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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Ambli
2 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Anandpur
3 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Bavliyari
4 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Bhadiyad
5 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Bhangadh
6 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Bhimtalav
7 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Buranpur
8 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Cher
9 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Dhanala
10 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Dholera
11 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Gamph
12 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Gogla
13 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Gorasu
14 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Kadipur
15 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Kamatalav
16 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Kamiyala
17 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Kasindra
18 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Khun
19 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Mahadevpura
20 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Mingalpur
21 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Mundi
22 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Navagam
23 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Otariya
24 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Panchi
25 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Pipli
26 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Rahtalav
27 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Sandhida
28 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Shela
29 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Valinda
30 Ahmadabad Dhandhuka Dholera Zankhi
31 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Adroda
32 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Amipura
33 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Bagodara
34 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Baldana
35 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Bhamsara
36 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Bhayla
37 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Chhabasar
38 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Chiyada
39 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Dahegamda
40 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Devadthal
41 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Devdholera
42 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Dhanwada
43 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Dhedhal
44 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Dhingda
45 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Dumali
46 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Durgi
47 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Gangad
48 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Gundanapara
49 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Hasannagar
50 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Juval Rupavati
51 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kaliveji
52 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kalyangadh
53 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kanotar
54 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kavitha
55 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kavla
56 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kerala
57 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kesaradi
58 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Kochariya
59 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Lagdana
60 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Memar
61 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Meni
62 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Metal
63 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Mithapur
64 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Nanodara
65 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Rajoda
66 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Ranesar
67 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Rasam
68 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Rohika
69 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Rupal
70 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Sakodara
71 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Saljada
72 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Sankod
73 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Sarala
74 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Shiyal
75 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Vasna Dhedhal
76 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Vasna Nanodara
77 Ahmadabad Dholka Bavla Zekda
78 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Adval
79 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Akru
80 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Aniyali Bhimji
81 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Bajarda
82 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Bhalgamda
83 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Chandarva
84 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Chharodiya
85 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Chhasiyana
86 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Fattepur
87 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Fedra
88 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Galsana
89 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Gunjar
90 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Haripura
91 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Jaliya
92 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Jaska
93 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Khadol
94 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Kharad
95 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Khasta
96 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Kotda
97 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Kothadiya
98 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Morasiya
99 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Mota Tradiya
100 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Nana Tradiya
101 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Pachchham
102 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Padana
103 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Parabdi
104 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Pipal
105 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Ratanpur
106 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Rayka
107 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Rojka
108 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Salasar
109 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Sarwal
110 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Tagadi
111 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Umargadh
112 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Unchdi
113 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Vagad
114 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Vasana
115 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Zanzarka
116 Ahmadabad Dholka Dhandhuka Zinzar
117 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ambaliyara
118 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ambareli
119 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ambethi
120 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Anandpura
121 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Andhari
122 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Arnej
123 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Badarkha
124 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Begva
125 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Bhetawada
126 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Bholad
127 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Bhumli
128 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Bhurkhi
129 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Chaloda
130 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Chandisar
131 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Dadusar
132 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Dholi
133 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Dholka (Rural)
134 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ganesar
135 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ganol
136 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Girand
137 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Gundi
138 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka (ii) Rasam (OG)
139 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ingoli
140 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka (i) Rajoda (OG)
141 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Jakhda
142 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Jalalpur Godhaneshvar
143 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Jalalpur Vazifa
144 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Javaraj
145 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kadipur
146 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kaliyapura
147 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kalyanpur
148 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kariyana
149 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kauka
150 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kesargadh
151 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Khanpur
152 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Kharanti
153 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Khatripur
154 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Koth
155 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Lana
156 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Loliya
157 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Moti Boru
158 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Mujpur
159 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Nani Boru
160 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Nesda
161 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Paldi
162 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Pisawada
163 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Rajpur
164 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Rampur
165 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Rampura
166 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Ranoda
167 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Raypur
168 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Rupgadh
169 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Sahij
170 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Samani
171 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Saragvala
172 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Sarandi
173 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Saroda
174 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Sathal
175 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Shekhdi
176 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Shiyawada
177 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Simej
178 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Sindhraj
179 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Transad
180 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Uteliya
181 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Valthera
182 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Varna
183 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Vasna Keliya
184 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Vataman
185 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Vautha
186 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Vejalka
187 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Virdi
188 Ahmadabad Dholka Dholka Virpur
189 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Anadej
190 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Aniyali
191 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Bakrana
192 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Bhavanpur
193 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Bol
194 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Changodar
195 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Charal
196 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Chekhla
197 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Chharodi
198 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Daduka
199 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Daran
200 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Dodar
201 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Fangdi
202 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Garodiya
203 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Godhavi
204 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Goraj
205 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Govinda
206 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Hirapur
207 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Iyava
208 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Juda
209 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Juwal
210 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kalana
211 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kaneti
212 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Khicha
213 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Khoda
214 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Khoraj
215 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kodaliya
216 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kolat
217 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kundal
218 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Kunvar
219 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Lekhamba
220 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Lodariyal
221 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Makhiyav
222 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Manipur
223 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Mankol
224 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Matoda
225 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Melasana
226 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Modasar
227 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Moraiya
228 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Moti Devti
229 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Nani Devti
230 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Naranpura
231 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Navapura
232 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Nidhrad
233 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Palwada
234 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Pipan
235 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Rampura
236 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Rethal
237 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Rupavati
238 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Sanand (Rural) (Gibpura)
239 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Sanathal
240 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Sari
241 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Shela
242 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Shiyawada
243 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Soyla
244 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Tajpur
245 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Telav
246 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Upardal
247 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Vanaliya
248 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Vasna Chacharavadi
249 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Vasna Iyava
250 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Vasodara
251 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Vinchhiya
252 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Virochannagar
253 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Zamp
254 Ahmadabad Dholka Sanand Zolapur
255 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Aslali
256 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Badodara
257 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bakrol Bujrang
258 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Barejadi
259 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bharkunda
260 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bhat
261 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bhavda
262 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bhuval
263 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bhuvaldi
264 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bibipur
265 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bilasiya
266 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Bopal (CT)
267 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Chandial
268 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Chavlaj
269 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Chosar
270 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Devdi
271 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Dhamatvan
272 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Enasan
273 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Gamdi
274 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Gatrad
275 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Geratnagar
276 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Geratpur
277 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Giramtha
278 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Govindada
279 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Harnivav
280 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Hathijan
281 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Hirapur
282 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Huka
283 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi (i) Maflipur (OG)
284 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Istolabad
285 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Jetalpur
286 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kanbha
287 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kaniyel
288 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kasindra
289 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Khodiyar
290 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kubadthal
291 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kuha
292 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Kujad
293 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Lalpur
294 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Lapkaman
295 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Lilapur
296 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Mahijda
297 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Memadpur
298 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Miroli
299 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Muthiya
300 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Nandej (CT)
301 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Navapura
302 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Navarangpura
303 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Naz
304 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Ode
305 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Paldi Kankaj
306 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Pardhol
307 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Pasunj
308 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Ranodara
309 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Ropda
310 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Singarva (CT)
311 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Timba
312 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Undrel
313 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Vadod
314 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Vahelal
315 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Vanch
316 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Vasai
317 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Visalpur
318 Ahmadabad Viramgam Daskroi Zanu
319 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Anandpura
320 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Dadhana
321 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Dalod
322 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Dhedhasana
323 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Endla
324 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Hansalpur Becharaji
325 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Jalisana
326 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Kachrol
327 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Kadvasan
328 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Kanpura (Sinaj)
329 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Karshanpura
330 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Kunpur
331 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Mandal
332 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Manpura
333 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Mithapur
334 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Nana Ubhada
335 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Navagam
336 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Nayakpur
337 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Odaki
338 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Rakhiyana
339 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Ribdi
340 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Sadra
341 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Sher
342 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Sinaj
343 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Sitapur
344 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Solgam
345 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Trent
346 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Ughroj
347 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Ughrojpura
348 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Ukardi
349 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Vanpardi
350 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Varmor
351 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Vasna Kunpur
352 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Vinchhan
353 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Vinzuvada
354 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Vitthapur
355 Ahmadabad Viramgam Mandal Zanzarava
356 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Asalgam
357 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Bhadana
358 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Bhavda
359 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Bhojva
360 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Chanothiya
361 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Chuninapura
362 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Dalsana
363 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Dediyasan
364 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Devpura
365 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Dhakdi
366 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Dumana
367 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Ghoda
368 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Goraiya
369 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Hansalpur Sereshvar
370 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (iii) Sanathal (OG)
371 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (ii) Telav (OG)
372 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (i) Sanand (Rural) (Gibpura) (OG)
373 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (iv) Shela (OG)
374 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (ix) Navapura (OG)
375 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Jakhwada
376 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Jaksi
377 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Jalampura
378 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Jetapur
379 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Juna Padar
380 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kadipur
381 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kaliyana
382 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kalyanpur (Shiyal)
383 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kamijla
384 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kankaravadi
385 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kanpura (Dalsana)
386 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Karakathal
387 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Karangadh
388 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kariyana
389 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kayla
390 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Khengariya
391 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Khudad
392 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kokta
393 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Kumarkhan
394 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Limbad
395 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Liya
396 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Melaj
397 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Memadpura
398 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Moti Kishol
399 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Moti Kumad
400 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Nadiyana
401 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Nani Kishol
402 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Nani Kumad
403 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Nilki
404 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Ogan
405 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Rahemalpur
406 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Rangpur
407 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Rupavati
408 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Sabalpura
409 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Sachana
410 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Sarsavadi
411 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Shahpur
412 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Shivpura
413 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Sokali
414 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Thori Mubarak
415 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Thori Thambha
416 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Thori Vadgas
417 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Thuleta
418 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Ukhalod
419 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vadgas
420 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Valana
421 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vani
422 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vanthal
423 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Varsava
424 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vasan
425 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vasveliya
426 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Vekariya
427 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (viii) Godhavi (OG)
428 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (vii) Nidhrad (OG)
429 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (vi) Manipur (OG)
430 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Viramgam (Rural)
431 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (v) Kaneti (OG)
432 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (x) Changodar (OG)
433 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (xiii) Sari (OG)
434 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (xii) Matoda (OG)
435 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (xi) Moraiya (OG)
436 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam (xiv) Vasna Chacharavadi (OG)
437 Ahmadabad Viramgam Viramgam Zezara
438 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (ii) Enasan (OG)
439 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (iii) Bilasiya (OG)
440 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (i) Kathwada (OG)
441 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (iv) Kanbha (OG)
442 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (vi) Ghuma (OG)
443 Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City (v) Kujad (OG)
444 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Abasna
445 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Aghar (Ashoknagar)
446 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Amarpura
447 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Balsasan
448 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bamroli
449 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bantai
450 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bhagapura
451 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bhankoda
452 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bhatariya
453 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bhonyni
454 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Bhonynipura
455 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Boska
456 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Chhaniyar
457 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Dabhsar
458 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Damodaripura
459 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Dangarva
460 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Dekavada
461 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Detroj
462 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Fatepura
463 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Gamanpura
464 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Ghatisana
465 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Ghelda
466 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Gunjala
467 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Hathipura
468 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Indrapura
469 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Jaspura
470 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Jethipura
471 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Kantrodi
472 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Kanz
473 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Kointiya
474 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Kukvav
475 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Madrisana
476 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Marusana
477 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Mota Karanpura
478 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Moti Rantai
479 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Nadishala
480 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Nana Karanpura
481 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Nani Rantai
482 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Nathpura
483 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Odhav
484 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Odhav paru
485 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Panar
486 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Rajpura
487 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Rampura
488 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Ratanpura
489 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Rudatal
490 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Sadatpura
491 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Sangpara
492 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Shihor
493 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Shobhasan
494 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Sujpura
495 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Sunvala
496 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Telavi
497 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Umedpura
498 Ahmadabad Detroj-Rampura Vasna (Chhaniyar)
499 Amreli Amreli Amreli Amarpur(Varudi)
500 Amreli Amreli Amreli Ankadiya Mota
501 Amreli Amreli Amreli Ankadiya Nana
502 Amreli Amreli Amreli Babapur
503 Amreli Amreli Amreli Baxipur
504 Amreli Amreli Amreli Bhandariya Mota
505 Amreli Amreli Amreli Bhandariya Nana
506 Amreli Amreli Amreli Chadiya
507 Amreli Amreli Amreli Chakkargadh
508 Amreli Amreli Amreli Champathal
509 Amreli Amreli Amreli Chandgadh
510 Amreli Amreli Amreli Chital
511 Amreli Amreli Amreli Dahida
512 Amreli Amreli Amreli Devaliya
513 Amreli Amreli Amreli Devrajiya
514 Amreli Amreli Amreli Dholarva
515 Amreli Amreli Amreli Fattepur
516 Amreli Amreli Amreli Gavadka
517 Amreli Amreli Amreli Giriya
518 Amreli Amreli Amreli Gokharvala Mota
519 Amreli Amreli Amreli Gokharvala Nana
520 Amreli Amreli Amreli Haripura
521 Amreli Amreli Amreli Ishvariya
522 Amreli Amreli Amreli Jaliya
523 Amreli Amreli Amreli Jasvantgadh
524 Amreli Amreli Amreli Kamigadh
525 Amreli Amreli Amreli Kathma
526 Amreli Amreli Amreli Kerala
527 Amreli Amreli Amreli Keriyachad
528 Amreli Amreli Amreli Keriyanagas
529 Amreli Amreli Amreli Khad Khambhaliya
530 Amreli Amreli Amreli Khijadiya Khari
531 Amreli Amreli Amreli Khijadiya Radadiya
532 Amreli Amreli Amreli Lalavadar
533 Amreli Amreli Amreli Lapaliya
534 Amreli Amreli Amreli Machiyala Mota
535 Amreli Amreli Amreli Machiyala Nana
536 Amreli Amreli Amreli Malila
537 Amreli Amreli Amreli Malvan
538 Amreli Amreli Amreli Mandavda Mota
539 Amreli Amreli Amreli Mandavda Nana
540 Amreli Amreli Amreli Mangvapal
541 Amreli Amreli Amreli Medi
542 Amreli Amreli Amreli Monpur
543 Amreli Amreli Amreli Navakhijadiya
544 Amreli Amreli Amreli Paniya
545 Amreli Amreli Amreli Pipllag
546 Amreli Amreli Amreli Pithavajal
547 Amreli Amreli Amreli Pratappara
548 Amreli Amreli Amreli Rajasthali
549 Amreli Amreli Amreli Randhiya
550 Amreli Amreli Amreli Rangpur
551 Amreli Amreli Amreli Rikadiya
552 Amreli Amreli Amreli Sajiyavadar
553 Amreli Amreli Amreli Sangaderi
554 Amreli Amreli Amreli Sanosara
555 Amreli Amreli Amreli Sarambhda
556 Amreli Amreli Amreli Shambhupura
557 Amreli Amreli Amreli Shedubhar
558 Amreli Amreli Amreli Sonariya
559 Amreli Amreli Amreli Suragpur
560 Amreli Amreli Amreli Taraktalav
561 Amreli Amreli Amreli Taravda
562 Amreli Amreli Amreli Thordi
563 Amreli Amreli Amreli Timba
564 Amreli Amreli Amreli Timbla
565 Amreli Amreli Amreli Vadera
566 Amreli Amreli Amreli Vankiya
567 Amreli Amreli Amreli Varasda
568 Amreli Amreli Amreli Venivadar
569 Amreli Amreli Amreli Vithalpur
570 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Amrapur
571 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Anida
572 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Arjansukh
573 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Badanpur Juna
574 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Badanpur Nava
575 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Bambhaniya
576 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Bantwa-Devli
577 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Barvala Baval
578 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Barvala Bavishi
579 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Bhayavadar
580 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Bhukhli-Santhali
581 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Dadva(Randal)
582 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Devalki
583 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Devgam
584 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Ishvariya
585 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Jithudi
586 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Jungar
587 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khadkhad
588 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khajuri
589 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khajuri-Pipaliya
590 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khakhariya
591 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khijadiya Hanuman
592 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Khijadiya Khan
593 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Kolda
594 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Kunkavav Moti
595 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Kunkavav Nani
596 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Lakhapadar
597 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Luni-Dhar
598 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Maya padar
599 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Megha-pipaliya
600 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Morvada
601 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Najapur
602 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Pipaliya Dhundhiya
603 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Rampur
604 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Sanala
605 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Sanali
606 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Sarangpur
607 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Surya Pratapgadh
608 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Talali
609 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Targhari
610 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Tori
611 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Ujala-Mota
612 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Ujala-Nava
613 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Vadia
614 Amreli Amreli Kunkavav Vadia Vavdi Road
615 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Adpur
616 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Balapur
617 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Charan pipali
618 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Deri Pipaliya
619 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Ghantiyan
620 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Hadala
621 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Halariya
622 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Haliyad Juni
623 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Haliyad Navi
624 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Hamapur
625 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Hulariya
626 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Jamka
627 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Janjariya Juna
628 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Janjariya Nava
629 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Jethiavadar
630 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Kadaya
631 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Kagdadi
632 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Khari
633 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Khijadiya
634 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Manekvada
635 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Mavjinjva
636 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Munjiasar Mota
637 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Munjiasar Nana
638 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Pipaliya Nava
639 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Pithadiya
640 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Rafala
641 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Samadhiyala
642 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Sanaliya
643 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Shilana
644 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Vaghaniya Juna
645 Amreli Dhari Bagasara Vaghaniya Nava
646 Amreli Dhari Dhari Amaratpur
647 Amreli Dhari Dhari Ambardi
648 Amreli Dhari Dhari Bhader
649 Amreli Dhari Dhari Bharad
650 Amreli Dhari Dhari Bhayavadar
651 Amreli Dhari Dhari Bordi
652 Amreli Dhari Dhari Chanchai
653 Amreli Dhari Dhari Chhatradiya
654 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dabhali
655 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dahida
656 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dalkhaniya
657 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dangavadar
658 Amreli Dhari Dhari Devla
659 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dhargani
660 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dhari
661 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dholarva
662 Amreli Dhari Dhari Ditla
663 Amreli Dhari Dhari Dudhala
664 Amreli Dhari Dhari Facharia
665 Amreli Dhari Dhari Fategadh
666 Amreli Dhari Dhari Gadhiya
667 Amreli Dhari Dhari Gadhiya Chavand
668 Amreli Dhari Dhari Garamali Moti
669 Amreli Dhari Dhari Garamali Nani
670 Amreli Dhari Dhari Garamli (Charkha)
671 Amreli Dhari Dhari Gigasan
672 Amreli Dhari Dhari Gopalgram
673 Amreli Dhari Dhari Govindpur
674 Amreli Dhari Dhari Hirava
675 Amreli Dhari Dhari Hudli
676 Amreli Dhari Dhari Ingorala(Dungri)
677 Amreli Dhari Dhari Jaljivadi
678 Amreli Dhari Dhari Jira
679 Amreli Dhari Dhari Juna Charkha
680 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kami
681 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kaner
682 Amreli Dhari Dhari Karamdadi
683 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kathirvadar
684 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kathrota
685 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kerala
686 Amreli Dhari Dhari Khambhaliya
687 Amreli Dhari Dhari Khicha
688 Amreli Dhari Dhari Khisri
689 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kotda
690 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kotha Pipariya
691 Amreli Dhari Dhari Krangsa
692 Amreli Dhari Dhari Kubda
693 Amreli Dhari Dhari Lakhapadar
694 Amreli Dhari Dhari Madhupur
695 Amreli Dhari Dhari Malshika
696 Amreli Dhari Dhari Manavav
697 Amreli Dhari Dhari Matan Mala
698 Amreli Dhari Dhari Mithapur(Dungri)
699 Amreli Dhari Dhari Mithapur Nakki
700 Amreli Dhari Dhari Monvel
701 Amreli Dhari Dhari Morzar
702 Amreli Dhari Dhari Nagadhra
703 Amreli Dhari Dhari Nava Charkha
704 Amreli Dhari Dhari Padargadh
705 Amreli Dhari Dhari Paniya(Devasthan)
706 Amreli Dhari Dhari Paniya Dungri
707 Amreli Dhari Dhari Parbadi
708 Amreli Dhari Dhari Patla
709 Amreli Dhari Dhari Rajsthali
710 Amreli Dhari Dhari Rampur
711 Amreli Dhari Dhari Ravna
712 Amreli Dhari Dhari Sakhpur
713 Amreli Dhari Dhari Samadhiyala Nana
714 Amreli Dhari Dhari Sarasiya
715 Amreli Dhari Dhari Shemardi
716 Amreli Dhari Dhari Shivad
717 Amreli Dhari Dhari Tarsingada
718 Amreli Dhari Dhari Trambakpur
719 Amreli Dhari Dhari Vaghvadi
720 Amreli Dhari Dhari Vavdi
721 Amreli Dhari Dhari Virpur
722 Amreli Dhari Dhari Zar
723 Amreli Dhari Khambha Ambaliyala
724 Amreli Dhari Khambha Anida
725 Amreli Dhari Khambha Babarpur
726 Amreli Dhari Khambha Barman Mota
727 Amreli Dhari Khambha Barman Nana
728 Amreli Dhari Khambha Bhad
729 Amreli Dhari Khambha Bhaniya
730 Amreli Dhari Khambha Bhavardi
731 Amreli Dhari Khambha Bhundani
732 Amreli Dhari Khambha Borala
733 Amreli Dhari Khambha Chakrava
734 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dadhiyali
735 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dadli
736 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dedan
737 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dhari Nani
738 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dhavadiya
739 Amreli Dhari Khambha Dhundhavana
740 Amreli Dhari Khambha Gidardi
741 Amreli Dhari Khambha Gorana
742 Amreli Dhari Khambha Hanumanpur
743 Amreli Dhari Khambha Ingorala
744 Amreli Dhari Khambha Jamka
745 Amreli Dhari Khambha Jikiyali
746 Amreli Dhari Khambha Jivapar
747 Amreli Dhari Khambha Juna Malaknes
748 Amreli Dhari Khambha Kantala
749 Amreli Dhari Khambha Katarpara
750 Amreli Dhari Khambha Khadadhar
751 Amreli Dhari Khambha Khambha
752 Amreli Dhari Khambha Kodiya
753 Amreli Dhari Khambha Kotda
754 Amreli Dhari Khambha Lasa
755 Amreli Dhari Khambha Munjiyasar
756 Amreli Dhari Khambha Nanudi
757 Amreli Dhari Khambha Nava Malaknes
758 Amreli Dhari Khambha Nesdi No-2
759 Amreli Dhari Khambha Ningala No-2
760 Amreli Dhari Khambha Pachapachiya
761 Amreli Dhari Khambha Pati
762 Amreli Dhari Khambha Pipalava
763 Amreli Dhari Khambha Pipariya
764 Amreli Dhari Khambha Rabarika
765 Amreli Dhari Khambha Raningpara
766 Amreli Dhari Khambha Raydi
767 Amreli Dhari Khambha Rugnathpur
768 Amreli Dhari Khambha Salva
769 Amreli Dhari Khambha Samadhiyala Mota
770 Amreli Dhari Khambha Samadhiyala No-2
771 Amreli Dhari Khambha Sarakadiya
772 Amreli Dhari Khambha Sarakadiya Divan
773 Amreli Dhari Khambha Talda
774 Amreli Dhari Khambha Tantaniya
775 Amreli Dhari Khambha Trakuda
776 Amreli Dhari Khambha Umariya
777 Amreli Dhari Khambha Vangadhara
778 Amreli Dhari Khambha Vankiya
779 Amreli Dhari Khambha Visavadar Nana
780 Amreli Lathi Babra Amarvalpar
781 Amreli Lathi Babra Balel Pipariya
782 Amreli Lathi Babra Barvala
783 Amreli Lathi Babra Bhila
784 Amreli Lathi Babra Bhildi
785 Amreli Lathi Babra Chamardi
786 Amreli Lathi Babra Charkha
787 Amreli Lathi Babra Dared
788 Amreli Lathi Babra Devaliya Mota
789 Amreli Lathi Babra Dharai
790 Amreli Lathi Babra Fuljhar
791 Amreli Lathi Babra Galkotdi
792 Amreli Lathi Babra Gamapipaliya
793 Amreli Lathi Babra Garni
794 Amreli Lathi Babra Ghughrala
795 Amreli Lathi Babra Hathigadh
796 Amreli Lathi Babra Ingorala
797 Amreli Lathi Babra Isapar
798 Amreli Lathi Babra Ishvariya
799 Amreli Lathi Babra Jivapar
800 Amreli Lathi Babra Kalorana
801 Amreli Lathi Babra Kariyana
802 Amreli Lathi Babra Karnuki
803 Amreli Lathi Babra Khakhariya
804 Amreli Lathi Babra Khambhala
805 Amreli Lathi Babra Khanpar
806 Amreli Lathi Babra Khijadiya Kotda
807 Amreli Lathi Babra Kidi
808 Amreli Lathi Babra Kotda Pitha
809 Amreli Lathi Babra Kundal Nani
810 Amreli Lathi Babra Kunvargadh
811 Amreli Lathi Babra Lalka
812 Amreli Lathi Babra Lonkotda
813 Amreli Lathi Babra Lunki
814 Amreli Lathi Babra Miya Khijadiya
815 Amreli Lathi Babra Nadala
816 Amreli Lathi Babra Navaniya
817 Amreli Lathi Babra Nilavala
818 Amreli Lathi Babra Nonghanvadar
819 Amreli Lathi Babra Pansada
820 Amreli Lathi Babra Pir Khijadiya
821 Amreli Lathi Babra Ranpar
822 Amreli Lathi Babra Raypar
823 Amreli Lathi Babra Samadhiyala
824 Amreli Lathi Babra Sirvaniya
825 Amreli Lathi Babra Sukavala
826 Amreli Lathi Babra Sukhpar
827 Amreli Lathi Babra Taivadar
828 Amreli Lathi Babra Thorkhan
829 Amreli Lathi Babra Tramboda
830 Amreli Lathi Babra Untvad
831 Amreli Lathi Babra Valardi
832 Amreli Lathi Babra Vandaliya
833 Amreli Lathi Babra Vankiya
834 Amreli Lathi Babra Vavda
835 Amreli Lathi Babra Vavdi
836 Amreli Lathi Lathi Adtala
837 Amreli Lathi Lathi Akala
838 Amreli Lathi Lathi Aliudepur
839 Amreli Lathi Lathi Ambardi
840 Amreli Lathi Lathi Ansodar
841 Amreli Lathi Lathi Bhalvav
842 Amreli Lathi Lathi Bhatvadar
843 Amreli Lathi Lathi Bhingrad
844 Amreli Lathi Lathi Bhurakhiya
845 Amreli Lathi Lathi Chavand
846 Amreli Lathi Lathi Chhabhadiya
847 Amreli Lathi Lathi Dahinthara
848 Amreli Lathi Lathi Derdi-Janbai
849 Amreli Lathi Lathi Dhamel
850 Amreli Lathi Lathi Dhrufania
851 Amreli Lathi Lathi Dudhala Bai
852 Amreli Lathi Lathi Dudhala Lathi
853 Amreli Lathi Lathi Hajiradhar
854 Amreli Lathi Lathi Harsurpur
855 Amreli Lathi Lathi Havtad
856 Amreli Lathi Lathi Hirana
857 Amreli Lathi Lathi Ingorala
858 Amreli Lathi Lathi Jarakhiya
859 Amreli Lathi Lathi Kanchardi
860 Amreli Lathi Lathi Karkoliya
861 Amreli Lathi Lathi Kerala
862 Amreli Lathi Lathi Keriya
863 Amreli Lathi Lathi Krishna gadh
864 Amreli Lathi Lathi Luvariya
865 Amreli Lathi Lathi Malaviya Pipariya
866 Amreli Lathi Lathi Matirala
867 Amreli Lathi Lathi Memda
868 Amreli Lathi Lathi Methli
869 Amreli Lathi Lathi Muliyapat
870 Amreli Lathi Lathi Narangadh
871 Amreli Lathi Lathi Padarshinga
872 Amreli Lathi Lathi Pipalva
873 Amreli Lathi Lathi Pratapgadh
874 Amreli Lathi Lathi Punjapar
875 Amreli Lathi Lathi Rabhda
876 Amreli Lathi Lathi Rajkot Nana
877 Amreli Lathi Lathi Rampar
878 Amreli Lathi Lathi Shakhpur
879 Amreli Lathi Lathi Shekhpipariya
880 Amreli Lathi Lathi Suvagadh
881 Amreli Lathi Lathi Tajpar
882 Amreli Lathi Lathi Thansa
883 Amreli Lathi Lathi Toda
884 Amreli Lathi Lathi Virpur
885 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Babarkot
886 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Balana
887 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Balanivav
888 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Bhada
889 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Bhankodar
890 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Bhatvadar
891 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Chhelana
892 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Chitrasar
893 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Dharabandar
894 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Dholadri
895 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Dudhala
896 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Ebhalvad
897 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Fachariya
898 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Ghenspur
899 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Hemal
900 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Jikadri Juni
901 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Jikadri Navi
902 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Kadiyali
903 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Kagvadar
904 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Kanthariya Khalsa
905 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Kanthariya Koli
906 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Kerala
907 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Lor
908 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Lothpur
909 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Lunsapur
910 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Mithapur
911 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Mitiyala
912 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Mota Mansa
913 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Nageshri
914 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Pati Mansa (Nana)
915 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Pichhadi
916 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Rohisa
917 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Sakariya Mota
918 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Sakariya Nana
919 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Sarovarda
920 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Shiyalbet
921 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Sokhda
922 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Timbi
923 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Vadhera
924 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Vadli
925 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Vandh
926 Amreli Rajula Jafrabad Varahsvarup
927 Amreli Rajula Rajula Agariya Dhudiya
928 Amreli Rajula Rajula Agariya Mota
929 Amreli Rajula Rajula Agariya Nava
930 Amreli Rajula Rajula Amuli
931 Amreli Rajula Rajula Babariyadhar
932 Amreli Rajula Rajula Balapar
933 Amreli Rajula Rajula Barbatana
934 Amreli Rajula Rajula Barpatoli
935 Amreli Rajula Rajula Bhachadar
936 Amreli Rajula Rajula Bhakshi
937 Amreli Rajula Rajula Bherai
938 Amreli Rajula Rajula Chanch
939 Amreli Rajula Rajula Charodiya
940 Amreli Rajula Rajula Chhapri
941 Amreli Rajula Rajula Chhatadiya
942 Amreli Rajula Rajula Chotra
943 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dantardi
944 Amreli Rajula Rajula Devka
945 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dharano Nes
946 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dhareshvar
947 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dipadiya
948 Amreli Rajula Rajula Doliya
949 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dungar
950 Amreli Rajula Rajula Dungarparda
951 Amreli Rajula Rajula Ganjavadar
952 Amreli Rajula Rajula Hadmatiya
953 Amreli Rajula Rajula Hindorna
954 Amreli Rajula Rajula Jholapar
955 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kadiyali
956 Amreli Rajula Rajula Katar
957 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kathivadar
958 Amreli Rajula Rajula Khakhbai
959 Amreli Rajula Rajula Khambhaliya
960 Amreli Rajula Rajula Khari
961 Amreli Rajula Rajula khera
962 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kherali Moti
963 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kherali Nani
964 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kotdi
965 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kovaya
966 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kumbhariya
967 Amreli Rajula Rajula Kundaliyala
968 Amreli Rajula Rajula Majadar
969 Amreli Rajula Rajula Mandal
970 Amreli Rajula Rajula Mandardi Navi-Juni
971 Amreli Rajula Rajula Masundada Nana- Mota
972 Amreli Rajula Rajula Mobhiyana Mota
973 Amreli Rajula Rajula Mobhiyana Nana
974 Amreli Rajula Rajula Morangi
975 Amreli Rajula Rajula Navagam(Mariana)
976 Amreli Rajula Rajula Nesdi No -1
977 Amreli Rajula Rajula Ningala No-1
978 Amreli Rajula Rajula Patva
979 Amreli Rajula Rajula Pipavav
980 Amreli Rajula Rajula Rabhda
981 Amreli Rajula Rajula Rajparda
982 Amreli Rajula Rajula Rampara No-1
983 Amreli Rajula Rajula Rampara No-2
984 Amreli Rajula Rajula Ringaniyala Mota
985 Amreli Rajula Rajula Ringaniyala Nana
986 Amreli Rajula Rajula Sajanavav
987 Amreli Rajula Rajula Samadhiyala No-1
988 Amreli Rajula Rajula Uchaiya
989 Amreli Rajula Rajula Untiya
990 Amreli Rajula Rajula Vad
991 Amreli Rajula Rajula Vadli
992 Amreli Rajula Rajula Vavdi
993 Amreli Rajula Rajula Vavera
994 Amreli Rajula Rajula Victar
995 Amreli Rajula Rajula Visaliya
996 Amreli Rajula Rajula Zampodar
997 Amreli Rajula Rajula Zanzarda
998 Amreli Rajula Rajula Zinzka
999 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Amba
1000 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Antaliya
1001 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bavada
1002 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bavadi
1003 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bhensan
1004 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bhensvadi
1005 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bhoringda
1006 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Bodiya
1007 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Dhangla
1008 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Eklera
1009 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Godhavadar
1010 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Gundran
1011 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Haripur
1012 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Hathigadh
1013 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia (i) Amreli (OG)
1014 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Ingorala
1015 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Jatroda
1016 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Kalyanpar
1017 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Kankot Mota
1018 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Kankot Nana
1019 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Khara
1020 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Krankach
1021 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Kuntana
1022 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Lilia (CT)
1023 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Lilia Nana
1024 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Lonka
1025 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Lonki
1026 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Panch Talavda
1027 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Pipalva
1028 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Punjapadar
1029 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Putaliya
1030 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Rajkot Nana
1031 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Saldi
1032 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Sanaliya
1033 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Sanjantimba
1034 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Shedhavadar
1035 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Timbdi
1036 Amreli Savar Kundla Lilia Vaghaniya
1037 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Abhrampara
1038 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Absang
1039 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Ambardi
1040 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Amrutvel
1041 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Ankolada
1042 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Badhada
1043 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Bagoya
1044 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Bhamar
1045 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Bhenkra
1046 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Bhonkarva
1047 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Bhuva
1048 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Borala
1049 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Charkhadiya
1050 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Chhapri
1051 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Chikhali
1052 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Dadhiya
1053 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Dedkadi
1054 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Detad
1055 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Dhajdi
1056 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Dhar
1057 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Dolti
1058 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Fachariya
1059 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Fifad
1060 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Gadhakda
1061 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Ghandla
1062 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Ghobapati
1063 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Giniya
1064 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Goradka
1065 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Hadida
1066 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Hathasani
1067 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Jabal
1068 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Jambuda
1069 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Jejad
1070 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Jira
1071 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Juna Savar
1072 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Kanatalav
1073 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Karjala
1074 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Kerala
1075 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Khadkala
1076 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Khadsali
1077 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Khalpar
1078 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Khodiyana
1079 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Kunkavav
1080 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Likhala
1081 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Luvara
1082 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Madhada
1083 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Mekda
1084 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Meriyana
1085 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Mevasa
1086 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Mitiyala
1087 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Moldi
1088 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Mota Bhamodra
1089 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Mota Zinzuda
1090 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Nana Bhamodra
1091 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Nana Zinzuda
1092 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Nani Vadal
1093 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Nesdi
1094 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Oliya
1095 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Pithvadi
1096 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Piyava
1097 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Ramgadh
1098 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Senjal
1099 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Shelana
1100 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Simaran
1101 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Thordi
1102 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Vanda
1103 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Vanot
1104 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Vanshiyali
1105 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Vijapdi
1106 Amreli Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Vijayanagar
1107 Anand Anand Anand City Anand
1108 Anand Anand Anand Rural Adas
1109 Anand Anand Anand Rural Ajarpura
1110 Anand Anand Anand Rural Anand
1111 Anand Anand Anand Rural Anklavdi
1112 Anand Anand Anand Rural Bakrol
1113 Anand Anand Anand Rural Bedva
1114 Anand Anand Anand Rural Boriyavi
1115 Anand Anand Anand Rural Chikhodra
1116 Anand Anand Anand Rural Gamdi (CT)
1117 Anand Anand Anand Rural Gana
1118 Anand Anand Anand Rural Gopalpura
1119 Anand Anand Anand Rural Hadgood (CT)
1120 Anand Anand Anand Rural (ii) Mogri (OG)
1121 Anand Anand Anand Rural Jakhariya
1122 Anand Anand Anand Rural Jitodiya (Part)
1123 Anand Anand Anand Rural Jol
1124 Anand Anand Anand Rural karamsad
1125 Anand Anand Anand Rural Kasor
1126 Anand Anand Anand Rural Khambholaj
1127 Anand Anand Anand Rural Khandhali
1128 Anand Anand Anand Rural Khanpur
1129 Anand Anand Anand Rural Kherda
1130 Anand Anand Anand Rural Kunjrao
1131 Anand Anand Anand Rural Lambhvel
1132 Anand Anand Anand Rural Meghva Gana
1133 Anand Anand Anand Rural Mogar
1134 Anand Anand Anand Rural Napad Talpad
1135 Anand Anand Anand Rural Napad Vanto
1136 Anand Anand Anand Rural Navli
1137 Anand Anand Anand Rural odd
1138 Anand Anand Anand Rural Rahtalav
1139 Anand Anand Anand Rural Rajupura
1140 Anand Anand Anand Rural Ramnagar
1141 Anand Anand Anand Rural Rasnol
1142 Anand Anand Anand Rural Samarkha
1143 Anand Anand Anand Rural Sandesar
1144 Anand Anand Anand Rural Sarsa
1145 Anand Anand Anand Rural Sundan
1146 Anand Anand Anand Rural Tarnol
1147 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vadod
1148 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vaghasi
1149 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vaherakhadi
1150 Anand Anand Anand Rural Valasan
1151 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vans Khiliya
1152 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vasad
1153 Anand Anand Anand Rural Vidhyanagar
1154 Anand Anand Umreth Ahima
1155 Anand Anand Umreth Ardi
1156 Anand Anand Umreth Ashipura
1157 Anand Anand Umreth Badapura
1158 Anand Anand Umreth Bechari
1159 Anand Anand Umreth Bhalej
1160 Anand Anand Umreth Bharoda
1161 Anand Anand Umreth Bhatpura
1162 Anand Anand Umreth Dagjipura
1163 Anand Anand Umreth Dholi
1164 Anand Anand Umreth Dhuleta
1165 Anand Anand Umreth Fatepura
1166 Anand Anand Umreth Gangapura
1167 Anand Anand Umreth Ghora
1168 Anand Anand Umreth Hamidpura
1169 Anand Anand Umreth Jakhala
1170 Anand Anand Umreth Khankhanpur
1171 Anand Anand Umreth Khankuva
1172 Anand Anand Umreth Khorwad
1173 Anand Anand Umreth Lingda
1174 Anand Anand Umreth Meghva-Badapura
1175 Anand Anand Umreth Navapura
1176 Anand Anand Umreth Pansora
1177 Anand Anand Umreth Parvata
1178 Anand Anand Umreth Pratappura
1179 Anand Anand Umreth Ratanpura
1180 Anand Anand Umreth Saiyadpura
1181 Anand Anand Umreth Sardarpura
1182 Anand Anand Umreth Shili
1183 Anand Anand Umreth Sundalpura
1184 Anand Anand Umreth Sureli
1185 Anand Anand Umreth Tarpura
1186 Anand Anand Umreth Thamna
1187 Anand Anand Umreth Umreth
1188 Anand Anand Umreth Untkhari
1189 Anand Anand Umreth Vansol
1190 Anand Anand Umreth Zala Bordi
1191 Anand Borsad Anklav Aanklav
1192 Anand Borsad Anklav Ambali
1193 Anand Borsad Anklav Ambav
1194 Anand Borsad Anklav Amrol
1195 Anand Borsad Anklav Asarma
1196 Anand Borsad Anklav Asodar
1197 Anand Borsad Anklav Bamangam
1198 Anand Borsad Anklav Bhanpura
1199 Anand Borsad Anklav Bhetasi Ba Bhag
1200 Anand Borsad Anklav Bhetasi (Talpad)
1201 Anand Borsad Anklav Bhetasi Vanta
1202 Anand Borsad Anklav Bilpad
1203 Anand Borsad Anklav Chamara
1204 Anand Borsad Anklav Devapura
1205 Anand Borsad Anklav Gambhira
1206 Anand Borsad Anklav Haldari
1207 Anand Borsad Anklav Hathipura
1208 Anand Borsad Anklav Jhilod
1209 Anand Borsad Anklav Joshikuva
1210 Anand Borsad Anklav Kahanvadi
1211 Anand Borsad Anklav Kanthariya
1212 Anand Borsad Anklav Khadol (Haldari)
1213 Anand Borsad Anklav Khadol (Umeta)
1214 Anand Borsad Anklav Kosindra
1215 Anand Borsad Anklav Lalpura
1216 Anand Borsad Anklav Manpura
1217 Anand Borsad Anklav Mujkuva
1218 Anand Borsad Anklav Narpura
1219 Anand Borsad Anklav Navakhal
1220 Anand Borsad Anklav Navapura
1221 Anand Borsad Anklav Sankhyad
1222 Anand Borsad Anklav Umeta
1223 Anand Borsad Borsad Alarsa
1224 Anand Borsad Borsad Amiyad
1225 Anand Borsad Borsad Badalpur
1226 Anand Borsad Borsad Banejda
1227 Anand Borsad Borsad Bhadran
1228 Anand Borsad Borsad Bhadraniya
1229 Anand Borsad Borsad Bochasan
1230 Anand Borsad Borsad Bodal
1231 Anand Borsad Borsad Borsad
1232 Anand Borsad Borsad Chuva
1233 Anand Borsad Borsad Dabhasi
1234 Anand Borsad Borsad Dahemi
1235 Anand Borsad Borsad Dahewan
1236 Anand Borsad Borsad Dali
1237 Anand Borsad Borsad Davol
1238 Anand Borsad Borsad Dedarda
1239 Anand Borsad Borsad Dhanavasi
1240 Anand Borsad Borsad Dhobikui
1241 Anand Borsad Borsad Dhundakuva
1242 Anand Borsad Borsad Divel
1243 Anand Borsad Borsad Gajana
1244 Anand Borsad Borsad Gorel
1245 Anand Borsad Borsad Gorva
1246 Anand Borsad Borsad Harkhapura
1247 Anand Borsad Borsad Jantral
1248 Anand Borsad Borsad Kalu
1249 Anand Borsad Borsad Kanbha
1250 Anand Borsad Borsad Kandhroti
1251 Anand Borsad Borsad Kankapura
1252 Anand Borsad Borsad Kasari
1253 Anand Borsad Borsad Kasumbad
1254 Anand Borsad Borsad Kathana
1255 Anand Borsad Borsad Kathol
1256 Anand Borsad Borsad Kavitha
1257 Anand Borsad Borsad Khanpur
1258 Anand Borsad Borsad Khedasa
1259 Anand Borsad Borsad Kinkhlod
1260 Anand Borsad Borsad Kothiya khad
1261 Anand Borsad Borsad Moti Sherdi
1262 Anand Borsad Borsad Naman
1263 Anand Borsad Borsad Nani Sherdi
1264 Anand Borsad Borsad Napa Talpad
1265 Anand Borsad Borsad Napa Vanto
1266 Anand Borsad Borsad Nisaraya
1267 Anand Borsad Borsad Pamol
1268 Anand Borsad Borsad Pipli
1269 Anand Borsad Borsad Ranoli
1270 Anand Borsad Borsad Ras
1271 Anand Borsad Borsad Rudel
1272 Anand Borsad Borsad Saijpur
1273 Anand Borsad Borsad Salol
1274 Anand Borsad Borsad Santokpura
1275 Anand Borsad Borsad Singlav
1276 Anand Borsad Borsad Sisva
1277 Anand Borsad Borsad Sur Kuva
1278 Anand Borsad Borsad Umlav
1279 Anand Borsad Borsad Uneli
1280 Anand Borsad Borsad Vachhiyel
1281 Anand Borsad Borsad Vadeli
1282 Anand Borsad Borsad Vahera
1283 Anand Borsad Borsad Valvod
1284 Anand Borsad Borsad Vasna ( Borsad)
1285 Anand Borsad Borsad Vasna ( Ras)
1286 Anand Borsad Borsad Virsad
1287 Anand Borsad Borsad Zarola
1288 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Akhol
1289 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Bamanva
1290 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Bhat Talavadi
1291 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Bhimtalav
1292 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Bhuvel
1293 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Chhatardi
1294 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Daheda
1295 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Dhuvaran
1296 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Finav
1297 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Golana
1298 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Gudel
1299 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Haripura
1300 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Hariyan
1301 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Hasanpura
1302 Anand Khambhat Khambhat (iii) Metpur (OG)
1303 Anand Khambhat Khambhat (ii) Shakarpur (OG)
1304 Anand Khambhat Khambhat (i) Kansari (OG)
1305 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Jahaj
1306 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Jalsan
1307 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Jalundh
1308 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Jhalapur
1309 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Jinaj
1310 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Kalamsar
1311 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Kali Talavadi
1312 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Kanisa
1313 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Kanzat
1314 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Khadodhi
1315 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Khambhat
1316 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Khatnal
1317 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Kodva
1318 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Lunej
1319 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Malasoni
1320 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Malu
1321 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Mitli
1322 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Motipura
1323 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Nagra
1324 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Nana Kalodra
1325 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Nandeli
1326 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Navagam Bara
1327 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Navagam Vanta
1328 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Neja
1329 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Paldi
1330 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Pandad
1331 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Piploi
1332 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Popatvav
1333 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Rajpur
1334 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Ralaj
1335 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Rangpur
1336 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Rohni
1337 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Sayama
1338 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Sokhada
1339 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Tamsa
1340 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Tarakpur
1341 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Timba
1342 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Undel
1343 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vadgam
1344 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vadola
1345 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vainaj
1346 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vasna
1347 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vatadra
1348 Anand Khambhat Khambhat Vatra
1349 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Adruj
1350 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Amaliyara
1351 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Bhanderaj
1352 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Budhej
1353 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Changada
1354 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Chikhaliya
1355 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Chitarwada
1356 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Dugari
1357 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Fatepura
1358 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Galiyana
1359 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Gorad
1360 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Indranaj
1361 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Isanpur
1362 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Isarwada
1363 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Jafarganj
1364 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Jafrabad
1365 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Jalla
1366 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Jichka
1367 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Kanavada
1368 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Kasbara
1369 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Khada
1370 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Khakhsar
1371 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Khanpur
1372 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Mahiyari
1373 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Malpur
1374 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Mil Rampura
1375 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Mobha
1376 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Moraj
1377 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Mota Kalodra
1378 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Nabhoi
1379 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Pachegam
1380 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Padra
1381 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Rel
1382 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Rinza
1383 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Sath
1384 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Tarapur
1385 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Tol
1386 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Untwada
1387 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Valandapura
1388 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Valli
1389 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Vank Talav
1390 Anand Khambhat Tarapur Varsada
1391 Anand Petlad Petlad Agas
1392 Anand Petlad Petlad Amod
1393 Anand Petlad Petlad Ardi
1394 Anand Petlad Petlad Ashi
1395 Anand Petlad Petlad Bamroli
1396 Anand Petlad Petlad Bandhni
1397 Anand Petlad Petlad Bharel
1398 Anand Petlad Petlad Bhatiel
1399 Anand Petlad Petlad Bhavanipura
1400 Anand Petlad Petlad Bhurakui
1401 Anand Petlad Petlad Boriya
1402 Anand Petlad Petlad Changa
1403 Anand Petlad Petlad Dantali
1404 Anand Petlad Petlad Danteli
1405 Anand Petlad Petlad Davalpura
1406 Anand Petlad Petlad Demol
1407 Anand Petlad Petlad Dhairyapura
1408 Anand Petlad Petlad Dharmaj
1409 Anand Petlad Petlad Fangani
1410 Anand Petlad Petlad Ghunteli
1411 Anand Petlad Petlad Isarama
1412 Anand Petlad Petlad Jesarva
1413 Anand Petlad Petlad Jogan
1414 Anand Petlad Petlad Kaniya
1415 Anand Petlad Petlad Khadana
1416 Anand Petlad Petlad Lakkadpura
1417 Anand Petlad Petlad Mahelav
1418 Anand Petlad Petlad Manej
1419 Anand Petlad Petlad Manpura
1420 Anand Petlad Petlad Morad
1421 Anand Petlad Petlad Nar
1422 Anand Petlad Petlad Padgol
1423 Anand Petlad Petlad Palaj
1424 Anand Petlad Petlad Pandoli
1425 Anand Petlad Petlad Petlad
1426 Anand Petlad Petlad Porda
1427 Anand Petlad Petlad Ramodadi
1428 Anand Petlad Petlad Rangaipura
1429 Anand Petlad Petlad Ravipura
1430 Anand Petlad Petlad Ravli
1431 Anand Petlad Petlad Rupiyapura
1432 Anand Petlad Petlad Sanjaya
1433 Anand Petlad Petlad Sansej
1434 Anand Petlad Petlad Shahpur
1435 Anand Petlad Petlad Shekhadi
1436 Anand Petlad Petlad Sihol
1437 Anand Petlad Petlad Silvai
1438 Anand Petlad Petlad Simarada
1439 Anand Petlad Petlad Sunav
1440 Anand Petlad Petlad Sundara
1441 Anand Petlad Petlad Sundarana
1442 Anand Petlad Petlad Vadadala
1443 Anand Petlad Petlad Vatav
1444 Anand Petlad Petlad Virol(Simarada)
1445 Anand Petlad Petlad Vishnoli
1446 Anand Petlad Petlad Vishrampura
1447 Anand Petlad Sojitra Balinta
1448 Anand Petlad Sojitra Bantwa
1449 Anand Petlad Sojitra Bhadkad
1450 Anand Petlad Sojitra Dabhou
1451 Anand Petlad Sojitra Dali
1452 Anand Petlad Sojitra Devataj
1453 Anand Petlad Sojitra Deva Talpad
1454 Anand Petlad Sojitra Gada
1455 Anand Petlad Sojitra Isnav
1456 Anand Petlad Sojitra Kasor
1457 Anand Petlad Sojitra Khansol
1458 Anand Petlad Sojitra Kothavi
1459 Anand Petlad Sojitra Limbali
1460 Anand Petlad Sojitra Magharol
1461 Anand Petlad Sojitra Malataj
1462 Anand Petlad Sojitra Meghalpur
1463 Anand Petlad Sojitra Palol
1464 Anand Petlad Sojitra Piplav
1465 Anand Petlad Sojitra Runaj
1466 Anand Petlad Sojitra Sojitra
1467 Anand Petlad Sojitra Trambovad
1468 Anand Petlad Sojitra Virol (Sojitra)
1469 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Akrund
1470 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Alva
1471 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Amarpura
1472 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Ambasar
1473 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Amodara
1474 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Antisara
1475 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Barnoli
1476 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Bhensavada
1477 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Bhotudev-no-Math
1478 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Bilvaniya
1479 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Borvai
1480 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Butal
1481 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Chhevadiya
1482 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Chogamda
1483 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Dhamaniya
1484 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Dhansura
1485 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Dolpur (Vadagam)
1486 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Gadhada Kot
1487 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Galalni Muvadi
1488 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Gopalpura
1489 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Haripura Kampo
1490 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Hirapur
1491 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Hirapur Kampo
1492 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jalampur
1493 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jalampura (Ambaliyara)
1494 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jamtha
1495 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jashvantpura
1496 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jashvantpura
1497 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Jitpur (Vadgam)
1498 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kamli
1499 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kanal
1500 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kanjodiya
1501 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Karanpur
1502 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Karoli
1503 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kashipura
1504 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kesharpura (Bilvaniya)
1505 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kesharpura Kampo
1506 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Khadol
1507 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Khanpurni Muvadi
1508 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kheda
1509 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Khilodiya
1510 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kidi
1511 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Kolavada
1512 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Lalino Math
1513 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Lalpur (Shinol)
1514 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Lalu
1515 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Malekpur
1516 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Motipura
1517 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Moti Vav
1518 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Nana
1519 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Nani Vav
1520 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Navalpur
1521 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Panchkuhada
1522 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Patyo
1523 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Poyda
1524 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rahiyol
1525 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rajpur (Vadagam)
1526 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Ramana
1527 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Ramos
1528 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rampura
1529 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rampura Kampo
1530 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rampur (Vadagam)
1531 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Rupan
1532 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Sardi Sarkhandi
1533 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Sengiyani Rayan
1534 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Shika
1535 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Shinol
1536 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Simli
1537 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Udepur
1538 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Vadagam
1539 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Vakhatpur
1540 ARAVALLI Bayad Dhansura Vantda Suka
1541 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ahmadpura
1542 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ajabpura
1543 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Akodiya
1544 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Alana
1545 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Alva
1546 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Amargadh
1547 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ambagam
1548 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ambliyara
1549 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Amiyapur
1550 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Amodara
1551 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Amrapur
1552 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Badarpura
1553 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bhajpur
1554 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bhukhel
1555 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bhundasan
1556 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bibinivav
1557 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bibipura
1558 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bordi
1559 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Bormath
1560 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Borol
1561 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Chamarpur
1562 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Champlavat
1563 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Chandarej
1564 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Chhabhau
1565 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Choila
1566 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dabha
1567 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dahegamda
1568 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dakhaneshvar
1569 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dalpatpura
1570 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Demai
1571 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Deriya
1572 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Deroli
1573 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Desaipura Kampo
1574 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dharamadi Vanta
1575 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dhom
1576 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dolpur (Gabat)
1577 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dolpur (Ramas)
1578 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Dolpur (Sathamba)
1579 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Fata Dhirpura
1580 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Fatepur
1581 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Fatepur (Dabha)
1582 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Gabat
1583 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ganeshpura (Ambaliyara)
1584 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ganeshpura (Sathamba)
1585 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ghodnal
1586 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Gotapur
1587 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Gulabpura
1588 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Hamirpur
1589 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Hathipura
1590 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Hematral
1591 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad (i) Dhamasana (OG)
1592 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad (ii) Dhanot (OG)
1593 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad (iii) Ola (OG)
1594 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Indran
1595 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad (iv) Borisana (OG)
1596 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jalampura (Sathamba)
1597 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jantral
1598 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jitpur
1599 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jitpur (Akodiya)
1600 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jitpur (Ramsi)
1601 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jodhpur
1602 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Jumatral
1603 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Junavada
1604 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Kadavia
1605 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Kalajina Muvada
1606 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Kashiyavat
1607 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Khari
1608 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Kojan
1609 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Kotda
1610 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Lalpur
1611 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Lalpur (Mota)
1612 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Lank
1613 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Limb
1614 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Madhav Kampo
1615 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Mahadevpura
1616 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Manpur
1617 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Mathasuliya
1618 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Motipura (Savela)
1619 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Mudiya
1620 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Munjina Muvada
1621 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Nabhela
1622 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Nagano Math
1623 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Narmiyani Muvadi
1624 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Narsela
1625 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Netrodiya
1626 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Odha
1627 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Pagiyana Muvada
1628 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Paldi
1629 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Patel-Na-Muvada
1630 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Pipodara
1631 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Prantvel
1632 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Radodara
1633 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ramas
1634 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ranechi
1635 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Ratanpur
1636 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Rugnathpura
1637 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Rugnathpur (Bhukhel)
1638 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Rupnagar
1639 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Sangal
1640 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Sarsoli
1641 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Sathamba (CT)
1642 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Savela
1643 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Semaliya
1644 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Simlaj
1645 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Sultanpur
1646 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Takhatpura
1647 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Takhatpura (Sathamba)
1648 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Talod
1649 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Tenpur
1650 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Totu
1651 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Untarda
1652 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vajavat
1653 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vajepura Gam
1654 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vajepura Kampo
1655 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vankaneda
1656 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vanta
1657 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vantda Bayad
1658 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vantda-Kavath
1659 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Varena Bor Timba
1660 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vasadara
1661 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vasna Mota
1662 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vasni
1663 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vasnirel
1664 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vatrakgadh
1665 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Vijayganj
1666 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad (v) Palodiya (OG)
1667 ARAVALLI Modasa Bayad Zankhariya
1668 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Abhapur
1669 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Adhera
1670 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ajitpura
1671 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Akodiya
1672 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ambabar
1673 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Andhariya
1674 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ansol
1675 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Asal
1676 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bahecharpura
1677 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bavaliya (Pal)
1678 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bavaliya (Torda)
1679 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bedasan
1680 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhanmer
1681 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhatera
1682 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhavanpur
1683 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhetali
1684 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhiloda (CT)
1685 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bhutavad
1686 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bolundra
1687 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Bornala
1688 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Brahmpuri
1689 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Budharasan
1690 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Budheli
1691 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Chhapara Kuski
1692 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Chibhadiyata
1693 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Chiboda
1694 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Chitariya
1695 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Chorimala
1696 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dahgamda
1697 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Desan
1698 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Devni Mori
1699 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dhamboliya
1700 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dhandhasan
1701 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dhansor
1702 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dharasan
1703 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dholvani
1704 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dhuleta (Palla)
1705 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dodisara Mota
1706 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dodisara Nana
1707 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Dolatpur
1708 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Gadadar
1709 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Gadhiya
1710 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Gali Semro
1711 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ghanti
1712 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Godh (Kuski)
1713 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Hardaspur
1714 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Hathiya
1715 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Himatpur
1716 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Indrapura
1717 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jaliya
1718 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jambudi
1719 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Janali
1720 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jasvantpura
1721 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jayala
1722 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jesingpur
1723 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jhejhudi
1724 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jumsar
1725 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Jumsar (Chhapra)
1726 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kadvath
1727 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kagda Mahuda
1728 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kaleka
1729 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kalyanpur
1730 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Karanpur
1731 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Karchha
1732 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Khalvad
1733 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Khari
1734 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kheradi
1735 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kherancha
1736 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda kheroj
1737 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Khiloda
1738 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Khodamba
1739 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Khumapur
1740 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kishangadh
1741 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kundol (Dahgamda)
1742 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kundol (Pal)
1743 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Kuski
1744 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Lakshmanpura
1745 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Lalpur
1746 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Lilchha
1747 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Lokhan
1748 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Lusadiya
1749 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Malasa
1750 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Malekpur
1751 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Mandhari
1752 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Mankroda
1753 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Math Bolundra
1754 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Mau (Navalpur)
1755 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Meravada
1756 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Meru (Bhetali)
1757 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Mota Kanthariya
1758 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Mota Samera
1759 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Moti Bebar
1760 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Munai
1761 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Nana Kanthariya
1762 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Nana Samera
1763 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Nandoj
1764 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Napda (Jagiri)
1765 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Napda (Khalsa)
1766 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Naranpur
1767 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Narsoli
1768 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Nava Bhetali
1769 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Nava Venpur
1770 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ode
1771 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Odha Pada
1772 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Padardi
1773 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Pahada
1774 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Pahadiya
1775 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Palla
1776 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Panch Mahudi
1777 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Patiyakuva
1778 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Raisingpur
1779 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ramera
1780 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rampur
1781 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rampuri
1782 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rampur (Moti)
1783 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rangpur
1784 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ravtavada
1785 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Raypur
1786 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rintoda
1787 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rudardi
1788 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Rudral
1789 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Samran
1790 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Sarkilimdi
1791 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Shamalaji
1792 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Shamalpur
1793 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Shobhayada (Jagiri)
1794 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Siladri
1795 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Silasan
1796 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Sodpur
1797 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Sonasan
1798 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Sunokh
1799 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Sunsar
1800 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Takatuka
1801 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Thuravas
1802 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Torda (Jetpur)
1803 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Ubsal
1804 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vagheshvari
1805 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vaghpur
1806 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vagodar
1807 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vajapur
1808 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vajapur (Kherancha)
1809 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vaktapur
1810 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vandiyol
1811 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vankaner
1812 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vanka Timba
1813 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vansera
1814 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vansli
1815 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vanzar
1816 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vasai
1817 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vasaya
1818 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Vejpur
1819 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Venpur
1820 ARAVALLI Modasa Bhiloda Virpur
1821 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Agatiya
1822 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Ambaliya
1823 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Ambava
1824 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Andhari Vadi
1825 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Aniyor
1826 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Ankaliya
1827 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Bamni
1828 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Bhempoda
1829 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Bhempur
1830 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Bhuka Kutari
1831 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Bhutan
1832 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Boradiya
1833 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Butiya
1834 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Choriwad
1835 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Chumfari
1836 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Dabaran
1837 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Damorna Muvada
1838 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Devdanti
1839 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Dhirakhantna Muvada
1840 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Dholeshvar
1841 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Dodiya
1842 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Fagodiya
1843 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Fansarel
1844 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Gajan
1845 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Galiya Danti
1846 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Godh
1847 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Gopalpur
1848 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Goriya
1849 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Govindpur
1850 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Hamirpur
1851 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Harbaina Pahadiya
1852 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Hathikhantna Muvada
1853 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Helodar
1854 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Jalamkhantna Muvada
1855 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Jalampur
1856 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Jesingpur
1857 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Jesvadi
1858 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Jitpur
1859 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Juna Takhatpur
1860 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kanela
1861 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kasvada
1862 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Katkuva
1863 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kaveriya
1864 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Khalikpur
1865 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Khetavada
1866 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kidiad
1867 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kothi
1868 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Kothiya
1869 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Koyaliya
1870 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Laljina Pahadiya
1871 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Lalpur
1872 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Lodhiyana Pahadiya
1873 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Magodi
1874 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Mahiyapur
1875 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Maljina Pahadiya
1876 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Malpur (CT)
1877 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Mangalpur
1878 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Manvav
1879 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Masadara
1880 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Mathvas
1881 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Medi Timba
1882 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Mevda
1883 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Molli
1884 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Nanavada
1885 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Nathavas
1886 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Nava
1887 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Navagam
1888 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Nava Takhatpur
1889 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Odha
1890 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Pahadiya
1891 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Panavada
1892 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Parpotiya
1893 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Parsoda
1894 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Pateliyana Muvada
1895 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Piprana
1896 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Punjarani Muvadi
1897 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Rambhoda
1898 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Rampur
1899 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Rasapur
1900 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Rinchhvad
1901 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Rugnathpur
1902 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Sakhwaniya
1903 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Sardarkhantni Muvadi
1904 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Satarda
1905 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Sompur
1906 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Sonariya
1907 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Sonikpur
1908 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Surajpur
1909 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Surana Pahadiya
1910 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Suvarchar
1911 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Tiski
1912 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Trikampur
1913 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Tunadar
1914 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Ubhran
1915 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Valinathna Muvada
1916 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Vankaneda
1917 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Vavdi
1918 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Vavdibara
1919 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Velaniya
1920 ARAVALLI Modasa Malpur Viraniya
1921 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Adepur
1922 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Adhodiya
1923 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Antoli
1924 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Badartralna (Chhapra)
1925 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Banthivada (Ajuhirola)
1926 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Banthivada Jemana
1927 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Banthivada Lalakumpa
1928 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Baskadanti
1929 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Behdaj
1930 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Belyo
1931 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Bhatkota
1932 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Bhemapur
1933 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Bhunjri
1934 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Bhutiya
1935 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Bhuval
1936 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Brahman Kotda
1937 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Chhikari
1938 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Chhitadara
1939 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dachka
1940 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Damorna Dhundha
1941 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dhandhiya
1942 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dhanivada
1943 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dharola
1944 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dhemda
1945 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dhenkva
1946 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dhundhera
1947 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Dungragod
1948 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Futa
1949 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Gay Vachhda
1950 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Ged
1951 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Ghorvada
1952 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Godha
1953 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Godhavada
1954 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Gokchuvan
1955 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Gopavada
1956 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Hiratimba
1957 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Intva
1958 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Iploda
1959 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Isari
1960 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Jalampur
1961 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Jamgadh
1962 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Jashvantpura
1963 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Jitpur
1964 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Jivanpur
1965 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kadvada
1966 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kadvadi
1967 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kaliya Kuva
1968 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kamroda
1969 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kantalu
1970 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Karanpur
1971 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kasana
1972 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Khakhariya
1973 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Khandivav
1974 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kherai
1975 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Khokhariya
1976 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kolundra
1977 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Krushnapur
1978 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kumbhera
1979 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Kunol
1980 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Lakhapur
1981 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Lakhipur
1982 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Lalodiya
1983 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Lalpur
1984 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Limbhoi
1985 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Limbodara(Dhundha)
1986 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Limbodara (Ramgadhi)
1987 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Mahudi
1988 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Manda
1989 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Meghraj (CT)
1990 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Mota Math
1991 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Moti Mori
1992 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Moti Moydi
1993 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Moti Panduli
1994 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Mudshi
1995 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Munshivada
1996 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Nani Moydi
1997 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Nani Panduli
1998 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Naranpur
1999 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Navagam (Isari)
2000 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Navagam (Kasana)
2001 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Nesda
2002 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Odha (Kasana)
2003 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Odha (Panibar)
2004 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Pahadiya (Meghraj)
2005 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Pahadiya (Panchal)
2006 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Palla (Bhemapur)
2007 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Palla Kasana
2008 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Panchal
2009 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Panibar
2010 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Patelna Chhapra
2011 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Patelna Dhundha
2012 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Pisal
2013 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Pruthvipura
2014 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Punjapur
2015 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rajpur (Isari)
2016 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rajpur (Ramgadhi)
2017 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rakhapur
2018 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Ramgadhi
2019 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Ranjedi
2020 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rayavada
2021 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rellavada
2022 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Relyo
2023 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Rola
2024 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Royaniya
2025 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Sangal
2026 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Sarangpur
2027 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Satipura
2028 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Sendaryo
2029 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Sisodara (Adepur)
2030 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Sisodara (Megharaj)
2031 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Surdevi
2032 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Tarakvada
2033 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Tarakvadia
2034 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Tumbaliya
2035 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Ukardi
2036 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Undva
2037 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vaghpur
2038 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vagora
2039 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vaidi
2040 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vaiya
2041 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Valuna
2042 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vaniyavada
2043 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vank
2044 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vanka Timba
2045 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Varthali
2046 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vasai
2047 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Vasna
2048 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Zarda
2049 ARAVALLI Modasa Meghraj Zeriyawada
2050 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Alampur
2051 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Amlai
2052 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Andapur
2053 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Badodara
2054 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bajkot
2055 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bamanvad
2056 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bayal
2057 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bhachadiya
2058 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bhatkota
2059 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bherunda
2060 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bhilkuva
2061 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bodi
2062 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bolundra
2063 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Bordi
2064 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Charanvada
2065 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dadhaliya
2066 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dariyapur
2067 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Davli
2068 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dhankhrol
2069 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dholiya (Nana - Mota)
2070 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dholvani
2071 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dhunavada
2072 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dolpur (Sinavad)
2073 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Dungarvada
2074 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Fareri
2075 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Futa
2076 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Gadha
2077 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Gadhada
2078 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Gajan
2079 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Galsundra
2080 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Ganeshpur
2081 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Garudi
2082 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Gokharva
2083 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Hafsabad
2084 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Hathipura
2085 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Isrol (Moti)
2086 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Isrol (Nani)
2087 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Itadi
2088 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Jamana Chhapra
2089 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Jambusar
2090 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Jitpur (Dadhaliya)
2091 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Jitpur (Mahadevgram)
2092 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Jivanpur
2093 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Juna Vadvasa
2094 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Kau
2095 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Khadoda
2096 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Khalikpur
2097 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Khambhisar
2098 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Khumapur
2099 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Kishorpura
2100 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Kokapur
2101 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Kolikhad
2102 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Kudol
2103 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Lachchhai
2104 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Lalpur (Sardoi)
2105 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Limbhoi
2106 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Madasana
2107 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Madhupur
2108 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Mahadevgram
2109 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Malvan (Keshapur)
2110 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Math
2111 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Mathasuliya
2112 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Medhasan
2113 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Modarsumba
2114 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Mora
2115 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Moti Chichano
2116 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Motipur
2117 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Muloj
2118 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Munshivada
2119 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Nandisan
2120 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Nani Chichano
2121 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Nava Vadvasa
2122 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Padar
2123 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Pahadpur
2124 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Palanpur
2125 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Paliyapur
2126 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Rajli
2127 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Rakhiyal
2128 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Rampur (Gadhada)
2129 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Rampur (Sinavad)
2130 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Rasulpur
2131 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sabalpur
2132 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sajapur
2133 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sakariya
2134 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Salampur
2135 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sardoi
2136 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sarurpur
2137 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sayra
2138 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Shampur
2139 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sinavad
2140 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Sitpur
2141 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Surpur
2142 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Tintisar
2143 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Tintoi
2144 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Umedpur (Bolundra)
2145 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Umedpur (Dadhaliya)
2146 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vaghediya
2147 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vallavanta
2148 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vaniyad
2149 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vanta
2150 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vantada (Bolundra)
2151 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Vantada (Medhasan)
2152 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Varthu
2153 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Volva
2154 ARAVALLI Modasa Modasa Zhalodar
2155 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ajapur Mota
2156 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ajapur Vanka
2157 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ambapani
2158 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Amirgadh
2159 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Awal
2160 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Awala (Arniwada)
2161 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Balundra
2162 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Bantawada
2163 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Bhamariya
2164 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Bhayla
2165 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Chikanvas
2166 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dabhchatra
2167 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dabhela
2168 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dabheli
2169 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Deri
2170 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dhanpura
2171 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dhanpura (Dholiya)
2172 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dholia
2173 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Dungarpura
2174 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Gadhada
2175 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ganji
2176 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Gavara
2177 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ghanghu
2178 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ghanta
2179 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Ghoda
2180 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Iqbalgadh
2181 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Isvani
2182 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Jethi
2183 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Jorapura (Amirgadh)
2184 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Juni Roh
2185 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Juni Roh Sarotri
2186 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kakwada
2187 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kali Mati
2188 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kanpura
2189 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kansaravid
2190 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kapasiya
2191 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Karaza
2192 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Karmadi
2193 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kengora
2194 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khajuriya
2195 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khapa
2196 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khapara
2197 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khara
2198 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khari
2199 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khemarajiya
2200 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Khuniya
2201 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Kidotar
2202 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Laxmipura (Amirgadh)
2203 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Mandaliya
2204 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Manpuriya
2205 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Nichlo Bandh
2206 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Pedcholi
2207 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Rabaran
2208 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Rabariya
2209 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Rajpuriya
2210 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Rampura (Vadla)
2211 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Sarotra
2212 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Savaniya
2213 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Sonwadi
2214 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Surela
2215 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Tadholi
2216 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Umarkot
2217 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Uplo Bandh
2218 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Vagdadi
2219 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Vaghoriya
2220 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Vera
2221 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Virampur
2222 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Zaba
2223 Banas Kantha Danta Amirgadh Zanzarvav
2224 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Abhapura
2225 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Aderan (Danta)
2226 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Aderan (Mankadi)
2227 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Amarpura
2228 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ambaghanta
2229 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ambaji (CT)
2230 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Amblimal
2231 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Amloi
2232 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Balvantpura
2233 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bamaniya
2234 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bamnoj
2235 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Banodara
2236 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Barvas
2237 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Beda
2238 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bedapani
2239 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Begadiyavas
2240 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bhachadiya
2241 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bhadramal
2242 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bhankhri
2243 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bhanpur
2244 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bhavangadh
2245 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Bordiyala
2246 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chhota Bamodara
2247 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chhota Pipodara
2248 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chikhla
2249 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chokibor
2250 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chorasan
2251 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Chori
2252 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dabhchatra
2253 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dalpura
2254 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Danta
2255 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dericharda
2256 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Devaliyavali Vav
2257 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhabani Vav
2258 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhagadiya
2259 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhamanva
2260 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhareda
2261 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhrangivas
2262 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Dhunali
2263 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Divdi
2264 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Gadh (Danta)
2265 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Gadh (Mahudi)
2266 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Gajipur
2267 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ganapipli
2268 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ganchhera
2269 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Gangva
2270 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ghantodi
2271 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ghodatankani
2272 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ghorad
2273 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Godhani
2274 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Gothada
2275 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Guda
2276 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Hadad
2277 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Harigadh
2278 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Harivav
2279 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Hathi Pagala
2280 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Hedo
2281 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jagatapura
2282 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jalana
2283 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jambera
2284 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jamru
2285 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jasvantgadh
2286 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jasvantpura (Danta)
2287 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jasvantpura (Hadad)
2288 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jasvapura (Mankdi)
2289 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Javara
2290 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jetvas
2291 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jharivav
2292 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jhumfali
2293 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jitpur
2294 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jodhsar
2295 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Jorapura
2296 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kanabiyavas
2297 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kanagar
2298 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kansa
2299 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kantivas
2300 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Karanpur
2301 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kengora
2302 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kesarpura
2303 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khaivad
2304 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khandhora
2305 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khantani Magari
2306 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khatal
2307 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kherani Umbari
2308 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khermal
2309 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kheroj
2310 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khokhar Bili
2311 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Khokhariyavas
2312 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kodaravi Ranpur
2313 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Koteshvar
2314 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Koylapur
2315 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kukadi
2316 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kumbhariya
2317 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kundel
2318 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Kunvarsi
2319 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Lotol
2320 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Machakoda
2321 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Madhusudanpura
2322 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Magvas
2323 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mahobatgadh (Danta)
2324 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mahobatgadh (Hadad)
2325 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mahuda
2326 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mahudi
2327 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mal
2328 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Manchhla
2329 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mandali
2330 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mankanchampa
2331 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mankdi
2332 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Manpur (Ghorad)
2333 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Manpur (Pethapur)
2334 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Miranvas
2335 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mor Dungara
2336 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mota Bamodara
2337 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Mota Pipodara
2338 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Motasada
2339 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Motipura
2340 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Nagel
2341 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Naivada
2342 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Nanasada
2343 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Nani Tudiya
2344 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Nargadh
2345 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Navaniya
2346 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Navanu Padar
2347 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Navavas (Danta)
2348 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Navovas (Hadad)
2349 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Padaliya
2350 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Panchha
2351 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Paniyari
2352 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Panudara
2353 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pasiya
2354 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pataliya
2355 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pethapur
2356 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pipalavali Vav
2357 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pith (Navanagar)
2358 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Pruthvirajgadh
2359 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Punjpur
2360 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Raghpur
2361 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Rangpur
2362 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ranika
2363 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Rani Umbari
2364 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ranol
2365 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ranpur
2366 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ratanpur
2367 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Rayaniya
2368 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Rinchhadi
2369 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Ruppura
2370 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Rupvas
2371 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Samaiya
2372 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sanali
2373 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sandhosi
2374 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Santpur
2375 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sarakala
2376 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sarhad Chhapri
2377 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Savaipura
2378 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sembal
2379 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sembaliya
2380 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sembalpani
2381 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Senkda
2382 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Siyavada
2383 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Solsanda
2384 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Sultanpur
2385 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Taleti
2386 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Tarangda
2387 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Tekari
2388 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Thalvada
2389 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Thana
2390 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Toda
2391 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Toraniya
2392 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Udavas
2393 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Umbara
2394 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Umedpura
2395 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Unodara
2396 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vadnal
2397 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vadusan
2398 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vadvera
2399 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vagada Kyari
2400 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vaghdacha
2401 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vajasana
2402 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vasi
2403 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vekari
2404 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Velvada
2405 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Vijalasan
2406 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Viramveri
2407 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Virpur(Hadad)
2408 Banas Kantha Danta Danta Virpur (Lotol)
2409 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Akoli
2410 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Arkhi
2411 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Atal
2412 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhadali (Zat)
2413 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhadli Kotha
2414 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhakhar Moti
2415 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhakhar Nani
2416 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhakodar
2417 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhandotra
2418 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhilachal
2419 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Bhilada
2420 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Chodungri
2421 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Dangiya
2422 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Dantiwada
2423 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Deri
2424 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Dhaneri
2425 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Dhaniyawada
2426 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Fatepura (Dhanawada)
2427 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Gangudara
2428 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Ganguwada
2429 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Ganodara
2430 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Godh
2431 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Gundari
2432 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Hariyawada
2433 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Jegol
2434 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Jorapura Bhadli
2435 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Jorapura (Lodpa)
2436 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Kotda (Jegol)
2437 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Lakhanasar
2438 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Lodpa
2439 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Mahudi Moti
2440 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Mahudi Nani
2441 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Malpuriya
2442 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Marwada
2443 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Nandotra (Brahmanvas)
2444 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Nandotra (Thakorvas)
2445 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Nilpur
2446 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Odhava
2447 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Panswal
2448 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Panthawada
2449 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Rajkot
2450 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Rampura Mahudi
2451 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Rampura (Panswal)
2452 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Ramsida (Chhapra)
2453 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Ranol
2454 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Ratanpur
2455 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Santarwada
2456 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Satsan
2457 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Shergadh Odhava
2458 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Sikariya
2459 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Talenagar
2460 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Vadvas
2461 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Vaghrol
2462 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Vagor
2463 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Vavdhara
2464 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Velavas
2465 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dantiwada Zat
2466 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Aeta
2467 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Alwada
2468 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Anapur Chhota
2469 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Anapurgadh
2470 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Asiya
2471 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Bapla
2472 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Bhajna
2473 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Bhatib
2474 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Bhatram
2475 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Charda
2476 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Chhindivadi
2477 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dedha
2478 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dhakha
2479 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dhanpura (Kheda)
2480 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dharnodhar
2481 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dugdol Moti
2482 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Dugdol Nani
2483 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Edal
2484 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Fatepura (Malotra)
2485 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Gola
2486 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Hadta
2487 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Jadi
2488 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Jadiya
2489 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Janali
2490 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Jiwana
2491 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Jorapura (Dhakha)
2492 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Karadhani
2493 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Khangan
2494 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Khaprol
2495 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Khimat
2496 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Kotda (Dhakha)
2497 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Kotda (Raviya)
2498 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Kumar
2499 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Kundi
2500 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Kunwarla
2501 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Lawara
2502 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Lelava
2503 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Magarawa
2504 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Malotra
2505 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Mandal
2506 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Mewada
2507 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Mota Meda
2508 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Nana Meda
2509 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Nanuda
2510 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Negala
2511 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Nenava
2512 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Pengiya
2513 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Rajoda
2514 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Rampura Chhota
2515 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Rampura Mota
2516 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Rampura (Vaghpura)
2517 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Ramuna
2518 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Ravi
2519 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Raviya
2520 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Runi
2521 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Sabawadi
2522 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Samalwada
2523 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Sankad
2524 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Saral
2525 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Sera
2526 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Shergadh (Jadiya)
2527 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Silasana
2528 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Siya
2529 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Sodal
2530 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Sotwada
2531 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Talegadh
2532 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Thawar
2533 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vachhdal
2534 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vachhol
2535 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vaktapura
2536 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Valer
2537 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vasan
2538 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vasda
2539 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Vinchhivadi
2540 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Virol
2541 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Voda
2542 Banas Kantha Dhanera Dhanera Yavarpura
2543 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Agdol
2544 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Akhol Moti
2545 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Akhol Nani
2546 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Aseda
2547 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Baiwada
2548 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Balodhar
2549 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhachalva
2550 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhadath
2551 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhadra
2552 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhadramali
2553 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhildi
2554 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bhoyan
2555 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bodal
2556 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Bural
2557 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Chandaji Golia
2558 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Chatrala
2559 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Chhatrala
2560 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Chora
2561 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dama
2562 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dasanavas
2563 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Davas
2564 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dedol
2565 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dhanavada
2566 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dhanpura
2567 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dharisana
2568 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dharpada
2569 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dhedhal
2570 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Dhuva
2571 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Fagudra
2572 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Fatepura
2573 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Genaji rabari Golia
2574 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ghada
2575 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Gharnal Moti
2576 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Gharnal Nani
2577 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Gugal
2578 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Javal
2579 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Jhabadiya
2580 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Jherda
2581 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Jorapura
2582 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Juna Deesa
2583 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kanajhara
2584 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kant
2585 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kasari
2586 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Khadosan
2587 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Khentva
2588 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kochasana
2589 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kotha
2590 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kuchavada
2591 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kumpat
2592 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Kunvara Padar
2593 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Latiya
2594 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Laxmipura
2595 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Lorvada
2596 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Lunpur
2597 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Mahadeviya
2598 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Malgadh
2599 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Manekpura
2600 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Meda
2601 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Morthal Golia
2602 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Mudetha
2603 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Nagafana
2604 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Nava
2605 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Nava Bhildi (CT)
2606 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Nesda Juna
2607 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Nesda Nava
2608 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Odhava
2609 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Paldi
2610 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Pamaru
2611 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Pechhdal
2612 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Rampura
2613 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ramsan
2614 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ramun
2615 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ramvas
2616 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ranpur Athamno Vas
2617 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ranpur Ugamno Vas
2618 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ranpur Vachlovas
2619 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Rasana Mota
2620 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Rasana Nana
2621 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Ratanpura
2622 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Robas Moti
2623 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Robas Nani
2624 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sadarpur
2625 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Samau Motavas
2626 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Samau Nanavas
2627 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sanath
2628 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sandiya
2629 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sarat
2630 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Saviyana
2631 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Shamsherpura
2632 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sherganj
2633 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sherpura
2634 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sodapur
2635 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sotambla
2636 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Soyla
2637 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Sunthiya
2638 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Talegadh
2639 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Taleganj
2640 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Talepura
2641 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Tetoda
2642 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Thervada
2643 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vadaval
2644 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vadli Farm
2645 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vahara
2646 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Varan
2647 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Varnoda
2648 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vasada
2649 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vasna (Juna Deesa)
2650 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Velavapura
2651 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Viruna
2652 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Viruvada
2653 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Vithodar
2654 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Yavarganj
2655 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Yavarpura
2656 Banas Kantha Disa Deesa Zenal
2657 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Adhgam
2658 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Akoli Maharajvas
2659 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Akoli Thakorvas
2660 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Amarnesda
2661 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Amblivas
2662 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Amblun
2663 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Anandpura
2664 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Anganwada
2665 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Arduvada
2666 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Arniwada
2667 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Balochpura
2668 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Bhadrevadi
2669 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Bhalgam
2670 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Bhavnagar
2671 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Bukoli
2672 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Changa
2673 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Chekhala
2674 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Chembla
2675 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Chimangadh
2676 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Devdarbar
2677 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Devpura
2678 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Dhanera
2679 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Dudasan
2680 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Dugrasan
2681 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Fategadh
2682 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Fatepura
2683 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Gothada
2684 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Gunthawada(Dalpatpura)
2685 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Indramana
2686 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Isarva
2687 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Jakhel
2688 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Jaliya
2689 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Jamana Padar
2690 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Jotada
2691 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kakar
2692 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kamboi
2693 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kantheriya
2694 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Karsanpura
2695 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kasalpura
2696 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kasara
2697 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kashipura
2698 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Katediya
2699 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khariya
2700 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khasa
2701 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khengarpura
2702 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khimana(Palodar Na Vas)
2703 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khoda
2704 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Khodla
2705 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kudva
2706 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Kunvarava
2707 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Laxmipura
2708 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Maidkol
2709 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Mandala
2710 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Mangalpura Nagot
2711 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Manpura (Un)
2712 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Manpur (Shihori)
2713 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Mota Jampur
2714 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nagot
2715 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nana Jampur
2716 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nanota
2717 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nasaratpura
2718 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nathpura
2719 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nava
2720 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nekariya
2721 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Nekoi
2722 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Odha
2723 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Padar
2724 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Padardi
2725 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Rajpur
2726 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ranakpur
2727 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ranawada (Jagiri)
2728 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ranawada (Khalsa)
2729 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Raner
2730 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ratangadh
2731 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ratanpura (Shihori)
2732 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ratanpura (Un)
2733 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Raviyana
2734 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Runi
2735 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ruppura
2736 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ruvel
2737 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Sadujivas
2738 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Samanva
2739 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Savpura
2740 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Shihori
2741 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Shirwada
2742 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Shiya
2743 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Sohanpura
2744 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Sudrosan
2745 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Tana
2746 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Tatiyana
2747 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Tervada
2748 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Thali
2749 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Totana
2750 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Ucharpi
2751 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Umbri
2752 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Un
2753 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Vada
2754 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Valpura
2755 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Varasada
2756 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Vibhanesda
2757 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Vithlod
2758 Banas Kantha Disa Kankrej Zalmor
2759 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Bhadkasar
2760 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Bhagwanpura
2761 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Bhesana
2762 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Boda
2763 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Chagwada
2764 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Chamanpura
2765 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Chibhda
2766 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Daua
2767 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Delwada
2768 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Deodar (CT)
2769 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Dhanakwada
2770 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Dhrandav
2771 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Dhrandvada
2772 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Dhunsol
2773 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Duchakwada
2774 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Forna
2775 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Gangol
2776 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Goda
2777 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Golvi
2778 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Golvo
2779 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Jada
2780 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Jalodha
2781 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Jasali
2782 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Khanodar
2783 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Kotarwada
2784 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Kotda Deodar
2785 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Kotda Forna
2786 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Kunvarva
2787 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Kunvata
2788 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Liladhar
2789 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Ludara
2790 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Makdala
2791 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Makhanu
2792 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Manpura Dhunsol
2793 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Manpura Jalodha
2794 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Mesra
2795 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Mojru Juna
2796 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Mojru Nava
2797 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Mulakpur
2798 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Narana
2799 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Nava
2800 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Navapura
2801 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Nokha
2802 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Odha
2803 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Ogadpura
2804 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Paldi
2805 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Raiya
2806 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Rampura
2807 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Rantila
2808 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Ravel
2809 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Salpura
2810 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Samla Vadana
2811 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sanadar
2812 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sanav
2813 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sardarpura (Jasali)
2814 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sardarpura (Ravel)
2815 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sesan Juna
2816 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Sesan Nava
2817 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Soni
2818 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Surana
2819 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Vadiya
2820 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Vajegadh
2821 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Vakha
2822 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Vatam Juna
2823 Banas Kantha Diyodar Deodar Vatam Nava
2824 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Achhavadiya
2825 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Agthala
2826 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Asasan
2827 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Bhakadiyal
2828 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Bhimgadh
2829 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Chalva
2830 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Chekra
2831 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Chitroda
2832 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Deka
2833 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dera
2834 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Detal Darbari
2835 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Detal Duva
2836 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Devsari
2837 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dharanva
2838 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dhroba
2839 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dhunsol
2840 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dodana
2841 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Dodiya
2842 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Gamdi
2843 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Ganata
2844 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Gela
2845 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Ghana
2846 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Godha
2847 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Jadiyali
2848 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Jasara
2849 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Jhakol
2850 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kamoda
2851 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kamodi
2852 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Katarva
2853 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kherola
2854 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kotda
2855 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kuda
2856 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Kuwana
2857 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Lakhani
2858 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Lalpur
2859 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Lavana
2860 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Lembau
2861 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Madal
2862 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Manaki
2863 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Matu
2864 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Moral
2865 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Mota Kapra
2866 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Nana Kapra
2867 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Nandla
2868 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Nani
2869 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Peparal
2870 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Peplu
2871 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Shergadh
2872 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Taruwa
2873 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Vakvada
2874 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Vasna (Kuda)
2875 Banas Kantha Diyodar Lakhani Vasna (Vatam)
2876 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Akedi
2877 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Akesan
2878 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Aligadh
2879 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ambaliyal
2880 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ambetha
2881 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Angola
2882 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Antroli
2883 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Asmapura (Gola)
2884 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Asmapura (Karjoda)
2885 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Badargadh
2886 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Badarpura (Bhutedi)
2887 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Badarpura (Kalusana)
2888 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Badarpura (Khodla)
2889 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhagal (Jagana) (CT)
2890 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhagal (Pipli)
2891 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhatamal Moti
2892 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhatamal Nani
2893 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhatwadi
2894 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhavisana
2895 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Bhutedi
2896 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Chadotar
2897 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Chandisar
2898 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Chekhala
2899 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Chitrasani
2900 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Dalwada
2901 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Delwada
2902 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Dhandha
2903 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Dhaniyana
2904 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Dhelana
2905 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Esbipura
2906 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Fatepur
2907 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Gadh
2908 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Galwada
2909 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Gathaman
2910 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Godh
2911 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Gola
2912 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Gopalpura
2913 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Hasanpur
2914 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Hathidra
2915 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Hebatpur
2916 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Hoda
2917 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Jadial
2918 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Jagana
2919 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Jasleni
2920 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Jaspuriya
2921 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Jorapura Bhakhar
2922 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Juvol
2923 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kamalpur
2924 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kanodar (CT)
2925 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Karjoda
2926 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kharodiya
2927 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Khasa
2928 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Khemana
2929 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Khodla
2930 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kotda (Bhakhar)
2931 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kotda (Chand Gadh)
2932 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kumbhalmer
2933 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kumbhasan
2934 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kumpar
2935 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Kushakal
2936 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Lalawada
2937 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Laxmanpura
2938 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Lunwa
2939 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Madana (Dangiya)
2940 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Madana (Gadh)
2941 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Malan
2942 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Malana
2943 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Malpuriya
2944 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Manaka
2945 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Manpur (Karjoda)
2946 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Merwada (Mahajan)
2947 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Merwada (Ratanpur)
2948 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Moriya
2949 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Mota
2950 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Nalasar
2951 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Pakhanwa
2952 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Parpada
2953 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Patosan
2954 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Pedagara
2955 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Pipli
2956 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Pirojpura(Tankani)
2957 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Rajpur (Pakhanva)
2958 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Rampura (Karaza)
2959 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ranawas
2960 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ranpuriya
2961 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ratanpur
2962 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ruppura
2963 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sadarpur
2964 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sagrosana
2965 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Salempura
2966 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Salla
2967 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sambarda
2968 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Samdhi (Motavas)
2969 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Samdhi (Nadhanivas)
2970 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Samdhi Ranajivas
2971 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sangla
2972 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sangra
2973 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Saripada
2974 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sasam
2975 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sedrasana
2976 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Semodra
2977 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Songadh
2978 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Sundha
2979 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Surajpura (Khe)
2980 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Takarwada
2981 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Talepura (Madana)
2982 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Tokariya
2983 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Ukarda
2984 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vadhana
2985 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vagda
2986 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Varwadia
2987 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vasan
2988 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vasani
2989 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vasda (Fatepur)
2990 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vasda (Mujpur)
2991 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vasna (Jagana)
2992 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Vedancha
2993 Banas Kantha Palanpur Palanpur Virpur
2994 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Amadpura (Ghodiyal)
2995 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Amadpura (Mumanvas)
2996 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Amirpura
2997 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Andhariya
2998 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Badarpura
2999 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Basu
3000 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bavalchudi
3001 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bhakhari
3002 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bhalgam
3003 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bhangrodiya
3004 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bharkawada
3005 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bharod
3006 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bhatvas
3007 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Bhukhla
3008 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Changa
3009 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Changwada
3010 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Chhaniyana
3011 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Chhapi (CT)
3012 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Chitroda
3013 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dalvana
3014 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dhanali
3015 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dhanpura
3016 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dharewada
3017 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dhori
3018 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Dhota
3019 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Edrana
3020 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Fategadh
3021 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Ghodiyal
3022 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Gidasan Moti
3023 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Gidasan Nani
3024 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Hadmatiya
3025 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Harde Vasana
3026 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Hasanpur
3027 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Hatavad
3028 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam (i)Palanpur (Rural) (Laxmipura) (OG)
3029 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Iqbalgadh
3030 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Iqbalpura
3031 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Islampura
3032 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Jalotra
3033 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Joita
3034 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Juni Nagari
3035 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Juni Sendhani
3036 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kabirpura
3037 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kaleda
3038 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kamalpura
3039 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Karasanpura
3040 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Karnala
3041 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kodarali
3042 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kodaram
3043 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Kotadi
3044 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Limboi
3045 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Magarwada
3046 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Mahi
3047 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Majadar
3048 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Majatpur
3049 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Malosana
3050 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Manpura
3051 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Megal
3052 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Mejarpura
3053 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Memadpur
3054 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Mepada
3055 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Meta
3056 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Mokeshvar
3057 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Moriya
3058 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Moteta
3059 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Motipura
3060 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Mumanvas
3061 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nagana
3062 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nagarpura
3063 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nalasar
3064 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nandotra
3065 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nanosana
3066 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Navi Nagari
3067 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Navisana
3068 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Navi Sendhani
3069 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Navo Vas
3070 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Nizampura
3071 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Paldi
3072 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Panchada
3073 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pandva
3074 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Parkhadi
3075 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pasvadal
3076 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pavthi
3077 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pepol
3078 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pilucha
3079 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Pirojpura
3080 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Rajosana
3081 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Rupal
3082 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sabalpura
3083 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sakalana
3084 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Salemkot
3085 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Samsherpura
3086 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sardarpura
3087 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sherpura (Majadar)
3088 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sherpura (Sembhar)
3089 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sisrana
3090 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Sukhpura
3091 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Tajpura
3092 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Teniwada
3093 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Thalwada
3094 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Thuvar
3095 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Timbachudi
3096 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Umrecha
3097 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Vadgam
3098 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Vagadadi
3099 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Vansol
3100 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Varasada
3101 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Varnawada
3102 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Varvadiya
3103 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Vasana (Sembhar)
3104 Banas Kantha Palanpur Vadgam Vesa
3105 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Abala
3106 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Abasana
3107 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Asana
3108 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Balodhan
3109 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Barvala
3110 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Beda
3111 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Bhem Bordi
3112 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Bhodaliya
3113 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Buretha
3114 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Chachasana
3115 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Chaladara
3116 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Chatara
3117 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Chembuva
3118 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Chichodara
3119 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Devkapdi
3120 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Dhenkwadi
3121 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Gangun
3122 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Gosan
3123 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Harkudiya
3124 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Indarva Juna
3125 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Indarva Nava
3126 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Jasanwada
3127 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Jorvada
3128 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Kaprupur
3129 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Karela
3130 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Khadosan
3131 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Khara
3132 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Khari Paldi
3133 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Kuvala
3134 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Lunsela
3135 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Manpura Bhabhar
3136 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Mera
3137 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Mespura
3138 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Mitha
3139 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Moti Sari
3140 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Nesda
3141 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Radakiya
3142 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Roita
3143 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Runi
3144 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Sanesda
3145 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Sanva
3146 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Suthar Nesdi
3147 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Tanvad
3148 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Tetarva
3149 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Ujjanwada
3150 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Undai
3151 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Vadana
3152 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Vadpag
3153 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Vajapur Juna
3154 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Vajapur Nava
3155 Banas Kantha Suigam Bhabhar Vavdi
3156 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Benap
3157 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Bharadava
3158 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Bhatasana
3159 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Boru
3160 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Chala
3161 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dabhi
3162 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dhanana
3163 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dhrechana
3164 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dudhva
3165 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dudosan
3166 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Dungala
3167 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Garambadi
3168 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Golap
3169 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Harsad
3170 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Jaloya
3171 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Jelana
3172 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Jorawargadh
3173 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Kanothi
3174 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Katav
3175 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Khadol
3176 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Koreti
3177 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Kumbharkha
3178 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Limbala
3179 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Limbuni
3180 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Madhpura
3181 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Mamana
3182 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Masali
3183 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Morwada
3184 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Nadabet
3185 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Navapura
3186 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Padan
3187 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Radka
3188 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Radosan
3189 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Rajpura
3190 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Sedav
3191 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Soneth
3192 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Suigam
3193 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Uchosan
3194 Banas Kantha Suigam Suigam Vaghpura
3195 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Abhepura
3196 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ajawada
3197 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Antrol
3198 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Arantva
3199 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Asodar
3200 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Betaliya
3201 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bevata
3202 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhachar
3203 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhadodar
3204 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhalasara
3205 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhapdi
3206 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhapi
3207 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhardasar
3208 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhimpura
3209 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhordu
3210 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhorol
3211 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Bhuriya
3212 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Budhanpur
3213 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Changada
3214 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Charda
3215 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Chhanasara
3216 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Chotapa
3217 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Chudmer
3218 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dantiya
3219 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dedudi
3220 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Deduva
3221 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Del
3222 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Delankot
3223 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Didarada
3224 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dipda
3225 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dodgam
3226 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dolatpura
3227 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Dudhva
3228 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Duva
3229 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Gadsisar
3230 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Gagana
3231 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ganeshpura
3232 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ghantiyali
3233 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ghesda
3234 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ghodasar
3235 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Hathawada
3236 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Idhata
3237 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Jadara
3238 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Jamda
3239 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Jampur
3240 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Janadi
3241 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Jandla
3242 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Jetda
3243 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kamali
3244 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Karanpura
3245 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Karbun
3246 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Karnasar
3247 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kasavi
3248 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kesargam
3249 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Khanpur
3250 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kharakhoda
3251 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Khengarpura
3252 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Khoda
3253 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Khorda
3254 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kiyal
3255 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kochala
3256 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kothigam
3257 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Kumbhara
3258 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lakhapura
3259 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lendau
3260 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lodhnor
3261 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lorwada
3262 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lunal
3263 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Lunawa
3264 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Luvana (K)
3265 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Mahadevpura
3266 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Mahajanpura
3267 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Malupur
3268 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Mangrol
3269 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Medhala
3270 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Meghpura
3271 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Miyal
3272 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Morila
3273 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Morthal
3274 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Mota Mesara
3275 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Moti Pavad
3276 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Nagala
3277 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Nana Mesara
3278 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Nani Pavad
3279 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Nanol
3280 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Naroli
3281 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Padadar
3282 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Pathamda
3283 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Patiyasara
3284 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Pavadasan
3285 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Pepar
3286 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Piluda
3287 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Pirgadh
3288 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Radka
3289 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Rah
3290 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Rajkot
3291 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Rampura
3292 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ranesari
3293 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ranpur
3294 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Ratanpura
3295 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Saba
3296 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Sanadhar
3297 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Sanavia
3298 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Savarakha
3299 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Savpura
3300 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Sedla
3301 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Sherau
3302 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Sidhotara
3303 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Takhuva
3304 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Terol
3305 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Thara
3306 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Therwada
3307 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Undrana
3308 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Untveliya
3309 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vadgamda
3310 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vaghasan
3311 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vajegadh
3312 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Valadar
3313 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vami
3314 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vantdau
3315 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vara
3316 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Vedala
3317 Banas Kantha Tharad Tharad Zenta
3318 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Achhuva
3319 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Akoli
3320 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Arjanpura
3321 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Asaragam
3322 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Asaravas
3323 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bahisara
3324 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Baiyak
3325 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Baluntri
3326 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Baradvi
3327 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhachali
3328 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhadvel
3329 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhakhari
3330 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhankhod
3331 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhatvargam
3332 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bhatvar Vas
3333 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Bukna
3334 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chandangadh
3335 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chandarva
3336 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chatarpura
3337 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chothar Nesda
3338 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chotil
3339 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Chuva
3340 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Daiyap
3341 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Dendava
3342 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Dethali
3343 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Devpura (Suigam)
3344 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Devpura (Talsari)
3345 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Dharadhara
3346 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Dheriana
3347 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Dhima
3348 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Eta
3349 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Fangadi
3350 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Gambhirpura
3351 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Golgam
3352 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Haripura
3353 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Ishvariya
3354 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Janavada
3355 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Jordiyali
3356 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Kalyanpura
3357 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Kareli
3358 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Khardol
3359 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Khimana Padar
3360 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Khimanavas
3361 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Kolava
3362 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Kumbhardi
3363 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Kundaliya
3364 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Lalpura
3365 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Lodrani
3366 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Madka
3367 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Malsan
3368 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Mavsari
3369 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Meghpura
3370 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Mithavi Charan
3371 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Mithavi Rana
3372 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Morikha
3373 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Motipura
3374 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Nalodar
3375 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav "Nesda (Go)"
3376 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Panesada
3377 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Pratappura
3378 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Rabadi Padar
3379 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Rachhena
3380 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Radha Nesda
3381 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Rampura
3382 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Ravla
3383 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Reluchi
3384 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Sanval
3385 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Sapreda
3386 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Sardarpura
3387 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Savpura
3388 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Tadav
3389 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Takhatpura (Dhima)
3390 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Takhatpura (J)
3391 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Tejpura
3392 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Tithgam
3393 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Tobha
3394 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Uchpa
3395 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Umedpura
3396 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Vajiyasara
3397 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Vasarda
3398 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Vav
3399 Banas Kantha Tharad Vav Vavdi
3400 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Adadara
3401 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Adol
3402 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Alonj
3403 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Amboli
3404 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Amrutpura
3405 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Andada (CT)
3406 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Avadar
3407 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Bakrol
3408 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Bhadi
3409 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Bhadkodara (CT)
3410 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Bharan
3411 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Boidara
3412 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Borbhatha
3413 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Borbhatha Bet
3414 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Chhapra
3415 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Dadhal
3416 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Dhanturiya
3417 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Diva
3418 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Divi
3419 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Gadkhol (CT)
3420 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Hajat
3421 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Haripura
3422 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Jitali
3423 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kansiya
3424 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kanwa
3425 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kapodara
3426 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kararvel
3427 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Karmali
3428 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kharod
3429 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Kosamadi
3430 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Mandvabuzarg
3431 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Matied
3432 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Motali
3433 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Motwan
3434 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Nangal
3435 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Naugama
3436 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Panoli
3437 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Pardi Idris
3438 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Pardi Mokha
3439 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Piludara
3440 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Piprod
3441 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Piraman (Part)
3442 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Pungam
3443 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Ravidra
3444 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Safipura
3445 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sajod
3446 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sakkarpor
3447 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Samor
3448 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sangpor
3449 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sanjali (CT)
3450 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sarangpore (CT)
3451 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sarfuddin
3452 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sarthan
3453 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Sisodara
3454 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Surwadi
3455 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Taria
3456 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Telva
3457 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Uchhali
3458 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Umarwada
3459 Bharuch Ankleshwar Anklesvar Utiyadara
3460 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Alva
3461 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Ambheta
3462 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Amod
3463 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Aniyadara
3464 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Ankalva
3465 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Asarma
3466 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Asta
3467 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Badodara
3468 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Balota
3469 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Bolav
3470 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Chhilodara
3471 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Dantrai
3472 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Dhamrad
3473 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Digas
3474 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Dungra
3475 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Ghodadara
3476 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Hansot
3477 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Ilav
3478 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Jetpor
3479 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Kalam
3480 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Kantiyajal
3481 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Kathodara
3482 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Katpor
3483 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Kharach (CT)
3484 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Kudadara
3485 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Malanpor
3486 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Mangrol
3487 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Mothiya
3488 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Obha
3489 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Pandavai
3490 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Panjroli
3491 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Pardi
3492 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Parvat
3493 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Rayma
3494 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Rohid
3495 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Sahol
3496 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Samli
3497 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Sayan
3498 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Shera
3499 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Sunevkalla
3500 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Sunevkhurd
3501 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Utraj
3502 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Vaghwan
3503 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Valner
3504 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Vamleshwar
3505 Bharuch Ankleshwar Hansot Vansnoli
3506 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Adol
3507 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Amdada
3508 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Amleshwar
3509 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Angareshwar
3510 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Asuria
3511 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bambusar
3512 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bhadbhut
3513 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bharthana
3514 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bholav (CT)
3515 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bhuva
3516 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Borbhatha Bet
3517 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Bori
3518 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Chavaj
3519 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Cholad
3520 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Dabhali
3521 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Dahegam
3522 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Dashan
3523 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Dayadra
3524 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Derol
3525 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Detral
3526 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Eksal
3527 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Ghodi
3528 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Haldar
3529 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Haldarwa
3530 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Hingalla
3531 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Hinglot
3532 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Jhadeshwar (CT)
3533 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Jhanghar
3534 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Jhanor
3535 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kahan
3536 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kamboli
3537 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kanthariya
3538 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Karela
3539 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kargat
3540 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Karjan
3541 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Karmad
3542 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Karmali
3543 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kasad
3544 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kasva
3545 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kavitha
3546 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kelod
3547 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kesrol
3548 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kishnad
3549 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kothi
3550 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kukarwada
3551 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kurala
3552 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Kuvadar
3553 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Luwara
3554 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Mahegam
3555 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Mahudhala
3556 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Maktampur (CT)
3557 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Manad
3558 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Manch
3559 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Mangleshwar
3560 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Manubar
3561 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Nabipur
3562 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Nand
3563 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Nandelav (CT)
3564 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Navetha
3565 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Nikora
3566 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Osara
3567 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Padariya
3568 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Paguthan
3569 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Palej (CT)
3570 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Pariej
3571 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Parkhet
3572 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Pipalia
3573 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Rahadpor
3574 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Samlod
3575 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Sankhvad
3576 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Sarnar
3577 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Segva
3578 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Shahpura
3579 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Sherpura (CT)
3580 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Shuklatirth
3581 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Simalia
3582 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Sindhot
3583 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Sitpon
3584 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Tankariya
3585 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Tavara
3586 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Tham
3587 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Thikaria
3588 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Tralsa
3589 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Tralsi
3590 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Umara
3591 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Umraj
3592 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Uparali
3593 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vadadla
3594 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vadva
3595 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vagusana
3596 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vahalu
3597 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vansi
3598 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Varedia
3599 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Verwada
3600 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch Vesdada
3601 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Akhod
3602 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Aladar
3603 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Aliabet
3604 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Ambhel
3605 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Ambheta
3606 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Ankot
3607 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Aragama
3608 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Atali
3609 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Badalpura
3610 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Bhensali
3611 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Bhersam
3612 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Chanchvel
3613 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Dahej
3614 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Galenda
3615 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Gandhar
3616 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Goladara
3617 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Harinagar
3618 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Jageshwar
3619 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Janiadara
3620 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Jolva
3621 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Juned
3622 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Kadodara
3623 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Kaladara
3624 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Kalam
3625 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Keshwan
3626 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Khadkhandali
3627 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Khojbal
3628 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Koliad
3629 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Kothia
3630 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Lakhigam
3631 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Limdi
3632 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Luvara
3633 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Mosam
3634 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Muler
3635 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Nadarkha
3636 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Nandida
3637 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Narnavi
3638 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Ochchhan
3639 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Ora
3640 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Padariya
3641 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Pahaj
3642 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Pakhajan
3643 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Paldi
3644 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Paniadara
3645 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Pipalia
3646 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Pisad
3647 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Rahad
3648 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Rahiad
3649 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Sachan
3650 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Sadathala
3651 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Saladara
3652 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Samatpor
3653 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Sambheti
3654 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Saran
3655 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Sayakha
3656 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Sutrel
3657 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Suva
3658 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Trankal
3659 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vachhnad
3660 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vadadla
3661 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vagra
3662 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vahiyal
3663 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vastikhandali
3664 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vav
3665 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vengani
3666 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vilayat
3667 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vinchhiyad
3668 Bharuch Bharuch Vagra Vorasamni
3669 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Achhod
3670 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Adwala
3671 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ajamnagar
3672 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Amarpor Alias Simartha
3673 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Amod
3674 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Anor
3675 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Asnera
3676 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Bhimpura
3677 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Bodka
3678 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Buva
3679 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Chaklad
3680 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Dadapor
3681 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Danda
3682 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Denva
3683 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Dora
3684 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ghamnad
3685 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ikhar
3686 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Intola
3687 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Karena
3688 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Kerwada
3689 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Keshlu
3690 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Kobla
3691 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Kolavana
3692 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Kothi Vantarsa
3693 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Kurchan
3694 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Machhasara
3695 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Malkinpura Alias Timbi
3696 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Mangrol
3697 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Manjola
3698 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Matar
3699 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Matar Vanto
3700 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Nahier
3701 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ninam
3702 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ochhan
3703 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Pursa
3704 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ranada
3705 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Ranipura
3706 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Rodh
3707 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Roza Tankariya
3708 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Samani
3709 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Samiala
3710 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Sarbhan
3711 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Shrikothi
3712 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Sonama
3713 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Sudi
3714 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Sunthodra
3715 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Tanchha
3716 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Tegva
3717 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Telod
3718 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Vadiya
3719 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Valipor
3720 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Vantarsa
3721 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Vasna
3722 Bharuch Jambusar Amod Vedcha
3723 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Amanpor Mota
3724 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Amanpor Nana
3725 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Anakhi
3726 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Asanvad
3727 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Asarsa
3728 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Aurangpor Timbi
3729 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Bakarpor Timbi
3730 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Bhadkodaro
3731 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Bhankhetar
3732 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Bhodar
3733 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Bojadra
3734 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Chandpor Bara
3735 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Chandpor Marva
3736 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Chhidra
3737 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Dabha
3738 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Dahri
3739 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Degam
3740 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Devla
3741 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Dolia
3742 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Gajera
3743 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Gulal
3744 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Hamadpor Kanthariya
3745 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Islampore
3746 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Jafarpara
3747 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Jambusar
3748 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Jantran
3749 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kahanava
3750 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kalak
3751 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kaliari
3752 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kangam
3753 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kansagar
3754 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kapuria
3755 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kareli
3756 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Karmad
3757 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kava
3758 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kavi
3759 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kavli
3760 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Khanpor Deh
3761 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kimoj
3762 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kora
3763 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Koteshwar
3764 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Kundhal
3765 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Limaj
3766 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Madafar
3767 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Magnad
3768 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Mahamadpor Kamboi
3769 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Mahapara
3770 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Molpore
3771 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Muradpor Neja
3772 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Nada
3773 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Nadiad
3774 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Nahar
3775 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Nobar
3776 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Nondhana
3777 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Panchakada
3778 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Panchpipla
3779 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Piludara
3780 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Rampore
3781 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Runad
3782 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Salehpor Sangdi
3783 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Samoj
3784 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Sardarpura
3785 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Sarod
3786 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Shambha
3787 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Sigam
3788 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Sindhav
3789 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Singarna
3790 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Tankari
3791 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Thakore Talavdi
3792 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Thanava
3793 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Tundaj
3794 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Uber
3795 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Uchchhad
3796 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Umra
3797 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vad
3798 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vadadala
3799 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vahelam
3800 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Valipore
3801 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vanseta
3802 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vavli
3803 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Vedach
3804 Bharuch Jambusar Jambusar Zamdi
3805 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Achhalia
3806 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Amalzar
3807 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Ambakhadi
3808 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Ambos
3809 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Amod
3810 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Anadhara
3811 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Andharkachhala
3812 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Asha
3813 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Avidha
3814 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Baleshwar
3815 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bamalla
3816 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bhalod
3817 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bhimpor
3818 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bhojpor
3819 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bhuri
3820 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Bilvada
3821 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Boridara (Dumala)
3822 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Boridara (Sarkari)
3823 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Borjai
3824 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Choki
3825 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dabhal
3826 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dadheda
3827 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Damlai
3828 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dharoli
3829 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dholakuva
3830 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dholi
3831 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Dhundha
3832 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Fichwada (Sarkari)
3833 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Fulwadi
3834 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Govali
3835 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Govali Bet
3836 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Gundecha
3837 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Haripara (Dumala)
3838 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Haripara (Sarkari)
3839 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia (i) Anklesvar ( Diva, Divi & Borbhatha New Vasahat) (OG)
3840 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Indore
3841 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Jamboi
3842 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Jamoli
3843 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Jarsad
3844 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Jespore
3845 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Jhagadia
3846 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kadwali
3847 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kakalpor
3848 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kantidara
3849 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kantol
3850 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kapalsadi
3851 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kapat
3852 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Karad
3853 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kesharva
3854 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Khadoli
3855 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Khalak
3856 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kharchi
3857 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kharchi Bhilwada
3858 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kharia
3859 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Krushnapuri
3860 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Kunvarpara
3861 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Limet
3862 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Limodara
3863 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Madhavpara
3864 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mahuvada
3865 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Malipipar
3866 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Maljipara
3867 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Malpor (Dumala)
3868 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mandvi
3869 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Moran
3870 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mota Sanja
3871 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mota Sorva
3872 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mota Vasna
3873 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Mulad
3874 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Nana Sanja
3875 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Nana Sorva
3876 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Nana Vasna
3877 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Navagam Mota
3878 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Ore
3879 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Padal
3880 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Padvaniya
3881 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Panetha
3882 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Panvadi
3883 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Parvata
3884 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Patar
3885 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Pipalpan
3886 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Pipdara
3887 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Pora
3888 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Prankad
3889 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Raisangpura
3890 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rajpara
3891 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rajpardi
3892 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rajpore
3893 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rampore
3894 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Randedi
3895 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Ranipara
3896 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Ratanpore
3897 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Razalwada
3898 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Roomalpura
3899 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rundh
3900 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Rupania
3901 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Samarpara
3902 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Sanjali
3903 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Sardarpura
3904 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Sarsa
3905 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Sarsad
3906 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Selod
3907 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Shir
3908 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Shiyali
3909 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Simdhara
3910 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Sultanpura
3911 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Talodara
3912 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Tarsali
3913 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Tavdi
3914 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Tejpor
3915 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Tothidara
3916 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Uchchhab
3917 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Uchedia
3918 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Umadhara
3919 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Umalla
3920 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Untia
3921 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vadhavana
3922 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vaghpara (Dumala)
3923 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vaghpara (Sarkari)
3924 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vala
3925 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vali
3926 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vanakpore
3927 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vankihathan
3928 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vanthevad
3929 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Vasna
3930 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Velugam
3931 Bharuch Jhagadia Jhagadia Zazpor
3932 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Anjoli
3933 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Arethi
3934 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Ashnavi
3935 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Atkhol
3936 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Badakui
3937 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Baladava
3938 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Bedoli
3939 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Bhangoria
3940 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Bhens Khetar
3941 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Bilatha
3942 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Bilothi
3943 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Borkhadi
3944 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Chandravan
3945 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Chasvad
3946 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Chikhli
3947 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Chiklota
3948 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Datt Nagar
3949 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Debar
3950 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Dholekham
3951 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Fichvada (Dumala)
3952 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Fokdi
3953 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Fulwadi
3954 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Galiba
3955 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Gambhirpara
3956 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Ghanikhunt
3957 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Goratia
3958 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kakad Kui
3959 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kakadpada
3960 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kamaliya
3961 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kambodiya
3962 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kantipada
3963 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kavachia
3964 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kelvikuva
3965 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kharetha
3966 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kochbar
3967 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kodvav
3968 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Koliapada
3969 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kolivada
3970 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kotiamau
3971 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Koyali Mandvi
3972 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kund
3973 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kup
3974 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Kuri
3975 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Machamadi
3976 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Mauza
3977 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Moriyana
3978 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Moriyana
3979 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Mota Jambuda
3980 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Mota Malpor
3981 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Motia
3982 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Movi
3983 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Mungaj
3984 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Nana Jambuda
3985 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Navapara
3986 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Netrang
3987 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Pada
3988 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Panchasim
3989 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Pingot
3990 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Rajwadi
3991 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Ramkot
3992 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Rupghat
3993 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Sajanvav
3994 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Sakva
3995 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Shankoi
3996 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Thava
3997 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Timla
3998 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Umarkharda
3999 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Undi
4000 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Vadkhunta
4001 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Vadpan
4002 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Valpore
4003 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Vandarveli
4004 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Vankol
4005 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Varkhadi
4006 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Yal
4007 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Zarna
4008 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Zarna
4009 Bharuch Jhagadia Netrang Zarnavadi
4010 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Bhamadiya
4011 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Bharadiya
4012 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Bhilod
4013 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Chanderiya
4014 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Choramla
4015 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Daheli
4016 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dajipara
4017 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dansoli
4018 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Desad
4019 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dholgam
4020 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dodwada
4021 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dolatpur
4022 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Dungari
4023 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Gandhu
4024 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Ghoda
4025 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Gundia
4026 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Hirapor
4027 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Hola Kotar
4028 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Itkala
4029 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Jabugam
4030 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Jamaniya
4031 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Joli
4032 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Kanerav
4033 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Kara
4034 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Karsad
4035 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Kesargam
4036 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Kondh
4037 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Kosmadi
4038 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Koyalivav
4039 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Luna
4040 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Mela
4041 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Mirapor
4042 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Mokhadi
4043 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Naldhari
4044 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Navapara
4045 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Nikoli
4046 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Pansoli
4047 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Patal
4048 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Pathar
4049 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Petiya
4050 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Pithor
4051 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Rajagadh
4052 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Rajpara
4053 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Rundha
4054 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Sabariya
4055 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Sevad
4056 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Shir
4057 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Siludi
4058 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Sinada
4059 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Singalvan
4060 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Singla
4061 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Sodgam
4062 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Tuna
4063 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Umargam
4064 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Vagadkhol
4065 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Valia
4066 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Vandariya
4067 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Vatariya
4068 Bharuch Jhagadia Valia Vitthalgam
4069 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Adhelai
4070 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Adhewada
4071 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Akwada
4072 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Alapar
4073 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhadbhediya
4074 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhadbhid
4075 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhadi
4076 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhandariya
4077 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhojpura
4078 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhumbhali
4079 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhuteshwar
4080 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Budhel
4081 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Devaliya
4082 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Fariyadka
4083 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ganeshgadh
4084 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Gundala
4085 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Gundi
4086 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Hathab
4087 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Jashavantpar
4088 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Juna Madhiya
4089 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Juna Ratanpar
4090 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kalatalav
4091 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kamlej
4092 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kanatalav
4093 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kardej
4094 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Khadsaliya
4095 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Khetakhatli
4096 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kobdi
4097 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Koliyak
4098 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Kotda
4099 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Lakhanka
4100 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Malanka (CT)
4101 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Mithapar
4102 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Nagdhaniba
4103 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Narbad
4104 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Nari (CT)
4105 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Nava Madhiya
4106 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Nava Ratanpar
4107 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Paliyad
4108 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Pithalpar
4109 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Rajgadh
4110 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Rampar
4111 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ruva (Part)
4112 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Sanes
4113 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Sartanpar
4114 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Savaikot
4115 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Savainagar
4116 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Shampara
4117 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Shampura(Sidsar)
4118 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Shedhavadar
4119 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Sidsar (CT)
4120 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Sodvadra
4121 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Surka
4122 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Tarsimiya (Part)
4123 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Thalsar
4124 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Thordi
4125 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Undevi
4126 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Vartej (CT)
4127 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Vavdi
4128 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Velavadar
4129 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Avaniya
4130 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Badi
4131 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Banbhaniya
4132 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Bhandar
4133 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Bhankhal
4134 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Bhavanipara
4135 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Bhinkada
4136 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Chaniyala
4137 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Chhaya
4138 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Garibpura
4139 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Ghogha (CT)
4140 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Goriyali
4141 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Hoidad
4142 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Juna Padar
4143 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kankot
4144 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kantala
4145 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kareda
4146 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Khantadi
4147 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kharakadi
4148 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kuda
4149 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Kukad
4150 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Lakadiya
4151 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Lakhanka
4152 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Malekvadar
4153 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Malpar
4154 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Mamsa
4155 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Morchand
4156 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Mota Khokhara
4157 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Nana Khokhara
4158 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Nathugadh
4159 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Navagam(Nana)
4160 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Nesvad
4161 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Odarka
4162 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Padva
4163 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Paniyala
4164 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Piparala
4165 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Piram
4166 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Pithalpur
4167 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Rajpara
4168 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Samadhiyala
4169 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Sanodar
4170 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Sarvadar
4171 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Tagdi
4172 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Tanasa
4173 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Trambak
4174 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Ukharala
4175 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Valukad
4176 Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Ghogha Vavdi
4177 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Ayavej
4178 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Beda
4179 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Bhanvadiya
4180 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Bila
4181 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Chhapariyali
4182 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Chiroda
4183 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Chok
4184 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Chokiyapati
4185 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Depla
4186 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Dungarpar
4187 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Ghoba
4188 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Hipavadli
4189 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Intiya
4190 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Jesar
4191 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Juna Padar
4192 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Kantrodi
4193 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Karjala
4194 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Karla
4195 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Kedariya
4196 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Kobadiya
4197 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Kotamoi
4198 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Matalpar
4199 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Monpar
4200 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Morchupana
4201 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Nal
4202 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Pa
4203 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Piparadi
4204 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Rabarika
4205 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Rajapara (Chok)
4206 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Ranigam
4207 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Ranparda (Chok)
4208 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Sanala
4209 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Sarera
4210 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Shantinagar
4211 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Shevadivadar
4212 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Tantaniya
4213 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Thavi
4214 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Tol Saldi Chotila
4215 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Ugalvan
4216 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Virdi
4217 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Virpur (Chok)
4218 Bhavnagar Mahuva Jeshar Zadkala
4219 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Akhegadh
4220 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Amrutvel
4221 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Anganka
4222 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bagdana
4223 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bambhaniya
4224 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Belampar
4225 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhadra
4226 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhadrod
4227 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhaguda
4228 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhanavav
4229 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhanvad
4230 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bhatakda
4231 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bildi
4232 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Boda
4233 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Bordi
4234 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Borla
4235 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Chaddika
4236 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Chhapri
4237 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Chokva
4238 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Chuna
4239 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dayal
4240 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Degavda
4241 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Devaliya
4242 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dharai
4243 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Doliya
4244 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dudana
4245 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dudhala No.1
4246 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dudhala No.2
4247 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dudheri
4248 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Dundas
4249 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Gadhada
4250 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Galthar
4251 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Goras
4252 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Gujarda
4253 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Gundarana
4254 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Gundarani
4255 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Haripara
4256 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Jambuda
4257 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kakidi
4258 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kalela
4259 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kalmodar
4260 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kalsar
4261 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kankot
4262 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kantasar
4263 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Karmadiya
4264 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kasan
4265 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Katakda
4266 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Katpar (CT)
4267 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Khadsaliya
4268 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Khared
4269 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Khari
4270 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Khatsura
4271 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kinkaria
4272 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Konjali
4273 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kotiya
4274 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kumbhan
4275 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Kumbhariya
4276 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Lakhupara
4277 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Lilvan
4278 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Longdi
4279 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Loyanga
4280 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Lusadi
4281 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Madhiya
4282 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Maliya
4283 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Malvav
4284 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Moda
4285 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Modaliya
4286 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Mota Asrana
4287 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Mota Jadra
4288 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Mota Khuntavada
4289 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Mota Malpara
4290 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Mota Pipalva
4291 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Moti Jagdhar
4292 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Moti Sodvadri
4293 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Moti Vadal
4294 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Naip
4295 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nana Asrana
4296 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nana Jadra
4297 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nana Khuntvada
4298 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nana Pipalva
4299 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nani Jagdhar
4300 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nani Sodvadri
4301 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nesvad
4302 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Nikol
4303 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Otha
4304 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Padhiyarka
4305 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Rajavadar
4306 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Raniwada
4307 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Ranparda
4308 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Ratanpar
4309 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Ratol
4310 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Rohisa
4311 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Rupavati
4312 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Saloli
4313 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Samadhiyala No.3
4314 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Sanganiya
4315 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Sathara
4316 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Sedarda
4317 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Shetrana
4318 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Talgajarada
4319 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Tared
4320 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Taredi
4321 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Tavida
4322 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Thorala
4323 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Titodiya
4324 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Umaniyavadar
4325 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Uncha Kotda
4326 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Vadli
4327 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Vaghnagar
4328 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Vaghvadarda
4329 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Valavav
4330 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Vangar
4331 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Vavdi
4332 Bhavnagar Mahuva Mahuva Visavadar
4333 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Anandpur
4334 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Bela
4335 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Bhamariya
4336 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Bhandariya
4337 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Chomal
4338 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Damrala
4339 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Fachariya
4340 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Ganeshgadh
4341 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Gujarada
4342 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Jaliya
4343 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Jalvadar
4344 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Kharadi
4345 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Khodvadari
4346 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Luvara
4347 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Mandvi
4348 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Mangadh
4349 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Manguka
4350 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Manpur
4351 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Manvilas
4352 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Mesanka
4353 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Morba
4354 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Mota Charodiya
4355 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Moti Vavdi
4356 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Nana Charodiya
4357 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Nani Vavdi
4358 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Navagam
4359 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Pachchhegam
4360 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Paldi
4361 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Panasada
4362 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Panchtobara
4363 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Paravdi
4364 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Pipalva
4365 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Ratanvav
4366 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Rupavati
4367 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Samadhiyala
4368 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Sandh Khakhara
4369 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Sarambhada
4370 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Saringpur
4371 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Satapada
4372 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Shivendranagar
4373 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Sitapur
4374 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Sukhpar
4375 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Surnagar
4376 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Surnivas
4377 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Survilas
4378 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Thansa
4379 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Timba
4380 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Velavadar
4381 Bhavnagar Palitana Gariadhar Virdi
4382 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Adapar
4383 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Anida(Kumbhan)
4384 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Anida(Lakhavad)
4385 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Ankolali
4386 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Badeli
4387 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bahadurgadh
4388 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bahadurpur
4389 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bhadavav
4390 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bhandariya
4391 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bharatimba
4392 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bhundarakha
4393 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bhutiya
4394 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Bodana Nes
4395 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Chonda
4396 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Dedarada
4397 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Dudhala
4398 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Dungarpur
4399 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Gandhol
4400 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Gheti
4401 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Hanol
4402 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Hathsani
4403 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jaliya(Amaraji)
4404 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jaliya(Ankolali)
4405 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jaliya(Kharana)
4406 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jaliya(Manaji)
4407 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jamanvav
4408 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jamwali
4409 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Jivapur
4410 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Juna Sarod
4411 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Kanjarada
4412 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Khakhariya
4413 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Khijadiya(Mokhadaka)
4414 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Khijadiya (Nonghanvadar)
4415 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Kumbhan
4416 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Lakhavad
4417 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Lapaliya
4418 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Lilivav
4419 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Loinchada
4420 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Luvarvav
4421 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Maidhar
4422 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Maliya
4423 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Malpara
4424 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Mandavda
4425 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Manvad (Hadmatiya)
4426 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Mendha
4427 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Mokhadaka
4428 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Mota Garajiya
4429 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Moti Paniyali
4430 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Moti Rajasthali
4431 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Motisari
4432 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nana Garajiya
4433 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nanimal
4434 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nani Paniyali
4435 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nani Rajasthali
4436 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Navagam
4437 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nava Sroda
4438 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nesadi
4439 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Nondhanvadar
4440 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Ovanpurtimbo
4441 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Panchpipla
4442 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Panderiya
4443 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Piparadi
4444 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Pithalpur
4445 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Rajpara (Thadach)
4446 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Randola
4447 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Ranparada (Kharana)
4448 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Ratanpur
4449 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Rohishala
4450 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Sagapara
4451 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Samadhiyala (Mulani)
4452 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Sanjanasar
4453 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Satana Nes
4454 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Senjaliya
4455 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Sonpari
4456 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Thadach
4457 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Thorali
4458 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Vadal
4459 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Vadiya
4460 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Valukad
4461 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Vijana Nes
4462 Bhavnagar Palitana Palitana Virpur (Palitana)
4463 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Agiyali
4464 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Amargadh
4465 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ambla
4466 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bekdi
4467 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bhadli
4468 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bhangadh
4469 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bhankhal
4470 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bholad
4471 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bhutiya
4472 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Bordi
4473 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Budhana
4474 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Chorvadala
4475 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Devgana
4476 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Dhankan Kunda
4477 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Dhrupka
4478 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Dhundhsar
4479 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Gadhula
4480 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ghanghali
4481 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Gundala
4482 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ishvariya
4483 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Jambala
4484 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Juna Jaliya
4485 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Kachotiya
4486 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Kajavadar
4487 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Kanad
4488 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Kantodiya
4489 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Karkoliya
4490 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Karmadiya
4491 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Khakhariya
4492 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Khambha
4493 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Khari
4494 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Krushnapara
4495 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Lavarda
4496 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Limbaddhar
4497 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Madhada
4498 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Maglana
4499 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Mahadevpara
4500 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Malvan
4501 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Meghvadar
4502 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Mota Surka
4503 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Nana Surka
4504 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Navagam (Mota)
4505 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Nava Jaliya
4506 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Nesda
4507 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Padapan
4508 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Paldi
4509 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Panch Talavada
4510 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Panchvada
4511 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Pipaliya
4512 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Piparadi
4513 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Piparala
4514 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Rabarika
4515 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Rajpara (Khodiyar)
4516 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Rajpara (Tana)
4517 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ramdhari
4518 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ratanpar
4519 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sakhvadar
4520 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sandhida
4521 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sanosara
4522 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sar
4523 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sarkadia (Tana)
4524 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sarkadiya (Songadh)
4525 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sarvedi
4526 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Sendurda
4527 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Songadh (CT)
4528 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Tana
4529 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Tarakpaldi
4530 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Thala
4531 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Thorali
4532 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Toda
4533 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Todi
4534 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Ukharla
4535 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Usrad
4536 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Vadiya
4537 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Valavad
4538 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Varal
4539 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Vav
4540 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Vavdi (Gajabhai)
4541 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Vavdi (Vachhani)
4542 Bhavnagar Shihor Sihor Zariya
4543 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Alampar
4544 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Bajud
4545 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Bhojavadar
4546 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Bochadva
4547 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Chitravav
4548 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Chogath (Thapnath)
4549 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dadva (Randalna)
4550 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dambhaliya
4551 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dedkadi
4552 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Devaliya
4553 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dhamnaka
4554 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dharuka
4555 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dharwala
4556 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dhola (CT)
4557 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Dhola Godadji
4558 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Gangavada
4559 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Golrama
4560 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Hadmatala
4561 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Hadmatiya
4562 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Ingorala
4563 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Jaliya
4564 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Keriya
4565 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Khijadiya
4566 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Lakhawad
4567 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Langala
4568 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Limbda
4569 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Malpara
4570 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Parwala
4571 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Piparali
4572 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Ramanka
4573 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Ranghola
4574 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Ratanpar
4575 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Reva
4576 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Samadhiyala
4577 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Tarpala
4578 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Thonda
4579 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Timba
4580 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Timbi
4581 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Ujalvav
4582 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Umrala (CT)
4583 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Vadod
4584 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Vangadhra
4585 Bhavnagar Shihor Umrala Zanzamer
4586 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Anandpur
4587 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Bhojpara
4588 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Bhoraniya
4589 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Chada
4590 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Chamardi
4591 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Dared
4592 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Datretiya
4593 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Dudadhar
4594 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Gheldi
4595 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Hadmatiya
4596 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Haliyad
4597 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Italiya
4598 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Jalalpar
4599 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Jaliya
4600 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Juna Rampar
4601 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Juna Ratanpur
4602 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Juni Rajasthali
4603 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Kala Talav
4604 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Kalyanpur
4605 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Kanpar
4606 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Kanthariya
4607 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Kheta Timbi
4608 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Lakhanka
4609 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Limbda
4610 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Loliyana
4611 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Lundhara
4612 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Malpara
4613 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Meghavadar
4614 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Melana
4615 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Mevasa
4616 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Monpur
4617 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Moti Dharai
4618 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Mul Dharai
4619 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Nasitpur
4620 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Navagam No.1
4621 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Navagam No.2
4622 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Navaniya
4623 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Nava Rampar
4624 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Pachchhegam
4625 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Palanpar
4626 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Panvi
4627 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Patana
4628 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Pati
4629 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Pipal
4630 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Pipali
4631 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Pipariya
4632 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Rajpara (Bhal)
4633 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Rajpara (Bhayati)
4634 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Rajpipla
4635 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Rangpur
4636 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Ratanpur (Ga)
4637 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Shahpur
4638 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Totaniyala
4639 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Ujalvav
4640 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Vavdi
4641 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Velavadar
4642 Bhavnagar Shihor Vallabhipur Virdi
4643 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Alang (CT)
4644 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Ambla
4645 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bakhalka
4646 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bambhor
4647 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bapada
4648 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bapasara
4649 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bela
4650 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Belada
4651 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bhadraval
4652 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bhalar
4653 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bharapara
4654 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bharoli
4655 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bhegali
4656 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bhensavadi
4657 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bhungar
4658 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bodki
4659 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Borda
4660 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Bordi
4661 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Borla
4662 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Chopada
4663 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Chudi
4664 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Dakana
4665 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Dantrad
4666 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Datha
4667 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Devaliya
4668 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Devli
4669 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Dhardi
4670 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Dihor
4671 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Fulsar
4672 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Gadhada
4673 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Gadhesar
4674 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Ghantarvala
4675 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Gorkhi
4676 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Hajipar
4677 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Hamirpara
4678 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Hubakvad
4679 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja (i) Mahuva (OG)
4680 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Isora
4681 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Jalvadar
4682 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Jaspara
4683 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Juna Sangana
4684 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Juni Chhapari
4685 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Juni Kamrol
4686 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kathava
4687 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kerala
4688 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Khadadpar
4689 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Khandhera
4690 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Khardi
4691 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kodiya
4692 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kundavi
4693 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kundhada
4694 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Kundheli
4695 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Lilivav
4696 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Madhuvan
4697 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mahadevpara
4698 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mahadevpara(Timbo)
4699 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Makhaniya
4700 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mamsi
4701 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mandva
4702 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mangela
4703 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mathavda
4704 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Methla
4705 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Mota Ghana
4706 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Moti Mandavali
4707 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nana Ghana
4708 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nani Babariyat
4709 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nani Mandavali
4710 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nava Juna Rajapara
4711 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nava Sangana
4712 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Navi Chhapari
4713 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Navi Kamrol
4714 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Neshiya
4715 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nesvad
4716 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Nichadi
4717 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Padargadh
4718 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Padari (Bhammar)
4719 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Padari(Gohil)
4720 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Panchpipla
4721 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Paniyali
4722 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Pasavi
4723 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Pavthi
4724 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Pingali
4725 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Piparla
4726 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Pithalpur
4727 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Pratapara
4728 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Rajpara No.2
4729 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Ralgon
4730 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Rampara
4731 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Reliya Gadhula
4732 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Rojiya
4733 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Royal
4734 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sakhvadar
4735 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Samadhiyala
4736 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sankhadasar No.1
4737 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sankhadasar No.2
4738 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sartanpar
4739 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sathara
4740 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Shelavadar
4741 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Shevaliya
4742 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Shobhavad
4743 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Sonsiya
4744 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Tadhavad
4745 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Talli
4746 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Tarsara
4747 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Thaliya
4748 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Timana
4749 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Trapaj
4750 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Umarla
4751 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Unchdi
4752 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Valar
4753 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Vataliya
4754 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Vavadi
4755 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Vejodari
4756 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Velavadar
4757 Bhavnagar Talaja Talaja Zanzmer
4758 Botad Barvala Barwala Ankevaliya
4759 Botad Barvala Barwala Bela
4760 Botad Barvala Barwala Chachariya
4761 Botad Barvala Barwala Chokdi
4762 Botad Barvala Barwala Dhadhodar
4763 Botad Barvala Barwala Hebatpur
4764 Botad Barvala Barwala Jharvaliya
4765 Botad Barvala Barwala Kapadiyali
4766 Botad Barvala Barwala Khadsaliya
4767 Botad Barvala Barwala Khambhada
4768 Botad Barvala Barwala Khamidana
4769 Botad Barvala Barwala Kundal
4770 Botad Barvala Barwala Nabhoi
4771 Botad Barvala Barwala Navda
4772 Botad Barvala Barwala Pipariya
4773 Botad Barvala Barwala Polarpur
4774 Botad Barvala Barwala Rampura
4775 Botad Barvala Barwala Ranpari
4776 Botad Barvala Barwala Refda
4777 Botad Barvala Barwala Rojid
4778 Botad Barvala Barwala Salangpur
4779 Botad Barvala Barwala Sangasar
4780 Botad Barvala Barwala Shahpur
4781 Botad Barvala Barwala Sodhi
4782 Botad Barvala Barwala Timbla
4783 Botad Barvala Barwala Vadhela
4784 Botad Barvala Barwala Vahiya
4785 Botad Dholka Ranpur Alampur
4786 Botad Dholka Ranpur Alau
4787 Botad Dholka Ranpur Aniyali Kasbati
4788 Botad Dholka Ranpur Aniyali Kathi
4789 Botad Dholka Ranpur Bagad
4790 Botad Dholka Ranpur Baraniya
4791 Botad Dholka Ranpur Bodiya
4792 Botad Dholka Ranpur Bubavav
4793 Botad Dholka Ranpur Charanki
4794 Botad Dholka Ranpur Derdi
4795 Botad Dholka Ranpur Devaliya
4796 Botad Dholka Ranpur Devgana
4797 Botad Dholka Ranpur Dharpipla
4798 Botad Dholka Ranpur Gadhiya
4799 Botad Dholka Ranpur Godhawata
4800 Botad Dholka Ranpur Gunda
4801 Botad Dholka Ranpur Hadmatala
4802 Botad Dholka Ranpur Jalila
4803 Botad Dholka Ranpur Keriya
4804 Botad Dholka Ranpur Khas
4805 Botad Dholka Ranpur Khokharnesh
4806 Botad Dholka Ranpur Kinara
4807 Botad Dholka Ranpur Kundli
4808 Botad Dholka Ranpur Malanpur
4809 Botad Dholka Ranpur Moti Vavdi
4810 Botad Dholka Ranpur Nani Vavdi
4811 Botad Dholka Ranpur Panvi
4812 Botad Dholka Ranpur Patna
4813 Botad Dholka Ranpur Rajpara
4814 Botad Dholka Ranpur Ranpur (CT)
4815 Botad Dholka Ranpur Sanganpur
4816 Botad Dholka Ranpur Sundariyana
4817 Botad Dholka Ranpur Umrala
4818 Botad Dholka Ranpur Vejalka
4819 Botad Palitana Botad Babarkot
4820 Botad Palitana Botad Bhadla
4821 Botad Palitana Botad Bhadravadi
4822 Botad Palitana Botad Bhambhan
4823 Botad Palitana Botad Bodi
4824 Botad Palitana Botad Chakampar
4825 Botad Palitana Botad Dhankaniya
4826 Botad Palitana Botad Dhinkwali
4827 Botad Palitana Botad Gadhadiya
4828 Botad Palitana Botad Hadadad
4829 Botad Palitana Botad Jotingada
4830 Botad Palitana Botad Kaniyad
4831 Botad Palitana Botad Kariyani
4832 Botad Palitana Botad Keriya No.1
4833 Botad Palitana Botad Keriya No.2
4834 Botad Palitana Botad Khakhoi
4835 Botad Palitana Botad Kumbhara
4836 Botad Palitana Botad Lakheni
4837 Botad Palitana Botad Lathidad
4838 Botad Palitana Botad Limboda
4839 Botad Palitana Botad Mota Chhaida
4840 Botad Palitana Botad Moti Virva
4841 Botad Palitana Botad Nagalpar
4842 Botad Palitana Botad Nana Chhaida
4843 Botad Palitana Botad Nana Paliyad
4844 Botad Palitana Botad Nani Virva
4845 Botad Palitana Botad Paliyad
4846 Botad Palitana Botad Pati
4847 Botad Palitana Botad Pipaliya
4848 Botad Palitana Botad Piparadi
4849 Botad Palitana Botad Rajpara
4850 Botad Palitana Botad Rangpar
4851 Botad Palitana Botad Ratanpar
4852 Botad Palitana Botad Ratanvav
4853 Botad Palitana Botad Rohishala
4854 Botad Palitana Botad Sajeli
4855 Botad Palitana Botad Salaiya
4856 Botad Palitana Botad Samadhiyala No.1
4857 Botad Palitana Botad Samadhiyala No.2
4858 Botad Palitana Botad Sangavadar
4859 Botad Palitana Botad Sankardi
4860 Botad Palitana Botad Sarva
4861 Botad Palitana Botad Sarvai
4862 Botad Palitana Botad Sherthali
4863 Botad Palitana Botad Shirvaniya
4864 Botad Palitana Botad Tajpar
4865 Botad Palitana Botad Targhara
4866 Botad Palitana Botad Turkha
4867 Botad Palitana Botad Vajeli
4868 Botad Palitana Botad Zamrala
4869 Botad Palitana Botad Zariya
4870 Botad Palitana Botad Zinzavadar
4871 Botad Palitana Gadhada Adtala
4872 Botad Palitana Gadhada Anida
4873 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ankadiya
4874 Botad Palitana Gadhada Bhandariya
4875 Botad Palitana Gadhada Bhimdad
4876 Botad Palitana Gadhada Bodki
4877 Botad Palitana Gadhada Chabhadiya
4878 Botad Palitana Gadhada Chiroda
4879 Botad Palitana Gadhada Chosla
4880 Botad Palitana Gadhada Derala
4881 Botad Palitana Gadhada Dhasa Vishi (CT)
4882 Botad Palitana Gadhada Dhrufaniya
4883 Botad Palitana Gadhada Gadhali
4884 Botad Palitana Gadhada Gala
4885 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ghogha Samdi
4886 Botad Palitana Gadhada Goradka
4887 Botad Palitana Gadhada Gundala
4888 Botad Palitana Gadhada Hamapar
4889 Botad Palitana Gadhada Haripar
4890 Botad Palitana Gadhada Holaya
4891 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ingorala (Girasadar)
4892 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ingorala (Khalsa)
4893 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ishvariya
4894 Botad Palitana Gadhada Itariya
4895 Botad Palitana Gadhada Jalalpur
4896 Botad Palitana Gadhada Janada
4897 Botad Palitana Gadhada Junavadar
4898 Botad Palitana Gadhada Kaparadi
4899 Botad Palitana Gadhada Kerala
4900 Botad Palitana Gadhada Khijadiya
4901 Botad Palitana Gadhada Khopala
4902 Botad Palitana Gadhada Lakhanka
4903 Botad Palitana Gadhada Limbadiya
4904 Botad Palitana Gadhada Limbala
4905 Botad Palitana Gadhada Limbali
4906 Botad Palitana Gadhada Malpara
4907 Botad Palitana Gadhada Mandavdhar
4908 Botad Palitana Gadhada Mandva
4909 Botad Palitana Gadhada Meghvadiya
4910 Botad Palitana Gadhada Mota Umarda
4911 Botad Palitana Gadhada Moti Kundal
4912 Botad Palitana Gadhada Nana Umarda
4913 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ningala
4914 Botad Palitana Gadhada Padapan
4915 Botad Palitana Gadhada Padvadar
4916 Botad Palitana Gadhada Patana
4917 Botad Palitana Gadhada Pipal
4918 Botad Palitana Gadhada Pipaliya
4919 Botad Palitana Gadhada Pipardi
4920 Botad Palitana Gadhada Rajpipala
4921 Botad Palitana Gadhada Raliyana
4922 Botad Palitana Gadhada Rampara
4923 Botad Palitana Gadhada Rasnal
4924 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ratanpar
4925 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ratanvav
4926 Botad Palitana Gadhada Raypar
4927 Botad Palitana Gadhada Rojmal
4928 Botad Palitana Gadhada Sakhpar Mota
4929 Botad Palitana Gadhada Sakhpar Nana
4930 Botad Palitana Gadhada Salangpar Nanu
4931 Botad Palitana Gadhada Samadhiyala
4932 Botad Palitana Gadhada Sanjanavadar
4933 Botad Palitana Gadhada Shiyanagar
4934 Botad Palitana Gadhada Sitapar
4935 Botad Palitana Gadhada Surka
4936 Botad Palitana Gadhada Tatam
4937 Botad Palitana Gadhada Tatana
4938 Botad Palitana Gadhada Ugamedi
4939 Botad Palitana Gadhada Vanali
4940 Botad Palitana Gadhada Vavdi
4941 Botad Palitana Gadhada Vikaliya
4942 Botad Palitana Gadhada Viravadi
4943 Botad Palitana Gadhada Virdi
4944 Botad Palitana Gadhada Zinzavadar
4945 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Achhali
4946 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ajali
4947 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Alhadpura
4948 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Alikherva (CT)
4949 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Amalpur
4950 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Athavali
4951 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Badaliya
4952 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bamkui
4953 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bamroli
4954 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bamroli
4955 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bhadrali
4956 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bhilvaniya
4957 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bhojpur
4958 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bhorda
4959 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bobdakuva
4960 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Bodeli (CT)
4961 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chachak
4962 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chalamali
4963 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chapargota
4964 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chhachhadra
4965 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chhatrali
4966 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chikhodra
4967 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Chundheli
4968 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dabherai
4969 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Desan
4970 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dharoli
4971 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dharoliya (Sakhandra)
4972 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dhokaliya
4973 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dholivav
4974 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dholpur
4975 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Dormar
4976 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Fajalpur
4977 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Fata
4978 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Fatepura
4979 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ferkuva
4980 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Gadoth
4981 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Gaidiya
4982 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Gajipura
4983 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ganeshvad
4984 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Garol
4985 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ghagharpura
4986 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ghelpur
4987 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ghodaj
4988 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Gogadiya
4989 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Jabugam
4990 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Jesingpura
4991 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Jivanpura
4992 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Jogipura
4993 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Jojva
4994 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Juna Timbarva
4995 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kadachhala
4996 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kadila
4997 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kapadiya
4998 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kathiyari
4999 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kathmandva
5000 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kathola
5001 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khadakla
5002 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khandivav
5003 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khandiya
5004 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khandiyakuva
5005 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kharakuva
5006 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khareda
5007 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khodiya
5008 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Khokhariveri
5009 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kosindra
5010 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kothiya
5011 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kundi Tappe Bahadarpur
5012 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Kundiuncha Kalam
5013 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ladhod
5014 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Lanbhiya
5015 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Laved
5016 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mankani
5017 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mavali
5018 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Modasar
5019 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Morakhala
5020 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mota Amadra (Chhatrali)
5021 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mota Butiyapura
5022 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mota Kantva
5023 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mota Raska
5024 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Moti Bumdi
5025 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Motipura
5026 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Motipura (Gadoth)
5027 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Moti Tejavav
5028 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Moti Vant
5029 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Mudhiyari
5030 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Muldhar
5031 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nana Amadra (Chhatrali)
5032 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nana Butiyapura
5033 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nana Kantva
5034 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nani Bumdi
5035 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nani Raski
5036 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nani Tejavav
5037 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nani Vant
5038 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Navagam
5039 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Navapura
5040 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Nava Timbarva
5041 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Pachisgam
5042 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Pandhara
5043 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Panej
5044 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Patalpur
5045 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Patiya
5046 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Patna
5047 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Pichhuwada
5048 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Pitha
5049 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Polanpur
5050 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Pratapnagar
5051 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Rajbodeli
5052 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Rajkherva
5053 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Rajpari
5054 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Rajvasana
5055 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ranbhun
5056 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Ratanpur (Thana)
5057 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Sadadhari
5058 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Sagava
5059 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Sakhandra
5060 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Salpura
5061 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Samdhi
5062 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Saniyadari
5063 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Sargi
5064 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Savjipura
5065 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Segvasimli
5066 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Sherpura
5067 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Shivajipura
5068 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Simal Ghoda
5069 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Simaliya
5070 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Surya
5071 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Tadkachhala
5072 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Tandalja
5073 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Targol
5074 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Timbi
5075 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Tokarva
5076 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Uchapan
5077 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Un
5078 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Unada
5079 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Untkoi
5080 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vadadla
5081 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vadatalav
5082 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vaddhari
5083 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vadivada
5084 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vaghava
5085 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vajpur
5086 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Valothi
5087 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Valpari
5088 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vanadha
5089 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vandarda
5090 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vaniyadri
5091 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vanta
5092 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Vantada
5093 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Visadi
5094 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Zand
5095 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Zankharpura
5096 Chhotaudepur Chhotaudepur Bodeli Zoz
5097 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Akakheda
5098 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Akhatyarpura
5099 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Amarpur
5100 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ambapura
5101 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Amroli
5102 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Anandpura
5103 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Angari
5104 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Aritha
5105 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Bahadarpur
5106 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Bhatpur
5107 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Bhulvan
5108 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Bihora
5109 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Biliya
5110 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Bor Talav
5111 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Chamarwada
5112 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Chandpur
5113 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Chhatrapura
5114 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Chhuchhapura
5115 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Chorangla
5116 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Damapura
5117 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Damoli
5118 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Deroli
5119 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Dholi
5120 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Divalipura
5121 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Dudhpur
5122 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Fafat
5123 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Fata
5124 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Fatepur
5125 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gamdi Shekhlal
5126 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Garda
5127 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gaydiya
5128 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Geharpura
5129 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ghantoli
5130 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ghoda (Bo)
5131 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ghoda (Chorangla)
5132 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gojpur
5133 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gola Gamdi
5134 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Govindpura
5135 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gunder
5136 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Gundicha
5137 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Handod
5138 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Hansapura
5139 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Hareshwar
5140 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Indral
5141 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kachhata
5142 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kadvakui
5143 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kanakuva
5144 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kandevar
5145 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kanteshwar
5146 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Karali
5147 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kashipura
5148 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kasumbiya
5149 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Katholi
5150 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kavitha
5151 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Khandupura
5152 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kherva
5153 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Khunvad
5154 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kotali
5155 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kothiya
5156 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Kuberpura
5157 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Lachhras
5158 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Lotiya
5159 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Lunadra
5160 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Malpur
5161 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Malu
5162 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Manjrol
5163 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Manpur
5164 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Mobhiya
5165 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Morad
5166 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Nagarwada
5167 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Nandpur
5168 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Nurpur
5169 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Padvan
5170 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Parvata
5171 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Pipaliya
5172 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Pipalsat
5173 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Pratappura
5174 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Raipur
5175 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Rampura
5176 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ramsari
5177 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ramsingpura
5178 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Ratanpur (Kamaraj)
5179 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sajanpura
5180 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sanadhara
5181 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sankheda
5182 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sanoli
5183 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Saradiya
5184 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sarangpur
5185 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sardarpura
5186 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sarsinda (Chhachha)
5187 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sarsinda (Cho)
5188 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sarsinda (Jharvan)
5189 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Shekhanpur
5190 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Shreegam Dhanka
5191 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Shree Gam Kanbi
5192 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sinhadra
5193 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Songir
5194 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Soytha
5195 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Sunderpura
5196 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Talakpur
5197 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Taleti
5198 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Tanakhala
5199 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Timba
5200 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Timbi
5201 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Undi
5202 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vadadla (Chorangla)
5203 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vadadli
5204 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vadeli
5205 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vadiya (Bihora)
5206 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vadiya (Raipur)
5207 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vaghetha
5208 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vasana
5209 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vasan (Sevada)
5210 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vatvatiya
5211 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Vejaliya
5212 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Velpur
5213 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Virampura
5214 Chhotaudepur Chhota-Udepur Sankheda Zampa
5215 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Achhala
5216 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Achheta
5217 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Alsipur
5218 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ambala
5219 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Antroli
5220 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Badvav
5221 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Balavant
5222 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bandala
5223 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bandibhint
5224 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Baroj
5225 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bedvi
5226 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bhensa
5227 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bhilpur
5228 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bhorda
5229 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bhordali
5230 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bilvant
5231 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bodgam
5232 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bokadiya
5233 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Bopa
5234 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chanduvant
5235 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chathawada
5236 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chichod
5237 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chilarvant
5238 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chiliyavant (Antroli)
5239 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chisadiya
5240 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chokdi
5241 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Chorvana
5242 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dadigam
5243 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Devaliya
5244 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dhadagam
5245 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dhamodi
5246 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dhandhoda
5247 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dharmaj
5248 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dholisimel
5249 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dhorkuva
5250 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Diyavant
5251 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dobachapura
5252 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dolariya
5253 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dumali
5254 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dun
5255 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Dungarbhint
5256 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ekalbara
5257 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ferkuva
5258 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Gabadiya
5259 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Gadola
5260 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ganthiya
5261 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ghelvant
5262 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ghoghadev
5263 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Gondariya
5264 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Guda
5265 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Gunata
5266 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Gungawada
5267 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Hansda
5268 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Harpalpura
5269 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Harvant
5270 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Jadiyana
5271 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Jaloda
5272 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Jamla
5273 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Jamli (Jer)
5274 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Judavant
5275 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Juna Udaipur
5276 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kachhel
5277 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kachhel (Kanavant)
5278 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kakadkund
5279 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kanas
5280 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kanavant
5281 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kasara
5282 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Katarvant
5283 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kevdi
5284 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khadakwada
5285 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khadkhad
5286 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khajuriya
5287 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khodvaniya
5288 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khos
5289 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Khuntaliya
5290 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kikawada
5291 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kokadpa
5292 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kol
5293 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Koli
5294 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Koliyathar
5295 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kothara
5296 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Kumbhani
5297 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Lagami
5298 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Lehvant
5299 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Limbani
5300 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Luni
5301 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Mal
5302 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Malaja
5303 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Maldhi
5304 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Malu
5305 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Mandalva
5306 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Manka (Chhota Udaipur)
5307 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Marchipani
5308 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Mithali
5309 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Mithibor
5310 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Mota Rampura
5311 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Moti Sadhli
5312 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Nakamli
5313 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Nalej
5314 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Nana Rampura
5315 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Nani Sadhli
5316 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Navagam
5317 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ode
5318 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Odhi
5319 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Oliamba
5320 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ozadi
5321 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Padaliya
5322 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Padharvant
5323 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Palsanda
5324 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Piplej
5325 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Potiya
5326 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Puniyavant
5327 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Rajuvant
5328 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Rangpur (Zoz)
5329 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ranikheda
5330 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Raysingpura (Harvant)
5331 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Rinchhvel
5332 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Rozkuva
5333 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Rozva
5334 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Runvad
5335 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Sanada
5336 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Siloj
5337 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Simal Faliya
5338 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Simalkuva
5339 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Singla
5340 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Singlaja
5341 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Surkheda
5342 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Sursi
5343 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Talav Faliya
5344 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Tejgadh
5345 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Tenaliya
5346 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Timla
5347 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Tundva
5348 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Ukhalvant
5349 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vachalibhint
5350 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vadhvan
5351 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vagalwada
5352 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vanar
5353 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vasedi
5354 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Vijol
5355 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Virpur
5356 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Zer
5357 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Zinzarvani
5358 Chhotaudepur Chhota Udaipur Zoz
5359 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ambadi
5360 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ambakhut
5361 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ambalag
5362 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ambazati
5363 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Aniyadri
5364 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bandi
5365 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bar
5366 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Baravad
5367 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhabhar
5368 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhanpur
5369 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhanpuri
5370 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhensavahi
5371 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhikhapura
5372 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bhindol
5373 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Bordha
5374 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Borkanda
5375 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chaina
5376 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chethapur
5377 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chhotanagar
5378 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chimli
5379 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chudel
5380 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Chuli
5381 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Degla
5382 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Deriya
5383 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Devmori
5384 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Dhanpur
5385 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Dharoliya Bhindol
5386 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Dungarvant
5387 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Gadh
5388 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Gajra
5389 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Gambhirpura
5390 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ghata
5391 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ghodiyala
5392 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ghuntia
5393 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ghutanvad
5394 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Gundi
5395 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Harakhpur
5396 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Haripura
5397 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Hathipagla
5398 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Intvada
5399 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Jamba
5400 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Jetpur (CT)
5401 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Jitnagar
5402 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Jogpura (Dungar)
5403 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Jogpura (Gadh)
5404 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Juni Rudhi
5405 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kadvakuva
5406 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kadval
5407 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kadvapura
5408 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kalarani
5409 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kalikui
5410 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kanda
5411 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Karajvant
5412 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Karali
5413 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Karsan
5414 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kavara
5415 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kevada
5416 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Khandiya Amadara
5417 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Khatas
5418 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kheda
5419 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kohivav
5420 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Koliyari
5421 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kosum
5422 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kukna
5423 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Kundal
5424 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Limbani
5425 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Lodhan
5426 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Lunaja
5427 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Magiya
5428 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Majigam
5429 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Mesara
5430 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Mora Dungari
5431 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Mota Amadra (Kadval)
5432 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Moti Amrol
5433 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Moti Bej
5434 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Moti Khandi
5435 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Motipura (Kadval)
5436 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Moti Rasli
5437 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Muthai
5438 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Muvada
5439 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Nana Amadra (Kadval)
5440 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Nani Amrol
5441 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Nani Bej
5442 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Nani Khandi
5443 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Nani Rasli
5444 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Narvaniya
5445 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Navi Rudhi
5446 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Oliya Kalam
5447 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Paliya
5448 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Pandharva
5449 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Pani
5450 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Panibar
5451 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Pavi
5452 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Pratappura
5453 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Rajpur (Kadval)
5454 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Rajpur (Karali)
5455 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Rampura
5456 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Ratanpur
5457 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Raypur
5458 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sadhali
5459 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sagadra
5460 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sajod
5461 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sajuli
5462 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sajva
5463 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Saloj
5464 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Samadi
5465 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Satun
5466 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Selva
5467 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sengpur
5468 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sihod
5469 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Sithol
5470 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Suskal
5471 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Tamboliya
5472 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Tarapur
5473 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Thalki
5474 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Thambhla
5475 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Udhaniya
5476 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Umarva
5477 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Undva
5478 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vadoth
5479 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vankala
5480 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vanki
5481 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vankol
5482 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vasangadh
5483 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vav
5484 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Vavdi
5485 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Virpur
5486 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Zab (Sajva)
5487 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Zab (Valothi)
5488 Chhotaudepur Jetpur Pavi Zari
5489 Chhotaudepur Kavant Amalvant
5490 Chhotaudepur Kavant Ambadungar
5491 Chhotaudepur Kavant Amsota
5492 Chhotaudepur Kavant Aratiya
5493 Chhotaudepur Kavant Asar
5494 Chhotaudepur Kavant Athadungari
5495 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bagaliya
5496 Chhotaudepur Kavant Baladgam
5497 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bediya
5498 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bhekhadiya
5499 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bheretha
5500 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bhumaswada
5501 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bhundmariya
5502 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bildha
5503 Chhotaudepur Kavant Borchapda
5504 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bordha
5505 Chhotaudepur Kavant Bunjar
5506 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chapariya
5507 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chhodvani
5508 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chichva
5509 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chikhli
5510 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chiliyavant (Kavant)
5511 Chhotaudepur Kavant Chipan
5512 Chhotaudepur Kavant Deri
5513 Chhotaudepur Kavant Devadh
5514 Chhotaudepur Kavant Dhanivadi
5515 Chhotaudepur Kavant Dhaniwada
5516 Chhotaudepur Kavant Dhanpari
5517 Chhotaudepur Kavant Dhanpur
5518 Chhotaudepur Kavant Dungargam
5519 Chhotaudepur Kavant Gaidetha
5520 Chhotaudepur Kavant Gajalavant
5521 Chhotaudepur Kavant Gelesar
5522 Chhotaudepur Kavant Goddha
5523 Chhotaudepur Kavant Gojariya
5524 Chhotaudepur Kavant Gugaliya
5525 Chhotaudepur Kavant Hamirpura
5526 Chhotaudepur Kavant Hanf
5527 Chhotaudepur Kavant Hathithan
5528 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jaduli
5529 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jamali (Vagudan)
5530 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jamba
5531 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jamli (Muset)
5532 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jaroi
5533 Chhotaudepur Kavant Jhilava
5534 Chhotaudepur Kavant Julvaniya
5535 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kadipani
5536 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kaidavant
5537 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kakanpur
5538 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kanabeda
5539 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kanalva
5540 Chhotaudepur Kavant Karajvant
5541 Chhotaudepur Kavant Karvi
5542 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kasarvav
5543 Chhotaudepur Kavant Katkavant
5544 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kavant (CT)
5545 Chhotaudepur Kavant Keldhara
5546 Chhotaudepur Kavant Khandaniya
5547 Chhotaudepur Kavant Khandibara
5548 Chhotaudepur Kavant Khandla
5549 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kharamda
5550 Chhotaudepur Kavant Khasra
5551 Chhotaudepur Kavant Khatiyavant
5552 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kherka
5553 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kochvad
5554 Chhotaudepur Kavant Koshta
5555 Chhotaudepur Kavant Kotbi
5556 Chhotaudepur Kavant Lalpur
5557 Chhotaudepur Kavant Magala Vant
5558 Chhotaudepur Kavant Manavant
5559 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mandvada
5560 Chhotaudepur Kavant Manka (Kavant)
5561 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mankodi
5562 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mogra
5563 Chhotaudepur Kavant Morangana
5564 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mota Ghoda
5565 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mota Vanta
5566 Chhotaudepur Kavant Moti Chikhli
5567 Chhotaudepur Kavant Moti Kadai
5568 Chhotaudepur Kavant Moti Sankal
5569 Chhotaudepur Kavant Moti Tokri
5570 Chhotaudepur Kavant Mundamor
5571 Chhotaudepur Kavant Muset (Jamali)
5572 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nakhal
5573 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nakvindhiya
5574 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nalvant
5575 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nana Vanta
5576 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nani Chikhli
5577 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nani Ghodi
5578 Chhotaudepur Kavant Nani Tokri
5579 Chhotaudepur Kavant Narukot
5580 Chhotaudepur Kavant Navalja
5581 Chhotaudepur Kavant Padvani
5582 Chhotaudepur Kavant Palasda
5583 Chhotaudepur Kavant Palas Kuva
5584 Chhotaudepur Kavant Pandhariya
5585 Chhotaudepur Kavant Panvad
5586 Chhotaudepur Kavant Patadiya
5587 Chhotaudepur Kavant Pipalda
5588 Chhotaudepur Kavant Pipaldi
5589 Chhotaudepur Kavant Raja Vant
5590 Chhotaudepur Kavant Rangpur (Kavant)
5591 Chhotaudepur Kavant Raychha
5592 Chhotaudepur Kavant Raypur
5593 Chhotaudepur Kavant Raysingpura (Kavant)
5594 Chhotaudepur Kavant Renda
5595 Chhotaudepur Kavant Rendi
5596 Chhotaudepur Kavant Roddha
5597 Chhotaudepur Kavant Rumadiya
5598 Chhotaudepur Kavant Saidivasan
5599 Chhotaudepur Kavant Samalvant
5600 Chhotaudepur Kavant Singalda
5601 Chhotaudepur Kavant Singalkuva
5602 Chhotaudepur Kavant Sinhada
5603 Chhotaudepur Kavant Sodhvad
5604 Chhotaudepur Kavant Tadkachhala
5605 Chhotaudepur Kavant Talav
5606 Chhotaudepur Kavant Tava
5607 Chhotaudepur Kavant Thadgam
5608 Chhotaudepur Kavant Thambhala
5609 Chhotaudepur Kavant Titod
5610 Chhotaudepur Kavant Turkheda
5611 Chhotaudepur Kavant Umathi
5612 Chhotaudepur Kavant Uncheda
5613 Chhotaudepur Kavant Undva
5614 Chhotaudepur Kavant Usela
5615 Chhotaudepur Kavant Vagudan
5616 Chhotaudepur Kavant Vajepur
5617 Chhotaudepur Kavant Vankaner
5618 Chhotaudepur Kavant Vantda
5619 Chhotaudepur Kavant Vijli
5620 Chhotaudepur Kavant Zalavant
5621 Chhotaudepur Kavant Zanzarjol
5622 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Akona
5623 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ambada
5624 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ambapura
5625 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Amroli
5626 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Amta
5627 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Anandpuri
5628 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Andhani
5629 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Antras
5630 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bagaliya
5631 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bari Mahuda
5632 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Baroli
5633 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Batupalasadi
5634 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bedikuva
5635 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhagvanpura (Nasvadi)
5636 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhagvanpura (Pankhada)
5637 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhaka
5638 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhangiyavad
5639 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bharoswadi
5640 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bharwada
5641 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhil Boriyad
5642 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bhutkhan
5643 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bilgam
5644 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Bofa
5645 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Borkhad
5646 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Borvani
5647 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Botiyakuva
5648 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Budha Jaldhuni
5649 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chametha
5650 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chandanpura
5651 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chavariya
5652 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chhaktar Umarva
5653 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chhalvant
5654 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chharbara
5655 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chhaththiamli
5656 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chhevat
5657 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chhoti Umer
5658 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Choramal
5659 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chosalpura
5660 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Chunakhan
5661 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dabba
5662 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dabhen
5663 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dajipura
5664 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Damoli
5665 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dani
5666 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dedkiamli
5667 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dekoch
5668 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dhamaniya Amba
5669 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dhamasiya
5670 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dhandhaniya
5671 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dhaniya Umarva
5672 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dharsimel
5673 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dholi Kotardi
5674 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dhumna
5675 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Dughdha
5676 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Fatepur
5677 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ferkada (Kharkhada)
5678 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Fulwadi
5679 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Gadh
5680 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ganiyar Bari
5681 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ghatamali
5682 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ghatasa
5683 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Gheswadi
5684 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ghoda
5685 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ghodisimel
5686 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ghutiya Amba
5687 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Goyavant (Rengani)
5688 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Hamirpura
5689 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Hanlli
5690 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Haripura (Boriyad)
5691 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Haripura (Nasvadi)
5692 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Haripura(Vadeshiya)
5693 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Hariyabar
5694 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Harkhod
5695 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Intiya
5696 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jajva
5697 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jakshi
5698 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jamba (Jivanpura)
5699 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jambughoda
5700 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jamli
5701 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jemalgadh
5702 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jitnagar
5703 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Jitpura
5704 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kadada (Girkheda)
5705 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kadikuva
5706 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kaduli Mahudi
5707 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kakadvani
5708 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kalidori
5709 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kaliyapura
5710 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kalkoch
5711 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kamboya
5712 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kamlavasan
5713 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kandha
5714 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kandva
5715 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kankuvasan
5716 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kantiyabar
5717 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Karamdi
5718 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kasumbiya
5719 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Katkuva
5720 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kelaniya
5721 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kesarpura
5722 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kevadi
5723 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khadakiya
5724 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khadakiya (Boriyad)
5725 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khambhayta
5726 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khapariya
5727 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khareda
5728 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khenda
5729 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khermal
5730 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khetanbar
5731 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khichadiya (Maldungra)
5732 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khodiya
5733 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khokhara
5734 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khokhra(Lavakoi)
5735 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khokhra (Tankhala)
5736 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Khushalpura
5737 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kolamba
5738 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Koli Boriyad
5739 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kolu
5740 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kothiya
5741 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Koyari
5742 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kukarda
5743 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kukavati
5744 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kumetha
5745 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kunda
5746 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Kuppa
5747 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Lavakoi
5748 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Linda
5749 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Mahebutpura
5750 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Matha Jaldhuni
5751 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Matora
5752 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Mediya
5753 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Modhala
5754 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Moradiya
5755 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Moti Zari
5756 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nakhalpur
5757 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nana Vant
5758 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nani Jaduli
5759 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nani Kadai
5760 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nani Zari
5761 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nannupura
5762 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Narda
5763 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nasvadi (CT)
5764 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Navagam (Nani Navagami)
5765 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Nishana
5766 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pala
5767 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Palasani
5768 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Palsar
5769 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pani Mahuda
5770 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pankhada (Jitnagar)
5771 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pankhada (Khichadiya)
5772 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Patadiya
5773 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Payakoi
5774 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Piplaj
5775 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Piplvani
5776 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pisayata (Digneol)
5777 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pochamba
5778 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Pothlipura
5779 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Radhani Pani
5780 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Rajpura
5781 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ramapalasadi
5782 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Rampuri
5783 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ranbor
5784 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Raneda
5785 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ranipura
5786 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ratakadav
5787 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ratanpura
5788 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Ratanpura (Kaprali)
5789 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Rayasingpura
5790 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Raypur
5791 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Reliya Amba
5792 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Roziya
5793 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Samarpura
5794 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sandhiya
5795 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sankadibari
5796 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sankal
5797 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sankal(Tankhala)
5798 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Saripani
5799 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sariyapani
5800 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sengpur
5801 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Shankarvav
5802 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Simaliya
5803 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Simalkhadu
5804 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Simel
5805 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sindhadiya
5806 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sindhikuva (Chametha)
5807 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sindhikuva (Roziya)
5808 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sindhipani
5809 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sodat
5810 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sodhaliya
5811 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Sukapura
5812 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Suklivasan
5813 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Tadkachhla
5814 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Talav
5815 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Tankhala
5816 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Tarol
5817 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Thunpura
5818 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Timba
5819 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Udet
5820 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Umarkoi
5821 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Undakotar
5822 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vadadli
5823 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vadeshiya
5824 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vadiya
5825 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vadiya (Sodhaliya)
5826 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vaghiyamahuda
5827 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vaguma
5828 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Valpura
5829 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vandriya
5830 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vanki Khakhar
5831 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vankla
5832 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vantda
5833 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vasvani
5834 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Vegannar
5835 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Velari
5836 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Viyavant
5837 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Wadia (Lavakoi)
5838 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Waghach
5839 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Zarkhali
5840 Chhotaudepur Nasvadi Zer
5841 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Agawada
5842 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bandibar
5843 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bavka
5844 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bhambhori
5845 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bhathiwada
5846 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bhutodi
5847 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bordi Inami
5848 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Bordi Khurd
5849 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Borkheda
5850 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Borwani
5851 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Brahmkheda
5852 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Chandawada
5853 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Chandwana
5854 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Chhapri
5855 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Chhayan
5856 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Chosala
5857 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Dasla
5858 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Delsar
5859 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Dhamarda
5860 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Doki
5861 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Dungarpur
5862 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Dungra
5863 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Freelandgunj (CT)
5864 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Gadoi
5865 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Gamla
5866 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Gundi Kheda
5867 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Himala
5868 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Itawa
5869 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Jalat
5870 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Jekot
5871 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Junapani
5872 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kali Talai
5873 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Karamchandnu Khedun
5874 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kathla
5875 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Katwara
5876 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Khajuri
5877 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Khangela
5878 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Khapariya
5879 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kharod
5880 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kharoda
5881 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kheng
5882 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kherdi
5883 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Khodva
5884 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Khut Kheda
5885 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kotda Bujarg
5886 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Kotda Khurd
5887 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Lilar
5888 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Limdabara
5889 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Mandavav
5890 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Moti Kharaj
5891 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Moti Lachheli
5892 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Muwalia
5893 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Naghrala
5894 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Nani Kharaj
5895 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Nani Lachheli
5896 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Nasirpur
5897 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Navagam
5898 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Nimnalia
5899 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Punsri
5900 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rabdal
5901 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rachharda
5902 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rajpur
5903 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Ramdungara
5904 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rampura
5905 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Ranapur Bujarg
5906 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Ranapur Khurd
5907 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Ravali Kheda
5908 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rentiya
5909 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Rozam
5910 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Sakarda
5911 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Salapada
5912 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Simaliya Khurd
5913 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Tanachhiya
5914 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Tanda
5915 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Tarvadia Himat
5916 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Tarvadiya Bhau
5917 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Tarvadiya Vaja
5918 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Timarda
5919 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Uchavaniya
5920 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Udar
5921 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Ukardi
5922 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Usarvan (Part)
5923 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Vadbara
5924 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Vanbhori
5925 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Vankiya
5926 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Vijagadh
5927 DAHOD Dahod Dohad Zari Khurd
5928 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Abhlod
5929 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Ambli
5930 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Bharsada
5931 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Bhe
5932 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Bhutardi
5933 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Boriyala
5934 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Chandla
5935 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Chharchhoda
5936 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Dadur
5937 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Devdha
5938 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Gangarda
5939 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Gangardi
5940 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Garbada
5941 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Gulbar
5942 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Jambua
5943 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Jesawada
5944 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Matwa
5945 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Minakyar
5946 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Nadhelav
5947 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Nalwai
5948 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Nandva
5949 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Nelsur
5950 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Nimach
5951 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Panchwada
5952 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Pandadi
5953 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Patiya
5954 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Patiya Zol
5955 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Sahada
5956 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Simaliya Bujarg
5957 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Tunki Anop
5958 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Tunki Vaju
5959 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Vadva
5960 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Vajelav
5961 DAHOD Dahod Garbada Zari Bujarg
5962 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Abhlod
5963 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Amblipani Chhotra
5964 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Amli Zoz
5965 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Ankali
5966 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Antela
5967 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Asayadi
5968 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Baina
5969 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bamroli
5970 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bamroli Mavuda
5971 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bara
5972 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bhadbha
5973 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bhathwada
5974 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bhular
5975 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bhut Pagalan
5976 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Bhuval
5977 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Biliya
5978 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Chenpur
5979 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Chhasiya (Sadadiya)
5980 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Dabhva (Sagtala)
5981 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Dangariya
5982 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Degavada
5983 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Diviya
5984 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Dudhiya
5985 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Dukhali
5986 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Fangiya
5987 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Gamdi
5988 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Guna
5989 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Hindoliya
5990 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Jambusar
5991 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Jhab (Sagtala)
5992 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Juna Bariya
5993 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Juni Bedi
5994 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kakalpur
5995 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kalia Kuwa
5996 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kali Dungari
5997 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kaliya Kota
5998 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Keliya
5999 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kelkuva
6000 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Khandaniya
6001 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kolina Punvala
6002 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Koyada
6003 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Kuva
6004 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Lavariya
6005 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Madav
6006 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Megha Muvadi
6007 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Mendra
6008 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Moti Khajuri
6009 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Moti Magoi
6010 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Moti Zari
6011 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nadatod
6012 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nagvav
6013 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nani Khajuri
6014 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nani Magoi
6015 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nani Zari
6016 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Nathudi
6017 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Navi Bedi
6018 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Panchela
6019 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Pani Vagan
6020 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Piplod
6021 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Rama
6022 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Rampura Devi
6023 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Ranipura (Ratadiya)
6024 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Ratadiya
6025 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Rathva Muvada
6026 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Rebari
6027 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Redhana
6028 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Ruvabari
6029 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Sagarama
6030 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Sagtala
6031 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Saliya
6032 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Satkunda
6033 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Sevaniya
6034 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Simlaghasi
6035 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Singedi
6036 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Singor
6037 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Tidki
6038 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Timarva
6039 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Toyani
6040 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Uchvan
6041 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Udhavala
6042 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Vadbhet
6043 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Vadodar
6044 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Vandar
6045 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Virol
6046 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Zabiya
6047 DAHOD D-Bariya Devgadbaria Zamran
6048 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Affava
6049 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Apatalai
6050 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Aspur
6051 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bachkariya (East)
6052 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Balaiya
6053 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bariyani Hathod
6054 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Barsaleda
6055 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bavani Hathod
6056 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bhat Muvadi
6057 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bhichor
6058 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bhitodi
6059 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Bhojela
6060 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Chhalor
6061 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Chikhali
6062 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Dablara
6063 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Dhadhela
6064 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Dungar
6065 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Dungra
6066 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Dungrana Pani
6067 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Fategadhi
6068 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Fatepura Alias Valunda
6069 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Gadra
6070 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Gava Dungra
6071 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Ghani Khunt
6072 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Ghata Vadiya (East)
6073 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Ghughas
6074 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Hadmat
6075 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Hindoliya
6076 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Hingla
6077 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Inta
6078 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Jagola
6079 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Jalai
6080 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Jatanana Muvada
6081 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Javesi
6082 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Jhab (East)
6083 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kaliya (Lakhanpur)
6084 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kankasiya
6085 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kanthagar
6086 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Karmel
6087 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Karodiya Purva Fatepura)
6088 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Khakhariya
6089 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Khatarpur Na Muvada
6090 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kumana Muvada
6091 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kundla
6092 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Kupda
6093 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Lakhanpur
6094 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Limadiya
6095 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Madhva
6096 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Makwana Na Varuna
6097 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Manawala Borida
6098 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Margala
6099 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Mor Mahudi
6100 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Mota Borida
6101 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Mota Natava
6102 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Moti Bara
6103 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Moti Charoli
6104 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Moti Dhadheli
6105 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Moti Nandukan
6106 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Motirel (East)
6107 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Moti Shero
6108 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nana Borida
6109 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nana Saranaiya
6110 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nani Bara
6111 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nani Charoli
6112 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nani Dhadheli
6113 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nani Nandukan
6114 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nanirel (East)
6115 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Navagam
6116 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nava Talav
6117 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nes Damorni
6118 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Nindka (East)
6119 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Padaliya
6120 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Patadiya
6121 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Pati
6122 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Patisara
6123 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Patvel
6124 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Piplara
6125 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Pipliya
6126 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Ratanpur (Nes)
6127 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Raval Na Varuna
6128 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Rupakheda
6129 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Sagdapada
6130 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Salara
6131 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Sarsawa (East)
6132 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Sukhsar
6133 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Tadhigoli
6134 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vadvas
6135 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vaghvadla
6136 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Valundi
6137 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vandariya (East)
6138 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vangad
6139 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vankaner
6140 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vansiya Kui
6141 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vatli
6142 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Vavdi (East)
6143 DAHOD Jhalod Fatepura Zer
6144 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Amba
6145 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Amba Jharan
6146 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Anvarpura
6147 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Bajarvada
6148 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Bambela
6149 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Bilwani
6150 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Chakaliya
6151 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Chatka
6152 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Chhasiya
6153 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Chhayan
6154 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Chitrodiya
6155 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dageriya
6156 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dantiya
6157 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Devjini Sarasvani
6158 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dhara Dungar
6159 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dhavadiya
6160 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dhola Khakhara
6161 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Dungri
6162 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Fulpura
6163 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Gamdi
6164 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Garadu
6165 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Ghensva
6166 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Ghodiya
6167 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Golana
6168 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Gultora
6169 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Hadmat Khunta
6170 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Jafarpura
6171 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Jitpura
6172 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kachaldhara
6173 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kadval
6174 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kaligam (Gujar)
6175 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kaligam (Inami)
6176 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kaliya Talav
6177 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kaljini Sarsavani
6178 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kankara Kuva
6179 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Karath
6180 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Khakhariya
6181 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kharsana
6182 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kharvani
6183 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kheda
6184 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kotda
6185 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Kuni
6186 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Lilva Deva
6187 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Lilva Pokar
6188 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Lilva Thakor
6189 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Limdi
6190 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Maghanisar
6191 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Mahudi
6192 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Malvasi
6193 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Melaniya
6194 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Mirakhedi
6195 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Moti Handi
6196 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Mudaheda
6197 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Mundha
6198 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Mun Khosla
6199 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Nani Handi
6200 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Nansalai
6201 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Nime Varod
6202 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Paniya
6203 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Pareva
6204 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Parthampur
6205 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Pavdi (Inami)
6206 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Pethapur
6207 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Pipaliya
6208 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Piplet
6209 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Rajadiya
6210 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Rajpur
6211 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Raliati Gujjar
6212 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Raliyati Bhura
6213 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Rampura
6214 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Raniyar Inami
6215 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Raniyar Kanbi
6216 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Raypura
6217 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Rupakheda
6218 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Sabli
6219 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Sampoi
6220 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Sarmariya
6221 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Shankarpura
6222 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Sharda
6223 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Simaliya
6224 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Sitavatli
6225 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Suthar Vasa
6226 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Tadhagola
6227 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Tandi
6228 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Tatariya
6229 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Thala (Limdi)
6230 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Therka
6231 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Thunthi Kankasiya
6232 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Timachi
6233 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Vagela
6234 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Vankol
6235 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Varod
6236 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Vasti
6237 DAHOD Jhalod Jhalod Velpura
6238 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Anika
6239 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Bachkariya
6240 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Bhaman
6241 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Bhamela
6242 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Bhanpur
6243 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Boda Dungar
6244 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Bodiya Bhint
6245 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Chakisana
6246 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Chamariya
6247 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Chandana Muvada
6248 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dhalsimal
6249 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dhamena
6250 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dhavdi Faliya
6251 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dhedhiya
6252 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dhedhiyano Nalo
6253 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Doka Talavdi
6254 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Doki
6255 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Dungra
6256 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Galana Pad
6257 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Garadiya
6258 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Gasali
6259 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Govinda Talai
6260 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Hirola
6261 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Itadi
6262 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Jaror
6263 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Jasuni
6264 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Jetpur
6265 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kadvana Pad
6266 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kakreli
6267 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kalyanpura
6268 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kanji Khedi
6269 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Karamba
6270 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kavdana Muvada
6271 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kota
6272 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Kunda
6273 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Lavara
6274 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Lunjana Muvada
6275 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Mandli
6276 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Moli
6277 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Mota Kaliya
6278 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Nana Kaliya
6279 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Nariyani Muvadi
6280 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Nenki
6281 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Patela
6282 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Pichhoda
6283 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Pratappura
6284 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Sanjeli (CT)
6285 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Sarori
6286 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Thala (Sanjeli)
6287 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Tisana Muvada
6288 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Trakda Mahudi
6289 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Trakda Mahudina Muvada
6290 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Valunda
6291 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Vaniya Ghanti
6292 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Vansiya
6293 DAHOD Jhalod Sanjeli Zusa
6294 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Adalwada
6295 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Agasvani
6296 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Alindra
6297 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ambakach
6298 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ambli Menpur
6299 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Andarpura
6300 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bedat
6301 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bhanpur (Kakadkhila)
6302 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bhindol
6303 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bhorva
6304 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bhuvera
6305 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Biliya
6306 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bogadva
6307 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Bor
6308 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Budhpur
6309 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Chari
6310 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Chorbariya
6311 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dabhava
6312 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dhanarpatiya
6313 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dhanpur (To)
6314 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dolariya
6315 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dudhamali
6316 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dumka
6317 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Dungarpur (To)
6318 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Gadvel
6319 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Gangardi Faliya
6320 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ghada
6321 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ghodajar
6322 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Gohelvaga
6323 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Gumli (Dho)
6324 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Harakhpur
6325 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kadval
6326 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kakad Khila
6327 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kalakhunt
6328 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kaliyavad
6329 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kanakuwa
6330 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kanjeta
6331 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kanseta
6332 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kantu
6333 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kanzar
6334 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Khadada (Na)
6335 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Khajuri
6336 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Khalta Garabdi
6337 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Khokhbed
6338 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Khokhra
6339 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kotambi
6340 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kothariya
6341 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Kundawada
6342 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ladva Vad
6343 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Lakhana Gojiya
6344 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Leliya Amba
6345 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Limdi Medhari
6346 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Lukhadiya
6347 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Mahunala
6348 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Mandav
6349 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Mandor
6350 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Modhva
6351 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Moti Malu
6352 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Nakti
6353 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Nalu
6354 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Nanimalu
6355 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Nan Salai
6356 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Navanagar
6357 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Panam
6358 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Pav
6359 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Pipargota
6360 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Pipariya (To)
6361 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Pipearo
6362 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Pipodra
6363 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Punakota
6364 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Rachhava
6365 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Raiyavan
6366 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Rampur
6367 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Sajoi
6368 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Sangasar
6369 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Sankarpura
6370 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Simamoi
6371 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Singawali
6372 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Surpur (Umariya)
6373 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Taramkach
6374 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Tokarva
6375 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Udhal Mahuda
6376 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ulkadar
6377 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Umariya
6378 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Undar
6379 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Vakasiya
6380 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Vakota
6381 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Vasiya Dungari
6382 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Ved
6383 DAHOD Limkheda Dhanpur Zabu
6384 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Agara (Randhikpur)
6385 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Agara (U)
6386 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Ambava
6387 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Andhari
6388 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Anoppura
6389 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Aroda
6390 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Atarsumba
6391 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bar
6392 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bara
6393 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Barela
6394 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Baroda
6395 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bhanpur (Randhikpur)
6396 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bhilpaniya
6397 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bhimpura
6398 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Bhutkhedi
6399 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Borgota
6400 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chachakpur
6401 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chaidiya
6402 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chatki
6403 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chhaparvad
6404 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chhapri
6405 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chilakota
6406 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Choki
6407 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chopat Palli
6408 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Chunddi
6409 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dabhada
6410 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dakara
6411 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dantiya
6412 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dasa
6413 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Degawada
6414 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Devdhi
6415 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dhabudi
6416 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dhadhela
6417 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dhamanbari
6418 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dhanpur (Du)
6419 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dudhiya
6420 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dudhiyadhara
6421 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Dungara
6422 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Fatepura
6423 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Fofan
6424 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Fulpari
6425 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Ghuntiya
6426 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Goriya
6427 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Gumni (Du)
6428 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Handi
6429 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Hathiyavan
6430 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Hirapur
6431 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Humadpur
6432 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda (i) Dohad (OG)
6433 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Jada Kheriya
6434 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Jamadra
6435 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Jamri
6436 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Jetpur (Du)
6437 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Jetpur (R)
6438 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Juna Vadiya
6439 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kakri Dungari
6440 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kaliya Gota
6441 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kaliyarai
6442 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kamboi
6443 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Karmadi
6444 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Katarani Palli
6445 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Katholiya
6446 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kelkuva
6447 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kesharpura
6448 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Khadada (Umariya)
6449 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Khirkhai
6450 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Khudra
6451 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Khunta
6452 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kothara
6453 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kumpur
6454 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kundha
6455 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Kunlli
6456 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Limbodar
6457 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Limkheda (CT)
6458 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Lukhawada
6459 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Machhelai
6460 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Malekpur
6461 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Mander
6462 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Mangal Mahudi
6463 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Manlli
6464 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Matana Palla
6465 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Methan
6466 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Mota Ambaliya
6467 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Mota Hathidhara
6468 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Motamal
6469 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Moti Bandibar
6470 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Moti Vasvani
6471 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Moti Vav
6472 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Munavani
6473 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nana Ambaliya
6474 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nana Hathidhara
6475 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nana Mal
6476 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nani Bandibar
6477 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nani Sanjeli
6478 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nani Vasvani
6479 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nani Vav
6480 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Navagam
6481 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Nava Vadiya
6482 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Navipuri
6483 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Ninamana Khakhariya
6484 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Ninamani Vav
6485 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pada
6486 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Padaliya
6487 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Padola
6488 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pahad
6489 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Palla
6490 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Palli
6491 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pania
6492 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Panivela
6493 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Panta
6494 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Parmarna Dungarpur
6495 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Parmarna Kharkhariya
6496 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Parpata
6497 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Patangadi
6498 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Patdi
6499 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Patwan
6500 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pipaliya
6501 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Piplapani
6502 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pipli
6503 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pisoi
6504 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Polisimal
6505 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Pratappura
6506 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Rai
6507 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Randhikpur
6508 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Ranipura
6509 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Rathodna Dungarpur
6510 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Sakariya
6511 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Sangiya
6512 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Sarjumi
6513 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Sati Faliya
6514 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Shasta
6515 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Singapur
6516 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Singvad
6517 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Sudiya
6518 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Surpur (Randhikpur)
6519 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Tarmi
6520 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Timba
6521 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Toyani
6522 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Tunta Ghati
6523 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Umedpura
6524 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Usra
6525 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vadapipla
6526 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vadela
6527 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vaghnala
6528 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vala Gota
6529 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Valundi
6530 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vanjhariya
6531 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vateda
6532 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Vislanga
6533 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Zaliya Pada
6534 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Zarola (Du)
6535 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Zarola (Randhikpur)
6536 DAHOD Limkheda Limkheda Zerjitgadh
6537 Dang Ahwa Subir Ahirpada
6538 Dang Ahwa Subir Ambur
6539 Dang Ahwa Subir Amsarpada
6540 Dang Ahwa Subir Amthawa
6541 Dang Ahwa Subir Badiganvtha
6542 Dang Ahwa Subir Bandhpada
6543 Dang Ahwa Subir Barda(Khambhla Saja)
6544 Dang Ahwa Subir Bardipada(Naktyahanwatsaja)
6545 Dang Ahwa Subir Bardipada (Saja)
6546 Dang Ahwa Subir Behdun
6547 Dang Ahwa Subir Bhondvihir
6548 Dang Ahwa Subir Bibupada
6549 Dang Ahwa Subir Bijurpada
6550 Dang Ahwa Subir Bilbari
6551 Dang Ahwa Subir Biliamba
6552 Dang Ahwa Subir Bokadmal
6553 Dang Ahwa Subir Burthadi
6554 Dang Ahwa Subir Chamarpada
6555 Dang Ahwa Subir Chichpada (Vadpada)
6556 Dang Ahwa Subir Chikhli (Lavchalisaja)
6557 Dang Ahwa Subir Chinchvihir
6558 Dang Ahwa Subir Daher
6559 Dang Ahwa Subir Dholiyaumbar(Narayan devpada)
6560 Dang Ahwa Subir Dhongiamba
6561 Dang Ahwa Subir Dhulda
6562 Dang Ahwa Subir Dumarya
6563 Dang Ahwa Subir Garkhadi
6564 Dang Ahwa Subir Gavdahad
6565 Dang Ahwa Subir Gawhan
6566 Dang Ahwa Subir Gaygothan
6567 Dang Ahwa Subir Ghana
6568 Dang Ahwa Subir Ghaniamba
6569 Dang Ahwa Subir Ghubadia
6570 Dang Ahwa Subir Girmal
6571 Dang Ahwa Subir Gurudiya
6572 Dang Ahwa Subir Hadol
6573 Dang Ahwa Subir Hanwatpada(Pipaldahadsaja)
6574 Dang Ahwa Subir Hindla
6575 Dang Ahwa Subir Iskhandi
6576 Dang Ahwa Subir Jamansonda
6577 Dang Ahwa Subir Jamanya
6578 Dang Ahwa Subir Jamla
6579 Dang Ahwa Subir Jamnyamal
6580 Dang Ahwa Subir Jarsol
6581 Dang Ahwa Subir Jharan
6582 Dang Ahwa Subir Jhari
6583 Dang Ahwa Subir Jogthawa
6584 Dang Ahwa Subir Junner
6585 Dang Ahwa Subir Kadmal(Subir)
6586 Dang Ahwa Subir Kakadvihir
6587 Dang Ahwa Subir Kakshala
6588 Dang Ahwa Subir Kangariyamal
6589 Dang Ahwa Subir Karanjda (Lavchalisaja)
6590 Dang Ahwa Subir Karanjpada
6591 Dang Ahwa Subir Kasadbari
6592 Dang Ahwa Subir Kel
6593 Dang Ahwa Subir Keshbandh
6594 Dang Ahwa Subir Khajurna
6595 Dang Ahwa Subir Khambhla
6596 Dang Ahwa Subir Kherindra
6597 Dang Ahwa Subir Khokhari
6598 Dang Ahwa Subir Kirli
6599 Dang Ahwa Subir Lahan Jhadadar
6600 Dang Ahwa Subir Lahan Kasad
6601 Dang Ahwa Subir Lavchali
6602 Dang Ahwa Subir Mahal
6603 Dang Ahwa Subir Malga
6604 Dang Ahwa Subir Mohpada (Pipaldahad)
6605 Dang Ahwa Subir Mokhamal
6606 Dang Ahwa Subir Moti Jhadadar
6607 Dang Ahwa Subir Moti Kasad
6608 Dang Ahwa Subir Nakatia Hanwat
6609 Dang Ahwa Subir Nishana
6610 Dang Ahwa Subir Padalkhadi
6611 Dang Ahwa Subir Palsamal
6612 Dang Ahwa Subir Pandharpada
6613 Dang Ahwa Subir Pipalaidevi
6614 Dang Ahwa Subir Pipaldahad
6615 Dang Ahwa Subir Pipalpada
6616 Dang Ahwa Subir Sajupada
6617 Dang Ahwa Subir Satbabla
6618 Dang Ahwa Subir Sawarda
6619 Dang Ahwa Subir Sawardakasad
6620 Dang Ahwa Subir Sawarpada
6621 Dang Ahwa Subir Sepuamba
6622 Dang Ahwa Subir Shivbara
6623 Dang Ahwa Subir Singana
6624 Dang Ahwa Subir Subir
6625 Dang Ahwa Subir Timbarthawa
6626 Dang Ahwa Subir Uga(Lavchali)
6627 Dang Ahwa Subir Vadpada
6628 Dang Ahwa Subir Wahutiya
6629 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Aherdi
6630 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Ambapada (Vaghai)
6631 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Amsarwalan
6632 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Baj
6633 Dang Ahwa Vadhai BARDA
6634 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Barda (Manmodisaja)
6635 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Barkhandhia
6636 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhadarpada
6637 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhalkhet
6638 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhawadi
6639 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhendmal
6640 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhenskatri
6641 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhongdya
6642 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhujad
6643 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bhurbhendi
6644 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bondarmal
6645 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Bordahad
6646 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Borigaotha (Waghaisaja)
6647 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Borpada
6648 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chichigaontha
6649 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chikar (Jhavdasaja)
6650 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chikar(Rambhas Saja)
6651 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chikhala(Kalibelsaja)
6652 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chikhalda
6653 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Chinchod
6654 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dabdar (Waghai)
6655 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dagadiamba
6656 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dagadpada
6657 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Daguniya
6658 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Darapada
6659 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dardi
6660 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Devipada
6661 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dhadhra
6662 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dhangdi
6663 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dhodhalpada
6664 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Divadyawan
6665 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dodipada
6666 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Dokpatal
6667 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Enginpada (Kolbari)
6668 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Ghodi
6669 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Ghodwahal
6670 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Gira
6671 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Godadiya
6672 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Gundvahal
6673 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Gunjpeda
6674 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Jamalapada
6675 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Jamanpada
6676 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Jhariya (Dungarda)
6677 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Jhavda
6678 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kakarda
6679 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kalamkhet
6680 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kalibel
6681 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kanchanpada
6682 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Khatal
6683 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Khirmani
6684 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Khopri Amba
6685 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kosimda
6686 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kosimpatal
6687 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Koylipada
6688 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kudkas
6689 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kukadnakhi
6690 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kumarbandh
6691 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kunda
6692 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Kusmal
6693 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Lahandabdar
6694 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Lahanmalunga
6695 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Luharia
6696 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Malin
6697 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Manmodi
6698 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Masli
6699 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Mota Malunga
6700 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Moti Dabdar
6701 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Murambi
6702 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Nadakchond
6703 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Nanapada
6704 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Nimbarpada
6705 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Pandharmal
6706 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Patli
6707 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Rambhas
6708 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Sadadmal
6709 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Sakarpatal
6710 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Sarwar
6711 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Sawarkhadi
6712 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Shivarimal
6713 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Silotmal
6714 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Sodmal
6715 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Supdahad
6716 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Susarda
6717 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Tekpada
6718 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Uga(Rambhasaja)
6719 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Vanzat Amba
6720 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Waghai (CT)
6721 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Waghmal
6722 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Wanarchond
6723 Dang Ahwa Vadhai Wankan
6724 Dang The Dangs Ahwa (CT)
6725 Dang The Dangs Ambalia
6726 Dang The Dangs Ambapada (Chikhli Saja)
6727 Dang The Dangs Anjankund
6728 Dang The Dangs Baradpani
6729 Dang The Dangs Baripada
6730 Dang The Dangs Barmiawad
6731 Dang The Dangs Bhapkhal
6732 Dang The Dangs Bhavandagad
6733 Dang The Dangs Bhisya
6734 Dang The Dangs Bhurapani
6735 Dang The Dangs Bilmal
6736 Dang The Dangs Borigaotha (Samgahan Saja)
6737 Dang The Dangs Borkhal
6738 Dang The Dangs Borkhet
6739 Dang The Dangs Chankhal
6740 Dang The Dangs Chaukiya
6741 Dang The Dangs Chavadvel
6742 Dang The Dangs Chikatiya
6743 Dang The Dangs Chikhali (Samgahan Saja)
6744 Dang The Dangs Chinchdhara
6745 Dang The Dangs Chinchli
6746 Dang The Dangs Chinchpada (Galkundsaja)
6747 Dang The Dangs Chirapada
6748 Dang The Dangs Davdahad
6749 Dang The Dangs Dhavalidod
6750 Dang The Dangs Dhuda
6751 Dang The Dangs Dhulchond
6752 Dang The Dangs Dhumkhal
6753 Dang The Dangs Diwan Tembrun
6754 Dang The Dangs Don
6755 Dang The Dangs Gadad
6756 Dang The Dangs Gadhvi
6757 Dang The Dangs Gadvihir
6758 Dang The Dangs Galkund
6759 Dang The Dangs Garmal
6760 Dang The Dangs Gaurya
6761 Dang The Dangs Gaykhas
6762 Dang The Dangs Ghoghli
6763 Dang The Dangs Ghubita
6764 Dang The Dangs Golasta
6765 Dang The Dangs Gondalvihir
6766 Dang The Dangs Gotiyamal
6767 Dang The Dangs Gundia
6768 Dang The Dangs Hanwatchond
6769 Dang The Dangs Hanwatpada(Chinchlisaja)
6770 Dang The Dangs Harpada
6771 Dang The Dangs Humbapada
6772 Dang The Dangs (ii) Chovisi (OG)
6773 Dang The Dangs (i) Jamalpore (OG)
6774 Dang The Dangs Isdar(Borkhalsaja)
6775 Dang The Dangs Isdar (Gadhvi)
6776 Dang The Dangs Jakhana
6777 Dang The Dangs Jamanvihir
6778 Dang The Dangs Jamdar
6779 Dang The Dangs Jamlapada(Gadhvisaja)
6780 Dang The Dangs Javtala
6781 Dang The Dangs Jogbari
6782 Dang The Dangs Kadmal(Gadadsaja)
6783 Dang The Dangs Kahandolghodi
6784 Dang The Dangs Kalamvihir
6785 Dang The Dangs Kamad
6786 Dang The Dangs Kamdiawan
6787 Dang The Dangs Karadiamba
6788 Dang The Dangs Karanjdi(Gadadsaja)
6789 Dang The Dangs Kasavdahad
6790 Dang The Dangs Khapri
6791 Dang The Dangs Kosabia
6792 Dang The Dangs Kotamdar
6793 Dang The Dangs Kotba
6794 Dang The Dangs Kutarnachiya
6795 Dang The Dangs Lahancharya
6796 Dang The Dangs Lahandabhas
6797 Dang The Dangs Linga
6798 Dang The Dangs Madalbari
6799 Dang The Dangs Mahalpada
6800 Dang The Dangs Maharaychond
6801 Dang The Dangs Mahardar
6802 Dang The Dangs Malegaon
6803 Dang The Dangs Mogra
6804 Dang The Dangs Mohpada(Galkundsaja)
6805 Dang The Dangs Morzira
6806 Dang The Dangs Motacharya
6807 Dang The Dangs Moti Dabhas
6808 Dang The Dangs Mulchond
6809 Dang The Dangs Nadagkhadi
6810 Dang The Dangs Nandanpeda
6811 Dang The Dangs Nilsakiya
6812 Dang The Dangs Nimpada
6813 Dang The Dangs Nirgudmal
6814 Dang The Dangs Pandva
6815 Dang The Dangs Payarpada
6816 Dang The Dangs Pimpri
6817 Dang The Dangs Pipalghodi
6818 Dang The Dangs Pipalpada(Galkundsaja)
6819 Dang The Dangs Pipalyamal
6820 Dang The Dangs Ranpada
6821 Dang The Dangs Ravchond
6822 Dang The Dangs Sadadvihir
6823 Dang The Dangs Samgahan
6824 Dang The Dangs Sati
6825 Dang The Dangs Sendriamba
6826 Dang The Dangs Sinbandh
6827 Dang The Dangs Songir
6828 Dang The Dangs Sonuniya
6829 Dang The Dangs Sukmal
6830 Dang The Dangs Sunda
6831 Dang The Dangs Taklipada (Pipalaidevi)
6832 Dang The Dangs Taklipada (Taklipada Saja)
6833 Dang The Dangs Tembrungartha
6834 Dang The Dangs Thorpada
6835 Dang The Dangs Ukhatiya
6836 Dang The Dangs Umarya
6837 Dang The Dangs Umbarpada
6838 Dang The Dangs Vanar
6839 Dang The Dangs Vanzarghodi
6840 Dang The Dangs Vanzattembrun
6841 Dang The Dangs Vihiramba
6842 Dang The Dangs Wadiawan
6843 Dang The Dangs Waidun
6844 Dang The Dangs Wakarya
6845 Dang The Dangs Wangan
6846 Dang The Dangs Wanki
6847 Dang The Dangs Wasurna
6848 Dang The Dangs Wawanda
6849 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Abhpara Nes
6850 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ambaliyara
6851 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ambardi
6852 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Amrachhella
6853 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bado Nes
6854 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Baradi Nes
6855 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bari Nes
6856 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Baritalav Nes
6857 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bataliyo Nes
6858 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bhangor
6859 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bharadi Nes
6860 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bharatpur
6861 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bhavaneshvar
6862 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bhenakvad
6863 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bhoriya
6864 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Bodki
6865 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Chandvad
6866 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Chhapiyo Nes
6867 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Chokhanda
6868 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Danderi Nes
6869 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dandra Nes
6870 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dharagar
6871 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dhebar
6872 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dhedhakhuna Nes
6873 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dhedhio Nes
6874 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dhola Dhuna Nes
6875 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dhramni Nes
6876 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Dudhala
6877 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Fatepur
6878 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Fotdi
6879 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Fuljhar Nes
6880 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Gadu
6881 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Gali Nes
6882 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ghumli
6883 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Gulabsagar Nes
6884 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Gunda
6885 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Gundla
6886 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Hathla
6887 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Jambusar
6888 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Jampar
6889 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Jasapar
6890 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Jharera
6891 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kabarka
6892 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kalyanpar
6893 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kansaliyo Nes
6894 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kantoliya
6895 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kapurdi Nes
6896 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Karanjvaro
6897 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kasvirdo Nes
6898 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kathano Nes
6899 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kathiyani Nes
6900 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Katkola
6901 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Khatariyo Nes
6902 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Kheral
6903 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Khodiyar Nes
6904 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Khunano Nes
6905 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Killeshwar Nes
6906 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Krushnagadh
6907 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Mevasa
6908 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Modpar
6909 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Mokhana
6910 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Moradiyo Nes
6911 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Morjhar
6912 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Mota Kalavad
6913 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Navagam
6914 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Pachhatar
6915 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Pachhatardi
6916 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ranasar Nes
6917 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ranivav Nes
6918 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ranpar
6919 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ranparda
6920 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Ravno Nes
6921 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Renta Kalavad
6922 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Rojhda
6923 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Rojhivada
6924 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Rupamora
6925 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Sai Devaliya
6926 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Sajadiyali
6927 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Sakroja
6928 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Sanakhala
6929 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Satsagar Nes
6930 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Savarkundla
6931 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Sevak Devaliya
6932 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Shedhakhai
6933 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Shiva
6934 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Son kansari Nes
6935 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Suvardo Nes
6936 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Tadi Nes
6937 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Thar Nes
6938 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Timbdi
6939 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Vagadiyo Nes
6940 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Vanavad
6941 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Verad
6942 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Bhanvad Vi Nes
6943 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Ashiyavadar
6944 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Asota Mota
6945 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bamanasa
6946 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bankodi
6947 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bhatiya
6948 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bhatvadiya
6949 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bhogat
6950 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Bhopalka
6951 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Chachlana
6952 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Chandravada
6953 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Chapar
6954 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Chur
6955 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Dangarvad
6956 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Devaliya
6957 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Dhaturiya
6958 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Dhrumthal
6959 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Dudhiya
6960 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gadhka
6961 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gaga
6962 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gandhvi
6963 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gangdi
6964 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Goji Nes
6965 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gokalpar
6966 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gorana
6967 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Gurgadh
6968 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Habardi Manipur
6969 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Hadmatiya
6970 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Haripar
6971 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Jampar
6972 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Jepur
6973 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Jodhpar
6974 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Juvanpar
6975 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Kalyanpur
6976 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Kanakpar
6977 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Kanpar Sherdi
6978 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Kenedi
6979 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Keshavpura
6980 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Khakharda
6981 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Khijadad
6982 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Khirasara
6983 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Lamba
6984 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Mahadeviya
6985 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Maleta
6986 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Mangariya
6987 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Manpara
6988 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Meghpur Titodi
6989 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Mevasa
6990 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Nagadiya
6991 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Nandana
6992 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Navadra
6993 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Paneli
6994 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Patelka
6995 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Pindara
6996 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Premsar
6997 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Rajpar
6998 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Ran
6999 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Ranjitpar
7000 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Ranparda
7001 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Sanosari
7002 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Satapar
7003 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Sidsara
7004 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Suryavadar
7005 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Tankariya
7006 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Kalyanpur Virpur Lusari
7007 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Ajad Tapu
7008 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Ambardi
7009 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bajana
7010 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Beh
7011 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Beraja
7012 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhadthar
7013 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhandariya
7014 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhankhokhari
7015 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhara Beraja
7016 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bharana
7017 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhatel
7018 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhatgam
7019 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Bhinda
7020 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Charbara
7021 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Chudeshvar
7022 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Danta
7023 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Datrana
7024 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Devaliya (A)
7025 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Dhandhusar
7026 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Dharampur
7027 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Fot
7028 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Gandhiya (Kado)
7029 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Goinj
7030 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Golan Sherdi
7031 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Hanjdapar
7032 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Hansthal
7033 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Haripar
7034 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Harshadpur
7035 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia (iii) Vibhapar (OG)
7036 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia (ii) Port Area (OG)
7037 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia (i) Jamnagar (OG)
7038 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Juvangadh
7039 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kabar Visotri
7040 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kajurda
7041 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kalawad Simani
7042 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kalubhar Tapu
7043 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kanchanpur
7044 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kandorna
7045 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kathi Devaliya
7046 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Keshod
7047 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Khajuriya
7048 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kolava
7049 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kota
7050 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kotadiya
7051 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kotha Visotri
7052 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Kuvadiya
7053 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Lakhasar Hapa
7054 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Laliya
7055 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Lalparda
7056 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Laluka
7057 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Madhupur
7058 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Mahadeviya
7059 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Manza
7060 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Mota Ambla
7061 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Mota Mandha
7062 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Moti Khokhri
7063 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Movan
7064 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Nagada
7065 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Nana Ambla
7066 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Nana Ashota
7067 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Nana Mandha
7068 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Panero(Kado)
7069 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Parodiya
7070 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Pipliya
7071 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Pir Lakhasar
7072 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Ramnagar
7073 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sagariya
7074 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sakhpar
7075 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Samor
7076 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Shaktinagar (CT)
7077 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sheda Bhadthar
7078 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sidhpur
7079 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sinhan Aher
7080 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sinhan Kakabhai
7081 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sodasala
7082 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sodha Tardhari
7083 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sonaradi
7084 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sumra Taradhari
7085 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Sutariya
7086 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Tathiya
7087 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Thakar Sherdi
7088 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Timbdi
7089 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Vadaliya Sinhan
7090 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Vadinar
7091 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Vadtra
7092 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Vinzalpar
7093 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Viramdad
7094 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Khambhaliya Khambhalia Zakasiya
7095 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Aniari
7096 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Baradia
7097 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Batisa
7098 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Bhimrana
7099 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Charakla
7100 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Dhinaki
7101 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Dhrasan Vel
7102 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Gadhechi
7103 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Gorinja
7104 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Goriyali
7105 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Hamusar
7106 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Juni Dhrevad
7107 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Kalyanpur
7108 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Khatumba
7109 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Korada
7110 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Kuranga
7111 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Lovrali
7112 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Makanpur
7113 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Maripur
7114 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mevasa
7115 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mithapur (CT)
7116 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mojap
7117 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mota Bhavda
7118 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mulvasar
7119 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Mulvel
7120 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Nageshvar
7121 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Nana Bhavda
7122 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Navi Dhrevad
7123 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Okhamadhi
7124 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Padli
7125 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Positra
7126 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Rajpara
7127 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Rangasar
7128 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Shamlasar
7129 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Shivrajpur
7130 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Tobar
7131 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Tupani
7132 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Vachhu
7133 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Varavala
7134 DEVBHUMI DWARKA Okhamandal Vasai
7135 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Ahamadpur
7136 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Amrajina Muvada
7137 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Anguthala
7138 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Antoli
7139 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Antroli
7140 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Arajanjina Muvada
7141 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Babra
7142 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Badpur
7143 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bahiyel
7144 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bardoli (Bariya)
7145 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bardoli (Kothi)
7146 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bariya
7147 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bhadroda
7148 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Bilamana
7149 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Chamla
7150 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Chand Jesana Muvada
7151 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Chekhlapagi
7152 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Chiskari
7153 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Dahegam
7154 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Demaliya
7155 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Devkaran Na Muvada
7156 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Dharisana
7157 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Dod
7158 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Dumecha
7159 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Ghamij
7160 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Halisa
7161 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Harakhjina Muvada
7162 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Harsoli
7163 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Hathijan
7164 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Hilol
7165 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Hilol Vasna
7166 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Isanpur Dodiya
7167 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Jaliyano Math
7168 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Jalundra Mota
7169 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Jindva
7170 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Jivajini Muvadi
7171 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kadadara
7172 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kadjodra
7173 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kalyanji Na Muvada
7174 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kamalbandh Vasna
7175 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kanipur
7176 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kantharpur
7177 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Karoli
7178 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Khaakhara
7179 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Khadiya
7180 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Khanpur
7181 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Kodrali
7182 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Krishnanagar
7183 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Lavad
7184 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Lihoda
7185 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Machhang Moti
7186 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Machhang Nani
7187 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Mahudiya
7188 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Meghraj Na Muvada
7189 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Mirapur
7190 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Mirjapur
7191 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Mithana Muvada
7192 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Morali Moti
7193 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Mosampur
7194 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Moti Pavthi
7195 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Motipura
7196 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Najupura
7197 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Nana Jalundra
7198 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Nandol
7199 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Navanagar
7200 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Ottampur
7201 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Pahadiya
7202 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Palaiya
7203 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Pallano Math
7204 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Palundra
7205 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Pasuniya
7206 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Patna Kuva
7207 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Piplaj
7208 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Rakhiyal
7209 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Ramnagar
7210 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sagdalpur
7211 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sahebji Na Muvada
7212 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Salki
7213 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sambela
7214 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sametri
7215 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sampa
7216 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sanoda
7217 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Shiyapur
7218 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Shiyavada
7219 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Sujana Muvada
7220 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Thadakuva
7221 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Udan
7222 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vadod
7223 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vadvasa
7224 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vardhana Muvada
7225 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vasana Chaudhary
7226 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vasna Rathod
7227 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vasna Sogthi
7228 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Vatva
7229 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Velpura
7230 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dehgam Zak
7231 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Adalaj (CT)
7232 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Adraj Moti
7233 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Alampur
7234 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Ambapur
7235 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Amiyapur
7236 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Basan
7237 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Bhat (CT)
7238 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Bhoyan Rathod
7239 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Chandrala
7240 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Chekhalarani
7241 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Chhala
7242 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Chiloda (Dabhoda)
7243 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Chiloda (Naroda) (CT)
7244 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dabhoda
7245 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dantali
7246 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dashela
7247 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dhanap
7248 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dholakuva
7249 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Dolarana Vasana
7250 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Galudan
7251 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Giyod
7252 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Isanpur Mota
7253 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Jakhora
7254 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Jalund
7255 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Jamiyatpur
7256 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Karai
7257 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Khoraj
7258 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Koba
7259 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kolavada
7260 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Koteshwar
7261 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kudasan
7262 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Lavarpur
7263 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Lekawada
7264 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Limbadia
7265 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Madhavgadh
7266 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Magodi
7267 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mahudara
7268 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Medra
7269 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Nabhoi
7270 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Nava Dharmpur (Bhundiya)
7271 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Palaj (CT)
7272 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Pethapur
7273 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Pindharada
7274 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Piplaj
7275 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Pirojpur
7276 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Por
7277 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Prantiya
7278 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Pundarasan
7279 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Raipur
7280 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Rajpur
7281 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Ranasan
7282 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Randesan
7283 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Randheja
7284 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Ratanpur
7285 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Raysan
7286 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Rupal
7287 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sadra
7288 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sardhav
7289 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sargasan
7290 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Shahpur
7291 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Shertha
7292 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Shiholi Moti
7293 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sonarda
7294 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sonipur
7295 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Sugad
7296 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Tarapur
7297 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Titoda
7298 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Unava
7299 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Unvarsad
7300 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vadodara
7301 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Valad
7302 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vankanerda
7303 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vasan
7304 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vasana Hadmatia
7305 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vavol (CT)
7306 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Vira Talavdi
7307 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Zundal
7308 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol (1) Pratappura
7309 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol (2) Rampura
7310 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Adhana
7311 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Aluva
7312 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Amaja
7313 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Arsodiya (CT)
7314 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Balva
7315 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Bhadol
7316 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Bhavpura
7317 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Bhimasan
7318 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Bhoyan Moti
7319 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Bileshvarpura
7320 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Borisana
7321 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Chandisana
7322 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Chhaatral (INA)
7323 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dantali
7324 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dhamasna
7325 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dhanaj
7326 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dhanot
7327 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dhendhu
7328 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Dingucha
7329 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Ganpatpura
7330 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Golthara
7331 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Hajipur
7332 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Himmatpura
7333 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Isand
7334 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Itla
7335 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Jamla
7336 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Jaspur
7337 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Jethlaj
7338 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Kalol
7339 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Kantha
7340 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Karoli
7341 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Khatraj
7342 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Khorajdabhi
7343 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Mokhasan
7344 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Mubarakpura
7345 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Mulasana
7346 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Nadri
7347 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Nandoli
7348 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Nardipur
7349 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Nasmed
7350 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Nava
7351 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Ola
7352 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Paliyad
7353 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Palodiya
7354 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Palsana
7355 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Pansar
7356 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Piyaj
7357 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Pratappura
7358 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Rakanpur
7359 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Ramnagar
7360 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Rancharada
7361 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Ranchhodpura
7362 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Sabaspur
7363 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Saij (CT)
7364 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Sanavad
7365 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Santej
7366 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Sherisa
7367 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Sobhasan
7368 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Soja
7369 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Unali
7370 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Usmanabad
7371 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vadavsvami
7372 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vadsar
7373 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vagosana
7374 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vansajada
7375 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vansajada Dhedia
7376 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Vayana
7377 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Kalol Veda
7378 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Ajol
7379 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Amarapur
7380 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Amarpura
7381 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Ambod
7382 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Anodiya
7383 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Badpura
7384 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Bapupura
7385 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Bhimpura
7386 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Bilodra
7387 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Boru
7388 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Chadasana
7389 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Charada
7390 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Delvad
7391 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Delvada
7392 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Dhameda
7393 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Dholakuva
7394 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Fatehpura
7395 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Galthara
7396 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Gulabpura
7397 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Gunma
7398 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Harnahoda
7399 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (iii) Unvarsad (OG)
7400 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (ii) Shertha (OG)
7401 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (i) Kolvada (OG)
7402 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Indrapura
7403 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Itadara
7404 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (iv) Vasana Hadmatia (OG)
7405 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (ix) Kudasan (OG)
7406 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Khadat
7407 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Kharna
7408 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Khata Amba
7409 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Kuvadara
7410 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Lakroda
7411 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Limbodara
7412 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Lodra
7413 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Mahudi
7414 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Mandali (Vihar)
7415 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Manekpur Makakhad
7416 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Mansa
7417 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Padusma
7418 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Paldi Rathod
7419 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Paldi Vyas
7420 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Parbatpura
7421 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Parsa
7422 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Patanpura
7423 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Pundhara
7424 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Rajpura
7425 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Rampura (M)
7426 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Rangpur
7427 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Ridrol
7428 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Samou
7429 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Solaiya
7430 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Varsoda
7431 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Veda (Motopura)
7432 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa Vihar
7433 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (viii) Randesan (OG)
7434 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (vii) Sargasan (OG)
7435 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (vi) Jamiyatpur (OG)
7436 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (v) Tarapur (OG)
7437 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xi) Ambapur (OG)
7438 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xiii) Raysan (OG)
7439 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xii) Koba (OG)
7440 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xiv) Karai (OG)
7441 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xix) Koteshwar (OG)
7442 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (x) Por (OG)
7443 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xvii) Amiyapur (OG)
7444 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xviii) Zundal (OG)
7445 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xvi) Sugad (OG)
7446 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xv) Nabhoi (OG)
7447 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xxi) Raipur (OG)
7448 Gandhinagar Gandhinagar Mansa (xx) Ranasan (OG)
7449 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Ambavad
7450 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Ankolali
7451 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Babariya
7452 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Bediya
7453 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Bhakha
7454 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Bhiyal
7455 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Bodidar
7456 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Dhokadva
7457 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Dhrabavad
7458 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Dron
7459 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Fareda
7460 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Fatsar
7461 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Fulka
7462 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Gir Gadhada
7463 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Harmadiya
7464 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Itvaya
7465 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Jamvala
7466 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Jaragli
7467 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Jhanjhariya
7468 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Jhudvadli
7469 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Kanakiya
7470 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Kaneri
7471 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Kansariya
7472 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Khilavad
7473 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Kodiya
7474 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Mahobatpara
7475 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Motisar
7476 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Nagadiya
7477 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Nitli
7478 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Panderi
7479 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Pichhva
7480 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Pichhvi
7481 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Rasulpara
7482 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Sanosri
7483 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Sanvav
7484 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Sonariya
7485 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Sonpura
7486 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Thordi
7487 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Ugla
7488 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Umedpara
7489 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Undari
7490 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Vadli
7491 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Vadviyala
7492 Gir Somnath Una Gir Gadhada Velakot
7493 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Adpokar
7494 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Advi
7495 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Alidar
7496 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Anandpur
7497 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Arithiya
7498 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Arnej
7499 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Barda
7500 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Bodva
7501 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Chauhan ni khan
7502 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Chhachhar
7503 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Chhara
7504 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Chidivav
7505 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Damli
7506 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Devalpur
7507 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Devli
7508 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Dolasa
7509 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Dudana
7510 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Fachariya
7511 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Fafni Moti
7512 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Fafni Nani
7513 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Ghantvad
7514 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Girdevli
7515 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Gohil ni khan
7516 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Govindpur Bhandariya
7517 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Inchvad Nani
7518 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Jagatiya
7519 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Jamanvada
7520 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Jantrakhadi
7521 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Jithla
7522 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Kadodara
7523 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Kadvasan
7524 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Kaj
7525 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Kantala
7526 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Kareda
7527 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Malgam
7528 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Malsaram
7529 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Mitiyaj
7530 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Morvad
7531 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Mul Dwarka
7532 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Nagadla
7533 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Nanavada
7534 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Navagam
7535 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Panadar
7536 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Panch Pipalva
7537 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Pavti
7538 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Pedhavada
7539 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Pipalva Bavana
7540 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Pipli
7541 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Ronaj
7542 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Sandhnidhar
7543 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Sarkhadi
7544 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Sayajirajpura
7545 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Sedhaya
7546 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Singhaj
7547 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Sugala
7548 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Vadnagar
7549 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Valadar
7550 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Velan
7551 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Velva
7552 Gir Somnath Veraval Kodinar Vithalpur
7553 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Alidhra
7554 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Amrapur
7555 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Anand Para
7556 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Barevla
7557 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Barula
7558 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Bhuva Timbi
7559 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Bhuvavada
7560 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Bosan
7561 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Chagiya
7562 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Dhamlej
7563 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Gangetha
7564 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Ghantiya
7565 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Gorakh Madhi
7566 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Harnasa
7567 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Kadsala
7568 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Kadvar
7569 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Kanjotar
7570 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Khambha
7571 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Khera
7572 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Lakhapara
7573 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Lati
7574 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Lodhva
7575 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Mahobatpara
7576 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Matana
7577 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Moradiya
7578 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Morasa
7579 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Navagam
7580 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Padruka
7581 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Pipalva
7582 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Pransli
7583 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Prashnavda
7584 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Rakhej
7585 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Rangpur
7586 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Sara
7587 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Singsar
7588 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Solaj
7589 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Sundarpara
7590 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Thareli
7591 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Thordi
7592 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Timbdi
7593 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Tobra
7594 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Umbri
7595 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Vadodra (Jhala)
7596 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Vansavad
7597 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Vavdi (Sutra)
7598 Gir Somnath Veraval Sutrapada Virodar
7599 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Abudi
7600 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Alavani
7601 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Amblash
7602 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Amrutvel
7603 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Anida
7604 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Ankolvadi
7605 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bakula Dhanej
7606 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bamanasa
7607 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Batheshvar
7608 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhagatimbi
7609 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhalchhel
7610 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhantha
7611 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bheriya
7612 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhimdeval
7613 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhojde
7614 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Bhuvatirath
7615 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Borvav
7616 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Chhodiya
7617 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Chitravad
7618 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Chitrod
7619 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Chopatla
7620 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Dayara Timbi
7621 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Dedkadi
7622 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Devaliya
7623 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Dhava
7624 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Dhramanva
7625 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Dudhala
7626 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Gabha
7627 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Gadhula
7628 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Galiyawad
7629 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Ghunsiya
7630 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Gola
7631 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Gundaran
7632 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Hadmatiya
7633 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Haripur
7634 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Hiranvel
7635 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Jamalpara
7636 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Jambuthala
7637 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Janvadla
7638 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Jasadhar
7639 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Jasapur
7640 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Javantri
7641 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Jepur
7642 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Junvaniya
7643 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kadali
7644 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kadvali
7645 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kamleshwar
7646 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kansiya
7647 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kapuriya
7648 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Karamdadi
7649 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Karamnadajiya
7650 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kathital
7651 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kerambha
7652 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Khada
7653 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Khakhravala
7654 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kheriyavala
7655 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Khirdhar
7656 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Khodiyar
7657 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kiloriya
7658 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kisa
7659 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Kutiya
7660 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Lakadverines
7661 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Lushala
7662 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Madhupur Jambur
7663 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Maljhinjhva
7664 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Mandorna
7665 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Moruka
7666 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Nana Bhilgala
7667 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Nanava
7668 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Nima
7669 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Pancholi
7670 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Patariya
7671 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Patasala
7672 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Pikhor
7673 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Pipalva
7674 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Piparda
7675 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Ramarechi
7676 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Rampara
7677 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Rasulpura
7678 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Ratidhar
7679 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Ravta
7680 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Raydi
7681 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Raydi
7682 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Sajiya
7683 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Sandhbeda
7684 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Sangodra
7685 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Sasan
7686 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Semaliya
7687 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Semarvav
7688 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Shirvan
7689 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Somanisar
7690 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Surva
7691 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Umrethi
7692 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Vadala
7693 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Vadla
7694 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Vadvangada
7695 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Vansali
7696 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Virpur
7697 Gir Somnath Veraval Talala Vithalpur
7698 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Abudi
7699 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ambada
7700 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Amodra
7701 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Anjar
7702 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Aral
7703 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Asundrali
7704 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bandharda
7705 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Banej
7706 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Barwala
7707 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhacha
7708 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhadasi
7709 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhadiyadar
7710 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bharawala
7711 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhayadhar
7712 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhebha
7713 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhingran
7714 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bhutada Hodi
7715 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bilivali Tali
7716 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Biliyat
7717 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Biliyat Nes
7718 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Bobadiya
7719 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chanchakvad
7720 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Charchock
7721 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chhatarla
7722 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chhela
7723 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chhodvadi
7724 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chikhal Kuba
7725 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chikhli
7726 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chorali Moli
7727 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Chuldi
7728 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dabhala
7729 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dal
7730 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Damacha
7731 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Damasa
7732 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dandi
7733 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dedakiya
7734 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Delwada
7735 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dhramaniya
7736 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dodhi
7737 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Dudhala
7738 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Elampur
7739 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gafagala
7740 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gandhara
7741 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ganeshgali
7742 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gangda
7743 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Garal
7744 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ghodavadi
7745 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ghud Jinjva
7746 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Giglani Gor
7747 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gola
7748 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gundala
7749 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Gupti
7750 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Hadala
7751 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Hadkala
7752 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jambuda
7753 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jambudi
7754 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jambupani
7755 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jamvali
7756 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jasadhar
7757 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jenagar
7758 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Jhankharvada
7759 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kajardi
7760 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kakidi Moli
7761 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kalapan
7762 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kalipat
7763 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kanakbarda
7764 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kandhavala
7765 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kandhi
7766 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kanek
7767 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kansari
7768 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kansvala
7769 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kardapan
7770 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Karjadi
7771 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kesariya
7772 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khajudra
7773 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khajuri
7774 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khakharavali
7775 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khan
7776 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khapat
7777 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Khatriwada
7778 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kheda
7779 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kob
7780 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kothari
7781 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Kothariya
7782 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Lamdhar
7783 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Lamghar
7784 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Laptni
7785 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Leria
7786 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Lerka
7787 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Lotha
7788 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Luvari Moli
7789 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Madhgam
7790 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Maghardi
7791 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mahuda
7792 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mandvi
7793 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Manekpur
7794 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Men
7795 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mor Supada Nes
7796 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mota Desar
7797 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mota Mindha
7798 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Mota Samadhiyala
7799 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Motha
7800 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Moti Moli
7801 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nada
7802 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Naliya Mandvi
7803 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Naliyeri Moli
7804 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nana Mindha
7805 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nana Samadhiyala
7806 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nandan
7807 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nandrakh
7808 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nathal
7809 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nathej
7810 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Navabandar
7811 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nava Dedakiya
7812 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nava Ugla
7813 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Nesda
7814 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Olvan
7815 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Oyna
7816 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Padapadar
7817 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Paldi
7818 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Pankhan
7819 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Panvadi
7820 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Pareva
7821 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Paswala
7822 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Patapur
7823 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Patla (Mahadev)
7824 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Pichhadibela
7825 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Piliyo Dhuno
7826 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Rajasthali
7827 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Rajput Rajpara
7828 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Rameshvar
7829 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Rampara
7830 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ranvasi
7831 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ratad
7832 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Revad
7833 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Saiyad Rajpara
7834 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sakra
7835 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Samter
7836 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sanakhda
7837 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sanjavapur
7838 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sapnes
7839 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sarkadiya
7840 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Senjaliya
7841 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Shahdesar
7842 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Siloj
7843 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Simar
7844 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Simasi
7845 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sokhda
7846 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sonari
7847 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sondarda
7848 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sondardi
7849 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sudavi
7850 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Sultanpur
7851 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Tad
7852 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Tadhodiya
7853 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Tadi
7854 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Tapakeshvar
7855 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Timbarva
7856 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Tulsishyam
7857 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Ujjadiya
7858 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Umarvidi
7859 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Umej
7860 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Untwala
7861 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vagha Timbi
7862 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vajdi
7863 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vakumbha (Dhramaniya)
7864 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vakumbha (Karjadi)
7865 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vakumbha(Tadi)
7866 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vaniagali
7867 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vankajambu
7868 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vankidas
7869 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vankiya
7870 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vansoj
7871 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vanzara
7872 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Varsingpur
7873 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Vavarda
7874 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Viragali
7875 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Yajpur
7876 Gir Somnath Veraval Una Zankhiya
7877 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Adri
7878 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Ajotha
7879 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Ambaliyala
7880 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Badalpara
7881 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Bhalpara (CT)
7882 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Bherala
7883 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Bhetali
7884 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Bij
7885 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Bolas
7886 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Chamoda
7887 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Chanduvav
7888 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Chhapri
7889 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Chhatroda
7890 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Dabhor
7891 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Dari
7892 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Deda
7893 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Govindpara
7894 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Gunvantpur
7895 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Hasnavadar
7896 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Inaj
7897 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Indroi
7898 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Ishvariya
7899 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Kajli
7900 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Khandheri
7901 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Kherali
7902 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Kindarva
7903 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Kodidara
7904 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Kukras
7905 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Lumbha
7906 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Malondha
7907 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Mandor
7908 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Mathasuriya
7909 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Meghpur
7910 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Mithapur
7911 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Moraj
7912 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Nakhada
7913 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Navadra
7914 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Navapara
7915 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Paldi
7916 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Pandva
7917 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Patan (Rural Area)(Part)
7918 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Rampara
7919 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Sarasva
7920 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Savni
7921 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Sidokar
7922 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Simar
7923 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Sonariya
7924 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Supasi
7925 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Tantivela
7926 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Ukadiya
7927 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Umba
7928 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Umrala
7929 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Vadodra Dodiya
7930 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Vavdi Adri
7931 Gir Somnath Patan-Veraval Veraval(Rural Area) (Part)
7932 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Bhensdad
7933 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Bijalka
7934 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Chhalla
7935 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Dangra
7936 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Dedakdad
7937 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Dharampur
7938 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Gadhada
7939 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Golita
7940 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Hadatoda
7941 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Hajamchora
7942 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Hamapar
7943 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Haripar
7944 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Jabida
7945 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Jaliya Mansar
7946 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Jayva
7947 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Katda
7948 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Khakhra
7949 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Kharva
7950 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Khengarka
7951 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Khijadiya
7952 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Laiyala
7953 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Latipur
7954 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Majoth
7955 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Manekpar
7956 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Mavapar
7957 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Modpar
7958 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Mota Garediya
7959 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Mota Itala
7960 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Mota Vagudad
7961 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Nana Garediya
7962 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Nana Vagudad
7963 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Nathuvadla
7964 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Pipartoda
7965 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Rajpar
7966 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Roziya
7967 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Sagaliya
7968 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Sanosara
7969 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Soyal
7970 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Sudhadhuna
7971 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Sumra
7972 Jamnagar Dhrol Dhrol Vankiya
7973 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Alia
7974 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Amra
7975 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Bada
7976 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Balambhdi
7977 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Bavariya
7978 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Bed
7979 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Beraja
7980 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Champa Beraja
7981 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Chandraga
7982 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Chandragadh
7983 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Changa
7984 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Chavda
7985 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Chela
7986 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dadiya
7987 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dared
7988 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhandha
7989 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhinchda
7990 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhrangda
7991 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhudasiya
7992 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhunvav
7993 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dhutarpar
7994 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Digvijaygram (CT)
7995 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Dodhiya
7996 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Fachariya
7997 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Fala
7998 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Gaduka
7999 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Gagva
8000 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Gangajala
8001 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Gordhanpar
8002 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Hadmatiya
8003 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Hapa
8004 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Harshadpar
8005 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Jaga
8006 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Jambuda
8007 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Jamvanathali
8008 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Jivapar
8009 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Juna Nagna
8010 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Kansumara
8011 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khambhalida Motovas
8012 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khambhalida Nanovas
8013 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khara Beraja
8014 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khara Vedha
8015 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khijadiya
8016 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khijadiya Ravani
8017 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khilos
8018 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khimaliya
8019 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khimrana
8020 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Khoja Beraja
8021 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Konza
8022 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Lakha Baval
8023 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Lakhani Motovas
8024 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Lakhani Nanovas
8025 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Lavadiya
8026 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Lonthiya
8027 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Makvana
8028 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Masitiya
8029 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Matva
8030 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Medi
8031 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Miyatra
8032 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Moda
8033 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Modpar
8034 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Mokhana
8035 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Morkanda
8036 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Mota Thavariya
8037 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Moti Banugar
8038 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Moti Bhalsan
8039 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Moti Khavdi
8040 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Mungani
8041 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Naghedi
8042 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Naghuna
8043 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Nana Thavariya
8044 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Nani Banugar
8045 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Nani Khavdi
8046 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Nani Matli
8047 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Naranpar
8048 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Nava Nagna
8049 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Pasaya
8050 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Pirotan (Bet)
8051 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Rampar
8052 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Ranjitpar
8053 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Ravalsar
8054 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Rozibet
8055 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sachana
8056 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sapar
8057 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sapda
8058 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sarmat
8059 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Shekhpat
8060 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sumri (Bhalsan)
8061 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Sumri (Dhutarpar)
8062 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Suryapara
8063 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Suvarda
8064 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Tamachan
8065 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Theba
8066 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Vagadiya
8067 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Vaniyagam
8068 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Varna
8069 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Vasai
8070 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Vav Beraja
8071 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Veratiya
8072 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Vijarkhi
8073 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jamnagar Virpar
8074 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Ambala
8075 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Amran
8076 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Anada
8077 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Badanpar (Amran)
8078 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Badanpar (Jodiya)
8079 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Balachadi
8080 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Balambha
8081 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Baradi
8082 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Bela
8083 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Beraja
8084 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Bhadra
8085 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Bhimkata
8086 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Bodka
8087 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Dhudkot
8088 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Dudhai
8089 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Fadsar
8090 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Fatsar
8091 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Gajdi
8092 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Hadiyana
8093 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Jamsar
8094 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Jasapar
8095 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Jiragadh
8096 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Jivapar
8097 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Jodiya
8098 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Kerali
8099 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Keshiya
8100 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Kharachiya
8101 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Khiri
8102 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Kothariya
8103 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Koyli
8104 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Kunad
8105 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Lakhtar
8106 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Limbuda
8107 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Madhapar
8108 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Manamora
8109 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Manpar
8110 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Mavnugam
8111 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Meghpar
8112 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Morana
8113 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Nesda
8114 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Padana
8115 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Pithad
8116 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Rajpar
8117 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Rampar (Parabekar)
8118 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Ranjitpar
8119 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Rasnal
8120 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Sampar
8121 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Tarana
8122 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Timbdi
8123 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Untbet-Shampar
8124 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Vavdi
8125 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Jodiya Zinzuda
8126 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Anandpar
8127 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Arala
8128 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Balambhadi
8129 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bamangam
8130 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Banga
8131 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bava Khakhariya
8132 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bediya
8133 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Beraja
8134 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bhagat Khijadiya
8135 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bhangda
8136 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bhavabhi Khijadiya
8137 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bhayu Khakhariya
8138 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bhimanugam
8139 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Bodi
8140 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Chapra
8141 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Chela Bedi
8142 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Chhatar
8143 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Dangarvada
8144 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Davli
8145 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Deri
8146 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Dhedh Khijadiya
8147 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Dhundhoraji
8148 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Dudhala
8149 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Dungrani Devaliya
8150 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Fagas
8151 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Galpadar
8152 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Golaniya
8153 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Gunda
8154 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Hansthal
8155 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Haripar (Khandhera)
8156 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Haripar (Mevasa)
8157 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Jalansar
8158 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Jamvali
8159 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Jashapar
8160 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Jivapar
8161 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Juvanpar
8162 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Kalmeghada
8163 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Khad Dhoraji
8164 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Khandhera
8165 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Khan Kotda
8166 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Kharedi
8167 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Khimani Sanosara
8168 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Kotha Bhadukiya
8169 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Labukiya Bhadukiya
8170 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Laloi
8171 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Machhalivad
8172 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Machharda
8173 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Makaji Meghpar
8174 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Makha Karod
8175 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Makrani Sanosara
8176 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Metiya
8177 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Mevasa (Haripar)
8178 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Moridad
8179 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Morvadi
8180 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Mota Bhadukiya
8181 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Mota Panchdevda
8182 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Mota Vadala
8183 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Moti Bhagedi
8184 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Moti Matli
8185 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Moti Nagajar
8186 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Moti Vavdi
8187 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Mulila
8188 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nagpur
8189 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nana Badanpar
8190 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nana Panchdevda
8191 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nana Vadala
8192 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nani Bhagedi
8193 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nani Bhalsan
8194 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nani Nagajar
8195 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nani Vavdi
8196 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Napaniya Khijadiya
8197 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Navagam
8198 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Navania Khakhariya
8199 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Nikava
8200 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Pata Meghpar
8201 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Pipaliya (Dhandhaliya)
8202 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Pipar
8203 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Pithadiya
8204 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Prabhuji Pipaliya
8205 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Rajda
8206 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Rajsthali
8207 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Rampar
8208 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Ravashiya
8209 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Rinari
8210 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Sanala
8211 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Sarapadar
8212 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Sarvaniya
8213 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Sarvaniya Hakumati
8214 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Satiya
8215 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Savli
8216 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Shishang
8217 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Sortha
8218 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Toda
8219 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Umrala
8220 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Vazir Khakhariya
8221 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Vibhaniya
8222 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Virvav
8223 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Kalavad Vodisang
8224 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Apia
8225 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Arablus
8226 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Arikhana
8227 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Babariya
8228 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Babarzar
8229 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Badhla
8230 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Bharudiya Mota
8231 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Charantungi
8232 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Chorbedi
8233 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Dabasang
8234 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Daltungi
8235 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Dantiyo (Kado)
8236 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Dera Chhikari
8237 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Dharampur
8238 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Dhuniya Nava
8239 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Gajana
8240 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Gala
8241 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Godavari
8242 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Govana
8243 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Haripar
8244 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Jasapar
8245 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Jogvad
8246 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Kana chhikari
8247 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Kanalus
8248 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Kanvirdi
8249 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Karana
8250 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Kathitad
8251 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khadba Mota
8252 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khadba Nana
8253 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khad Khambhaliya
8254 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khatiya
8255 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khatiya Beraja
8256 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khengarpar
8257 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Khirsara
8258 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Lakhiya Mota
8259 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Lakhiya Nana
8260 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Lalpur
8261 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Machhu Beraja
8262 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Meghavadar
8263 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Meghnugam
8264 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Meghpar
8265 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Memana
8266 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Mithoi
8267 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Modpar
8268 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Mulila
8269 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Nanduri
8270 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Navagam
8271 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Padana
8272 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Panchsara Mota
8273 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Pipar Navi
8274 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Pipartoda
8275 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Pipli
8276 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rafudad Moti
8277 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rafudad Nani
8278 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rakka
8279 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rangpar
8280 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rasangpar
8281 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Rinzpur
8282 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sajadiyali
8283 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sanosri
8284 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sansara
8285 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Setalus
8286 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sevak Bharudiya
8287 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sevak Bhatiya
8288 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Sevak Dhuniya
8289 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Singach
8290 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Tebhada
8291 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Vadpanchasara
8292 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Vavdi
8293 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Veraval Moti
8294 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Veraval Navi
8295 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Vijaypur
8296 Jamnagar Jamnagar City Lalpur Zankhar
8297 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ambardi Bhupat
8298 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ambardi Deri
8299 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ambardi Jam
8300 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ambardi Meghpar
8301 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ambardi Mevasa
8302 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Amrapar
8303 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bagdhara
8304 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Balva
8305 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bamthiya
8306 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bavdidad
8307 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bharad Moti
8308 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bhardki
8309 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Bhojabedi
8310 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Butavadar
8311 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Chiroda Muluji
8312 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Chiroda Sang
8313 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Chur
8314 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Dal Devaliya
8315 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Dhoriyo Nesh
8316 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Dhrafa
8317 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Gadhakda
8318 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ghelda
8319 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ghunda
8320 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Gingni
8321 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Gorkhadi
8322 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Hothiji Khadba
8323 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Ishvariya
8324 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Jamvali
8325 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Jasapar
8326 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Kadbal
8327 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Kalyanpur
8328 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Karsanpar
8329 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Kotda
8330 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Kotha Virdi
8331 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Laloi
8332 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Luvarsar
8333 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Mahiki
8334 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Malvada
8335 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Mandasan
8336 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Meghpar
8337 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Melan
8338 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Methan
8339 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Mota Vadiya
8340 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Moti Gop
8341 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Naliyero
8342 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Nandana
8343 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Narmana
8344 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Paradva
8345 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Patan
8346 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Rabarika
8347 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sadodar
8348 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Samana
8349 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Satapar
8350 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sheth Vadala
8351 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sidsar
8352 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sogthi
8353 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Son Vadiya
8354 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sukhpar Dhrafa
8355 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Sukhpur
8356 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Tarsai
8357 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Udepur
8358 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Vadwala
8359 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Valasan
8360 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Vanana
8361 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Vansjaliya
8362 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Vasantpur
8363 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Veraval
8364 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Virpur
8365 Jamnagar Khambhaliya Jamjodhpur Zinavari
8366 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Bamangadh
8367 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Barwala
8368 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Bhatgam
8369 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Bhesan
8370 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Chanaka
8371 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Chhodvadi
8372 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Chuda
8373 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Damrala
8374 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Dholwa
8375 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Dudhala
8376 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Galath
8377 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Gorakhpur
8378 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Gorviyali
8379 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Hadmatiya Khajuri
8380 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Hadmatiya Khakhra
8381 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Hadmatiya Vishal
8382 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Juni Dhari Gundali
8383 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Kala Gadba
8384 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Kariya
8385 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Khambhaliya
8386 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Kharachiya
8387 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Malida
8388 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Mandva
8389 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Mathura Thana
8390 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Mendpara
8391 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Morwada
8392 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Mota Gujariya
8393 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Nana Gujariya
8394 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Nava Vaghaniya
8395 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Navi Dhari Gundali
8396 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Parab Vavdi
8397 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Paswala
8398 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Patla
8399 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Paturan
8400 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Patwad
8401 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Pipaliya Tadka
8402 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Rafaliya
8403 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Ranpur
8404 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Ranshivav
8405 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Ratanpara
8406 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Samatpara
8407 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Sankrola
8408 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Sardarpar
8409 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Sukhpur
8410 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Umrali
8411 Junagadh Junagadh Bhesan Vandarvad
8412 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Ambaliya
8413 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Anandpur
8414 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Avatadiya Mota
8415 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Avatadiya Nana
8416 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Badalpur
8417 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bagdu
8418 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Baliyavad
8419 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bamangam
8420 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bandhala
8421 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bela
8422 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bhalgam
8423 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bhiyal
8424 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bilkha
8425 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Bordevi
8426 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Choki
8427 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Chokli
8428 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Chorvadi
8429 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Datar Hills
8430 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Dervan
8431 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Dungarpur (CT)
8432 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Dungar Thana
8433 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Galiyavada
8434 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Girnar Hills
8435 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Goladhar
8436 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Hasnapur
8437 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Indreshvar
8438 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Intala
8439 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Isapur
8440 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Ivnagar
8441 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Jambudi
8442 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Jamka
8443 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Jhalansar
8444 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Kathrota
8445 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Kerala
8446 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Khadiya
8447 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Khalilpur
8448 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Limbdi Dhar
8449 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Majevdi
8450 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Makhiyala
8451 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Mandanpara
8452 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Mandlikpur
8453 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Mevasa Kamribaina
8454 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Mevasa Khadiya
8455 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Navagam
8456 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Nava Pipaliya
8457 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Padariya
8458 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Palasva
8459 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Patapur
8460 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Patrapsar
8461 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Pipardi Timbo
8462 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Prabhatpur
8463 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Rameshvar
8464 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Ramnath
8465 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Rupavati
8466 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Sagdividi
8467 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Salatha
8468 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Sankhdavadar
8469 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Semrala
8470 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Sodvadar
8471 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Sukhpur
8472 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Surajkund
8473 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Taliyadhar
8474 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Thumbala
8475 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Toraniya
8476 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Umrala
8477 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Vadal
8478 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Vadasimdi
8479 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Vadhavi
8480 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Vanandiya
8481 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Vijapur
8482 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh Virpur
8483 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Ambaliya
8484 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Bhalechda
8485 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Bhalgam
8486 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Bhindora
8487 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Bhitana
8488 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Bodka
8489 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Buri
8490 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Chikhlodra
8491 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Chudva
8492 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Dadva
8493 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Dagad
8494 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Deshinga
8495 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Eklera
8496 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Galvav
8497 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Gana
8498 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Indra
8499 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Jambuda
8500 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Jilana
8501 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Katakpara
8502 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Khadiya
8503 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Khakhavi
8504 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Kodvav
8505 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Kothadi
8506 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Kothariya
8507 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Koylana
8508 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Limbuda
8509 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Mandodra
8510 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Marmath
8511 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Matiana
8512 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Mitadi
8513 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Nakra
8514 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Nanadiya
8515 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Nandarkha
8516 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Padardi
8517 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Pajod
8518 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Piplana
8519 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Rafala
8520 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Ronki
8521 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Samega
8522 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sanosra
8523 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Saradiya
8524 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sarang pipli
8525 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sardargadh
8526 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sherdi
8527 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sitana
8528 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Sultanabad
8529 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Thaniyana
8530 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Thapala
8531 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Untadi
8532 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Vada
8533 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Vadala
8534 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Vadasda
8535 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Vekri
8536 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Velva
8537 Junagadh Junagadh Manavadar Zinzri
8538 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Akha
8539 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Balot
8540 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Bandhda
8541 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Bantiya
8542 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Barwala
8543 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Bhatiya
8544 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Bodka
8545 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Dhandhusar
8546 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Dhanfuliya
8547 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Dungri
8548 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Gadoi
8549 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Ganthila
8550 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Ghantiya
8551 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Ghudvadar
8552 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Kajaliya Mota
8553 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Kajaliya Nana
8554 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Kanjha
8555 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Kanjhadi
8556 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Khokharda
8557 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Khorasa
8558 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Khumbhdi
8559 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Koyli
8560 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Lushala
8561 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Luvarsar
8562 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Mahobatpur
8563 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Meghpur
8564 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Nagadiya
8565 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Nandarkhi (Ranijividi)
8566 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Naredi
8567 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Navada
8568 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Navlakhi
8569 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Ravni
8570 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Raypur
8571 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Santalpur
8572 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Selra
8573 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Sendarda
8574 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Shapur
8575 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Sonardi
8576 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Sukhpur
8577 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Thanapipli
8578 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Tikar-padardi
8579 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Tinmas
8580 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Umatwada
8581 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Vadla
8582 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Vaspada
8583 Junagadh Junagadh Vanthali Zampodad
8584 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Amaliyara
8585 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ambala
8586 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bagoya
8587 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bajariya
8588 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Baradiya
8589 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Barvaniya Nes
8590 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bhalgam
8591 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bhat Vavdi
8592 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bhutdi
8593 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Bogadiya
8594 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Chaparda
8595 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Chavand Juni
8596 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Chavand Navi
8597 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Chhalda
8598 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Chhelanka
8599 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Dadar
8600 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Desai Vadala
8601 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Devkaraniya
8602 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Dhebar
8603 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Dudhala
8604 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ghantiyan
8605 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ghodasan
8606 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Goradwala
8607 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Govindpara
8608 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Hadmatiya Mota
8609 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Hadmatiya Nana
8610 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Haldarva Nes
8611 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Haripur
8612 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Hasnapur
8613 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ishvariya (Gir)
8614 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ishvariya Mandavad
8615 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jambala
8616 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jambuda
8617 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jambudi
8618 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jambuthala
8619 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Javaldi
8620 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jetalvad
8621 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Jhanjhesar
8622 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kagmal
8623 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kalavad
8624 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kalsari
8625 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kanavadla
8626 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kankai
8627 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kankchiyala
8628 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Karkadi
8629 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Khambha Gir
8630 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Khambhaliya
8631 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Khambhda
8632 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Khijadiya
8633 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kotda Mota
8634 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kotda Nana
8635 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kuba(Ravani)
8636 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Kutiya-Amliyara
8637 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Lalpur
8638 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Lasa
8639 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Leriya
8640 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Lilapani
8641 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Liliya
8642 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Limadhra
8643 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Lunghiya
8644 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Mahuda
8645 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Mahudi
8646 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Makhaniya
8647 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Manandiya
8648 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Mandavad
8649 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Manganath Pipli
8650 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Miya Vadla
8651 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Moniya
8652 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Monpari Moti
8653 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Monpari Nani
8654 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Mota Bhilgala
8655 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Navaniya
8656 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Padapani
8657 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Panjrapole Ni Suvardi
8658 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Panvi
8659 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Pindakhai Moti
8660 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Pindakhai Nani
8661 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Pipaliya Hajani
8662 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Pirvad
8663 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Piyava Gir
8664 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Prempara
8665 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Rabarika
8666 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Rajpara
8667 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ratang
8668 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ravani (Kuba)
8669 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Ravani Mundiya
8670 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Rosali
8671 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Rupavati
8672 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Sarsai
8673 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Shapar
8674 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Shapur (Nes)
8675 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Shirvaniya
8676 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Shobhavadla Gir
8677 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Shobhavadla Lashkar
8678 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Sudavad
8679 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Sukhpur
8680 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Suvardi
8681 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Tadhi
8682 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Vadala Shetranj
8683 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Vajdi
8684 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Vekariya
8685 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Vichhavad
8686 Junagadh Junagadh Visavadar Virpur
8687 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Agatrai
8688 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Ajab
8689 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Akhodad
8690 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Badodar
8691 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Balagam
8692 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Bamnasa
8693 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Bava Simroli
8694 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Bhat Simroli
8695 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Chandigadh
8696 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Char
8697 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Chitri
8698 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Dervan
8699 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Dhrabavad
8700 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Eklera
8701 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Fagli
8702 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Gelana
8703 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Handla
8704 Junagadh Keshod Keshod (i) Mangrol (OG)
8705 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Indrana
8706 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Isra
8707 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Jonpur
8708 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Kalavani
8709 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Kaneri
8710 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Kevadra
8711 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Khamidana
8712 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Khirsara
8713 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Koyalana Lathiya
8714 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Madhda
8715 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Magharwada
8716 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Manekwada
8717 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Mangalpur
8718 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Mesvan
8719 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Moti Ghansari
8720 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Movana
8721 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Muliyasa
8722 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Nani Ghansari
8723 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Nonjhanvav
8724 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Nunarda
8725 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Padodar
8726 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Panchala
8727 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Pankhan
8728 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Pasvaliya
8729 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Pipli
8730 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Pransli
8731 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Rangpur
8732 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Raningpara
8733 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Revadra
8734 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Sangarsola
8735 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Sarod
8736 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Shergadh
8737 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Silodar
8738 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Sondarda
8739 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Sutrej
8740 Junagadh Keshod Keshod Titodi
8741 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Ajak
8742 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Antroli
8743 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Arena
8744 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Bagasra-Ghed
8745 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Bamanvada
8746 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Bhatgam
8747 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Bhathrot
8748 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Chandvana
8749 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Chankhva
8750 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Chingariya
8751 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Chotilividi
8752 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Darsali
8753 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Dhelana
8754 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Divasa
8755 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Divrana
8756 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Farangta
8757 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Fulrama
8758 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Ghodadar
8759 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Gorej
8760 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Hantarpur
8761 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Husenabad
8762 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Jamvali
8763 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Juthal
8764 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Kalej
8765 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Kankana
8766 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Kankasa
8767 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Karamdi
8768 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Khodada
8769 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Kotda Juna
8770 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Kotda Nava
8771 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Lambora
8772 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Langad
8773 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Lathodra
8774 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Lohej
8775 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Maktupur
8776 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Mankhetra
8777 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Mekhadi
8778 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Menanj
8779 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Miti
8780 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Nagichana
8781 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Nandarkhi
8782 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Osa Ghed
8783 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Rahij
8784 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Roodalpur
8785 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sakrana
8786 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Samarda
8787 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sandha
8788 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sangavada
8789 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sarsali
8790 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Shaikhpur
8791 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Shapur
8792 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sharma
8793 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Shepa
8794 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sheriyaj
8795 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sheriyakhan
8796 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Shil
8797 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Sultanpur
8798 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Talodra
8799 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Thali
8800 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Vadla
8801 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Virol
8802 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Virpur
8803 Junagadh Keshod Mangrol Zariyavada
8804 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Achhidra
8805 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Akala
8806 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Akala Gir
8807 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Ambalgadh
8808 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Ambecha
8809 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Amrapur Gir
8810 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Avaniya
8811 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Babra
8812 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Barula
8813 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Bhanduri
8814 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Bhankharvad
8815 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Bodi
8816 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Budhecha
8817 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Chuldi
8818 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Danderi
8819 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Devgam
8820 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Dhanej Moti
8821 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Dhanej Nani
8822 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Dharampur
8823 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Dhrabavad
8824 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Dudhala
8825 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Gadu
8826 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Galodar
8827 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Gangecha
8828 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Ghumli
8829 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Ghunghati
8830 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Gotana
8831 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Itali
8832 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Jalondar
8833 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Janadi
8834 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Jangar
8835 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Januda
8836 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Jhadka
8837 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Jhunjharpur
8838 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Kadaya
8839 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Kalimbhda
8840 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Kanek
8841 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Katrasa
8842 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Kerala
8843 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Khambhaliya
8844 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Khera
8845 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Khorasa Gir
8846 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Kukasvada
8847 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Lachhadi
8848 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Ladudi -Gir
8849 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Langodra
8850 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Malia
8851 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Matarvaniya
8852 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Panidhra
8853 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Pankuva
8854 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Patla
8855 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Pikhor
8856 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Pipalva
8857 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Samdhiyala
8858 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Sarkadiya
8859 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Shantipura
8860 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Sukhpur
8861 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Tarsingda
8862 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Vadala
8863 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Vadiya
8864 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Vandarvad
8865 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Virdi
8866 Junagadh Mendarda Malia Visanvel
8867 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Alidhra
8868 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Amargadh
8869 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Ambala
8870 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Ambla
8871 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Amrapur
8872 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Arniyala
8873 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Babar Tirath
8874 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Barvala
8875 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Chandravadi
8876 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Chiroda
8877 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Datrana
8878 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Dedakiyal
8879 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Devgadh
8880 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Dhandhawada
8881 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Gadakiya
8882 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Gadhali
8883 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Gundala
8884 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Gundiyali
8885 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Itali
8886 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Jambudi Nes
8887 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Jhinjhuda
8888 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Kanthala Nes
8889 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Karsangadh
8890 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Kenadipur
8891 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Khadpipli
8892 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Khijadiya
8893 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Khim Padar
8894 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Kiloriya Nes
8895 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Lilva
8896 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Malanka
8897 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Manpur
8898 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Mendarda
8899 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Mithapur
8900 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Moti Khodiyar
8901 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Nagalpur
8902 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Najapur
8903 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Najapur (Chhatariya)
8904 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Nani Khodiyar
8905 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Nataliya
8906 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Patarama
8907 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Rajavad
8908 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Rajesar
8909 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Ranidhar
8910 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Samadhiyala
8911 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Simasi
8912 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Surajgadh
8913 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Timbi
8914 Junagadh Mendarda Mendarda Vaniya Vav
8915 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Aida
8916 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Akri Moti
8917 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Arikhana
8918 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ashapar
8919 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Balachod Moti
8920 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Balachod Nani
8921 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Balapar
8922 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bandiya
8923 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bara
8924 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Berachiya
8925 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ber Moti
8926 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ber Nani
8927 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhachunda
8928 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhanada
8929 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhavanipar
8930 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhedi (Pay)
8931 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhimpar
8932 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bhoa
8933 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Biriari
8934 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Bitta
8935 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Boha
8936 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Budadhro
8937 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Budiya
8938 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Butta (Abdawali)
8939 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Charopdi Moti
8940 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Charopdi Nani
8941 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Chavadaka
8942 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Chhachhi
8943 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Chhadura
8944 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Chhasra
8945 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Chiyasar
8946 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Daban
8947 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Daha
8948 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Dhana Vara Vada
8949 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Dhufi Moti
8950 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Dhufi Nani
8951 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Dhunvai
8952 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Dumra
8953 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Fulay
8954 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Fulay Vandh
8955 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Gadhvala Vada
8956 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Golay
8957 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Goyla
8958 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Gudthar
8959 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Hajapar
8960 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Hamirpar
8961 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Hingania
8962 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Hothiay
8963 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Jagaliya
8964 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Jakhau
8965 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Jana-Kosa
8966 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Jasapar
8967 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kadoli
8968 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kala Talav
8969 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kamand
8970 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kanakpar
8971 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kandhay
8972 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Karaiya
8973 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Karamta
8974 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Karodiya Mota
8975 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Karodiya Nana
8976 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Khanay
8977 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kharua
8978 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Khirsara(Kothara)
8979 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Khirsara (Vinjhan)
8980 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Khuado
8981 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kosa
8982 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kothara
8983 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kukadau
8984 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kunathia
8985 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Kuvapaddhar
8986 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Laiyari
8987 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Lakhania
8988 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Lala
8989 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Lathedi
8990 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Miyani
8991 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Mohadi
8992 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Mokhra
8993 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Mothala
8994 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nagor
8995 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Naliya
8996 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nanavada
8997 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nandhra Mota
8998 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nandhra Nana
8999 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nangiya
9000 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Naranpar
9001 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Naredi
9002 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Navavas (Vandh)
9003 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nodevandh
9004 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Nundhatad
9005 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Pat
9006 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Pay
9007 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Piyoni
9008 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Prajau
9009 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ragan Vandh
9010 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Rampar
9011 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ranpur
9012 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Rapar Gadhvali
9013 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Rava
9014 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Raydhanjar
9015 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Raydhanpar (Moti and Nani)
9016 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Reladiya Manjal
9017 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Samanda
9018 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sandhan
9019 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sandhav
9020 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sanosara
9021 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sanyara
9022 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sarangvado
9023 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sindhodi Moti
9024 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sindhodi Nani
9025 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sudadhro Moti
9026 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sudadhro Nani
9027 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sujapar
9028 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sukhpar Bara
9029 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Sukhpar (Sayand)
9030 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Suthari
9031 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Tera
9032 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Thumdi
9033 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Trambau
9034 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ukir
9035 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Ustiya (Bandiya)
9036 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vadapaddhar
9037 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vadsar
9038 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vagapaddhar
9039 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vagoth
9040 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Valsra
9041 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vamoti Moti
9042 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vamoti Nani
9043 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vandh Timbo
9044 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vandi Moti
9045 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vanku
9046 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Varadiya
9047 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Varnori Budia
9048 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vayor
9049 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vingaber
9050 Kachchh Abdasa Abdasa Vinjhan
9051 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Ajapar
9052 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Ambapar
9053 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Amrapar (1)
9054 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Amrapar (2)
9055 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Bhadroi
9056 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Bhalot
9057 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Bhimasar
9058 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Bhuvad
9059 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Budharmora
9060 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Chandiya
9061 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Chandrani
9062 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Chandrapar
9063 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Chandroda
9064 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Devaliya
9065 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Devisar
9066 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Dhamadka
9067 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Dudhai
9068 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Hamirpar
9069 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Hirapar
9070 Kachchh Anjar Anjar (i) Bhuj (Haripar) (OG)
9071 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Jagatpar
9072 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Jaru
9073 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Khambhara
9074 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Khedoi
9075 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Khengarpar
9076 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Khirsara
9077 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Khokhra
9078 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Kotda
9079 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Kumbhariya
9080 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Lakhapar
9081 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Lohariya Mota
9082 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Lohariya Nana
9083 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Makhiana
9084 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Maringana
9085 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Mathak
9086 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Mathda
9087 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Meghpar (Borichi)
9088 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Meghpar (Kumbhardi)
9089 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Mindiyala
9090 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Modsar
9091 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Modvadar
9092 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Nagalpar Moti
9093 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Nagalpar Nani
9094 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Nagavaladiya
9095 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Navagam
9096 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Ningal
9097 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Pantiya
9098 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Pashuda
9099 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Pashwadi Khara
9100 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Pashwadi Mitha
9101 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Rampar
9102 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Rapar
9103 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Ratatalav
9104 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Ratnal
9105 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Sanghad
9106 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Sapeda
9107 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Sarkhan
9108 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Satapar
9109 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Sinugra
9110 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Sugariya
9111 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Tapar
9112 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Tuna
9113 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Vada
9114 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Valadiya Bitta (East)
9115 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Valadiya Bitta (West)
9116 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Varsamedi
9117 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Varsana
9118 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Vidi
9119 Kachchh Anjar Anjar Vira
9120 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Antarjal (CT)
9121 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Bharapar
9122 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Chudva
9123 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Galpadar (CT)
9124 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Kandla (CT)
9125 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Kidana
9126 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Mithi Rohar
9127 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Padana
9128 Kachchh Anjar Gandhidham Shinay
9129 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Adhoi (Pasakayara)
9130 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Amaliyara
9131 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Amarapar
9132 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Amardi
9133 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Bambhanka
9134 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Bandhadi
9135 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Baniari
9136 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Bapuari
9137 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Bharudia
9138 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Bhujpar
9139 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chandrodi
9140 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chhadavada
9141 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chirai Moti
9142 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chirai Nani
9143 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chobari
9144 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Chopadva
9145 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Dholavira
9146 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Gadhada
9147 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Gamdau
9148 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Ganeshpar
9149 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Gharana
9150 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Godpar
9151 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Halra
9152 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Jadsa
9153 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Janan
9154 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Jangi
9155 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kabrau
9156 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kadol
9157 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kakarva
9158 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kalyanpar
9159 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kankhoi
9160 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kanthkot
9161 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Karmariya
9162 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Katariya Juna
9163 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Katariya Nava
9164 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kharoda
9165 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kharoi
9166 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Khodasar
9167 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Kumbhardi
9168 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Lakadiya
9169 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Lakhapar
9170 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Lakhdhirgadh (Alepar)
9171 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Lakhpat
9172 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Laliana
9173 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Lunva
9174 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Manfara
9175 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau May
9176 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Meghpar (Kunjisar)
9177 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Modpar
9178 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Morgar
9179 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Nara
9180 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Naransari
9181 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Ner
9182 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Piprapati
9183 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Rajansar
9184 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Rajthali
9185 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Rampar
9186 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Ratanpar
9187 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Samakhiari
9188 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Shikarpur
9189 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Shivlakha
9190 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Sikara
9191 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Sukhpar
9192 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Toraniya
9193 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vamka
9194 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vandhiya
9195 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vasatva
9196 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vijpasar
9197 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vondh
9198 Kachchh Bhachau Bhachau Vondhada
9199 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Adesar
9200 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Amrapar
9201 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Anandpar
9202 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Badalpar
9203 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Badargadh
9204 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Balasar
9205 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Bambhansar
9206 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Bela
9207 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Bharidia (Bhutakia)
9208 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Bhimasar
9209 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Bhimdevka
9210 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Chhotapar
9211 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Chitrod
9212 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Dabhunda
9213 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Davri
9214 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Dedarva
9215 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Deshalpar
9216 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Dhabda
9217 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Dhadadhroni Vandh
9218 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Fatehgadh
9219 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Fulpara
9220 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Gagodar
9221 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Gavaripar
9222 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Gedi
9223 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Ghanithal
9224 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Govindpar
9225 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Hamirpar Moti
9226 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Hamirpar Nani
9227 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Jadavas
9228 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Jadupar (Bhangera)
9229 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Jatavada (Jilar Vandh)
9230 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Jesda
9231 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kalyanpar
9232 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kanmer
9233 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kanpar
9234 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Karuda
9235 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Khandek
9236 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar khanpar
9237 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Khengarpar
9238 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Khirai
9239 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kidiyanagar
9240 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kuda(Kuda-Jampar)
9241 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Kumbhariya
9242 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Lakda Vandh
9243 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Lakhagadh
9244 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Lodrani (Parkara Vandh)
9245 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Makhel
9246 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Manaba
9247 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Mangadh
9248 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Manjuvas
9249 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Mauvana (Shivagadh)
9250 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Mevasa
9251 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Moda
9252 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Momaymora
9253 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Nagalpar
9254 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Naliyatimbo
9255 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Nanda
9256 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Nandasar
9257 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Naranpar
9258 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Nilpar
9259 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Padampar
9260 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Pagivandh
9261 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Palanpar
9262 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Palansva
9263 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Pandya No Gadh
9264 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Pethapar
9265 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Pragpar
9266 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Pratap Gadh
9267 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Rampar
9268 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Ramvav
9269 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Rav Moti
9270 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sai
9271 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sangadh
9272 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sanva
9273 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sany
9274 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sarasla
9275 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Selari
9276 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Somani Vandh
9277 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sonalva
9278 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sudana Vandh
9279 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Sukhpar
9280 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Surba Vandh
9281 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Suvai
9282 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Taga
9283 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Thanpar
9284 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Thoriari
9285 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Tindalva Mota
9286 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Trambau
9287 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Umaiya
9288 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vajepar
9289 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vallabhpar
9290 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vanoi
9291 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Varnun
9292 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vekra
9293 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Versara
9294 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vijapar
9295 Kachchh Bhachau Rapar Vrajvani
9296 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Anandsar
9297 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Andhau
9298 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Baladiya
9299 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bandhara Mota
9300 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bandhara Nana
9301 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Baukho (Odhejavalo)
9302 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Baukho (Samavalo)
9303 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Berdo
9304 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bhagadio
9305 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bharapar
9306 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bharasar
9307 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bhirandiyara
9308 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bhitara Mota
9309 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bhojardo
9310 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Bhujodi
9311 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Boladi
9312 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Chakar
9313 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Chapreli
9314 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Chubdak
9315 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Chunadi
9316 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Daddhar Moti
9317 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Daddhar Nani
9318 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dagala
9319 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dahinsara
9320 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dedhiya Nana-Mota
9321 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Deshalpar
9322 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhaneti
9323 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dharampur
9324 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhonsa
9325 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhoravar
9326 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhori
9327 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhrang
9328 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dhrobana
9329 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Dinara
9330 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Fotdi
9331 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Fulay
9332 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Fulra Timbo
9333 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Gado
9334 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Gajod
9335 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Galpadar
9336 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Gandher
9337 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Godpar (Khavda)
9338 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Godpar (Sarli)
9339 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Godsar (Rakhal)
9340 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Gorewali
9341 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Habay
9342 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Hajapar
9343 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Harudi
9344 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Hodka
9345 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Jadura
9346 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Jambudi
9347 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Jawaharnagar
9348 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Jhumkha
9349 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Jikadi
9350 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Juna
9351 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Juriya
9352 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kali Talavdi
9353 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kalyanpar
9354 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kamaguna
9355 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kanaiyabe
9356 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kanderai
9357 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kanpar
9358 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kera
9359 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Khari
9360 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kharod
9361 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Khavda
9362 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Khilna
9363 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kodki
9364 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kotay
9365 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kotda Athamana
9366 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kotda Ugamana
9367 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kukma
9368 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kunaria Nana-Mota
9369 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kunariya (Jam)
9370 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kuran
9371 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kurbai
9372 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Kuvathada
9373 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Lakhond
9374 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Ler
9375 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Lodai
9376 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Loria
9377 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Lothia
9378 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Ludiya
9379 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Luna
9380 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Madhapar (CT)
9381 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Makanpar
9382 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Makhna
9383 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mamuara
9384 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mankuva (CT)
9385 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Meghpar
9386 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mirjhapar (CT)
9387 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Misariyado
9388 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mithdi
9389 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mod Bhakhari
9390 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Modsar
9391 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Mokhana
9392 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nabhoi
9393 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nadapa
9394 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nagiyari
9395 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nagor
9396 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Naliyeri Timbo
9397 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Naranpar Pasayati
9398 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Naranpar Ravli
9399 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Natharkui
9400 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nava Vas
9401 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Nokhaniya
9402 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Notiyar Bhakhari
9403 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Padhar
9404 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Paiya
9405 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Palara
9406 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Payarko
9407 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Pirvadi
9408 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Purasar
9409 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Raiyada
9410 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Ratadiya
9411 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Ratiya
9412 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Raydhanpar
9413 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Reha Mota
9414 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Reha Nana
9415 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Reldi Moti
9416 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Reldi Nani
9417 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Rudramata
9418 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sadau Rakhal
9419 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sadhara
9420 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Saiyedpar
9421 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sakrai Timbo
9422 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Samatra
9423 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sangada Timbo
9424 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sanosara
9425 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sapar Timbo
9426 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sarli
9427 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sarspar
9428 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sedata
9429 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Shervo
9430 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Soyla
9431 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sukhpar (CT)
9432 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sumarasar (Jatvali)
9433 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Sumarasar -Shekhvali
9434 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Tankanasar
9435 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Tharavada Mota
9436 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Tharavada Nana
9437 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Trambau
9438 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Traya
9439 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Traya Bhakhari
9440 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Udhmo
9441 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Ukhad Mora
9442 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vadasar
9443 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vadva
9444 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vadvara
9445 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vadzar
9446 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vandhay
9447 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vandh Sim
9448 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vantra
9449 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Varli
9450 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Varnora Mota
9451 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Varnora Nana
9452 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vatachhad
9453 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vavdi
9454 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vehro
9455 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vinchhiya
9456 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Virai
9457 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Vyara
9458 Kachchh Bhuj Bhuj Zizu Timbo
9459 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Ajapar
9460 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Asambiya Mota
9461 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Asambiya Nana
9462 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Asarani
9463 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bada
9464 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bag
9465 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bambhadai
9466 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bayath
9467 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bhada
9468 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bhadai Moti
9469 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bhadai Nani
9470 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bharapar
9471 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bheraiya
9472 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bhinsara
9473 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bhojay
9474 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Bidada
9475 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Changdai
9476 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Darashadi
9477 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Dedhiya
9478 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Devpar
9479 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Dhokda
9480 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Dhunai
9481 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Don
9482 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Dujapar
9483 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Durgapar
9484 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Faradi
9485 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Filon
9486 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Gadhsisa
9487 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Gandhigram
9488 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Gangapar
9489 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Godhra
9490 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Goniyasar Mota
9491 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Goniyasar Nana
9492 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Gundiyali
9493 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Halapar
9494 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Hamla
9495 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Jakhaniya
9496 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Jamthada
9497 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Kathda
9498 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Koday
9499 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Kojachora
9500 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Kokaliya
9501 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Kotaya
9502 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Kotdi
9503 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Layja Mota
9504 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Layja Nana
9505 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Ludva
9506 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Makda
9507 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mamaymora
9508 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mandvi (Rural)
9509 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Manjal
9510 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mapar
9511 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Maska
9512 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mau Moti
9513 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mau Nani
9514 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Merau
9515 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mod Kuba
9516 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Mota Bhadiya
9517 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Nabhoi
9518 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Nagalpar
9519 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Nagrecha
9520 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Nana Bhadiya
9521 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Nani Khakhar
9522 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Padamapar
9523 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Panchatiya
9524 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Pipari
9525 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Poladiya
9526 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Punadi
9527 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Pyaka
9528 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rajda
9529 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rajpar
9530 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rajpar Timbo
9531 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rampar
9532 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Ratadiya Mota
9533 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Ratadiya Nana
9534 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rayan Moti
9535 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Rayan Nani
9536 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Sabhrai Moti
9537 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Sabhrai Nani
9538 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Sherdi
9539 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Shirva
9540 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Talvana
9541 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Tragadi
9542 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Traya
9543 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Undoth Brahmanvali
9544 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Undoth Moti
9545 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Undoth Nani
9546 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vada
9547 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vandh
9548 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vekra
9549 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vindh
9550 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vindh Timbo
9551 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Vinganiya
9552 Kachchh Mundra Mandvi Virani
9553 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Babiya
9554 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Bagda
9555 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Baraya
9556 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Baroi
9557 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Beraja
9558 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Bhadresar
9559 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Bharudiya
9560 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Bhorara
9561 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Bocha
9562 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Borana
9563 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Chhasra
9564 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Depa
9565 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Deshalpar
9566 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Dhrab
9567 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Fachariya
9568 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Gelda
9569 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Goersama
9570 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Gundala
9571 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Hatdi
9572 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Jarpara
9573 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Kanajra
9574 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Kandagara Mota
9575 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Kandagara Nana
9576 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Karagoga
9577 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Khakhar Moti
9578 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Kukadsar
9579 Kachchh Mundra Mundra Kundrodi