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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Adagal
2 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Agasarakoppa
3 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Aladakatti
4 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Allur. S.P.
5 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Alur .S.K.
6 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Anantagiri
7 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Anawal
8 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Asangi
9 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bachinagudd
10 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Badami (Rural) *
11 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bandakeri
12 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bankaneri
13 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bedarabudihal
14 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Beeranur
15 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Belawalakoppa
16 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bellikindi
17 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Belur
18 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Bhadra Nayakan Jalihal
19 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Budanagad
20 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Budihal
21 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chikkamuchalagudda
22 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chikkanasabi
23 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chimmalagi
24 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chimmanakatti
25 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chinchalakatti
26 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Chirlakoppa
27 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Cholachagudda
28 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Dhanakashirur
29 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Fakeerabudihal
30 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Ganganabudihal
31 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Gonal
32 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Govanaki
33 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Govanakoppa
34 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Gubberakoppa
35 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Guddada Mallapur
36 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Haganur
37 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Haladur
38 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Halageri
39 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Halakurki
40 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Haligeri
41 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hanamaneri (G)
42 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hanamaneri Inam
43 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hanamasagar
44 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hanapur.S.P.
45 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hangaragi
46 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hansanoor
47 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Haradolli
48 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hawalakhod
49 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hebballi
50 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hirebudihal
51 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hiremuchalagudda
52 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hirenasabi
53 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hoolageri
54 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hosakoti
55 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hosur
56 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hulasageri
57 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hullikeri Inam
58 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Hullikeri.S.P.
59 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Injanawari
60 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Jakanur
61 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Jalageri
62 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Jalihal
63 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Jammanakatti
64 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Jangawad
65 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kabbalageri
66 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kadapatti S.K
67 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kadarakoppa
68 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kagalagomba
69 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kainakatti
70 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kakanur
71 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kalabandakeri
72 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kalas
73 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kallapur.S.K
74 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Karadigudda.S.N.
75 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Karadigudd S.A.
76 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Karalakoppa
77 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Katageri
78 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kataginahalli
79 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Katapur
80 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Katharaki
81 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kelawadi
82 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kendur
83 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kerakalamatti
84 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kerur (Rural)
85 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Khanapur S.K.
86 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Khanapur.S.P.
87 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Khazibudihal
88 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Khyad
89 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kittali
90 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Konkanakoppa
91 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kotikall
92 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kotnalli
93 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Krishnapur
94 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kulageri
95 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Kutakanakeri
96 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Lakhamapur
97 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Lakkasakoppa
98 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Layadagundi
99 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Lingapur
100 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Malagi
101 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mallapur
102 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mamatageri
103 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mangalagudda
104 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mangalur
105 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Maninagar
106 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Manneri
107 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mattikatti
108 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mumaraddikoppa
109 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Murudi
110 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Mustigeri
111 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Muttalageri
112 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Nagaral [S.B]
113 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Nagaral.S.P.
114 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Nandikeshwar
115 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Narasapur
116 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Narenur
117 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Nasagunni
118 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Navilahole
119 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Neelagund
120 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Neerabudihal
121 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Neeralagi
122 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Neeralakeri
123 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Nelwagi
124 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Padanakatti
125 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Parwati
126 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Pattadakall
127 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Raddera Timmapur
128 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Raghapur
129 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Saganur
130 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Saraswathinagar
131 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Sheeparamatti
132 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Shirabadagi
133 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Somanakoppa
134 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Subbalahunashi
135 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Sulikeri
136 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Sulla
137 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Talakawad
138 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Tappasakatti
139 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Teggi
140 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Thaminal
141 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Thogunashi
142 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Timasagar
143 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Timmapur S.N.
144 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Ugalawat
145 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Wadawatti
146 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Yandigeri
147 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Yankanchi
148 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Yaragoppa Inam
149 Bagalkot Bagalkot Badami Yaragoppa.S.B
150 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Achanur
151 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Alur
152 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Aminagad (CT)
153 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Anadinni
154 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Andamuranal
155 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Ankalagi
156 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot (Rural)
157 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bannidinni
158 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Basavanagar
159 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Benakatti
160 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bennur
161 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bevinamatti-S.Haveli
162 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bevoor
163 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bhagavati
164 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bhairamatti
165 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilkerur
166 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bodanayakdinni
167 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Bommanagi
168 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chebbi
169 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chick Hodlur
170 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chickka-Shellikeri
171 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chick Myageri
172 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chick Sitimani
173 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chikkgulabal
174 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chikkmuramatti
175 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chikk-Sansi
176 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Chitaginakopp
177 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Choudapur
178 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Devalapur (S.M.)
179 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Devanal
180 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Dharmnagar
181 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Domanal
182 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Durgadevinagar
183 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Durganagar
184 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Gaddankeri
185 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Govindkopp
186 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Gudur (CT)
187 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hallur
188 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Handaragala
189 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hiregulabal
190 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hire-Hodlur
191 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hiremuramatti
192 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hire Myageri
193 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hire-Sansi
194 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hire-Shellikeri
195 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Honaralli
196 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Honnakatti
197 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Hosur
198 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Ilal
199 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Ingalagi
200 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Jadramakunti
201 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kadalimatti
202 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kadampur
203 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kaladgi
204 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kalasakopp
205 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kamatgi (CT)
206 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kesanur *
207 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Khajjidoni
208 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Kirasur
209 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Lavaleshavar
210 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mallapur
211 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Manahalli
212 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mankani
213 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mannikatti
214 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mastihal
215 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Muchakhandi
216 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mudapaljivi
217 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mudavinkopp
218 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Mugalalli
219 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Muranal
220 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Muttatti
221 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Nagaral
222 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Nagasampagi
223 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Nainegali
224 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Nakargundi
225 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Neelanagar
226 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Niralkeri
227 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Rampur
228 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Salagundi
229 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sangapur
230 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sangondi
231 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sharadal
232 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sidnal
233 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sigikeri
234 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Simikeri
235 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sindagi
236 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Siraguppi
237 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sirur
238 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sitimani
239 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sokanadgi
240 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sorakopp
241 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Sutagundar
242 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Talagihal
243 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Timmapur
244 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Tulasigeri
245 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Udagatti
246 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Veerapur
247 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Yadahalli
248 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bagalkot Yankachi
249 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Algundi
250 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Amalzari
251 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Anagawadi
252 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Arakeri
253 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Badagandi
254 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Badardinni
255 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Badgi
256 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Ballur
257 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Bavalatti
258 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Beerkabbi
259 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Bilgi (Rural)
260 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Bisnal
261 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Budhihal(S.H)
262 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Budihal(S.G.)
263 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Chickhanchinal
264 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Chicksangam
265 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Chinvalkoppa
266 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Chowdapur
267 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Dattapura
268 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Dhawaleshwar
269 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Durgapura
270 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Galagali
271 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Garadadinni
272 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Girgaon
273 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Girisagar
274 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Godihal
275 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Govinadinni
276 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Gudadinni
277 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Gulbal
278 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Gundanapalli
279 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Hadarihal
280 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Hanchinal(Inam)
281 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Heggur
282 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Herkal
283 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Honnihal
284 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Janamatti
285 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kadapatti
286 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kamadal
287 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kandagal
288 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Katarki
289 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kolur
290 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kontikal
291 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Koppa(S.K)
292 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Koppa S.R
293 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Korti
294 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kovalli
295 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Kundargi
296 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Lingapur(S.K)
297 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Lingapur.S.R
298 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Mangur
299 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Mannikeri
300 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Mundaganur
301 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Muttaladinni
302 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Nagaral
303 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Rabkavi
304 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Ramapratappa Nagar
305 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Rolli
306 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Shaktinagar
307 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Shiraguppi
308 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Shivanagar
309 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Siddapur
310 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Sonna
311 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Sunaga
312 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Takkalki
313 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Teggi
314 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Tolamatti
315 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Tummarmatti
316 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Venkatapura
317 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Yadahalli
318 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Yelligutti
319 Bagalkot Bagalkot Bilgi Yettinatti
320 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Adihal
321 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Aiahole
322 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Amarawadgi
323 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Amarawati
324 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Amblikoppa
325 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Anapakatti
326 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Balakundi
327 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bannihatti
328 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Basarikatti
329 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Basawanal
330 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bekamaladinni
331 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Belgal
332 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Benakanadoni
333 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Benakanavari
334 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bevinal
335 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bevinamatti
336 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bhimanagad
337 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Binjawadgi
338 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bisaladinni
339 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Bisanalkoppa
340 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Budihal (Inam)
341 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Budihal (S.K.)
342 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Budihal (S.K.)
343 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chamalapur
344 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chatnihal
345 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chickbadawadgi
346 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chickkodagali
347 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chickmagi
348 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chickmalagavi
349 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chick-Otageri
350 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chicksinganagutti
351 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chickyaranakeri
352 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chikadapur
353 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chikanal
354 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chilapur
355 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chinnapur (S.K.)
356 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chinnapur (S.T.)
357 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chintakamaladinni
358 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chittaragi
359 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chittawadgi
360 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Chowdakamaladinni
361 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Dammur
362 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Dasbal
363 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Dhannur
364 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gadisunkapur
365 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gandal
366 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gangur
367 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ganjihal
368 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ghattiganur
369 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gonal (S.B.)
370 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gonal (S.K.)
371 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gonal (S.T.)
372 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gopsani
373 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gorbal
374 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gorjnal
375 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gudur (S.B.)
376 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Gugalmari
377 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hadagali
378 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hagedal
379 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hanamanal
380 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Harnapur
381 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Havaragi
382 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hemawadgi
383 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Herur
384 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hireadapur
385 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hirebadawadgi
386 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hirehunakunti
387 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hirekodagali
388 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hiremagi
389 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hiremalagavi
390 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hire-Otageri
391 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hiresinganagutti
392 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hireupnal
393 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hireyaranakeri
394 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Honnarahalli
395 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Huliginal
396 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hullalli
397 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Hungund (Rural)
398 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Huvanur
399 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Huvinahalli
400 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Iddalgi
401 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ilal
402 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ilkal (Rural)
403 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Indawar
404 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ingalgi
405 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ishwarnagar
406 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Islampur
407 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Jalakamaladinni
408 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Jambaladinni
409 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kadiwal(Inam)
410 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kadiwal Kallapur
411 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kalagonal
412 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kalligudda
413 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kamadatta
414 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kamaladinni
415 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kambalihal
416 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kandgal
417 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Karadi
418 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Katagur
419 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kelur
420 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kengalkadapatti
421 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kesarabhavi
422 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kesarapenti
423 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Khairwadgi
424 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Khajagal
425 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kirasur
426 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kodihal
427 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Konnur
428 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Koppa(S.M.)
429 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Koujaganur
430 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Krishnapur
431 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kunabenchi
432 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Kyadiggeri
433 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Lavalasar
434 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Madapur
435 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Malagihal
436 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Manmathanal
437 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Maratgeri
438 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Marol
439 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Medinapur
440 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Muganur
441 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Mullur
442 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Muradi
443 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Nagur
444 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Nandanoor
445 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Nandavadgi
446 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Nidasanur
447 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Nimbalgundi
448 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Palti
449 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Papathanal
450 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Pochapur
451 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Rakkasagi
452 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ramathal
453 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Ramawadgi
454 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Revadihal
455 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Sangam
456 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Sankalapur
457 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Sevalalnagar
458 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Siddanakolla
459 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Somalapur
460 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Sulibhavi
461 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Suralikal
462 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Tallikeri
463 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Tariwal
464 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Timmapur
465 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Tondihal
466 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Tumba
467 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Turadagi
468 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Turamari
469 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Upnal (S.C.)
470 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Vadageri
471 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Vadergonal
472 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Vajjal
473 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Valakaladinni
474 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Varagodadinni
475 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Virapur
476 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Yadahalli
477 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Yemmihatti
478 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Hungund Yeranaikanal
479 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Adihudi
480 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Alagur
481 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Albal
482 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Asangi
483 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Bandigani
484 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Banhatti (Rural)
485 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Bidari
486 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Budni
487 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Chikkalaki
488 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Chikkapadasalgi
489 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Chimmad
490 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Chingundi
491 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Gadyal
492 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Gani
493 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Golbhavi
494 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Gothe
495 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Halingali
496 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hanchinal
497 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hangandi
498 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hipparagi
499 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hirepadasalgi
500 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hosur
501 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hulyal
502 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hunashikatti
503 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Hunnur
504 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Jagadal
505 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Jakanur
506 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Jambagi.(B.K.)
507 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Jambagi.(K.D.)
508 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Jamkhandi (Rural)
509 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Janawad
510 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kadakol
511 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kadapatti
512 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kajibilgi
513 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kalbilagi
514 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kalhalli
515 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kalhatti
516 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kaltippi
517 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kankanawadi
518 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kannolli
519 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kavatagi
520 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Konnur
521 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kulhalli
522 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kumbarhal
523 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kunchanur
524 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Kuragod
525 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Linganur
526 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Madanamatti
527 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Madarkhandi
528 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Maigur
529 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Mareguddi
530 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Muttur
531 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Naganur
532 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Navalgi
533 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Rabkavi (Rural)
534 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Ramateerth
535 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Sanal
536 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Sasalatti
537 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Savalagi
538 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Shiraguppi
539 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Shurpali
540 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Siddapur
541 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Takkalaki
542 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Takkod
543 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Tamadaddi
544 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Terdal (Rural)
545 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Todalbagi
546 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Tubachi
547 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Tungal
548 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Yallatti
549 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Jamkhandi Yaragatti
550 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Akkimaradi
551 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Alagundi(B.K)
552 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Antapur
553 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Badnur
554 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Baragi
555 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Belagali
556 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Bhantnur
557 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Bidri
558 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Bisanal
559 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Bommanbudni
560 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Budni (B.K.)
561 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Budni Khurd
562 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Budni(P.D)
563 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Budni(P.M)
564 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Byadar-Aralikatti
565 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Channal
566 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Chawadapur
567 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Chikkur
568 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Chinchakhandi(B.K)
569 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Chinchakhandi(K.D)
570 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Chitrabanukoti
571 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Dadanatti
572 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Dhavaleshwar
573 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Gulgal Jambagi
574 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Halagali
575 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Halaki
576 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Hebbal
577 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Hosakoti
578 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Ingalagi
579 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jadar-Aralikatti
580 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jaliber
581 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jalikatti(B.K)
582 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jalikatti(K.D)
583 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jambgi(K.D)
584 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Jeeragal
585 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Junnur
586 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Kanasageri
587 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Kasba Jambgi(B.K)
588 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Kesrakoppa
589 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Kishori
590 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Kulali
591 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Laxanatti
592 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Lokapur
593 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Machaknur
594 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Madhabhavi
595 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mahalingapur(Rural)
596 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Malali
597 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Malapur
598 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mallapur(P.J)
599 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mallapur(P.L)
600 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mantur
601 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Marapur
602 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Marikatti
603 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Melligeri
604 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Metgud
605 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mirji
606 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Muddapur
607 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mudhol(Rural)
608 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Mugalkhod
609 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Naganapur
610 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Nagaral
611 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Nandagoan
612 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Ningapur
613 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Palkimanya
614 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Petlur
615 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Ranjanagi
616 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Rugi
617 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Saidapur
618 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Sanganatti
619 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Shirol
620 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Soragoan
621 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Timmapur
622 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Uttur
623 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Vajjaramatti
624 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Vantigodi
625 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Varchagal
626 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Yadahalli
627 Bagalkot Jamkhandi Mudhol Zunjarakopp
628 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Abachikkanahalli
629 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Agalakote
630 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Akkalenahalli Mallena - Halli
631 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Akkupet
632 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Alurdoddanahalli
633 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Anighatta
634 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Anneswara
635 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Aradeshahalli
636 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Arasanahalli Peddanahalli
637 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Aruvanahalli
638 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Attibele
639 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Avathi
640 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bachahalli
641 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Baladimmanahalli
642 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Balepura
643 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bammanahalli
644 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bandaramanahalli
645 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bannimangala
646 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bannimangala Amanikere
647 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bediganahalli
648 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Beerasandra
649 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bettakote
650 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bettakote Amanikere
651 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bettenahalli
652 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bhatramarenahalli
653 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bhattrenahalli
654 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bidalapura
655 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bidalapura Amanikere
656 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bidalur
657 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bijjawara
658 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bingipura
659 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Binnamangala
660 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bommawara
661 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Boodihal
662 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Boovanahalli
663 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Budigere
664 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Budigere Amanikere
665 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bullahalli
666 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Byadarahalli
667 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Bychapura
668 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Byradenahalli
669 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Byrappanahalli
670 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Byrapura
671 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chandenahalli
672 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Channahalli
673 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Channarayapatna
674 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Channarayapatna Amanikere
675 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chapparadahalli
676 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Cheemachanahalli
677 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkachimanahalli
678 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkagollahalli
679 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkanahalli
680 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkannanahosahalli
681 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkaramanahalli
682 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkasanne
683 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikka Thattamangala
684 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkenahalli
685 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chikkobanahalli
686 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chinnakempanahalli
687 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chinnappanayakana Hosur
688 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Chowdenahalli
689 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Dandiganahalli
690 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Dasarahalli
691 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Devaganahalli
692 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Devanayakanahalli
693 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Devasthanada Amanikere
694 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Devenahalli
695 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Dharmapura
696 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddacheemanahalli
697 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddagollahalli
698 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddakurubarahalli
699 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddamuddenahalli
700 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddappanahalli
701 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddasagarahalli
702 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Doddasanne
703 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Dodda Thattamangala
704 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Dyavarahalli
705 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gaddadanagenahalli
706 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gangavara Chowdappana Halli
707 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gejjaguppe
708 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gobbarakunte
709 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gokare
710 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gokere Bachenahalli
711 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gollahalli
712 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gonur
713 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gopasandra
714 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gudla Muddenahalli
715 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Guduvanahalli
716 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gummanahalli
717 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gundlahalli
718 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Gururayana Hosur
719 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Handrahalli
720 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Haralur
721 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Haralur Nagenahalli
722 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Harohalli
723 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hegganahalli
724 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hire Amanikere
725 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hiriganahalli
726 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Holerahalli
727 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hosahalli
728 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hosahalli
729 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hosahudya
730 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hosathota
731 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hurlagurki
732 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Hyadala
733 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Ibasapura
734 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Ilathore
735 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Indrasanahalli
736 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Irigenahalli
737 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Jalige
738 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Jogahalli
739 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Jonnahalli
740 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Juttanahalli
741 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kachipura
742 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kaggalahalli
743 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kamenahalli
744 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kannamangala
745 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Karahalli
746 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Karahalli Amanikere
747 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kasba Plantation
748 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kavadedasarahalli
749 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kempalingapura
750 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kempathimmanahalli
751 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kempathimmanahalli
752 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kodagurki
753 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Koira
754 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Koira Hosur
755 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kommasandra
756 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kommasandra
757 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Konaginabele
758 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kondenahalli
759 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kondenahalli
760 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Koramangala
761 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kotnathevaru
762 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kottigethimmanahalli
763 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kundana
764 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Kurubarakunte
765 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Lakshmipura
766 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Lalagondanahalli
767 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Lingadeeragollahalli
768 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Maligenahalli
769 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mallenahalli
770 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mallepura
771 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mandibele
772 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mangondanahalli
773 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Maradiane
774 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Maragondanahalli
775 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mattabaralu
776 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mayasandra
777 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Meesaganahalli
778 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Moodiganahalli
779 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Muddanayakanahalli
780 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Muddenahalli
781 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mudugurki
782 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Mulli Amanikere
783 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Nagamangala
784 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Naganayakanahalli
785 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Nallappanahalli
786 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Nallur
787 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Nallur Amari
788 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Narayanapura
789 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Neraganahalli
790 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Palya
791 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Palya
792 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Pandithapura
793 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Papanahalli
794 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Polanahalli
795 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli P.Ranganathapura
796 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Pujanahalli
797 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Pura
798 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Rabbanahalli
799 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Ramanathapura
800 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Ranganathapura
801 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Rayasandra
802 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Reddihalli
803 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sadahalli
804 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sambaragiddada Kavalu
805 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sanne Amanikere
806 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Savakanahalli
807 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Seekayanahalli
808 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Setterahalli
809 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Shanappanahalli
810 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Shettahalli
811 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Singawara
812 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Singrahalli
813 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Solur
814 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Solur Dinne
815 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Somathanahalli
816 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sonnenahalli
817 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Southegowdanahalli
818 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Srothreyathellohalli
819 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sulakunte
820 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Sunnagatta
821 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thammenahalli
822 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thatamachanahalli Amanikere
823 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thellohalli Agrahara
824 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thimmahalli
825 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thimmanahalli
826 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thimmegowdana Hosahalli
827 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thindlu
828 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Thylagere
829 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Udayagiri
830 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Uganavadi
831 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Upparahalli
832 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Vaderahalli
833 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Vajarahalli
834 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Varadenahalli
835 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Venkatagirikote
836 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Venkatapura
837 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Venkatenahalli
838 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Vijayapura Amanikere
839 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Vishwanathapura
840 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Yaleyur
841 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Yaluvahalli
842 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Yambarahalli
843 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Yerrappanahalli
844 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Devanahalli Yerthiganahalli
845 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Acharlahalli
846 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Adakavala
847 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Adinarayana Hosahalli
848 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Akkathammanahalli
849 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Alahalli
850 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Alappanahalli
851 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Allalasandra
852 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Amani Palankere
853 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ambalagere
854 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ankonahalli
855 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Antharahalli
856 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Appkarenahalli
857 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Aralamallige
858 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Arehalli Guddadahalli
859 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Aroodi
860 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bachchahalli
861 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Badrapura
862 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Badrapura
863 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Banavathi
864 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bankenahalli
865 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Beedikere
866 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Beedikere Agrahara
867 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Benakinamadugu
868 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bhaktharahalli
869 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bhaktharahalli
870 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bheemarauthanahalli
871 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bhumenahalli
872 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bisuvanahalli
873 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bokipura
874 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bommahalli
875 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bommanahalli
876 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Bommenahalli
877 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Buchanahalli
878 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Byadarahalli
879 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Byadarajakkasandra
880 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Byappanahalli
881 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Byrapura
882 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Byrasandra
883 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Channadevi Agrahara
884 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Channapura
885 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Channaveeranahalli
886 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Cheelenahalli
887 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chigaranahalli
888 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkabelavangala
889 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkahejjaji
890 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkahejjaji Amanikere
891 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkakalenahalli
892 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkamankanala
893 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkamuddenahalli
894 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkanahalli
895 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkarayappanahalli
896 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikka Tumkur
897 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chikkavadagere
898 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chokkanahalli
899 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chowgondanahalli
900 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Chunchegowdanahosahalli
901 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Dadighattamadagu
902 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Dandu Dasakodigehalli
903 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Dasagondanahalli
904 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Dinnenahalli
905 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Doddabelavangala
906 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Doddahejjaji
907 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Doddamankanala
908 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Doddarayappanahalli
909 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Dodda Tumkur
910 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Doddavadagere
911 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Durgenahalli
912 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ekasipura
913 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Galibilikote
914 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Galipuje
915 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ganadalu
916 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gandragolipura
917 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gangadharapura
918 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gantiganahalli
919 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Garudagallu
920 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gedlapalya
921 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gejjigadahalli
922 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gowdahalli
923 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gowdanakunte
924 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gulya
925 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gulyanandigunda
926 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gummanahalli
927 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gundasandra
928 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gundlahalli
929 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gundumgere
930 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Gunjur
931 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hadonahalli
932 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hadripura
933 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Halekote
934 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Halenahalli
935 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hanabe
936 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Harohalli
937 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hasanghatta
938 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Heggadihalli
939 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hireanaguddadahalli
940 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hiremuddenahalli
941 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Honnadevipura
942 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Honnaghatta
943 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Honnavara
944 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hosahalli
945 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hosahudya
946 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hosakote
947 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hosanagenahalli
948 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hulikunte
949 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Hulikunte State Forest
950 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Huskur
951 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur (i) Dargajogihalli (OG)
952 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Isthur
953 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jakkasandra
954 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jakkenahalli
955 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jaligere
956 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jinkebachchahalli
957 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jodi Karapura
958 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jodithimasandra
959 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Joyis Agrahara
960 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Junnasandra
961 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Jyotipura
962 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kachahalli
963 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadabyadarahalli
964 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadakunte
965 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadanur
966 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadathippenahalli
967 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadathippur
968 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kadlapanahalli
969 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kakkehalli
970 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kallodu
971 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kalludevanahalli
972 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kalludevanahalli
973 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kallukote
974 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kallukunte
975 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kamakshihalli
976 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kamalur
977 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kamana Agrahara
978 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kammasandra
979 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kanasavadi
980 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kanchiganala
981 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kangalapura
982 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kanikenahalli
983 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kannamangala
984 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kantanakunte
985 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Karenahalli
986 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Karenahalli
987 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Karepura
988 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Karim Sonnenahalli
989 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Karnala
990 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kasaghatta
991 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kasuvanahalli
992 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kattiihosahalli
993 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kavalahalli
994 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kelaginajuganahalli
995 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kelaginanaikaradahalli
996 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kenjiganahalli
997 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kesthur
998 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G. Basavanapura
999 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G.Devapala
1000 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G.Govindapura
1001 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G. Kuntanahalli
1002 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G.Lakkasandra
1003 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G.Lingenahalli
1004 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G. Sastry Palya
1005 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur K.G.Thammaganahalli
1006 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kilarlahalli
1007 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kodigehalli
1008 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kodihalli
1009 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Koligere
1010 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kolipura
1011 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kolur
1012 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kolur Plantation
1013 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Konaghatta
1014 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Konenahalli
1015 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kottige Machenahalli
1016 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kugonahalli
1017 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kukkalahalli
1018 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kukkanahalli
1019 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kuntanahalli
1020 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kurubarahalli
1021 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kurubarahalli
1022 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Kuruvigere
1023 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Lagumenahalli
1024 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Lakkenahalli
1025 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Lakshmidevipura
1026 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Lingadaveeranahalli
1027 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Linganahalli
1028 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Lingapura
1029 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Machagondahalli
1030 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Machenahalli
1031 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madagondahalli
1032 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madagondanahalli
1033 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madeswara
1034 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madhurana Hosahalli
1035 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madhure
1036 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Madhure Amanikere
1037 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Majarahosahalli
1038 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Majarahosahalli
1039 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Makali
1040 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mallanaikanahalli
1041 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mallasandra
1042 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mallathahalli
1043 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mallegowdanahalli
1044 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mallohalli
1045 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mandibyadarahalli
1046 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Marahalli
1047 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Maralenahalli
1048 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Marasandra
1049 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Masthimmanahalli
1050 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Medihalli
1051 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Melekote
1052 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Melinajuganahalli
1053 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Melinanaikaradahalli
1054 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Menasi
1055 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mudlakalenahalli
1056 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mugachinnenahalli
1057 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mugenahalli
1058 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Mukkadigatta
1059 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Muppadighatta
1060 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Muthasandra
1061 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Muttugadahalli
1062 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Muttugadahalli
1063 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Myakalahalli
1064 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Myakalathimmanahalli
1065 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Nagadenahalli
1066 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Nagasandra
1067 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Nagenahalli
1068 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Nallenahalli
1069 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Naraganahalli
1070 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Naranahalli
1071 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Narasaihna Agrahara
1072 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Narasapura
1073 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Nellukunte
1074 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Neralaghatta
1075 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Obadenahalli
1076 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ojenahalli
1077 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Palanjogihalli
1078 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Pindakuru Thimmanahalli
1079 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Pura
1080 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Purusanahalli
1081 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Puttaiana Agrahara
1082 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Puttenahalli
1083 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ragunathapura
1084 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Rajaghatta
1085 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Rajaghatta Amanikere
1086 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ramadevanahalli
1087 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ramapura
1088 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Rameswara
1089 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sakkaregollahalli
1090 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sankarasanahalli
1091 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sasalu
1092 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sevanagara
1093 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Shivalinga Pura
1094 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Shivapura
1095 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Shivapura Amanikere
1096 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Shravanur
1097 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Simpadipura
1098 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Singenahalli
1099 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Siravara
1100 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sirigondanahalli
1101 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur S.M. Gollahalli
1102 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Somasettihalli
1103 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sonnamaranahalli
1104 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sonnappanahalli
1105 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sonnenahalli
1106 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sonnenahalli
1107 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sothenahalli
1108 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Srinivasapura
1109 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Srinivasapura
1110 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sriramanahalli
1111 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Subraya Nagenahalli
1112 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Sulikunte
1113 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Suthahalli
1114 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Syakaldevanapura
1115 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Talagavara
1116 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tapasihalli
1117 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tapasipura
1118 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tekalahalli
1119 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thambenahalli
1120 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thammasettihalli
1121 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tharabanahalli
1122 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thimmasandra
1123 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thippapura
1124 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thippur
1125 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thirumagondanahalli
1126 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Thogarighatta
1127 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Todalabande
1128 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tubagere
1129 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Tubakunte
1130 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Udanahalli
1131 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Uddichikkanahalli
1132 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Ujjani
1133 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Vabasandra
1134 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Vaddarahalli
1135 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Vanigarahalli
1136 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Varadanahalli
1137 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Veerapura
1138 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Venkateshpura
1139 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Yaramuddenahalli
1140 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Yedlahalli
1141 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Dod Ballapur Yellupura
1142 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Agasarahalli
1143 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Agrahara Vaddahalli
1144 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ajjagondahalli
1145 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Alagondahalli
1146 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Alappanahalli
1147 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ambalipura
1148 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ankonahalli
1149 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ankonahalli
1150 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Anugondahalli
1151 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Anupahalli
1152 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Appajipura
1153 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Appasandra
1154 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Appasandra Plantation
1155 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Aralagere Amanikere
1156 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arasanahalli
1157 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arehalli
1158 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arehalli
1159 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arlemakanahalli
1160 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arlemakanahalli District Plantation
1161 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Arlemakanahalli Plantation
1162 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Attibele
1163 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Attivatta
1164 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Attur
1165 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bagalur
1166 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bagur
1167 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Balenahalli
1168 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Banahalli
1169 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Banahalli
1170 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Banamakanahalli
1171 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Banarahalli
1172 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bandahalli
1173 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Basabathanahalli
1174 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bathiganahalli
1175 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bavapura
1176 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Beerahalli
1177 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Begur
1178 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Belamangala
1179 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bellikere
1180 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bendiganahalli
1181 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bettahalli
1182 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bhakthagondahalli
1183 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bhaktharahalli
1184 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bheemakkanahalli
1185 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bheemapura
1186 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bhodanahosahalli
1187 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bhuvanahalli
1188 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bisanahalli
1189 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bisanahalli
1190 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bommanabande
1191 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bylahalli
1192 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Bylanarasapura
1193 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Byrahalli
1194 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chandrapura
1195 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Channapura
1196 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Cheemandahalli
1197 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Cheemasandra
1198 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikka Amanikere
1199 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkagattiganabbe
1200 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkahullur
1201 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkakoliga
1202 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkakurubarahalli
1203 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkanahalli
1204 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkanallala
1205 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkanallurahalli
1206 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkaralagere
1207 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkathaggali
1208 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chikkondahalli
1209 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chinnandahalli
1210 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chinnathimmanagolla Halli
1211 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chokkahalli
1212 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chokkasandra
1213 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Cholappanahalli
1214 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Chowdasandra
1215 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dabbagunte
1216 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dalasagere
1217 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dasarahalli
1218 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dasarathimmanahalli
1219 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Devalapura
1220 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Devanagondi
1221 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Devanagondi Hosahalli
1222 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Devara Gollahalli
1223 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Devasettihalli
1224 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dimbahalli
1225 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dodda Amanikere
1226 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddadasarahalli
1227 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddadenahalli
1228 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddadunnasandra
1229 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddaganahalli
1230 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddagattiganabbe
1231 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddaharadi Plantation
1232 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddahullur
1233 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddakoliga
1234 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddanallala
1235 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddanallala Plantation
1236 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddanallurahalli
1237 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddaralagere
1238 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddaramanahalli
1239 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddathaggali
1240 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Doddenahalli
1241 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote D.Settihalli
1242 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Dyavasandra
1243 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ekarajapura
1244 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Esthur
1245 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Esthur Amanikere
1246 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Esthur Hosahalli
1247 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ganagalu
1248 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ganagalur
1249 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gangapura
1250 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Geddalahallipura
1251 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gerahalli
1252 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Giddanahalli
1253 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Giddappanahalli
1254 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gonakanahalli
1255 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Goravihalli
1256 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gottipura
1257 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Govindapura
1258 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Guddadachannenahalli
1259 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Guguttahalli
1260 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gullahalli
1261 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gullakaipura
1262 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gullenahalli
1263 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gundrahalli
1264 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gundrahalli
1265 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Gundur
1266 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Halasahalli
1267 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Halasakaipura
1268 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Handenahalli
1269 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Haniyur
1270 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Haralur
1271 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Harohalli
1272 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hasigala
1273 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hedakanahalli
1274 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hemmandahalli
1275 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hethakki
1276 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hindiganala
1277 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Honachanahalli
1278 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hosadimbahalli
1279 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hosahardi
1280 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hosavenkatapura
1281 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hullur Amanikere
1282 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Huluvanahalli
1283 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Hunasehalli
1284 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Imanahalli
1285 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Injanahalli
1286 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ittasandra
1287 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Jadigenahalli
1288 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Jadigenahalli Plantation
1289 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Jinnagara
1290 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kacharakanahalli
1291 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kachipuradakambada Beedu
1292 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kadaranapura
1293 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kalappanahalli
1294 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kalkunte Agrahara
1295 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kallahalli
1296 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kamarasanahalli
1297 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kamblipura
1298 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kammasandra
1299 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kanekallu
1300 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kannurahalli
1301 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Karahalli
1302 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Karapanahalli
1303 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Karibeeranahosahalli
1304 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kattigenahalli
1305 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kembaliganahalli
1306 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kempapura
1307 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Khajihosahalli
1308 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kodihalli
1309 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kodipura
1310 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kolalachannenahalli
1311 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kolathur
1312 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kondrahalli
1313 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Koralur
1314 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Korati
1315 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kotur
1316 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote K.Sathyawara
1317 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote K.Settihalli
1318 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kudur (CT)
1319 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kumbalahalli
1320 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kurubara Gollahalli
1321 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Kurubarahalli
1322 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Lakkondahalli
1323 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Lingadeeramallasandra
1324 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Lingapura
1325 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Makanahalli
1326 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Malimakanapura
1327 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mallasandra
1328 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mallyappanahalli
1329 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Manchappanahalli
1330 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Maragondanahalli
1331 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Maramgere
1332 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Marasandahalli
1333 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mattabarlu
1334 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mattanahalli
1335 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Medihalli
1336 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Medimallasandra
1337 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Medur
1338 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mothakadahalli
1339 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote M.Sathyawara
1340 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muddenahalli
1341 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mugabala
1342 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mugabala Hosahalli
1343 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mumynahosahalli
1344 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muthakadahalli
1345 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muthasandra
1346 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muthasandra
1347 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muthkur
1348 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Muthukadahalli
1349 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Mylapura
1350 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Naduvathi
1351 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Naganayakanakote
1352 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nagarenahalli
1353 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nakkanahalli
1354 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nallaganahalli
1355 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nandagudi
1356 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nelavagilu
1357 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote N.Hosahalli
1358 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Nidagatta
1359 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Obalapura
1360 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Oblahalli
1361 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Orohalli
1362 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Paramanahalli
1363 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Pethanahalli
1364 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Pillagumpe
1365 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Poojaramanahalli
1366 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Poojena Agrahara
1367 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Pulimanchi
1368 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ralkunte
1369 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ramagovindapura
1370 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ramapura
1371 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sadappanahalli
1372 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Samethanahalli
1373 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sarakanur
1374 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sarakariguttahalli
1375 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sarakar Vaddahalli
1376 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sashimakanahalli
1377 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sathigenahalli
1378 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shankanipura
1379 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shantanapura
1380 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shivadenahalli
1381 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shivanapura
1382 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shivanapura
1383 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Shivapura
1384 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Siddanahalli
1385 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Siddanahalli
1386 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Siddanapura
1387 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Siddapura
1388 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote S.Narayanakere
1389 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Solur
1390 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Somalapura
1391 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sompura
1392 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sonnadenahalli
1393 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sonnahallipura
1394 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sonnebychanahalli
1395 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sonnekempanahalli
1396 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Srinivasapura
1397 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Sulibele
1398 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thaggali Hosahalli
1399 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thammarasanahalli
1400 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thammarayasandra Agrahara
1401 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Tharabahalli
1402 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Tharabahalli
1403 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thathnur
1404 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thathnur Plantation
1405 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thavarekere
1406 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thavatahalli
1407 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Theneyur
1408 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thimmadahalli
1409 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thimmappanahalli
1410 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thimmapura
1411 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thimmasandra
1412 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thimmasandra
1413 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thindlu
1414 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thindlu Plantation
1415 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thiratahalli
1416 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thirumalasettihalli
1417 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Thiruvaranga
1418 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Ummalu
1419 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Upparahalli
1420 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vabasandra
1421 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vadigehalli
1422 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vagata
1423 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vagata Agrahara
1424 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Valagerepura
1425 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Valagerepura
1426 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vanamanahalli
1427 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Veerapura
1428 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Venkatapura
1429 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Venkateshapura
1430 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Vijayapura
1431 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yedagondahalli
1432 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yelachahalli
1433 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yelachammanahalli
1434 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yelachanayakanapura
1435 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yenagunte
1436 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yeshvanthapura
1437 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yethinavadeyarapura
1438 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Hosakote Yethinavadeyarapura
1439 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Adihosahalli
1440 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Agalakuppa
1441 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Agasarahalli
1442 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ahobalapalya
1443 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Aladahalli
1444 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Alunaikanahalli
1445 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ananthapura
1446 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ananthapura
1447 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Appagondanahalli
1448 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Aralasandra
1449 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Araledibba
1450 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Arebommanahalli
1451 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Arjunabettahalli
1452 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Avalakuppe
1453 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Avverahalli
1454 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Balaguruvanapalya
1455 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ballagere
1456 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Banasavadi
1457 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Baragoor
1458 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bardi
1459 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bargenahalli
1460 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Basavanahalli
1461 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Basavapatna
1462 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Basettihalli (CT)
1463 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Benchanahalli
1464 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bennegere
1465 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bettadahosahalli
1466 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bettahalli
1467 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bharathipura
1468 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bhattarahalli
1469 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bhavikere
1470 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bhoosandra
1471 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bidalur
1472 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bidanapalya
1473 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Billanakote
1474 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Biragondanahalli
1475 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Biragundanahalli
1476 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bolamaranahalli
1477 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bolamaranahalli
1478 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bommanahalli
1479 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Budihal
1480 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Bugadihalli
1481 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byadarahalli
1482 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byadarahalli
1483 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byranahalli
1484 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byranaikanahalli
1485 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byrasandra
1486 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Byrasettihalli
1487 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chandanahosahalli
1488 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Channohalli
1489 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chikkanahalli
1490 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chikkanapalya
1491 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chikkannanahalli
1492 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chikkannanne
1493 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chikmaranahalli
1494 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Chowdasandra
1495 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Dasanapura
1496 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Dasenahalli
1497 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Deganahalli
1498 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Devarahosahalli
1499 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Doddabele
1500 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Doddachannohalli
1501 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Doddakarenahalli
1502 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Dodderi
1503 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gangadharanapalya
1504 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gangenapura
1505 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gantehosahalli
1506 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Geddalahalli
1507 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Geddalahalli
1508 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ghandragulupura
1509 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Giriyanapalya
1510 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gollahalli
1511 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Goraghatta
1512 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Goravanahalli
1513 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gorinabele
1514 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gottikere
1515 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Govenahalli
1516 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Govindapura
1517 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Govindapura
1518 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gowrapura
1519 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Guddegowdana Channohalli
1520 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gulapura
1521 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gundenahalli
1522 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Gundenahalli
1523 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Guruvanahalli
1524 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hajipalya
1525 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Halenahalli
1526 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Halenijagal
1527 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Halkur
1528 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hallurampura
1529 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hanchipura
1530 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hanumanapalya
1531 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hanumanthapura
1532 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Harvesandra
1533 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hasurahalli
1534 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Heggunda
1535 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala H.Kempalinganahalli
1536 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Honnarayanahalli
1537 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Honnasandra
1538 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Honnenahalli
1539 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hosahalli
1540 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hosahalli
1541 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hulleharve
1542 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Huralihalli
1543 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Hydalu
1544 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Imchanahalli
1545 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Iregenahalli
1546 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Isuvanahalli
1547 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Jajoor
1548 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Jakkanahalli
1549 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Jakkasandra
1550 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Jakkasandra
1551 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kachanahalli
1552 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kadukarenahalli
1553 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kalalghatta
1554 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kallunaikanahalli
1555 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kamalapura
1556 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kambal
1557 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kannohalli
1558 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kanugondanahalli
1559 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kanuvanahalli
1560 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Karehalli
1561 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Karenahalli
1562 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Karimanne
1563 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Karimaranahalli
1564 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kasaragatta
1565 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kempapura Agrahara
1566 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kempohalli
1567 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kenchanahalli
1568 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kenchanapura
1569 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kengal
1570 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kengalkempohalli
1571 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kerekattiganoor
1572 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala K.G. Srinivasapura
1573 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala K.Kempalinganahalli
1574 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kodappanahalli
1575 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kodigebommanahalli
1576 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kodigehalli
1577 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kodihalli
1578 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kodipalya
1579 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Koneripura
1580 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Koolipura
1581 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Koratagere
1582 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kothanahalli
1583 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Krishnarajapalya
1584 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Krishnarajapalya
1585 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Krishnarajapura
1586 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Krishnarajapura
1587 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Krishnarajapura
1588 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kuluvanahalli
1589 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kuntbommanahalli
1590 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kuruvel Thimmanahalli
1591 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Kuthagatta
1592 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lakkappanahalli
1593 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lakkasandra
1594 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lakkenahalli
1595 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lakkuru
1596 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lakshmanapura
1597 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Lingenahalli
1598 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Machenahalli
1599 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Machonaikanahalli
1600 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Madaga
1601 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Madalakote
1602 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Maddenahalli
1603 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Maddenahalli
1604 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mahadevapura
1605 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mahimapura
1606 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Makanakuppe
1607 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Makenahalli
1608 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mallapura
1609 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mallarabanavadi
1610 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Malonagathihalli
1611 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Manchenahalli
1612 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mandigere
1613 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Manne
1614 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mannerampura
1615 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mantanakurchi
1616 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Maragondanahalli
1617 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Maralakunte
1618 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Marohalli
1619 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mavinakommenahalli
1620 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mavinakunte
1621 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Melekattiganoor
1622 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Minnapura
1623 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Muddalinganahalli
1624 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mylanahalli
1625 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Mylanahalli
1626 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narasapura
1627 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narasimanapalya
1628 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narasimhapalya
1629 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narasipalya
1630 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narasipura
1631 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narayanapura
1632 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Narayanaraopalya
1633 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Nelamangala (Rural)
1634 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Nidavanda
1635 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Nijagal
1636 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Nijagal Kempohalli
1637 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Nimbenahalli
1638 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Obalapura
1639 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Obanaikanahalli
1640 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Pallarahalli
1641 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Pemmanahalli
1642 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Ramanahalli
1643 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Shivagange
1644 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Sirganahalli
1645 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Sitaram Bhattarapalya
1646 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Soladevanahalli
1647 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Somasagara
1648 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Sompura
1649 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Srinivasapura
1650 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Srinivasapura
1651 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Sripathihalli
1652 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Sulkunte
1653 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Tadasigatta
1654 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Tavarekere
1655 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala T.Begur
1656 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thalekere
1657 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thattekere
1658 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thimmanaikanahalli
1659 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thimmasandra
1660 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thippagundanahalli
1661 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thippasettihalli
1662 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thyamagondlu
1663 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Thyamagondlu Amanikere
1664 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Tirumalapura
1665 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Tonachinakuppe
1666 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Totanahalli
1667 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Tyagadahalli
1668 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Vadakunte
1669 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Vaddarapalya
1670 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Vajarahalli
1671 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Varadanaikanahalli
1672 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Veerasagara
1673 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Venkatapura
1674 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Virananjipura
1675 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Viraraghuvanapalya
1676 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Visveswarapura
1677 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Yedehalli
1678 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Yelachagere
1679 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Yelekyathanahalli
1680 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Yentiganahalli
1681 Bangalore Rural Doddabalapura Nelamangala Yeramanchanahalli
1682 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Adur
1683 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Anagalapura
1684 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Attibele (CT)
1685 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Avalahalli
1686 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bandapura
1687 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bandebommasandra
1688 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bendiganahalli
1689 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bidarahalli
1690 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bidare Agrahara
1691 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bommasandra (CT)
1692 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Bommenahalli
1693 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Byappanahalli
1694 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Cheemasandra
1695 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Chikkabanahalli
1696 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Chikkakannalli
1697 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Chikkanayakanahalli
1698 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Chikkasandra
1699 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Doddabanahalli
1700 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Doddenahalli
1701 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Dommasandra
1702 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Dommasandra (CT)
1703 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Goravigere
1704 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Gundur
1705 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Hadosiddapura
1706 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Halanayakanahalli
1707 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Halehalli
1708 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Hancharahalli
1709 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Hebbagodi (CT)
1710 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Hirandahalli
1711 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Huskur
1712 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Huvinane
1713 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East (iii) Kannur (OG)
1714 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East (iv) Chikkagubbi (OG)
1715 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Jigani (CT)
1716 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Jothipura
1717 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kachamaranahalli
1718 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kada Agrahara
1719 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kadusonnappanahalli
1720 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kammasandra
1721 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kannamangala
1722 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Katamnallur
1723 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kattugollahalli
1724 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Khaji Sonnenahalli
1725 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kithiganur
1726 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kodathi
1727 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kodigehalli
1728 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Konadasapura
1729 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Kurudusonnenahalli
1730 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Lagumenahalli
1731 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Mandur
1732 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Maragondahalli (CT)
1733 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Maragondanahalli
1734 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Mittaganahalli
1735 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Mulluru
1736 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Nadagowdagollahalli
1737 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Nimbekaipura
1738 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Raghuvanahalli
1739 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Rampura
1740 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Sarjapura (CT)
1741 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Seegehalli
1742 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Shringaripura
1743 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Sulikunte
1744 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Thirumenahalli
1745 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Vaderahalli
1746 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Valepura
1747 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Vanajanahalli
1748 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East (v) Doddagubbi (OG)
1749 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Veerenahalli
1750 Bangalore Urban Bangalore East Bangalore East Yerappanahalli
1751 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Adakamaranahalli
1752 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Adde Vishwanathapura
1753 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Adiganahalli
1754 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Agrahara Palya
1755 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Alur
1756 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Arakere
1757 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Arebinnamangala
1758 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Avalahalli
1759 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Avverahalli
1760 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bagalur
1761 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bandikodegehalli Amanikere
1762 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bandi Kodige Halli
1763 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bandi Kodigehalli Palya
1764 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Begur
1765 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bethanagere
1766 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bettahalasur
1767 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bettahalli
1768 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bilijaji
1769 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bilmaranahalli
1770 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Boilahalli
1771 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bommasettihalli
1772 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Budumanahalli
1773 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byanahalli
1774 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byandahalli
1775 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byappanahalli
1776 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byatha
1777 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bylakere
1778 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Bylakonenahalli
1779 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byrapura
1780 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Byregowdanahalli
1781 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Chagalahatti
1782 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Challahalli
1783 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Challamakunte
1784 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Channahalli
1785 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Channasandra
1786 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Chikkajala
1787 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Chikkanahalli
1788 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Chokkanahalli
1789 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Chokkanahalli
1790 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dasanapura
1791 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dasanayakanahalli
1792 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dasenahalli
1793 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dibburu
1794 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Doddajala
1795 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Doddajala Amanikere
1796 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dombarahalli
1797 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Dummanur
1798 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gadenahalli
1799 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gangondanahalli
1800 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Ganigarahalli
1801 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gantiganahalli
1802 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gattisiddanahalli
1803 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gavipalya
1804 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gejjagadahalli
1805 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Giddenahalli
1806 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gollahalli
1807 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gollarapalya
1808 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gopalapura
1809 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Govindapura
1810 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Gowdahalli
1811 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Guddadahalli
1812 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Guniagrahara
1813 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Haniyur
1814 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hanumantha Sagara
1815 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Harokyathanahalli
1816 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Heggadadevanapura
1817 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hesaraghatta
1818 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hesaraghatta Grass Farm
1819 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Honnasandra
1820 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Honnenahalli
1821 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hosahalli
1822 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hosahalli Palya
1823 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Huchana Palya
1824 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hullegowdanahalli
1825 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hunachur
1826 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hunnigere
1827 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Hurali Chikkanahalli
1828 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Huskur
1829 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Huttanahalli
1830 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Huvinayakanahalli
1831 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (ii) Vaderapura (OG)
1832 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (i) Suggatta (OG)
1833 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Ittagallpura
1834 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Ivar Kandapura
1835 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Jarakbandekaval
1836 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kachohalli
1837 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kadabagere
1838 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kadaranahalli
1839 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kadathanamale
1840 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kakkehalli
1841 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kakolu
1842 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kalathammanahalli
1843 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kalenahalli
1844 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kamakshipura
1845 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kammasandra
1846 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kannahalli
1847 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kasagattapura
1848 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kempanahalli
1849 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kempapura
1850 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kenganahalli
1851 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North K.G. Lakkenahalli
1852 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North K.G.Srikantapura
1853 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kittana Halli
1854 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kodagi Thirumalapura
1855 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kodigehalli(Part)
1856 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kodipalya
1857 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Koluvarayanahalli
1858 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Konappana Agrahara (CT)
1859 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kondashetti Halli
1860 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Krishnarajapura
1861 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Krishnasagara
1862 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kuduragere
1863 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kuduragere
1864 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kukkanahalli
1865 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kumbalagodu (CT)
1866 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Kumbarahalli
1867 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lakkenahalli
1868 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lakshmipura
1869 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lakshmipura
1870 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lakshmisagara
1871 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Linganahalli
1872 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lingarajapura
1873 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Lingarajasagara
1874 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Machohalli
1875 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Madappanahalli
1876 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Madavara
1877 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Madhugirihalli
1878 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mahadevakodigehalli
1879 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Makali
1880 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mallasandra
1881 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Manchappanahosahalli
1882 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Manganahalli
1883 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Maralakunte
1884 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Maranayakana Halli
1885 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Marasandra
1886 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Marasandra Amanikere
1887 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Marenahalli
1888 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mariyanapalya
1889 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mathahalli
1890 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mathkur
1891 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mavallipura
1892 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Medi Agrahara
1893 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Meenakunte
1894 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Meesaganahalli
1895 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Muddanahalli
1896 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Muniyanapalya
1897 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Muthagada Halli
1898 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Muthugada Halli
1899 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mylanahalli
1900 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Mylappanahalli
1901 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Nagadasanahalli
1902 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Nagarur
1903 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Nagasandra
1904 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Narasipura
1905 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Narayanappana Palya
1906 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Navarathna Agrahara
1907 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Nellukunte
1908 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Nellukunte
1909 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Papanahalli
1910 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Pillahalli
1911 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Rajanukunte
1912 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Ramagondanahalli
1913 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Rampalya
1914 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Ravuthanahalli
1915 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sadenahalli
1916 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sasiveghatta
1917 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sathnur
1918 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Seegehalli
1919 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Seeresandra
1920 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Seethakempanahalli
1921 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Seshagiri Rao Palya
1922 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Settigere
1923 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Shamabhattara Palya
1924 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Shamarajpura
1925 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Shanubhoganahalli
1926 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Shivakote
1927 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Shivanapura
1928 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Siddanahosahalli
1929 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Singahalli
1930 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Singanayakanahalli
1931 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Singanayakanahalli Amanikere
1932 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Soladevanahalli
1933 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Somashetti Halli
1934 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sondekoppa
1935 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sonnappanahalli
1936 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sonnenahalli
1937 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Sreeramanahalli
1938 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Suradenpura
1939 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Syadamipalya
1940 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Tarahunase
1941 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Thammarasanahalli
1942 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Thammenahalli
1943 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Tharabanahalli
1944 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Tharabana Halli
1945 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Thimmasandra
1946 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Thirumalapura
1947 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Torenagasandra
1948 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Totagere
1949 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Vaddarahalli
1950 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Vaderahalli
1951 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Vaderahalli
1952 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Veerasagara
1953 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North Venkatapura
1954 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (vi) Guddahalli (OG)
1955 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (viii) Srikantapura Anchepalya (OG)
1956 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (vii) Totadaguddadahalli (OG)
1957 Bangalore Urban Bangalore North Bangalore North (x) Doddathoguru (OG)
1958 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Adigarakallahalli
1959 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Adigondanahalli
1960 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Adur
1961 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Agasa Thimmanahalli
1962 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ali Bommasandra
1963 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Amani Bidarakere
1964 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Amani Doddakere
1965 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal A Medihalli
1966 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Andapura
1967 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Anekal (Rural)
1968 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Arasinakunte (CT)
1969 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Aravantigepura
1970 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Arehalli
1971 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Arenur
1972 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Avadadenahalli
1973 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Avalahalli
1974 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bagganadoddi
1975 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Balagaranahalli
1976 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ballur
1977 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Banahalli
1978 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Banahalli
1979 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bandapura
1980 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bande Nalla Sandra
1981 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bannerughatta
1982 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bannerughatta Kaval
1983 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Begihalli
1984 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bendiganahalli
1985 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bestammanahalli
1986 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bhaktipura
1987 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bhoothanahalli
1988 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal B.Hosahalli
1989 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bhovi Palya (Shanthi Pur)
1990 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bidaragere
1991 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bidaraguppe
1992 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bidarakadahalli
1993 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bikkanahalli
1994 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bilchikkanahalli
1995 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Billapura
1996 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bilwaradahalli
1997 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bommandahalli
1998 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bujangadasanakere
1999 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Bukkasagara
2000 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Buragunte
2001 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Byagadadenahalli
2002 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Byalahalli
2003 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Byrappanahalli
2004 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chambenahalli
2005 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chandapura
2006 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chandrapura -Chatrakane
2007 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Channena Agrahara
2008 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkadasarahalli
2009 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkadunnasandra
2010 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikka Hagade
2011 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikka Hosahalli
2012 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkanagamangala
2013 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkanahalli
2014 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkanahalli
2015 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkanahatti
2016 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkanekkundi
2017 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkathimmasandra
2018 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chikkavaderapura
2019 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chintalmadivala
2020 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chokkasandra
2021 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Choodasandra
2022 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Chudenahalli
2023 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Dasanapura
2024 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Deshapande Guttahalli
2025 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Dodda Hagade
2026 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Doddathimmasandra
2027 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Dyavasandra
2028 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gattahalli
2029 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Geratiganabele
2030 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Giddenahalli
2031 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Giddenahalli
2032 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gollahalli
2033 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gollahalli
2034 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gonighattapura
2035 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gopasandra
2036 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gottamaranahalli
2037 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gowrenahalli
2038 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Guddahatti
2039 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gudighattanahalli
2040 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gudnahalli
2041 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Gulimangala
2042 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Halasahalli Thippasandra
2043 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Haldenahalli
2044 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Halehalli
2045 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Halesampigehalli
2046 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Handenahalli
2047 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Haragadde
2048 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Harapanahalli
2049 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Harohalli
2050 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hasaruvani
2051 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Heelalige
2052 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Heggondahalli
2053 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hennagara
2054 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hennagara Amanikere
2055 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hinnakki
2056 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hompalaghatta
2057 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Honnakalasapura
2058 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hosahalli
2059 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hulimangala
2060 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hullahalli
2061 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Hullukasavanahalli
2062 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Huskur
2063 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Iggalur
2064 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Indlabele
2065 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Indlawadi
2066 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Indlawadipura
2067 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Itchangur
2068 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ittangur
2069 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Janatha Colony
2070 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Jangal Palya
2071 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Janthagondanahalli
2072 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal J.Bingipura
2073 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Jigala
2074 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kachanaikanahalli
2075 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kadagrahara
2076 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kadajakkanahalli
2077 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kaggalipura
2078 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kalanaikanahalli
2079 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kalbalu
2080 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kalkere
2081 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kamanahalli
2082 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kamblipura
2083 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kammasandra
2084 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kammasandra Agrahara
2085 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kannaikana Agrahara
2086 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Karpur
2087 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kathriguppe
2088 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kaval Hosahalli
2089 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kempavaderahalli
2090 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kittaganahalli
2091 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kodlipura
2092 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kommasandra
2093 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Konasandra
2094 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Koppa
2095 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Koppa Gate
2096 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kotiganahalli
2097 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Krishnasagara
2098 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kugur
2099 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kumbaranahalli
2100 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kunmadivala
2101 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kurubarahatti
2102 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kuthaganahalli
2103 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Kyalasanahalli
2104 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Laxmipura
2105 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Laxmi Sagara
2106 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Lingapura
2107 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mada Patna
2108 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Madappanahalli
2109 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Madivala
2110 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mahal Chowdadenahalli
2111 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mahanthalingapura
2112 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Manchanahalli
2113 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mantapa
2114 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Maranaikanahalli
2115 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Marasur
2116 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Marasur Agrahara
2117 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Masthena Halli
2118 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mattanahalli
2119 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mayasandra
2120 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Menasiganahalli
2121 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal M.Medihalli
2122 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Mugalur
2123 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Muthagatti
2124 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Muthanallur
2125 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Muthanallur Amanikere
2126 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Muthasandra
2127 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Naganaikanahalli
2128 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nagen Agrahara
2129 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nallasandra
2130 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nanjapura
2131 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Narayanaghatta
2132 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nekkundi Dommasandra
2133 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Neralur
2134 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Neriga
2135 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nosenur
2136 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Nosenur Gollahalli
2137 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Panditana Agrahara
2138 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Patnagere Gollahalli
2139 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Rachamanahalli
2140 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ragihalli
2141 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Rajapura
2142 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ramakrishnapura
2143 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ramasagara
2144 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ramasandra
2145 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Ramnaikanahalli
2146 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Rayasandra
2147 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sakalawara
2148 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Samanahalli
2149 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Samandur
2150 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal S.Bingipura
2151 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Seeganaikanahalli
2152 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Seethanaikana Halli
2153 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Shivanahalli
2154 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sidihosakote
2155 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Singasandra
2156 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Singena Agrahara
2157 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal S.Medihalli
2158 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sollepura
2159 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Solur
2160 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sompura
2161 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sonnanayakanapura
2162 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Soppahalli
2163 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sriramapura
2164 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Submangala
2165 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Sunavara
2166 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Suragajakkanahalli
2167 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Telagarahalli
2168 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thammanaikanahalli
2169 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thattanahalli
2170 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thigala Chowdadenahalli
2171 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thimmasandra
2172 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thindlu
2173 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thirumagondanahalli
2174 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Thirupalya
2175 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Tyayakana Halli
2176 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Vabasandra
2177 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Vaddara Palya
2178 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Vaderahalli
2179 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Vaderamanchanahalli
2180 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Vanakanahalli
2181 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Veerasandra
2182 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Volagerekallahalli
2183 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Yadavanahalli
2184 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Yamare
2185 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Anekal Yarandahalli
2186 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Agara
2187 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Ajjanahalli
2188 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Alakabelalu
2189 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Badamanavarthekaval
2190 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Bettadasanapura
2191 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Bheemanakuppe
2192 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Bheemanakuppe- Ramasagara
2193 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Byalalu
2194 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Bychaguppe
2195 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chalaghatta
2196 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Channenahalli
2197 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chikkanahalli
2198 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chikkellur
2199 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chikkellur Ramapura
2200 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chikkellur Venkatapura
2201 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chinnakurchi
2202 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Cholanaikanahalli
2203 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Chunchanakuppe
2204 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Devagere
2205 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Devamachahalli Narayanapura
2206 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Devamachohalli
2207 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Doddabele
2208 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Doddamaranahalli
2209 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Doddanagamangala
2210 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Dodderi
2211 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Donnenahalli
2212 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Ganapathihalli
2213 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gangappanahalli
2214 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gangasandra
2215 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gangenahalli
2216 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Ganukal
2217 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gonipura
2218 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gudimavu
2219 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Gulakamale
2220 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Hampapura
2221 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Hommadevanahalli
2222 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Honniganahatti
2223 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Huluvenahalli
2224 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South (ix) Ramasandra (OG)
2225 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Jogerahalli
2226 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kaggalipura
2227 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kambipura
2228 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kaniminike
2229 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Karigiripura
2230 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South K. Chudahalli
2231 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kempagondanahalli
2232 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kenchanapura
2233 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kengeri Gollahalli
2234 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kethohalli
2235 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kethohalli Narasimhapura
2236 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kethohalli Ramapura
2237 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kolur
2238 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kolur Gururayanapura
2239 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kolur Nanjundapura
2240 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kommaghatta
2241 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kommaghatta - Krishnasagara
2242 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Krishnarajapura
2243 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kumbalagodu Gollahalli
2244 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kurubarahalli
2245 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Kurubarapalya
2246 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Madapatna
2247 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Maligondanahalli
2248 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Mallasandra
2249 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Maragondanahalli
2250 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Marenahalli
2251 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South M.Krishnasagara
2252 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Muddaiahnapalya
2253 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Mylasandra
2254 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Naganahalli
2255 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Naganayakanahalli
2256 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Nelaguli
2257 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Nettigere
2258 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South O.B.Chudahalli
2259 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Peddanapalya
2260 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Punagumaranahalli
2261 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Puradapalya
2262 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Rachanamadu
2263 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Ramohalli
2264 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Ravugodlu
2265 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Seegehalli
2266 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Seshagiripura
2267 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Somanahalli
2268 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Sulikere
2269 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Sulivara
2270 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Sulivara Ramapura
2271 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Sunkadakatte
2272 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Tavakadahalli
2273 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Tavarekere
2274 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Thagachaguppe
2275 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Tharalu
2276 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Thattaguppe
2277 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Thippagondanahalli
2278 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Thippur
2279 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Uttarahalli -Manavarthekaval
2280 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Uttari
2281 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Vadahalli
2282 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Vaddarapalya
2283 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Varthur
2284 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Varthur Narasimhapura
2285 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Vasanthanahalli
2286 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Venkatapura
2287 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Vittasandra
2288 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Yalachaguppe Ramapura
2289 Bangalore Urban Bangalore South Bangalore South Yelachaguppe
2290 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Agasage
2291 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Alatage
2292 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Ambewadi
2293 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Ankalagi (Badalankalagi)
2294 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Aralikatti
2295 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Aste
2296 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Attiwad
2297 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bachi
2298 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Badas (Inam)
2299 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Badas (K.H)
2300 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bagewadi
2301 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bahadarwadi
2302 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Baknur
2303 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Balekundri (B.K)
2304 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Balekundri (K.H)
2305 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bambarge
2306 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Basarikatti
2307 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bassapur
2308 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bastawad
2309 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Basurte
2310 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bekkinakeri
2311 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Belgundi
2312 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Belvatti
2313 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bendi
2314 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bhendigeri
2315 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bhutaramanahatti
2316 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bijagarni
2317 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bodakyanhatti
2318 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Bokanur
2319 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Chalvenahatti
2320 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Chandanhosur
2321 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Chandgad
2322 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Chandur
2323 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Desur
2324 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Devagiri
2325 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Dhamane S.Belgaum
2326 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Dhamne S.Bailur
2327 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Dharanatti
2328 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Gajapati
2329 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Godihal
2330 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Gojage
2331 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Goundawad (Part)
2332 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Gutti
2333 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Halabhavi
2334 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Halaga
2335 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Handiganur
2336 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Hangarge
2337 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Harankol
2338 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Heggere
2339 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Honaga
2340 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Honnihal
2341 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Hudali
2342 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Hulikatti
2343 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Hulikavi
2344 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Jafarwadi
2345 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Janewadi
2346 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kabalapur (Bharmyanatti)
2347 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kadoli
2348 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kalakhamb
2349 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kallehol
2350 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kamakarahatti
2351 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kanvi Karvinakoppa
2352 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Karadiguddi
2353 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Karle
2354 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Karvinkumpi
2355 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kattanabhavi
2356 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kavlewadi
2357 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kedanur
2358 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kenchanatti
2359 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Khanagaon (B.K)
2360 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Khanagaon (K.H.)
2361 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kiniye
2362 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kolikopp
2363 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kondaskoppa
2364 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kudremani
2365 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kukadoli
2366 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kurihal (B.K)
2367 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kurihal (K.H)
2368 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Kuttalawadi
2369 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Londa (CT)
2370 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mahalenahatti
2371 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mandoli
2372 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mannikeri
2373 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mannur
2374 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Maranhol
2375 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Marihal
2376 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mastamardi
2377 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mavinakatti
2378 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Modge
2379 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mouje Nandgad(CT)
2380 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Muchandi
2381 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Mutnal
2382 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Nagenahatti
2383 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Nandi
2384 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Nandihalli
2385 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Navage
2386 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Nilaji
2387 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Ningenhatti
2388 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Otamadu (Kabalapur)
2389 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Panagutti
2390 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Parsenahatti
2391 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Rajahansagad
2392 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Rakaskop
2393 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Ramdurg
2394 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Ranakunde
2395 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Rangadholi
2396 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Santibastawad
2397 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Savagaon
2398 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Shaganamatti
2399 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Shindoli (Part)
2400 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sonatti
2401 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sonoli
2402 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sulge (Uchagaon)
2403 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sulge (Yellur)
2404 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sutagatti
2405 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Sutgatti (Ah)
2406 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Tarihal
2407 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Tumarguddi
2408 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Turamari
2409 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Uchagaon
2410 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Virapankoppa
2411 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Waghawade
2412 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Yaddalabhavi-Hatti
2413 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Yalebail
2414 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Yaramale
2415 Belagavi Belagavi Belagavi Zad-Shahapur
2416 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Akkiwat
2417 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Aldhal
2418 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Alur (K.M)
2419 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ammanagi
2420 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Amminbhavi
2421 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ankale
2422 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ankalgudiketra
2423 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Aralikatti
2424 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Arjunwad
2425 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Attihal
2426 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Awargol
2427 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bad
2428 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Badkundri
2429 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bagarnal
2430 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bagewadi
2431 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bannibagi
2432 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Basapur
2433 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bastawad
2434 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bellambi
2435 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bellanki
2436 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Benakanholi
2437 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Beniwad
2438 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bhairapur
2439 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bidrewadi
2440 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Biranholi
2441 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bolasyanahatti
2442 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Borgal
2443 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Bugatealur
2444 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Chikalgud
2445 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Chikkaladinni
2446 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Chilbhavi
2447 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (c) Kakati (CT)
2448 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Dadabanahatti
2449 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Daddi
2450 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (d) Hindalgi (CT)
2451 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Dhondagatti
2452 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (e) Kangrali (BK)(CT)
2453 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (f) Kangrali (KH)(CT)
2454 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gavanal
2455 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gejapati
2456 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ghodageri
2457 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (g) Mutga (CT)
2458 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gotur
2459 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Goudawad
2460 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gudaganahatti
2461 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gudas
2462 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gumchinmardi
2463 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Gutaguddi
2464 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hadalga
2465 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hagedal
2466 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hanchinal
2467 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Handigud
2468 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hanjanatti
2469 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Haragapur
2470 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hattialur
2471 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (h) Benakanahalli (CT)
2472 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hebbal
2473 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hidkal
2474 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hittani
2475 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Honnihalli
2476 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hospet
2477 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hosur
2478 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hukkeri (Rural)
2479 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hulloli
2480 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Hullolihatti
2481 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ingali
2482 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (i) Peeranwadi (CT)
2483 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Islampur
2484 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Jabapur (R)
2485 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Jinaral
2486 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri (j) Machche (CT)
2487 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kadhatti
2488 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kamatanur
2489 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kanagale
2490 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Karajage
2491 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Karguppi
2492 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kesti
2493 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Khavanewadi
2494 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kochari
2495 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Konankeri
2496 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kot
2497 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kotabagi
2498 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kurni
2499 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Kurniwadi
2500 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Madamakkanal
2501 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Madihalli
2502 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Mangutti
2503 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Masarguppi
2504 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Mastiholi
2505 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Mattiwade
2506 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Mavanur
2507 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Modage
2508 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Nadigudiketra
2509 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Naganur K.D.
2510 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Naganur K.M.
2511 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Naganur K.S.
2512 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Nerli
2513 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Nidasoshi
2514 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Noginhal
2515 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Pachapur
2516 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Rajakatti
2517 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Ramewadi
2518 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Rashing
2519 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Raxi
2520 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Rustumpur
2521 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Salamwadi
2522 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sambra (CT)
2523 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sankeshwar (R)
2524 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sarapur
2525 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shahabandar
2526 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shekinhosur
2527 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shelapur
2528 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shettihalli
2529 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shindihatti
2530 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shippur
2531 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shiragaon
2532 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shirdhan
2533 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shirhatti (Bk)
2534 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shirhatti (Kh)
2535 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Shirur
2536 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sollapur
2537 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sulebhavi (CT)
2538 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Sultanpur
2539 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Thanahattargi
2540 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri U Khanapur
2541 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Wantmuri
2542 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yadgud
2543 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yalimunoli
2544 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yallapur
2545 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yargatti
2546 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yarnal
2547 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yellur (CT)
2548 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Yemakanmardi
2549 Belagavi Belagavi Hukeri Zangatihal
2550 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Abanali
2551 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Adi
2552 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Akrali
2553 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Allehol
2554 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Alloli-Kansoli
2555 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Amagaon
2556 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Amate
2557 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ambewadi
2558 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Amboli
2559 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Anagadi
2560 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ankale
2561 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Asoga
2562 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Avarolli
2563 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bacholi
2564 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bailur
2565 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Balagund
2566 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Balogi
2567 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bamanakop
2568 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Banki-Basarikatti
2569 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Baragaon
2570 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bastawad
2571 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bekwad
2572 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Betageri
2573 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Betne
2574 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhalake(B.K)
2575 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhalake (K.H.)
2576 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhandargali
2577 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhatewadi
2578 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhistenatti
2579 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhuranaki
2580 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bhuttewadi
2581 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bidarbhavi
2582 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bidi
2583 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bijagarni
2584 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Bogur
2585 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Budase
2586 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chankebail
2587 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Channewadi
2588 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chapagaon
2589 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chapoli
2590 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chick-Angrolli
2591 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chigule
2592 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chikadinkop
2593 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chikhale
2594 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chikkahattiholi
2595 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chikkamanoli
2596 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chinchewadi
2597 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chorla
2598 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Chunchwad
2599 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Daroli
2600 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Degaon
2601 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Deminkop
2602 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Devachihatti
2603 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Devalatti
2604 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Devarai
2605 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Dhokegali
2606 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Diggegali
2607 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Doddahosur
2608 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Doddebail
2609 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Dongargaon
2610 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Dukkarwadi
2611 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gadikop
2612 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gandigwad
2613 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ganebail
2614 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gangawali
2615 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Garlagunji
2616 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gastoli
2617 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gavali
2618 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gawase
2619 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gharli
2620 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ghose (B.K.)
2621 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ghose (K.H.)
2622 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ghotagali
2623 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Godageri
2624 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Godholi
2625 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Golihalli
2626 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Golyali
2627 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gundapi
2628 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gundolli
2629 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Gunji
2630 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Habbanatti
2631 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hadalaga
2632 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Halaga
2633 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Halakarni
2634 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Halasal
2635 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Halashi
2636 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Handur
2637 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Harasanwadi
2638 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Haruri
2639 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hattar Gunji
2640 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hattarwad
2641 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hebbal
2642 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hemmadaga
2643 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hindalagi
2644 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hire-Angrolli
2645 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hire-Hattiholi
2646 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hiremanoli
2647 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Holda
2648 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Honakal
2649 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Huland
2650 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Hulikottal
2651 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Idalhond
2652 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Itagi
2653 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jainkoppa
2654 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jalage
2655 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jamagaon
2656 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jambegali
2657 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jamboti
2658 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jatage
2659 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Jikanur
2660 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Junjwad (K.G.)
2661 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kabanali
2662 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kadatanbagewadi
2663 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kagganagi
2664 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kakkeri
2665 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kalmani
2666 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kamatage
2667 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kamsinkop
2668 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kanakumbi
2669 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kanjale
2670 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kapoli K.Chapoli
2671 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kapoli (K.G.)
2672 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karajagi
2673 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karalga
2674 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karambal
2675 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karanjal
2676 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karikatti
2677 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Karvinkop
2678 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kasabanandgad
2679 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kasamalagi
2680 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Katagali
2681 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kavale
2682 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kelil
2683 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kerwad (Gundyanati)
2684 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Khairwad
2685 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Khanapur (Rural)
2686 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Khemewadi
2687 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kirawale (K.G.)
2688 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kirhalashi
2689 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kodachwad
2690 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kodagai
2691 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kongale
2692 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Koundal
2693 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kukenatti Alias (Ramapur)
2694 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kumbarda
2695 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kuppatagiri
2696 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Kusamalli
2697 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Lakkebail
2698 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Linganmath
2699 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Lokoli
2700 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Machali
2701 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Malavi
2702 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Malwad
2703 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Manasapur
2704 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mangenkop-Alias Ghosenatti
2705 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Manikwadi
2706 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Manjarpai (K.G.)
2707 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Manturga
2708 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Maskenahatti
2709 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mendegali
2710 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mendil
2711 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Merada
2712 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Modekop
2713 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mohiset
2714 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Morab
2715 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mudewadi
2716 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mugawade
2717 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Mundwad-Pimpale
2718 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nagaragali
2719 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nagurda
2720 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nanjankodal
2721 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Navage
2722 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nerase
2723 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nidagal
2724 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nilawade
2725 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Nittur
2726 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Olamani
2727 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Otoli
2728 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Padalwadi
2729 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Parishwad
2730 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Parwad
2731 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Pastoli
2732 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Potoli
2733 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Pur
2734 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Ramgurwadi
2735 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Rumewadi
2736 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Sagare
2737 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Sangargali
2738 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Sannahosur
2739 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Satanali
2740 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Savargali
2741 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shedegali
2742 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shimpewadi
2743 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shindholi (K.H.)
2744 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shindholli
2745 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shindholli (B.K.)
2746 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shiroli
2747 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shivathan
2748 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Shivoli
2749 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Singinkop
2750 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Sulegali
2751 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Surapur
2752 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Suwatawadi
2753 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Talawade
2754 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Tarawad
2755 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Tavargatti
2756 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Teregali
2757 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Thirthkunde
2758 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Tivoli
2759 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Tolagi
2760 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Topinkatti
2761 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Torali
2762 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Uchawade
2763 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Vaddebail
2764 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Warkhadpatye
2765 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Watre
2766 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Yadoga
2767 Belagavi Belagavi Khanapur Zunjawad K.Nandagad
2768 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Amarapur
2769 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Amatur
2770 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Ambadagatti
2771 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Anigol
2772 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Arawalli
2773 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Awaradi
2774 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bachanakeri
2775 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bailhongal (Rural)
2776 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bailur
2777 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bailwad
2778 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bairanatti
2779 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Basarkhod
2780 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bassapur
2781 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Belawadi
2782 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Benachinamardi
2783 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bevinkoppa
2784 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bhavihal
2785 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Bidaragaddi
2786 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Budihal
2787 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Budrakatti
2788 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Channapur
2789 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Chick-Bagewadi
2790 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Chikkabellikatti
2791 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Chikkanadihalli
2792 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Chikkmulakur
2793 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Chivatagundi
2794 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Dastikoppa
2795 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Degaon
2796 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Degulhalli
2797 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Dematti
2798 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Deshanur
2799 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Devalapur
2800 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Devarashigihalli
2801 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Dodawad
2802 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Dombarkoppa
2803 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Gaddikurvinkoppa
2804 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Gajaminhal
2805 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Ganikoppa
2806 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Garjur
2807 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Giriyal-Kariyat
2808 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Giriyal Kariyat Bagewadi
2809 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Govanakoppa
2810 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Gudadur
2811 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Gudikatti
2812 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hanabar Hatti
2813 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hanamana Hatti
2814 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hannikeri
2815 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hirebellikatti
2816 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hiremele
2817 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hiremulakur
2818 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hirenandihalli
2819 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hogarti
2820 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Holihosur
2821 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Holinagalapur
2822 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Honnapur
2823 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Honnidibba
2824 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hoskoti
2825 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hulikatti Kariyat Ambadagatti
2826 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Hunshikatti
2827 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Jakkanaikanakoppa
2828 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Jalikoppa
2829 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Jamalur
2830 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kadasagatti
2831 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kadatnal
2832 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kadrolli
2833 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kalabhavi
2834 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kalkuppi
2835 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kallur
2836 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Katri Daddi
2837 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kenganoor
2838 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kesarkoppa
2839 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Khodanapur
2840 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kittur
2841 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Koldur
2842 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Korvikoppa
2843 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kotabagi
2844 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kulamanatti
2845 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kulavalli
2846 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Kuragund
2847 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Lakkundi
2848 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Lingadahalli
2849 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Madanbhavi
2850 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mallapur Kariyat Ambadagatti
2851 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mallapur Kariyat Nesargi
2852 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mardinagalapur
2853 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Marganakoppa
2854 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Marigeri
2855 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Marikatti
2856 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mastamaradi
2857 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mattikoppa
2858 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mekalmaradi
2859 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Metyal
2860 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala M.K.Hubli
2861 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mohare
2862 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Mugabasav
2863 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Muraki Bhavi
2864 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Nagnur
2865 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Nanagundikoppa
2866 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Navalgatti
2867 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Neginhal
2868 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Nesargi
2869 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Nichanaki
2870 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Pattihal Kariyat Sampagaon
2871 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Pattihal K.B.
2872 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Pularkoppa
2873 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Sampagaon (Bailhongal)
2874 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Sangolli
2875 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Sanikoppa
2876 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Savatagi
2877 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Shigihalli Kariyat Ambadagatti
2878 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Shigihalli Kariyat Sampagaon
2879 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Shivanur
2880 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Siddasamudra
2881 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Somanatti
2882 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Sunakumpi
2883 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Sutagatti
2884 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Tegur
2885 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Tigadi
2886 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Tigadolli
2887 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Timmapur
2888 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Turakarshigihalli
2889 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Turamari
2890 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Udikeri
2891 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Ugarkhod
2892 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Ujjanatti
2893 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Vannur
2894 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Veerapur
2895 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Wakkund
2896 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Yaradal
2897 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Yaragoppa
2898 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Yaraguddi
2899 Belagavi Bylahongal Bailahongala Yettinkeri
2900 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Adibatti
2901 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Ajjanakatti
2902 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Akkatangerahal
2903 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Ankalgi
2904 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Arabhavi
2905 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Arabhavi-Dhavalatti
2906 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Aralimatti
2907 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Avaradi
2908 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Badigwad
2909 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Bagarnal
2910 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Bairanatti
2911 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Balobal
2912 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Basaligundi
2913 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Beerangaddi
2914 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Benachinamaradi
2915 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Benachinamardi
2916 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Betageri
2917 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Bilakundi
2918 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Bisanakoppa
2919 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Budihal
2920 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Chigadolli
2921 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Chikkanandi
2922 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dandapur
2923 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Devagoudanahatti
2924 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dharmatti
2925 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dhasanatti
2926 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dhavaleshwar
2927 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dhupadal
2928 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Dum Urabinahatti
2929 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Duradundi
2930 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Fulagaddi
2931 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gaddiholi
2932 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Ganeshwadi
2933 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Ginimar Hosur
2934 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Godachinamalaki
2935 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gokak (Rural)
2936 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gosabal
2937 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gujanal
2938 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gujanatti
2939 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gulaganjikoppa
2940 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Gurlapur
2941 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hadiginal
2942 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hale Yaragudri
2943 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hallur
2944 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hanamapur
2945 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hanamapur
2946 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Herenandi
2947 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hirehatti
2948 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Honakuppi
2949 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hosatti
2950 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hulikatti
2951 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hunshyal (P.G.)
2952 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Hunshyal (P.Y.)
2953 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Iranattti
2954 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Jamanal
2955 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Jokanatti
2956 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kaitanal
2957 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kalarkoppa
2958 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kalliguddi
2959 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kallolli
2960 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kamaladinni
2961 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kamankatti
2962 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kaparatti
2963 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kemmankol
2964 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kesappanatti
2965 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Khanagaon
2966 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Khanapur
2967 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Khanatti
2968 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kolavi
2969 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Konnur (Rural)
2970 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kopadatti
2971 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Koujalgi
2972 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kuligod
2973 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Kundargi
2974 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Lagameshwar
2975 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Lakshmeshwar
2976 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Lolasur
2977 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Madawal
2978 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Makkalageri
2979 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Maladinni
2980 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mallapur (P.G.)
2981 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mallapur. S.A.
2982 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mamadapur
2983 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mannikeri
2984 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Maradishivapur
2985 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Masaguppi
2986 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Melavanki
2987 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Midakanatti
2988 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Molmanatti
2989 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mudalgi (Rural)
2990 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Munyal
2991 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Musalamari
2992 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Mutnal
2993 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Nabapur
2994 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Naganur
2995 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Nallanatti
2996 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Nandagaon
2997 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Pamaladinni
2998 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Panchanaikanatti
2999 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Panjanatti
3000 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Patagundi
3001 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Pudakalkatti
3002 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Radderatti
3003 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Rajanakatti
3004 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Rajapur
3005 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Rangapur
3006 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Sanganakeri
3007 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shiddapurahatti
3008 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shigiholi
3009 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shiltibhavi
3010 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shindikurbet
3011 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shingalapur
3012 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shivapur
3013 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Shivapur
3014 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Suladhal
3015 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Sunadholi
3016 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Talakatnal
3017 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Tapashi
3018 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Tavag
3019 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Telaginahatti
3020 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Tigadi
3021 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Timmapur
3022 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Tukkanatti
3023 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Udagatti
3024 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Upparatti
3025 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Urabinahatti
3026 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Venkatapur
3027 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Waderatti
3028 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Yaddalgudd
3029 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Yadwad
3030 Belagavi Bylahongal Gokak Yaragudri
3031 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Aneguddi
3032 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Aribenchi
3033 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Awaradi
3034 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Bannur
3035 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Batakurki
3036 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Beedaki
3037 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Bennur
3038 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Bhagojikoppa
3039 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Bijaguppi
3040 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Bochabal
3041 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Boodanur
3042 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Budnikhurd
3043 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Channatti
3044 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chennapur
3045 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chetan Nagar
3046 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chikkamulangi
3047 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chikkoppa K.S.
3048 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chikkoppa S.K.
3049 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chiktadashi
3050 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chilamur
3051 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chinchakhandi
3052 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chippalkatti
3053 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Chunchanur
3054 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Dadibhavi Salapur
3055 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Dodamangadi
3056 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Durganagar
3057 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Ghatakanur
3058 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Godachi
3059 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gokulnagar
3060 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gonaganur
3061 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gonnagar
3062 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gudagoppa
3063 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gudagumnal
3064 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Gudakatti
3065 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Guttigoli
3066 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Halagatti
3067 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Haletoragal
3068 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Halolli
3069 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hampiholi
3070 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hanamapur S.U.
3071 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hanama Sagar
3072 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hirekoppa K.S.
3073 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hiremulangi
3074 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hiretadashi
3075 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hosakeri
3076 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hosakoti
3077 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Huligoppa
3078 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Hulkund
3079 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Idagal
3080 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Jalikatti
3081 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kadampur
3082 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kadlikoppa
3083 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kalamad
3084 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kalhal
3085 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kallur
3086 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kamakeri
3087 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kamanakoppa
3088 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kankanwadi
3089 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Karadigudda
3090 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Katakol
3091 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg K.Chandargi
3092 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kesaragoppa
3093 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Khanapeth
3094 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kilabanur (Part)
3095 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kittur
3096 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg K.Junipeth
3097 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kolachi
3098 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Krishnanagar
3099 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kullur
3100 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Kunnal
3101 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Lakhanayakanakoppa
3102 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Lingadal
3103 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Maganur
3104 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Mallapur
3105 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Manihal
3106 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Maradagi
3107 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg M.Chandargi
3108 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg M.Kallapur
3109 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg M.Khanapur
3110 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg M.Timmapur
3111 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Mudakavi
3112 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Mudenkoppa
3113 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Mudenur
3114 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Mullur
3115 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Murakatnal
3116 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Naganur
3117 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Nandihal
3118 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Narasapur
3119 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Obalapur
3120 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Padamandi
3121 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Panchagaon
3122 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Ramapur
3123 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Rankalkoppa
3124 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Revadikoppa
3125 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Rokkadakatti
3126 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Sangal
3127 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Sarakote Devapur
3128 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Shirasapur
3129 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Shivanakote
3130 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Shivapeth
3131 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Sidnal
3132 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Somapur
3133 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Soppadla
3134 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Sunnal
3135 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Sureban
3136 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Timmapur S.A.
3137 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Tondikatti
3138 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Toranagatti
3139 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Totagatti
3140 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Turanur (Part)
3141 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Udapudi
3142 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Ujjinakoppa
3143 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Umatar
3144 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Venkateshwarnagar
3145 Belagavi Bylahongal Ramdurg Venktapur
3146 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Achamatti
3147 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Akkisagar
3148 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Aladakatti K.M
3149 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Aladakatti K.Y
3150 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Artagall
3151 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Asundi
3152 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Badli
3153 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Basaragi Inam
3154 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Basargi [K.M.]
3155 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Basidoni
3156 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Benakatti
3157 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Betasur
3158 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Bhandara Halli
3159 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Bolakadabi
3160 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Bommagadikoppa
3161 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Budigoppa
3162 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chachadi
3163 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chakrageri
3164 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chikkabudanur
3165 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chikkoppa K.M.
3166 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chikkulligeri
3167 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chikkumbi
3168 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Chulaki
3169 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Dasanal
3170 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Dhaderkoppa
3171 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Dhupdal
3172 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Dugabal
3173 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Dundanakoppa
3174 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Ganiyal
3175 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Girinagar
3176 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Gontamar
3177 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Gorabal
3178 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Goraguddi
3179 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Goravanakolla
3180 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Govanakoppa Inam
3181 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Govanakoppa K.S.
3182 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Govanakoppa K.Y.
3183 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Gudamakeri
3184 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Gundlur
3185 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Gurlhosur
3186 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Halaki
3187 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hallur
3188 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hanchinal
3189 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Haralakatti
3190 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Harlapur
3191 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Harugoppa
3192 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hirebudanur
3193 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hirekoppa K.M.
3194 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hirekumbi
3195 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hireulligeri
3196 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hirur
3197 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hittanagi
3198 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hooli
3199 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hoolikatti
3200 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Hosur
3201 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Inamhongal
3202 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Inchal
3203 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Ingalagi
3204 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Itnal
3205 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Jakabal
3206 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Jalikatti
3207 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Jangamabudagatti
3208 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Jeevapur
3209 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kadabi
3210 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kadihalli
3211 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kagadal
3212 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kagihal
3213 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kallapur
3214 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Karikatti
3215 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Karimani
3216 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Karlakatti
3217 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Katamalli
3218 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Katral
3219 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kenchalarkop
3220 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kencharamanahal
3221 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kitadal
3222 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kodliwad
3223 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Korakoppa
3224 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kotur
3225 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kurabagatti
3226 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kuravinakoppa
3227 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Kutaranatti
3228 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mabanur
3229 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Madamageri
3230 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Madlur
3231 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mahantheshnagar
3232 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Malagali
3233 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mallur
3234 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Manikatti
3235 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Manolli
3236 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Marakumbi
3237 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Matolli
3238 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mellikeri
3239 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mugali
3240 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mugalihal
3241 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Murgod
3242 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Mutawad
3243 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Nadavinahalli
3244 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Nugganatti
3245 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Rainapur
3246 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Ramanagar
3247 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Renukanagar
3248 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Rudrapur
3249 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Sangreshkoppa
3250 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Sattigeri
3251 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Saundatti (Rural)
3252 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shindhogi
3253 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shingarkop
3254 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shirasangi
3255 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shivanagar
3256 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shivapur
3257 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Shrirangapur
3258 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Sogal
3259 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Somapur
3260 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Soppadla
3261 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Sutagatti
3262 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Tadasalur
3263 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Tallur
3264 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Taredakoppa
3265 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Tavalageri
3266 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Teggihal
3267 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Ugaragol
3268 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Vatnal
3269 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Venkateshnagar
3270 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yadahalli
3271 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yadravi
3272 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yakkeri
3273 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yakkundi
3274 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yaraganavi
3275 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yaragatti
3276 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yarazarvi
3277 Belagavi Bylahongal Savadatti Yenagi
3278 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Abbihal
3279 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Adahalli
3280 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Adalatti
3281 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Agrani-Ingalgaon
3282 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Aigali
3283 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ainapur
3284 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ajur
3285 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Anantapur
3286 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Aralihatti
3287 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Aratal
3288 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Athani (Rural) (Part)
3289 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Avarkhod
3290 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Badachi
3291 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Badagi
3292 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Balawad
3293 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Balligeri
3294 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Bammanal
3295 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Banajawad
3296 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Bannur
3297 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Bedarahatti
3298 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Bevanoor
3299 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Buralatti
3300 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Chamakeri
3301 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Chikkud
3302 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Darur
3303 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Desairatti
3304 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Devaradderahatti
3305 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Dhabadhabahatti
3306 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Dodwad
3307 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Fadatarawadi
3308 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Farida Khanawadi
3309 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ghatanatti
3310 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Gundewadi
3311 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Halalli
3312 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Halyal
3313 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Hanamapur
3314 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Hulagabali
3315 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Jakkaratti
3316 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Jambagi
3317 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Janawad
3318 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Jugul
3319 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Junjarwad
3320 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kagawad
3321 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kakamari
3322 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kallotti
3323 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kannal
3324 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Katageri
3325 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Katral
3326 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kempwad
3327 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Keskaradaddi
3328 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Khavatkoppa
3329 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Khilegaon
3330 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Khotanatti
3331 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kiranagi
3332 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kodaganoor
3333 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kohalli
3334 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kokatnoor
3335 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kottalgi
3336 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Koulgudd
3337 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Krishna Kittur
3338 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Kusnal
3339 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Lokur
3340 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Madabhavi
3341 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Mahishwadgi
3342 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Malabad
3343 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Mangasuli
3344 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Mangavati
3345 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Masarguppi
3346 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Mavinahatti
3347 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Mole
3348 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Molwad
3349 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Muragundi
3350 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Nadi-Ingalgaon
3351 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Naganur P.A.
3352 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Naganur P.K.
3353 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Nandagaon
3354 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Nandeshwar
3355 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Navalihal
3356 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Pandegaon
3357 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Parthanahalli
3358 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Radderahatti
3359 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ramateerth
3360 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Sambaragi
3361 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Sankaratti
3362 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Sankonahatti
3363 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Saptasagar
3364 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Satti
3365 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Savadi
3366 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shahapur
3367 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shedbal
3368 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shegunshi
3369 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shinal
3370 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shiraguppi
3371 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shirahatti
3372 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shirur
3373 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Shivanoor
3374 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Siddewadi
3375 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Suttatti
3376 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Tangadi
3377 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Tawashi
3378 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Teerth
3379 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Telsang
3380 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Tevaratti
3381 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ugar Budruk
3382 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Ugar Khurd
3383 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Vishnuvadi
3384 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Yakkanchi
3385 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Yallammawadi
3386 Belagavi Chikodi Athni Yelihadalagi
3387 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Adi
3388 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Akkol
3389 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Amalzari
3390 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Ankali
3391 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Appachiwadi
3392 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bambalwad
3393 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Barwad
3394 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bedkihal
3395 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Belagali
3396 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Belkud
3397 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Benadi
3398 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bennihalli
3399 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bhatnaganur
3400 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bhimapurwadi
3401 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bhivashi
3402 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bhoj
3403 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bidrahalli
3404 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Bolewadi
3405 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Boragaon
3406 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Boragaonwadi
3407 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Budihal
3408 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Budulmukh
3409 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Chandur
3410 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Chandur - Tek
3411 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Chikalwal
3412 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Chikodi (Rural)
3413 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Chinchani
3414 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Dhulaganawadi
3415 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Dilalapurwadi
3416 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Donawad
3417 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Donewadi
3418 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Examba
3419 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Gajabarwadi
3420 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Galatga
3421 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Gavan
3422 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Gayakanawadi
3423 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Girgaon
3424 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Gondikuppi
3425 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hadnal
3426 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hanabarawadi
3427 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hanchinal (K.K.)
3428 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hanchinal (K.S.)
3429 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Handyanwadi
3430 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hattarwat
3431 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hirekudi
3432 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hosa Yedur
3433 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Hunnaragi
3434 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Ingali
3435 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Itnal
3436 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Jaganur
3437 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Jainapur
3438 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Janwad
3439 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Jatrat
3440 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Jodakurli
3441 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Jodatti
3442 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kabbur
3443 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kadapur
3444 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kallol
3445 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kamatyanahatti
3446 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Karadaga
3447 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Karagaon
3448 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Karoshi
3449 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kasanal
3450 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kenchanatti
3451 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kerur
3452 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Khadaklat
3453 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Khajagoudanhatti
3454 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kodni
3455 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Koganoli
3456 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kothali
3457 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kungatolli
3458 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kunnur
3459 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kuppanawadi
3460 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kurli
3461 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Kuthali
3462 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Lakhanapur
3463 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Majalatti
3464 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Malikwad
3465 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mamadapur (Kk)
3466 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mamadapur (KL)
3467 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Manakapur
3468 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mangnur
3469 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mangur
3470 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Manjari
3471 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Manjariwadi
3472 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Manuchiwadi
3473 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mattiwade
3474 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Meerapurhatti
3475 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Mugali
3476 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Naganur
3477 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nagaral
3478 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nagaramunnoli
3479 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nainglaj
3480 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nanadi
3481 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nanadiwadi
3482 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Navalihal
3483 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nej
3484 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Nippani (Rural)
3485 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Padlihal
3486 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Pangeri (B)
3487 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Pangire (A)
3488 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Pattankudi
3489 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Peerawadi
3490 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Pogatyanatti
3491 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Rampur
3492 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Roopanal
3493 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Sadalaga (Rural)
3494 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Sankanwadi
3495 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shamanewadi
3496 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shendur
3497 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shiddapurwadi
3498 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shiradwad
3499 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shiragaonwadi
3500 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shirgaon
3501 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shirguppi
3502 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Shivapurawadi
3503 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Sidnal
3504 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Soundalga
3505 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Sulagaon
3506 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Tavadi
3507 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Thapakarwadi
3508 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Toranahalli
3509 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Umrani
3510 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Vijayanagar
3511 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Wadral
3512 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Walki
3513 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yadur
3514 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yadurwadi
3515 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yadyanawadi
3516 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yadyanawadi
3517 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yamagarni
3518 Belagavi Chikodi Chikodi Yarnal
3519 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Alagawadi
3520 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Alakhanur
3521 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Badabyakud
3522 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bastwad
3523 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bavachi
3524 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bekkeri
3525 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bhendwad
3526 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bhiradi
3527 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Biranal
3528 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Bommanal
3529 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Budihal
3530 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Byakud
3531 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Chinchali
3532 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Devanakatti
3533 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Devapurhatti
3534 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Diggewadi (Old)
3535 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Girinaikwadi
3536 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Gundwad
3537 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Handigund
3538 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Harugeri
3539 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Hidakal
3540 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Hubbarwadi
3541 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Itanal
3542 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Jalalpur
3543 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Jodahatti
3544 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Kanchakarawadi
3545 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Kankanawadi
3546 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Kappalguddi
3547 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Katakbhavi
3548 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Kempatti
3549 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Khanadal
3550 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Khemalapur
3551 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Koligudda
3552 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Kudachi (Rural)
3553 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Mantur
3554 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Maradi
3555 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Marakudi
3556 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Mavinhonda
3557 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Mekhali
3558 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Morab
3559 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Mugalkhod
3560 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nagaral
3561 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nandikurali
3562 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nasalapur
3563 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nidagundi
3564 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nilaji
3565 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Nipanal
3566 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Palbhavi
3567 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Paramanandwadi
3568 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Raibag (Rural)
3569 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Savasuddi
3570 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Shiragur
3571 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Siddapur
3572 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Soundatti
3573 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Sultanpur
3574 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Suttatti
3575 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Yabaratti
3576 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Yadrav
3577 Belagavi Chikodi Raybag Yelpratti
3578 Bellary Bellary Bellary Aladahalli
3579 Bellary Bellary Bellary Amarapura
3580 Bellary Bellary Bellary Andralu
3581 Bellary Bellary Bellary Asundi
3582 Bellary Bellary Bellary Badanahatti
3583 Bellary Bellary Bellary Banapura
3584 Bellary Bellary Bellary Basarakodu
3585 Bellary Bellary Bellary Belagal
3586 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bellary Gonahal
3587 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bellary[R]
3588 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bennikallu
3589 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bevinahalli
3590 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bisalahalli
3591 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bobbukunta
3592 Bellary Bellary Bellary Bommanahal
3593 Bellary Bellary Bellary Burranayakanahalli
3594 Bellary Bellary Bellary Byalachinte
3595 Bellary Bellary Bellary Byluru
3596 Bellary Bellary Bellary Byradevanahalli
3597 Bellary Bellary Bellary Chaganur
3598 Bellary Bellary Bellary Chanahal
3599 Bellary Bellary Bellary Chandur
3600 Bellary Bellary Bellary Chellagurki
3601 Bellary Bellary Bellary Chitiginahalu
3602 Bellary Bellary Bellary Dammur
3603 Bellary Bellary Bellary Dammur Kaggal
3604 Bellary Bellary Bellary Dasara Nagenahalli
3605 Bellary Bellary Bellary Donimalai Township(CT)
3606 Bellary Bellary Bellary Emmiganur
3607 Bellary Bellary Bellary Genikihal
3608 Bellary Bellary Bellary Godehal
3609 Bellary Bellary Bellary Gollanaganahalli
3610 Bellary Bellary Bellary Gotur
3611 Bellary Bellary Bellary Gudadur
3612 Bellary Bellary Bellary Guttiganur
3613 Bellary Bellary Bellary Halakundi
3614 Bellary Bellary Bellary Handihal
3615 Bellary Bellary Bellary Haraginadone
3616 Bellary Bellary Bellary Havinahal Veerapura
3617 Bellary Bellary Bellary Hirehadagali
3618 Bellary Bellary Bellary Honnahalli
3619 Bellary Bellary Bellary Ibrampura
3620 Bellary Bellary Bellary Jalibenchi
3621 Bellary Bellary Bellary Jalihal
3622 Bellary Bellary Bellary Janikunte
3623 Bellary Bellary Bellary Joladarasi
3624 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kakkabevinahalli
3625 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kallukamba
3626 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kallukutiganahalu
3627 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kammarchedu
3628 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kappagallu
3629 Bellary Bellary Bellary Karekal
3630 Bellary Bellary Bellary Karekal Veerapura
3631 Bellary Bellary Bellary Karichedu
3632 Bellary Bellary Bellary Karikeri
3633 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kolagallu
3634 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kolur
3635 Bellary Bellary Bellary Korlagundi
3636 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kotal Camp
3637 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kudathini
3638 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kuntanahal
3639 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kurekuppa (CT)
3640 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kurugodu
3641 Bellary Bellary Bellary Kyadigehal
3642 Bellary Bellary Bellary Lakshmipura
3643 Bellary Bellary Bellary Lingadevanahalli
3644 Bellary Bellary Bellary Mallapura (Shrothriyam)
3645 Bellary Bellary Bellary Masudipura
3646 Bellary Bellary Bellary Meenahalli
3647 Bellary Bellary Bellary Mincheri
3648 Bellary Bellary Bellary Moka
3649 Bellary Bellary Bellary Mokagonahal
3650 Bellary Bellary Bellary Mustagatta
3651 Bellary Bellary Bellary Nelludi
3652 Bellary Bellary Bellary Orvai
3653 Bellary Bellary Bellary Paramadevanahalli
3654 Bellary Bellary Bellary Patrabudhihal
3655 Bellary Bellary Bellary Pattanasaragu
3656 Bellary Bellary Bellary Rayapura
3657 Bellary Bellary Bellary Rupanagudi
3658 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sanganakal
3659 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sanjeevarayanakote
3660 Bellary Bellary Bellary Shankarabanda
3661 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sidaragadda
3662 Bellary Bellary Bellary Siddammanahalli
3663 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sidiginamola
3664 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sindegeri
3665 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sindhavalam
3666 Bellary Bellary Bellary Singadevanahalli
3667 Bellary Bellary Bellary Sirivaram
3668 Bellary Bellary Bellary Somalapura
3669 Bellary Bellary Bellary Somasamudra
3670 Bellary Bellary Bellary Tambrahalli
3671 Bellary Bellary Bellary Tegginabudihal
3672 Bellary Bellary Bellary Thimmalapura
3673 Bellary Bellary Bellary Tolamamidi
3674 Bellary Bellary Bellary Vaddahatti
3675 Bellary Bellary Bellary Vaddu (CT)
3676 Bellary Bellary Bellary Vannenur
3677 Bellary Bellary Bellary Veniveerapura
3678 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yalpi
3679 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yalpi Kaggalu
3680 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yarringaligi
3681 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yelubemchi
3682 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yerragudi
3683 Bellary Bellary Bellary Yettinabudihal
3684 Bellary Bellary Sandur 55 Mallapura
3685 Bellary Bellary Sandur Agrahara
3686 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ankammanahal
3687 Bellary Bellary Sandur Antapur
3688 Bellary Bellary Sandur Appalapur
3689 Bellary Bellary Sandur Avinamadugu
3690 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ayyanahalli
3691 Bellary Bellary Sandur Bandri
3692 Bellary Bellary Sandur Bannihatti
3693 Bellary Bellary Sandur Bhujanganagar
3694 Bellary Bellary Sandur Bommagatta
3695 Bellary Bellary Sandur Chikkakeriyaginahalli
3696 Bellary Bellary Sandur Chikkantapur
3697 Bellary Bellary Sandur Chornur
3698 Bellary Bellary Sandur Daroji
3699 Bellary Bellary Sandur Deogiri
3700 Bellary Bellary Sandur Devarabudenahalli
3701 Bellary Bellary Sandur Devaramallapur
3702 Bellary Bellary Sandur Donimalai (F)
3703 Bellary Bellary Sandur Dowlatpur
3704 Bellary Bellary Sandur Emmihatti
3705 Bellary Bellary Sandur Gangalapur
3706 Bellary Bellary Sandur Genatikatte
3707 Bellary Bellary Sandur Gollalingammanahalli
3708 Bellary Bellary Sandur Gowripur
3709 Bellary Bellary Sandur Gowripur
3710 Bellary Bellary Sandur Gundlahalli
3711 Bellary Bellary Sandur Hanumanahalli
3712 Bellary Bellary Sandur Hirekeriyaginahalli
3713 Bellary Bellary Sandur Hulikunta 73
3714 Bellary Bellary Sandur Jaisingapur
3715 Bellary Bellary Sandur Jiginahalli
3716 Bellary Bellary Sandur Jodibommiahnahalli
3717 Bellary Bellary Sandur Jodikasinayakanahalli
3718 Bellary Bellary Sandur Joga
3719 Bellary Bellary Sandur Kalingeri
3720 Bellary Bellary Sandur Kanakapur .B.C.
3721 Bellary Bellary Sandur Karthikeshwar
3722 Bellary Bellary Sandur Kodalu
3723 Bellary Bellary Sandur Krishnanagar
3724 Bellary Bellary Sandur Lakkalahalli
3725 Bellary Bellary Sandur Lingadahalli
3726 Bellary Bellary Sandur Malapur
3727 Bellary Bellary Sandur Mallapura 72
3728 Bellary Bellary Sandur Marutala
3729 Bellary Bellary Sandur Metriki
3730 Bellary Bellary Sandur Mothalakunta
3731 Bellary Bellary Sandur Muraripur
3732 Bellary Bellary Sandur Musinayakanahalli
3733 Bellary Bellary Sandur Nagalapur
3734 Bellary Bellary Sandur Narasingapur
3735 Bellary Bellary Sandur Narayanapur
3736 Bellary Bellary Sandur Nidugurthi
3737 Bellary Bellary Sandur North Eastern Block(F)
3738 Bellary Bellary Sandur Radhanagar
3739 Bellary Bellary Sandur Rajapur
3740 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ramanmalai Block (F)
3741 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ramasagar
3742 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ramgad
3743 Bellary Bellary Sandur Rampur
3744 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ranjitpur
3745 Bellary Bellary Sandur Sankarapur
3746 Bellary Bellary Sandur Selieppanahalli
3747 Bellary Bellary Sandur Shro.Basapur
3748 Bellary Bellary Sandur Shro.Gangalapur
3749 Bellary Bellary Sandur Shro.Oblapur
3750 Bellary Bellary Sandur Shro.Thimmavvanahalli
3751 Bellary Bellary Sandur Siddapur
3752 Bellary Bellary Sandur Somalapur
3753 Bellary Bellary Sandur Sovenahalli
3754 Bellary Bellary Sandur Suseelnagar
3755 Bellary Bellary Sandur Swamy Halli
3756 Bellary Bellary Sandur Swamymalai Block (F)
3757 Bellary Bellary Sandur Talur
3758 Bellary Bellary Sandur Taranagar
3759 Bellary Bellary Sandur Thimlapur
3760 Bellary Bellary Sandur Thippanamaradi
3761 Bellary Bellary Sandur Thumati
3762 Bellary Bellary Sandur Tonisigeri
3763 Bellary Bellary Sandur Toranagal
3764 Bellary Bellary Sandur Ubbalagundi
3765 Bellary Bellary Sandur Vittalapur
3766 Bellary Bellary Sandur Vittalnagar
3767 Bellary Bellary Sandur Yerabanahalli
3768 Bellary Bellary Sandur Yeradammanahalli
3769 Bellary Bellary Sandur Yerriahanahalli
3770 Bellary Bellary Sandur Yeswanthanagar
3771 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Agasanur
3772 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Akkatangirahal
3773 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Alabanur
3774 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Araliganur
3775 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Bagawady
3776 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Balakundi
3777 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Bandrahal
3778 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Basarahalli
3779 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Beerahalli
3780 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Bhyragamadinne
3781 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Bhyrapura
3782 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa B.M.Sugur
3783 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Boggur
3784 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Bommalapura
3785 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Buduguppa
3786 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Chanakanur
3787 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Chikka Bellary
3788 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Darur
3789 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Dasanur
3790 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Dasapura
3791 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Devalapura
3792 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Gajiginahal
3793 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Gosabalu
3794 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Gubbihal
3795 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Gundiganur
3796 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Hagalur
3797 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Hagalur Hosahalli
3798 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Halekota
3799 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Halekota
3800 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Halumuravani
3801 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Hatcholli
3802 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Havinahal
3803 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Herakal
3804 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Hirehal
3805 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Honnarahalli
3806 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Ibrampura
3807 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Ittigihal
3808 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kallukuttiganahal
3809 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Karchiganur
3810 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Karur
3811 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kenchagarabelagal
3812 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kenchanagudda
3813 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kesarakoni
3814 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Konchigeri
3815 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kotehal
3816 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kotehalsugur
3817 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kottalachinta
3818 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kududarahal
3819 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kuriganur
3820 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Kuruvalli
3821 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Malapura
3822 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Manjinahal
3823 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Manur
3824 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Manursugur
3825 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Matur
3826 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Mitte Sugur
3827 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Mota Sugur
3828 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Motra Dinne
3829 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Muddatanur
3830 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Mudenur
3831 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Mylapura
3832 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Nadanga
3833 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Nadivi
3834 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Nagalapura
3835 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Nagarahal
3836 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Nittur
3837 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Poppanahal
3838 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Raravi
3839 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Ravihal
3840 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Saliganur
3841 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Sanavasapura
3842 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Seedaragadda
3843 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Siddaramapura
3844 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Sirigeri
3845 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Talur
3846 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Tasalla Kudlur
3847 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Tondehal
3848 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa T.Rampura
3849 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Udegolam
3850 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Ulur
3851 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Uppara Hosahalli
3852 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Uttanur
3853 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Vattumuruvani
3854 Bellary Bellary Siruguppa Venkatapur
3855 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Advimallanakeri
3856 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Angoor
3857 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Ayyanahalli
3858 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Beerabbi
3859 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Budanur
3860 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Byalhunsi
3861 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Dasanahalli
3862 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Dasarahalli
3863 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Devagondanahalli
3864 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Dombrahalli
3865 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hagaranur
3866 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hakandi
3867 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Halathimalapura
3868 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Harivi
3869 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Harivi Basapura
3870 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hirabannimatti
3871 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hirehadagalli
3872 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hirekolachi
3873 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hiremallinakeri
3874 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Holagundi
3875 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Holalu
3876 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hugulura
3877 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Hyarada
3878 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Ittigi
3879 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Kalvi West
3880 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Katebennuru
3881 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Koilaragatti
3882 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Komaranahalli
3883 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Kombli
3884 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Kotanakal
3885 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Kotihal
3886 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Kuravathi
3887 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Magala
3888 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Mahajanadahalli
3889 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Makarabbi
3890 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Manihalli
3891 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Mannera Masalavada
3892 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Mudenur
3893 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Musuvinakallahalli
3894 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Mylar
3895 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Nagathi Basapura
3896 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Nandihalli
3897 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Nowli
3898 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Pothalakatti
3899 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Rangapura
3900 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Shivalinganahalli
3901 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Sogi
3902 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Sovinahalli
3903 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Thamalapura
3904 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Thimalapura
3905 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Thippapura
3906 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Thumbinakeri
3907 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Uppanayakanahalli
3908 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Uttangi
3909 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Varakanhalli
3910 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Veerapura
3911 Bellary Hospet Hadagalli Vyasamallapura
3912 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Adivikyadigihalli
3913 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Alabur
3914 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Ambli
3915 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Anandadevanahalli
3916 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Anekal
3917 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Ankasamudra
3918 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Bachigondanahalli
3919 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Bannigola
3920 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Bannikal
3921 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Basarakodu
3922 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Bellahunshi
3923 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Bennikal
3924 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Byasigaderi
3925 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Chintrapalli
3926 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Dasmapura
3927 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Enigi
3928 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Gaddikeri
3929 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli G.Kodihalli
3930 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Guledahalu
3931 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hagaribommanahalli
3932 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Halagapura
3933 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hampapatna
3934 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hampasagara
3935 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hansi
3936 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hanumagondanahalli
3937 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Haregondanahalli
3938 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hiresobati
3939 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Hosakeri
3940 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kachinabandi
3941 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kadlabalu
3942 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kallahalli
3943 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kannehalli
3944 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kithanur
3945 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kogali
3946 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kogali-Samatu Kodihalli
3947 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Kudithinamoggi
3948 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Madur
3949 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Malvi
3950 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Marabbihal
3951 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Moregeri
3952 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Mudlapura
3953 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Muthukur
3954 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Narayanadevarakeri
3955 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Nellukudri
3956 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Pinjara Heggadal
3957 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Rameswara Bandi
3958 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Seeganahalli
3959 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Sonna
3960 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Sree Rama Nagar
3961 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Thambrahalli
3962 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Ulavathi
3963 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Upparagatta
3964 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Varadapura
3965 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Varalihalli
3966 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Vyasapura
3967 Bellary Hospet Hagaribommanahalli Yenagi Basapura
3968 Bellary Hospet Hospet Arlihalli
3969 Bellary Hospet Hospet Ayyanahalli
3970 Bellary Hospet Hospet Basavanadurga
3971 Bellary Hospet Hospet Belagodu
3972 Bellary Hospet Hospet Belugoduhal
3973 Bellary Hospet Hospet Bukkasagara
3974 Bellary Hospet Hospet Buvvanahalli
3975 Bellary Hospet Hospet Byalakundi
3976 Bellary Hospet Hospet Byluvadigeri
3977 Bellary Hospet Hospet Chikkajaiganur
3978 Bellary Hospet Hospet Chilakanahatti
3979 Bellary Hospet Hospet Danapura
3980 Bellary Hospet Hospet Danapuram
3981 Bellary Hospet Hospet Danayakanakere
3982 Bellary Hospet Hospet Devalapura
3983 Bellary Hospet Hospet Devasamudra
3984 Bellary Hospet Hospet Dharmasagara
3985 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gadiganur
3986 Bellary Hospet Hospet Garga
3987 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gollarahalli
3988 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gonahal
3989 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gonahal
3990 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gudioblapura
3991 Bellary Hospet Hospet Gundlavaddigeri
3992 Bellary Hospet Hospet Hampadevanahalli
3993 Bellary Hospet Hospet Hampi
3994 Bellary Hospet Hospet Haravanahalli
3995 Bellary Hospet Hospet Hirejaiganur
3996 Bellary Hospet Hospet Honnahalli
3997 Bellary Hospet Hospet Hosakota
3998 Bellary Hospet Hospet Hosur
3999 Bellary Hospet Hospet Ingaligi
4000 Bellary Hospet Hospet Ittigi
4001 Bellary Hospet Hospet Jambunathanahalli
4002 Bellary Hospet Hospet Jeeriganuru
4003 Bellary Hospet Hospet Jowku
4004 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kaddirampura
4005 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kakubal
4006 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kalghatta
4007 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kallahalli
4008 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kallirampura
4009 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kanvithimmalapura
4010 Bellary Hospet Hospet Kottiginahal
4011 Bellary Hospet Hospet Krishnapura
4012 Bellary Hospet Hospet Malapanagudi
4013 Bellary Hospet Hospet Mariyammanahalli
4014 Bellary Hospet Hospet Mariyammanahalli Thanda
4015 Bellary Hospet Hospet Mavinahalli
4016 Bellary Hospet Hospet Metri
4017 Bellary Hospet Hospet Muddapura No.10
4018 Bellary Hospet Hospet Muddapura No.2
4019 Bellary Hospet Hospet Nagalapura
4020 Bellary Hospet Hospet Nagenahalli
4021 Bellary Hospet Hospet Nandibanda
4022 Bellary Hospet Hospet Narasapura
4023 Bellary Hospet Hospet Nimbapura
4024 Bellary Hospet Hospet Papinayakanahalli
4025 Bellary Hospet Hospet Rajapura
4026 Bellary Hospet Hospet Ramasagara
4027 Bellary Hospet Hospet Sanapura
4028 Bellary Hospet Hospet Sankalapuram
4029 Bellary Hospet Hospet Seetharama Tanda
4030 Bellary Hospet Hospet Singanathanahalli
4031 Bellary Hospet Hospet Somalapuram
4032 Bellary Hospet Hospet Sugginahalli
4033 Bellary Hospet Hospet T.Basapura
4034 Bellary Hospet Hospet Telugubalu
4035 Bellary Hospet Hospet Thimmalapura
4036 Bellary Hospet Hospet Upparahalli
4037 Bellary Hospet Hospet Vadrahalli
4038 Bellary Hospet Hospet Vantigodu
4039 Bellary Hospet Hospet Venkatapura
4040 Bellary Hospet Hospet Venkatapura
4041 Bellary Hospet Hospet Vyasanakeri
4042 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Adavi Sooravvanahalli
4043 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Alur
4044 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Amalapura
4045 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Ammanakeri
4046 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Appainahalli
4047 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Badaladuku
4048 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Banavikal
4049 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Bande Basapura Tanda
4050 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Belligatta
4051 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Bellikatti
4052 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Bevoor
4053 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Boppalapura
4054 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Byluthumbaraguddi
4055 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chandrasekarapura
4056 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chapparadahalli
4057 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chikkajogi Tanda
4058 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chiribi
4059 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chitrathagundu
4060 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Chowdapura
4061 Bellary Hospet Kudligi C.Imadapura
4062 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Dhoopadahalli
4063 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Gajapura
4064 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Gandabommanahalli
4065 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Gudekota
4066 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Gundinahole
4067 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Gundumunugu
4068 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Halasagara
4069 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hampapura
4070 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Harakabhavi
4071 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Haralu
4072 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Harudi
4073 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hireheggadahal
4074 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hirekumbalagunta
4075 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hirevaddarahalli
4076 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hosahalli
4077 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hudem
4078 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hulikere
4079 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hulikunta
4080 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hurlihalu
4081 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Hyalya
4082 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Jermali
4083 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Joladakudligi
4084 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Jummobanahalli
4085 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kadekolla
4086 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kakkuppi
4087 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kalapura
4088 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kallahalli
4089 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kandagal
4090 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kannanayakanakatte
4091 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kasapura
4092 Bellary Hospet Kudligi K.Basapura Tanda
4093 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kenchamallanahalli
4094 Bellary Hospet Kudligi K.Iyyanahalli
4095 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kodihalli
4096 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kombihalli
4097 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kudureduvu
4098 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kumathi
4099 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kuppinakeri
4100 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Kyasanakere
4101 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Lokikere
4102 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Mahadevarapura
4103 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Makanaduku
4104 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Mangapura
4105 Bellary Hospet Kudligi M.B.Iyyanahalli
4106 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Meenakeri
4107 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Moraba
4108 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Motikal Tanda
4109 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Nagalapura
4110 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Nagarakatti
4111 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Nagenahalli
4112 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Narasimhagiri
4113 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Nimbalageri
4114 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Palayyanakota
4115 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Poojarahalli
4116 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Ramadurg
4117 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Rampura
4118 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Ranganathanahalli
4119 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Sidegallu
4120 Bellary Hospet Kudligi S. Imadapura
4121 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Sirinayakanahalli
4122 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Sivapura
4123 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Solladahalli
4124 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Srikantapura Thanda
4125 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Sunkadakal
4126 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Thimmalapura
4127 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Thippehalli
4128 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Thoolahalli
4129 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Ujjini
4130 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Uradihalli
4131 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Yekkigundi
4132 Bellary Hospet Kudligi Yerralinganahalli
4133 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Algood
4134 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Atlapur
4135 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Attur
4136 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Bagduri
4137 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Basavakalyan ( R)
4138 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Batgera
4139 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Belura
4140 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Betbalkunda
4141 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Bhaknal
4142 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Bhosga
4143 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Chandakpur
4144 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Chicknagaon
4145 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Chikotta(B)
4146 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Chitkota (K)
4147 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Chittakaldev
4148 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Devnal
4149 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Dhamuri
4150 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Dhanura (K)
4151 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Dhanura (Raj)
4152 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ekamba
4153 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Eklora
4154 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gadigondgaon
4155 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gadiraipalli
4156 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gadlegaon (B)
4157 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gadlegaon (K)
4158 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ghoga
4159 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ghotala
4160 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gilagili
4161 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gokul
4162 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gorta (B)
4163 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gour
4164 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gundur
4165 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Gutti
4166 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Halhalli
4167 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Halli
4168 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hamunagar
4169 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Handriyal (Kalyan)
4170 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Handriyal (Raj)
4171 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Harkud
4172 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hattarga (Sarhad)
4173 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hatyal
4174 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hipparga(Bag)
4175 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hipparga Ghat
4176 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hiranagaon
4177 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Honnali
4178 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Hulsoor
4179 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ilhal
4180 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Islampur
4181 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Jajanmugli
4182 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Janapur
4183 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Janwada
4184 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kadepur
4185 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kalkora
4186 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kamlewadi
4187 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Khanapur
4188 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Khanapur B
4189 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Khandala
4190 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kherda (B)
4191 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kherda (K)
4192 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kinni (Sevanagar)
4193 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kitta
4194 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kohinoor
4195 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kotmal
4196 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Koudihal (Sadak)
4197 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Kouiyal
4198 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ladwanti
4199 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Laheshwar
4200 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Limbapur
4201 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Lingadhalli
4202 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Machanal
4203 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Maisalga
4204 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mangrool
4205 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Manhalli
4206 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mankhed
4207 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mantala
4208 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mirkhal
4209 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mirzapur
4210 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Morkhandi
4211 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Muchalam
4212 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mudbi
4213 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Mustapur
4214 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Narayanapur
4215 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Neelkanth
4216 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Nirgudi
4217 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Pandargera
4218 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Partapur
4219 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Quaderabad
4220 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Rajeshwar
4221 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Rajola
4222 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ramteerth (Dubulgundi)
4223 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ramteerth (K)
4224 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Rolla
4225 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Sadlapur
4226 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Saidapur
4227 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Sarjawalga
4228 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Sastapur
4229 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Shivapur
4230 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Siragapur
4231 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Sirgur
4232 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Siruri
4233 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Soldabka
4234 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Sungahana
4235 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Tadola
4236 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Talbhog
4237 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Tipranth
4238 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Toglur
4239 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Ujlam
4240 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Umapur
4241 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Urki
4242 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Wadderga
4243 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Yedlapur
4244 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Yeladgundi
4245 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Yelwanti
4246 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Yerandi
4247 Bidar Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Yerbagh
4248 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Alipur
4249 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Allura
4250 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Ameerabad
4251 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Atiwal
4252 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Bannalli
4253 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Bashirapur
4254 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Baskernagar
4255 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Belkera
4256 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Bemalkheda
4257 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Benchincholi
4258 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Bhadrapur
4259 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Boral
4260 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Borampalli
4261 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Bothagi
4262 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Chandanalli
4263 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Changler
4264 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Chinkera
4265 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Chitgoppa (Rural)
4266 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Chitkota
4267 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Dakulgi
4268 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Devgir
4269 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Dhumansoor
4270 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Dubalgundi
4271 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Gadawanti
4272 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Ghatboral
4273 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Ghodwadi
4274 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Gurdal
4275 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hallikhed (B)
4276 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hallikhed (K)
4277 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Handikhera
4278 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hankuni
4279 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hatti (CT)
4280 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hilalpur
4281 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hippargaon
4282 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hudgi
4283 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Humnabad (Rural)
4284 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hunsgera
4285 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Hunsnal
4286 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Itga
4287 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Jalasangi
4288 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kabeerabad
4289 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kallur
4290 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kandgoal
4291 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kankatta
4292 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kappargaon
4293 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Karaknalli
4294 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Karpakpalli
4295 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kathalli
4296 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kodambal
4297 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Kumarchincholi
4298 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Madargaon
4299 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Madargi
4300 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Madgul
4301 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Malkapur
4302 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mangalgi
4303 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Maniknagar
4304 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mannaekhalli
4305 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Markhal
4306 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Meenkhera
4307 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Molkhera
4308 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mudnal
4309 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mugnoor
4310 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mustapur
4311 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Mustari
4312 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Muthangi
4313 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Nagankera
4314 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Namdapur
4315 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Nandagaon
4316 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Nimbura
4317 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Nirna
4318 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Othagi
4319 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Polakpalli
4320 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Rampur
4321 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Saidapur
4322 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sedol
4323 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Shakargunj
4324 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Shamtabad
4325 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sindankera
4326 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sindbandigi
4327 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sitalgera
4328 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sonkhera
4329 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Sultanabad
4330 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Taimadgi
4331 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Udamnalli
4332 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Udbal
4333 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Wadankera
4334 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Walkhandi
4335 Bidar Basavakalyan Homnabad Warwatti (K)
4336 Bidar Bidar Aurad Aknapur
4337 Bidar Bidar Aurad Allapur
4338 Bidar Bidar Aurad Alur (B)
4339 Bidar Bidar Aurad Alur(K)
4340 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ashoknagar
4341 Bidar Bidar Aurad Aurad (Rural)
4342 Bidar Bidar Aurad Babli
4343 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bachepalli
4344 Bidar Bidar Aurad Badalgaon
4345 Bidar Bidar Aurad Balad (K)
4346 Bidar Bidar Aurad Balat (B)
4347 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ballur Janwada
4348 Bidar Bidar Aurad Balur
4349 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bardapur
4350 Bidar Bidar Aurad Basnal
4351 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bawalgaon
4352 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bedkunda
4353 Bidar Bidar Aurad Beldhal
4354 Bidar Bidar Aurad Belkuni Bhopalgad
4355 Bidar Bidar Aurad Belkuni Chaudhri
4356 Bidar Bidar Aurad Belur (Narayan-Khed)
4357 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bembra
4358 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bhandar Kumta
4359 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bhavani Bijalgaon
4360 Bidar Bidar Aurad Bonthi
4361 Bidar Bidar Aurad Boral
4362 Bidar Bidar Aurad Borgi (Janwada)
4363 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chandeshwar
4364 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chandoori
4365 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chatnal
4366 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chikli Janwada
4367 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chikli Udgir
4368 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chimegaon
4369 Bidar Bidar Aurad Chintaki
4370 Bidar Bidar Aurad Dabka(Chawar)
4371 Bidar Bidar Aurad Dangargaon
4372 Bidar Bidar Aurad Daregaon
4373 Bidar Bidar Aurad Dhupatmahagaon
4374 Bidar Bidar Aurad Diggi
4375 Bidar Bidar Aurad Dongaon Makta
4376 Bidar Bidar Aurad Duduknal
4377 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ekamba
4378 Bidar Bidar Aurad Eklora
4379 Bidar Bidar Aurad Gandhinagar
4380 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ganeshpur
4381 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ganeshpur (Udgir)
4382 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ganganbeed
4383 Bidar Bidar Aurad Gondgaon
4384 Bidar Bidar Aurad Gudpalli
4385 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hakyal
4386 Bidar Bidar Aurad Halhalli
4387 Bidar Bidar Aurad Handikhera
4388 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hangerga
4389 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hassikeri
4390 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hedgapur
4391 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hippalgaon
4392 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hokrana
4393 Bidar Bidar Aurad Holesamudra
4394 Bidar Bidar Aurad Horandi
4395 Bidar Bidar Aurad Huliyal
4396 Bidar Bidar Aurad Hulsoor
4397 Bidar Bidar Aurad Itgiyal
4398 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jaknal
4399 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jambgi(B)
4400 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jamlapur
4401 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jeerga(B)
4402 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jeerga (K)
4403 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jojna
4404 Bidar Bidar Aurad Jonnekeri
4405 Bidar Bidar Aurad K0Rekal
4406 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kalgapur
4407 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kallur
4408 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kandgoal
4409 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kappekeri
4410 Bidar Bidar Aurad Karanji (B)
4411 Bidar Bidar Aurad Karanji (K)
4412 Bidar Bidar Aurad Karkhiyal
4413 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kaudgaon
4414 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khanapur
4415 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khandikeri
4416 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khasimpur
4417 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khasimpur Borgi
4418 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khatgaon
4419 Bidar Bidar Aurad Khed
4420 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kherda(B)
4421 Bidar Bidar Aurad Koryal
4422 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kotgyal
4423 Bidar Bidar Aurad Koutha (B)
4424 Bidar Bidar Aurad Koutha(K)
4425 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kushnoor Gadi
4426 Bidar Bidar Aurad Kushnoor Thana
4427 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ladha
4428 Bidar Bidar Aurad Lingadhalli(Jukal)
4429 Bidar Bidar Aurad Lingadhalli(Karamungi)
4430 Bidar Bidar Aurad Lingadhalli (Udgir)
4431 Bidar Bidar Aurad Lingi
4432 Bidar Bidar Aurad Madnoor
4433 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mahadongaon
4434 Bidar Bidar Aurad Maharajwadi
4435 Bidar Bidar Aurad Malegaon
4436 Bidar Bidar Aurad Manganpur
4437 Bidar Bidar Aurad Manoor (K)
4438 Bidar Bidar Aurad Maskal
4439 Bidar Bidar Aurad Medpalli
4440 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mohmadapur
4441 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mudhole(B)
4442 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mudhole (K)
4443 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mukhed
4444 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mungnal
4445 Bidar Bidar Aurad Murg (K)
4446 Bidar Bidar Aurad Murki
4447 Bidar Bidar Aurad Mustapur
4448 Bidar Bidar Aurad Muthkhed (Chondi Mukhed)
4449 Bidar Bidar Aurad Naganpalli
4450 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nagmarpalli
4451 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nagoor (Muzafar)
4452 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nagur Babji
4453 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nandi Bijalgaon
4454 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nandi Nagoor
4455 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nandiyal
4456 Bidar Bidar Aurad Narasimhapur
4457 Bidar Bidar Aurad Narayanpur
4458 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nidoda
4459 Bidar Bidar Aurad Nittur (K)
4460 Bidar Bidar Aurad Pashapur
4461 Bidar Bidar Aurad Raipalli
4462 Bidar Bidar Aurad Rakshiyal(B)
4463 Bidar Bidar Aurad Rakshiyal(K)
4464 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ramdiyal
4465 Bidar Bidar Aurad Rampur
4466 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sangam
4467 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sangnal
4468 Bidar Bidar Aurad Santhpur
4469 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sawali
4470 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sawargaon
4471 Bidar Bidar Aurad Shambelli
4472 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sonala
4473 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sorhalli
4474 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sundhal
4475 Bidar Bidar Aurad Sunknal
4476 Bidar Bidar Aurad Tapshal
4477 Bidar Bidar Aurad Tegumpur
4478 Bidar Bidar Aurad Torna
4479 Bidar Bidar Aurad Tuljapur
4480 Bidar Bidar Aurad Ujani
4481 Bidar Bidar Aurad Vijayanagar
4482 Bidar Bidar Aurad Wadgaon Deshmukh
4483 Bidar Bidar Aurad Wagangera
4484 Bidar Bidar Aurad Wallepur
4485 Bidar Bidar Aurad Wanmarpalli
4486 Bidar Bidar Aurad Yengunda
4487 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ahmadabad
4488 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Alandi
4489 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Allabad
4490 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Alwai
4491 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ambesangu
4492 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Anandwadi
4493 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Atnoor
4494 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Atterga
4495 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Badjawalga
4496 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Balur
4497 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bardapur
4498 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Beeri
4499 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Beeri (K)
4500 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bhalki (R)
4501 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bhatambra
4502 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bhatsangvi
4503 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bolegaon
4504 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Byalhalli
4505 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Bylhalli
4506 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Chalkapur
4507 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Chandapur
4508 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Chikalchanda
4509 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Chitta
4510 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dadgi
4511 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dawargaon
4512 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dhanura
4513 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dharajwadi
4514 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dongapur
4515 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Dongargi
4516 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Eklaspur
4517 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ganeshpurwadi
4518 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Godihipperga
4519 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Gorchincholi
4520 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Gornal
4521 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Gubyal
4522 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Gunjarga
4523 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Hachi Kamath
4524 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Hajnal
4525 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Halbarga
4526 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Halgorta
4527 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Halhalli
4528 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Halhipperga
4529 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Halsilakmadevi
4530 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Harnal
4531 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Honnalli
4532 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Hunjialandi
4533 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Hunji (K)
4534 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Hupla
4535 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Inchur
4536 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Jaigaon
4537 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Jainapur
4538 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Jamkhandi
4539 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Janti
4540 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Jirgyal
4541 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Joldabka
4542 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kadlabad
4543 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kaknal
4544 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kalasdhal
4545 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kalsar Tugaon
4546 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kamalnagar (CT)
4547 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kamalpur
4548 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kanji
4549 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kaplapur
4550 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kardhyal
4551 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kasara Tugaon Wadi
4552 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kelwadi
4553 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Keroor
4554 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kesarjawalga
4555 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Khanapur
4556 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Khasimpur
4557 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Khatak Chincholi
4558 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Khudawandpur
4559 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kodli
4560 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kommelkunda
4561 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kongli
4562 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Koroor
4563 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kosam
4564 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kotgira
4565 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kotgiyal
4566 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kotgiyalwadi
4567 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kuntegaon
4568 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kuntesirsi
4569 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Kurubkhelgi
4570 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ladha
4571 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Lakhangaon
4572 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Lanjwada
4573 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Madkatti
4574 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Malchapur
4575 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Mankeshwar
4576 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Maroor
4577 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Masimadu
4578 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Mavinhalli
4579 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Mehkar
4580 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Methimelkunda
4581 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Methimelkunda Wadi
4582 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Morambi
4583 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Mural
4584 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nagoor
4585 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nagral
4586 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nardasangam
4587 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nawadgi
4588 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nelgi
4589 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nelwad
4590 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nideban
4591 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nirmanhalli
4592 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Nittur
4593 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Paigampur
4594 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Rachappagondgaon
4595 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ramteerthwadi
4596 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Rudnoor
4597 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Saidapurwadi
4598 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Saigaon
4599 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Secundrabad
4600 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Sevanagar
4601 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Shamsheerpur
4602 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Shivani
4603 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Siddapur
4604 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Siddeshwar
4605 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Sompur
4606 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Srimali
4607 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Talwada (K)
4608 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Talwada (Maratha)
4609 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Tarnalli
4610 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Telgaon
4611 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Thamgyal Wadi
4612 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Tugaon (Chalkapur)
4613 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Tugaonhalsi
4614 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Ucha
4615 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Wagalgaon
4616 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Walsang
4617 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Wanjarkhada
4618 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Warwatti
4619 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Yellammawadi
4620 Bidar Bidar Bhalki Yenkura
4621 Bidar Bidar Bidar Alamkeri
4622 Bidar Bidar Bidar Aliamber
4623 Bidar Bidar Bidar Allapur
4624 Bidar Bidar Bidar Almaspur
4625 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ambalpad
4626 Bidar Bidar Bidar Amlapur
4627 Bidar Bidar Bidar Andura
4628 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ashtoor
4629 Bidar Bidar Bidar Atwal
4630 Bidar Bidar Bidar Aurad (S)
4631 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ayazpur
4632 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bagdal
4633 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bage-E-Gornalli
4634 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bage-Shahi
4635 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bahirnahalli
4636 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bahirnalli
4637 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bakchawadi
4638 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bambalgi
4639 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bapur
4640 Bidar Bidar Bidar Baridabad
4641 Bidar Bidar Bidar Barur
4642 Bidar Bidar Bidar Basanthpur
4643 Bidar Bidar Bidar Baugi
4644 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bawalpur
4645 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bellura
4646 Bidar Bidar Bidar Benakanalli
4647 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bhangoor
4648 Bidar Bidar Bidar Bompalli
4649 Bidar Bidar Bidar Budhera
4650 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chambool
4651 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chatnalli
4652 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chaver Fathepur
4653 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chikpet
4654 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chillargi
4655 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chimkod
4656 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chintalgera
4657 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chitta
4658 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chondi
4659 Bidar Bidar Bidar Chouli
4660 Bidar Bidar Bidar Daddapur
4661 Bidar Bidar Bidar Dattankeri
4662 Bidar Bidar Bidar Dharmapur
4663 Bidar Bidar Bidar Fathepur
4664 Bidar Bidar Bidar Gadgi
4665 Bidar Bidar Bidar Gandhi Nagar
4666 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ghodepalli
4667 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ghumma
4668 Bidar Bidar Bidar Goonalli
4669 Bidar Bidar Bidar Gornalli(B)
4670 Bidar Bidar Bidar Gouspur
4671 Bidar Bidar Bidar Gumtapur
4672 Bidar Bidar Bidar Hamilapur
4673 Bidar Bidar Bidar Hippalgaon
4674 Bidar Bidar Bidar Hochaknalli
4675 Bidar Bidar Bidar Hokrana(B)
4676 Bidar Bidar Bidar Hokrana(K)
4677 Bidar Bidar Bidar Honaddi
4678 Bidar Bidar Bidar Honnakheri
4679 Bidar Bidar Bidar (i) Bag - E - Karanja (OG)
4680 Bidar Bidar Bidar (ii) Aliabad (OG)
4681 Bidar Bidar Bidar Imampur
4682 Bidar Bidar Bidar Immamabad
4683 Bidar Bidar Bidar Indira Nagar
4684 Bidar Bidar Bidar Islampur
4685 Bidar Bidar Bidar Jampad
4686 Bidar Bidar Bidar Janwada
4687 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kabirwada
4688 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kadwad
4689 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kamthana
4690 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kanalli
4691 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kangankot
4692 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kangathi
4693 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kaplapur (J)
4694 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kapplapur (A)
4695 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kasimpur (Chitgoppa)
4696 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kasimpur (Pan)
4697 Bidar Bidar Bidar Khadernagar
4698 Bidar Bidar Bidar Khajapur
4699 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kolhar (B)
4700 Bidar Bidar Bidar Kolhar (K)
4701 Bidar Bidar Bidar Madaknalli
4702 Bidar Bidar Bidar Magdal
4703 Bidar Bidar Bidar Mahamdapur
4704 Bidar Bidar Bidar Malegaon
4705 Bidar Bidar Bidar Malik Mirzapur
4706 Bidar Bidar Bidar Malkapur
4707 Bidar Bidar Bidar Mamankeri
4708 Bidar Bidar Bidar Manhalli
4709 Bidar Bidar Bidar Markhal
4710 Bidar Bidar Bidar Markunda
4711 Bidar Bidar Bidar Mirzapur
4712 Bidar Bidar Bidar Mirzapur Taj
4713 Bidar Bidar Bidar Mohillatte-Gornalli
4714 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nagora
4715 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nandagaon
4716 Bidar Bidar Bidar Naulaspur
4717 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nawadgeri
4718 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nelwad
4719 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nematabad
4720 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nidwancha
4721 Bidar Bidar Bidar Nizampur
4722 Bidar Bidar Bidar Odwada
4723 Bidar Bidar Bidar Paterpalli
4724 Bidar Bidar Bidar Qutubabad
4725 Bidar Bidar Bidar Rajgera
4726 Bidar Bidar Bidar Rajnal
4727 Bidar Bidar Bidar Ranjolkheni
4728 Bidar Bidar Bidar Rasoolabad
4729 Bidar Bidar Bidar Rekulgi
4730 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sangahalli
4731 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sangolgi
4732 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sangvi
4733 Bidar Bidar Bidar Satoli
4734 Bidar Bidar Bidar Secundrapur
4735 Bidar Bidar Bidar Shahpur
4736 Bidar Bidar Bidar Shamrajapur
4737 Bidar Bidar Bidar Shamshirnager
4738 Bidar Bidar Bidar Shekapur
4739 Bidar Bidar Bidar Siddapur
4740 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sindhol
4741 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sippalgeri
4742 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sirimandal
4743 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sirkatnalli
4744 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sirsi (A)
4745 Bidar Bidar Bidar Soupur
4746 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sultanpur (J)
4747 Bidar Bidar Bidar Sultanpur (Qudem)
4748 Bidar Bidar Bidar Tadpalli
4749 Bidar Bidar Bidar Tajlapur
4750 Bidar Bidar Bidar Telang - Mirzapur
4751 Bidar Bidar Bidar Vilaspur
4752 Bidar Bidar Bidar Yadlapur
4753 Bidar Bidar Bidar Yakatpur
4754 Bidar Bidar Bidar Yarnalli (Deshmukh)
4755 Bidar Bidar Bidar Yarnhalli (Pahilwan)
4756 Bidar Bidar Bidar Zamistanpur
4757 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Achattipura
4758 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Aldur
4759 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Alur
4760 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Amachavadi
4761 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ammanapura
4762 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ankanasettypura
4763 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Arakalavadi
4764 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Aralikatte
4765 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Attagulipura
4766 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ayyanapura
4767 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Badagalapura
4768 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Badanaguppe
4769 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bagali
4770 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Banahalli
4771 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bandigere
4772 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bandigowdanahalli
4773 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Basavanapura
4774 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Basavapura
4775 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Basavatti
4776 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Basthipura
4777 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bedaguli
4778 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bedarapura
4779 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bendaravady
4780 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bettadapura
4781 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bettahalli
4782 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bevinathalapura
4783 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bhogapura
4784 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bisalavadi
4785 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bokkepura
4786 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bommanahalli
4787 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Boodamballi
4788 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Boodithittu
4789 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Bujaganapura
4790 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Byadamudlu
4791 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar [R]
4792 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Chandakavadi
4793 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Channappanapura
4794 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Chatipura
4795 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Chikkabegur
4796 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Chowdahalli
4797 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Demahalli
4798 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Desavalli
4799 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Devalapura
4800 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Devarajapura
4801 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Doddamole
4802 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Dollipura
4803 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Erasavadi
4804 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ganaganur
4805 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Gangavadi
4806 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Gangavadi
4807 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Govindavadi
4808 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Gulipura
4809 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hagalabele
4810 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hanahalli
4811 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hanchithalapura
4812 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Handarakalli
4813 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hangarepura
4814 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hanumanapura
4815 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Haradanahalli
4816 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Haradanahalli District Forest
4817 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Haradanahalli District Forest Ii
4818 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Haraganapura
4819 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Harave
4820 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hebbasur
4821 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Heggavadi
4822 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Heggavadi
4823 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Heggavadipura
4824 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Heggotara
4825 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hirebegur
4826 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar H.Mookahalli
4827 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Homma
4828 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hondarabalu
4829 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hongalavadi
4830 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Honganoor
4831 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Honnahalli
4832 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Honnegowdanahalli
4833 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hosahalli
4834 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Hosapura
4835 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Jannur
4836 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Jyothigowdanapura
4837 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kadahalli
4838 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kagalavadi
4839 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kaggalipura
4840 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kalanahundi
4841 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kallipura
4842 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kamaravadi
4843 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kanchanahalli
4844 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kanikere
4845 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kannegala
4846 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Karadihalla
4847 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kasturu
4848 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Katnavadi
4849 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kattepura
4850 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kavudavadi
4851 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kebbepura
4852 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kellamballi
4853 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kempanapura
4854 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kengaki
4855 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kerehalli
4856 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kethahalli
4857 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kethanapura
4858 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kilagere
4859 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kilalipura
4860 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kiragasur
4861 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar K.Mookahalli
4862 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kodimole
4863 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kodiugane
4864 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kokkanahalli
4865 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kotaganahalli
4866 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kotamballi
4867 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kothalavadi
4868 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kudalur
4869 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kuderu
4870 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kulagana
4871 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kulluru
4872 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kumachahalli
4873 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kumbaragundi
4874 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Kuthanapura
4875 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Linganapura
4876 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Madalavadi
4877 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Madapura
4878 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Maduvinabeedu
4879 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Maliyuru
4880 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mallaiahnapura
4881 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Malledevanahalli
4882 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mallupura
4883 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Managanahalli
4884 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Manchagundipura
4885 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mangala
4886 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mariyala
4887 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Masagapura
4888 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Masanapura
4889 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Melmala
4890 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Meluru
4891 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mudala Agrahara
4892 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mudala Hosahalli
4893 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mudnakodu
4894 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mukanapalya
4895 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Mukkadahalli
4896 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Munachanahalli
4897 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Muthige
4898 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Nagavalli
4899 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Nallur
4900 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Nanjahalli
4901 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Nanjarajapura
4902 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Nanjedevanapura
4903 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Narasamangala
4904 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Navilur
4905 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Padnakuduhosahalli
4906 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Punajanur
4907 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Punajur State Forest
4908 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Puttanapura
4909 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ramasamudra Rural
4910 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Rechamballi
4911 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Sagade
4912 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Sanegala
4913 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Santhemarahalli
4914 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Sappaiahnapura
4915 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Saraguru
4916 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Shindaiahanapura
4917 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Shivapura
4918 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Singanapura
4919 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Somanapura
4920 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Somasamudra
4921 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Srirangapura
4922 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Suthur
4923 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Thammadahalli
4924 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Thelanur
4925 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Thimmegowdanapalya
4926 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Udigala
4927 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Uganedahundi
4928 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Ummathur
4929 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Uthavalli
4930 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Vaddagalapura
4931 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Vaddarahalli
4932 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Vagarapura
4933 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Veeranapura
4934 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Venkataiahna Chatra
4935 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yadapura
4936 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yalachagere
4937 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yalakkur
4938 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yanagahalli
4939 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yanagumba
4940 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Chamarajanagar Yaraganhalli
4941 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Agathagowdanahalli
4942 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Alathur
4943 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Alavady
4944 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Ameerahosahalli
4945 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Ankahalli
4946 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Annur
4947 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Arepura
4948 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bachahalli
4949 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bachanahalli
4950 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Balachavady
4951 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Ballahalli
4952 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Banagavadi
4953 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bandipura
4954 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bandipura District Forest
4955 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bandipura State Forest
4956 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bannithalapura
4957 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Baragi
4958 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Basavapura
4959 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Begur
4960 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Belachalavadi
4961 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Belakuppe
4962 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Belavadi
4963 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bendagalli
4964 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bendaravadi
4965 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Berambadi
4966 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Berambadi District Forest
4967 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Berambadi State Forest
4968 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Beratahalli
4969 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bettadamadahalli
4970 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bettahalli
4971 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bheemanabeedu
4972 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bhogganapura
4973 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bommalapura
4974 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Bommanahalli
4975 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Channamallipura
4976 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Chikanapura
4977 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Chikkathuppur
4978 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Chikkati
4979 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Chirakanahalli
4980 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Daribegur
4981 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Depapura
4982 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Deshipura
4983 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Devalapura
4984 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Devarahalli
4985 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Doddathuppur
4986 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Dumdasanapura
4987 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Garaganahalli
4988 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Guruvinapura
4989 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hakkalapura
4990 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Halladamadahalli
4991 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Halladapura
4992 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hanchipura
4993 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hangala
4994 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hangaladahosahalli
4995 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hangalapura
4996 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hasaguli
4997 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Heggadahalli
4998 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Heggavadi
4999 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hirikati
5000 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Honakanahalli
5001 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hongahalli
5002 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Honnegowdanahalli
5003 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hooradahalli
5004 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Horeyala
5005 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hosapura
5006 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hosur
5007 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hullana
5008 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hullepura
5009 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hunasinapura
5010 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Hundipura
5011 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Huttur
5012 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Jakkahalli
5013 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kabbahalli
5014 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kadabur
5015 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kaggala
5016 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kaligowdanahalli
5017 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kallahalli
5018 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kallipura
5019 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kamarahalli
5020 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kandegala
5021 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kandegaladahosahalli
5022 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kaniyanapura
5023 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kannegala
5024 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Karakalamadahalli
5025 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Karle
5026 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kasavanur
5027 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kebbepura
5028 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kelasur
5029 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kelasurupura
5030 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kengavadi
5031 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kilagere
5032 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kodahalli
5033 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kodasoge
5034 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kotekere
5035 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kunagahalli
5036 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kundakere
5037 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Kuthanur
5038 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Lakkipura
5039 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Lakkur
5040 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Lokkere
5041 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Madahalli
5042 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Madapattana
5043 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Maddur
5044 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Madrahalli
5045 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Maguvinahallimel Kamanahalli
5046 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Maidanahalli
5047 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Malapura
5048 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Malavalli
5049 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Managalli
5050 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Manchahalli
5051 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Mangala
5052 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Marihosahalli
5053 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Masahalli
5054 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Mayanayakanapura
5055 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Mudagur
5056 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Mukha Halli
5057 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Narayanapura
5058 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Nenekatte
5059 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Nitre
5060 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Padagur
5061 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Panjanahalli
5062 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Paramapura
5063 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Parvathanapura
5064 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Passaiahnapura
5065 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Putthanapura
5066 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Raghavapura
5067 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Ramaiahnapura
5068 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Sampigepura
5069 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Savakanahalli
5070 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Seegavadi
5071 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Sheelavanthapura
5072 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Shettahalli
5073 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Shindanapura
5074 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Shivapura
5075 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Shyanadrahalli
5076 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Siddaianapura
5077 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Siddapura
5078 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Somahalli
5079 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Somanapura
5080 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Taggalur
5081 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Talale
5082 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Terakanambi
5083 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Thodipura
5084 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Thondavadi
5085 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Thoravalli
5086 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Triyambakapura
5087 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vaddagere
5088 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vaddana Hosahalli
5089 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vaddarahalli
5090 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vadeyanapura
5091 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vasthilinganapura
5092 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Veeranapura
5093 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vijayapura
5094 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vijayapura Amani
5095 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Vodeyanapura Amani
5096 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Yadavanahalli
5097 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Yelachatti
5098 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Gundlupet Yeriyur
5099 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Agrahara
5100 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ajjipura
5101 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Alagumole
5102 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Alahalli
5103 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Alambadi Beat
5104 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Anapura
5105 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Andipalya
5106 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Arabigere-75
5107 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Arabigere-85
5108 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Arepalya
5109 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Arepalya Beat
5110 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bandalli
5111 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bandalli 'A' Beat
5112 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bandalli 'B' Beat
5113 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bataguppa
5114 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bejjalane 'A' Beat
5115 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Belathur
5116 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bellaji Beat
5117 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bhadrayyanahalli
5118 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bijjalane'B' Beat
5119 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Boodabalu
5120 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Budabalu 'A' Beat
5121 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Budabalu 'B' Beat
5122 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bylore 'East' Beat
5123 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bylore 'West' Beat
5124 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Bylur
5125 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Byranatha
5126 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Cauvery Beat
5127 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Changadarahalli
5128 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Changadi
5129 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Changadi Beat
5130 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Channalinganahalli
5131 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Channur Beat
5132 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Chikkamalapura
5133 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Chikkilur
5134 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Chikkinduvadi
5135 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Chilakavadi
5136 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Chinchalli
5137 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal C.M.Samudra
5138 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Cowdalli
5139 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Cowdalli Beat
5140 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Dantalli
5141 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Dasanapura
5142 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Dhanagere
5143 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Dinnahalli
5144 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Dinnahalli Beat
5145 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal D.M.Samudra
5146 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Doddalathur
5147 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Doddani Beat
5148 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Doddinduvadi
5149 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ellemala
5150 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ellemala Beat
5151 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gangadharakatte
5152 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ganganadoddi
5153 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gopinatham
5154 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gopinatham Beat
5155 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Goreyur
5156 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gundal 'A' Beat
5157 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gundal 'B' Beat
5158 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Gundegala
5159 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hampapura
5160 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hanur Beat
5161 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Harale
5162 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Haravanapura
5163 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hondarabalu
5164 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hoogya
5165 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hosamalangi
5166 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hugyam Beat
5167 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Hullepura
5168 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Huthur
5169 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ikkadahalli
5170 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Indiganatha 'A' Beat
5171 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Indiganatha 'B' Beat
5172 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Jakkalli
5173 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Jinakanahalli
5174 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kandayyanapalya
5175 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kannur
5176 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kannur Beat
5177 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kongarahalli
5178 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kothanur 'A' Beat
5179 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kothanur 'B' Beat
5180 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kunagalli
5181 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kunthur
5182 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kurahatti Hosur
5183 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Kurahatti Hosur Beat
5184 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Lakshmipura
5185 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Linganapura
5186 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Lokkanahalli
5187 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Lokkanahalli East Beat
5188 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Lokkanahalli West Beat
5189 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Madhuvanahalli
5190 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Madhuvanahalli Beat
5191 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mahadeshwarabetta
5192 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Managalli
5193 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mangala
5194 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Martalli
5195 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Martalli 'A' Beat
5196 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Martalli 'B' Beat
5197 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mathipura Beat
5198 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mavathur 'A' Beat
5199 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mavathur 'B' Beat
5200 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Minnya 'A' Beat
5201 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Minnya 'B' Beat
5202 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Minya
5203 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal M.Malai Beat
5204 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Modahalli
5205 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Mullur
5206 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Palar Beat
5207 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Palya
5208 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal P.G.Palya
5209 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal P.G.Palya Beat
5210 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ponnachi
5211 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ponnachi Beat
5212 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ramapura
5213 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Ramapuram Beat
5214 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Rudrapuram Beat
5215 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Saggayam 'A' Beat
5216 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Saggayam 'B' Beat
5217 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Saggayam 'C' Beat
5218 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Saragur
5219 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Sathegala
5220 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Sathegala Beat
5221 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Satyamangala 'A' Beat
5222 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Satyamangala 'B' Beat
5223 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Settahalli
5224 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Shagya
5225 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Siddayyanapura
5226 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Singanallur
5227 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Siragodu
5228 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Suleri Palya
5229 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Surapura Beat
5230 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Tagarapura
5231 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Tellanur
5232 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Teramballi
5233 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Thimmarajipura
5234 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Uddanur
5235 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Uganiya
5236 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Uttamballi
5237 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Kollegal Uttur Beat
5238 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur A.Devarahalli
5239 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Agara
5240 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Alkereagrahara
5241 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Ambale
5242 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Avalkandalli
5243 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Bannisarige
5244 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Biligiriranganabetta
5245 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Duggahatti
5246 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Duyamkandalli
5247 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Ganiganur
5248 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Gowdahalli
5249 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Gumballi
5250 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Honnur
5251 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Jodimellahalli
5252 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Katnavadi
5253 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur K.Devarahalli
5254 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Kesthur
5255 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Kinakahalli
5256 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Komaranapura
5257 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Maddur
5258 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Malarpalya
5259 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Mamballi
5260 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Shivakahalli
5261 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Uppinamole
5262 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Vadagere
5263 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Yelandur Rural
5264 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Yeragamballi
5265 Chamarajanagar Kollegal Yelandur Yeriyur
5266 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Abakavaripalli
5267 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Achaganapalli
5268 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Achepalli
5269 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Adiganapalli
5270 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Agatamdike
5271 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Arigepalli
5272 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Arigevarigutta
5273 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Babenayakanapalli
5274 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bagepalli (Rural)
5275 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Baiyannagaripalli
5276 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Balareddipalli
5277 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bandakindapalli
5278 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bandarlapalli
5279 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bathalavarapalli
5280 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bathinapalli
5281 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Battalapalli
5282 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bellalampalli
5283 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Berigollapalli
5284 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bestharapalli
5285 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Billur
5286 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bodikadirepalli
5287 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Bommasandra
5288 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Booragamadagu
5289 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Boyinavaripalli
5290 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Boyipalli
5291 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Buddalavaripalli
5292 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Buttayyagarapalli
5293 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Buttivaripalli
5294 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Byrappalli
5295 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chakavelu
5296 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chakkampalli
5297 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chancharayanapalli
5298 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Cheemanagaripalli
5299 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chemulavaripalli
5300 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chigateegalagutta
5301 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinaganapalli
5302 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinakayilapalli
5303 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinampalli
5304 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinnepalli
5305 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinnobaiahgaripalli
5306 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Chinthamakala Dinne
5307 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Dasiahgaripalli
5308 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Debbaravaripalli
5309 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Devalavaripalli
5310 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Devaragudipalli
5311 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Devarajapalli
5312 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Devikunte
5313 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Devireddypalli
5314 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Digavabandlakere
5315 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Digavagollapalli
5316 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Digavanettakuntlapalli
5317 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Doddipalli
5318 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Doddivaripalli
5319 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Dugginaikanapalli
5320 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Dugginaikanapalli
5321 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Etigaddapalli
5322 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gandamvaripalli
5323 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gantamvarapalli .
5324 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gawnipalli
5325 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli G.Cherlopalli
5326 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Giriyapalli
5327 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli G. Maddepalli
5328 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gollapalli
5329 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gollapalli
5330 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gollavaripalli
5331 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gopanavaripalli
5332 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gorthipalli
5333 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gujjepalli
5334 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gulur
5335 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gummalapalli
5336 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gummalapalli
5337 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gundamvaripalli
5338 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gundlapalli
5339 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gundlapalli
5340 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Guntipalli
5341 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Gurraladinne
5342 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Guttapalya
5343 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Honnampalli
5344 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Hosahudya
5345 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Hosahudya
5346 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Hosahudya
5347 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Jalipigaraipalli
5348 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Jangalapalli
5349 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Jinajirlu
5350 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Joolapalya
5351 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kadirannagaripalli
5352 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kadirennagarikote
5353 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kaganapalli
5354 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kallarollapalli
5355 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kamasanepalli
5356 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kammaravaripalli
5357 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kammaravaripalli
5358 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kammaravaripalli
5359 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kanagamakalapalli
5360 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kanampalli
5361 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kanampalli
5362 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Karkur
5363 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kavalaganganadinne
5364 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kokkuvarupalli
5365 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kolimpalli
5366 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kollavaripalli
5367 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kondamvaripalli
5368 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kondamvaripalli
5369 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kondareddipalli
5370 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kondikonda
5371 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kondorupalli
5372 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kothakote
5373 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kothakoti
5374 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kottampalli
5375 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Krishnapura
5376 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kuntlapalli
5377 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Kurubarapalli
5378 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Lagumaddepalli
5379 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Lakkasandra
5380 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Machanapalli
5381 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Madakavaripalli
5382 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Maddalakane
5383 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Maddalakhane
5384 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Makireddypalli
5385 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Malakacheruvu
5386 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mallasandra
5387 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mallegurke
5388 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mallepalli
5389 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mandampalli
5390 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mangasandra
5391 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Marasanapalli
5392 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Marganakunte
5393 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Matteddaladinne
5394 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli M.Cherlopalli
5395 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Meruvapalli
5396 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mittemari
5397 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Motakapalli
5398 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mudalapalli
5399 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mukkaravaripalli
5400 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mumadivaripalli
5401 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Musaliganapalli
5402 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Muthinapalli
5403 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Myakalapalli
5404 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Mynaganapalli
5405 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nadimpalli
5406 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallacheruvu
5407 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallaguttapalli
5408 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallaguttapalli
5409 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallamallepalli
5410 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallappareddipalli
5411 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nallasanampalli
5412 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Narasapura
5413 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Naravalapalli
5414 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Narayanampalli
5415 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Narayanareddypalli
5416 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Narayanaswamykote
5417 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Naremaddepalli
5418 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Narepalli
5419 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Neeragantipalli
5420 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Nimmakayilapalli
5421 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ooduvaripalli
5422 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pacharlapalli
5423 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Paipalya
5424 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Palyakere
5425 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Papinaikanapalli
5426 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Paragodu
5427 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pathabagepalli
5428 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pathakote
5429 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pathapalya
5430 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Peddapalli
5431 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Peddarajupalli
5432 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Peddathumkepalli
5433 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Peddur
5434 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pemmaiahgaripalli
5435 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Penamala
5436 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pesalaparthi
5437 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pichalavaripalli
5438 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pokamakalapalli
5439 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Poolavaripalli
5440 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pothepalli
5441 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Potlavaripalli
5442 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pulanaikanapalli
5443 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Puligal
5444 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Pulukuntlapalli
5445 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Puttaparthi
5446 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Rachavaripalli
5447 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ragimakalapalli
5448 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ramanodupalli
5449 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ramanpadi
5450 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ramaswamypalli
5451 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ramojupalli
5452 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Rascheruvu
5453 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Rechinaikanapalli
5454 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Reddyvaripalli
5455 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Rendindladinne
5456 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Roddamvaripalli
5457 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Saddupalli
5458 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sadlavaripalli
5459 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sajjalavaripalli
5460 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sajjupalli
5461 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Shankavarampalli
5462 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sheerkhankote
5463 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Singanaikanadinne
5464 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Singappagaripalli
5465 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Solimakalapalli
5466 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Somanathapura
5467 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sridharavaripalli
5468 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Srinivasapura
5469 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Sujanampalli
5470 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Tenkaimakalapalli
5471 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thathannagaridinne
5472 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thattanagaripalli
5473 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thimmaiahgaripalli
5474 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thimmampalli
5475 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thirumaladevarapalli
5476 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thollapalli
5477 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Thummepalli
5478 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Ugranampalli
5479 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Vadigere
5480 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Vadigiravarapalli
5481 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Vangyaralapalli
5482 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Vasanthapura
5483 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Venkatapura
5484 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Venkatapura
5485 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Venteeravandlapalli
5486 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yagavanetiguntapalli
5487 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yalakkilavaradinne
5488 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yarraganapalli
5489 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yegavabandlakere
5490 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yellampalli
5491 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yeragudi
5492 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Yerrayyagaripalli
5493 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Bagepalli Zinkapalli
5494 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Adavigollavarahalli
5495 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Addagal
5496 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Agalagurki
5497 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ajjavara
5498 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Akalathimmanahalli
5499 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Doddamaralikere
5500 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Gopalakrishnakere
5501 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Kandavarakere
5502 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Manchanabelekere
5503 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Mavukere
5504 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Poornasagarakere
5505 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Amani Reddihallikere
5506 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Anakanur
5507 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Andarlahalli
5508 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Anemadagu
5509 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Angarekanahalli
5510 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Angatta
5511 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ankanagondi
5512 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Arasanahalli
5513 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Arikere
5514 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Aroor
5515 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Avalagurki
5516 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Avalahalli
5517 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bachahalli
5518 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bachenahalli
5519 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Badaniganahalli
5520 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Balajigapade
5521 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Balakuntahalli
5522 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ballagere
5523 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bandahalli
5524 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bandahalli
5525 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bandammanahalli
5526 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bannikuppe
5527 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Beedaganahalli
5528 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Beeraganahalli
5529 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bhogaparthi
5530 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Billappavanagenahalli
5531 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bisaigarahalli
5532 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bodinarenahalli
5533 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bommaganahalli
5534 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bommahalli
5535 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bommenahalli
5536 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Bommenahalli
5537 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Boyanahalli
5538 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Buddathimanahalli
5539 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Burugamakalahalli
5540 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Byappanahalli
5541 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Byrojanahalli
5542 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chadulapura
5543 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chalakayalaparthi
5544 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Cheedachikkanahalli
5545 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Cheemanahalli
5546 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikballapur (Rural)
5547 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkakadiganahalli
5548 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkamuddenahalli
5549 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkanagavalli
5550 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkanahalli
5551 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkanareppanahalli
5552 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkapayalagurki
5553 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chikkasagarahalli
5554 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chokkahalli
5555 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Chokkanahalli
5556 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Dasarenahalli
5557 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Devasthanadahosahalli
5558 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Devisettihalli
5559 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Dibbur
5560 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Dinnehosahalli
5561 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura D.Kambalahalli
5562 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura D.Kurubarahalli
5563 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Doddakirugumbi
5564 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Doddamaralli
5565 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Doddapyalagurki
5566 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Doddathammanahalli
5567 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Doddihalli
5568 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Dorabure
5569 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ethamakalahalli
5570 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gangrekaluve
5571 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gantiganahalli
5572 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gantiganahudya
5573 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gerahalli
5574 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gerumaradahalli
5575 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Golladoddi
5576 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gollahalli
5577 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gollahalli
5578 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gollapade
5579 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gollu
5580 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Golluchinnappanahalli
5581 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gondihalli
5582 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gongadipura
5583 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gudisihalli
5584 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gummalapura
5585 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gundlagurki
5586 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gundlamandikal
5587 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Gurukulanagenahalli
5588 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Guvalakanahalli
5589 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hanumanthapura
5590 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Haristhala
5591 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Harobande
5592 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hirenagavalli
5593 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hirepade
5594 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hiriyannahalli
5595 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura H.Kurubarahalli
5596 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Honnenahalli
5597 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hosahalli
5598 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hosahudya
5599 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Hunegallu
5600 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Inam Inchenahalli
5601 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ittappanahalli
5602 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jadalathimmanahalli
5603 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jadalathimmanahalli
5604 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jakkalamadagu
5605 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jathavara
5606 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jathavara-Hosahalli
5607 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jeeganahalli
5608 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Joladarashi
5609 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Jonnalakunte
5610 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kachakadatha
5611 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kadadibbur
5612 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kadaseegenahalli
5613 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kakalachinte
5614 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kalavara
5615 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kalinayakana-Kondenahalli
5616 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kamasettihalli
5617 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kammaguttahalli
5618 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kammathanahalli
5619 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kanajenahalli
5620 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kandakanahalli
5621 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kandavara
5622 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kanithahalli
5623 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kanivenarayanapura
5624 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Karakamakalahalli
5625 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kariganapalya
5626 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kathriguppe
5627 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kavaranahalli
5628 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kenchenahalli
5629 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Keshavara
5630 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kethenahalli
5631 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Koduru
5632 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kokkarapade
5633 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kolavanahalli
5634 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kolimenahalli
5635 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kommalamari
5636 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kondenahalli
5637 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Konegarahalli
5638 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Koothanahalli
5639 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Korlahalli
5640 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kothanoor
5641 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kuduvathi
5642 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Kuppahalli
5643 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Lakkanayakanahalli
5644 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Lakshmipathihalli
5645 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Lingasettipura
5646 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Madakuhosahalli
5647 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Maddalenahalli
5648 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Madhurenahalli
5649 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Madinayakanahalli
5650 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Manchanabele
5651 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mandikal
5652 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mannarapura
5653 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Maraganahalli
5654 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Maralakunte
5655 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Marappanahalli
5656 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Marasanahalli
5657 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Marimakalahalli
5658 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Marthammanahalli
5659 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mavahalli
5660 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mogalakuppe
5661 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Motlur
5662 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Muddalahalli
5663 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Muddenahalli
5664 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mudhigondobanadinne
5665 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mungalahalli
5666 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mustoor
5667 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Muthukadahalli
5668 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Mylappanahalli
5669 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Naduvanahalli
5670 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nagasanahalli
5671 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nakkalabachahalli
5672 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallaguttahalli
5673 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallaguttapalya
5674 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallakadirenahalli
5675 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallakadirenahalli
5676 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallappanahalli
5677 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nallenahalli
5678 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nandanaganahalli
5679 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nandi
5680 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nandi Hills
5681 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Narappanahalli
5682 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Naremmanahalli
5683 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nasikuntehosur
5684 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nayanahalli
5685 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nelamakalahalli
5686 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nellimaradahalli
5687 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Nugathihalli
5688 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Obalenahalli
5689 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Papinayakanahalli
5690 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Parenahalli
5691 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Patrenahalli
5692 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Pavandahalli
5693 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura P.Chokkanahalli
5694 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Peresandra
5695 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Posettihalli
5696 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Puttathimmanahalli
5697 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ragimakalahalli
5698 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ramachandra Hosur
5699 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ramaganaparthy
5700 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ramapatna
5701 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Rayappanahalli
5702 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura R.Chokkanahalli
5703 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Reddihalli
5704 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Reddy Gollavarahalli
5705 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Renumakalahalli
5706 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Renumakalahalli
5707 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura R.Kambalahalli
5708 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Ropparlahalli
5709 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sabbenahalli
5710 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sadenahalli
5711 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Samasenahalli
5712 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sambaragidada Kavalu
5713 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Settigere
5714 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Settivarahalli
5715 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Siddaganahalli
5716 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Singadikadirenahalli
5717 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sonnapura
5718 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Soolikunte
5719 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Soppahalli
5720 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sriramapura
5721 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Suddahalli
5722 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Sulthanpet
5723 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thammanayakanahalli
5724 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thandramaradahalli
5725 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thimmanahalli
5726 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thippenahalli
5727 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thirnahalli
5728 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thirumaladevaradinne
5729 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thowdanahalli
5730 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Thumukalahalli
5731 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Udagirinallappanahalli
5732 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Valasenahalli
5733 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Varadahalli
5734 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Varamallenahalli
5735 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Venkatapura
5736 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yadaralahalli
5737 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yadarlahalli
5738 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yalagalahalli
5739 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yalagere
5740 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yalehalli
5741 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yaluvahalli
5742 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yarrapapanahalli
5743 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yennur Kadirenahalli
5744 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chikkaballapura Yerramaranahalli
5745 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Adepalli
5746 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Agrahara
5747 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Agraharahalli
5748 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Akkimangala
5749 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Akkimangala Bussanahalli
5750 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Alambagiri
5751 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Alapalli
5752 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Amani Keelukuntekere
5753 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Amani Thimmasanikere
5754 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Amitahalli
5755 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Amitiganahalli
5756 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ampalli
5757 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Anakalamadagu
5758 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Anakallu
5759 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Annapalli
5760 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Annepalli
5761 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Anoor
5762 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Appasanihalli
5763 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Atturu
5764 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bachhappanahalli
5765 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bachuvarihalli
5766 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Badagavarahalli
5767 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Balampalli
5768 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Balapalahalli
5769 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Balareddihalli
5770 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Banahalli
5771 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bandakote
5772 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bandarlahalli
5773 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bandarlahalli
5774 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bandenahalli
5775 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Barlahalli
5776 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Basavapura
5777 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bathalahalli
5778 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bathalapalli
5779 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Batlahalli
5780 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Battiganahalli
5781 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Beedalahalli
5782 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Beerajenahalli
5783 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bhaktarahalli
5784 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bhatradinne
5785 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bhoomi Setti Halli
5786 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bhoopanahalli
5787 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani (b) Hunasamaranahalli (CT)
5788 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bhupamakalahalli
5789 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Billagundlapalli
5790 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Billandlahalli
5791 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bodaguru
5792 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bodampalli
5793 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bodanamari
5794 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bodigundlahalli
5795 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bodigundlapalli
5796 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bommekallu
5797 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bommepalli
5798 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Booragamakalahalli
5799 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Booragamakalahalli
5800 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Boyipapanahalli
5801 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Brahmanagadde
5802 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Brahmanahalli
5803 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bukkanahalli
5804 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Burudugunte
5805 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Byalahalli
5806 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Bynahalli
5807 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Byrasandra
5808 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Byreddihalli
5809 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani (c) Chikkabidarakallu (CT)
5810 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chalamakote
5811 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chandrahalli
5812 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chandurapalli
5813 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Changavarahalli
5814 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Channakeshavapura
5815 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Channarayanahalli
5816 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chapura
5817 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Cheemalagutta
5818 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Cheemanahalli
5819 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Cheemarajanahalli
5820 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chetlapalligadde
5821 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chickamunimangala
5822 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkabanavara (CT)
5823 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkabommanahalli
5824 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkaganjurgadde
5825 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkakarakamakalahalli
5826 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkakattigenahalli
5827 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chikkallikunte
5828 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chilakalanerpu
5829 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chinnakurupalli
5830 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chinnasandra
5831 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chinnepalli
5832 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chinnepalli
5833 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chintamakalahalli
5834 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chokkanahalli
5835 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chokkanahalli
5836 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chokkareddihalli
5837 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chorapalli
5838 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Chowdadenahalli
5839 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani C. Kurupalli
5840 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dandupalya
5841 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Deshamvaripalli
5842 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Devaganahalli
5843 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Devapalli
5844 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Devapalli
5845 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dhanamittanahalli
5846 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Diguru
5847 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Diguvapalli
5848 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dodda Arjenahalli
5849 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddabommanahalli
5850 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddaganjur
5851 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddakarakamakalahalli
5852 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddakondrahalli
5853 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddamunimangala
5854 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddanatha
5855 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddapura
5856 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddihalli
5857 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Doddihalli
5858 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dokkachintalapalli
5859 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Domalapalli
5860 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Donapalligadde
5861 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Duganarepalli
5862 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dusarakunte
5863 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dwarapalli
5864 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Dwarapalli
5865 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Eathamakalhalli
5866 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gadadhasanahalli
5867 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gadigivarahalli
5868 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gajalahalli
5869 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gajalavarahalli
5870 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gandraganahalli
5871 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gavipalli
5872 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gidadakodihalli
5873 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gollahalli
5874 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gollahalli
5875 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gollapalli
5876 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gollapalli
5877 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gollapalligadde
5878 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gondivarihalli
5879 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gonenahalli
5880 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gopalapura
5881 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gopasandra
5882 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Goppalli
5883 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gowdanahalli
5884 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gownicheruvapalli
5885 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gownigadde
5886 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gownipalli
5887 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gubalahalli
5888 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gudarlahalli
5889 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guddampalli
5890 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gudisilahalli
5891 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gudivabanahalli
5892 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gudumarlahalli
5893 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gummanahalli
5894 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gummasettihalli
5895 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gundalahalli
5896 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gundlahalli
5897 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gunnahalli
5898 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guntapalli
5899 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gunthurugadde
5900 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guntipalli
5901 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gurralagadde
5902 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Gurrampalli
5903 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guruganjigutta
5904 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guttahalli
5905 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guttahalli
5906 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guttapalya
5907 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Guttur
5908 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hadigere
5909 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hanumaigaripalli
5910 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hebbari
5911 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hiranyapalli
5912 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hirekattigenahalli
5913 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hirepalya
5914 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hosahalli
5915 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hosahalli (Jodi)
5916 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hosahudya
5917 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hosuru
5918 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hudyadadinne
5919 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hulugummanahalli
5920 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Hussainpura
5921 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Imareddihalli
5922 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Iragampalli
5923 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ivaripalli
5924 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jagathanahalli
5925 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jaladenahalli
5926 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jangamapura
5927 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jangamaseegehalli
5928 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jeedarahalli
5929 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jodi Brahmanadinne
5930 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jogivarihalli
5931 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Jogyanahalli
5932 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Junjanahalli
5933 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kachihalli
5934 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kadadalamari
5935 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kadigenahalli (CT)
5936 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kadirappanaiakanakote
5937 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kadirapura
5938 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kadirenahalli
5939 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kagathi
5940 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kaiwara
5941 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kakarlachinte
5942 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kallahalli
5943 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kamaguttahalli
5944 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kambalapalli
5945 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kambampalli
5946 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kambampalli
5947 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kanagamakalapalli
5948 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kanchinayakanahalli
5949 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kanikalahalli
5950 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kanisettyhalli
5951 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kappalli
5952 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kappalli
5953 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Karakamakalagadde
5954 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Karijangalahalli
5955 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kariyapalli
5956 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kariyapalli
5957 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Katamachnahalli
5958 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kathriguppe
5959 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kattigenahalli
5960 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kavalaganahalli
5961 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kempadenahalli
5962 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kencharlahalli
5963 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kenchepalli
5964 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kendanahalli
5965 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kethanaikanahalli
5966 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani K.Gollahalli
5967 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodadhavadi
5968 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodegandlu
5969 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodigal
5970 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodigehalli
5971 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodigivaripalli
5972 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kodihalli
5973 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kolimivaripalli
5974 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kommepalli
5975 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Konappalli
5976 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Konappalli
5977 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Konapura
5978 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kondavenakapalli
5979 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kondliganahalli
5980 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Konepalli
5981 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Konganahalli
5982 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kongathimmanahalli
5983 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kootharajanahalli
5984 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Korakonahalli
5985 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Korlahalli
5986 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Korlaparthi
5987 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kotagal
5988 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kothahudya
5989 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kothapalli
5990 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kothur
5991 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kottapalli
5992 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani K.Raguttahalli
5993 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Krishnammanahosahalli
5994 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kukkaladinne
5995 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kurlapalligadde
5996 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kurubarahalli
5997 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kuruburu
5998 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kuruburu Amanikere
5999 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kurumarlahalli
6000 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kurutihalli
6001 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Kuthappanahalli
6002 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Lakkepalli
6003 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Lakshmidevikote
6004 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Lingadeeranahalli
6005 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani M0Shilahalli
6006 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Madabahalli
6007 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Madamangala
6008 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Madanaiyakanahalli (CT)
6009 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Madarakallu
6010 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Madikere
6011 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mallikapura
6012 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mallikarjunapura
6013 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Maniganahalli
6014 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Maniyaramuddalahalli
6015 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Marabahalli
6016 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Marapalli
6017 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Marimakalahalli
6018 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Marinaikanahalli
6019 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Masthenahalli
6020 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mavukere
6021 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Minchalahalli
6022 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mindigal
6023 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mittahalli
6024 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mohamadpura
6025 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Moodachintapalli
6026 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Moogalamari
6027 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mudalagollahalli
6028 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Muddalahalli
6029 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Munganahalli
6030 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Munganahalli
6031 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Munthakadirenahalli
6032 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Murugamalla
6033 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mutamakalahalli
6034 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Muthukadahalli
6035 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Myakalasonnenahalli
6036 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Myakapothalahalli
6037 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mylandahalli
6038 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Mylapura
6039 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nadampalli
6040 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nagadenahalli
6041 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nagarajahosahalli
6042 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nagarajapalli
6043 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nagarlamitte
6044 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nagasandragadde
6045 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Naindrahalli
6046 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nakkalahalli
6047 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nakkalapalligadde
6048 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nalamachanahalli
6049 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nallagutlahalli
6050 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nallaguttahalli
6051 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nallaguttahalli
6052 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nallaguttahalli
6053 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nandanahosahalli
6054 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nandanavana
6055 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nandiganahalli
6056 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Narasapura
6057 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Naravamakalahalli
6058 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Narayanahalli
6059 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nayanahalli
6060 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Neelappalli
6061 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nernakallu
6062 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nidagurki
6063 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Nimmakayalahalli
6064 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Oolavadi
6065 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Panasachowdenahalli
6066 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Papathimmanahalli
6067 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pasalanaikanahalli
6068 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pathakote
6069 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pedduru
6070 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pemmganahalli
6071 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Perumachanahalli
6072 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Polanayakanahalli
6073 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pottarlahalli
6074 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Pottepalli
6075 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Puligundlahalli
6076 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Rachapura
6077 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Racharlahalli
6078 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Raghuttahalli
6079 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ragimakalahalli
6080 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ramenahalli
6081 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Rangenahalli
6082 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Rayapalli
6083 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Santhekallahalli
6084 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Seegalagutta
6085 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Seeguttapalli
6086 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Seekallu
6087 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Seetharamapura
6088 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Seetharlapalli
6089 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Settinayanahalli
6090 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Shamarao Hospete
6091 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Shettihalli
6092 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Siddepalli
6093 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Siddepalli
6094 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Siddimata
6095 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Singanahalli
6096 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Singasandra
6097 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Somakalahalli
6098 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Somayajalahalli
6099 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Srinivasapura
6100 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Subbarayanapet
6101 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Subbarayanapete
6102 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Sujjanahalli
6103 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Suladenahalli
6104 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Sunnappagutta
6105 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Surrappanahalli
6106 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Talagavara
6107 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Talagavara Amanikere
6108 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani T.Gollahalli
6109 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thammepalli
6110 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thinakallu
6111 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thippanahalli
6112 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thippenahalli
6113 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thirumalapura
6114 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thuluvanuru
6115 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Thummalapalli
6116 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ulavakayalahalli
6117 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ulibele
6118 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Ullappanahalli
6119 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Upparalahalli
6120 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Upparapete
6121 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vaddahalli
6122 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vaddihalli
6123 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vaizakuru
6124 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vangimalu
6125 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vasanthahalli
6126 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Veerapalli
6127 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vegalapalli
6128 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Vempalli
6129 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Venkatapura
6130 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Virupakshapura
6131 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Viswanathapura
6132 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yadahalli
6133 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yaramareddihalli
6134 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yarrapalli
6135 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yegavakote
6136 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yendapalli
6137 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yenigadale
6138 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yenumalapadi
6139 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yeraseegehalli
6140 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerraigaripalli
6141 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerrakote
6142 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerralakkenahalli
6143 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerramantapalli
6144 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerranayanahalli
6145 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yerrapalli
6146 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yesagalahalli
6147 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yeshwanthapura
6148 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Yetigaddagollahalli
6149 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Chintamani Y.Kurupalli
6150 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Addekoppa
6151 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Agraharahosahalli
6152 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Alakapura
6153 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Alas Thimmanahalli
6154 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Anagattahalli
6155 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Anudi
6156 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Arasalbande
6157 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Arkunda
6158 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Babenahalli
6159 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bachareddyhalli
6160 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Badimaralur
6161 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Balagere
6162 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Balareddihalli
6163 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bandarlahalli
6164 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Basavanahalli
6165 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Basavapura
6166 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur B.Bommasandra
6167 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Beeramangala
6168 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Belathur
6169 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bevinahalli
6170 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bhaktarahalli
6171 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bhumenahalli
6172 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bhumenahalli
6173 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bisalahalli
6174 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bodabandahalli
6175 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bommasettihalli
6176 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Budagathimmanahalli
6177 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Budigenahalli
6178 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Budivanthanahalli
6179 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Bychapura
6180 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chandanadur
6181 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Channarayanahalli
6182 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chapparadahalli
6183 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Charakamittenehalli
6184 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Cheegatagere
6185 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Cheelammanahalli
6186 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Cheelenahalli
6187 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chennabyrenahalli
6188 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chikkahosahalli
6189 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chikkakurugodu
6190 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chikkamallekere
6191 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chikkamallenahalli
6192 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chimakalahalli
6193 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chinchanahalli
6194 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Chinnagenahalli
6195 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Cholasettyhalli
6196 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dandiganahalli
6197 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Darinaikanapalya
6198 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dasarahalli
6199 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Devaganahalli
6200 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Devarahosahalli
6201 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Devareddihalli
6202 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dinamagattanahalli
6203 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dinnenahalli
6204 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Doddakurugodu
6205 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Doddamallekere
6206 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dronakunte
6207 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dwaraganahalli
6208 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Dyavasandra
6209 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gangasandra
6210 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur G.Bommasandra
6211 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gedare
6212 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gidaganahalli
6213 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Goddavalahalli
6214 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Golachinnenahalli
6215 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gollahalli
6216 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gollahalli
6217 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gondihalli
6218 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gotakanapura
6219 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gotlakunte
6220 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gowdagere
6221 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gowdasandra
6222 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gulaganjihalli
6223 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gundapura
6224 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Gundlahalli
6225 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Guttenahalli
6226 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Guvvalahalli
6227 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Guyyalahalli
6228 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Halaganahalli
6229 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Halehalli
6230 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hale Upparahalli
6231 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hampasandra
6232 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hanumanthapura
6233 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hanumenahalli
6234 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hanumenahalli
6235 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Heggenahalli
6236 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hirebidanur
6237 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur H.Nagasandra
6238 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hosahalli
6239 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hosakote
6240 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hosa Upparahalli
6241 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hossur
6242 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Huchodanahalli
6243 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hudugur
6244 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hulikunte
6245 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hunasekunte
6246 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Hunasenahalli
6247 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Idagur
6248 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jakkenahalli
6249 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jarabandahalli
6250 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jarabandahalli
6251 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jeelakunte
6252 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jeerigepete
6253 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jodibisilahalli
6254 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jodigurrappanahalli
6255 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Jogireddyhalli
6256 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kachamachanahalli
6257 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadabur
6258 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadalaveni
6259 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadaranahalli
6260 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadaranahalli
6261 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadiradevarahalli
6262 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kadiridevarahalli
6263 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kallinaikanahalli
6264 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kalludi
6265 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kamaganahalli
6266 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kamalapura
6267 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kamatakadirenahalli
6268 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kambalahalli
6269 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kanaganakoppa
6270 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kantharlahalli
6271 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Karekallahalli *
6272 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Katanakallu
6273 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kenkere
6274 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kerevolaginahalli
6275 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kodiganahalli
6276 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kodihalli
6277 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Komarlahalli
6278 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Konaganahalli
6279 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Konapura
6280 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kondapura
6281 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kondenahalli
6282 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kothur
6283 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kothur
6284 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Krishnarajapura
6285 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kudumalakunte
6286 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kudurebyalya
6287 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kundihalli
6288 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kuntachikkanahalli
6289 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kurubarahalli
6290 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kurudi
6291 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Kurugodu Thammanahalli
6292 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Lakkasandra
6293 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Lakshmanapura
6294 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Machenahalli
6295 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Madanahalli
6296 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Makamhalli
6297 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Malenahalli
6298 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mallasandra
6299 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mallegowdanadinne
6300 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mallenahalli
6301 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Manchenahalli
6302 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Manivala
6303 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Maralur
6304 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Marimakalahalli
6305 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Maripadagu
6306 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mattavalahalli
6307 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Minakanagurki
6308 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mindenahalli
6309 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mittenahalli
6310 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur M.Nagenahalli
6311 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Moorumanehalli
6312 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mopurahalli
6313 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Muchatlahalli
6314 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mudalodu
6315 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Muddalahalli
6316 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Mudigere
6317 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Myalya
6318 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nachikunte
6319 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Naduvalahalli
6320 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nagarabhavi
6321 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nagaragere
6322 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nakkalahalli
6323 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Namagondlu
6324 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nandiganahalli
6325 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Narasapura
6326 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Narasapuradadinne
6327 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Narasimhanahalli
6328 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Narlahalli
6329 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nasakuntahalli
6330 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nerlahalli
6331 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Nulagummanahalli
6332 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Papaganahalli
6333 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Payannanahalli
6334 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pidachalahalli
6335 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pidarlahalli
6336 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pillaguttahalli
6337 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur P.Nagenahalli
6338 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pothenahalli
6339 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pulaganahalli
6340 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pulamakalahalli
6341 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Pura
6342 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Puttapurlahalli
6343 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Puttegowdanadinne
6344 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Ramachandrapura
6345 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Ramapura
6346 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Ranganahalli
6347 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Rayamakalahalli
6348 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Rayanakallu
6349 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Rayarekalahalli
6350 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Reddydyavarahalli
6351 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Sabbanahalli
6352 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Sadarlahalli
6353 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Saganahalli
6354 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Saragondlu
6355 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Shamannakere
6356 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Shampura
6357 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Siddenahalli
6358 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Singanahalli
6359 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Somasettyhalli
6360 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Sonaganahalli
6361 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Suranaikanahalli
6362 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Taridalu
6363 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thekalahalli
6364 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thimmaganahalli
6365 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thimmenahalli
6366 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thippaganahalli
6367 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thokalahalli
6368 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Thondebhavi
6369 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Uchalagollahalli
6370 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Udamalodu
6371 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Upparahalli
6372 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Vaddenahalli
6373 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Varavani
6374 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Vasanthanahalli
6375 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Vatadahosahalli
6376 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Vedalaveni
6377 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Veeralagollahalli
6378 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Veerammanahalli
6379 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Velapi
6380 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Venkatapura
6381 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Virupasandra
6382 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Vychakurahalli
6383 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Yeramadenahalli
6384 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Yeranagenahalli
6385 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Yerragunte
6386 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Yerrahalli
6387 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gauribidanur Yerrapothenahalli
6388 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Adinarayanahalli
6389 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Aligadirenahalli
6390 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Amani Byrasagara
6391 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Appireddihalli
6392 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Bandarlahalli
6393 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Bathalahalli
6394 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Beechaganahalli
6395 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Benneparthi
6396 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Bhogenahalli
6397 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Bommanahalli
6398 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Brahmanarahalli
6399 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Bullasandra
6400 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chadumanahalli
6401 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Channarayanahalli
6402 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chelur (CT)
6403 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chendur
6404 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chikkakurubarahalli
6405 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chikkanancherlu
6406 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chikkathammanahalli
6407 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chowtakuntahalli
6408 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Chowtathimmanahalli
6409 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Dapparthi
6410 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Dhumakuntahalli
6411 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Dinnahalli
6412 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Doddakurubarahalli
6413 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Doddanancherlu
6414 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Egenahalli
6415 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gaddamanagana Dinne
6416 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gajala Bisalahalli
6417 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Ganganahalli
6418 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Geggilarallahalli
6419 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gerumaradahalli
6420 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Giddappanahalli
6421 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gopuradahalli
6422 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gudibanda [R]
6423 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gummareddihalli
6424 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Gyadarlahalli
6425 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Hale Gudibanda
6426 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Hampasandra
6427 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Hosa Yerrahalli
6428 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Iddrahalli
6429 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Iragareddihalli
6430 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Jambigemaradahalli
6431 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Jangalahalli
6432 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Jantibhoyinahalli
6433 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kadehalli
6434 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kadenahalli Dinne
6435 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kadirisettihalli
6436 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kalkipapanadinne
6437 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kambalahalli
6438 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kammadike
6439 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kantharlahalli
6440 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kariganathammanahalli
6441 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kataiahgarahalli
6442 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Katenahalli
6443 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kodiganahalli
6444 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kondareddihalli
6445 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kondavabanahalli
6446 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kondavalahalli
6447 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Korenahalli
6448 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Kurubarahosa Halli
6449 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Lakkenahalli
6450 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Lakshmanapura
6451 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Lakshmisagara
6452 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Machavalahalli
6453 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Maravenahalli
6454 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Medimakalahalli
6455 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Myakalahalli
6456 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Nallojanahalli
6457 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Nichanabandahalli
6458 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Nilugumba
6459 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Nimmalahalli
6460 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Ochalahalli
6461 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Palaigarahalli
6462 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Pasapalodu
6463 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Pavajenahalli
6464 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Polampalli
6465 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Pulasanivoddu
6466 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Pulavamakalahalli
6467 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Puradahalli
6468 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Pyayalachinnappanahalli
6469 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Ragimakalahalli
6470 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Ramaganahalli
6471 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Sadasivanahalli
6472 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Sanjeevarayanahalli
6473 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Singanadinne
6474 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Singanahalli
6475 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Somalapura
6476 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Somenahalli
6477 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Someswara
6478 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Thangadikunte
6479 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Thimmenahalli
6480 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Thirumani
6481 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Thummenahalli
6482 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Ullodu
6483 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Uppakuntahalli
6484 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Vabasandra
6485 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Vabasandra Anupanahalli
6486 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Varlakonda
6487 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Varlakondhalli
6488 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Veerarahutanahalli
6489 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Voddumaravenahalli
6490 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Yelakalarallahalli
6491 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Yellodu
6492 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Yerrahalli
6493 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Gudibanda Yerralakkenahalli
6494 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Abbaludu
6495 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ajjakadirenahalli
6496 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Alagurki
6497 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Amani Balladakere
6498 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Amani Bandammanakere
6499 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Amani Dasenahalli
6500 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Amaravathi
6501 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ambiganahalli
6502 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ammagarahalli
6503 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ammanakere
6504 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Anemadagu
6505 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ankathatti
6506 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Anur
6507 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Anur Hunasenahalli
6508 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Anur Thimmanahalli
6509 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Appegowdanahalli
6510 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Arikere
6511 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Atagollahalli
6512 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Athiganahalli
6513 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Avalakondarayanahalli
6514 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bachahalli
6515 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bachanahalli
6516 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Baktharahalli
6517 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Balegowdanahalli
6518 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Baluvanahalli
6519 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bandahalli
6520 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bandappanahalli
6521 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Barlahalli
6522 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Basavanaparthi
6523 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Basavapatna
6524 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Basavapatna K.G.
6525 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Basettihalli
6526 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Beerappanahalli
6527 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Belinayakanahalli
6528 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Belluti
6529 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Binnamangala
6530 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bodaguru
6531 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Bommanahalli
6532 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Budhala
6533 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Byarasandra
6534 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Byraganahalli
6535 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Byraganahalli
6536 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Byranaikanahalli
6537 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Byyappanahalli
6538 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chakappanahalli
6539 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Channahalli
6540 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Cheelambommanahalli
6541 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Cheemanahalli
6542 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Cheemangala
6543 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Cheluvanayakanaphade
6544 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkabandaragatta
6545 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkachinnappanahalli
6546 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkadasarahalli
6547 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkadasenahalli
6548 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkapapanahalli
6549 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chikkathekahalli
6550 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chinthudupi
6551 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chokkanahalli
6552 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chokkandahalli
6553 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chowdasandra
6554 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Chyage
6555 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dabarganahalli
6556 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dadamagatta
6557 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Devaganahalli
6558 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Devaguttahalli
6559 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Devaramallur
6560 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Devaramallur Amanikere
6561 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Devenahalli
6562 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dhanamittenahalli
6563 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dibburahalli
6564 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dimbarlahalli
6565 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Doddabandaragatta
6566 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Doddadasarahalli
6567 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Doddadasenahalli
6568 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Doddagummanahalli
6569 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Doddathekahalli
6570 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dogaranayakanahalli
6571 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Donahalli
6572 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Dyavarahalli
6573 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Eegaletihalli
6574 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gadiminchenahalli
6575 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gajjiganahalli
6576 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gambeeranahalli
6577 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gandlachinthe
6578 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gangahalli
6579 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ganganahalli
6580 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gangapura
6581 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ganjigunte
6582 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Garimillahalli
6583 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ghatamaranahalli
6584 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ghatarlahalli
6585 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta G.Kurubarahalli
6586 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gollahalli
6587 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gollahalli
6588 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gonimaradahalli
6589 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Goramadagu
6590 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gorathimmanahalli
6591 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gorla Gummanahalli
6592 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gowdanahalli
6593 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gowdanakere
6594 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta G.Peddanahalli
6595 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gudihalli
6596 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gudlanarasimhanahalli
6597 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gummanahalli
6598 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Gyaradi
6599 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hale Ganjigunte
6600 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Halehalli
6601 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Halsurdinne
6602 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Handiganala
6603 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hanumanthapura
6604 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hanumenahalli
6605 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Haradi
6606 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Haradi Plantation
6607 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Haralahalli
6608 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hemarlahalli
6609 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hireballa
6610 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hiriyelachenahalli
6611 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hithalahalli
6612 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hosahalli
6613 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hosakere
6614 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hosapete
6615 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Hujagur
6616 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Iddalodu
6617 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Iragappanahalli
6618 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ivarahalli
6619 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Jangamakote
6620 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Jangamakote Plantation
6621 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Japtihosahalli
6622 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Jarugahalli
6623 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kachahalli
6624 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kachahalli
6625 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kachinayakanahalli
6626 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kadadanakunte
6627 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kadirapura
6628 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kadirinaikanahalli
6629 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kakichokkandahalli
6630 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kalinayakanahalli
6631 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kalyapura
6632 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kamanahalli
6633 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kambadahalli
6634 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kanivenahalli
6635 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kannamangala
6636 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kannappanahalli
6637 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kariyanapura
6638 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kariyappanahalli
6639 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kempasanipade
6640 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kempenahalli
6641 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Keshavapura
6642 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta K.G.Chikkaballa
6643 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta K.Muthakadahalli
6644 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kokkaramakalahalli
6645 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kolimi Hosur
6646 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kommasandra
6647 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kondarajanahalli
6648 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Koogatathimmanahalli
6649 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Koothandahalli
6650 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Koppalachinnappanahalli
6651 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Korathaguttahalli
6652 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kotagal
6653 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kotahalli
6654 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kothanur
6655 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Krishnahalli
6656 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Krishnammanahosahalli
6657 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kudupakunte
6658 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kumbarahalli
6659 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kumbiganahalli
6660 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kundalagurki
6661 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kuppenahalli
6662 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kurabarahalli
6663 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kurubachanapade
6664 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Kyasagere
6665 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Laginayakanahalli
6666 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Lakkenahalli
6667 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Lakkihalli
6668 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta L Muthakadahalli
6669 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Maddenahalli
6670 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Madenahalli
6671 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Malamachanahalli
6672 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mallahalli
6673 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mallasettipura
6674 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mallasettyhalli
6675 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mallenahalli
6676 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mallur
6677 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Marabanahalli
6678 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Maraganaparthi
6679 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Maralappanahalli
6680 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Marappanahalli
6681 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Maravenahalli
6682 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Marihalli
6683 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Melukunte
6684 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Melur
6685 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mithanahalli
6686 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Muchataladinne
6687 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Muddannanadinne
6688 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mugiludupi
6689 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Mummanahalli
6690 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Muthur
6691 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nadipinayakanahalli
6692 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nagamangala
6693 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nagireddihalli
6694 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nakkalahalli
6695 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nakkalahalli
6696 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nallaguttahalli
6697 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nallappanahalli
6698 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nallarallahalli
6699 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nallenahalli
6700 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nallenahalli
6701 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Narayanadasarahalli
6702 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Nellimaradahalli
6703 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Neralemaradahalli
6704 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Obalapura
6705 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pakiranahosahalli
6706 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Palicherlu
6707 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Patalammanahalli
6708 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Patrahalli
6709 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pendlivarahalli
6710 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pindipapanahalli
6711 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Poolakuntahalli
6712 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pura
6713 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Purabyrenahalli
6714 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pura K.G.
6715 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Pyayalahalli
6716 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Rachanahalli
6717 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ragimakalahalli
6718 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ramenahalli
6719 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Rameswara
6720 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Rayappanahalli
6721 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Ropparlahalli
6722 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sadahalli
6723 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sadalavarahalli
6724 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sadali
6725 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Saddahalli
6726 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sanjeevapura
6727 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta S.Devaganahalli
6728 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Seegehalli
6729 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Seethahalli
6730 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Settihalli
6731 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Settikere
6732 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta S.Gollahalli
6733 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta S.Gundlahalli
6734 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Siddapura
6735 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sidlaghatta (Rural)
6736 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Silaridinne
6737 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta S.Kurubarahalli
6738 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta S.M.Kondarajanahalli
6739 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Somanahalli
6740 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sonaganahalli
6741 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sonnenahalli
6742 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sorakayalahalli
6743 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sugatur
6744 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Sundrahalli
6745 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thaduru
6746 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thaladummanahalli
6747 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thalakayalabetta
6748 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thambalahalli
6749 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Tharabahalli
6750 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thataparthi
6751 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thathahalli
6752 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thavarevoddu
6753 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thimmanayakanahalli
6754 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thimmasandra
6755 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thimmasandra
6756 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thippenahalli
6757 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thokalahalli
6758 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thotliganahalli
6759 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thummanahalli
6760 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thummenahalli
6761 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Thurukachenahalli
6762 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta T.Kurubarahalli
6763 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta T.Peddanahalli
6764 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Uppakuntahalli
6765 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Vaddahalli
6766 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Valasenahalli
6767 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Vallappanahalli
6768 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Vankamaradahalli
6769 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Varadanayakanahalli
6770 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Varahunasenhalli
6771 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Varasandra
6772 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Vemagallu
6773 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Venkatakrishnammanahalli
6774 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Venkatapura
6775 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Venkatapura
6776 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yannangur
6777 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yannur
6778 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yaramalliahna Hunasehalli
6779 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yarechinapura
6780 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yarranagenahalli
6781 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yedlapadi
6782 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yedulathippenahalli
6783 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yerabachanahalli
6784 Chikkaballapura chikkabalapur Sidlaghatta Yerrappanahalli
6785 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Aladagudde
6786 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Aldur
6787 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Allampura
6788 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Amble
6789 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Aniganahalli
6790 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Annindadike
6791 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Anoor
6792 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Aradavalli
6793 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Aralaguppe
6794 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Arasinaguppe
6795 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Arebidacoor Estate
6796 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Arekallahalli
6797 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Arenahalli
6798 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Arenoor
6799 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Athigiri
6800 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Avathi
6801 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bagamane
6802 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Baganeheddalu
6803 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Balehalli
6804 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Balenahalli
6805 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Banavara
6806 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bannur
6807 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Basagal
6808 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Basagodu
6809 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Basapura
6810 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Basaravalli
6811 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Beekanahallikaval
6812 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Beekanahalli (Rural)
6813 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Beeranahalli
6814 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Belawadi
6815 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Beranagodu
6816 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bettadamalali
6817 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bhaktharahalli
6818 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bidare
6819 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Biggadevanahalli
6820 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bigganahalli
6821 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bikkarane
6822 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bikkemane
6823 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bilekallahalli
6824 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Billenahalli
6825 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bindiga
6826 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bisagnimutt
6827 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Boggase
6828 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Boochenahallikaval
6829 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Boodanike
6830 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Byaravalli
6831 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Bygoor
6832 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Channagondanahalli
6833 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chikkagowja
6834 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chikkakalasapura
6835 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chikkamagaravalli
6836 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chikkolale
6837 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chikmagalur (Rural)
6838 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chindenahalli
6839 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Chithavalli
6840 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Churchugudde Kaval
6841 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Dambadahalli
6842 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Danihalli
6843 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Dasarahalli
6844 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Dasarahalli
6845 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Dattathreyapeeta
6846 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Devadana
6847 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Devagondanahalli
6848 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Devarahalli
6849 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Devarahalli
6850 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Doddamagaravalli
6851 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Donagudige
6852 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Dumagere
6853 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Eswarahalli
6854 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Galihalli
6855 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Galipooje
6856 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Ganadalu
6857 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Gangalagodu
6858 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Gavanahalli (Rural
6859 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Gonakal
6860 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Govindapura
6861 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Gowthameshwara
6862 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Guddenahalli
6863 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Gungarahalli
6864 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hachadamane
6865 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hadihalli
6866 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Halasabalu
6867 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Halasumane
6868 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Halelakya
6869 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Haliyur
6870 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Haluvalli
6871 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hampapura
6872 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hancharavalli
6873 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hanchihalli
6874 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Handi
6875 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hangaravalli
6876 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Havare
6877 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hawalli
6878 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hebballi
6879 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hedadalu
6880 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Heggarmathavani
6881 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hejjiganahalli
6882 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hipla
6883 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hiregowja
6884 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hirekolale
6885 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hiremagalur *
6886 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hosahalli
6887 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hosahalli
6888 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hoskote
6889 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Huigere
6890 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hukkunda
6891 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Huliyarahalli
6892 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Huluvale
6893 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hyarambi
6894 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Ilehole
6895 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Inam Dattathreya Peeta
6896 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Indavara
6897 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Iyanahalli
6898 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Iydahalli
6899 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Jagara
6900 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Jakkanahalli
6901 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Jakkerikaval
6902 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Joladalu
6903 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kabbigarahalli
6904 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kabbikere
6905 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kadavanthi
6906 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kadrimidri
6907 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kalasapura
6908 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kalenahalli
6909 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kallahalli
6910 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kambihalli
6911 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kamenahallikaval
6912 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kanivehalli
6913 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Karadihallikaval
6914 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Karagoor
6915 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Karehalli
6916 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Karisiddanahalli
6917 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Karthikere
6918 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kelagani
6919 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kelagoor
6920 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kenchenahalli
6921 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kengenahalli
6922 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kenkere
6923 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Keremakki
6924 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kesave
6925 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kesavinahaklu
6926 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kesavinamane
6927 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kesavinamane
6928 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Koduvalli
6929 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kolagave
6930 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kotevooru
6931 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kottigenahalli
6932 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kouthalu
6933 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kuduvalli
6934 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kundur
6935 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kunnalu
6936 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kurichikkanahalli
6937 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kurubara Boodi Halu
6938 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kurubarahalli
6939 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kuruvangi
6940 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Kyathanabeedu
6941 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Lakkamanahalli
6942 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Lakya
6943 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Machagondanahalli
6944 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Machenahalli
6945 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Madla
6946 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Magadi
6947 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mahaji
6948 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Makodu
6949 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Malagaru
6950 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Malalur
6951 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mallammanahalli
6952 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Manaboor
6953 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Marle
6954 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Masagali
6955 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mathavara
6956 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mathikere
6957 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mavinahalli
6958 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mavinakere
6959 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Melagiri
6960 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Melinahuluvathi
6961 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mugathihalli
6962 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mugulavalli
6963 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Muthinapura
6964 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mylimane
6965 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Mylimane Estate
6966 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Nagarahalli
6967 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Nagenahalli
6968 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Nallur
6969 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Nandikere
6970 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Narasipura
6971 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Neradi
6972 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Padamane
6973 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Pandaravalli
6974 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Payagondanahalli
6975 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Pura
6976 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Ramanahalli
6977 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Sadarahalli
6978 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Samse
6979 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Saragodu
6980 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Saragoor
6981 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Sarapanahalli
6982 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Sathihalli
6983 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Sevalal Nagara
6984 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Shankaranahalli
6985 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Shirabadige
6986 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Shiravase
6987 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Sindigere
6988 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Siragola
6989 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Siragunda
6990 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Siravolalu
6991 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Srinivasapura
6992 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Subramanyadahalli
6993 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Suguduvani
6994 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Suragondanahalli
6995 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Suruguppe
6996 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Tagadoor
6997 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thadabenahalli
6998 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thadagase
6999 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thalihalla
7000 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thegur
7001 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thiruguna
7002 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thogarihankal
7003 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thondavalli
7004 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thoranamavu
7005 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Thotadahalli
7006 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Uddeboranahalli
7007 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Vaddarahalli
7008 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Vajuvalli
7009 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Valagarehalli
7010 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Vasthare
7011 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Vataganahalli
7012 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Yarehalli
7013 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Chikmagalur Yelagudige
7014 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Addada
7015 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Adigebylu
7016 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Agalagandi
7017 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Ammadi Estate
7018 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Asagodu
7019 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Attikudige
7020 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Belagola
7021 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Belavinakodige
7022 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Belawadi
7023 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bethadakolalu
7024 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bhandigadi
7025 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bhuyanakote
7026 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bilagadde
7027 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bintravalli
7028 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bolapura
7029 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Bomlapura
7030 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Byredevaru
7031 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Chavalamane
7032 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Dayamballi
7033 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Devagodu
7034 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Devarahalli
7035 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Guddethota
7036 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Gunavanthe
7037 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Halmathur
7038 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Haralane
7039 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Harandur
7040 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hariharapura
7041 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Heddase
7042 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Heggadde
7043 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Heggaru
7044 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Heggaru
7045 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Herambapura
7046 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Herthanakudige
7047 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Herur
7048 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hillikere
7049 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hiregadde
7050 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hirekodige
7051 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Honagaru
7052 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Honnagundi
7053 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hosur
7054 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Hosuru
7055 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Huligaradi
7056 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Jayapura
7057 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kagga
7058 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kalasapura
7059 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kallugudde
7060 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Karimane
7061 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kelakuli
7062 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kesave
7063 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kodur
7064 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Koppa (Rural)
7065 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kulur
7066 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kumbarkoppa
7067 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kunchur
7068 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kunimakki
7069 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Kuppali
7070 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Lokanathapura
7071 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Machikoppa
7072 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Makkikoppa
7073 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Marithotlu
7074 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Megur
7075 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Melbilre
7076 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Murugadde
7077 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Narasipura
7078 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Nilavagilu
7079 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Nuggi
7080 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Shankarapura
7081 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Shanuvalli
7082 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Shirakaradi
7083 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Somlapura
7084 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Sthirur
7085 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Talamakki Estate
7086 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Tanudi
7087 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Thalamakki
7088 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Thammadavalli
7089 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Thuluvinakoppa
7090 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Udana
7091 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Vate Bachalakan
7092 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Yadadanti
7093 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Koppa Yelemadalu
7094 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Abrugodige Estate
7095 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Alekhan Estate
7096 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Ambinakodige
7097 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Anajooru
7098 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Angadi
7099 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Aramane Thalagur
7100 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Attigere
7101 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Baggasagodu
7102 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bakki
7103 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Balige
7104 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Balur
7105 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Balur Estate
7106 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Banakal
7107 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bankenahalli
7108 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Barimale Estate
7109 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Beejavalli
7110 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bettadamane
7111 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bettagere
7112 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere B.Hosahalli
7113 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bidarahalli
7114 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bilagali
7115 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bilagola
7116 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Binnadi
7117 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Bommenahalli
7118 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Byduvalli
7119 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Byduvalli Estate
7120 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Byrapura
7121 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Byrapura Estate
7122 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Chakkodige
7123 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Chandrapura
7124 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Chattanahalli
7125 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Chimmatagere
7126 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Chinniga
7127 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Coove
7128 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Daradahalli
7129 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Darshana
7130 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Devarunda
7131 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Durgadahalli
7132 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Edur
7133 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Gabbahalli
7134 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere G.Agrahara
7135 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere G.Hanumanahalli
7136 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Ghattadahalli
7137 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere G.Hosahalli
7138 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Gonibeedu
7139 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Gowdahalli
7140 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Gowthahalli
7141 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Guddada Estate
7142 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Gutti
7143 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hadivoni
7144 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halagadaka Estate
7145 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halase
7146 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halekere
7147 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halekere Estate
7148 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halekote
7149 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Halike
7150 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hanthuru
7151 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hanumanahalli
7152 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Harmakki
7153 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Heggodlu
7154 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hegravalli
7155 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hemmadi
7156 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hemmakki
7157 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hesagal
7158 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hesagodu
7159 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hiresigara
7160 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hoisalalu
7161 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hornadu
7162 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hosakere
7163 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Huliyar (CT)
7164 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Hyragudde
7165 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Idkani
7166 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Indravalli
7167 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Javali
7168 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Jogannanakere
7169 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kademadkal
7170 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kadidal
7171 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kaduvalli
7172 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kalakodu
7173 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kalasa
7174 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kalmane
7175 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kammaragodu
7176 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kanachuru
7177 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kanachuru Estate
7178 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kannagere
7179 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kannapura
7180 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kannehalli
7181 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Karabylu
7182 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Karadagodu
7183 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kelagur
7184 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kelagur Estate
7185 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kellur
7186 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kenjige
7187 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kenjige Estate
7188 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kesavalalu Estate
7189 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kirugunda
7190 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere K.Kelagur
7191 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kogile
7192 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kollibylu
7193 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kolugodu
7194 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kolur
7195 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Koradathalgur
7196 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kotrakere
7197 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kudahalli
7198 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kundur
7199 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Kunnahalli
7200 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Lokavalli
7201 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Lokavalli Estate
7202 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Madugundi
7203 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Makonahalli
7204 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Malahalli
7205 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Maliganadu
7206 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Marasanige
7207 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Markal
7208 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Megur
7209 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Mekanagadde
7210 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Mudasasi
7211 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Mudigere (Rural)
7212 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Mularahalli
7213 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Muthigepura
7214 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Naduvinamadkal
7215 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Nandipura
7216 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Nidagodu
7217 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Niduvale
7218 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Ousana
7219 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Pattaduru
7220 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Phalguni
7221 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Pura
7222 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Samse
7223 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Sangamapura
7224 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Sunkasale
7225 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Taruve
7226 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Thalagodu
7227 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Thanudi
7228 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Thatkola
7229 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Thotadur
7230 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Tripura
7231 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Udase
7232 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Uggehalli
7233 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere U.Hosahalli
7234 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Mudigere Urubage
7235 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Addagadde
7236 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Asanabalu
7237 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Balagere
7238 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Balekadi
7239 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Begar
7240 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Belandur
7241 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Bettagere
7242 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Darekoppa
7243 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Gandagatta
7244 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Ginikal
7245 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Gulaganjimane
7246 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Gundre
7247 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Hadi
7248 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Hadikiruru
7249 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Halandur
7250 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Haruru (Harur)
7251 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Heruru
7252 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Honnavalli
7253 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Karki Khan Estate *
7254 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kavadi
7255 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kelakoppa
7256 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kere
7257 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kikkare (Kikkre)
7258 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri K.Masige
7259 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kochavalli
7260 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kogodu
7261 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kumbaragodu
7262 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kunthur
7263 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Kuthagodu
7264 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Malanadu
7265 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Masige
7266 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Mathuvalli Estate
7267 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Meega
7268 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Melukoppa
7269 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Menase
7270 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Muduba
7271 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Nallur
7272 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Neelandur
7273 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Nemmar Estate
7274 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Nemmaru
7275 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Rushyashringapura (Markal)
7276 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Sheerlu
7277 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Sringeri (Rural)
7278 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Sunkadamakki
7279 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Uluvalli
7280 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Vidyaranyapura
7281 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Vykuntapura
7282 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Yadadalu
7283 Chikmagalur chikmagalur Sringeri Yedadalli
7284 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Aadigere
7285 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Agrahara
7286 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Aladahalli
7287 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Aladahalli
7288 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Aladahalli
7289 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Alagatta
7290 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Alagatta
7291 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Anche Chomanahalli
7292 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Angajanahalli
7293 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Annegere
7294 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Annegere
7295 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Antharagatte
7296 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Arehalli
7297 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Asandi
7298 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bagaithu
7299 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ballekere
7300 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Balliganur
7301 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Banannahalli
7302 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Banjenahalli
7303 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bannihatti
7304 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bantiganahalli
7305 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Banur
7306 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Basuru
7307 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Basurukaval
7308 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur B.Basavanahalli
7309 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur B.Bommenahalli
7310 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Beeranahalli
7311 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bertikere
7312 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bhoothanahalli
7313 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Biluvala
7314 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Biluvalakaval
7315 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Birurkaval (Rural)
7316 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Birur (Rural)
7317 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bisalehalli
7318 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bislere
7319 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bittenahalli
7320 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur B.Kodihalli
7321 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur B.Mallenahalli
7322 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bokkmallanahalli
7323 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bolanahalli
7324 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bommenahalli.S
7325 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Brahmasamudra
7326 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur B.T.Mallenahalli
7327 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Bukkanagundi
7328 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Byadarahalli
7329 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Byagadihalli
7330 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Byladalu
7331 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Byregondanahalli
7332 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur C.Dasarahalli
7333 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chandrapura
7334 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chandrashekarapura
7335 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Channapura
7336 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Channenahalli
7337 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chatnahalli
7338 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chattanahalli
7339 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chattnapalya
7340 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Cheelanahalli
7341 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikapatnagere
7342 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkaballekere
7343 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkabasur
7344 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkabukkasagara
7345 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkadevanur
7346 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkanalluru
7347 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkanayakanahalli
7348 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkangala
7349 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chikkatangli
7350 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chinakarahalli
7351 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chokkapura
7352 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chowdlapura
7353 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Chowlihiriyur
7354 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Devanur
7355 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Devanurkaval
7356 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Devarahalli
7357 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Devarahalli
7358 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Devarahalli Kaval
7359 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur D.Hosahalli
7360 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Dodabukkasagara
7361 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Doddagatta
7362 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Doddanayakanahalli
7363 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Dogihalli
7364 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Dombarahalli
7365 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Donnekoranahalli
7366 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur E.Timmapura
7367 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gadaganahalli
7368 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Galihalli
7369 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gangabasavanahalli
7370 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ganganahalli
7371 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ganganahalli
7372 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Garje
7373 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Garugadahalli
7374 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur G.Bommenahalli
7375 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur G.Byrapura
7376 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gedlehalli
7377 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gedlehalli
7378 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gedlehalli
7379 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Giriyapura
7380 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur G.Jakkanahalli
7381 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur G.Madapura
7382 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gollarahalli
7383 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gopisettyhalli
7384 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Govindapura
7385 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gowdanakattehalli
7386 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur G.Thimmapura
7387 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gubbihalli
7388 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Guddehalli
7389 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gummanahalli
7390 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Gundasagara
7391 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hadagalu
7392 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Halikere
7393 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Halladahalli
7394 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hallikerekaval
7395 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hanumanahalli
7396 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hanumanahalli
7397 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hanumapura
7398 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Harisamudra
7399 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Haruvanahalli (Rural)
7400 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hasthinapura
7401 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Heelapura
7402 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hireballekere
7403 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hiregarje
7404 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hirenalluru
7405 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hirenallurukaval
7406 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hireyangala
7407 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hochihalli
7408 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hochihalli
7409 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hogrehalli
7410 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Honnenahalli
7411 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Honnenahalli
7412 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hoovinahalli
7413 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Horithimmanahalli
7414 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hosahalli
7415 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hosahalli Kalli
7416 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hosahalli (Rural)
7417 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur H.Thimmapura
7418 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hudugerehalli
7419 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Huligundi
7420 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hullehalli
7421 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hullehalli
7422 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hurukanahalli
7423 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hyaralagatta
7424 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Hyaralagatta
7425 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Iganahalli
7426 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Inglaranahalli
7427 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Jadakanakatte
7428 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Jammapura
7429 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Jigenehalli
7430 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Jodithimmapura
7431 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kabballi
7432 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kachapura
7433 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kadurhalli
7434 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kadur (Rural)
7435 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kalkere
7436 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kallahalli
7437 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kallapura
7438 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kallelinganahalli
7439 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kallenahalli
7440 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kaluvehalli
7441 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kamanakere
7442 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kamasagara
7443 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kambenahalli
7444 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kamenahalli
7445 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kanagondanahalli
7446 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kanchagallu
7447 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kanchugaranahalli
7448 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kandagadahalli
7449 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kannenahalli
7450 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Karehalli
7451 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Karehalli
7452 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Karehalli.D
7453 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Karehallikaval
7454 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Karithimmanahalli
7455 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kariyanahalli
7456 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kariyanahalli
7457 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kasuvanahalli
7458 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur K.Basavanahalli
7459 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur K.Bidre
7460 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur K.Chomanahalli
7461 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur K.Dasarahalli
7462 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kedigere
7463 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kerehindinakaval (Kanakatte)
7464 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Keremelenahalli
7465 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Keresanthe
7466 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kethumaranahalli
7467 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kodihalli
7468 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kothigere
7469 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kukkasamudra
7470 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kundur
7471 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kunkanadu
7472 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kuppalu
7473 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kurubagere
7474 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kurubarahalli
7475 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kurubarahalli
7476 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kurubarahalli
7477 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Kurubarahalli
7478 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur L. Agrahara
7479 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lakkashettyhalli
7480 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lakkenahalli
7481 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lalithanagar
7482 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Laxmipura
7483 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Laxmisagara
7484 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lingadahalli Jodi
7485 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lingalapura
7486 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Linglapura
7487 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Lylapura
7488 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Machegundanahalli
7489 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Macheri
7490 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Madalu
7491 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mallagatta
7492 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mallappanahalli
7493 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mallappanahalli
7494 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mallappanahalli (Rural)
7495 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Malleshwara (Rural)
7496 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mallidevihalli
7497 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mangenahalli
7498 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Manjihalli
7499 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Maradihalli
7500 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Maravanji
7501 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Marulanahalli
7502 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mathigatta
7503 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mathihalli
7504 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Mavinahalli
7505 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur M.Chomanahalli
7506 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Melenahalli
7507 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Meredevarahalli
7508 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur M.Jakkanahalli
7509 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur M.Kodihalli
7510 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur M.Mallenahalli
7511 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Muddenahalli
7512 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Muddenahalli
7513 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Muglikatte
7514 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Muthanagere
7515 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nagadevarahalli
7516 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nagagondanahalli
7517 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nagarahalu
7518 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nagdiyathkaval
7519 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nagenahalli
7520 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Narasipura
7521 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Narasipura
7522 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Nidaghatta
7523 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Niduvalli
7524 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Outhanahalli
7525 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Panchanahalli
7526 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Panchehosahalli
7527 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Pattadevarahalli
7528 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Pattanagere
7529 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Pillenahalli
7530 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur P.Kodihalli
7531 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur P.Mallapura
7532 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Pura
7533 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ramanahalli
7534 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ramanahalli
7535 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ramanahalli
7536 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Rampura
7537 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Rangapura
7538 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Revanahalli
7539 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sadarahalli
7540 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sakrepatna
7541 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sanehalli
7542 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sanklapura
7543 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Santhekerehalli
7544 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Saraswathipura
7545 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur S.Basavanahalli
7546 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur S.Bidre
7547 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Seethapura
7548 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sevanagar
7549 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Sevapura
7550 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Shanabinagundi
7551 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Shankunipura
7552 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Shettyhalli
7553 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Siddapura
7554 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Siddarahalli
7555 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Siddaramanahalli
7556 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Siddegowdanahalli
7557 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Singatagere
7558 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Siriyappanahalli
7559 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur S. Kodihalli
7560 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur S.Madapura
7561 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Somanahalli
7562 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Somanahalli
7563 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Soorapura
7564 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Swamykatte
7565 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Tandreborekaval
7566 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Tangli
7567 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thaggihallikaval
7568 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thammihalli
7569 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thimlapura
7570 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thippagondanahalli
7571 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thippagondanalli
7572 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thubinakere
7573 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Thuruvanahalli
7574 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Udugere
7575 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur U.Kodihalli
7576 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Uligere
7577 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Ullinagur (Rural)
7578 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Uppinahalli
7579 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Uppunse
7580 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Vaderahalli
7581 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Vaderahalli
7582 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Virupanahalli
7583 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Vittalapura
7584 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Vokkalagere
7585 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yagati
7586 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yalagundanahalli
7587 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yalambalse
7588 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yaradakere
7589 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yaradakere.G
7590 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yarehalli
7591 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yarehalli
7592 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Y.Basavanahalli
7593 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Y.Basavanahalli
7594 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Yemmedoddi
7595 Chikmagalur Tarikere Kadur Y.Mallapura
7596 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Aduvalli
7597 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Alehalli
7598 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Aralikoppa
7599 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Aramballi
7600 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Badagabylu
7601 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Bale
7602 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Balekoppa
7603 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Bannur
7604 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Bellur
7605 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Bilalkoppa
7606 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura B.Kanabur
7607 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Byrapura
7608 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Dandubittahara
7609 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Davana
7610 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Echikere
7611 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Gubbiga
7612 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Haledanivasa
7613 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Halsur
7614 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Handur
7615 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Haravari
7616 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Hathbur
7617 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Hebbe
7618 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Hiluvalli
7619 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Honnekudige
7620 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kadahinabylu
7621 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kamalapura
7622 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kanive
7623 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kanur
7624 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Karehadlu
7625 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Karekeshwara
7626 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura K.Kanabur
7627 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kolale
7628 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Konakere
7629 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Konodi
7630 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Kusabur
7631 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Lingapura
7632 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Madaboor
7633 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Magundi
7634 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Mallandaru
7635 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Megaramakki
7636 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Mensur
7637 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Muduguni
7638 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Muthinakoppa
7639 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Nagalapura
7640 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Nandigave
7641 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Nerlukoppa
7642 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Ravoor
7643 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Salur
7644 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Sankse
7645 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Sarya
7646 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Seethur
7647 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Shedagaru
7648 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Shimse
7649 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Shiragalale
7650 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Soosalavani
7651 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Vaggade
7652 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Varkate
7653 Chikmagalur Tarikere Narasimharajapura Vittala
7654 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Abbinaholalu
7655 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ajjampura
7656 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Amrutapura
7657 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Annapura
7658 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Anuvanahalli
7659 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Arabala
7660 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere A.Rangapura
7661 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Arsikere
7662 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Asunde
7663 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Attiganalu
7664 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Attigatta
7665 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Attimogge
7666 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Baggavalli
7667 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Baggavalli Kaval
7668 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ballavara
7669 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bandre
7670 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bankana Katte
7671 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Banoor
7672 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Baramanahalli
7673 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bargenahalli
7674 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Basavanahalli
7675 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Basavanahalli
7676 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Basavapura
7677 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Basavapura
7678 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Beeranahalli
7679 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Beernahalli
7680 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Begur
7681 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Belenahalli
7682 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Belibasavanahalli
7683 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bettadahalli
7684 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bettadavarekere
7685 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bhaktana Katte
7686 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bhavikere
7687 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Billahalli
7688 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bokikere
7689 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bommenahalli
7690 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Boodiguppe
7691 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Boothanahalli
7692 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Brahmanahalli
7693 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Bukkambudi
7694 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Byrapura
7695 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Chakonahalli
7696 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Channapura
7697 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Channapura
7698 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Cheernanahalli Kaval
7699 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Chikkanvangala
7700 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Chikkathur
7701 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Chinnapura
7702 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Danayakapura
7703 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Dandoor
7704 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Doddabokikere
7705 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Doddakundur
7706 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Doranalu
7707 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Duglapura
7708 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Dyamapura
7709 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gadihalli
7710 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gangur
7711 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ganjigere
7712 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Garagadahalli
7713 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gejjegondanahalli
7714 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Geramaradi
7715 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gijikatte
7716 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Giriyapura
7717 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gollarahalli
7718 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gonagilakatte
7719 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gondedahalli
7720 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gopala
7721 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Govindapura
7722 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gowrapura
7723 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Guddadabasavanahalli
7724 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Guddadabeeranahalli
7725 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Guddadahalli
7726 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Guddadamallenahalli
7727 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gulladahatti
7728 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gulladamane
7729 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gundasamudra
7730 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gundenahalli
7731 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Gurupura
7732 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hadikere
7733 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Halasur
7734 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hanne
7735 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hannekaval
7736 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Haralahalli
7737 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hariyanahalli
7738 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Haruvanahalli
7739 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hebbur
7740 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Heggadehalli
7741 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hirekanvangala
7742 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hirekathur
7743 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hirigapura
7744 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hosahalli
7745 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hosahalli
7746 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hosahalli
7747 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hosur
7748 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere H.Rangapura
7749 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hulithimmapura
7750 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hunasaghatta
7751 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hunasanahalli
7752 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Hurulihalli
7753 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Indavara
7754 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ittige
7755 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Jaldihalli
7756 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Jannapura
7757 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Javoor
7758 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Jodijayapura
7759 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Jodikodihalli
7760 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kallahalu
7761 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kallapura
7762 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kallasettihalli
7763 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kallathipura
7764 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kallenahalli
7765 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kamanadurga
7766 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kanabagatte
7767 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Karanaghatta
7768 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Karehalli
7769 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Karehalli
7770 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Karkuchi
7771 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Katiganere
7772 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere K.Chattanahalli
7773 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kedigehalli
7774 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kenchapura
7775 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kenchapura
7776 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kenchenahalli
7777 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kenchikoppa
7778 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kerehosahalli
7779 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kesarakoppa
7780 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere K.Gollarahalli
7781 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kodihalli
7782 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Koppadahalli
7783 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Koranahalli
7784 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Koratikere
7785 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kotebasavanahalli
7786 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kudlur
7787 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kundurkaval
7788 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kuntinamadu
7789 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Kurubarahalli
7790 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lakkavalli
7791 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lakkavalli Manna Jungal
7792 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lakkenahalli
7793 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lakshmisagara
7794 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lakshmisagara
7795 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lingadahalli
7796 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Lingadahalli (Kaval)
7797 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Makanahalli
7798 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Makanahalli
7799 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Malalichannenahalli
7800 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Malenahalli
7801 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Malikoppa
7802 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mallenahalli
7803 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mallenahalli
7804 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mallenahalli
7805 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Manchethevaru
7806 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mandaravalli
7807 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Marekallahalli
7808 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Masanekerekaval
7809 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Medihalli
7810 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mirlenahalli
7811 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Muddenahalli
7812 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Muddenahalli S.Kaval
7813 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mudenahallikaval
7814 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mudigere
7815 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mudugodu
7816 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mudugundi
7817 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mugali
7818 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mundanahalli
7819 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mundre
7820 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Mylanahalli
7821 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nagabovanahalli
7822 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nagarajapura
7823 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nagavangala
7824 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nagenahalli
7825 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nagenahalli
7826 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nandi
7827 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nandi Battlu
7828 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nandipura
7829 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Naranapura
7830 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Narasipura
7831 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Nerlekere
7832 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Obalapura
7833 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Paravatharayanakere Kaval
7834 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Perumenahalli
7835 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Pillebeeranahalli
7836 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Pundanahalli
7837 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rajanahalli
7838 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ramapura
7839 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ramenahalli
7840 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Ranganathapura
7841 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rangapura
7842 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rangapura
7843 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rangapura (Kaval)
7844 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rangenahalli
7845 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rangenahalli
7846 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Rushipura
7847 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sahyadripura
7848 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sale Borna Halli
7849 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Samatala
7850 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Santedibbadakaval
7851 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Savemardikaval
7852 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Seethapura
7853 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Seethapura (Kaval)
7854 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sevalal Nagar
7855 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shankaraghatta
7856 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shanthipura
7857 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shanubhoganahalli
7858 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shivagange
7859 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shivane
7860 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shivanekaval
7861 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Shivapura
7862 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sidakanahalli
7863 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddapura
7864 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddarahalli
7865 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddarahalli
7866 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddarahalli
7867 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddaramapura
7868 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siddlipura
7869 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siragalipura
7870 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Siraganahalli
7871 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sirehalli
7872 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sokke
7873 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sollapur
7874 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Somenahalli
7875 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sompura
7876 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Soppinahalli
7877 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Southanahalli
7878 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sriramapura
7879 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Sunnadahalli
7880 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Tadaga
7881 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Tamatadahalli
7882 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Tanigebylu
7883 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thigada
7884 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thimmapura
7885 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thimmapura
7886 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thimmapura
7887 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thippagondanahalli
7888 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thyarajjanahalli
7889 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Thygadakatte
7890 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Tyagadabagi
7891 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Udeva
7892 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Upparabeeranahalli
7893 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Vaddaradibba
7894 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Vaderahalli
7895 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere V.Chattanahalli
7896 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Veerapura
7897 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Veerapura
7898 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Vittalapura
7899 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Yalugere
7900 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Yaradahanklu
7901 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Yerebylu
7902 Chikmagalur Tarikere Tarikere Yerehalli
7903 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Abbaiahnahalli
7904 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Badavanahalli (B)
7905 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Badavanahalli Kaval (B)
7906 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Balenahalli
7907 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Banavigondanahalli
7908 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bandethimmalapura
7909 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Banjigere
7910 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Baramasagara (B)
7911 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Basapura
7912 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Belagere
7913 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Belagere Kaval
7914 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bhairanayakanahatti
7915 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bharamasagara
7916 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bheemagondanahalli
7917 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bheemanakere
7918 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bhoganahalli
7919 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bomberahalli
7920 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bommanakunte
7921 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bommasamudra
7922 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Budnahatti
7923 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Bukkambudi
7924 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Buklorahalli
7925 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Byadareddyhalli
7926 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Challakere(Rural)
7927 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Channammanagathihalli
7928 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Channammanagatihalli Kaval
7929 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chattekamba
7930 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chennaganahalli
7931 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkaammanahalli
7932 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkabadihalli
7933 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkachellur
7934 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkahalli
7935 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkamadhure
7936 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkaullarti
7937 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chikkenahalli
7938 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chitranayakanahalli
7939 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chowlakere
7940 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chowlur Kaval
7941 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Chowluru
7942 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Dasaramuthenahalli
7943 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Devarahalli
7944 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Devarahalli
7945 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Devara Marikunte
7946 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Devareddyhalli
7947 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Doddabadihalli
7948 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Doddabeeranahalli
7949 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Doddachellur
7950 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Doddaullarthi
7951 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Dodderi
7952 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Donehalli
7953 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Donehalli Kaval
7954 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Duggavara
7955 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Dyavaranahalli
7956 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gajjaganahalli
7957 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ganjigunte
7958 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ghataparthi
7959 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Giddanahalli
7960 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Giddapura
7961 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Giriyammanahalli
7962 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gollahalli
7963 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gopanahalli
7964 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gorlakatte
7965 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gorlathu
7966 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gosikere
7967 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gosikere Kaval
7968 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Govinahal (B)
7969 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gowdagere
7970 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gowrasamudra
7971 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gowrasamudra Kaval
7972 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gowripura
7973 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gowripura
7974 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Gudihalli
7975 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Guntakolammanahalli
7976 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Haligondanahalli
7977 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hanumanthanahalli
7978 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Haravigondanahalli
7979 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Harishchandranayakana Halli
7980 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Heggere
7981 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Henjimuttenahalli
7982 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hirehalli
7983 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hirekere Kaval
7984 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hiremadhure
7985 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hotteppanahalli
7986 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Hulikunte
7987 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jadekunte
7988 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jajur
7989 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jajuru Kaval
7990 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jambaiahnahalli
7991 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jangamarahalli (B)
7992 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jannenahalli
7993 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Jogihatti
7994 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Junjaragunte
7995 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kadegude
7996 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kalamarahalli
7997 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kaluvehalli
7998 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kammathmarikunte
7999 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kamplisagara (B)
8000 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kannenahalli (B)
8001 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kaparahalli
8002 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Karikere
8003 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kasavigondanahalli
8004 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kasturi Thimmanahalli
8005 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Katamdevarakote
8006 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Katavvanahalli
8007 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Katrikenahatti
8008 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kavalanahalli
8009 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kereyagalahalli
8010 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Khudapura
8011 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Konigarahalli
8012 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Konigarahalli Kaval
8013 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Koradihalli
8014 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Korlakunte
8015 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kurudihalli
8016 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kyadigunte
8017 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kyatagondanahalli
8018 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Kyathanamale
8019 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Lakshmipura
8020 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Lakumagondanahalli
8021 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Lingavvanahalli
8022 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mahadevapura
8023 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mahadevapura
8024 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Maleboranahatti
8025 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mallasamudra
8026 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mallaurahatti
8027 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mallavvanahalli
8028 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mallurahalli
8029 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Manamainahatti
8030 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mannekote
8031 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Matadakurubarahatti(CT)
8032 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Matasamudra
8033 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Meerasabihalli
8034 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Moduru
8035 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Moduru Kaval
8036 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mummadisagara (B)
8037 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mustalagummi
8038 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Mylanahalli
8039 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nagagondanahalli
8040 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nagaramgere
8041 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Naikanahatti
8042 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nallurahalli
8043 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nandanahalli
8044 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nannivala
8045 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Nelagetanahatti
8046 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Neralagunte
8047 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obaiahnahatti
8048 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obalapura
8049 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obalapura
8050 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obalapura Kaval
8051 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obanahalli
8052 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obannanahalli
8053 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Obannanahalli Kaval
8054 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Pagadalabande
8055 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Pagadalabande Kaval
8056 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Parashuramapura Kaval
8057 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Parasuramapura
8058 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Pillahalli
8059 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Purlahalli
8060 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Putloorahalli
8061 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Putloorahalli Kaval
8062 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ramadurga
8063 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ramajogihalli
8064 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ramasagara
8065 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Rangavvanahalli
8066 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Reddihalli
8067 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Rekhalagere
8068 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Rekhalagere Kaval (B)
8069 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Renukapura
8070 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Sanikere
8071 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Sanikere Kaval (B)
8072 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Sarjavvanahalli
8073 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Sevalalnagar
8074 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Siddapura
8075 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Siddheswaranadurga
8076 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Somaguddu
8077 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Suranahalli
8078 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thalaku
8079 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thappagondanahalli
8080 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thimmannanahalli
8081 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thimmannanahalli
8082 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thimmannanayakanakote
8083 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thimmappaiahnahalli
8084 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thippaiahnakote
8085 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Thippareddyhalli
8086 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Torebeeranahalli
8087 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Torekolammanahalli
8088 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Ullarthi Kaval
8089 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Vaderahalli
8090 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Valase
8091 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Varavoo
8092 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Varavoo Kaval
8093 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Veeradimmanahalli
8094 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Vidupanakunte
8095 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Viswanathapura
8096 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Visweswarapura
8097 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Yadalagatta
8098 Chitradurga Chitradurga Challakere Yalagatta
8099 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Adavigollarahalli
8100 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Ajjappanahalli
8101 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Alagavadi
8102 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Alaghatta
8103 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Annehal
8104 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Arasuru
8105 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Attikatte
8106 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Avalenahalli
8107 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bagenahal
8108 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Baggalurangavvanahalli
8109 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bahadurghatta
8110 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Baligatte
8111 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bangarakkanahalli
8112 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Basavanashivanakere
8113 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bastihalli
8114 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bedarabommenahalli
8115 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bedarashivanakere
8116 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Beerapura
8117 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Beeravara
8118 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Belaghatta
8119 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bettadanagenahalli
8120 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bevinahalli
8121 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bharamasagara
8122 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bheemasamudra
8123 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bogalerahatti
8124 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bommakkanahalli
8125 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bommavvanagathihalli
8126 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Bommenahalli
8127 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Byalahal
8128 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Cheelangi
8129 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkabbigere
8130 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkabennur
8131 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkagondanahalli
8132 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkaguntanur
8133 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkajagalur
8134 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkajajur (CT)
8135 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkalaghatta
8136 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkappanahalli
8137 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkapura
8138 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkenahalli
8139 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chikkenahalli
8140 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chippinakere
8141 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga (Rural)
8142 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Chowlihalli
8143 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Dalavaihalli
8144 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Dindadahalli
8145 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Doddagatta
8146 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Doddapura
8147 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Doddasiddavvanahalli
8148 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Doddiganahal
8149 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Dyamavvanahalli
8150 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Dyamavvanahalli
8151 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Dyapanahalli
8152 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Echalanagenahalli
8153 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Eshwaranagara
8154 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Godabanahal
8155 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Gollarahalli
8156 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Gonur
8157 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Gowrammanahalli
8158 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Guddadarangavvanahalli
8159 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Gurappanahalli
8160 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Guttinadu
8161 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Haikal
8162 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Halavudara
8163 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Halerangapura
8164 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Haliyur
8165 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hampanur
8166 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Haralakatte
8167 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Heggadehalu
8168 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Heggere
8169 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hemmanaghatta
8170 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hirebennur
8171 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hireguntanur
8172 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hire Kabbigere
8173 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Horakenahalli
8174 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hosahalli
8175 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hosapete
8176 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hosarangapura
8177 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Huligere
8178 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Huligundi
8179 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hullehal
8180 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hullur
8181 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hunasekatte
8182 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Hunesekatte
8183 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Ingaladalu
8184 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Issamudra
8185 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Iyyanahalli
8186 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jagadalipura
8187 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jalikatte
8188 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jammenahalli
8189 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jampannanahalli
8190 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jampannanaikanakote
8191 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Janukonda
8192 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Jatlahalli
8193 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kadambanakatte
8194 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kadehude
8195 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kadleguddu
8196 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kakabalu
8197 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kakkeharavu
8198 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kalgere
8199 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kalkunte
8200 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kallenahalli
8201 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kariyammanahalli
8202 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kariyannanahalli
8203 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kasavanahalli
8204 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Katihalli
8205 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Katralu
8206 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kavadigarahatti
8207 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga K. Ballekatte
8208 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kenchamaranahalli
8209 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kenchavvanagatihalli
8210 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kenne Hadlu
8211 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kirubanakallu
8212 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kodagavalli
8213 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kodihalli
8214 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kolahal
8215 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Konammanahalli
8216 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Konanur
8217 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kunabevu
8218 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kunchiganahal
8219 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kurubarahalli
8220 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kurumaradikere
8221 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Kyasapura
8222 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Lakshmisagara
8223 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Lingadahalli
8224 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Lingavvanagatihalli
8225 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Madanaikanahalli
8226 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Mahadevanakatte
8227 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Malali
8228 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Malenahalli
8229 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Mallanakatte
8230 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Mallapura
8231 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Manangi
8232 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Maraghatta
8233 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Marijogihalli
8234 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Medakeripura
8235 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Medakeripura
8236 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Medehalli(Part)
8237 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Megalahalli
8238 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Megalahalli
8239 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Muddapura
8240 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Nallikatte
8241 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Nallikatte
8242 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Nandihalli
8243 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Nandipura
8244 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga N.Ballikatte
8245 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Obalapura
8246 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Obannanahalli
8247 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Obavvanagathihalli
8248 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Palakihalli
8249 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pallavagere
8250 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Palya
8251 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pamarahalli
8252 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pandarahalli
8253 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Papenahalli
8254 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pelorahatti
8255 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pillekerenahalli
8256 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Pudukalahalli
8257 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Ragalobanahalli
8258 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Rampura
8259 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Rangavvanahalli
8260 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Rayannanahalli
8261 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Rimmaghatta
8262 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Rottihalli
8263 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sadarahalli
8264 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sajjanakere
8265 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Seebara
8266 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Seegehalli
8267 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sevalalnagar
8268 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sevapura
8269 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Siddapura
8270 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Siddapura
8271 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Siddavvanadurga
8272 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Siddavvanahalli
8273 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Singapura
8274 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sirigere
8275 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sollapura
8276 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sondekola
8277 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sriramanagara
8278 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Sultanipura
8279 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Surenahalli
8280 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Tamatakallu
8281 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Thirumalapura
8282 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Thurebailu
8283 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Toparamalige
8284 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Turuvanur
8285 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Uppanaikanahalli
8286 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Upparatti
8287 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Vaddanahalli
8288 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Veeramadakeripura
8289 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Veeravvanagatihalli
8290 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Vijapura
8291 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Vyasamallapura
8292 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Yelagodu
8293 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Yemmehatti
8294 Chitradurga Chitradurga Chitradurga Yerehalli
8295 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Abbinahole
8296 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Adiralu
8297 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Adivala
8298 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Aimangala
8299 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Alur
8300 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Amanitalav
8301 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ambalagere
8302 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Anesidri
8303 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Appasamudra
8304 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Arasinagundi
8305 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Babbur
8306 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bagganadu
8307 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bagganadu Kaval
8308 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Balenahalli
8309 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Beerenahalli
8310 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Benkanahalli
8311 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bhagavathikere
8312 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur (b) Haralapura (CT)
8313 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bharamagiri
8314 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bharamapura
8315 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bidarakere
8316 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Bochapura
8317 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Boranakunte
8318 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Burujanaroppa
8319 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Byadarahalli
8320 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Byaramadu
8321 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur (c) Amaravathi (CT)
8322 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Challamadu
8323 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Chikkasiddavvanahalli
8324 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Chillahalli
8325 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Devarakotta
8326 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Dharmapura
8327 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Dindavara
8328 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Doddaghatta
8329 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Eswaragere
8330 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ganjalagunte
8331 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gannayakanahalli
8332 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Giddaobanahalli
8333 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Goguddu
8334 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Golagondanahalli
8335 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gollahalli
8336 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gollahalli
8337 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gorladaku
8338 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gowadanahalli
8339 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gownahalli
8340 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gudihalli
8341 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gudunurhalli
8342 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Guilalu
8343 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Gulya
8344 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Haladyamenahalli
8345 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Halagaladdi
8346 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Halumadenahalli
8347 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Handiganadu
8348 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hariyabbe
8349 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Harthikote
8350 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hemadala
8351 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hindasakatte
8352 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hiriyur (Rural)
8353 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hosahalli
8354 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hosakere
8355 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Huchavvanahalli
8356 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hulithotlu
8357 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Hulugalakunte
8358 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Huvinahole
8359 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Iddalanagenahalli
8360 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ikkanur
8361 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Indiranagar
8362 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Javanagondanahalli
8363 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Jodipura
8364 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kalavibagi
8365 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kambadahalli
8366 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kanajanahalli
8367 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kariobenahalli
8368 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kariyala
8369 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kasavanahalli
8370 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kasturirangappenahalli
8371 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Katanayakanahalli
8372 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Katrikenahalli
8373 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kattehole
8374 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Khandenahalli
8375 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Khandikere
8376 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kilaradahalli
8377 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kodihalli
8378 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Koodlahalli
8379 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kumbarakatte
8380 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kundalagura
8381 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kunikere
8382 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kurubarahalli
8383 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kurubarahalli
8384 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Kurudugirenahalli
8385 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Lakkanahal
8386 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Lakkavvanahalli
8387 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Lakkenahalli
8388 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Layaradasarahalli
8389 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Madakarinaikana Kote
8390 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Maddanakunte
8391 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Madenahalli
8392 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Malagondanahalli
8393 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Mallappanahalli
8394 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Maradidevigere
8395 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Maradihalli
8396 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Maskal
8397 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Mavinamadu
8398 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Mayasandra
8399 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Metikurke
8400 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Mungasavalli
8401 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Myadanahole
8402 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Myakalurahalli
8403 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Myakenahalli
8404 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Nandihalli
8405 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Obalapura
8406 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Palavvanahalli
8407 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Parasuramadevarakote
8408 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Paremenahalli
8409 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Patrehalli
8410 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Pilali
8411 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Pitlali
8412 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ramajogihalli
8413 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ranganathapura
8414 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Rangapura
8415 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Rangenahalli
8416 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Rayabommanahalli
8417 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sakkara
8418 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Salabommanahalli
8419 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Salhunse
8420 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Samudradahalli
8421 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sangenahalli
8422 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sevalalnagar
8423 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sheshappanahalli
8424 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Shidlaiahnakote
8425 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Shravanagere
8426 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Somerahalli
8427 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sondekere
8428 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sooragondanahalli
8429 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Sugur
8430 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Talavatti
8431 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Tavandi
8432 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Thadapinachinnammana Halli
8433 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Thimmalapura
8434 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Toreobenahalli
8435 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Toresal Nagenahalli
8436 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Uduvalli
8437 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Ulivinahal
8438 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Uppalagere
8439 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Upparahalli
8440 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Uttare
8441 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Vaddanahalli
8442 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Vaddikere
8443 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Vanivilasapura
8444 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Veeravvanagathihalli
8445 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Venukalgudda
8446 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yaraballi
8447 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yaradakatte
8448 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yarekenagenahalli
8449 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yelagondanahalli
8450 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yelakurnahalli
8451 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yelanadu
8452 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yelladakere
8453 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yennegere
8454 Chitradurga Chitradurga Hiriyur Yerachikkenahalli
8455 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Abradasikatte
8456 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Adanur
8457 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Agrahara
8458 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Agrahara
8459 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ajjikyatanahalli
8460 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Amalapura
8461 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Amanahal
8462 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Amblihalli
8463 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Amruthapura
8464 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Andanur
8465 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Anthapura
8466 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Apparasanahalli
8467 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Arabagatta
8468 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Aralikere
8469 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Arasanaghatta
8470 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Arehalli
8471 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Arehalli Kaval
8472 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Banagere
8473 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Bande Bommenahalli
8474 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Banjagondanahalli
8475 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Baragenahalli
8476 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Basapura
8477 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Basavapura
8478 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere B.Durga
8479 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Bidarakere
8480 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Bommanakatte
8481 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Bommenahalli
8482 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Borenahalli
8483 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Brahmapura
8484 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Budipura
8485 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Channapatna
8486 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Channasamudra
8487 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chatnahalli
8488 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Cheeranahalli
8489 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chikkajajur Kaval
8490 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chikkanakatti
8491 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chikkandavadi
8492 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chikkayemmiganur
8493 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chikkayemmiganur Kaval
8494 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chitrahalli
8495 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chowdagondanahalli
8496 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Chowdenahalli
8497 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dandigenahalli
8498 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dasarahalli
8499 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dasarahalli Inam
8500 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dasikatte
8501 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Davanahalli
8502 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Devarahosahalli
8503 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dodderikatti
8504 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dogganal
8505 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Dummi
8506 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Echaghatta
8507 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Edehalli
8508 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gandumalenahalli
8509 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gangasamudra
8510 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ganjigatte
8511 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Garaga
8512 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Garaga Forest
8513 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ghattihosahalli
8514 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Giddanahalli
8515 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gilkenahalli
8516 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gollarahalli
8517 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gollarahalli
8518 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gondihalli
8519 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Goppenahalli
8520 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gowdihalli
8521 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gowripura
8522 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gulihosahalli
8523 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gundasamudra
8524 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gunderi
8525 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gunderi Kaval
8526 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gundikere
8527 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gundimadu
8528 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gunjiganur
8529 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere G.Vaderahalli
8530 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Gyarehalli
8531 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Halehalli
8532 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Halenahalli
8533 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hanumali
8534 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hanumanahalli Kaval
8535 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hanumanakatte
8536 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Harenahalli
8537 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Harogutti Kaval
8538 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hirekandavadi
8539 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hireyemmiganur
8540 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hiriyur
8541 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Holalkere (Rural)
8542 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Honnakaluve
8543 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Horakeredevarapura
8544 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hosahalli
8545 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hosuru
8546 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hulemalali
8547 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hulikere
8548 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Hunasepanche
8549 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ingaladahalli
8550 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Iyyanahalli
8551 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Iyyanahalli Kaval
8552 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Jakkanahalli
8553 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Jogera Hanumanahalli
8554 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kadur
8555 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kadur Kaval
8556 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kagalagere
8557 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kalagatta
8558 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kalkere
8559 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kallavvanagathihalli
8560 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kamanahalli
8561 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kamasamudra
8562 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kanivehalli
8563 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kanivehalli
8564 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kanivejogihalli
8565 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kannenahalli
8566 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kantamaranahalli
8567 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kasavanahalli
8568 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kashipura
8569 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kenchapura
8570 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kengunte
8571 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kereyagalahalli
8572 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Keshavapura
8573 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kodagavalli
8574 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kolalu
8575 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kondapura
8576 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kotehal
8577 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kudineerakatti
8578 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kumaranahalli
8579 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kumminagatta
8580 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kunugali
8581 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Kutvihalli
8582 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Lingadahalli
8583 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Lingadevarahalli
8584 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Lokadolalu
8585 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Madderu
8586 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Mahadevapura
8587 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Makunte
8588 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Malasingenahalli
8589 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Malenahalli
8590 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Malenahalli Kaval
8591 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Malkapura
8592 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Malladihalli
8593 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Mallenahalli
8594 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Mallenahalli
8595 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Marapura
8596 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Mathigatta
8597 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Muddapura
8598 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Muligeranahalli
8599 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Muthugaduru
8600 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Nagaraghatta
8601 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Nandanahosur
8602 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Nandihalli
8603 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Nandihalli
8604 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Narayanagondanahalli
8605 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Nellikatte
8606 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Neralakatte
8607 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere N.Mallapura
8608 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Padigatte
8609 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Pampapura
8610 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Papenahalli
8611 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Punajur
8612 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ramagatta
8613 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ramagiri
8614 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ramagiri Kaval
8615 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Ramenahalli
8616 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Rangaiahnadurga Kaval
8617 Chitradurga Chitradurga Holalkere Rangapura
8618 Chitradurga