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Srikot
4008 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Suktoli
4009 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sumalt
4010 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sunai
4011 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sunak
4012 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Sundar Gaon
4013 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Swarka
4014 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Swarka
4015 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Syalpani
4016 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Syan Kisanpur
4017 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Talai
4018 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Tatasu urf majyri
4019 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Tauli
4020 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Tauli Daduli
4021 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Taul Sain
4022 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Thagyala Gwad
4023 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Thapli
4024 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Top
4025 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Trikot
4026 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Ulphada
4027 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Umatta
4028 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Umrakot Urf Baidanu
4029 Chamoli Karnpryag Karnaprayag Uttaraun
4030 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Airas
4031 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Bajilagarano
4032 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Bamoth
4033 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Chhandoli
4034 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Gailung
4035 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Girsa
4036 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Jhiloti
4037 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Jilasu
4038 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Kandai
4039 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Kandalaga Kwidhi
4040 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Karchhuna Malla
4041 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Karchhuna Talla
4042 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Khori Lagga Rana
4043 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Kolda
4044 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Kwithi
4045 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Langali
4046 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Maithana lagga Semi
4047 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Mast Gaon
4048 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Panae
4049 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Rano
4050 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Rikhwari
4051 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Rothla Laga Rano
4052 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Saimi gwad
4053 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Sarna
4054 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Selud
4055 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Semdugra
4056 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Siwae
4057 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Sugi
4058 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Toli laaga Gailung
4059 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Tolilagarano
4060 Chamoli Pokhari Jilasu Uttaraun
4061 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Aitha Laga Jaurasi
4062 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Ali
4063 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Alisal
4064 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bairasu
4065 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bamankhal
4066 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bamanthala
4067 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bangthal
4068 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Banjwad
4069 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bareth
4070 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bhatwa Urf Bharatpur
4071 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bhikauna
4072 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bhulkan
4073 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bina Malla
4074 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bina Talla
4075 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Bingar
4076 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Birsansera
4077 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Chameti Urf Pokhari
4078 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Chamshil
4079 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Chondi
4080 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Chopara
4081 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Dang Dhar
4082 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Devar Palla
4083 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Devar Walla
4084 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Devasthan
4085 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Dhamak
4086 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Duka saud
4087 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Dukasera
4088 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Dungar
4089 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari F-2(P-1)
4090 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari F-2(P-2)
4091 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Gadona
4092 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Ganiyala
4093 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Godi Giwala
4094 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Gudam
4095 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Gugli
4096 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Guniyala
4097 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Harishankar
4098 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Ijjar
4099 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Jakhmala
4100 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Jaurasi
4101 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kailab
4102 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kalsir
4103 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kandai
4104 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kandai Bajetha
4105 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kandai Khola
4106 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kaphalpani
4107 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kaudi
4108 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khalbajetha
4109 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khalu Laga Sinau
4110 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khanna
4111 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khanni
4112 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kharki
4113 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khas Khal
4114 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Khunagad
4115 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kimkholi
4116 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kimoda
4117 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kodhgeed
4118 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kujasu
4119 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kujni
4120 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kumera
4121 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Kunj lagga khaskhal
4122 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Lostu Panthari
4123 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Mahar
4124 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Majyadi
4125 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Malkoti
4126 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Masauli
4127 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Mayani
4128 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Mayoli Laga Gugli
4129 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Mingad Gaon
4130 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Nagdhar
4131 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Nail
4132 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Nail khalwadi
4133 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Nauli
4134 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Nautha
4135 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Pab Laga Vishal
4136 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Paduli
4137 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Paidula
4138 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Paini
4139 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Parwatipur
4140 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Pati
4141 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Patroli
4142 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Pithatoli
4143 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Pogatha
4144 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Pungroli
4145 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Raduva
4146 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Rauta
4147 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Salna
4148 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sankari
4149 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sankni
4150 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sarmola
4151 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sarnachai
4152 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Satiyana
4153 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Satud
4154 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sauda mangara
4155 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sem
4156 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sera
4157 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Shrigadh
4158 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Simkholi
4159 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Simlasu
4160 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sinau Palla
4161 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Sinau Talla Malla
4162 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Tali Kansari
4163 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Tamundi
4164 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Thalabair
4165 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Trishula
4166 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Tunji
4167 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Udaipur
4168 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Valli
4169 Chamoli Pokhari Pokhari Vishal
4170 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Atthu
4171 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Bahantara
4172 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Baisara
4173 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Bajai
4174 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Balan
4175 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Baman Bera
4176 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Bank
4177 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Beradhar
4178 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Bhrikuti
4179 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Budjola
4180 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Chaud
4181 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Chidanga Khalsa
4182 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Chidanga State
4183 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Choting
4184 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Deosari
4185 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Devthali Baduni
4186 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Dharamalla
4187 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Dhara Talla
4188 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Dharkot Laga Suiyya
4189 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Diden Chak vaan
4190 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ghat Bagad Chack Harmal
4191 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ghes
4192 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ghes Chack Sarmata
4193 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Gwaldam State
4194 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Harani Chak Mundoli
4195 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Harmal
4196 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Hat Kalyani
4197 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Himani Chack Bahantara
4198 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ichchholi
4199 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Jhaliya
4200 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Jola
4201 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kail
4202 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kalsiri
4203 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kandai
4204 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Karbali Chak Beradhar
4205 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kheta Manvati
4206 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kotera
4207 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kothi
4208 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Kuling
4209 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Lingadi
4210 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Losari
4211 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Lwani
4212 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Maduwasimar lagga ulagra
4213 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Mailminda
4214 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Malla
4215 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Mela Chak Mundoli
4216 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Melkhet
4217 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Moda Laga Padmalla
4218 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Mopata
4219 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Mundoli
4220 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Naldhura
4221 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Nand Keshari
4222 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Odar
4223 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Padmalla
4224 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Palwara Laga Odar
4225 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Phainti Gunth
4226 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Pharsugad
4227 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Pinau Laga Balan
4228 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Pokarigar
4229 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ponthi Laga Ulangra
4230 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Purna
4231 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Rain Laga Odar
4232 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Rampur
4233 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Sarkot
4234 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Sawad
4235 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Selkhola
4236 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Soding Laga Trikot
4237 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Sringthal
4238 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Suiyya
4239 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Tajpur
4240 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Talor
4241 Chamoli Tharali Dewal toona chak rain
4242 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Torati
4243 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Trikot
4244 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Udaypur Laga Choting
4245 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Ulangra
4246 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Uni Laga Kothi
4247 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Upathar Chack Harmal
4248 Chamoli Tharali Dewal Vaan
4249 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Ali
4250 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Angtoli
4251 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Arkhanda
4252 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Ased
4253 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Banela
4254 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Bed Gaon
4255 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Bhagota
4256 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Bhagoti
4257 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Bhainswada
4258 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Binayak
4259 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Binwal Gaon
4260 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Budera
4261 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Bunga
4262 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Buwarkot
4263 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Chaliya Pani
4264 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Chopata
4265 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Dewali Laga Chhenkuda
4266 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Dhulet
4267 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Dobha
4268 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Dungri
4269 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Gadkot
4270 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Gairwaram
4271 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Gandik Talla
4272 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Gawani
4273 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Ida
4274 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Jakh
4275 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Jakh
4276 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Jakhwal Kot
4277 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Jaspur Laga Jakh
4278 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kanda Gwar
4279 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kaub
4280 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kei Painti
4281 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kevar Malla
4282 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kevar Talla
4283 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kimoli
4284 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kothali
4285 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kothraj Kundi
4286 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Kush
4287 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Leguna
4288 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Mahad
4289 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Majyana
4290 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Manoor
4291 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Meeng
4292 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Mona Gwar
4293 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nail
4294 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nairi
4295 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nakholi
4296 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nalgaon
4297 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nalgaon Sirgur
4298 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nand Gaon
4299 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Narayan Bagad
4300 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Nautha
4301 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Paithani
4302 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Palchhuni
4303 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Pali Malli
4304 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Pali Talli
4305 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Panti
4306 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Parkhal
4307 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Pokhada
4308 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Raigaon
4309 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Rains
4310 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Ratani
4311 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Rathiya Malla
4312 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Rathiya Talla
4313 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Rei
4314 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Sainar
4315 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Sankot
4316 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Silaudi
4317 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Simli
4318 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Swan Malla
4319 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Swan Talla
4320 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Tentuda
4321 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Thirota Gwad
4322 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Tolyon
4323 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Tonda Laga Angtoli
4324 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Tuneda
4325 Chamoli Tharali Narayanbagar Tuniya Laga Angtoli
4326 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Adra
4327 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Agar Chimni
4328 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Alkot
4329 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Angoth
4330 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ashothi
4331 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Badyon Sar
4332 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bainoli Malli
4333 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bainoli Talli
4334 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bajwar
4335 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bajwar
4336 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Balan Chack Bhrikuti
4337 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Baman Gaon
4338 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bamiyala
4339 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Basina
4340 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bedula
4341 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Beena Gaon
4342 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bethara
4343 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhaduwa Simar Laga Asangara
4344 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhatiyana
4345 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhatiyana
4346 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhela
4347 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhenta
4348 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhidtoly
4349 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bhulkwani Gwad
4350 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bunga
4351 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bunga Laga Gopatyana
4352 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Bursol
4353 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chaunda
4354 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chepadon
4355 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chhapali
4356 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chhenkuda
4357 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chidanga Talla
4358 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chirkhun
4359 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Chirong Laga Bedula
4360 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dangtoli
4361 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Darmola Chak Dungri
4362 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Daul
4363 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Deorada
4364 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Deval
4365 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Devpuri
4366 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dewal Gwar
4367 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dhalu
4368 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dharwaram
4369 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dhungakholi
4370 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Doding Laga Chepadon
4371 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Dungri
4372 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Eri Chak Suna
4373 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-1
4374 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-2
4375 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-3
4376 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-4
4377 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-4 (P-2)
4378 Chamoli Tharali Tharali F-5
4379 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gadhkot
4380 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gadseer
4381 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gandik Malla
4382 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Garsari
4383 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gerur
4384 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ghatiyana Laga Dungri
4385 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gherbunga
4386 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gothinda
4387 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gudam State
4388 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gugawa
4389 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gumad Laga Gerud
4390 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gwad Laga Gadkot
4391 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Gwar Laga Sunaun
4392 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Hans Koti
4393 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Harchan
4394 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Hari Nagar Urf Laital
4395 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Harmani Malli
4396 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Harmani Talli
4397 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Hartoli Laga Thala
4398 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ida
4399 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jabar Kot
4400 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jakh Laga Sainj
4401 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jhangor Gaon
4402 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jhijhoni
4403 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jhinjholi
4404 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Junair
4405 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Jyuda
4406 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kafar Teer
4407 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kafoli Malli
4408 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kafoli Talli
4409 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kakad Toli
4410 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kakhda
4411 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kandwal Gaon
4412 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kansola
4413 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Karchauda
4414 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kasbi Nagar
4415 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kathali Gwar
4416 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kera
4417 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Keshawa
4418 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Khainoli
4419 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Khaintoli
4420 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kimani
4421 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kolpudi
4422 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kot
4423 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kothara
4424 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kot Laga Deval
4425 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kud Bagar
4426 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kulsari
4427 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kuni
4428 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Kurad
4429 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Lamkuni
4430 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Loda
4431 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Lodhala
4432 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Lolti
4433 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Maal
4434 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Main
4435 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Majetha Laga Angtoli
4436 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Mal Laga Jyuda
4437 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Maltura
4438 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Manoda
4439 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Maroda
4440 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Mauna
4441 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Meltha
4442 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Menduni
4443 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Menta Malla
4444 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Menta Talla
4445 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Moli Laga Kot
4446 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Myadi
4447 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Nail
4448 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Nam Tol
4449 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Nau Gaon
4450 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Nawali
4451 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Neeladi
4452 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Nona
4453 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Paina
4454 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Paingadh
4455 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Partha Chak Kuni
4456 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Pastoli
4457 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Phaldhiya Gaon
4458 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Pharkot
4459 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Pokhri Laga Odar
4460 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Rampur Laga Harmal
4461 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ratgaon Chak
4462 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ratgaon goonth
4463 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Ruisan
4464 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sagwada
4465 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sahu Gaon Laga Junidhar
4466 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sainj
4467 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Salpur
4468 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Salpur
4469 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Saned
4470 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Seeri
4471 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Semal
4472 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sera Laga Bhenta
4473 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Silkhola Laga Ichchholi
4474 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Silodi
4475 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Simal Sain
4476 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sinai Malli
4477 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sinai Talli
4478 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Solta
4479 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sonala
4480 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Suda Laga jhimauri
4481 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Suna
4482 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sunabhi
4483 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sunaun
4484 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sunaun
4485 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Sunsari
4486 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Syunta
4487 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Tajpur Laga Kandai
4488 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Talwari Free Sample State
4489 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Talwari Khalsa
4490 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Talwari State
4491 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Thala
4492 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Thangira
4493 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Tharali
4494 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Titara Kholi
4495 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Tundari
4496 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Tungeshwar
4497 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Tyula
4498 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Vaan Madhye Kuling
4499 Chamoli Tharali Tharali Vijaypur
4500 Champawat Champawat Champawat Aam Karia
4501 Champawat Champawat Champawat Amaun
4502 Champawat Champawat Champawat Amora
4503 Champawat Champawat Champawat Ari Gurauli
4504 Champawat Champawat Champawat Badauli
4505 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bageri
4506 Champawat Champawat Champawat Baira
4507 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bajaun
4508 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bajrikot
4509 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bakunda
4510 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bardoli
4511 Champawat Champawat Champawat Barpass
4512 Champawat Champawat Champawat Basaan
4513 Champawat Champawat Champawat Basauti Mafi
4514 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bastiya
4515 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bastiya Goonth
4516 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bhageena Bhandari
4517 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bhagina Khet
4518 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bhanauli
4519 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bhandar Bora
4520 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bibrik
4521 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bilhairi
4522 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bilota Sain
4523 Champawat Champawat Champawat Birgul
4524 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bugga Chowkni
4525 Champawat Champawat Champawat Bunga Khayali
4526 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chanchalpur Urf Chanchri
4527 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chaniya
4528 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chaudhary Jula
4529 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chaura Dumkhuri
4530 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chaura Khayali
4531 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chaura Sethi
4532 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chhatkot
4533 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chhira Pani
4534 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chowki
4535 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chowkni Bora
4536 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chowkni Pandey
4537 Champawat Champawat Champawat Chura Khark Khet
4538 Champawat Champawat Champawat Danda Bisht
4539 Champawat Champawat Champawat Danthi
4540 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dayoli (Dhauli)
4541 Champawat Champawat Champawat Devidhura Range
4542 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dhakna Badola
4543 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dhaun
4544 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dhyan Bhandar
4545 Champawat Champawat Champawat Digdai
4546 Champawat Champawat Champawat Diyuri
4547 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dola
4548 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dooni
4549 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dubchora
4550 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dudhori
4551 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dudh Pokhara
4552 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dugra
4553 Champawat Champawat Champawat Dungra Saithi
4554 Champawat Champawat Champawat Duniya
4555 Champawat Champawat Champawat Garhkot
4556 Champawat Champawat Champawat Ghurchum
4557 Champawat Champawat Champawat Giri Punaithi
4558 Champawat Champawat Champawat Goli
4559 Champawat Champawat Champawat Gunth Garsari
4560 Champawat Champawat Champawat Hiula
4561 Champawat Champawat Champawat Jaigaon Jatoli
4562 Champawat Champawat Champawat Jamrari
4563 Champawat Champawat Champawat Jayar
4564 Champawat Champawat Champawat Jup Patua
4565 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kaflang
4566 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kallu Khan
4567 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kamaila
4568 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kanalgaon
4569 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kanda
4570 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kanda
4571 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kathar Mafi
4572 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kathnauli
4573 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kawarsing
4574 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khal Kedia
4575 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khark
4576 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khark Bagar
4577 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khark Karki
4578 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khatoli Malli
4579 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khatoli Talli
4580 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khetar Narial P Kaler Khan
4581 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khetar Ukhera
4582 Champawat Champawat Champawat Khunari
4583 Champawat Champawat Champawat kot Amori
4584 Champawat Champawat Champawat Koyati
4585 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kukrauni
4586 Champawat Champawat Champawat Kulathi
4587 Champawat Champawat Champawat Ladhon Tukra
4588 Champawat Champawat Champawat Lafra
4589 Champawat Champawat Champawat Lamkaniya
4590 Champawat Champawat Champawat Lara Bora
4591 Champawat Champawat Champawat Latauli
4592 Champawat Champawat Champawat Lista
4593 Champawat Champawat Champawat Lohaghat Range
4594 Champawat Champawat Champawat Maadli Malli
4595 Champawat Champawat Champawat Madli Talli
4596 Champawat Champawat Champawat Mairoli
4597 Champawat Champawat Champawat Majgaon
4598 Champawat Champawat Champawat Majhera
4599 Champawat Champawat Champawat Mataila
4600 Champawat Champawat Champawat Maun Pokhari
4601 Champawat Champawat Champawat Mirtola
4602 Champawat Champawat Champawat Moradi
4603 Champawat Champawat Champawat Mudiyani
4604 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nadhan
4605 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nadola
4606 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nagar Gaon
4607 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nand Kuli
4608 Champawat Champawat Champawat Narsingh Danda
4609 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nayadi
4610 Champawat Champawat Champawat Nayal
4611 Champawat Champawat Champawat Neerh
4612 Champawat Champawat Champawat Okhal Dugga
4613 Champawat Champawat Champawat Pachnai
4614 Champawat Champawat Champawat Padunga
4615 Champawat Champawat Champawat Paiti Mafi
4616 Champawat Champawat Champawat Pali
4617 Champawat Champawat Champawat Palsau
4618 Champawat Champawat Champawat Patal
4619 Champawat Champawat Champawat Pather Maun
4620 Champawat Champawat Champawat Pawet
4621 Champawat Champawat Champawat Phungar
4622 Champawat Champawat Champawat Pinana
4623 Champawat Champawat Champawat Punabe
4624 Champawat Champawat Champawat Punaithi
4625 Champawat Champawat Champawat Quarala
4626 Champawat Champawat Champawat Rakri Phulara
4627 Champawat Champawat Champawat Ratan Kaniya
4628 Champawat Champawat Champawat Raw Kunwar
4629 Champawat Champawat Champawat Reetha
4630 Champawat Champawat Champawat Saidula Bora
4631 Champawat Champawat Champawat Saindark
4632 Champawat Champawat Champawat Salkanda
4633 Champawat Champawat Champawat Salli
4634 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sanya Neel Kariya
4635 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sanya Phaliya Lagga Khunari
4636 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sanya Phalya Lagga Khal kariya
4637 Champawat Champawat Champawat Satkura
4638 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sauj Bisht
4639 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sawala
4640 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sayali
4641 Champawat Champawat Champawat Shaktipur
4642 Champawat Champawat Champawat Silang Tak
4643 Champawat Champawat Champawat Simalta Mafi
4644 Champawat Champawat Champawat Simar
4645 Champawat Champawat Champawat Sipty
4646 Champawat Champawat Champawat Suyal Khark
4647 Champawat Champawat Champawat Tyarkuda
4648 Champawat Champawat Champawat Vaila
4649 Champawat Champawat Munch Aam Khola
4650 Champawat Champawat Munch Aamni
4651 Champawat Champawat Munch Akeri
4652 Champawat Champawat Munch Amgounth
4653 Champawat Champawat Munch Amora
4654 Champawat Champawat Munch Bachkot
4655 Champawat Champawat Munch Bakora
4656 Champawat Champawat Munch Barkum
4657 Champawat Champawat Munch Bhandar
4658 Champawat Champawat Munch Bhula Gaon
4659 Champawat Champawat Munch Birgola
4660 Champawat Champawat Munch Boyal
4661 Champawat Champawat Munch Dubar Jainal
4662 Champawat Champawat Munch Gawani
4663 Champawat Champawat Munch Gayal
4664 Champawat Champawat Munch Gor Kholi
4665 Champawat Champawat Munch Gurna Goonth
4666 Champawat Champawat Munch Haram
4667 Champawat Champawat Munch Hartola
4668 Champawat Champawat Munch Hiyali
4669 Champawat Champawat Munch Kaari
4670 Champawat Champawat Munch Kanyura
4671 Champawat Champawat Munch Khaar
4672 Champawat Champawat Munch Khar Giri
4673 Champawat Champawat Munch Lawarki
4674 Champawat Champawat Munch Malla Kafalta
4675 Champawat Champawat Munch Manch
4676 Champawat Champawat Munch Mankanda
4677 Champawat Champawat Munch Mosta
4678 Champawat Champawat Munch Naad Bora
4679 Champawat Champawat Munch Naag
4680 Champawat Champawat Munch Ninori
4681 Champawat Champawat Munch Pali
4682 Champawat Champawat Munch Polap
4683 Champawat Champawat Munch Raisang
4684 Champawat Champawat Munch Ramaila
4685 Champawat Champawat Munch Rayal
4686 Champawat Champawat Munch Riyansi Bamangoan
4687 Champawat Champawat Munch Ruiya
4688 Champawat Champawat Munch Simiyauri
4689 Champawat Champawat Munch Sorai
4690 Champawat Champawat Munch Sutola
4691 Champawat Champawat Munch Talla Kafalta
4692 Champawat Champawat Munch Tamli
4693 Champawat Champawat Munch Tarkuli
4694 Champawat Champawat Munch Thula Kot
4695 Champawat Champawat Pulla Aslad
4696 Champawat Champawat Pulla Bagauti
4697 Champawat Champawat Pulla Balana
4698 Champawat Champawat Pulla Baman Kuda
4699 Champawat Champawat Pulla Banku
4700 Champawat Champawat Pulla Baram
4701 Champawat Champawat Pulla Basairi
4702 Champawat Champawat Pulla Basan
4703 Champawat Champawat Pulla Baskuni
4704 Champawat Champawat Pulla Bilde
4705 Champawat Champawat Pulla Binda Tiwari
4706 Champawat Champawat Pulla Bugga Bora
4707 Champawat Champawat Pulla Chama
4708 Champawat Champawat Pulla Chamola
4709 Champawat Champawat Pulla Chaudla
4710 Champawat Champawat Pulla Chauri
4711 Champawat Champawat Pulla Chelkot
4712 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dangaon
4713 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dhaun
4714 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dheeng
4715 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dhingra
4716 Champawat Champawat Pulla Doraga
4717 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dumdai
4718 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dunga Bora
4719 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dungra Bora
4720 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dungraleti
4721 Champawat Champawat Pulla Dungri
4722 Champawat Champawat Pulla Fafar
4723 Champawat Champawat Pulla Gajina
4724 Champawat Champawat Pulla Gauri
4725 Champawat Champawat Pulla Gurele
4726 Champawat Champawat Pulla Gureli
4727 Champawat Champawat Pulla Gurhmagal
4728 Champawat Champawat Pulla Jakh
4729 Champawat Champawat Pulla Jamarsawn
4730 Champawat Champawat Pulla Jindi Sorari
4731 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kakari
4732 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kamleri
4733 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kanedi
4734 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kaphli
4735 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kayal
4736 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khai Kot Malla
4737 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khai Kot Talla
4738 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khatera Malla
4739 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khatera Talla
4740 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kheti
4741 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khetsari
4742 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khilpati
4743 Champawat Champawat Pulla Khul Kabar
4744 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kimtoli
4745 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kot
4746 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kot Ka Lagga Chauchri
4747 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kotla
4748 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kotsari
4749 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kulouli
4750 Champawat Champawat Pulla Kunari
4751 Champawat Champawat Pulla Lara
4752 Champawat Champawat Pulla Lojini
4753 Champawat Champawat Pulla Madlak
4754 Champawat Champawat Pulla Maduwa
4755 Champawat Champawat Pulla Majpeepal
4756 Champawat Champawat Pulla Man Dunga
4757 Champawat Champawat Pulla Mathbalana
4758 Champawat Champawat Pulla Matiyani
4759 Champawat Champawat Pulla Maura
4760 Champawat Champawat Pulla Mud Chamar
4761 Champawat Champawat Pulla Nakot Kholiya
4762 Champawat Champawat Pulla Nas Khola
4763 Champawat Champawat Pulla Nidil
4764 Champawat Champawat Pulla nyoliagoan
4765 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pasam
4766 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pathlana
4767 Champawat Champawat Pulla Patoli
4768 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pedsera
4769 Champawat Champawat Pulla Peed Lagga Bajgel
4770 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pilkhi
4771 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pokhari Bora
4772 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pokhari Saun
4773 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pulla
4774 Champawat Champawat Pulla Pundil
4775 Champawat Champawat Pulla Raul
4776 Champawat Champawat Pulla Rausal
4777 Champawat Champawat Pulla Rudmali
4778 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sagar
4779 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sankafal
4780 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sayur
4781 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sela Salpar
4782 Champawat Champawat Pulla Shiling
4783 Champawat Champawat Pulla Simlack
4784 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sirauli
4785 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sukha Baran
4786 Champawat Champawat Pulla Sulla
4787 Champawat Champawat Pulla Talla Nayabad
4788 Champawat Champawat Pulla Tamatkande
4789 Champawat Champawat Pulla Tunda Visht
4790 Champawat Champawat Pulla Tunkande
4791 Champawat Champawat Pulla Vivil
4792 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Aagar
4793 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Adkhandi
4794 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bagola
4795 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Baila
4796 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Baira Badwal
4797 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bairaorn
4798 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bakarya Julla
4799 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Balso
4800 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bamaira
4801 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bangaon
4802 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Banj
4803 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Ban Kandiya
4804 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bans
4805 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bantoli
4806 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bapru Talla
4807 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Barakot
4808 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Basaudi
4809 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Batauri
4810 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bayoli
4811 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bayoli Lagga Talla Bapru
4812 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Betta
4813 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bhandar
4814 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bhartoli Goonth
4815 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bisrari
4816 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Bruyuri
4817 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Buraula
4818 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chachari
4819 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chami May Goonth
4820 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chamoli
4821 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chamroli
4822 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chaura Shah
4823 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chhanda
4824 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chhera
4825 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Chhulapia
4826 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Choolgaon
4827 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Churani
4828 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Devli Maphi
4829 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Doba
4830 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Dunga Joshi
4831 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Dunga Malla
4832 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Dungraorn
4833 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Dyartoli
4834 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Ezra
4835 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Fartola
4836 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gaika Jyula
4837 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gairi
4838 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Galla Gaon
4839 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gangali Pulai
4840 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gothkura
4841 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gumaud
4842 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gurna (Nayaabad)
4843 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gurna (Santola)
4844 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Gwenada
4845 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Hichaura
4846 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Jakh Lagga Sutera
4847 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Jamar
4848 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Jhir Kuni
4849 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kailari
4850 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kakarh
4851 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kakri
4852 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kalakot
4853 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kamajula
4854 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Khakora
4855 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kheti
4856 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Khola Sunar
4857 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Kothera
4858 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Litee
4859 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Luwakot
4860 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Lwarki
4861 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Malla Bapru
4862 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Mau
4863 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Maulani
4864 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Mayua
4865 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Mirtoli
4866 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Nadera
4867 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Naini Mahar
4868 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Naumana
4869 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Netra
4870 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Nigali Garh
4871 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Padasawn
4872 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Pamda
4873 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Pathalati
4874 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Patyuda
4875 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Punai
4876 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Puniyal
4877 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Raighaon
4878 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Raighari
4879 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Ravalgaon
4880 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Salan
4881 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Sheel
4882 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Sigda
4883 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Simela
4884 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Sugar Khal
4885 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Suri
4886 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Surkot
4887 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Sutera
4888 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Tak
4889 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Talli Jindi
4890 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Tarag
4891 Champawat Lohaghat Barakot Tari Gaon
4892 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Abot Mount
4893 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Badole
4894 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bagjiwala
4895 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bajbhandari
4896 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Balai
4897 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bandela Dhek
4898 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bantari
4899 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bastnauli
4900 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Batoli
4901 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Batula Banj
4902 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bayal Bunga
4903 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bharoli
4904 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bhumlai
4905 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bood Chaura
4906 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Budarkarya
4907 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bunga Mara
4908 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Bunga Phartiyal
4909 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Chaura Dhek
4910 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Chauri Bhat
4911 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Chhatoli
4912 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Chiria Dunga
4913 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Daisali
4914 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Dhali Gaon
4915 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Dharki
4916 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Dugri Phartiyal
4917 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Forti
4918 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Funda Patni
4919 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Gambhir Gaon
4920 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Gangnaula
4921 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Ghanail
4922 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Ghor Chaura
4923 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Ghumali
4924 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Goshani
4925 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Harori
4926 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Irakot
4927 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Jakh Jindi
4928 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Jankande
4929 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Jhalandev
4930 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kaflekh
4931 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kal Chaura
4932 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kaligaon
4933 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kanakot
4934 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khais Kande
4935 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khat Khutam
4936 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khawagarh
4937 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kheti Gar
4938 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khuna Bora
4939 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khuna Malak
4940 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Khuteli
4941 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Koli Dhek
4942 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Koyati Gunth
4943 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Koyati Khalsa
4944 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Kundi Mara
4945 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Lari
4946 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Lidu
4947 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Lohaghat Range
4948 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Lyundhar
4949 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Majhera
4950 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Malla Dhek
4951 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Manar Malla
4952 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Manar Talla
4953 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Mangoli
4954 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Mayawati
4955 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Mutyuraj
4956 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Nakot
4957 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Nauliya
4958 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Okhlanj
4959 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Padari
4960 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Pardhayani
4961 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Pardhiani Khet
4962 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Patan Gaon
4963 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Patan Patani
4964 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Patli
4965 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Pau
4966 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Pharn Hill
4967 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Potri Dhek
4968 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Raikot Kunwar
4969 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Raikot Mahar
4970 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Rauteli Mara
4971 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Sirmoli
4972 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Sirtoli
4973 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Sirtoli
4974 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Sudarka
4975 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Thanta
4976 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Thuwamara
4977 Champawat Lohaghat Lohaghat Tyarshun
4978 Champawat Pati Pati Amauli
4979 Champawat Pati Pati Anarpa
4980 Champawat Pati Pati Bairakh
4981 Champawat Pati Pati Balatari
4982 Champawat Pati Pati Baligaon
4983 Champawat Pati Pati Baman Chapar
4984 Champawat Pati Pati Banauli
4985 Champawat Pati Pati Banoli Lagga Dungra
4986 Champawat Pati Pati Barait
4987 Champawat Pati Pati Barmtora
4988 Champawat Pati Pati Basanjoga
4989 Champawat Pati Pati Basaut
4990 Champawat Pati Pati Baswari
4991 Champawat Pati Pati Batuliya
4992 Champawat Pati Pati Bhaisarkh
4993 Champawat Pati Pati Bham Lagga Mulakot
4994 Champawat Pati Pati Bhingrad Range
4995 Champawat Pati Pati Bhingrad Range
4996 Champawat Pati Pati Bhingrad Range
4997 Champawat Pati Pati Bhingrara
4998 Champawat Pati Pati Bhonkara
4999 Champawat Pati Pati Bhumwari
5000 Champawat Pati Pati Bigrakot
5001 Champawat Pati Pati Binwal Gaon
5002 Champawat Pati Pati Biroli
5003 Champawat Pati Pati Bora Chapar
5004 Champawat Pati Pati Bunga Birora
5005 Champawat Pati Pati Burush Khola
5006 Champawat Pati Pati Chalthiya
5007 Champawat Pati Pati Chamtola
5008 Champawat Pati Pati Chaura Guth
5009 Champawat Pati Pati Chaurakot
5010 Champawat Pati Pati Chaura Maheta
5011 Champawat Pati Pati Chaura Pita
5012 Champawat Pati Pati Chaura Sown
5013 Champawat Pati Pati Chhoragaon
5014 Champawat Pati Pati Chilniya
5015 Champawat Pati Pati Dabri
5016 Champawat Pati Pati Dantola
5017 Champawat Pati Pati Dashiya
5018 Champawat Pati Pati Dechmar
5019 Champawat Pati Pati Devidhura Range
5020 Champawat Pati Pati Devidhura Range
5021 Champawat Pati Pati Devidhura Range
5022 Champawat Pati Pati Dharson
5023 Champawat Pati Pati Dhaunkim Sawar
5024 Champawat Pati Pati Dhraug
5025 Champawat Pati Pati Dubar Kamlaikh
5026 Champawat Pati Pati Dungra Kot
5027 Champawat Pati Pati Ejatta Hungra
5028 Champawat Pati Pati Fularakot
5029 Champawat Pati Pati Gadura
5030 Champawat Pati Pati Gagar
5031 Champawat Pati Pati Gagrarh
5032 Champawat Pati Pati Garsari
5033 Champawat Pati Pati Gawai
5034 Champawat Pati Pati Geeju Baswan
5035 Champawat Pati Pati Ghahtora
5036 Champawat Pati Pati Ghigharukot
5037 Champawat Pati Pati Golana Seri
5038 Champawat Pati Pati Goldanda
5039 Champawat Pati Pati Goom
5040 Champawat Pati Pati Haldua Khark
5041 Champawat Pati Pati Holi Piplati
5042 Champawat Pati Pati Jadia Kamad
5043 Champawat Pati Pati Jakhola
5044 Champawat Pati Pati Jamantak
5045 Champawat Pati Pati Jarauli
5046 Champawat Pati Pati Jawlari
5047 Champawat Pati Pati Jhalpura
5048 Champawat Pati Pati Jhar Sirtoli
5049 Champawat Pati Pati Jhudaili
5050 Champawat Pati Pati Kajeena
5051 Champawat Pati Pati Kamlakh
5052 Champawat Pati Pati Kandey
5053 Champawat Pati Pati Kanikot
5054 Champawat Pati Pati Kanikot Lagga Chora Guth
5055 Champawat Pati Pati Kanwar
5056 Champawat Pati Pati Kaphalti
5057 Champawat Pati Pati Karauli
5058 Champawat Pati Pati Karki Chhana
5059 Champawat Pati Pati Karwalgaon
5060 Champawat Pati Pati Kharhi
5061 Champawat Pati Pati Kharni Guth
5062 Champawat Pati Pati Kimar
5063 Champawat Pati Pati Kimwari
5064 Champawat Pati Pati Koond
5065 Champawat Pati Pati Kota
5066 Champawat Pati Pati Kotna
5067 Champawat Pati Pati Kulyal Gaon
5068 Champawat Pati Pati Kumaiya Kuda
5069 Champawat Pati Pati Kwarala
5070 Champawat Pati Pati Lara
5071 Champawat Pati Pati Machhiyar
5072 Champawat Pati Pati Madyoli
5073 Champawat Pati Pati Mailta
5074 Champawat Pati Pati Mairoli
5075 Champawat Pati Pati Mangal Lekh
5076 Champawat Pati Pati Mantande
5077 Champawat Pati Pati Maragaon
5078 Champawat Pati Pati Mathaila Chhana
5079 Champawat Pati Pati Maulanajakh
5080 Champawat Pati Pati Maun
5081 Champawat Pati Pati Maun Kanda
5082 Champawat Pati Pati Mulakot
5083 Champawat Pati Pati Naini
5084 Champawat Pati Pati Nauliya Gaon
5085 Champawat Pati Pati Nayalkot
5086 Champawat Pati Pati Niloti
5087 Champawat Pati Pati Pakhauti
5088 Champawat Pati Pati Pamtola
5089 Champawat Pati Pati Parewa
5090 Champawat Pati Pati Parsh
5091 Champawat Pati Pati Patangaon
5092 Champawat Pati Pati Patharkot
5093 Champawat Pati Pati Pati
5094 Champawat Pati Pati Pipal Dhing
5095 Champawat Pati Pati Pokhari
5096 Champawat Pati Pati Punoli
5097 Champawat Pati Pati Ramak
5098 Champawat Pati Pati Raulgaon
5099 Champawat Pati Pati Reetha
5100 Champawat Pati Pati Rikholi
5101 Champawat Pati Pati Rolmail
5102 Champawat Pati Pati Roodauli
5103 Champawat Pati Pati Sakdena
5104 Champawat Pati Pati Sal
5105 Champawat Pati Pati Sango
5106 Champawat Pati Pati Sibyoli
5107 Champawat Pati Pati Silyori
5108 Champawat Pati Pati Simalkhet
5109 Champawat Pati Pati Sirkot
5110 Champawat Pati Pati Sirna
5111 Champawat Pati Pati Sundungra
5112 Champawat Pati Pati Takbalwari
5113 Champawat Pati Pati Takna Gurau
5114 Champawat Pati Pati Tanda Malla
5115 Champawat Pati Pati Tanda Talla
5116 Champawat Pati Pati Tapnipal
5117 Champawat Pati Pati Thapla Gunth
5118 Champawat Pati Pati Thuwa Mauni
5119 Champawat Pati Pati Timla Guth
5120 Champawat Pati Pati Tolarankuri
5121 Champawat Pati Pati Toli Katheri
5122 Champawat Pati Pati Valik
5123 Champawat Pati Pati Varshi
5124 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Amiya/ Kalauniya
5125 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Anandpur
5126 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bagdora Hansi
5127 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bagdora Khas
5128 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bageligunth Shri Poornagiri/ Kaulikulari
5129 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bakoria
5130 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Baman Jaol
5131 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bamanpuri
5132 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Banbasa Canal Range
5133 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Banbasa (CT)
5134 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Baramdev
5135 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bastiya
5136 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bayala
5137 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bhaesa Ghala
5138 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bhajanpur
5139 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bhariyas
5140 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Boom Range
5141 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Boom Range
5142 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Boom Range
5143 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Bungra Dungra Pipal
5144 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Buram
5145 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chandani
5146 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chaura Kot
5147 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chela Goth
5148 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chheni Goth
5149 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chheni Malli
5150 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chheni Talli
5151 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Chuka
5152 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Dadalohar Julla
5153 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Danda
5154 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Danda Range
5155 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Devipur
5156 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Devrampur Urf Sitapur
5157 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Dhura
5158 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Dogadi Range
5159 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Dogadi Range
5160 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gainda Khali No1
5161 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gainda Khali No3
5162 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gainda Khali No4
5163 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gangseer
5164 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gayan Khera
5165 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Gudami
5166 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Jaul
5167 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Jhala Kudi
5168 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kailigunth Shri Poornagiri/ Poorangiri Mafi
5169 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kalsuniya
5170 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kamayun
5171 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kanda
5172 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Khairi Gaon/ Kharra Gunth
5173 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kharayat
5174 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Khatima Range
5175 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Khet Khera
5176 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Khurkola Izer
5177 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kot Kendri
5178 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kuknai
5179 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Kutuwa Patti
5180 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Lodda
5181 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Manihar Goth
5182 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Mathiya Baj
5183 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Mochai/ Vichai
5184 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Mohanpur
5185 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Naik Goonth/ Naik Khera
5186 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Naula Pani
5187 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Nigali
5188 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Pachpakariya
5189 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Phagpur
5190 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Poth
5191 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Poth Lagga Dang
5192 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Sailanigoth
5193 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Sanmura Gunth
5194 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Sayala
5195 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Sharda Range
5196 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Shukhi Dhang
5197 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Silaar
5198 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Sukni
5199 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Suwa Goth
5200 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Taal Gunth
5201 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Taliya Baj
5202 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Tanakpur
5203 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Thuyal Khera
5204 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Uadali
5205 Champawat Purnagiri Purnagiri Uchouli Goth
5206 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Astad
5207 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bangoti
5208 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Baniyana
5209 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bhaimoo
5210 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bhatar Chhautar
5211 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bhoopau
5212 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bijanu
5213 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Birmau
5214 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bisau
5215 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bisoi
5216 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Bohaa
5217 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Buraswa
5218 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Chhatau
5219 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Chhultar
5220 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Chor Kunawa
5221 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Chunauti
5222 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dabla
5223 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Daduwa
5224 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dakerna
5225 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dassou
5226 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Daudha
5227 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Derio
5228 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dhaura Pudia
5229 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dohajhusau
5230 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Dunawa
5231 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Gamari
5232 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Gawaila
5233 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Ghananta
5234 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Ghighau
5235 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Guthar
5236 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Haja
5237 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Hajta
5238 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Hayotagari
5239 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Hoda
5240 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Indroli
5241 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Jadi
5242 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Jamuwa
5243 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Jashta
5244 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Jogyo
5245 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kaitri
5246 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kaknoi
5247 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kandar
5248 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kandi Chamagata
5249 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kandidhar
5250 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kharsi
5251 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kharwi(Khabou)
5252 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Khatuwa
5253 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kitrauli
5254 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kolaha
5255 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kondoi Dondar
5256 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Koruwa
5257 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kota (Kuwanu)
5258 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kota(Taplad)
5259 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kothi (Bamtad)
5260 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Koti (Bamtad)
5261 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kotuwa
5262 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kunna
5263 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kurar Khanarsichar
5264 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kwarana
5265 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Kyawa
5266 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Lakha Mandal
5267 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Lawari(datruta)
5268 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Lorli
5269 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Luhari
5270 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Maghgaon (Kwanu)
5271 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mahpavata
5272 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mahrawna
5273 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mailoth(kuwanu)
5274 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Majhgaon(Duwar)
5275 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Makhti
5276 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Malaitha
5277 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mangrauli
5278 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Matad
5279 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Matiyana
5280 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Matiyawa
5281 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mauthi
5282 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Megar
5283 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mendal
5284 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mohana
5285 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Mungad
5286 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Myudha
5287 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Nada
5288 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Nagou
5289 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Naraya
5290 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Nithala
5291 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Pati
5292 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Punaha Pokhari
5293 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Rampur Sharna
5294 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Rangyo
5295 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Rawana
5296 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Rikhar
5297 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Rikhnad Range
5298 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sahiya
5299 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sainj
5300 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sainsa
5301 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Salga
5302 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Samog
5303 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sawara
5304 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Shibau
5305 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Shirwa
5306 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sijla
5307 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Silamu
5308 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Siribarkoti
5309 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sujau
5310 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Sunoda
5311 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Thana
5312 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Thanta
5313 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Tikri Khera
5314 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Tungra
5315 Dehradun Chakarata Chakarata Virpa
5316 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Alsi
5317 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Amrah
5318 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ara
5319 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ashata
5320 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Atalyo
5321 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Badanu
5322 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Badho
5323 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Baghana
5324 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bagi
5325 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bajo
5326 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Balanu
5327 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bamrar
5328 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bansaar
5329 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bansu
5330 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Banto
5331 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Baret
5332 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Basaya
5333 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bayatha
5334 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bhanjra
5335 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bhanrota
5336 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bhora
5337 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bhugtar
5338 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bhuno
5339 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bihar
5340 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bijo
5341 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bino
5342 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bisoi
5343 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bohari
5344 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Bosaan
5345 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Budola
5346 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Byasbhood
5347 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Byasnahari
5348 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chandau
5349 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chapanu
5350 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Cheela
5351 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chicharar
5352 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chirtar
5353 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chunau
5354 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Chunhau
5355 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dabara
5356 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dadhau
5357 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dagura
5358 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Damatha
5359 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Danda
5360 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Datanu
5361 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Deseu
5362 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Deu
5363 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dhaira
5364 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dhanpau
5365 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dhiroi
5366 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dilo
5367 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dimou
5368 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dindal
5369 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dou
5370 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Duina
5371 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Dwau
5372 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Echhala
5373 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Fatayo
5374 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gadogsakrol
5375 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gadol
5376 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gangaro
5377 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gareta
5378 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gaski
5379 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ghamangaon
5380 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Gharana Jisyo
5381 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi GothanJoshi
5382 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Hamro
5383 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Haripur
5384 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Jadana
5385 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Jaindo
5386 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi JakhanogBhisto
5387 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Jhuso Bhakaro
5388 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Jhutaya
5389 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Jokala
5390 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kachata
5391 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kaha Nehra Punah
5392 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kainota
5393 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kaiso
5394 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kakaari
5395 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kalasi
5396 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kamla
5397 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kanbua
5398 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kandoi
5399 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khadi
5400 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khamroli Chibo
5401 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khani
5402 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kharaya
5403 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khareen
5404 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khatar
5405 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khatasa
5406 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khati
5407 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kheruwa
5408 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khoi
5409 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Khoktamarlo
5410 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi KhunaAlman
5411 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kofti
5412 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kotha Tarli
5413 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kothi Bhonthi
5414 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Koti
5415 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kuetha
5416 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kunna
5417 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kuroli
5418 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kusyo
5419 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kwasa
5420 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Kyari
5421 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lachha
5422 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lakhsyar
5423 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lakhwarh
5424 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lalo
5425 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lato
5426 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lelta
5427 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lohari
5428 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Lohari (Fartar)
5429 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Loharna
5430 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Loohan
5431 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ludhera
5432 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Mahsasa
5433 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Maletha
5434 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Malho
5435 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Mandoli
5436 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Masrar
5437 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Mathau
5438 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Mundhan
5439 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Munshi
5440 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Nevi
5441 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Nichhiya
5442 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Panjiya
5443 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Panuwa
5444 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Parihar
5445 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Pata
5446 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Pata Samalta
5447 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Patiyana
5448 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Pihani
5449 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Pingiri
5450 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Rakhatad
5451 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Rampur
5452 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Rani Gaon
5453 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ratar
5454 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Rupau
5455 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sainj
5456 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sairi
5457 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sakani
5458 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Samalta
5459 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sarari
5460 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sariyana
5461 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi sarsona
5462 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sawada
5463 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Sawai
5464 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Seela
5465 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Semaha
5466 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Simog
5467 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Singhor
5468 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Singota
5469 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Supau
5470 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Suryo
5471 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Thaina
5472 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Thaitayo
5473 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Thaleen
5474 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Thuro
5475 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Tiko
5476 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Tilwari
5477 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Timra
5478 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Tipau
5479 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Tiprar
5480 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ubhareu
5481 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Ubhau
5482 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Udapalta
5483 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Uproli
5484 Dehradun Chakarata Kalasi Utail
5485 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni AmaradJhabrad
5486 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Anu
5487 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Asoi
5488 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bagani
5489 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bagi
5490 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bagoor
5491 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Baigi
5492 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Banachilar
5493 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Banpur
5494 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bayala
5495 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhagawat
5496 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhandroli
5497 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhatgarhi
5498 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhattar
5499 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhoot
5500 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bhunar
5501 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni BrinadBastil
5502 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Bulad
5503 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Buraila
5504 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Chanjoi
5505 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Chatra
5506 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Chausal
5507 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni ChhajarHartad
5508 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Chhumara
5509 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Darmigar
5510 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Derasa
5511 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Dimich
5512 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Dirnad
5513 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Dungri
5514 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Eithan
5515 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Gorchha
5516 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Hanol
5517 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni HartarSantar
5518 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Hatal
5519 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Jagthan
5520 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Jhitar
5521 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kanda
5522 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kandoi
5523 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Karardie
5524 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kawakhera
5525 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kharaura
5526 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kholara
5527 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kistur
5528 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni KotiBabar
5529 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni KotiKanasar
5530 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kulaha
5531 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kuna
5532 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kunain
5533 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Kunwa
5534 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Maindrath
5535 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Mangtar
5536 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Mashak
5537 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Meghatu
5538 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Mundhol
5539 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Nimaga
5540 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Ninus
5541 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Obraser
5542 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Paturi
5543 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Penuwa
5544 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Phanar
5545 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Phedij
5546 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Pinguwa
5547 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Pivnal
5548 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Punig
5549 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Purtad
5550 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Radu
5551 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Raigi
5552 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Raitad
5553 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Rajanu
5554 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Sainj
5555 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni SainjKunain
5556 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Sarni
5557 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Seriya
5558 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Silaura
5559 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Sunir
5560 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Sunoi
5561 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Thartha
5562 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Tiutad
5563 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Tuna
5564 Dehradun Chakarata Tuni Undawa
5565 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Aamwala Karanpur
5566 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Aamwala Manjhla
5567 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Aamwala Tarla
5568 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Aamwala Uparla
5569 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Aarkediya grant
5570 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Adhoiwala
5571 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Ajabpur Kala may chak
5572 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Ajabpur Khurd may chak
5573 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Akhandwaki Bhilang
5574 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Asharodi
5575 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Asthal
5576 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Badripur
5577 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bagradhoran
5578 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bagralgaun
5579 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bagral paltan
5580 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bahadurpur Maychek
5581 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bajawala
5582 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bala wala
5583 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bandawali
5584 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Banjarawala Mafi
5585 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Barasi Grant
5586 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bauntha
5587 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bazhet
5588 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhagwantpur Maychek
5589 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhainswadgaun
5590 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhandar gaun
5591 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhandariwala maychak
5592 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bharuwala
5593 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bharuwala Grant
5594 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhitarali
5595 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bhopal Pani Grant
5596 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bistgaun
5597 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Brahamangaun
5598 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Brahmawala
5599 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Bramanwala
5600 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chaibagh Kaulagarh
5601 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chak Banjarawala Mafi
5602 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chak Dalanwala
5603 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chak Shah Nagar
5604 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chaktunwala
5605 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chalang
5606 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chalchalla
5607 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chamasari
5608 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chamroli
5609 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chandrabani grant
5610 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chandrabani Khalsa
5611 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chandroti
5612 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chidowali
5613 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Chukkhuwala Maychaksalawala
5614 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dalanwala
5615 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Danda Dhoran
5616 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Danda Khudanewala
5617 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Danda Lakhond maychak
5618 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Danda Nooriwala
5619 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Daniyo ka Danda
5620 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dehrakhash
5621 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dhakpatti
5622 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dhanola
5623 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dharmpur
5624 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dhartawala mafi
5625 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dhoran Khas
5626 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dobhalwala
5627 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dom gaun
5628 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dungalgaun
5629 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dwara
5630 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gajiyawala
5631 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Galjwari
5632 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gangolpanditwari
5633 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Garhi
5634 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Ghangora
5635 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Ghar Buransh Khanda
5636 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gopiwala
5637 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gorakhpur Mafi
5638 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gujarmi
5639 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gujrada maansingh
5640 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Gunkyalgaun
5641 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Harbanswala
5642 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Harbhajwala
5643 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Harcha wala
5644 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Haripur
5645 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Hariyawala Khurd
5646 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Harrawala
5647 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Hathibarkalan
5648 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Hatriwala
5649 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Hatwal gaun
5650 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Indarpur
5651 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Jagatkhana
5652 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Jakhan
5653 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Jamniwala
5654 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Jamoliwala
5655 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Jharipani
5656 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Johri
5657 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kala gaun
5658 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kali Mati
5659 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kandoli
5660 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kanwali
5661 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Karanpur Khas
5662 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kargi Grant
5663 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Karligard
5664 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kaulagarh may chak bhud
5665 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kedarpur
5666 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kerwan Karanpur
5667 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Khalagaun
5668 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Khemadoj
5669 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Khera Gopiwala
5670 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kheramansingh
5671 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kheri Manshing
5672 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Khurawan
5673 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Khuthalgaun
5674 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kirsali
5675 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kirsali 2
5676 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kishanpur
5677 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kulhan Karanpur
5678 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kulhan Mansingh
5679 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kunwawala
5680 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kyara
5681 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Kyarkuli Bhatta
5682 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Ladpur
5683 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Loharwala
5684 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Majra
5685 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Majrimafi
5686 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Makkawala
5687 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Makreti
5688 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mallawala
5689 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Malsi
5690 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Malukawala
5691 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mangluwala
5692 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Marotha
5693 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mazhara
5694 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mehuwala mafi
5695 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mitthibehari
5696 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Miyawala
5697 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mohabbewala
5698 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mohkampur Kala
5699 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mohkampur Khurd
5700 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Mothrowala
5701 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Motidhar
5702 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nagal Hatnala
5703 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nakronda
5704 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nalikala
5705 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nanur Khera
5706 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nathanpur
5707 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nathuwawala
5708 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Nawada
5709 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Naya Nagar Dhoran
5710 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Naya Nagar Kalalowali
5711 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Niranjanpur
5712 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Panditwadi may chak bhud
5713 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Parsoliwala Maychek Nersinghwala
5714 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Pau wala soda
5715 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Phuleth
5716 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Pithuwala Kalan
5717 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Pratitpur Santor
5718 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Prempur Mafi
5719 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Purkal gaun
5720 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Purohitwala
5721 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Pustari
5722 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Rainiwala
5723 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Raipur
5724 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Rajpurmafi
5725 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Rangharwala
5726 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Rikholi
5727 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Salangaun
5728 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Salawala Dhoran
5729 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Saloniwala Maychak
5730 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sarona
5731 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Serki
5732 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sewlakala
5733 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sewlakhurd
5734 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Shah Nagar
5735 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Shahpur Santor
5736 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Shar khet
5737 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sheragaun
5738 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Silla
5739 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Simyari
5740 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Singli
5741 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sinola
5742 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Soda Saroli
5743 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sondhowali Dhoran
5744 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sondhowali Mansingh
5745 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Sundarwala
5746 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Tarla Nagal
5747 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Telpura grant
5748 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Thani gaun
5749 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Thewa
5750 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Tibba Nalapani
5751 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Timli Man Shing
5752 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Uddiwala karanpur
5753 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Utrigaun
5754 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Vijaypur Gopiwala
5755 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Vijaypur Hathibarkala
5756 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Vilaspur Kandli
5757 Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Virgirwali
5758 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Athoorwala
5759 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Baderna kalan
5760 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Baderna Khurd
5761 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Baderna Manjala
5762 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Badowala
5763 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Baksarwala
5764 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Baruwala Grant
5765 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Bhanglana
5766 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Bhaniyawala
5767 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Cha chaubewala (Jauligrant)
5768 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Chak ranikhet (Sangaon)
5769 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Chauki
5770 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Chichrar
5771 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Daiswala
5772 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Dharkot
5773 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Doiwala
5774 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Doodhali
5775 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Fanduwala
5776 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Farti
5777 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Fatepur Tanda
5778 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Gandol
5779 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Ghisarpari
5780 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Haldwari
5781 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Hansuwala
5782 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Jakar
5783 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Jauligrant
5784 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Jiwanwala
5785 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kairwan Malkot
5786 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala kak nawamaychak tatai
5787 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kalluwala
5788 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kandogal
5789 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kanharwala
5790 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Katkot kalan
5791 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Katkot Khurd
5792 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kisanpur grant
5793 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kotala
5794 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kotichak (Kotimaychak)
5795 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kotimaychak
5796 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kudhal
5797 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Kuthar
5798 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Lacchiwala
5799 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Ladwakot
5800 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Majari Grant
5801 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Markham grant - I
5802 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Markham grant - II
5803 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Mauhmmadpur badkali
5804 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Maychak talai
5805 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Missarwala Kalan
5806 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Missarwala Khurd
5807 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Nagal bulandawala
5808 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Nagal jwalapur
5809 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Nahi kalan
5810 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Nahi Khurd
5811 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Plad
5812 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Raithawan
5813 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Ramnager Danda
5814 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sangaon
5815 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sangtiyawala kalan
5816 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sangtiyawala Khurd
5817 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sataili Gairwal
5818 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Simiyandh
5819 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Simlas grant
5820 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sindhwal Gaon
5821 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Sirau
5822 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Talai
5823 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Tamoi gad
5824 Dehradun Doiwala Doiwala Thano
5825 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Badogal
5826 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bagi
5827 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bairagada
5828 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bangai
5829 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Barkot Mafi
5830 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Barkot Range
5831 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bhattowala
5832 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bhogpur
5833 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bibiwala
5834 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Birpur Khurd
5835 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Bishan Garh
5836 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Chakbarkot
5837 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Chak Jogi Wala
5838 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Fagsi
5839 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Falsuwa
5840 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Gadool
5841 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Garhimay Chak
5842 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Gohri Mafi
5843 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Govind Wala
5844 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Gumaniwala (CT)
5845 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Haripur Kalan (CT)
5846 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Hrishikesh
5847 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Jogiwala Mafi
5848 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Kasron Range
5849 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Kaudasi
5850 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Khairi Kalan
5851 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Khairi Khurd
5852 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Khaldhar
5853 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Khandraiwala
5854 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Kharak maff (CT)
5855 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Listrabad
5856 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Mauja Rani Pokhari
5857 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Motichur Range
5858 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Naurtuwala
5859 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Pali
5860 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Pratitnagar (CT)
5861 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Rainapur Grant
5862 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Raiwala
5863 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Rakhwal Gaon
5864 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Rani Pokhari Grant
5865 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Rishikesh (CT)
5866 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Sahab Nagar
5867 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Sarangdharwala
5868 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Shiddar Wala
5869 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Shyampur
5870 Dehradun Rishikesh Rishikesh Thakurpur
5871 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Aamwala
5872 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Abdullapur
5873 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Aduwala
5874 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ambari
5875 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ambari Jungle
5876 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ambari T.K Jungle
5877 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ambiwala
5878 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Anfield Jungle T.K. Jangal
5879 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Atakfarm
5880 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Athan Bagh
5881 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Babugarh
5882 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Badam Wala
5883 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bahadur Garh
5884 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bairagiwala
5885 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bakhtawarpur Grant
5886 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bakrana
5887 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Baluwala
5888 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Banshiwala
5889 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Baronwala
5890 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Barwa
5891 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bavandhar
5892 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bentwali Mandi
5893 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bhagwanpur Julo
5894 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bhaler
5895 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bhanwala
5896 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bheemawala
5897 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bidhauli
5898 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Binaspur
5899 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Birabari
5900 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Birsani
5901 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bishanpur
5902 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Bulaki Wala
5903 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Central Hope Town (CT)
5904 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chaknugaon
5905 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chaksaliya Wala
5906 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chandpur Kala
5907 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chandpur Khurd
5908 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chauki
5909 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Chharba
5910 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Choharpur Range
5911 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dakpathar
5912 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Danda Jungle
5913 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhakimay Chak
5914 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhakrani(Dehat)
5915 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhalani
5916 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dharmawala
5917 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhartawala Khalsa
5918 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhaulas
5919 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhoomnagar
5920 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhulkotkhalsa
5921 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhulkot Mafi
5922 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dhummipur Gang Mewa
5923 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Donkwala
5924 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dudhai
5925 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Dumet
5926 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar East Hopetown
5927 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Fatehpur
5928 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ghamauli
5929 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Gujrara Karan Pur
5930 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Hariyawala Kalan
5931 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Harnaul
5932 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Hashanpur
5933 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Horawala
5934 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Indripur
5935 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jagatpur
5936 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jaman Khata
5937 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jamni Pur
5938 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jassowala
5939 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jatowala
5940 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jhajra
5941 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jhajra Range
5942 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Jiwangarh (CT)
5943 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kalyanpur
5944 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kandhauli
5945 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kanswali Kothari
5946 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Karbari Grant
5947 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Karimpur
5948 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Katapatthar
5949 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kedarawala
5950 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Keshowala
5951 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kharakhet
5952 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Khera Pahuwa
5953 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Khushal Pur
5954 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kolhupani
5955 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Koti
5956 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kotra Kalyanpur
5957 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kotra Santaur
5958 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kulhan Matak Majri
5959 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kunja
5960 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kunja Grant
5961 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Kutubpur
5962 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Lakhanwala Khash
5963 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Lakhanwala Nevat
5964 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Lakshmi Pur
5965 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Langha
5966 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Langha Range
5967 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Madarsu
5968 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Majhaun
5969 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Majri
5970 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Malhangrant
5971 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Malhan Range
5972 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Mandi Gang Mewa
5973 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Manduwala
5974 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Matogi
5975 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Mednipur Badripur
5976 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Mehreka Gaun
5977 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Mehunwala Khalsa
5978 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Mirzapur Urf Dhalipur
5979 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Misraspatti
5980 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Nadh
5981 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Navgaon
5982 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Nawabgarh
5983 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Papdiyan
5984 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Parteetpur Kalyanpur
5985 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Pasta
5986 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Peerwala
5987 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Phulsani
5988 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Podwala
5989 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Polio Nathuwala
5990 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Pondha
5991 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Prithvipur
5992 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Prithvipur Jungle
5993 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rajawala
5994 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rampur Bhauwala
5995 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rampur Kala
5996 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rampur Khurd
5997 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Ramshahwala
5998 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rasulpur
5999 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Rudra Pur
6000 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Sabhawala
6001 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Sahas Pur
6002 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Saliyawala
6003 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Shahpur Kalyanpur
6004 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Shankerpur Hakumatpur
6005 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Sherpur
6006 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Shisham Bara
6007 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Sorna
6008 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Sudhauwala
6009 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Tauli
6010 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Tilwari
6011 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Timali
6012 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Timli Range (forest village)
6013 Dehradun Vikashnagar Vikashnagar Tiparpur
6014 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Ahamadpur Khedi
6015 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Akabarpur Kalson
6016 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Alawalpur
6017 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Alipur Khataula
6018 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Amarpur Qazi
6019 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Aurangzeb Pur
6020 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Badheri Buzurg
6021 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Bahbalpur Hasuwala
6022 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Baleki Yusufpur
6023 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Balupur
6024 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Banjarewala Grunt
6025 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Behedeki Saidabad
6026 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur (CT)
6027 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Bhalaswa Gaj
6028 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Binarsi Urf Bulet
6029 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Bindu Kharak
6030 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Birsang Pur
6031 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Chappersher Afganpur
6032 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Chauli Shahbuddin Pur
6033 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Chhachhrauli
6034 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Chudiyala Mohanpur
6035 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Dadli
6036 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Dariyapur Dayalpur(M)
6037 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Daulatpur Hazratpur Urf Budhwa Shaheed
6038 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Dayapur Dayalpur (A.H.)
6039 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Dheer Mazra (A.H.)
6040 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Dheerm Mazra (M)
6041 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Fakkarhedi
6042 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Fatehullapur Telpura
6043 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Firozpur Urf Buggawala
6044 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Gin Mohd Shaheed Pur
6045 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Habibpur Nawada
6046 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Hakim Pur Turra
6047 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Hallu Mazara
6048 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Harchand Pur Majara
6049 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Hasanawala
6050 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Hasanpur Madanpur(A.H)
6051 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Hasanpur Madanpur(M)
6052 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Ibrahimpur Masahi
6053 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Jalalpur Dada
6054 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Jhiryan Grunt
6055 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Kalal Hati
6056 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Khajoori
6057 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Khanpur
6058 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Khedali
6059 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Khedi Shikohpur
6060 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Khelpur Nasrullapur
6061 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Kunja Bahadurpur
6062 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Kutubpur Grunt
6063 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lakesri
6064 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lalwala Khalsa
6065 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lalwala Mazbata
6066 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lam Grunt
6067 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Latifpur Khubban Pur
6068 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lawwa
6069 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Lodiwala
6070 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Maheshri
6071 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Makanpur Mahmood Alampur
6072 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Manak Mazara
6073 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Manakpur Adampur
6074 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mandawar
6075 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mazahidpur Satiwala Khalsa
6076 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mazahidpur Satiwala Mazbata
6077 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mohand Range
6078 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mohitpur
6079 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Molna
6080 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Mukarrampur Urf Kalewala
6081 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Nagal
6082 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Naukra Grant
6083 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Palooni
6084 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Patti Dada
6085 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Premrajpur
6086 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Qadarpur
6087 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Qazibans
6088 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Raipur
6089 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Rola Hedi
6090 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Ruhalki Dayalpur
6091 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sartheri Shahjahanpur
6092 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Shaheedwala Grunt
6093 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Shahpur (CT)
6094 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sherpur
6095 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sikanderpur Bhainswal
6096 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sikraudha
6097 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sirchandi
6098 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sisauna
6099 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Sunethi Alampur
6100 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Tejupur
6101 Haridwar Bhagwanpur Bhagwanpur Wahabpur Chaga Mazari
6102 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Aahmedpur karach CT
6103 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Adarsh Tihri nagar
6104 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ahmadpur Grunt
6105 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ajitpur Ahatmal
6106 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ajitpur Mustakam
6107 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Alawalpur
6108 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Alipur Ibrahimpur
6109 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Aneki Hetmapur
6110 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Asafnagar Grunt
6111 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Atmalpur Bangla
6112 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Aurangabad
6113 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Baanswaali CT
6114 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Baditeep
6115 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Badshahpur
6116 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Badshapur Sher Pur Bhatti Pur
6117 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bahadarabad (CT)
6118 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bahadarapur Khurd
6119 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bahadarpur Jat
6120 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Banganga No .2
6121 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Begampur
6122 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhagtanpur Abidpur
6123 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhawanipur Jamal Pur
6124 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhogpur
6125 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhupatwala Kalan CT`
6126 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhupatwala Khurd CT
6127 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bhuwapur Chamrawal
6128 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bishanpur Jhara Ahat
6129 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bishanpur Jharada Mustakam
6130 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Bodaheri Mohiuddinpur
6131 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Chakbhupatwala CT
6132 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Cham
6133 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Chandi Range
6134 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Chandpur
6135 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Dadpur Govindpur
6136 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Dadubans Grant
6137 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Daluwala Kalan
6138 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Daluwala Khurd
6139 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Daluwala Mazbata
6140 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Devpur Ahatmal
6141 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Devpur Mustakam
6142 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Dhamoli Urf Khair Wala
6143 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Dinarpur
6144 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Gadowali
6145 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Garh
6146 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ghonti
6147 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Hadipur
6148 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Hadipur Grant
6149 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Hardevpur Sahdevpur Urf Rani Majara
6150 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Haripur Khurd CT
6151 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Hazara Grunt
6152 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jagjeetpur (CT)
6153 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jamalpur Kalan
6154 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jamalpur Khurd
6155 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jasawa Wala
6156 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jasodhar Pur
6157 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jhabarpur
6158 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jiya Pota
6159 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Jwalapur CT
6160 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kalanjara Jadid
6161 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kalubaans grant
6162 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kasampur
6163 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Katarpur Alipur
6164 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Khala Teera
6165 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kharkhari CT
6166 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Khedali
6167 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Khijarpur Kalanjara
6168 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kishanpur
6169 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kotamurad Nagar
6170 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Kutubpur
6171 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Laljiwala CT
6172 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Manoharpur
6173 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Manu Bans Grunt
6174 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mayapur CT
6175 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Meerpur
6176 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Meerpur Muwazarpur
6177 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mirzapur
6178 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Missarpur Ahatmal
6179 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Missarpur Mustakam
6180 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mohammadpur Kunhari
6181 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mohammadpur Urf Jhiwarhedi
6182 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mohd Alipur
6183 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mohd Begpur Urf Takabhari
6184 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mominpur
6185 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mukandpur
6186 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mukarpur
6187 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Mustafa Bad
6188 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Nagla Khurd
6189 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Naseerpur Urf Nastarpur
6190 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Nasir Pur Kalan
6191 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Nasirpur Khurd
6192 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Noorpur Panjanhedi
6193 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Padartha Urf Dhanpura
6194 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Pathari Forest Range
6195 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Peetpur
6196 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Pherupur Kathiya
6197 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Pherupur Ramkhera
6198 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Puranpur Salhapur
6199 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Raipur Dareda
6200 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rajpur
6201 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rajpur CT
6202 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ranipur
6203 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ranipur
6204 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ranipur Range
6205 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ransura
6206 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rasoolpur
6207 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rawali Mahdood (CT)
6208 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rawan Bans Grant
6209 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Rithaura Grunt
6210 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Ruhalki Kishanpur
6211 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sahdevpur Shahwazpur
6212 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Salempur Mahdood
6213 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sanghipur
6214 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sarai
6215 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Shahpur Shitala Khera
6216 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Shekhupur Urf Kankha (CT)
6217 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Shekhwala Grunt
6218 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Shivdas Pur Urf Teliwala
6219 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Shiv Nagar
6220 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sirsali
6221 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sohalpur Sikrodha
6222 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Subhashgarh
6223 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Sultanpur Majari
6224 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Suman Nagar
6225 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Talibabad
6226 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Tanda Banjara
6227 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Tihri Bhagirathi Nagar
6228 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Tihri Dobh Nagar
6229 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Tikaula Jadid
6230 Haridwar Haridwar Haridwar Tikkampur
6231 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Ahamadpur Chiriya
6232 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Baso Chandpur
6233 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Bhuddiwala
6234 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Boxowali
6235 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Bulakganj
6236 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Dudhala Dayalwala
6237 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Gaindikhata
6238 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Gajiwali
6239 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Hardaspur urf naya gram
6240 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Jaspur Chamaria
6241 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Kangari
6242 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Laharpur
6243 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Laldhang
6244 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Nalo Wala
6245 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Naurangabad
6246 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Pamdowali
6247 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Peeli Padav
6248 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Prem Nagar
6249 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Rasool Pur Mithi Beri
6250 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Sajanpur Peeli
6251 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Samaspur Katabarh
6252 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Shyampur Gairabad
6253 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Shyampur Nauabad
6254 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Tapadowali
6255 Haridwar Haridwar Laldhang Vandev Urf Khushahalpur
6256 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Abdipur
6257 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Abdul Rahimpur
6258 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Aithal Buzurg
6259 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Akaudha Aurangzebpur
6260 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Akbarpur Ood
6261 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Akodha Mukarmatpur
6262 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Alampur
6263 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Alawalpur
6264 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Asgharpur
6265 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Badshahpur
6266 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bahadarpur
6267 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bahadurpur Khadar
6268 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bahalpuri
6269 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bakarpur
6270 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Balchand Wala
6271 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Banuwala
6272 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Barampur
6273 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Basera Khadar
6274 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Baseri Khadar
6275 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bhagatanpur Majra Niranjanpur
6276 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bharuwala
6277 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bhikkampur Jeetpur
6278 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bhowawali
6279 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bhurna
6280 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bhurni Khatirpur
6281 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bichpari
6282 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bijopura
6283 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Buddhakhera Meemla
6284 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Bukkanpur
6285 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Chakheri
6286 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Chandpuri Bangar
6287 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Chandpuri Khadar
6288 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Chiryapur
6289 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dabki Kalan
6290 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dabki Khurd
6291 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dalla Wala
6292 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dargahapur
6293 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dausni
6294 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dayalpur
6295 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dhadhekidhana Majahidpur Aht
6296 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dhadheki Dhana Majamidpur Must
6297 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dharmupur
6298 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Doodhla
6299 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Dungarpur
6300 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Fatehpur Chamar
6301 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Fatehpur Junar
6302 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Fatwa Aht
6303 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Fatwa Must
6304 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Fidaipur
6305 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Gangauli
6306 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Gangdaspur(Aht)
6307 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Gangdaspur(Must)
6308 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Giddhawali
6309 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Gordhanpur
6310 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Habibpur Koodi
6311 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Hastmauli
6312 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Hirna Kheri
6313 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Hussainpur
6314 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ibrahimpur
6315 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Idrispur
6316 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ismailpur
6317 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jainpur Khurd Aht
6318 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jainpur Khurd Must
6319 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jalalpur Majara
6320 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jaspur Ranjeetpur Aht
6321 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jaspur Ranjeetpur Must
6322 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jawaharkhan Urf Jhiwerhedi
6323 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jetpur
6324 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jhinwar Hedi
6325 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Jogawala
6326 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kahera
6327 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kalsia
6328 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kanewali Raisingh
6329 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Karanpur
6330 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kasampur Nawada Aht
6331 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kasampur Nawpada Must
6332 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kawalpur
6333 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Keshowala Urf Ladoli
6334 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Khadauli
6335 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Khanpur
6336 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Khanpur
6337 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kharanja Kutubpur
6338 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kheri Khurd
6339 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kherimubarakpur
6340 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kuri
6341 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kuwan Khera Aht
6342 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Kuwan Khera Must
6343 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ladpur Kalan Aht
6344 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ladpur Kalan Must
6345 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Laksar
6346 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Laksari
6347 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Lalchandwala
6348 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Madabela
6349 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Madarpur
6350 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Maharajpur Kalan
6351 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Maheshri
6352 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Maheshwara
6353 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mahrajpur Khurd
6354 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mahtauli
6355 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Majri
6356 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Majri Akbarpur
6357 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Malakpur
6358 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mansoorpur Urf Kapooro
6359 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mathana
6360 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mirzapur Mohnawala
6361 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mirzapur Sadat
6362 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mohammadpur
6363 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mohd Pur Bazurg Aht
6364 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mohd Pur Bazurg Must
6365 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mohdpur Jamapur
6366 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mubarikpur Alipur
6367 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mubarkpur
6368 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mukhyalikalan
6369 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Mukhyali Khurd
6370 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Muktarabad
6371 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Munda Khera Kalan
6372 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Munda Khera Khurd
6373 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Musahibpur Majri
6374 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Muzafferpur Gujra
6375 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Muzafferpur Gujra Jadeed
6376 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Nagla Khitab
6377 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Nasirabad
6378 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Nasrullapur
6379 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Naurozpur
6380 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Nehandpur
6381 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Netwala Saidabad
6382 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Niranjanpur
6383 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Nyamatpur
6384 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ospur
6385 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Pachewali
6386 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Podowali
6387 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Pratappur
6388 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Prehladpur
6389 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Prempur Urf Ladoli
6390 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Punder Urf Peepli
6391 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Purwala Birsangpur
6392 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Raghunathpur Urf Balawali
6393 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Raipur
6394 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Raisi
6395 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rajabpur
6396 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rajpur
6397 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rampur Raighati Aht
6398 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rampur Raighati Must
6399 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rasoolpur Bakkal Aht
6400 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rasoolpur Bakkal Must
6401 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Rasoolpur Urf Kankarkhata
6402 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Ruhalki
6403 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Saipur
6404 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Salempur Bakkal
6405 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Seedhadu
6406 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Seemli
6407 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sethpur
6408 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Shahpur
6409 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Shekhpuri
6410 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sherpur Bela Mahajee Hirdairam
6411 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sherpur Belamahajeeteep
6412 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Shivpuri(Aht)
6413 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Shivpuri (Must)
6414 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sikanderpur
6415 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sukhi Chak
6416 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Sultanpur Adampur
6417 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Suthari
6418 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Tanda Jalalpur
6419 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Tigri
6420 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Tugalpur
6421 Haridwar Laksar Laksar Yahayyapur
6422 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Aamkheri
6423 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Abul Hasanpur Urf Ghisarpadi(A
6424 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Abul Hasanpur Urf Ghisarpadi(M
6425 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Akabarpur Dhodheki
6426 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Asaf Nagar
6427 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Banhera Tanda
6428 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Barampur
6429 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Basawa Khedi
6430 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bhagwanpur Chandanpur
6431 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bhainsarhedi (Ahat)
6432 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bhainsarhedi(Must)
6433 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bheekar Gospur
6434 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bijhauli
6435 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bood Pur Chauhan
6436 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Boodpur Jat
6437 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Bukkanpur
6438 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Chakbarampur
6439 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Dahiyaki
6440 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Dhandera (CT)
6441 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Fatehulla Pur
6442 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Gadar Juddda
6443 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Gajraula
6444 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Gopalpur
6445 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Harchandpur
6446 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Harjauli Jat
6447 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Hasampur
6448 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Hasan Alipur
6449 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Hazzarpur (Ahat)
6450 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Hazzarpur (Must)
6451 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Jainpur Jhanjheri
6452 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Jaitpur
6453 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Jathedi
6454 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Jhabiran
6455 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan jhabrera
6456 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Jhabreri Kalan
6457 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kagwali
6458 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kamora
6459 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khanampur Kasauli
6460 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khanpur Jat
6461 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khatka All
6462 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khatka(Mu)
6463 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khatki
6464 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kheda Jat
6465 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Khempur
6466 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kotwal Alampur
6467 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kulchandi
6468 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kumrada
6469 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kumradi
6470 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kundi
6471 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kurdi
6472 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Kuvan Hedi
6473 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Ladpur Khurd
6474 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Lahvauli
6475 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Lakhnauta
6476 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan landaura
6477 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Lathardeva Hoon
6478 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Libbarhedi
6479 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mahpur
6480 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Makhayali Dundi
6481 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Makhdoompur
6482 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mandawali
6483 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan mangloure
6484 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Manna Khedi
6485 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Maohanpur Mohammadpur (CT)
6486 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mohammadpur Jat
6487 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mudiyaki
6488 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mukeempur (Ahat)
6489 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mukeempur (Must)
6490 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mundalana
6491 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Mundet
6492 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagala Cheena
6493 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagala Imarti (CT)
6494 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagala Koyal
6495 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagala Saktoo
6496 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagala Sikandar
6497 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagla Aimad
6498 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nagla Salaroo
6499 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Naharpur
6500 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Naqibpur Ghosipura
6501 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Narayanpur
6502 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Narsan Kalan
6503 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Narsan Khurd
6504 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Naseerpur Afzalpur
6505 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nathu Kheri
6506 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Nizampur
6507 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Noorpur
6508 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Peerpura
6509 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Qasampur Khurd
6510 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Qavadpur
6511 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Raipur
6512 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Rajpur Mustafabad Urf Gadharon
6513 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Ramnagar
6514 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Rasoolpur Nithari
6515 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sadaula
6516 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sadauli
6517 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Saidpura
6518 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sakauti
6519 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Salarpur
6520 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sheetal Pur
6521 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Shekhupur
6522 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sherpur Khelmau
6523 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Shikarpur
6524 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Shimlauni
6525 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sikandarpur Mawal
6526 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sikhar
6527 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Sundhari
6528 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Susada
6529 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Susadikalan
6530 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Susadikhurd
6531 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Talhedi
6532 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Tekaula Kalan
6533 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Thasaka
6534 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Thathaula
6535 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Thithiki Qavadpur
6536 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Thoi
6537 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Tikaula Khurd
6538 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Udalheri
6539 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Uleheri
6540 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Ulheda
6541 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Ulhedi
6542 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Zabardast Pur
6543 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Zaurasi(Ahat)
6544 Haridwar Roorkee Narsan Zaurasi (Must)
6545 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Abbulhasnpur
6546 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ahmadpur Sarwareki
6547 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Akbarpur
6548 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Akbarpur/Fazilpur
6549 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Akbarpur Jhojha
6550 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Alamaspur
6551 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Badheri Rajputan
6552 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bahadarpur Saini (Am)
6553 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bahadarpur Saini (M)
6554 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bahistipur
6555 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bajuheri
6556 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Balelpur Majra Harjauli Jhojha
6557 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Balelpur Majra Paniyala.Chanda
6558 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bandakheri
6559 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bangherimahabatpur (Ahat)
6560 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bangherimahabatpur (Must) (CT)
6561 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Barampur
6562 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bawalikalanzri
6563 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bedpur
6564 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Belara (A.H)
6565 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Beldisalhapur
6566 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Belra(M)
6567 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bharapur
6568 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bhauri
6569 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Bichpadi
6570 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Daulatpur
6571 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Delana
6572 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Dhanauri
6573 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Dhandhedi Khwazgipur
6574 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Dharmpur
6575 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ferozpur
6576 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ganeshpur
6577 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Gopalpur
6578 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Govindpur Wazidpur
6579 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Gumma Wala
6580 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Halawaheri
6581 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Harjauli Jhojha
6582 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Hathiya Thal
6583 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Heerahedi
6584 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Hoshangpur
6585 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ibrahimpurdeh
6586 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Imlikhera Dharampur
6587 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Iqbalpur Kamelpur
6588 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Jalalpur(Ahat)
6589 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Jalalpur(Must)
6590 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Jamalpur
6591 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Jhabaredikhurd
6592 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kabadpur Lodiwala
6593 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kamalpur Saini Bas
6594 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kanhapur (A.H)
6595 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kanhapur (M)
6596 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Karaundi
6597 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kelanpur
6598 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Khanjarpur (CT)
6599 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kharkhari Dayala
6600 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Khatakher
6601 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kishanpur Jamalpur
6602 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kot Kalyar Chak(I)
6603 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Kot Kalyar Chak(Ii)
6604 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Latherdewa Shekh
6605 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Madhopur Hazaratpur
6606 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mahmoodpur
6607 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mahmoodpur
6608 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Makanpur Devpur
6609 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Malakpur Latifpur
6610 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Margoobpur Deedaheri
6611 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Matlabapur
6612 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mazari
6613 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Meerpur Sikandarpur
6614 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mehnadkhurd Urf Nagal
6615 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mehwarkalan
6616 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mirazapur Mustafabad
6617 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mohammad Amirpur Urf Malhu Maj
6618 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mohammad Amirpur Urf Malhumajr
6619 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mohammadpur Panda
6620 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mohanpur Majara Saliar
6621 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mooldaspur Urf Majra
6622 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Mukarrabpur
6623 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Nagala/Kubada
6624 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Najumpur Paniyali
6625 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Nalheri
6626 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Nanheda Anantpur
6627 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Naubatpur Mulewala
6628 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Padali Gujar (CT)
6629 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Padliganda
6630 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Panchayanpur
6631 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Paneyala,Chandapur
6632 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Piran Kaliyar (CT)
6633 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Puhana
6634 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Raheempur
6635 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Rahmatpur (A.H)
6636 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Rahmatpur (M)
6637 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Rampur
6638 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ranchhadwala
6639 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Rasoolpur
6640 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Ratanpur
6641 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee roorkee
6642 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Safarpur
6643 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sahpur Salhapur
6644 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Saidpura (CT)
6645 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Salempur Rajputan (CT)
6646 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Salhapur
6647 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Saliyer Salhapur
6648 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Samaspur Khundewali
6649 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sarkadi/Taharpur
6650 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Shafipur (CT)
6651 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Shantershah
6652 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee shekhpuri
6653 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sherpur
6654 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sohalpur Gada
6655 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sohalpur Mazara Belra(M)
6656 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sultanpurs Sawatwali
6657 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Sunhaira (CT)
6658 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Tanshipur
6659 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Toda Kalyanpur(Ahat)
6660 Haridwar Roorkee Roorkee Todakalyanpur(Must)
6661 Nainital Dhari Dhari Adhariya
6662 Nainital Dhari Dhari Akshora
6663 Nainital Dhari Dhari Amadau
6664 Nainital Dhari Dhari Anarpa
6665 Nainital Dhari Dhari Babiyar
6666 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bagour
6667 Nainital Dhari Dhari Balna
6668 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bana
6669 Nainital Dhari Dhari Barain Range
6670 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bheta
6671 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bheti Diyar Kholi
6672 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bhonra
6673 Nainital Dhari Dhari Bhumka
6674 Nainital Dhari Dhari Boranshi
6675 Nainital Dhari Dhari Chak Dalar
6676 Nainital Dhari Dhari Chaukhuta
6677 Nainital Dhari Dhari Chaukhuta Chak Gajar
6678 Nainital Dhari Dhari Chaukhuta Chak Rooshi
6679 Nainital Dhari Dhari Chaushali
6680 Nainital Dhari Dhari Churigar
6681 Nainital Dhari Dhari Dalauz
6682 Nainital Dhari Dhari Danseeli
6683 Nainital Dhari Dhari Davidhura Range
6684 Nainital Dhari Dhari Deeni Mallee
6685 Nainital Dhari Dhari Deeni Tallee
6686 Nainital Dhari Dhari Dhanachuli
6687 Nainital Dhari Dhari Dhena
6688 Nainital Dhari Dhari Dholi Gaon
6689 Nainital Dhari Dhari Digoli
6690 Nainital Dhari Dhari Duduli
6691 Nainital Dhari Dhari Gadura
6692 Nainital Dhari Dhari Guni Gaon
6693 Nainital Dhari Dhari Guniyalekh
6694 Nainital Dhari Dhari Gurnaguth
6695 Nainital Dhari Dhari Harinaga
6696 Nainital Dhari Dhari Harinagar Akshora
6697 Nainital Dhari Dhari Harinagar Thali
6698 Nainital Dhari Dhari Jaodh
6699 Nainital Dhari Dhari Jeeling state
6700 Nainital Dhari Dhari Joshaura
6701 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kachila Kot
6702 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kafali
6703 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kafroli
6704 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kairagaon
6705 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kalagari
6706 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kanda Malla
6707 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kaphroulee
6708 Nainital Dhari Dhari Katna
6709 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kaul
6710 Nainital Dhari Dhari Khujathi
6711 Nainital Dhari Dhari Khuni Gaon
6712 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kokil Bana
6713 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kotla
6714 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kot Pandey
6715 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kukna
6716 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kulon
6717 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kulori
6718 Nainital Dhari Dhari Kurae
6719 Nainital Dhari Dhari Ladfora Malla
6720 Nainital Dhari Dhari Ladfora Talla
6721 Nainital Dhari Dhari Mahatolliya Gaon
6722 Nainital Dhari Dhari Maitoli
6723 Nainital Dhari Dhari Majhera
6724 Nainital Dhari Dhari Majuli
6725 Nainital Dhari Dhari Managhare Kham
6726 Nainital Dhari Dhari Mohana Gaon
6727 Nainital Dhari Dhari Nadgal
6728 Nainital Dhari Dhari Nai
6729 Nainital Dhari Dhari Nawgaon
6730 Nainital Dhari Dhari Neel Pahari
6731 Nainital Dhari Dhari North Gola Range
6732 Nainital Dhari Dhari Odiyari
6733 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pajena
6734 Nainital Dhari Dhari Paniyali
6735 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pantoli Malli
6736 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pantoli Talli
6737 Nainital Dhari Dhari Parwara
6738 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pataliya
6739 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pokhari
6740 Nainital Dhari Dhari Pokhrar
6741 Nainital Dhari Dhari Putgaon
6742 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sarda Range
6743 Nainital Dhari Dhari Semal Kanya
6744 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shakdena
6745 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sharana
6746 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shashbani
6747 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sheela Lekh
6748 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shelakhet
6749 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shliya Kote Malla
6750 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shliya Kote Talla
6751 Nainital Dhari Dhari Shundar Khal
6752 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sooni
6753 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sore
6754 Nainital Dhari Dhari South Gola Range
6755 Nainital Dhari Dhari South Gola Range (P-2)
6756 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sunkiya
6757 Nainital Dhari Dhari Sunkot
6758 Nainital Dhari Dhari Talla Kanda
6759 Nainital Dhari Dhari Thalari
6760 Nainital Dhari Dhari Thali
6761 Nainital Dhari Dhari Waramdhar
6762 Nainital Dhari Dhari Warigauth
6763 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Aam
6764 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Adhora
6765 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Amjar
6766 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Bagaur
6767 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Baron
6768 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Bhadrakot
6769 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Bhadretha
6770 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Bhanpokhara
6771 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Byura
6772 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Chamoli
6773 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Dall Kanya
6774 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Dewali
6775 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Dungari Chak Kakshawar
6776 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Dungri
6777 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Galani
6778 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Gargari Malli
6779 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Gargari Talli
6780 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Gauniyaraw
6781 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Hatyari Taal
6782 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Herakhan
6783 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Jamarari
6784 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Jhargaon Talla
6785 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Jhargoan Mall
6786 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kakore
6787 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kala agar
6788 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Karayal
6789 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kaunta
6790 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Khansyun
6791 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kodar
6792 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kotali
6793 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kundal
6794 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Kwarala
6795 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Lawardowa
6796 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Matela
6797 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Okhalkanda Malla
6798 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Okhalkanda Talla
6799 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Padampur
6800 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Paitana
6801 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Pansya
6802 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Patrani
6803 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Pokhari Chak Sandula
6804 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Pokhari Malli
6805 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Pokhari Talli
6806 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Putpuri
6807 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Ramela Gaon
6808 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Rekuna
6809 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Rikhakot
6810 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Shalakpar
6811 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Shalakwar
6812 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Shalore
6813 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Suie
6814 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Surang
6815 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Suwakot Pokhari
6816 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Takura
6817 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Tanda
6818 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Timer
6819 Nainital Dhari Okhalkanda Tusrar
6820 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Anandpur
6821 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Anpur Nawar
6822 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ansingh Nawar
6823 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Arjunpur
6824 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bachchi Nagar No2
6825 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bachi Nagarno1
6826 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bajuniya Haldu
6827 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bajwalpur
6828 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bamori Malli
6829 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bamori Talli Bandobasti, Amrawati Colony, Shakti Vihar, Bhatt Colony (OG) - Ward No.28
6830 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bamori Tallikham
6831 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Banskhera Iswaridatt
6832 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Basani
6833 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Basantpur
6834 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bechpur Pargai
6835 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bera Pokhara
6836 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhagwanpur Bichala
6837 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhagwanpur Jaisingh
6838 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhagwanpur Talla
6839 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhagwatpur
6840 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhakra Range
6841 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bharatpurno1
6842 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bharatpurno2
6843 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bhawanipur
6844 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bithoria No.1 (OG) - Ward No.33
6845 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Bithoria No2
6846 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Byura (OG) - Ward No.27
6847 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandani Chowk Bhagirath
6848 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandani Chowk Garwal
6849 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandani Chowk Ghurdaura
6850 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandani Chowk Sanguri
6851 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandnichowk Balutiya
6852 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chandnichowk Tilla
6853 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chausala
6854 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Cheenpur
6855 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chhakhata Range (P-2)
6856 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chharaval Nayabad
6857 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chharayal Nayak
6858 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chharayal Suyal
6859 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chorgalia Jasura
6860 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chorgalia Kotaliya
6861 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Chorgalia Talla Amkhera
6862 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Damua Dhunga Bandobasti (OG) - Ward No.26
6863 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Damua Dhunga Kham
6864 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Daulabadpur
6865 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Daulatpur
6866 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dauli Range
6867 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Deopur Danai
6868 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Deopur Devka
6869 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Deopur Kuriya
6870 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Devpur Pokhriya
6871 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Devpur Sanwal
6872 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewala Malla
6873 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewalamalla Simlar
6874 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewala Talla
6875 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewalchaur Bandobasti
6876 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewarchaur Kham
6877 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dewla Talla Pajaya
6878 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dhanpuri
6879 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dharamgarh
6880 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dharampur
6881 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dhaula Khera
6882 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dhubal veera
6883 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dhuni No1
6884 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Dhuni No2
6885 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Fatehpur
6886 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Fatehpur Range
6887 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gajepur
6888 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gangapur
6889 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gaujajali Bichli
6890 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gaujajally Uttar (Shishu Bhartiya Vidya Mandir) (OG) - Ward No.31
6891 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gaulapar
6892 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ghoosapur
6893 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gobindpur
6894 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gobindpur Garwal
6895 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gola Range
6896 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gujraura
6897 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gulzarpur
6898 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gunipur Jiwanand
6899 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gunipur Mauna
6900 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Gusaipur
6901 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haldu Pokhra Dharampal
6902 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haldu Pokhra Nayak
6903 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haldwani Range
6904 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haldwani Talli (CT)
6905 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Harakpur Kwira
6906 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Harigarh Dalipsingh
6907 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Harinagar
6908 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Gangu
6909 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Jamansingh
6910 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Kunwarsingh
6911 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Lalmani
6912 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Mahtoliya
6913 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Motia
6914 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Nayak
6915 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Phutkuwan
6916 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Purnanand
6917 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Ratansingh
6918 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Seel
6919 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Shivdatt
6920 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Sukha (Van Cancer Hospital) (OG) - Ward No.30
6921 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Thathola
6922 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Haripur Tularam
6923 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Harisinghpur Urf Lachchhampur
6924 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Harkishanpur
6925 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Heragaja
6926 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Himmatpur Baijnath
6927 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Himmatpur Golapar
6928 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Himmatpur Malla
6929 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Himmatpur Nakayal
6930 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Himmatpur Talla
6931 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Indrapur
6932 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Isainagar No1
6933 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Isai Nagar No2
6934 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jagatpur
6935 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jaideopur
6936 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jaipur
6937 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jaipur Padli
6938 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jaspur Khaulia
6939 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jaula Sal Range
6940 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jeetpur Negi
6941 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jeetpur Nigaltia
6942 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jeetpur Rekwal
6943 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jhoothpur Urf Jeetpur
6944 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jwala Pokhri
6945 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Jwalasal Urf Karayal
6946 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kalupur Pokharia
6947 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kalyanpur
6948 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kamaluwa Ganja Gaur
6949 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kamaluwaganja Mehta
6950 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kamaluwa Ganja Narsingh Malla
6951 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kamaluwa Ganja Narsingh Talla
6952 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kamaluwa Ghaja Kabdal
6953 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Karayalpur Chatursingh
6954 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Katan Khanwal
6955 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Katan Nayagaon
6956 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kharakpur Isai
6957 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Khempur
6958 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Khera
6959 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Khushalpur
6960 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kisan Range
6961 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kishan Nagri
6962 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kishanpur Ghur Daura
6963 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kishanpur Pauria
6964 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kishanpur Rekwal
6965 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Korta
6966 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kunwarpur
6967 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kuraiagaon
6968 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Kusum Khera (OG) - Ward No.32
6969 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lachhampur
6970 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lakhan Mandi
6971 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lakhanmandi Khola Bazar
6972 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lakhanpur
6973 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lalpur Nayak
6974 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lamachaur Khas
6975 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Loharia Salmalla
6976 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Lohariasal Talla
6977 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Madanpur
6978 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Madanpur
6979 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Malla Chorgaliya
6980 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Malla Pachauliya
6981 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Manpur Pashchim
6982 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Manpur Poorab
6983 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Manpur Uttar (Palika Yatayat Nagar) (OG) - Ward No.29
6984 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Meetha Anwala
6985 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Mukhani
6986 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Mukhani Joga
6987 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Mukhani Kharku
6988 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nandhaur Range
6989 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nandpur
6990 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Naripur Lamachaur
6991 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nathupur Padli
6992 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nawar Khera
6993 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nawar Mula Harak Singh
6994 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nawar Saloni
6995 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nayagaon Mehra
6996 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Nayagaon Sambal
6997 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Pachuwa Khera
6998 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Padampur Nigaltia
6999 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Padampur Padlia
7000 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Padampur Rekuni
7001 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Pandey Newar
7002 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Paniyali
7003 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Panpur
7004 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Parasurampur
7005 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Phool Chaur
7006 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Pipal Pokhora No2
7007 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Pipal Pokhra Gajesingh
7008 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Pipal Pokhra No1
7009 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Prempur Losani
7010 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Prempur Nawar
7011 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Puranpur
7012 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Puranpur Kumalia
7013 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Puranpur Nanwal
7014 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ramari Ansingh
7015 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ramari Chhoti
7016 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Rampur Lamachaur
7017 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ramrijasua
7018 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ratanpur Isai
7019 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Ratanpur Negi
7020 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Rooppur
7021 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Selabhawar Meharsingh
7022 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Selabhawar Triloksingh
7023 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Shivlalpur
7024 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Sitapur
7025 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Sundarpur Belwal
7026 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Sundarpur Rekwal
7027 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Talla Pachaunia
7028 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Tilokpur Dani
7029 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Udailalpur
7030 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Udaipur Rekwal
7031 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Umedpur No1
7032 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Umedpur No2
7033 Nainital Haldwani Haldwani Vijaipur
7034 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Awala Khot
7035 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bacha Bangar
7036 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bachatpur
7037 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bachinagar
7038 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bachipur Dhamola
7039 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bail Parao
7040 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bail Parao Range
7041 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bail Parao Range
7042 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bail Pokhra
7043 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bajuniya Haldu
7044 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bamdeopur
7045 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bandar Jura
7046 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Banna Kheda Range
7047 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Barayal
7048 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Barhani Range
7049 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bhawanipur Gariyal
7050 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bhawanipur Salia
7051 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bhimpuri
7052 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bidrampur
7053 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Bishanpur
7054 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chandani Chauk
7055 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chanderpur
7056 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chandpur
7057 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chauk Patelia
7058 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chhoti Haldwani
7059 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chintapur
7060 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Chora Jali
7061 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dechauri Range
7062 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dechorida Gaon
7063 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Devipur
7064 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Devirampur
7065 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dewalchor
7066 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dhamid Deh
7067 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dhamola
7068 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dhanpur
7069 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dhapla
7070 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dharampur
7071 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Dohniya
7072 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Fatehpur Range
7073 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gadgadiya Range
7074 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gebua Daulia
7075 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gebua Ficha
7076 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gebua Khas
7077 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Ginti Gaon
7078 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gotia
7079 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Guljarpur Ramsingh
7080 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Gulrajpur Banki
7081 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Hansarampur
7082 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Haripur
7083 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Haripur Dhamaula
7084 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Haripur Kalia Jala
7085 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Haripur Roopsingh
7086 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Himmatpur Bailparao
7087 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Himmatpur Gebua
7088 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Jaipur
7089 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Jalaliaganja
7090 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Jhaluwajala Bandobasti
7091 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Jhaluwajala Kham
7092 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kaladhungi Range
7093 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kaladungi Bandobasti
7094 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kalyanpur
7095 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kamola
7096 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kanakpur
7097 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kaptanganj
7098 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Karampur
7099 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kausa Bangar
7100 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Khadakpur
7101 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Khempur
7102 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Khimaua Pipal
7103 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kishanpur Dolia
7104 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kishanpur Kotali
7105 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Kunwarpur
7106 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Lachhampur
7107 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Lachhampur Nayawad
7108 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Madanpur
7109 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Madan Vail
7110 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mahadeopur
7111 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Majhera
7112 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mankandpur
7113 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mayarampur
7114 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mohanpur Bajwal
7115 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mohanpur Mehra
7116 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Mohanpur Rautela
7117 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Musabangar
7118 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Nandpur
7119 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Naripur
7120 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Narottampur
7121 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Narpatpur Urf Sangatpur
7122 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Nathujala
7123 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Nathunager
7124 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Naudha
7125 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Nayagaon Chandan Singh
7126 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Nayagaon Julfikar
7127 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Padampur Daulia
7128 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Padampur solia
7129 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pandey Gaon
7130 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Parampur
7131 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pataliya
7132 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pattapani
7133 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pauvalgarh
7134 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pipalchora
7135 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pratappur
7136 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Puranpur
7137 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Pursottampur
7138 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Ramdatt
7139 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Rampur
7140 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Ranjitpur
7141 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Ratanpur
7142 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Ratanpur Bailparao
7143 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Rooppur
7144 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Rupdeopur
7145 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Rurki Gangarampur
7146 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Selsiya
7147 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Semal Chaur
7148 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Shivlalpur Joshi
7149 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Shivlalpur Pandey
7150 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Sonajala Naya Abad
7151 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Sonjala Narsingh
7152 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Surpur
7153 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Tejpur
7154 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Udaipuri Bailparao
7155 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Udaipuri Kamola
7156 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Vijaypur
7157 Nainital Haldwani Kalidhungi Vijaypur Dhamola
7158 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bachi Newar
7159 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bachipur
7160 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bakuliya
7161 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bametabangar Keshavdatt
7162 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bameta Bangar Kheema
7163 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bhagwanpur Durgadatt
7164 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bhawanipur Harisingh
7165 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bhawanipur Kishana
7166 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Bhawan Singh Nawar
7167 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Dhanpur
7168 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Dumka Bangar Bachi Dharma
7169 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Dumka Bangar Umapati
7170 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Dungarpur
7171 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Durgapalpur Motiram
7172 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Durgapalpur Parma
7173 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Gangapur Kabdwal
7174 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Ganga Rampur
7175 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Gaujajali Dakhin
7176 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Gola Range
7177 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Dauliya
7178 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Devram
7179 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Dina
7180 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Jaggi
7181 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Jairam
7182 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Halduchaur Parma
7183 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haldwani range
7184 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haripur Bachi
7185 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haripur Bhandeo
7186 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haripur Keshavdatt
7187 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haripur Lachhi
7188 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Haripur Madansing
7189 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Hathikhal
7190 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Himmatpur Chamwal
7191 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Himmatpur Motahaldu
7192 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Inderpur Garwal
7193 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Jaipur Bisa
7194 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Jaipur Khima
7195 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Jangi Bangar
7196 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Kharakpur
7197 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Kishana Newar
7198 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Kishanpur Sarkuliya
7199 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Nathupur Chamwal
7200 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Padampur Dewaliya
7201 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Padlipur
7202 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Phatta Bangar
7203 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Radha Bangar Garwal
7204 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Supi Bhagwanpur
7205 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Tanda Range
7206 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Tejpur Negi
7207 Nainital Haldwani Lalkuan Tularampur
7208 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Aam Ki Sar
7209 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Amel
7210 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Badhani Gaon
7211 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Bhatraunj Khan
7212 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Binkote
7213 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Bishguli
7214 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Bunga
7215 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Chandrakote
7216 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Chandula
7217 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Chauni
7218 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Chhapar
7219 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Chuni Chak Adwari
7220 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Dabarbadi
7221 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Dadrima
7222 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Dandesari
7223 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Dhari
7224 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Dholgaon
7225 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Digthari
7226 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ghaghreti
7227 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ghirauli
7228 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ghoria Halson
7229 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Haldyani
7230 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Halla Lagga Baroseer
7231 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Halsau
7232 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Harchnowly
7233 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Hari Nagar
7234 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Joshi Khola
7235 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Kanda
7236 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Katimi
7237 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Kaul
7238 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Khairali Chak Patal
7239 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Kharainy
7240 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Kharni
7241 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Korar
7242 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Kosi Range
7243 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Lethra
7244 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Malla Bardho
7245 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Malla Gaon
7246 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Mallipali
7247 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Naughar
7248 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Oda Basot
7249 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Oradadar
7250 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Paharkote
7251 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Patori
7252 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Raheli
7253 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Rajsera
7254 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ranibagh
7255 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Rauliagaon
7256 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Rauliya Lagga Gangadhar
7257 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Rauliya lagga Naini Chak
7258 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ravliya lagga Nainichakmy paw chok
7259 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Rikholi
7260 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Ropa
7261 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seni Range
7262 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seni Range
7263 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seti Belgaon
7264 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seti Bhandar
7265 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seti Dharkote
7266 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Seti Majhgaon
7267 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Sherbari
7268 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Sirani
7269 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Sonli
7270 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Sooka
7271 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Sunsyari
7272 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Talla Bardho
7273 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Talla Gaon
7274 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Talli Pali
7275 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Talli Sethi
7276 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Tangura Bara
7277 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Tangura Chhota
7278 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Tangura Lagga Ghiroli
7279 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Taurar
7280 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Thapla
7281 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Thapli
7282 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Betalghat Tiwaregaon
7283 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Atakhas
7284 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Ata vrita
7285 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Badarkote
7286 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bairauli
7287 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bajeri
7288 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bargal
7289 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Basgaon
7290 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Basot
7291 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Beduli
7292 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Begera
7293 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhadyun
7294 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhagura
7295 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bharari
7296 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhowali Gaon
7297 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhowali Range
7298 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhowali Range (P-2)
7299 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bhowali Senitorium
7300 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Bichhnai
7301 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Budhalakote
7302 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chafa
7303 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chak Pawas
7304 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chapar
7305 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chauda
7306 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chautli
7307 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chhara
7308 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chhimi Matela
7309 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chhiyori
7310 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chopara
7311 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Chorsa
7312 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Cool
7313 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Darmani
7314 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dhania Khan Malla
7315 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dhania Khan Talla
7316 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dhaniakote
7317 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dharapatha Guli
7318 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dhari
7319 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dhokane
7320 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dina
7321 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Diyari
7322 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Doba
7323 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dole
7324 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dumgaon
7325 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Duna
7326 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Dungrao
7327 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Gaaj
7328 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Gairari Latwal
7329 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Gangarkote
7330 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Gangori
7331 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Garjoli
7332 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Gauna
7333 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Ghuna
7334 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Hali
7335 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Harinagar Hartola Block
7336 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Hari Nagar Thuwa Block
7337 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Haroli
7338 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Hartapa
7339 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Hashyari Digar
7340 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jajula
7341 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jakh
7342 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jaurasi
7343 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jinauli
7344 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jogi Mande
7345 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jogi Nauli
7346 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Jogyani
7347 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Josiya Ghuna
7348 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kaleshiyam
7349 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kamoli
7350 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kaphlar
7351 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kaphura
7352 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kaphutta
7353 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kapula
7354 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Khalar
7355 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Khalejar
7356 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kujoli
7357 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kulgarh
7358 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kumati
7359 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Kwarab
7360 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Lagga naini Chauk
7361 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Lohali
7362 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Majhera
7363 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Majhkote
7364 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Mallakote
7365 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Manarsa
7366 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Mangrao
7367 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Maniya Khanera
7368 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Matkina
7369 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Mayeli
7370 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Mona
7371 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Naina Range
7372 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Nani Banj
7373 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Nauna
7374 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Niglat Malla
7375 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Niglat Talla
7376 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli North Gola Range
7377 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli North Gola Range
7378 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Oliyagaon
7379 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Padli
7380 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Paladi
7381 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Panaura
7382 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Pangkatara
7383 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Pathri
7384 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Phalyani
7385 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Pyura
7386 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Rolkhet
7387 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Sakdena
7388 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Sakdyani
7389 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Salkuli
7390 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Seem
7391 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Siltona
7392 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Simalkhan
7393 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Simalkhan Chuck Dotyal
7394 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Simayal Kapuli
7395 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Simrar
7396 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Simrarh
7397 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Singoli
7398 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Sinoli Talli
7399 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Sirodi
7400 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Sirsa
7401 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Songaon
7402 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Suyal Bari
7403 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Talla Kote
7404 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Tari
7405 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Thulibanj
7406 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Tikuri
7407 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Ulgore
7408 Nainital Koshya-kutoli Koshya-kutoli Vyasi
7409 Nainital Nainital Nainital Aanu
7410 Nainital Nainital Nainital Abbaltani
7411 Nainital Nainital Nainital Aghora
7412 Nainital Nainital Nainital Alchaunaa
7413 Nainital Nainital Nainital Amgarhi
7414 Nainital Nainital Nainital Amiya
7415 Nainital Nainital Nainital Amotha
7416 Nainital Nainital Nainital Amritpur
7417 Nainital Nainital Nainital Amtoli
7418 Nainital Nainital Nainital Anrori
7419 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bagar Malla
7420 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bagar Talla
7421 Nainital Nainital Nainital Baheri Gaon
7422 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bajoon Lagga Bhela
7423 Nainital Nainital Nainital Balueti
7424 Nainital Nainital Nainital Baluti
7425 Nainital Nainital Nainital Banana
7426 Nainital Nainital Nainital Baniya/ Syuda Chak Gazar
7427 Nainital Nainital Nainital Barain Range
7428 Nainital Nainital Nainital Baret Malla
7429 Nainital Nainital Nainital Baret Talla
7430 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bausi
7431 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bel
7432 Nainital Nainital Nainital Beluwakhan
7433 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhadueni
7434 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhadyuni
7435 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhagtpura
7436 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhalyuti
7437 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bharatpur
7438 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhaurasa
7439 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhawanipur
7440 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhela
7441 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhowali Range
7442 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhowali Range
7443 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhowali Range
7444 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bhowali Range
7445 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bijroli
7446 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bohragaon
7447 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bohra Gaon
7448 Nainital Nainital Nainital Bohra Kote
7449 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chafi
7450 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chak Devanand
7451 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chanoti
7452 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chhakhata Range
7453 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chhakhata Range (P-2)
7454 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chhara
7455 Nainital Nainital Nainital Chopra
7456 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dagal Saital
7457 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dahra
7458 Nainital Nainital Nainital Daun
7459 Nainital Nainital Nainital Devidhura
7460 Nainital Nainital Nainital Devipura
7461 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dhanik
7462 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dida
7463 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dola
7464 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dolmar
7465 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dumela
7466 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dungsil Malla
7467 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dungsilrawat
7468 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dungsil Shah
7469 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dungsil Talla
7470 Nainital Nainital Nainital Dungsira
7471 Nainital Nainital Nainital Faguniakhet
7472 Nainital Nainital Nainital Faguniakhet Gwal Bagoon
7473 Nainital Nainital Nainital Fatehpur Range (CT)
7474 Nainital Nainital Nainital Fatehpur Range (P-2)
7475 Nainital Nainital Nainital Fatehpur Range (P-3)
7476 Nainital Nainital Nainital Fatepur
7477 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gaga/ Ausadavanyu
7478 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gahlna
7479 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gair Banelia
7480 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gajaari
7481 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ganrar
7482 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gethiya
7483 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ghatgar
7484 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ghiya Dali
7485 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ghora Khet
7486 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ghuggu Kham
7487 Nainital Nainital Nainital GoriaDev
7488 Nainital Nainital Nainital Gumalgaon
7489 Nainital Nainital Nainital Hairi
7490 Nainital Nainital Nainital Hairiya Gaon
7491 Nainital Nainital Nainital Harinagar Badandhura
7492 Nainital Nainital Nainital Hari Nagar Nathua Khan
7493 Nainital Nainital Nainital Harnagar Jangalia Gaon
7494 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jalal Gaon
7495 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jalna Bhagoti
7496 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jamanhi
7497 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jangaliagav
7498 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jantuwal Gaon
7499 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jeoli
7500 Nainital Nainital Nainital Jeolikote
7501 Nainital Nainital Nainital Joonstate
7502 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kahalquera
7503 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kala Dhungi Range
7504 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kalsi
7505 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kanal Gaon
7506 Nainital Nainital Nainital Karki Gaon chohanpata
7507 Nainital Nainital Nainital Khadki
7508 Nainital Nainital Nainital Khairaulapant
7509 Nainital Nainital Nainital Khamari
7510 Nainital Nainital Nainital Khamari
7511 Nainital Nainital Nainital Khari
7512 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kheraula Pandey
7513 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kosi Range
7514 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kota Range
7515 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kuna Khet
7516 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kuriya Gaon
7517 Nainital Nainital Nainital Kurpakha
7518 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ling Lagga Mangoli
7519 Nainital Nainital Nainital Lvechusani
7520 Nainital Nainital Nainital Lvesal
7521 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mahara gaon
7522 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mahat Gaon
7523 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mahragaon Chauhan Ghat
7524 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mahrora
7525 Nainital Nainital Nainital Maluatal
7526 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mangoli
7527 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mora Dogra
7528 Nainital Nainital Nainital Moti Bag
7529 Nainital Nainital Nainital Murkariya
7530 Nainital Nainital Nainital Mursele
7531 Nainital Nainital Nainital Nagri Gaon
7532 Nainital Nainital Nainital Naina Range
7533 Nainital Nainital Nainital Naina Range
7534 Nainital Nainital Nainital Naina Range
7535 Nainital Nainital Nainital Naisela
7536 Nainital Nainital Nainital Nalni
7537 Nainital Nainital Nainital Naula
7538 Nainital Nainital Nainital Negi Gaon
7539 Nainital Nainital Nainital North Gola Range
7540 Nainital Nainital Nainital North Gola Range (P-2)
7541 Nainital Nainital Nainital Okhal Dhunga
7542 Nainital Nainital Nainital Okhal Dunga
7543 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pande Gaon
7544 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pandeygaon
7545 Nainital Nainital Nainital Paniya Bor
7546 Nainital Nainital Nainital Paniya Mahtar
7547 Nainital Nainital Nainital Parewa
7548 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pasauli
7549 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pashtola
7550 Nainital Nainital Nainital Patli
7551 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pinrao
7552 Nainital Nainital Nainital Pinshela
7553 Nainital Nainital Nainital Purani Haat
7554 Nainital Nainital Nainital Ranibagh
7555 Nainital Nainital Nainital Rani Kota
7556 Nainital Nainital Nainital Raukher
7557 Nainital Nainital Nainital Rausil
7558 Nainital Nainital Nainital Riya
7559 Nainital Nainital Nainital Riyar Malla
7560 Nainital Nainital Nainital Riyar Talla
7561 Nainital Nainital Nainital Saahkhola
7562 Nainital Nainital Nainital Salri
7563 Nainital Nainital Nainital Salwa
7564 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sangurigaon
7565 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sanra Malla
7566 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sanra Talla
7567 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sariatal
7568 Nainital Nainital Nainital Saun Gaon
7569 Nainital Nainital Nainital Saur
7570 Nainital Nainital Nainital Seruwa urf Shrinager
7571 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sigri Kham
7572 Nainital Nainital Nainital Siloti Pandey
7573 Nainital Nainital Nainital Siloti Pant
7574 Nainital Nainital Nainital Simal Khet
7575 Nainital Nainital Nainital Simli talli
7576 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sirori
7577 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sisaunia
7578 Nainital Nainital Nainital Smanora Range
7579 Nainital Nainital Nainital Smanora Range
7580 Nainital Nainital Nainital Smanora Range
7581 Nainital Nainital Nainital Smanora Range
7582 Nainital Nainital Nainital Smanora Range
7583 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sonkhamari
7584 Nainital Nainital Nainital Sueriyagav
7585 Nainital Nainital Nainital Suriyagaon
7586 Nainital Nainital Nainital Syaat
7587 Nainital Nainital Nainital Taliya
7588 Nainital Nainital Nainital Thapla
7589 Nainital Nainital Nainital Thaplia Mahara Gaon
7590 Nainital Nainital Nainital Thapliya Ganja
7591 Nainital Nainital Nainital Tilwari
7592 Nainital Nainital Nainital Uduwa
7593 Nainital Nainital Nainital Vakh Sunar Khola
7594 Nainital Nainital Nainital Vargoment
7595 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Anuthi
7596 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Bajotia
7597 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Baret
7598 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Basanti
7599 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Basgaon
7600 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Basusunarkhaola
7601 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Bhadyuthi
7602 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Bhiyaal Gaon
7603 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Bohrakote
7604 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Chay Bagicha
7605 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Chhtota
7606 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Dangar
7607 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Dankiniya
7608 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Darima
7609 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Darmoli
7610 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Dhweti
7611 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Gagar
7612 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Gahna
7613 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Galla
7614 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Gargaon
7615 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Gerari
7616 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Ghorakhal
7617 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Givaitana
7618 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Harinagar Chanddeva
7619 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Hartola
7620 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Jajar
7621 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Jhutiya
7622 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kabhra
7623 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kanda
7624 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kastnoli
7625 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Khaprar
7626 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kherda
7627 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kilor
7628 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Koon
7629 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Kuleti
7630 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Lodh
7631 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Lvesaal
7632 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Lveshgayani
7633 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Matiyali
7634 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Mukteshwar
7635 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Myora
7636 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Naikana
7637 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Nathuakhan
7638 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Nayeli
7639 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Nigrar
7640 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Palari
7641 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Payakholi
7642 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Pichhal Tana
7643 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Pidholi
7644 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Pokhri
7645 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Pokhri
7646 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Pugrari
7647 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Saguna
7648 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Sain Kutoli
7649 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Satauli
7650 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Satbunga
7651 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Satkhol
7652 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Seetla
7653 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Shyamkhet
7654 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Simyal reqwal
7655 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Sinoli Malli
7656 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Sirmauli
7657 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Soon
7658 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Supi
7659 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Sural Gaon
7660 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Suyal Gadh
7661 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Talli sinoli
7662 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Umagarh
7663 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Virkhan
7664 Nainital Nainital Ramgarh Vishartganj
7665 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Aampokhra Range
7666 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Amarpur
7667 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ampokhra
7668 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Anand Nagar
7669 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Basai
7670 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Belgarh
7671 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Berajhal
7672 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Beriya
7673 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhagirathpur
7674 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhagotpur Mariyal
7675 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhagotpur Tariyal
7676 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhaguwa Bangar
7677 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhalon
7678 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhawanipur
7679 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhawanipur Bari
7680 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhawanipur Chhoi
7681 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bhawanipur Khulbe
7682 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bichpuri Range
7683 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Bijrani Range
7684 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Birpur Lachhi
7685 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Birpur Tara
7686 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chainpuri
7687 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chandra Nagar
7688 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chandrapur Tiwari
7689 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chhoi
7690 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chilkia
7691 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chorpani
7692 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Chukam
7693 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dayarampur Tanda
7694 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Devipura
7695 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Devipura Muliya
7696 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Devpur Banstila
7697 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dhanpur Ghasi
7698 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dhanpur Gusain
7699 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dharampur Auliya
7700 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dharampur Dhankhola
7701 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dharampur Tanda
7702 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dharmpur Kathiapul
7703 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dharmpur Nafania
7704 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dhela
7705 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dhikuli
7706 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dogadda Range
7707 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Dulepuri
7708 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gajpur Baruwa
7709 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gajpur urf Padampur
7710 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gangapur Chhoi
7711 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gangapur Pahari
7712 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ghandhi Nagar
7713 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gopal Nagar
7714 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gorakhpur
7715 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gorakhpur Moti
7716 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gotam Nagar
7717 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Goujani
7718 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Govara Bandobasti
7719 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Gumanpur
7720 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Haripura Soan
7721 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Haripura Tiwari
7722 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Himmatpur Andhoriya
7723 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Himmatpur Block
7724 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Himmatpur Dotiyal
7725 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Jasan Ganja
7726 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Jitpur Tanda
7727 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Jivanandpur Bailjuri
7728 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Jogipura
7729 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kallanpur Tanda
7730 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kamdevpur
7731 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kanchanpur
7732 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kanda Range
7733 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kandla
7734 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kaniya
7735 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Karailpuri
7736 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Karampur Baruwa
7737 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Karanpur
7738 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Khushalpur Lokmanpur
7739 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Khushalpur Motipur
7740 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Khushalpur Nathpur
7741 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Khushhalpur Buxa
7742 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Khwajpur
7743 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kiari Bandobast
7744 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kiari Kham
7745 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kishanpur Chhoi
7746 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kishnpur Pandey
7747 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kosi Range
7748 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Kota Range
7749 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Laduwarao
7750 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ladwachaur
7751 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lal Dhag Bandobasti
7752 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lal Dhak Kham
7753 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lalitpur
7754 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lalpur Banstila
7755 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lampura Lachhi
7756 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lampur Moti
7757 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Laxampur Dheri
7758 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Laxmipur Bania
7759 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lokmanpur Chopra
7760 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Lutabarh
7761 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Madaiya
7762 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Madanpur Bora
7763 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Madanpur Kurmi
7764 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Maldhan Chaur
7765 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Manglar
7766 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Manorathpur Banstila
7767 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Motipur Beljuri
7768 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Motipur Negi
7769 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Muhan
7770 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Nandpur
7771 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Narayanpur Muliya
7772 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Narsinghpur Arera
7773 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Nayagaon Chauhan
7774 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Nayagaon Telipura
7775 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Neripura
7776 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar North Jaspur Range
7777 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Papri
7778 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Patkot
7779 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Pipalsana
7780 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Pirumadara
7781 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Puchhdi
7782 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Rajpur
7783 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ramnagar
7784 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ruppur
7785 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sakkhanpur
7786 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Santoshpur
7787 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sawal Deh East
7788 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sawal Deh West
7789 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sewal Khaliya
7790 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shahbazpur
7791 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shankarpur Bhud
7792 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shankerpur Khazanchi
7793 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shayampur
7794 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shimli
7795 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shivlalpur Pandey
7796 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shivlalpur Riunia
7797 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shivpur Beljuri
7798 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Shivpur Tanda
7799 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sitapur Tanda
7800 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar South Jaspur Range
7801 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Sovanpur
7802 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Taira
7803 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Tanda Malloo
7804 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Thari
7805 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Tulsipur Dani
7806 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Udaipuri Beljuri
7807 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Udaipuri Chopra
7808 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Udaipuri Juri Bandobasti
7809 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Udaipuri Negi
7810 Nainital Ramnagar Ramnagar Ummedpur
7811 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Adkatta
7812 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Alkhetu
7813 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ameli Range
7814 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ansari Thapli
7815 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Antkil
7816 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Aroli Malli
7817 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Aroli Talli
7818 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Asarkot
7819 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Aslot Malla
7820 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Aslot Talla
7821 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Baar
7822 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Badoli
7823 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bagari Gaon
7824 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bagri Dhar
7825 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Baindul Malla
7826 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Baindul talla
7827 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bamoli
7828 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bamoli
7829 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bansai
7830 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bareth Malla
7831 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bareth Talla
7832 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Barsu
7833 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Basuor
7834 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal BAUKHAND
7835 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Beena Dhar
7836 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Beena Gad
7837 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Beena Malli
7838 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhadmoli Malli
7839 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhadmoli Talli
7840 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhaduli
7841 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhair Gaon
7842 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhandali
7843 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhandar Gaon
7844 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhans Wara
7845 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bharpur
7846 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhatwara Urf Dharmpur
7847 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bheti
7848 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bhounder
7849 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bichkoli
7850 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Bonsali
7851 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Boor Gaon
7852 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Budoli
7853 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Busoli
7854 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chal Kudiya
7855 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chamali
7856 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chamali Lagga Bhandali
7857 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chambada
7858 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Cham Chota
7859 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chameli lagga kandai
7860 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chamnowu
7861 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chandna
7862 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chaundi laga gejera
7863 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chekana Gadh
7864 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chhetar Range
7865 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chimali Dang
7866 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chopara
7867 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chora Malla
7868 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chora Talla
7869 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Chun Gaon
7870 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Churesh Gaon
7871 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dabara
7872 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Daliboun
7873 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dal Mal Gonth
7874 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dal Mal Khalsa
7875 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dantha
7876 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Darkhanda
7877 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Deogiri Range
7878 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Devradi Talli
7879 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Devrari Malli
7880 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dewal Malla
7881 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dewal Talla
7882 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dhangsoli Malli
7883 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dharasu
7884 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dhasmani
7885 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal dhukandi
7886 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dhunga
7887 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dhunr Jamin
7888 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dhyar Gaon
7889 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Diksoli Talli
7890 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Druni
7891 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dukandi ghunt
7892 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Dundara Koti
7893 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Era
7894 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Farkiya
7895 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gaddari
7896 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gaderi
7897 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gadoli
7898 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gairoli
7899 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gajarsain
7900 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gajera
7901 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gaokhand
7902 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghala
7903 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghaleta
7904 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghandiyal Dhar
7905 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghandiyal Walla
7906 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghandoli
7907 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghartoli
7908 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ghidiyal gao
7909 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Giwanli
7910 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gurad Malla
7911 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gurad Talla
7912 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gwad bichala
7913 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gwad Malla
7914 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gwad Talla
7915 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Gwari Gaon
7916 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Halai Malli
7917 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Hallai Talli
7918 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Harkot Malla
7919 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Harkot Talla
7920 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Haroli Malli
7921 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Heradhar
7922 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Isoti
7923 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jaintoli Bichli
7924 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jairala
7925 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jaitoli Malli
7926 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jaitoli Talli
7927 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jalpani
7928 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jamroda
7929 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jankholu
7930 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jhalu
7931 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Jharpalli
7932 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Juni Sera
7933 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kafol Gaon
7934 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kakar Khetu
7935 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kamedi
7936 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kamedi
7937 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kandai
7938 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kandai lagga kamedi
7939 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kandoli
7940 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kanduli
7941 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kanotha
7942 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kanthala
7943 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kapatyal Gaon
7944 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kaphara
7945 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kasyani
7946 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kathur Urf Dharam Pur
7947 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khairk
7948 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khandai
7949 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khandku
7950 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khandoli
7951 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khandora
7952 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khandyun
7953 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khanker
7954 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kharsadi
7955 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khati Gaon
7956 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kher Gaon
7957 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khilasu
7958 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Khiynuka
7959 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kilwas
7960 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kimgarhi Gawani
7961 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kirkhu
7962 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kola
7963 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kola
7964 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kota
7965 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kulahar Pakha
7966 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kulasu
7967 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kuliyani
7968 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kulodidhar
7969 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Kunag
7970 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Lakholi
7971 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Latibowun
7972 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Longisar
7973 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Luntha
7974 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Maed Gaon
7975 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Maj Gaon
7976 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mald Malla
7977 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mald Walla
7978 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mal Gaon
7979 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Malkot
7980 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mallkot
7981 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mander gao
7982 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Manjadi Malli
7983 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Manjari Talli
7984 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Manjh Gaon
7985 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mankot
7986 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Marada
7987 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Marda Mahadev
7988 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Maroda Lagga Aundkhil
7989 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Masaun msetha
7990 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Masaun Tapliyal
7991 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Masmoli
7992 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Matgul
7993 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mathana
7994 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mathchauri
7995 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Math Gaon
7996 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Matiyala
7997 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Matiyalana Sera
7998 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mauna
7999 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mayal Gaon Malla
8000 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mayal Gaon Talla
8001 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mewa
8002 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Meyal Gaon
8003 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Molkhal
8004 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Mundiyaf
8005 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Musansaun
8006 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Naeli
8007 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nai
8008 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nau Gaon
8009 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nau Gaon Chapari
8010 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nau Gaon laga kamedi
8011 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nau Gaon Pathar
8012 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Naukhandi
8013 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Naukholi
8014 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nigyana
8015 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nola
8016 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Nowthala
8017 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Paboli
8018 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Padiar Gaon
8019 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pali
8020 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pali
8021 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Paligonth
8022 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Palkot
8023 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Palli dhar
8024 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Panchur
8025 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pand
8026 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Paniya
8027 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Paniya khet
8028 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Panthar
8029 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Patoti
8030 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Patwar
8031 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pawar Gaon
8032 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Peepal Gaon
8033 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pilkhera
8034 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pipali
8035 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Piparkhola
8036 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pitrora
8037 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pokhara
8038 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Pusoli
8039 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Qui
8040 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Quraali
8041 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Qurali
8042 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Radu
8043 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Rampur
8044 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ranswa
8045 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Retail
8046 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Rikheda
8047 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ringwari
8048 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Roinuda
8049 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sadiya Dhar
8050 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sagwada
8051 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Saim
8052 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sakida
8053 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Saknoli
8054 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Saland
8055 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Saniya Gad
8056 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sasaun
8057 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Satpali
8058 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Selath Chotha
8059 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sera Chack
8060 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Shrikot
8061 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sila Malla
8062 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sila Talla
8063 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sileth
8064 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Simal Gaon
8065 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Simar
8066 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sirunda
8067 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Soundar
8068 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Subki Haroli
8069 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sundarai
8070 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sunna
8071 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Sura
8072 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Syoli
8073 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Tachedi
8074 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Tajuwar
8075 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Tauliyan Gurudatta
8076 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Taulun khas
8077 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Than Lagga Bamoli
8078 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Than Lagga Kulasu
8079 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Thapala
8080 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Thapla
8081 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Thapla
8082 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Thapli Malli
8083 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Thapli Talli
8084 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Ubot
8085 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Uchear
8086 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Uda Gaon
8087 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Untangi
8088 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal vadhavdang
8089 Pauri Garhwal Chaubattakhal Chaubattakhal Vedala
8090 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Akhod Sain
8091 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Amkulaou Or Amkumaou
8092 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Antpur
8093 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Arkandyee Palli
8094 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Arkandyee Walli
8095 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Badadanda Dhunkapdi
8096 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Badanu
8097 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Badinu
8098 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Badiyana
8099 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Badol Gaon
8100 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bagar
8101 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bagwadi
8102 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bairgradh
8103 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bajwad
8104 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bamradi
8105 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bandar Khutka
8106 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bandiyun
8107 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bangar
8108 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bansi
8109 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bapta Malla
8110 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bapta Talla
8111 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Barjariya Or Bajariya
8112 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Baukhand
8113 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bawasa Malla
8114 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bawasa Talla
8115 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhaiswada
8116 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhaiswada
8117 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhakhand
8118 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhamrai
8119 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhandar Sera
8120 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhanswara
8121 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bharadidhar
8122 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bharolli
8123 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bharpor Bada
8124 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bharporchouta
8125 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhourad
8126 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhrouli Malli
8127 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bhrouli Talli
8128 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bidkot Or Bhidkot
8129 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Birgana
8130 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bungidhar Malla
8131 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Bungidhar Talla
8132 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chamlan
8133 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chanchriya
8134 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chandoli
8135 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chandoli Malli
8136 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chaor Kot Malla
8137 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Charkandai
8138 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chindola
8139 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chluna(Chyatur Lagga Zamri)
8140 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chndoli Talli
8141 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chondi
8142 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Choundla
8143 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Choupadiyou
8144 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Choupdiyou
8145 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Choupta
8146 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chourkhinda
8147 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Chundliya
8148 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dabru
8149 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dala Gaon
8150 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Danda Khil
8151 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dang
8152 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dangu Malla
8153 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dangu Talla
8154 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Daulou
8155 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Degoli
8156 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dev Kandai Malli
8157 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dev Kendari Talli
8158 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dewan Ka Bunga
8159 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dhopighat
8160 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dhound
8161 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dhounr
8162 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Diswani
8163 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Domlot Palla
8164 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dubalan
8165 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dulkholi Malli Or Walli
8166 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dulkholi Talli
8167 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dumaila Malla
8168 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dumaila Talla
8169 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Dumlot
8170 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Eada
8171 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Fakir Khola
8172 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Farsadi
8173 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Frogad Or Faidyugad
8174 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadkhark Malla
8175 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadkhark Talla
8176 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadkhet
8177 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadkot
8178 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadoli
8179 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gadpasoul
8180 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gainhulad
8181 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gajakajhala
8182 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gawni Bagicha
8183 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghansyali
8184 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghimdiya
8185 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghingua
8186 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghodiyana
8187 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghodpala Malla
8188 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ghodpalla Talla
8189 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Goihiyal Gaon
8190 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gundinda
8191 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gurfali
8192 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Guween Talla
8193 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Gween Malla Or Walli
8194 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Halad
8195 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jakhni
8196 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jallou
8197 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jamari
8198 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jaspur
8199 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jawadi Gad
8200 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jhalo
8201 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jiwaye
8202 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Jukhani
8203 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Juwee Palli
8204 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Juwee Walli
8205 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kadola
8206 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kafalgair
8207 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kafalsar
8208 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kailan
8209 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kakroda
8210 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kamliya Palla
8211 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kamliya Walla
8212 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kamrai
8213 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kandaile Or Kanduli
8214 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kanda Malla
8215 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kanda Talla
8216 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kandlaikh
8217 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kandoli Bari
8218 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kandoya Gonth Or Kandai
8219 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kanduli Choti
8220 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kashani
8221 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kemoli Laga Silee Malli
8222 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Khaitali
8223 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Khala Gaon
8224 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Khaldhar
8225 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kheda
8226 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Khetu
8227 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Khitothiya
8228 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kimoli
8229 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kola Dariya
8230 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kolarimalli
8231 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kolari Talli
8232 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kolinda Malla
8233 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kolsyal Gaon
8234 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kota
8235 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kot (Chyur Kot)
8236 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kotha
8237 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kothila
8238 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kot Kandayee
8239 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kotli
8240 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kund Lagga Sukeyee
8241 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kurjoli
8242 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Kwirali
8243 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Lachi
8244 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Lakhaid Gaon(Lamb Kheda Gaon)
8245 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Langorbongi
8246 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Langura
8247 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Lanigal
8248 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Lodli
8249 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Luckchouri
8250 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Magiyokhil Or Majyadi Khil
8251 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Magro Malla
8252 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Magrown
8253 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Magrow Talla
8254 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Mahadevsain
8255 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Mail Dhar
8256 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Maithana
8257 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Maithana
8258 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Markhola
8259 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Markhola
8260 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Masi
8261 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Massou
8262 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Mataila
8263 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Mataila
8264 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Matkunda
8265 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Mawar Bakhar Or Mawar Bakhali
8266 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nagni
8267 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nakuri
8268 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nansu
8269 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nao Gaon
8270 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nao Gaon Pajyana
8271 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Narsingh
8272 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Naula
8273 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nawan Chowk (Nau)
8274 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nawasu Or Banasu
8275 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Nousain Or Nouksain
8276 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Okhliyou
8277 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Padinda
8278 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Pali
8279 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Panas Malla
8280 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Panas Talla
8281 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Panchrad
8282 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Pangersain
8283 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Pasoli Or Pasol
8284 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Patotiya
8285 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Pipal Sain Malla
8286 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Pipalsain Talli
8287 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ragdigad
8288 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ranghra Or Ranghera
8289 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ranihat
8290 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Rantaguli
8291 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ratkot
8292 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ratwad
8293 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Rikhad Or Rikha
8294 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Ringalcha
8295 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Rumathiyal Gaon
8296 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Saidhar
8297 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sain Gaon
8298 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sanghibadiun
8299 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Seli Pakholi
8300 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Semdi
8301 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sera Malla
8302 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sera Talla
8303 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Setoli
8304 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sila Malla
8305 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sila Talla
8306 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sili Malli
8307 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sili Talli
8308 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Siloli
8309 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Silwani
8310 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Simkhet
8311 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Simkholi
8312 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sindodi Malli
8313 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sinduni Talli
8314 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sinkholi Or Simkholi
8315 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Siroli
8316 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sisayee
8317 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Soukyani
8318 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sugriya Bara
8319 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sukayee
8320 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sundriya Chouta
8321 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Sungher Khal
8322 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Syunsi
8323 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Talaie Malli
8324 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Tallai
8325 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Tandola
8326 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Tankila
8327 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Tatiya / Baijrow Or Dhariya
8328 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thakulsari Badi
8329 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thakulsari Chouti
8330 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thanga
8331 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thapdiya Malla
8332 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thapdiya Talla
8333 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thapla
8334 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Thapla Palla
8335 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Timala Kholi
8336 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Timli
8337 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Toliyo Lagga Jawaee
8338 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Toliyou Laga Sukeyee
8339 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Tusharsain
8340 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Beeronkhal Uliyani
8341 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Aassa Urf Sundoli Bakhal
8342 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Abola Gunth
8343 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adali
8344 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adwani
8345 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adwara Malla
8346 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adwara Palla
8347 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adwara Talla
8348 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Adwara Walla
8349 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Amkholi
8350 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Androli
8351 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Asnan
8352 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Asnet Palla
8353 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Asnet Walla
8354 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Asun Palla
8355 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Audaunth
8356 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bablyani
8357 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badadhar
8358 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badagad
8359 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badasain Urf Bara Gaon
8360 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badeth
8361 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badiun
8362 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badol Gaon
8363 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Badupinjoli
8364 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bagarkhet Bichla
8365 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bagarkhet Malla
8366 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bagarkhet Talla
8367 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Baghori Kumbisan
8368 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bakroti
8369 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Balam
8370 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Banasi
8371 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Baniya Gaon
8372 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bansuli Sera Lagga Rauderi Cho
8373 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Barath Malla
8374 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Barath Talla
8375 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Barhat Talla
8376 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Basayal Lagga Jharahgul
8377 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Baseri
8378 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Basnoli
8379 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Basoli Malli
8380 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Basoli Sera And Rauderi Chhoti
8381 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Basoli Talli
8382 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Batula Malla
8383 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Batula Talla
8384 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bawani
8385 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Berhat Palla
8386 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Betaldunga Malla
8387 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Betaldunga Talla
8388 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhandar
8389 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhatwahu
8390 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhergaon
8391 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhergaon Mahadev
8392 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhopati
8393 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhoun
8394 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhtiya Urf Bhartpur
8395 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bhund
8396 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bilkot
8397 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bilkota Or Bilota
8398 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Binadu Bakhal
8399 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Birkhet
8400 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Bitakoti
8401 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Budagad Roli Par
8402 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Budagad Roli War
8403 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Burakot
8404 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Byasi Palli
8405 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Byasi Walli
8406 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chaid
8407 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chamara
8408 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chamsena
8409 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Charpani
8410 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cherebadol Khola
8411 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cherebara
8412 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cherehurn Kholi(Churn Kholi)
8413 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cheremaj Khola
8414 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cheremalla Khola
8415 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Cheresukel Dhar
8416 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chetadharbichli
8417 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chetadhar Malla
8418 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chetadhar Palla
8419 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chetadhar Walla
8420 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chetoli Palli
8421 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chhimpani
8422 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chilaun Talla(Palla)
8423 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chilaun Walla(Malla)
8424 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chinwadi
8425 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chitoli Walli
8426 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chodekend Talla
8427 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Choergarh Talla
8428 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Choregarh Malla
8429 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Chulsiya
8430 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dadar
8431 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dadatoli
8432 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dadwari
8433 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Danddhar Malla
8434 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Danddhar Talla
8435 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dandiun
8436 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dangal Gaon
8437 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dauri
8438 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Davta Kheti
8439 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Deema Range
8440 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Degoli
8441 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Deval Dhar
8442 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Devchooli Walla
8443 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Devchuli Palli
8444 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Devlad
8445 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dholyana
8446 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dhyani Bakhal
8447 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Doba
8448 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dobriyal Sar
8449 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dovakatandoli
8450 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dudera
8451 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dumlot
8452 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dumtali Sar
8453 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dungri Malli
8454 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Dungri Talli
8455 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gajkhola
8456 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gambheru Bakhal
8457 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gangoli
8458 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gel Gaon
8459 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gera Khetu
8460 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Ghiroli
8461 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Ghorkhand Malla
8462 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Godiyal Gaon/Baseri
8463 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Godiyal Gaon Talla
8464 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gola Bichla
8465 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gola Chhota
8466 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gola Malla
8467 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gola Talla
8468 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Goom
8469 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Goura
8470 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Gumon Jyun (Jamon)
8471 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Guniya
8472 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jadao Gweer
8473 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jadau
8474 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jagdae
8475 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jalikhand
8476 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jamandhr
8477 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jamraya Malla
8478 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jamraya Talla
8479 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jhurgun
8480 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jirdari Bakhal
8481 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jogeda Palla
8482 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Jogeda Walla
8483 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Judalun
8484 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Judalyun Bakhal
8485 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Julawakhal
8486 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kakku Malla
8487 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kakun Talla
8488 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kalakhand
8489 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kaliankon
8490 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kali Lango
8491 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kalkhobiya
8492 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kamanda Palla
8493 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kamanda Walla
8494 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kameda Bichla
8495 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kameda Malla
8496 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kameda Talla
8497 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kandi Malli
8498 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kandi Talli
8499 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kasana Bichla
8500 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kasana Palla
8501 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kathet Gaon
8502 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kefaltanda
8503 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Keldhar Malla
8504 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Keldhar Talla
8505 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kenath Talla
8506 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khadait
8507 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khadkholi
8508 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khadrasi
8509 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khairad
8510 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khalun
8511 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khandila
8512 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khatwa Bakhal
8513 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khetu
8514 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khireri
8515 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khol
8516 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khotenda Talla
8517 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khutida Bichla
8518 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khutida Malla
8519 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khutida Talla
8520 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khyundai Bichli
8521 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khyundai Malli
8522 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Khyundai Talli
8523 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kimkhet
8524 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kinath
8525 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kinathi
8526 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kinath Malla
8527 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kochiyar
8528 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kochiyar
8529 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Koddhar
8530 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kola Malla
8531 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kolari
8532 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kola Talla
8533 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kota
8534 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kotapinjoli
8535 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kothiyal Gaon Malla
8536 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kothiyal Gaon Talla
8537 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kulaikhand Walla
8538 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kulaikhan Palla
8539 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kyarki Bichli
8540 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kyarki Malli
8541 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Kyarki Talli
8542 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Lwenda Talla
8543 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Lwetha Malla
8544 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Maheli Talli
8545 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Maheli Walli
8546 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Malchod
8547 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Malethi
8548 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mandiyar Gaon
8549 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mandoli
8550 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mangeri Malli(Palli)
8551 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mangeri Talli
8552 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mangronath Gunth
8553 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Manjada Palla
8554 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Manjada Talla
8555 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Manjado Malla
8556 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Marad Moxan
8557 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Marwara
8558 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Matiyar(Matera Lagga Chaun)
8559 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mehentke Bakhel
8560 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Mekhana
8561 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Merwari
8562 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Morgarh
8563 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Moxenmansingh
8564 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Muchhiyal Gaon
8565 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Nala
8566 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Nalai Malli
8567 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Nalai Palli
8568 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Nalai Walli
8569 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Nanbhandari
8570 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Noniya Khet
8571 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Otinda Gaon
8572 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Palasi
8573 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Palli
8574 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pangunth Or Pand
8575 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Panjai Moxan
8576 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Panjara Bichla
8577 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Panjara Malla
8578 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Panjara Talla
8579 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patal Bichala
8580 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patal Malla
8581 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patal Talla
8582 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pat Gaon Malla
8583 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pat Gaon Talla
8584 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patlun
8585 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patotia
8586 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patsoli Talla
8587 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patusoli Malla
8588 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Patusoli Walli
8589 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Phadkandae
8590 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pholtanda
8591 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pinjoli Walli
8592 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pipaldhar
8593 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pipli
8594 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Pundet
8595 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Punri
8596 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Queen
8597 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Ranchhet Moxen
8598 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rand Gaon
8599 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Ranihat
8600 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rigalta Malla
8601 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rigalta Talla
8602 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rigalte
8603 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rodari Chhoti
8604 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rouderi Bari
8605 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Rwedali
8606 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Salana
8607 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sandna
8608 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sanduli Malli
8609 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sanduli Talli
8610 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sangalia Walla
8611 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sangaliya Malla Lagga Theknar
8612 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sangaliya Palla
8613 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Satkholo
8614 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Semri Talli
8615 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Shivtanda
8616 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Shiyabhel
8617 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Shyal Khamb
8618 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sila Malla
8619 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sila Talla
8620 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Silkhera
8621 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Simlimalli
8622 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sindoli Malli
8623 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sindoli Talla
8624 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sirkhet
8625 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sukhro
8626 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sunbrhma
8627 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Supgan Or Keldhar Urf Supgarh
8628 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Syal Khet
8629 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Sydari Jamin
8630 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Taili Paholi
8631 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Talkandai
8632 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Tandolli
8633 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Tariya/Byasi
8634 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Teet Bakhal
8635 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Tent Gaon
8636 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Thapla Walla
8637 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Thawara
8638 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Thep Gaon
8639 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Timla Kholi
8640 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Togyana
8641 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Toran
8642 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Tunisera
8643 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Umta
8644 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Uniyal Moxan
8645 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Upgaon Malla
8646 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Upgaon Talla
8647 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Urakhet Urf Marali
8648 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Utinda Malla
8649 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Utinda Talla
8650 Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot Dhumakot Vijay Gaon
8651 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Adali
8652 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Aeta (Atta)
8653 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Aldawa
8654 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amaldu
8655 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amari
8656 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amari
8657 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amkholi
8658 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amoli
8659 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Amsaur
8660 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Baadkot
8661 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bacheli
8662 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Badol Gaon
8663 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Badrow
8664 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bagi Choti
8665 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bahedi
8666 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bair Gaon
8667 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Baisokhi
8668 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Balaganj
8669 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Balasaur
8670 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Balbhadrapur
8671 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Balli
8672 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Balli
8673 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Banali
8674 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bankandi
8675 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bansuli
8676 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bareth
8677 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bedul Lagga Dhargaon
8678 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar BhadaliPalli
8679 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhadali Talli
8680 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhadali Walli
8681 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhairgaon
8682 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhair Gaon
8683 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhal Gaun
8684 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhatt Gaon
8685 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhawanipur
8686 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhawanshi
8687 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhel Sarda
8688 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhimsinghpur
8689 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bhupdevpur
8690 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Bijnoor
8691 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Birmoli
8692 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Boantha
8693 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Boir Gaon
8694 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Borgaon Laga Kaithogi
8695 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chamsyul
8696 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chamula
8697 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chanda Palla
8698 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chanda Walla
8699 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chandni
8700 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Char
8701 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Charekha
8702 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chaundali
8703 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chokighata
8704 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chopra Laga Bhadali
8705 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chopra Lagga Umreila
8706 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Chuna Mahera
8707 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dabar
8708 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dabara
8709 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Daboli
8710 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dalippur
8711 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dalkhil Maliya
8712 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dalmil Lagga Nali Chota
8713 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dalmisain
8714 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dangala
8715 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Davrana
8716 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Deval / Banwar
8717 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dev Rampur
8718 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhangal
8719 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhar Gaon
8720 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhar Gaon
8721 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhariyalsar
8722 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhul Gaun
8723 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhurabharpur
8724 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhuradhanai
8725 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhurapauri
8726 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhuratal
8727 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dhurwapur
8728 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Diula
8729 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Diusa
8730 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dova
8731 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dugadda
8732 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Dundekha
8733 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Duni Madai
8734 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Duni Manohar
8735 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Durgapur
8736 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Edabara
8737 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Edamalla
8738 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Eda talla
8739 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Fathepur Talla
8740 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Fathpur Malla
8741 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gadighat chack 1
8742 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gadighat chack 2
8743 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gahar
8744 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gahli
8745 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gain Oli
8746 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gandriyakhal
8747 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gaujura
8748 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ghamandpur
8749 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ghota Malla
8750 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ghota Talla
8751 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ginthala
8752 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Godi Badi
8753 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Godichoti
8754 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gola Malla
8755 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gola Talla
8756 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Goom
8757 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gorakhpur
8758 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Goria
8759 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gotyani
8760 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Grastan Ganj
8761 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gwirala
8762 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Gyanpur
8763 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Haldukhata Malla
8764 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Halduwa
8765 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Haldwkha Talla
8766 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Halsi
8767 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Harsinghpur
8768 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Harsu
8769 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Hathnur
8770 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jai Gaon
8771 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jakhmal Khola
8772 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jaltha
8773 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jamal
8774 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jamargadi Malli
8775 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jamargadi Talli
8776 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jashodharpur
8777 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jawad
8778 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jawargarh
8779 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jayadevpur
8780 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jeetpur
8781 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jhandichaod Uttri
8782 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jhandi Chaur Pachhimi
8783 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jhandi Chaur Purwi
8784 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jhatari
8785 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar JHAWANA
8786 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jhawansar
8787 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jiwanandpur
8788 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jogiyana
8789 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jogiyana
8790 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Joli
8791 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Joli
8792 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar JONPUR
8793 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jorasi Malli
8794 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jorasitalli
8795 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Judarodiyal
8796 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jugarsain
8797 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Jugri Sain
8798 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Juwa
8799 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kafaldi
8800 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kailakhar
8801 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kaithogi
8802 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kakhola
8803 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kalabad (Giwai Srot)
8804 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kalam Ganj
8805 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kalodi
8806 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kanda
8807 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kanda
8808 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kandai
8809 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kandasu
8810 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kandwan
8811 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kashirampur (CT)
8812 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Katal
8813 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Katal
8814 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kathud
8815 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kathur Bada
8816 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kathur Urf Garsir
8817 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Keshudhura
8818 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kesta
8819 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khan Garh
8820 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khanjari
8821 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khan Patti
8822 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khera
8823 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khinni Khal
8824 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kholkandi
8825 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khoriyalgaun
8826 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khudila
8827 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Khunibarh
8828 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kimusera
8829 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kishan Devpur
8830 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kishanpur
8831 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kola
8832 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Koli Gaon
8833 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Koriya
8834 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kota Lagga Meruwa
8835 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kotdwar Gaon
8836 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kothala
8837 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kotridhank
8838 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Kumbhichaur
8839 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lachampur
8840 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ladeshu
8841 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ladokhi
8842 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lakhwara
8843 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lalpani Palli
8844 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lalpani Walli
8845 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lalpur
8846 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lisari
8847 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Lokmaripur
8848 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Luthapur
8849 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Madanpur
8850 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Maganpur
8851 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mahar Gaon
8852 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mahar Gaun
8853 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mandevpur
8854 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mandir Gaon
8855 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Manjiyari
8856 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Manjiyari Lagga Khodiyalgaon
8857 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Manpur
8858 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Manpur (OG)
8859 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mathana Bichala/ Mathana Talla/ Mathana Malla
8860 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mathara
8861 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Matkot
8862 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mawakot
8863 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mawasha
8864 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mawkibadi
8865 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Meruwa
8866 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Mudgaon
8867 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Muni Rawat
8868 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Muni Sankari/Muni Ankri/ Muni Pujari
8869 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar MUNIYAL GAOUN
8870 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nadda
8871 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nalibadi Badoli Nalichoti
8872 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nandpur
8873 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nara
8874 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Narai
8875 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nathukhal
8876 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nathupur
8877 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nathupur
8878 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Naukhan Chotta
8879 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Nausin Talla
8880 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar NAYA GAOUN
8881 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Neenbuchaur
8882 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Padampur
8883 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Padampur Sukhran (CT)
8884 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Palash
8885 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Paletha
8886 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Palethasar
8887 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Pali
8888 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Palla
8889 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar PANIYALI TALLI
8890 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Pathurankara
8891 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Pathur Rodiyal
8892 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Pulinda
8893 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Purankot
8894 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Purwana
8895 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Qyar Lagga Khoriyal Gaon
8896 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Rama Gaon
8897 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ramdayalpur
8898 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Rampur
8899 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ramri
8900 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ratanpur
8901 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ratanpur
8902 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ringwarh Gaon
8903 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Rithur
8904 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Rohani Malli
8905 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Rohni Talli
8906 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sailani
8907 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Saina
8908 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sainj Malla
8909 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sainj Talla
8910 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Saja Sain
8911 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sanail
8912 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Saneh (Malli)
8913 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Saneh (Talli)
8914 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sanogi
8915 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sarada Hanumanti
8916 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sarda Lagga Jogyana
8917 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Satichaur
8918 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Saund
8919 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Semalchaur
8920 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Shibbu Nagar
8921 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Shila Laga Bhelda
8922 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Shivpur
8923 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Shiv Rajpur
8924 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Shri Rampur
8925 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sidhpur
8926 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sileth
8927 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Silogi
8928 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Simalchaur
8929 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar SIMALNA BICHLA
8930 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Simalna Malla
8931 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Simalna Talla
8932 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Simalya
8933 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sirai
8934 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sirsu
8935 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sitabpur
8936 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sondal
8937 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sunar Gaon
8938 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Syalana
8939 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Syalkandi
8940 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Syalne
8941 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Sylinga
8942 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Tachali
8943 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Taguo
8944 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Tairi
8945 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Teli Para
8946 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Timali
8947 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Toli
8948 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Trilokpur
8949 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ubani
8950 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Udaya Rampur
8951 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Udaya Rampur Nayabad
8952 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Udda
8953 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Udiyali
8954 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Ulial
8955 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Umalda
8956 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Umath Gaon
8957 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Umrao Nagar
8958 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Umreila Talla
8959 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Umriela Malla
8960 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Urkhel Gaon
8961 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Utircha
8962 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vagibadi
8963 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vasyur Arya
8964 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Velda Bada
8965 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Veldachota
8966 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vijapur
8967 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vindul Gaon
8968 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vishanpur
8969 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vistana
8970 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Kotdwar Vyuleth
8971 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amagadi
8972 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amari Malli
8973 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amari Talli
8974 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amgaon
8975 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amkatal
8976 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Amola
8977 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Aso Damarara
8978 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Atta
8979 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Awai
8980 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Badoli (Bari)
8981 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Badoli(Choti)
8982 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Badune
8983 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bagala
8984 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bagal Gaun
8985 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bagode Gaon
8986 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Banas Malla
8987 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Banchuri
8988 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bandani
8989 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bansntalla
8990 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Barkot
8991 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bastola
8992 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Baswa
8993 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhadashi
8994 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhagal Chak
8995 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhant
8996 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bharpur
8997 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhawan Lagga Dharkot
8998 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhawashi
8999 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bhel Dunga
9000 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bishi
9001 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bist Danda
9002 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Boargaon Lga Amgaon
9003 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Borgaun Laga Kasyali
9004 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bosali
9005 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Budhauli
9006 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bukandi
9007 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Bunga
9008 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Chai Damrada
9009 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Chamkot
9010 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Chilma
9011 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Chopra
9012 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Choupda
9013 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dalmi Sera
9014 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Danda Damrada
9015 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Danda Vinak
9016 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dangi
9017 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dangi Jamin
9018 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Daya Katal
9019 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Devrana
9020 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhaikhal
9021 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhamandh
9022 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhamki Sar
9023 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhansi
9024 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dharkot
9025 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhor Pali
9026 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhoshan
9027 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhunga Ankara
9028 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhunga Dhar Walla
9029 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhunga Halwari
9030 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dhunga Sakra
9031 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dinda laga Sila
9032 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Divogi
9033 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Diyuli
9034 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Dwaldi
9035 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ediya
9036 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar F-1
9037 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Faldakot Malla
9038 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Faldakot Talla
9039 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gahli
9040 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gaj Sera
9041 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Galiban
9042 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ganga Bhogpur Malla
9043 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ganga Bhogpur Talla
9044 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gankya
9045 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ghyal Gaon
9046 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Godi
9047 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gujraja
9048 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gujrari
9049 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gumal Gaon Bara
9050 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gumal Gaon Chota
9051 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gundi Talli
9052 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gundi Walli
9053 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Gyutha
9054 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Haldogi
9055 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Harsoli
9056 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jahri Malli
9057 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jahri Talli
9058 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jamal
9059 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jamli Gaon
9060 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jiya Damrada
9061 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jiya Katal
9062 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jogiyana Plla goonth
9063 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jogyana
9064 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Jonk (CT)
9065 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Judda
9066 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Juledi
9067 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kachunda
9068 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kanda
9069 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kandai
9070 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kanda Khal
9071 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kasan
9072 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kasyali
9073 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Katal Pulani
9074 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khaira
9075 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khairana
9076 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khardogi Malli
9077 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khardogi Talli
9078 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khargosha
9079 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khera Malla
9080 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khera Talla
9081 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Khobra
9082 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kolsi
9083 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kota Malla
9084 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kota Talla
9085 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kot Kinda
9086 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kukreti Dhar
9087 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kulajamin
9088 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kuleth
9089 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kumathi
9090 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kund
9091 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Kwiral Gaon
9092 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Majera
9093 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Maletha
9094 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Mangatha
9095 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Maral
9096 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Marwara
9097 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Moun Palla
9098 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Moun Walla
9099 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Mugliya Gaon
9100 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Munzra
9101 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Musarali
9102 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Nali Khet
9103 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Nau Gaon
9104 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Naugaon Malla
9105 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Nisni
9106 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Noagaon Talla
9107 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pahrisar
9108 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Painya
9109 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pamba Palla
9110 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pamba Walla
9111 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Panchur
9112 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Panjai Gaon
9113 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Paranda
9114 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pata
9115 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Patali
9116 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pathola
9117 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Patna
9118 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pherwa
9119 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pilkheri
9120 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Piproli
9121 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pokhari
9122 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pundoli Sera
9123 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Pundrasu
9124 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Raina Badi
9125 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Raj Sera
9126 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ramjani Rakar
9127 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ram Ji Guth
9128 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ranchula
9129 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Rawat Gaon
9130 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Rayasu
9131 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Riguli
9132 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Rikhera
9133 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Rod Patar
9134 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Rod Sawal
9135 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Ror Pawal
9136 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sainj
9137 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sanyar
9138 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sar
9139 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Shahjada
9140 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sigari
9141 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Siladi
9142 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sildi Katal
9143 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Silsari
9144 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Simal Khet
9145 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sinduri
9146 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Sunar Gaun
9147 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tachala
9148 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Than
9149 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Thanur
9150 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Thinga Banj
9151 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Thunda
9152 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tifaria Lagga Sila
9153 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tilfaria Sera Kandi
9154 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Timali Ankra
9155 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Timali Bari
9156 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Timali Choti
9157 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Timliyani
9158 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tola
9159 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tola Sari
9160 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Toli
9161 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Tuna
9162 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Udda
9163 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Udiyali
9164 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Umada
9165 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Umroli
9166 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Uniyal
9167 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Uniyal Damarada
9168 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Vinak
9169 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Yamkeshwar Vithani
9170 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Amkholi
9171 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Amola
9172 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Arari
9173 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Aroli
9174 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Asneth
9175 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bagi
9176 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bairagarh
9177 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Baluni Danda
9178 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Baluni Gaon
9179 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bandil
9180 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Banguon
9181 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Banni
9182 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bansi
9183 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Banskatal
9184 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bareth
9185 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bareth
9186 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bar Gaddi
9187 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bhargwari
9188 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Bhattikhora
9189 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Chandpur
9190 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Churra
9191 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dabad
9192 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dabar
9193 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dabdaa
9194 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dadoli
9195 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dal
9196 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dal Mogi
9197 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Daniyar
9198 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dawar
9199 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dhari
9200 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dhari
9201 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dhour
9202 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dhunar Gaon
9203 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dobar
9204 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dour
9205 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Dubra
9206 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gadkot
9207 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gadmola
9208 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gadmola Range
9209 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gaind
9210 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Garkot
9211 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Garkot
9212 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gawari
9213 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Ghandalu
9214 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Ghansali
9215 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Godara
9216 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Godla
9217 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Goum
9218 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gwadi
9219 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gwari
9220 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Gweel
9221 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Hatnur
9222 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jadiyana
9223 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jalli
9224 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jaskot
9225 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jaspur
9226 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jhair
9227 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jogiyana
9228 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Jukala
9229 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kafol Gaon
9230 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kandi
9231 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kandi
9232 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kandul Malla
9233 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kandul Talla
9234 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Karoti
9235 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Karthi
9236 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Khamana
9237 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Khand
9238 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kharik
9239 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Khendori
9240 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kimsar
9241 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kinsur
9242 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kota
9243 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kota
9244 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kota Muranew
9245 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kudar
9246 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kund
9247 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kuntani
9248 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kunti
9249 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kuthar
9250 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kuthar
9251 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kyar
9252 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Kyar
9253 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Mal
9254 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Mala
9255 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Malan Range
9256 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Malla
9257 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Manjaf
9258 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Manjokhi
9259 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Marwara chota
9260 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Masogi
9261 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Mathar Gaon
9262 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Math Gaon
9263 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Metha
9264 Pauri Garhwal Lainsdown Jakhanikhal Mewar