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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Angul Anugul Angul Amantapur
2 Angul Anugul Angul Angarabandha
3 Angul Anugul Angul Angul Town
4 Angul Anugul Angul Ankula
5 Angul Anugul Angul Antulia
6 Angul Anugul Angul Aradiha
7 Angul Anugul Angul Badabahal
8 Angul Anugul Angul Badadandasahi
9 Angul Anugul Angul Badahinso
10 Angul Anugul Angul Badakanjani
11 Angul Anugul Angul Badakantakul
12 Angul Anugul Angul Badakera
13 Angul Anugul Angul Badakheta
14 Angul Anugul Angul Badataila
15 Angul Anugul Angul Badibahal
16 Angul Anugul Angul Baghamunda
17 Angul Anugul Angul Baghamunda
18 Angul Anugul Angul Baghuapata
19 Angul Anugul Angul Balang
20 Angul Anugul Angul Balarampur
21 Angul Anugul Angul Balasingha
22 Angul Anugul Angul Baliani
23 Angul Anugul Angul Balijereng
24 Angul Anugul Angul Ballavapur
25 Angul Anugul Angul Baluakata
26 Angul Anugul Angul Banamira
27 Angul Anugul Angul Bandanapasi
28 Angul Anugul Angul Baniabahal
29 Angul Anugul Angul Baniasahi
30 Angul Anugul Angul Bantala
31 Angul Anugul Angul Barabandha
32 Angul Anugul Angul Baradasahi
33 Angul Anugul Angul Baragotha
34 Angul Anugul Angul Baragounia
35 Angul Anugul Angul Barasingha
36 Angul Anugul Angul Barhampur
37 Angul Anugul Angul Basala
38 Angul Anugul Angul Baulipur
39 Angul Anugul Angul Bedasasan
40 Angul Anugul Angul Beherasahi
41 Angul Anugul Angul Betara
42 Angul Anugul Angul Bhagatapur
43 Angul Anugul Angul Bhagatpur
44 Angul Anugul Angul Bhalumunda
45 Angul Anugul Angul Bherubania
46 Angul Anugul Angul Bhubanpur Jungle
47 Angul Anugul Angul Bidisingh
48 Angul Anugul Angul Biswanathpur
49 Angul Anugul Angul Brahmanapasi
50 Angul Anugul Angul Brahmanasahi
51 Angul Anugul Angul Bruti
52 Angul Anugul Angul Champatimunda
53 Angul Anugul Angul Chandanpur
54 Angul Anugul Angul Chandrabahal
55 Angul Anugul Angul Charadapita
56 Angul Anugul Angul Chatiagaji
57 Angul Anugul Angul Chheliapada
58 Angul Anugul Angul Chhotkei
59 Angul Anugul Angul Dalabeherasahi
60 Angul Anugul Angul Dalaki
61 Angul Anugul Angul Dalasingha
62 Angul Anugul Angul Dandasingha
63 Angul Anugul Angul Dhokuta
64 Angul Anugul Angul Dimiripal
65 Angul Anugul Angul Fulapal
66 Angul Anugul Angul Gadataras
67 Angul Anugul Angul Gadeimunda
68 Angul Anugul Angul Gaindi
69 Angul Anugul Angul Ganjada
70 Angul Anugul Angul Gaudasahi
71 Angul Anugul Angul Godibandha
72 Angul Anugul Angul Gohirapasi
73 Angul Anugul Angul Gopalpur
74 Angul Anugul Angul Gopalpur
75 Angul Anugul Angul Gopalpur Jungle
76 Angul Anugul Angul Gopinathpur
77 Angul Anugul Angul Gopinathpur
78 Angul Anugul Angul Gurang
79 Angul Anugul Angul Gurudhi
80 Angul Anugul Angul Hamamira
81 Angul Anugul Angul Hanadiha
82 Angul Anugul Angul Haribereni
83 Angul Anugul Angul Haripur
84 Angul Anugul Angul Hatibari
85 Angul Anugul Angul Hidisingh
86 Angul Anugul Angul Hinjadoli
87 Angul Anugul Angul Hinjagola
88 Angul Anugul Angul Hinsaloi
89 Angul Anugul Angul Hinsaloi
90 Angul Anugul Angul Hinsrida
91 Angul Anugul Angul Hulurisingha
92 Angul Anugul Angul Ikarabandha
93 Angul Anugul Angul Jadupur
94 Angul Anugul Angul Jagannathpur
95 Angul Anugul Angul Jamugadia
96 Angul Anugul Angul Jamunda
97 Angul Anugul Angul Jaraorpur
98 Angul Anugul Angul Jokub
99 Angul Anugul Angul Kabilipal
100 Angul Anugul Angul Kadalibereni
101 Angul Anugul Angul Kaleipada
102 Angul Anugul Angul Kandhakoili
103 Angul Anugul Angul Kangula
104 Angul Anugul Angul Kanheinagar
105 Angul Anugul Angul Kanja
106 Angul Anugul Angul Kansanali
107 Angul Anugul Angul Kantabeda
108 Angul Anugul Angul Kantamengha
109 Angul Anugul Angul Karadabani Jungle
110 Angul Anugul Angul Karadapada
111 Angul Anugul Angul Karadasingh
112 Angul Anugul Angul Karamangasahi
113 Angul Anugul Angul Karatapata
114 Angul Anugul Angul Karnapur
115 Angul Anugul Angul Katarang (Sana)
116 Angul Anugul Angul Katrang Bada
117 Angul Anugul Angul Khalamba
118 Angul Anugul Angul Khalari
119 Angul Anugul Angul Khalgaon
120 Angul Anugul Angul Khamar
121 Angul Anugul Angul Khandahata
122 Angul Anugul Angul Khaparakhai
123 Angul Anugul Angul Khinda
124 Angul Anugul Angul Khinda govindpur
125 Angul Anugul Angul Kothabhuin
126 Angul Anugul Angul Krushnachakra
127 Angul Anugul Angul Kulangi
128 Angul Anugul Angul Kulasara
129 Angul Anugul Angul Kulasingha
130 Angul Anugul Angul Kumuri
131 Angul Anugul Angul Kumurisinga
132 Angul Anugul Angul Kurudu
133 Angul Anugul Angul Kusumpat
134 Angul Anugul Angul Labangi
135 Angul Anugul Angul Lachhabandha
136 Angul Anugul Angul Laxmanpur
137 Angul Anugul Angul Lingarajodi
138 Angul Anugul Angul Lokeipasi
139 Angul Anugul Angul Madanmohanpatna
140 Angul Anugul Angul Madhapur
141 Angul Anugul Angul Madhapur Jungle
142 Angul Anugul Angul Madhupur
143 Angul Anugul Angul Magurakhala
144 Angul Anugul Angul Mahidharpada
145 Angul Anugul Angul Mahulia
146 Angul Anugul Angul Majhipada
147 Angul Anugul Angul Malisahi
148 Angul Anugul Angul Manapur
149 Angul Anugul Angul Manikajodi
150 Angul Anugul Angul Maranda
151 Angul Anugul Angul Matiasahi
152 Angul Anugul Angul Musapapuli
153 Angul Anugul Angul Naimunda
154 Angul Anugul Angul Nandapur
155 Angul Anugul Angul Narayanpur
156 Angul Anugul Angul Nuabhuin
157 Angul Anugul Angul Nuagaon
158 Angul Anugul Angul Nuagaon
159 Angul Anugul Angul Nuakheta
160 Angul Anugul Angul Nuamouza
161 Angul Anugul Angul Nuapada
162 Angul Anugul Angul Nuapada
163 Angul Anugul Angul Nukhuripada
164 Angul Anugul Angul Olaberi
165 Angul Anugul Angul Pabala
166 Angul Anugul Angul Pampasar
167 Angul Anugul Angul Panabhuin
168 Angul Anugul Angul Panagovindapur
169 Angul Anugul Angul Panchamahala
170 Angul Anugul Angul Pandapur
171 Angul Anugul Angul Panjiasahi
172 Angul Anugul Angul Pateli
173 Angul Anugul Angul Patharagarh
174 Angul Anugul Angul Podakhaman
175 Angul Anugul Angul Pokatunga
176 Angul Anugul Angul Pokunda
177 Angul Anugul Angul Purunagarh
178 Angul Anugul Angul Purunakote
179 Angul Anugul Angul Ragudiapada
180 Angul Anugul Angul Ragudiapada
181 Angul Anugul Angul Raigoda Sorisapal
182 Angul Anugul Angul Raiguda
183 Angul Anugul Angul Ramabereni
184 Angul Anugul Angul Ramachandrapur
185 Angul Anugul Angul Ramimunda
186 Angul Anugul Angul Ramimunda
187 Angul Anugul Angul Rantalei
188 Angul Anugul Angul Rantalei jungle
189 Angul Anugul Angul Rodasingha
190 Angul Anugul Angul Sabalabhanga
191 Angul Anugul Angul Sabalabhanga Jungle
192 Angul Anugul Angul Sachina
193 Angul Anugul Angul Saharagoda
194 Angul Anugul Angul Salara
195 Angul Anugul Angul Samakoi
196 Angul Anugul Angul Sanahinso
197 Angul Anugul Angul Sanakanjani
198 Angul Anugul Angul Sanakanjani Jungle
199 Angul Anugul Angul Sanakantakul
200 Angul Anugul Angul Sankhapur
201 Angul Anugul Angul Sankrida
202 Angul Anugul Angul Saradhapur
203 Angul Anugul Angul Saradhapur
204 Angul Anugul Angul Sarangapur
205 Angul Anugul Angul Saruali
206 Angul Anugul Angul Sasan
207 Angul Anugul Angul Satrang
208 Angul Anugul Angul Shyamsundarpur
209 Angul Anugul Angul Singajodi
210 Angul Anugul Angul Sit koili
211 Angul Anugul Angul Sorisapal
212 Angul Anugul Angul Sudasahi
213 Angul Anugul Angul Surab
214 Angul Anugul Angul Surendrapur
215 Angul Anugul Angul Susuda
216 Angul Anugul Angul Tabada
217 Angul Anugul Angul Tainsi
218 Angul Anugul Angul Takarasingha
219 Angul Anugul Angul Talabahal
220 Angul Anugul Angul Talaberena
221 Angul Anugul Angul Talagarh
222 Angul Anugul Angul Talapada
223 Angul Anugul Angul Talasahi
224 Angul Anugul Angul Talasira
225 Angul Anugul Angul Tentulipada
226 Angul Anugul Angul Thukuli
227 Angul Anugul Angul Tikarapada
228 Angul Anugul Angul Tuluka
229 Angul Anugul Angul Tumuni
230 Angul Anugul Angul Uchhasala
231 Angul Anugul Banarpal Amantapur
232 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ankurabahal
233 Angul Anugul Banarpal Apartipur
234 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ara
235 Angul Anugul Banarpal Arahat
236 Angul Anugul Banarpal Avimanpur
237 Angul Anugul Banarpal Badaberena
238 Angul Anugul Banarpal Badahinsar
239 Angul Anugul Banarpal Badakerjang
240 Angul Anugul Banarpal Badakerjang Jungle
241 Angul Anugul Banarpal Badakhali
242 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bagachar
243 Angul Anugul Banarpal Balaramprasad
244 Angul Anugul Banarpal Balaram prasad Patna
245 Angul Anugul Banarpal Banarpal
246 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bandhupur
247 Angul Anugul Banarpal Banuasahi
248 Angul Anugul Banarpal Basudevpur
249 Angul Anugul Banarpal Basudevpur
250 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bedasar
251 Angul Anugul Banarpal Beherabhuin
252 Angul Anugul Banarpal Belasuntha
253 Angul Anugul Banarpal Benagadia
254 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bhagabatpur
255 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bhogaberini
256 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bimalbeda
257 Angul Anugul Banarpal Birabahanpur
258 Angul Anugul Banarpal Bonda
259 Angul Anugul Banarpal Brundabanpur
260 Angul Anugul Banarpal Budhapanka
261 Angul Anugul Banarpal Chakuriapal
262 Angul Anugul Banarpal Chauridiha
263 Angul Anugul Banarpal Dabardhua
264 Angul Anugul Banarpal Daneinali
265 Angul Anugul Banarpal Dasamania
266 Angul Anugul Banarpal Dayanidhipur
267 Angul Anugul Banarpal Derjang
268 Angul Anugul Banarpal Derjang Jungle
269 Angul Anugul Banarpal Dudhiabeda
270 Angul Anugul Banarpal Durgaprasadpur
271 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ekagharia
272 Angul Anugul Banarpal Fulapada
273 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gangijodi
274 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ganthigadia
275 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gartalmul
276 Angul Anugul Banarpal GhunchaPal
277 Angul Anugul Banarpal Girang
278 Angul Anugul Banarpal Giridhabasia
279 Angul Anugul Banarpal Golabandha
280 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gopinathpur
281 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gopingangadharpur
282 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gotamara
283 Angul Anugul Banarpal Gudiabhuin
284 Angul Anugul Banarpal Harichandabasti
285 Angul Anugul Banarpal Harichanda jami
286 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jamunali
287 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jamunda
288 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jamunda Jungle
289 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jarada
290 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jarasingha
291 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jhajiribahal
292 Angul Anugul Banarpal Joragadia
293 Angul Anugul Banarpal Juharpur
294 Angul Anugul Banarpal Jukub
295 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kainchabahal
296 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kalandapal
297 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kandasar
298 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kanjara
299 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kankinali
300 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kansaragadi
301 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kanyabeda
302 Angul Anugul Banarpal Karaberini
303 Angul Anugul Banarpal Karaberini
304 Angul Anugul Banarpal Karadagadia
305 Angul Anugul Banarpal Karadatikar
306 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kendupali
307 Angul Anugul Banarpal Khamana
308 Angul Anugul Banarpal Khandanali
309 Angul Anugul Banarpal Khirakolipasi
310 Angul Anugul Banarpal Krushnachandrapur
311 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kuio
312 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kuio Jungle
313 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kukudang
314 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kulad
315 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kulad Jungle
316 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kulei
317 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kumanda
318 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kunjakutira
319 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kurudol
320 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kusasingha
321 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kusuna
322 Angul Anugul Banarpal Kusupangi
323 Angul Anugul Banarpal Languliabeda
324 Angul Anugul Banarpal Languliabeda Jungle
325 Angul Anugul Banarpal Laxmanpur
326 Angul Anugul Banarpal Madhiamunda
327 Angul Anugul Banarpal Maidharpur
328 Angul Anugul Banarpal Majhika
329 Angul Anugul Banarpal Majhika
330 Angul Anugul Banarpal Mandaberini
331 Angul Anugul Banarpal Maratira
332 Angul Anugul Banarpal Nakachanipal
333 Angul Anugul Banarpal Narayanchandrapur
334 Angul Anugul Banarpal Narendrapur
335 Angul Anugul Banarpal Niladripur
336 Angul Anugul Banarpal Nirakarpur
337 Angul Anugul Banarpal Nuapada
338 Angul Anugul Banarpal Nuata
339 Angul Anugul Banarpal Pandarbharania
340 Angul Anugul Banarpal Paniola
341 Angul Anugul Banarpal Paratara
342 Angul Anugul Banarpal Paripara
343 Angul Anugul Banarpal Pathuria
344 Angul Anugul Banarpal Pingua
345 Angul Anugul Banarpal Purukia
346 Angul Anugul Banarpal Raipur
347 Angul Anugul Banarpal Rajanipal
348 Angul Anugul Banarpal Rajibpur
349 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ramimunda
350 Angul Anugul Banarpal Rangakata
351 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ranigoda
352 Angul Anugul Banarpal Ranigoda Jungle
353 Angul Anugul Banarpal Rankasinga
354 Angul Anugul Banarpal Rankasingha
355 Angul Anugul Banarpal Routal
356 Angul Anugul Banarpal Sakosingha
357 Angul Anugul Banarpal Salagadia
358 Angul Anugul Banarpal Sanahinsar
359 Angul Anugul Banarpal Sana Jamunda
360 Angul Anugul Banarpal Sanakerjang
361 Angul Anugul Banarpal Sanakerjang Jungle
362 Angul Anugul Banarpal Santarapur
363 Angul Anugul Banarpal Santarapur
364 Angul Anugul Banarpal Santri
365 Angul Anugul Banarpal Serenabeda
366 Angul Anugul Banarpal Similichhuin
367 Angul Anugul Banarpal Similichhuin Jungle
368 Angul Anugul Banarpal Subarnapur
369 Angul Anugul Banarpal Suleimal
370 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talabahala
371 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talataila
372 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talatali
373 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talmulpatanabasti
374 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talmulpatanajami
375 Angul Anugul Banarpal Talmul Sasan
376 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tamarakata
377 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tentoi
378 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tentoloi
379 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tentulihata
380 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tentulipasi
381 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tilapanga
382 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tubey
383 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tulasipal
384 Angul Anugul Banarpal Tulasipal Jungle
385 Angul Anugul Banarpal Turang
386 Angul Anugul Banarpal Turang Jungle
387 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ambapal
388 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ambapal Jungle
389 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Andharikata
390 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Badaberena
391 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Badajharan
392 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Badamahitala
393 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bagdia
394 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Baghuabol
395 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bahalasahi
396 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bahiali Jungle
397 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bakala
398 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Balichandrapur
399 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Balikudia Jungle
400 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Balinali
401 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Balipatta
402 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bamanali
403 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Baramancha
404 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Baramancha jungle
405 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Barapada
406 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Barasahi
407 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Basantapur
408 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bethianali
409 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhagilakata
410 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhagirathipur
411 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhaliasar
412 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhalukhaidhipa
413 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhalukhamna
414 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhatapal
415 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhejidiha
416 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bhubanpur
417 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Bimbadharpur
418 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Biswnathpur
419 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Brahmanbil
420 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chakradharpur
421 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chakundapal
422 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chandrapur
423 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Changudia
424 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chhendipada
425 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chhendipada Jungle
426 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chhotabereni
427 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chhota Golagadia
428 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Chhotatentuli
429 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dahibar
430 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dangapal
431 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dasarashi
432 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Deunriajharan
433 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dhangurumunda
434 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dhaurakhaman
435 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dhaurakhaman
436 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Dubanali
437 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Durgapur
438 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Durgapur Panasahi
439 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Durgapur Tangarasahi
440 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Fasihat Jungle
441 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Gadapasi
442 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ghodadian Jungle
443 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ghuntulipasi
444 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Gobinda Panasahi
445 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Godarasahi
446 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Gohirapasi
447 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Golagadia
448 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Golagadia
449 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Golagadia Jungle
450 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Gopinathpur
451 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Gopinathpur Jungle
452 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Handigoda
453 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Haribereni
454 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Hariharpur
455 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Hatianali
456 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jalatap
457 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jarapada
458 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jarapada Jungle
459 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jarapada Panasahi
460 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jaripal
461 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jereng
462 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jereng Dehurisahi
463 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jhintipal
464 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Jhintipal Jungle
465 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kainchhapada
466 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kaliakata
467 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kaliakata Jungle
468 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kampasala
469 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kampasala Jungle
470 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kanaloi
471 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kandhakorada
472 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kankarei
473 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kankurpal
474 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Karadabahal
475 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Karnapal
476 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kasidiaha
477 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Katada
478 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kaunshidhipa
479 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kerjanga
480 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Khairabereni
481 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Khajurikhai
482 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Khamar
483 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Khamar Jungle
484 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Khanguria
485 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kisinda
486 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Korada
487 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kosala
488 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kudapalpasi
489 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kudapasi
490 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kukurpeta
491 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kukurpeta Jungle
492 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kumurisingha
493 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kundajhari Jungle
494 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kunjabiaharipur
495 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kuskila
496 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kuskila Jungle Bada
497 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Kuskila Jungle Sana
498 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Laxmidharpur
499 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Machhakuta
500 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Machhakuta Jungle
501 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Makundapur
502 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Malibrahmani
503 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Malisahi
504 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Mamuriasahi
505 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Mandua
506 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Marudhipa
507 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nandichhod @ Gopiballavpur
508 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nanguli
509 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nanguli Jungle
510 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Natada
511 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Naupada
512 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Niranjanpur
513 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nisha
514 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nuagaon
515 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nuamouza
516 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nuapada
517 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nuapada Jungle
518 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Nunamati
519 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Odakapa
520 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ogi
521 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Palasabania
522 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Panapasi
523 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Panapur
524 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Para
525 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Para Jungle
526 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Paranga
527 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Patakumunda
528 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Patakumunda Jungle
529 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Patrapada
530 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Patrapada Jungle
531 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Phuljhari
532 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Pipalbahal
533 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Pirakhaman
534 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Pitachari
535 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Podapada
536 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Podapada Jungle
537 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Puriabeda
538 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Purunagarh
539 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Purunagarh Jungle
540 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Putagadia
541 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Raijharan
542 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Raipal
543 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ramachandrapur
544 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Ramadiha
545 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Rangapasi
546 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sadanandapur
547 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Salakhaman
548 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Samalmaliha
549 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sanamahitala
550 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Santarabandha
551 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sapoinali
552 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sarapal
553 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sauria
554 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sendhapal
555 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Similipal
556 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Similisahi
557 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sindarpal
558 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sudagolasar
559 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Sunaripal
560 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Takua
561 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tangiri
562 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tebudu
563 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tebudu Jungle
564 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Telisahi
565 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tentuli
566 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tentuloi
567 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tentuloi Gopinathpur
568 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tentuloi Kodasahi
569 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Thalipasi
570 Angul Anugul Chhendipada Tukuda
571 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Achutapur
572 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Adesar
573 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Aida
574 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Akharakata
575 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Alekhpur
576 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Amadara
577 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Amasama
578 Angul Athmalik Athmallik ambanali
579 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ambasaramunda
580 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Anandapur
581 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Anantpali
582 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Antarsinga
583 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Arakhkuda
584 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Arampur
585 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Badabandha
586 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Badabar
587 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Badadudhianali
588 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baddaar
589 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baghuakata
590 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baghuanali
591 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bahalbeda
592 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bahali
593 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bajapur
594 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bajrakot
595 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Balipata
596 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baluaghara
597 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Banabaspur
598 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bandhagan
599 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bandhupali
600 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bankapal
601 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bankuala
602 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Banmalipur
603 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Banpur
604 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bantol
605 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baradakata
606 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Baragan
607 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Barahma
608 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bardhipa
609 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bareni
610 Angul Athmalik Athmallik barpada
611 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Barpala
612 Angul Athmalik Athmallik barpali
613 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bartaila
614 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Basudebapur
615 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Basudebpur
616 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Batrakhol
617 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Beherapada
618 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Beladula
619 Angul Athmalik Athmallik belapunji
620 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Belataela
621 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhagabanpur
622 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhagamunda
623 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhagamunda
624 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhagirathipur
625 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhaliadharapahada
626 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhandarikata
627 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhandarimunda
628 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhangmaliha
629 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhejidihi
630 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhogara
631 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhoipada
632 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhuasuninali
633 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhubanipur
634 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bhujapur
635 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bidisingi basu
636 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bijamaliha
637 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bijpur
638 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Binodper
639 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Bipradiha
640 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Brahmanandapur
641 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Buraghat
642 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Chandrapur
643 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Cherakhandi Maharpada
644 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Chheliamundia
645 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Chhepera
646 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Chilakhandi
647 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Chintamanipur
648 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dahimal
649 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dalaki
650 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Damabahala
651 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Damodarpur
652 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dangadar
653 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Daruaha
654 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Daulatpur
655 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Deberapali
656 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Depur
657 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Deulabeda
658 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Deuli
659 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhandatopa
660 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhapadhul
661 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhatuakibahala
662 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhodakhal
663 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhulia nali
664 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhuliapada
665 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dhusarpada
666 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Digipadar
667 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dimiribeda
668 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dinabandhupur
669 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dolamundi
670 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Dudum
671 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gadadharpur
672 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gadakholamundia
673 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gandarmunda
674 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gangapani
675 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Garangapur
676 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gedhelimunda (jungle)
677 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gedhilimunda
678 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ghanajori
679 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ghanamundia
680 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ghodabandhuni
681 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ghodagadi
682 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ghurunda
683 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Girida
684 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gopalpur
685 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gopapur
686 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gopinathpur
687 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Goutampur
688 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Guapada
689 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gudugudi
690 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gunduri
691 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Gundurikhol
692 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Haridakotha
693 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Haridanali
694 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hariharpur
695 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Haripur
696 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hatasimili
697 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hatigenja
698 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hatuapada
699 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Helei
700 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hemamura
701 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hingmandal
702 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hinjagola
703 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Hinsei
704 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jadupur
705 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jadupurjangal
706 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jagabandhupur
707 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jaganathapur
708 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jagatpur
709 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jagdalpur
710 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jahnimunda
711 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jaipur
712 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jamudoli
713 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Janakpur
714 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jarpada
715 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jhamakrai
716 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jharabaenda
717 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jharapada
718 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jhillimunda
719 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jhudangamala
720 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jhurikata
721 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jirad
722 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Jogibandha
723 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kadapada
724 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kaerighati
725 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kahneibereni
726 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kahnupur
727 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kaintragara
728 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kaladhuni
729 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kalamati
730 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kalapatanali
731 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kalijikata
732 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kamalpur
733 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kampala
734 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kandhapada
735 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kandhapali
736 Angul Athmalik Athmallik kansab
737 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kantapada
738 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Karadabahalikhaira
739 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Karadabahelimadhu
740 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Karadadadar
741 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kararasinga
742 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kasinathpur
743 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kendupati
744 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kenjuanali
745 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ketkijharan
746 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Keutabhuin
747 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khadagbahal
748 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khadaramunda
749 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khadarapada
750 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khajurijharan
751 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khamara
752 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khambeshwar pali
753 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Khandahata
754 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kiakata
755 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kishoripur
756 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kodasinga
757 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Krutibasapur
758 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kuberapahada
759 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kudagan
760 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kumbhia
761 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kundanali
762 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kundapur
763 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kurab
764 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kurumatap
765 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kusabania
766 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kusasinga
767 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kusumadara
768 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kusumkuhuri
769 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kusupur
770 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kutagan
771 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kutarthpur
772 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kuteswar
773 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kutulasinga
774 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Kutulusinga
775 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Lakshmanpur
776 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Lakshmipur
777 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Laupal
778 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Lehedi
779 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Limbadih
780 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Lipilei
781 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Liptinga
782 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Loharapada
783 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Luhasinga
784 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Lunahandi
785 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Madanchuki o shankhamala
786 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Madanpur
787 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Madhapur
788 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Madhyapur
789 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mahakudapali
790 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mahana khali
791 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mahidharpur
792 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mahindrapur
793 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mahulanali
794 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Maimura
795 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Makundapur
796 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Malipadar
797 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Malisahi
798 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mamurijharan
799 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Manapur
800 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Manarbeda
801 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mandarabahal
802 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mangalapur
803 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Manikipathar
804 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mathanundia
805 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mindol
806 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Muchhapur
807 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mundapada
808 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Mundigotha
809 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Muraripur
810 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nabadipapur
811 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nabing
812 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nagan
813 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Naikpada
814 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Najhara
815 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Naktideula
816 Angul Athmalik Athmallik naleswar
817 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Narayanpur
818 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nenkadachhida
819 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nilakantapada
820 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nilmara
821 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nisanipathar
822 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuaarakhakuda
823 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuabankapal
824 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuabarapali
825 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuagada
826 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuagan
827 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuagirida
828 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuakendupati
829 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuamanitri
830 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuapada
831 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Nuaphuljhari
832 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Odasinga
833 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Olatha
834 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Orda
835 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pachiribandh
836 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Padiahindal
837 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Padianali
838 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Padmapokhari
839 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Paikasahi
840 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pandurikhol
841 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Patahrtanga
842 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pataka
843 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Patapathar
844 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Patharkhumpa
845 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Patrapada
846 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pedipathar
847 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Phakirpur
848 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Phatamunda
849 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Phuluribania
850 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pitabalibahal
851 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pitabaspur
852 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Podapadar
853 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Podapadar
854 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pokanda
855 Angul Athmalik Athmallik polamahula
856 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Pulesar
857 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Purunamanatri
858 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Raeda
859 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rainali
860 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rajing
861 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rajingi
862 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ramagara
863 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rampur
864 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ranamunda
865 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rangpur
866 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ranibandha
867 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ranidantakathia
868 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ranipakhal
869 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Ranjana
870 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rasasinga
871 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rathipur
872 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Rautapada
873 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sadanandapur
874 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Saluni
875 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sandadar
876 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sandudhianali
877 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sanhula
878 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Santipur
879 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sapaghara
880 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Saradhapur
881 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sargiseni
882 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sarthakpur
883 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Satbandhali
884 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Satybadipur
885 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sianberani o bhalunati
886 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Siarinali
887 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Siaromalia
888 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sidhapur
889 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sidheswarpur
890 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Similiadandi
891 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Singarimunda
892 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sisukata
893 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Somnathpur
894 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sorisapanka
895 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Subarnapur
896 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sugripali
897 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Sunderkhol
898 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tabada
899 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tainsar
900 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Talamaliha
901 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Talbahali
902 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Talbijipur
903 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Taleipatahar
904 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tambabajeni
905 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tangianisa
906 Angul Athmalik Athmallik tarnda
907 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tasarbeda
908 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Telinali
909 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Telnai
910 Angul Athmalik Athmallik tentaloi
911 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tenteipali
912 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tentulipadar
913 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tentulipadar
914 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Thakurgar
915 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Thatimunda
916 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tileshara
917 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Titigan
918 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Titirikata
919 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tumursinga
920 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Tusar
921 Angul Athmalik Athmallik Uchakurum
922 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ambakhol
923 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ambamunda
924 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ambapal
925 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Anandamunda
926 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Anaraberini
927 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Anatira
928 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Angapada
929 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Arjundhara
930 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ashrubahal
931 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Babartipali
932 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badabahal
933 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badaberena
934 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badadangiani
935 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badagobindapur
936 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badahulla
937 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badarohila
938 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badibahal
939 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badibahal
940 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Badirnali
941 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baghamunda
942 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baija
943 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bairagipali
944 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baisana
945 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Balarampadar
946 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baliamba
947 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Balijerenga
948 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Balikhaman
949 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bamur
950 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Banaranali
951 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baniadohali
952 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baninali
953 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bankapalsa
954 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bankeswar
955 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bankuala
956 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bansimunda
957 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bantamaliha
958 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Baradamalhia
959 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Barakhol
960 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Barapadar
961 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Barapat
962 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Barpashi
963 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Basantia
964 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Batimunda
965 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Batipurunapani
966 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bhagabanpur
967 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bhalumunda
968 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bhangamunda
969 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bharatapur
970 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bharatpur
971 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bhejigoth
972 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bhimpur
973 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bidisinga
974 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bidyadharpur
975 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Bileinali
976 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Biswanathpur
977 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Boinda
978 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Brahamanidei
979 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Brahmanipali
980 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Brundabanpur
981 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Budhapal
982 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Budiabahal
983 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Budulimunda
984 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chakhundamunda
985 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Champapur
986 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chandabahal
987 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Charkhaman
988 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chatiamal
989 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chhelikhai
990 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chintamanipur
991 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chudakhai
992 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Chuliapur
993 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dadarpali
994 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dakuamunda
995 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dalapaka
996 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dalimura
997 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Damdar
998 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dangapal
999 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dantuanipal
1000 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Debadhipada
1001 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Debarpali
1002 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dekurudu
1003 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhadarpal
1004 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhanukhol
1005 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhauragoth
1006 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhauragoth
1007 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhaurapali
1008 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dhundi
1009 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dimiridiha
1010 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dimirimunda
1011 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Dohali
1012 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gadaghumura
1013 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gadeimunda
1014 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gargadabahal
1015 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Garuda
1016 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gatikrushnapur
1017 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gatipurunapani
1018 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ghambharimaliha
1019 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ghanapur
1020 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ghosar
1021 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ghosarkhol
1022 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gobardhanpur
1023 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gojapathar
1024 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Golasar
1025 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Goratopa
1026 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gunduridadar
1027 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gundurijharan
1028 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gundurimunda
1029 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gunthapada
1030 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Gurujang
1031 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Handapa
1032 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Haridanali
1033 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Harirajpur
1034 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Hatanali
1035 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Himitira
1036 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Hinjirida
1037 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ichhapur
1038 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jairat
1039 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jambubania
1040 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jamujhari
1041 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jamunali
1042 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jamunali
1043 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jamunda
1044 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jhampuli
1045 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jharaberini
1046 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jharbandhulibudhia
1047 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jharbandhulichinta
1048 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jhinkibahal
1049 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jiantanali
1050 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jogipathar
1051 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Jogipurunapani
1052 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kadalimunda
1053 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kadalimunda
1054 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kalabeda
1055 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kampala
1056 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kamrei
1057 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kandhal
1058 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kandharamunda
1059 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kansarikuda
1060 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kanteikulia
1061 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Karadabahaldehury
1062 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Karadadadar
1063 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Karadingabahal
1064 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Karamulakata
1065 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kasturibahal
1066 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Katada
1067 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kataranga
1068 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kendunali
1069 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khairamunda
1070 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khalpal
1071 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khamar
1072 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khandabar
1073 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khariakani
1074 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Khaudar
1075 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kheti
1076 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kholadangiani
1077 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kholaregeda
1078 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kishorachandrapur
1079 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Krushnapur
1080 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kujhari
1081 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kumbharamunda
1082 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kundali
1083 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kurmursinga
1084 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kurumtap
1085 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kusuni
1086 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Kutasinga
1087 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Lanchhi
1088 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Laxmiprasadpur
1089 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Laxmipriyapur
1090 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Luhamunda
1091 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Madhupur
1092 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Madhupur
1093 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mahulmal
1094 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mahulmunda
1095 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mandaamba
1096 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Manikpur
1097 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mankadachua
1098 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mayurkacheni
1099 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Mundabeda
1100 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nabaghanapada
1101 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nagajharan
1102 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nakatinali
1103 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nakchi
1104 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Natada
1105 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nimitiri
1106 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuaashrubahal
1107 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuabalikhaman
1108 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuabarapat
1109 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuabhangamunda
1110 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuabhogara
1111 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuagargadabahal
1112 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuakholaregeda
1113 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuakuajhari
1114 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuanatada
1115 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuanimitiri
1116 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nuasusab
1117 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Nunukapasi
1118 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Odal
1119 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Oskapali
1120 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Padiabandhupali
1121 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Padmapur
1122 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Panduripathar
1123 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Papasara
1124 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Parbatipur
1125 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Parsumal
1126 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pathargarh
1127 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Phasipal
1128 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Phulajhari
1129 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pidharagadi
1130 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pipalbahal
1131 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pipalmunda
1132 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pitabaligorada
1133 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Pratappur
1134 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Purastampur
1135 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Raghunathpur
1136 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Raibahal
1137 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Rajamunda
1138 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Rajanpal
1139 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ramachandrapur
1140 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Rangamatia
1141 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Raniakata
1142 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Ranibhuin
1143 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Rasunpal
1144 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Rengalbeda
1145 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sahadevaabdhupali
1146 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sahajabahal
1147 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Salapani
1148 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Saleigotha
1149 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sanagobindapur
1150 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sanapadar
1151 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sanarohila
1152 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sandhapal
1153 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sanjamura
1154 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Saradhamunda
1155 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sarbhanguni
1156 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sataperedia
1157 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Serenda
1158 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Solanda
1159 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Sribantamunda
1160 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Susab
1161 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Takaba
1162 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Taladar
1163 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Talapadar
1164 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Tapursingha
1165 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Tentelapani
1166 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Tentulikhandahata
1167 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Tentulikhol
1168 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Thelkonali
1169 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Tulsipur
1170 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Turuda
1171 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Uchabali
1172 Angul Athmalik Kishorenagar Urukula
1173 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Alanabahala
1174 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Allori
1175 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara asanapal
1176 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Atanaka
1177 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badabagadari
1178 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badabalipasi
1179 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badadhauragotha
1180 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badagunda
1181 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badajhar Colony
1182 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badaludunga
1183 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badasada
1184 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Badibahal
1185 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bagdari
1186 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bahadakani
1187 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bahadapasi
1188 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Baidehipur
1189 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Baidyanathpur
1190 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Baja
1191 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bakata
1192 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Balabhadrapur
1193 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Balibahal
1194 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Balipasi
1195 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Balipasi
1196 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Banar
1197 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Banar
1198 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Banarpal
1199 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bandhabhuin
1200 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bandhakani
1201 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bankamunda
1202 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bankhol
1203 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bankholi
1204 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Baradiha
1205 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Barakalapal
1206 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Barakudar
1207 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Baramunda
1208 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Barkotia
1209 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Barnamuhan
1210 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Barundiha
1211 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Basudevpur
1212 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Batisuan
1213 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Benipathar
1214 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Besalia
1215 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhadramunda
1216 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhaluki
1217 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhejipada
1218 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhetia
1219 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhimakand
1220 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhimapali
1221 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bhujapur
1222 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bijagotha
1223 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bindapur
1224 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Biralmunda
1225 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Bishnupur
1226 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Boitasarei
1227 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Burubura
1228 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chakradharpur
1229 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chandapasi
1230 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chandpank
1231 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chasagurujang
1232 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chauturapali
1233 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chhanchunia
1234 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chheliabeda
1235 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chheliabeda Colony
1236 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Chingudimunda
1237 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dallo
1238 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Damodarpur
1239 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dangamanga
1240 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dangapal
1241 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dareikela
1242 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Debahali
1243 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Debahali
1244 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dhuduripali
1245 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dimiria
1246 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dimirinali
1247 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dimirinali
1248 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dudipani
1249 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Duipani
1250 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dwitikrishnapur
1251 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Dwitikrishnapur
1252 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Eknatal
1253 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Firingbahal
1254 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ganesh Ganja
1255 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ganeswarpur
1256 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ganjaimuni
1257 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Garadamunda
1258 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gatareipal
1259 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Godapada
1260 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Godaramunda
1261 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gopapur
1262 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gopinathpur
1263 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gunhapal
1264 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gurundiamunda
1265 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Gurusulei
1266 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Hansala
1267 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Hansamunda
1268 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Haripur
1269 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Hatibindha
1270 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Hatighincha
1271 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Hatimunda
1272 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Illisuan
1273 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Injidi
1274 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Iswarnagar
1275 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Itee
1276 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jaganathpur
1277 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jalha
1278 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jamara
1279 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jamardihi Pabudi
1280 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jambua
1281 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jambua
1282 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jangda
1283 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jaunli Bandha
1284 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jaymal
1285 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jaypur
1286 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jenapada
1287 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharabahal
1288 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharabereni
1289 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharalo
1290 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharbeda
1291 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharia Khaman
1292 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jharkilinda
1293 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jhimiripali
1294 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jitdimiria
1295 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jogimunda
1296 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jokapani
1297 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Jolanda
1298 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kadadiha
1299 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kadalibari
1300 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kadambinipur
1301 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kainsiripali
1302 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kaira
1303 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kalanda
1304 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kaliakudar
1305 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kamparkela
1306 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kandarapali
1307 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kanjia
1308 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kansar
1309 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kansara
1310 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kantala
1311 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kantanali
1312 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kantiapasi
1313 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Karadakhaman
1314 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Karadapal
1315 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Karadapal
1316 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kasipur
1317 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Katupasi
1318 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kelapasi
1319 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kerjanga
1320 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Keutamunda
1321 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khadaka
1322 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khadakapasi
1323 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khairabania
1324 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khajuria
1325 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khalpal
1326 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khamar
1327 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khanantapasi Colony
1328 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khanatapasi
1329 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khandabeda
1330 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khemala
1331 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khemela
1332 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khetrabasipur
1333 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kholadiha
1334 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kholamunda
1335 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Khunatapasi
1336 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kochiabeda
1337 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kochila
1338 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kolhasahi
1339 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kolipal
1340 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Korada
1341 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Krutibaspur
1342 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kubuli
1343 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kukuria
1344 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kumbhargadi
1345 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kundanadeipur
1346 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kunjam
1347 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kurumula
1348 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kusumanali
1349 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kutarimunda
1350 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kutaripasi
1351 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Kuturia
1352 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Laxmipriyapur
1353 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Madhupur
1354 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Magarmuhan
1355 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mahurapani
1356 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Maidharpur
1357 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Malarbeda
1358 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mandhata
1359 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mankadachua
1360 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mirigi
1361 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Miriginendi
1362 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mohanpur
1363 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Mohanpur
1364 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Muchurigadia
1365 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Muktapur
1366 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Munduribeda
1367 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Munipalpur
1368 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nabaghanpur
1369 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nabamunda
1370 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nagadhara
1371 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nagira
1372 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Naikanipali
1373 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Naktimunda
1374 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Namgaon
1375 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nampasi
1376 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nandijhari
1377 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Narayanchandrapur
1378 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Narsingpur
1379 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nimihata
1380 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nimiribeda
1381 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nityam
1382 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuabadadhouragoth
1383 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuagaon
1384 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuagaon
1385 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nua Jagannathpur
1386 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuapada
1387 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuapali
1388 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuasiding
1389 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuguda
1390 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Nuthuripasi
1391 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Odash
1392 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pabitrapur
1393 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Padanga
1394 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Padapasi
1395 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Padhanipal
1396 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Padiamunda
1397 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pallahara
1398 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Panihara
1399 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Para
1400 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Parachhat
1401 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Paramanandapur
1402 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Paramunda
1403 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Patabeda
1404 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Patabeda
1405 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Patamara
1406 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pataramunda
1407 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pataripasi
1408 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pathuri
1409 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pattamund
1410 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Paunsia
1411 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pechamundi
1412 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Phapand
1413 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Phuljhari
1414 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara pirunki bahal
1415 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pitta
1416 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Pravasuni
1417 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Priyambadapur
1418 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Purunapani
1419 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Purunapani
1420 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Purunapani
1421 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rada
1422 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Raghunathpur
1423 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Raipal
1424 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rajamunda
1425 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rajamunda
1426 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rajdang
1427 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ramachandrapur
1428 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rangiapal
1429 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ranja
1430 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ranjana
1431 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Ranjo
1432 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rengali
1433 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rengalmunda
1434 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rengalmunda
1435 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rohila
1436 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rohira
1437 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Rugudidiha
1438 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sahargurujang
1439 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sahupada
1440 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Saida
1441 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Salei
1442 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Samala
1443 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Samiapali
1444 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sanadhauragoth
1445 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sanaludung
1446 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sanasada
1447 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sanbagdari
1448 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sanda
1449 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sandhamunda
1450 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sandhar
1451 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara San Dhauragotha
1452 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sankhamur
1453 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sapajhara
1454 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sarabeda
1455 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Saradhapur
1456 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Satyabandh
1457 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Satyagaon
1458 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Seegarh
1459 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Shyameswarpur
1460 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Shyamsundarpur
1461 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Siaria
1462 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Siarimalia
1463 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Siarimalia
1464 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sibagrampur
1465 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sibida
1466 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Siding
1467 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Similipal
1468 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Subarnapali
1469 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sukadevpur
1470 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Sulia
1471 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Susab
1472 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Susabanali
1473 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Susulei
1474 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Talabahali
1475 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Talabahali
1476 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Talabahali
1477 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tambur
1478 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tampar
1479 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tandibereni
1480 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tangarnali
1481 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tanugola
1482 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Taptajharan
1483 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tavapal
1484 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tellor
1485 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tenteinali
1486 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tileipasi
1487 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tileipasi
1488 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Timi
1489 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tiribi
1490 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Tolakpatia
1491 Angul Pallahara Pal Lahara Udayapur
1492 Angul Talcher Kaniha Adeityaprasad
1493 Angul Talcher Kaniha Allori
1494 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ambapal
1495 Angul Talcher Kaniha Andhari
1496 Angul Talcher Kaniha Arakhadahi
1497 Angul Talcher Kaniha Arkil
1498 Angul Talcher Kaniha Atabira
1499 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badabirabarpur
1500 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badagunduri
1501 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badahar
1502 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badahira
1503 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badakathiajungle
1504 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badatribida
1505 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badibahal
1506 Angul Talcher Kaniha Badibaspur
1507 Angul Talcher Kaniha Baghapal
1508 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bajrakote
1509 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balangi
1510 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balarampur
1511 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balarampur
1512 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balijharan
1513 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balipasi
1514 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balipasi
1515 Angul Talcher Kaniha Balipata
1516 Angul Talcher Kaniha Banasingh
1517 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bankadhara
1518 Angul Talcher Kaniha Baradangua
1519 Angul Talcher Kaniha Barakhol
1520 Angul Talcher Kaniha Barapada
1521 Angul Talcher Kaniha Barapal
1522 Angul Talcher Kaniha Barihapur
1523 Angul Talcher Kaniha Baruan
1524 Angul Talcher Kaniha Baudabeda
1525 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bethiabhuin
1526 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhagirathipur
1527 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhakarasahi
1528 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhaktipal
1529 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhalibeda
1530 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhimakanda
1531 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhuinpur
1532 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bhujapur
1533 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bijigol
1534 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bikisar
1535 Angul Talcher Kaniha Billinda
1536 Angul Talcher Kaniha Birabhuin
1537 Angul Talcher Kaniha Biru
1538 Angul Talcher Kaniha Biswalamunda
1539 Angul Talcher Kaniha Boinda
1540 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bol
1541 Angul Talcher Kaniha Brahamandei
1542 Angul Talcher Kaniha Brahmapur
1543 Angul Talcher Kaniha Bulajhar
1544 Angul Talcher Kaniha Burubahal
1545 Angul Talcher Kaniha Burukuna
1546 Angul Talcher Kaniha Chandrabil
1547 Angul Talcher Kaniha Chandrasekhapur
1548 Angul Talcher Kaniha Changudia
1549 Angul Talcher Kaniha Chhelia
1550 Angul Talcher Kaniha Chitamanipur
1551 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dadari
1552 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dalak
1553 Angul Talcher Kaniha Damajodi
1554 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dandasingha
1555 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dangarabeda
1556 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dangarpal
1557 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dayanidhipur
1558 Angul Talcher Kaniha Debadhipur
1559 Angul Talcher Kaniha Debhuin
1560 Angul Talcher Kaniha Debipatanapur
1561 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dehuribhuin
1562 Angul Talcher Kaniha Denali
1563 Angul Talcher Kaniha Deragola
1564 Angul Talcher Kaniha Deranga
1565 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dhobapal
1566 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dholagandia
1567 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dumduma
1568 Angul Talcher Kaniha Durgapur
1569 Angul Talcher Kaniha Dwarabandha
1570 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ekgharia
1571 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gadasila
1572 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gaham
1573 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gandaberena
1574 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gandamala
1575 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gangadharpur
1576 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gengutia
1577 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ghantianali
1578 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ghasiapasix
1579 Angul Talcher Kaniha Goaliar
1580 Angul Talcher Kaniha Godigotha
1581 Angul Talcher Kaniha Goiland
1582 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gounighasa
1583 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gourachandrapur
1584 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gunduri
1585 Angul Talcher Kaniha Gundurinali
1586 Angul Talcher Kaniha Hanumanpur
1587 Angul Talcher Kaniha Harichandanpur
1588 Angul Talcher Kaniha Hariharpur
1589 Angul Talcher Kaniha Hatiadanda
1590 Angul Talcher Kaniha Itamatia
1591 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jabalpur
1592 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jadunathpur
1593 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jagamohanpur
1594 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jamania
1595 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jamujodi
1596 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jarada
1597 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jaradanga
1598 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jayapur
1599 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jhadagram
1600 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jhankarpasi
1601 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jharabandha
1602 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jharabeda
1603 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jharabereni
1604 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jharadiha
1605 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jharan
1606 Angul Talcher Kaniha Jhulakhuntia
1607 Angul Talcher Kaniha Julibandha
1608 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kaharamunda
1609 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kakudia
1610 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kaliadama
1611 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kalyanapur
1612 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kamalbaspur
1613 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kamarei
1614 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kandakhaman
1615 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kandasar
1616 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kaniha
1617 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kansamunda
1618 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kantol
1619 Angul Talcher Kaniha Karadakhaman
1620 Angul Talcher Kaniha Karadei
1621 Angul Talcher Kaniha Karnapal
1622 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kasia
1623 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kasinathpur
1624 Angul Talcher Kaniha Katarapada
1625 Angul Talcher Kaniha Katarapali
1626 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kateni
1627 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kateni
1628 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kaunsibereni
1629 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kendubereni
1630 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kendukhaman
1631 Angul Talcher Kaniha Keshabpur
1632 Angul Talcher Kaniha Khairanali
1633 Angul Talcher Kaniha Khairanali
1634 Angul Talcher Kaniha Khajuria
1635 Angul Talcher Kaniha Khalapal
1636 Angul Talcher Kaniha Khindo
1637 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kiajhar
1638 Angul Talcher Kaniha Krushna Chandrapur Jungle.
1639 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kuadara
1640 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kuhanpal
1641 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kulabir
1642 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kulapal
1643 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kulei
1644 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kuluma
1645 Angul Talcher Kaniha Kusumpal
1646 Angul Talcher Kaniha Langalkhol
1647 Angul Talcher Kaniha Languabeda
1648 Angul Talcher Kaniha Laxmanpur
1649 Angul Talcher Kaniha Lodhabandha
1650 Angul Talcher Kaniha Lodhajhari
1651 Angul Talcher Kaniha Luhamara
1652 Angul Talcher Kaniha Luhamunda
1653 Angul Talcher Kaniha Mahidharpur
1654 Angul Talcher Kaniha Mahuliapasi
1655 Angul Talcher Kaniha Malapasi
1656 Angul Talcher Kaniha Mankadachua
1657 Angul Talcher Kaniha Masunihata
1658 Angul Talcher Kaniha Mohinipal
1659 Angul Talcher Kaniha Nabinpur
1660 Angul Talcher Kaniha Naikanali
1661 Angul Talcher Kaniha Nakanaka
1662 Angul Talcher Kaniha Naktideula
1663 Angul Talcher Kaniha Nalam
1664 Angul Talcher Kaniha Nialu
1665 Angul Talcher Kaniha Nilapasi
1666 Angul Talcher Kaniha Olanda
1667 Angul Talcher Kaniha Palasabahali
1668 Angul Talcher Kaniha Palasapai
1669 Angul Talcher Kaniha Pananali
1670 Angul Talcher Kaniha Parabil
1671 Angul Talcher Kaniha Paramapasi
1672 Angul Talcher Kaniha Patakhaman
1673 Angul Talcher Kaniha Pataramunda
1674 Angul Talcher Kaniha Patharamunda
1675 Angul Talcher Kaniha Phasipal
1676 Angul Talcher Kaniha Phulajhari
1677 Angul Talcher Kaniha Podagarh
1678 Angul Talcher Kaniha Poipal
1679 Angul Talcher Kaniha Purunapani
1680 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rabipur
1681 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ramachandrapur
1682 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rangabeda
1683 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rangapur
1684 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ranjagol
1685 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ranjana
1686 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rasol
1687 Angul Talcher Kaniha Ratanapur
1688 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rengali
1689 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rohila
1690 Angul Talcher Kaniha Rutubhin
1691 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sadasivpur
1692 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sagadipal
1693 Angul Talcher Kaniha Samal
1694 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sanabirabarpur
1695 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sanahar
1696 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sanatribida
1697 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sansamara
1698 Angul Talcher Kaniha Santarabandha
1699 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sapakata
1700 Angul Talcher Kaniha Saradhapur
1701 Angul Talcher Kaniha Saradhapur
1702 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sarathipal
1703 Angul Talcher Kaniha Seepur
1704 Angul Talcher Kaniha Shankarpur
1705 Angul Talcher Kaniha Siaria
1706 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sibarampur
1707 Angul Talcher Kaniha Siling
1708 Angul Talcher Kaniha Suajhari
1709 Angul Talcher Kaniha Suleipal
1710 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sunakhani
1711 Angul Talcher Kaniha Sundarakhaman
1712 Angul Talcher Kaniha Suniapasi
1713 Angul Talcher Kaniha Surangijungle
1714 Angul Talcher Kaniha Susuba
1715 Angul Talcher Kaniha Takua
1716 Angul Talcher Kaniha Talabahali
1717 Angul Talcher Kaniha Talapada
1718 Angul Talcher Kaniha Telisingha
1719 Angul Talcher Kaniha Tenteibereni
1720 Angul Talcher Kaniha Tippo
1721 Angul Talcher Kaniha Titirima
1722 Angul Talcher Kaniha Tolakabeda
1723 Angul Talcher Kaniha Tolakpal
1724 Angul Talcher Kaniha Tumugola
1725 Angul Talcher Kaniha Uchabali
1726 Angul Talcher Talcher Acharyanali
1727 Angul Talcher Talcher Ajatipur
1728 Angul Talcher Talcher Allahadnagar
1729 Angul Talcher Talcher Ambamunda
1730 Angul Talcher Talcher Amrutdeipur
1731 Angul Talcher Talcher Anadipur
1732 Angul Talcher Talcher Anandapur
1733 Angul Talcher Talcher Anantabereni
1734 Angul Talcher Talcher Anantagadia
1735 Angul Talcher Talcher Arakhapal
1736 Angul Talcher Talcher Arjunanali
1737 Angul Talcher Talcher Asanibahal
1738 Angul Talcher Talcher Asanibahal
1739 Angul Talcher Talcher Atharpa
1740 Angul Talcher Talcher Badabandhabahal
1741 Angul Talcher Talcher Badajorada
1742 Angul Talcher Talcher Badaketlandpur
1743 Angul Talcher Talcher Badapasi
1744 Angul Talcher Talcher Badasinghda
1745 Angul Talcher Talcher Baghabasapur
1746 Angul Talcher Talcher Baghuabole
1747 Angul Talcher Talcher Baghuabole
1748 Angul Talcher Talcher Bahapur
1749 Angul Talcher Talcher Baideswar
1750 Angul Talcher Talcher Balanda
1751 Angul Talcher Talcher Baleswar
1752 Angul Talcher Talcher Balijodi
1753 Angul Talcher Talcher Balipatapur
1754 Angul Talcher Talcher Ballahar
1755 Angul Talcher Talcher Balugan
1756 Angul Talcher Talcher Balunga Khamar
1757 Angul Talcher Talcher Banabasapur
1758 Angul Talcher Talcher Banamalipur
1759 Angul Talcher Talcher Bangu
1760 Angul Talcher Talcher Bantol
1761 Angul Talcher Talcher Baranali
1762 Angul Talcher Talcher Barapalli
1763 Angul Talcher Talcher Baulapur
1764 Angul Talcher Talcher Belapada
1765 Angul Talcher Talcher Bhajanipur
1766 Angul Talcher Talcher Bhalugadia
1767 Angul Talcher Talcher Bharatpur
1768 Angul Talcher Talcher Bherubania
1769 Angul Talcher Talcher Bholeswarpur
1770 Angul Talcher Talcher Bhubanabasapur
1771 Angul Talcher Talcher Bidyadharpur
1772 Angul Talcher Talcher Biharipur
1773 Angul Talcher Talcher Bikrampur
1774 Angul Talcher Talcher Birabarapur
1775 Angul Talcher Talcher Birabarpali
1776 Angul Talcher Talcher Biraramchandrapur
1777 Angul Talcher Talcher Brahmanbahal
1778 Angul Talcher Talcher Brajanathpur
1779 Angul Talcher Talcher Brundabanpur
1780 Angul Talcher Talcher Chainpal
1781 Angul Talcher Talcher Chandpur
1782 Angul Talcher Talcher Chauliakuta
1783 Angul Talcher Talcher Chintamanipur
1784 Angul Talcher Talcher Chitalpur
1785 Angul Talcher Talcher Dablin
1786 Angul Talcher Talcher Dadara
1787 Angul Talcher Talcher Damol
1788 Angul Talcher Talcher Danara
1789 Angul Talcher Talcher Dasaathipur
1790 Angul Talcher Talcher Dasanali
1791 Angul Talcher Talcher Dasharathipur
1792 Angul Talcher Talcher Dayanidhipur
1793 Angul Talcher Talcher Debalayapur
1794 Angul Talcher Talcher Dera
1795 Angul Talcher Talcher Deulbeda
1796 Angul Talcher Talcher Dhabapal
1797 Angul Talcher Talcher Dharampur
1798 Angul Talcher Talcher Dhembakuta
1799 Angul Talcher Talcher Diajharan
1800 Angul Talcher Talcher Dighi
1801 Angul Talcher Talcher Dinabandhupur
1802 Angul Talcher Talcher Dullavpur
1803 Angul Talcher Talcher Dwaripur
1804 Angul Talcher Talcher Ekadal
1805 Angul Talcher Talcher Ekadasipur
1806 Angul Talcher Talcher Gangadharpur
1807 Angul Talcher Talcher Gengutia
1808 Angul Talcher Talcher Ghantapada
1809 Angul Talcher Talcher Gobara
1810 Angul Talcher Talcher Gogrampur
1811 Angul Talcher Talcher Gopaballavpur
1812 Angul Talcher Talcher Gopalprasad
1813 Angul Talcher Talcher Gopalprasad Khamar
1814 Angul Talcher Talcher Gopinathpur
1815 Angul Talcher Talcher Gunthabahal
1816 Angul Talcher Talcher Gurujang
1817 Angul Talcher Talcher Gurujanguli (Bada)
1818 Angul Talcher Talcher Handidhuan
1819 Angul Talcher Talcher Hariharpur
1820 Angul Talcher Talcher Hatudipal
1821 Angul Talcher Talcher Henshmul
1822 Angul Talcher Talcher Hiloi
1823 Angul Talcher Talcher Jadunathpur
1824 Angul Talcher Talcher Jagannathpur
1825 Angul Talcher Talcher Jambubahal
1826 Angul Talcher Talcher Jamudihi
1827 Angul Talcher Talcher Jandabahal
1828 Angul Talcher Talcher Jhadiamba
1829 Angul Talcher Talcher Jharanali
1830 Angul Talcher Talcher Jillinda
1831 Angul Talcher Talcher Joragadia
1832 Angul Talcher Talcher Kakudi
1833 Angul Talcher Talcher Kalamachhuin
1834 Angul Talcher Talcher Kalandiprasad
1835 Angul Talcher Talcher Kandhabereni
1836 Angul Talcher Talcher Kandhal
1837 Angul Talcher Talcher Kankili
1838 Angul Talcher Talcher Kantapalli
1839 Angul Talcher Talcher Kanteikolia
1840 Angul Talcher Talcher Karadapali
1841 Angul Talcher Talcher Karnapur
1842 Angul Talcher Talcher Kateni
1843 Angul Talcher Talcher Kauchianali
1844 Angul Talcher Talcher Ketlandpur
1845 Angul Talcher Talcher Khairapal
1846 Angul Talcher Talcher Khajuria
1847 Angul Talcher Talcher Khandualbahal
1848 Angul Talcher Talcher Kholua
1849 Angul Talcher Talcher Khuringa
1850 Angul Talcher Talcher Kishorchandrapur
1851 Angul Talcher Talcher Kishoripal
1852 Angul Talcher Talcher Koilanagar
1853 Angul Talcher Talcher Koilunda
1854 Angul Talcher Talcher Kostapasi
1855 Angul Talcher Talcher Krushnachandrapur
1856 Angul Talcher Talcher Krutibaspur
1857 Angul Talcher Talcher Kuchianali
1858 Angul Talcher Talcher Kukudula
1859 Angul Talcher Talcher Kumunda
1860 Angul Talcher Talcher Kurihan
1861 Angul Talcher Talcher Kusumpal
1862 Angul Talcher Talcher Langijoda
1863 Angul Talcher Talcher Laxmanpur
1864 Angul Talcher Talcher Lingarakata
1865 Angul Talcher Talcher Luhundi
1866 Angul Talcher Talcher Madanmohanpur
1867 Angul Talcher Talcher Mahadebapura
1868 Angul Talcher Talcher Mahindrapur
1869 Angul Talcher Talcher Mahulpal (Ka)
1870 Angul Talcher Talcher Mahulpal (Kha)
1871 Angul Talcher Talcher Majhika
1872 Angul Talcher Talcher Mallibandha
1873 Angul Talcher Talcher Mallipada
1874 Angul Talcher Talcher Manikagoda
1875 Angul Talcher Talcher Manikamara
1876 Angul Talcher Talcher Manjurihata
1877 Angul Talcher Talcher Maradahariharpur
1878 Angul Talcher Talcher Mituani
1879 Angul Talcher Talcher Nachhamanpur
1880 Angul Talcher Talcher Nakeipasi
1881 Angul Talcher Talcher Nakhyatrapur
1882 Angul Talcher Talcher Nakulabaspur
1883 Angul Talcher Talcher Naraharipur
1884 Angul Talcher Talcher Natedi
1885 Angul Talcher Talcher Nathagan
1886 Angul Talcher Talcher Nilandripur
1887 Angul Talcher Talcher Nizgarh Town
1888 Angul Talcher Talcher Nizgarh Zami
1889 Angul Talcher Talcher Nuagan
1890 Angul Talcher Talcher Nuamuhin
1891 Angul Talcher Talcher Nuapada
1892 Angul Talcher Talcher Pabitrapur
1893 Angul Talcher Talcher Padiabhanga
1894 Angul Talcher Talcher Padmabatipur
1895 Angul Talcher Talcher Parabeda
1896 Angul Talcher Talcher Pramod Prasad
1897 Angul Talcher Talcher Prasanna Nagar
1898 Angul Talcher Talcher Purunia
1899 Angul Talcher Talcher Radharamanpur
1900 Angul Talcher Talcher Raghunathpur
1901 Angul Talcher Talcher Rakash
1902 Angul Talcher Talcher Rama Chandra Pur
1903 Angul Talcher Talcher Rangamatia
1904 Angul Talcher Talcher Rasalpur
1905 Angul Talcher Talcher Remuan
1906 Angul Talcher Talcher Rudhasar
1907 Angul Talcher Talcher Sanagurujanguli
1908 Angul Talcher Talcher Sanajorada
1909 Angul Talcher Talcher Sanaketlandpur
1910 Angul Talcher Talcher Sanasinghda
1911 Angul Talcher Talcher Santaramunda
1912 Angul Talcher Talcher Santhapada
1913 Angul Talcher Talcher Saranga
1914 Angul Talcher Talcher Sareilo
1915 Angul Talcher Talcher Sarkishorepal
1916 Angul Talcher Talcher Satyabadipur
1917 Angul Talcher Talcher Sendhgan
1918 Angul Talcher Talcher Sinha Bhuin
1919 Angul Talcher Talcher Sirigida
1920 Angul Talcher Talcher Solada
1921 Angul Talcher Talcher Talabeda
1922 Angul Talcher Talcher Tangarapasi
1923 Angul Talcher Talcher Teheranpur
1924 Angul Talcher Talcher Telibahal
1925 Angul Talcher Talcher Telipur
1926 Angul Talcher Talcher Tentulei
1927 Angul Talcher Talcher Thermal
1928 Angul Talcher Talcher Tileipasi
1929 Angul Talcher Talcher Tolokalundi
1930 Angul Talcher Talcher Trilochanpur
1931 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Abdulanagar
1932 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Abhana
1933 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Alada
1934 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Alasua
1935 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Anantapurualiasa phatepur
1936 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Anji
1937 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Apatira
1938 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Arala
1939 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Aruha
1940 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Aruhabad
1941 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Asimila
1942 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Atapur
1943 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Ataspur
1944 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bagada
1945 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bagalpur
1946 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bagalpur
1947 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bahanaga
1948 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Baharapadagan
1949 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bajana
1950 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bajipur
1951 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga baliharichandanpur
1952 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Balikitiran
1953 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Balrampur
1954 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bania
1955 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Banksarpur
1956 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Barajadeuli
1957 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Barangia
1958 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Barikapur
1959 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Baripada
1960 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Basubrahmapur
1961 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Basudebapur
1962 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Basulipur
1963 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bedamud
1964 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Begunia
1965 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Benapda
1966 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Betagaria
1967 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bhagatpur
1968 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bhilla
1969 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bishnuchaka
1970 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Bishnupur
1971 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Brahmapur
1972 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakabarunei
1973 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakajagannathapur
1974 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakakamaripur
1975 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakapatharapentha
1976 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakasomanthpur
1977 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakichhapur
1978 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chakpitalapda
1979 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chandanipur
1980 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chhatrapur
1981 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chhatubati
1982 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chitala
1983 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Chitapada
1984 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dalingia
1985 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Damodarchak
1986 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dandaharipur
1987 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dardadeuli
1988 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dardiha
1989 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga debendrapur
1990 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Diansahi
1991 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dolpur
1992 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Dwarika
1993 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gadabhanga No.04
1994 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gadabhanga no2
1995 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gandasthapur
1996 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gandhina
1997 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Garabhanga No.01
1998 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Garabhanga No.03
1999 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gilda
2000 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gobindapur
2001 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gopalpur
2002 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Gunada
2003 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Haripalpur
2004 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Haripur
2005 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Ichhapur
2006 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jagannathapur
2007 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jageswarpada
2008 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jahnipur
2009 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jalakhatua
2010 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jaynagar
2011 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jhadata
2012 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jhalajhalia
2013 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Jiratal
2014 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kabirpur
2015 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kahneiogalpur
2016 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kahragohiri
2017 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kalyani
2018 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kamalapatanasasan
2019 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kamaripur
2020 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kantapada
2021 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kanthigaria
2022 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Karanjabindha
2023 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kasabajaypur
2024 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Keshpur
2025 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Khantapara
2026 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kharasahapur
2027 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kharida
2028 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kheranga
2029 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Kochiakoili
2030 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Korada
2031 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Krushnapur
2032 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga kuapada
2033 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Lakshminarayanpurpatana
2034 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Madanapur
2035 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Maharudrapur
2036 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Mainsapata
2037 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Maitrapur
2038 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Malanga
2039 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Maldapada
2040 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Manakahani
2041 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Manjarigan
2042 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga mankahani
2043 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Mugunipur
2044 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Mulkudai
2045 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Muraritaran
2046 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nachinta
2047 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nadiali
2048 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nadigira
2049 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Naekadandha
2050 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Naichhanapur
2051 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Naikpda
2052 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Naranabada
2053 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Narasinghpadamagura
2054 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nilakanthapur
2055 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nuapada
2056 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Nuapur
2057 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Odshal
2058 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Oliapatana
2059 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Osanga
2060 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Paikasta
2061 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Pakhara
2062 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Palasahi
2063 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Panapana
2064 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Pandaharipur
2065 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Pandamankahani
2066 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Pandasuni
2067 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Patana
2068 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Patharpentha
2069 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Patimunda
2070 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Patripur
2071 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Phatepur
2072 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Pitalpada
2073 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Podadiha
2074 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Purana
2075 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Radhaballavpur
2076 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Raem
2077 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Raghunathpurpatana
2078 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Rahaniaganja
2079 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Ramadha
2080 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Ramnagar
2081 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Ranabhanjpur
2082 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Rasalpur
2083 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Rautamanakahani
2084 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Rupakhanda
2085 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sahaspura
2086 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Salgan
2087 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Samasarpur
2088 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Samnathpur
2089 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sankhua
2090 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sarangapur
2091 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sarasatia
2092 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sathi
2093 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sauda
2094 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Sipura
2095 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Srikrushnapur
2096 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Suthanga
2097 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Taharpur
2098 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Talkurunia
2099 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Talpadhi
2100 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Thalasara
2101 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Tinipada jugalkishorepur
2102 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Uparapatana
2103 Balasore Balasore Bahanaga Uttarkuanr
2104 Balasore Balasore Balasore Agamauda
2105 Balasore Balasore Balasore Agargohira
2106 Balasore Balasore Balasore Agiria
2107 Balasore Balasore Balasore Akatapur Unit No.27
2108 Balasore Balasore Balasore Akinia
2109 Balasore Balasore Balasore Aktiarpur Unit No.12
2110 Balasore Balasore Balasore Alamada
2111 Balasore Balasore Balasore Amara
2112 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ambapunja
2113 Balasore Balasore Balasore Angargadia(2)Unit No.05
2114 Balasore Balasore Balasore Angula
2115 Balasore Balasore Balasore Anko
2116 Balasore Balasore Balasore Astia
2117 Balasore Balasore Balasore Asuradiha
2118 Balasore Balasore Balasore Badadhanadi
2119 Balasore Balasore Balasore Badagobara
2120 Balasore Balasore Balasore Badakhua
2121 Balasore Balasore Balasore Baddeulabada
2122 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bagbrundaban Unit No.15
2123 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bagda
2124 Balasore Balasore Balasore bahabalpur
2125 Balasore Balasore Balasore Baharada
2126 Balasore Balasore Balasore Baincha
2127 Balasore Balasore Balasore Baisibatia
2128 Balasore Balasore Balasore balabudhi
2129 Balasore Balasore Balasore Balbhadrapur
2130 Balasore Balasore Balasore Balipala
2131 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bangara
2132 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bankeswar
2133 Balasore Balasore Balasore Banta
2134 Balasore Balasore Balasore Barabati Unit No.24
2135 Balasore Balasore Balasore Baradharia
2136 Balasore Balasore Balasore Barahampur
2137 Balasore Balasore Balasore Barakia
2138 Balasore Balasore Balasore baramania
2139 Balasore Balasore Balasore Barangia
2140 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bardhanpur
2141 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bardiha
2142 Balasore Balasore Balasore Basantapur
2143 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bateswar Unit No.21
2144 Balasore Balasore Balasore Batitanki
2145 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bedhapachhaaradha
2146 Balasore Balasore Balasore belbaria
2147 Balasore Balasore Balasore Belda
2148 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bengiti
2149 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhadrasia
2150 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhagirathipur
2151 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhandeswarbindha
2152 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhaskarganja Unit No.10
2153 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhimdia
2154 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bhimpur
2155 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bidei
2156 Balasore Balasore Balasore binjha
2157 Balasore Balasore Balasore Bishnupur
2158 Balasore Balasore Balasore brahmanda
2159 Balasore Balasore Balasore Brahmaneula
2160 Balasore Balasore Balasore Buanla
2161 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakabrahnanda
2162 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakadaruhati
2163 Balasore Balasore Balasore chakaraisuan
2164 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakasimilia
2165 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakkadamauda
2166 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakmali
2167 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakpanchpara
2168 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chakpanchurukhi
2169 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chaktentulipura
2170 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chandipur
2171 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chandipur
2172 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chandragari Unit No.09
2173 Balasore Balasore Balasore chatra
2174 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chaulapura
2175 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chaulchhara
2176 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chhachina
2177 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chhanua
2178 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chheliapada
2179 Balasore Balasore Balasore Chhotkhannagar
2180 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dalasosa
2181 Balasore Balasore Balasore damodarpur Unit No.25
2182 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dandika
2183 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dasi
2184 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dhusuli
2185 Balasore Balasore Balasore Digida
2186 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dipapala
2187 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dobarai
2188 Balasore Balasore Balasore Domuhanpatana
2189 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dubalagadi
2190 Balasore Balasore Balasore Dumuria
2191 Balasore Balasore Balasore Enderai
2192 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gabagan
2193 Balasore Balasore Balasore Garda
2194 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ghisuan
2195 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ghodapada
2196 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gobinda
2197 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gobindapur
2198 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gobindapur
2199 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gohipur
2200 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gopalgan Unit No.14
2201 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gopinathpur
2202 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gudu
2203 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gududa
2204 Balasore Balasore Balasore Gunduripada
2205 Balasore Balasore Balasore Harida
2206 Balasore Balasore Balasore Harsapura
2207 Balasore Balasore Balasore Hasanapur
2208 Balasore Balasore Balasore Hidigan
2209 Balasore Balasore Balasore Hinjala
2210 Balasore Balasore Balasore Huja
2211 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ichhapur
2212 Balasore Balasore Balasore Isamnagar Unit No.07
2213 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ishani
2214 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jadapur Unit No.11
2215 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jagannatpur
2216 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jambeswarpur
2217 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jambhirapal
2218 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jashoda
2219 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jaunria
2220 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jaydebkasapa
2221 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jhagadpadhi
2222 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jhinkiria
2223 Balasore Balasore Balasore Juari
2224 Balasore Balasore Balasore Judestipurapatana
2225 Balasore Balasore Balasore Jujeeshtipur
2226 Balasore Balasore Balasore Junagadia
2227 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kada
2228 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kadamouda
2229 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kadarabad Unit No.18
2230 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kaharakul
2231 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kaindhari
2232 Balasore Balasore Balasore kalabudhi
2233 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kalipur
2234 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kantabania
2235 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kantabania
2236 Balasore Balasore Balasore Karanja
2237 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kasaba Unit No.28
2238 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kasafal
2239 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kashaba
2240 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kasipada
2241 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kathapala
2242 Balasore Balasore Balasore Katuladiha
2243 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kaudiapatana
2244 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kaudipur
2245 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kayakadala
2246 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kesi
2247 Balasore Balasore Balasore khadikapada
2248 Balasore Balasore Balasore Khandahara
2249 Balasore Balasore Balasore Khannagar
2250 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kherana
2251 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kherang
2252 Balasore Balasore Balasore Khuntabadi
2253 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kinumohantypatana
2254 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kispa
2255 Balasore Balasore Balasore koilisahi
2256 Balasore Balasore Balasore Korkora
2257 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kudia
2258 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kunarpur
2259 Balasore Balasore Balasore kuradhia
2260 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kusadiha
2261 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kusadiha
2262 Balasore Balasore Balasore Kusmuli
2263 Balasore Balasore Balasore Machhadiha
2264 Balasore Balasore Balasore Madhusudanpur
2265 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mahamadpur Unit No.29
2266 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mahapada
2267 Balasore Balasore Balasore Maharajpur
2268 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mainsiali
2269 Balasore Balasore Balasore Majhikia
2270 Balasore Balasore Balasore Malad
2271 Balasore Balasore Balasore Malikaspur Unit No.16
2272 Balasore Balasore Balasore Malipur
2273 Balasore Balasore Balasore Malisahi
2274 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mandadhar
2275 Balasore Balasore Balasore mandurkula
2276 Balasore Balasore Balasore Manikhamba Unit No.23
2277 Balasore Balasore Balasore Manikula
2278 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mansinghbazar Unit No.19
2279 Balasore Balasore Balasore Manudiha
2280 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mauda
2281 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mayadharpur
2282 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mirigimundi
2283 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mirjapur
2284 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mohanpur
2285 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mohapur
2286 Balasore Balasore Balasore Mundideula
2287 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nagaram
2288 Balasore Balasore Balasore Naigaon
2289 Balasore Balasore Balasore nalamganja unit No.20
2290 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nalapur
2291 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nalkuli
2292 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nangudi
2293 Balasore Balasore Balasore Narandiha
2294 Balasore Balasore Balasore Narasingpur
2295 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nayapada
2296 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nayapara
2297 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nidhipada
2298 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nilada
2299 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nima
2300 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nuagan
2301 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nuagan
2302 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nuapur
2303 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nuapur
2304 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nunakundi
2305 Balasore Balasore Balasore Nurrpur Unit No.26
2306 Balasore Balasore Balasore Oladi
2307 Balasore Balasore Balasore Olaoal
2308 Balasore Balasore Balasore Orangi
2309 Balasore Balasore Balasore Oupala
2310 Balasore Balasore Balasore Pabitrapur
2311 Balasore Balasore Balasore Pachhuria
2312 Balasore Balasore Balasore Padhuanpada Unit No.08
2313 Balasore Balasore Balasore Padmapur
2314 Balasore Balasore Balasore Pakharabada
2315 Balasore Balasore Balasore Pakharsaun
2316 Balasore Balasore Balasore Palasia
2317 Balasore Balasore Balasore Panchapada
2318 Balasore Balasore Balasore Paradipa
2319 Balasore Balasore Balasore Parakhi
2320 Balasore Balasore Balasore Paramanandapur
2321 Balasore Balasore Balasore Paribhila
2322 Balasore Balasore Balasore Parikula
2323 Balasore Balasore Balasore Parivilla
2324 Balasore Balasore Balasore pataladiha
2325 Balasore Balasore Balasore Patharpada
2326 Balasore Balasore Balasore Patpur
2327 Balasore Balasore Balasore Patrapada Unit No.33
2328 Balasore Balasore Balasore Phiringipatana unit no 1
2329 Balasore Balasore Balasore Pinchhabania
2330 Balasore Balasore Balasore pokharisahi
2331 Balasore Balasore Balasore Poradha
2332 Balasore Balasore Balasore Potadiha
2333 Balasore Balasore Balasore Potagan
2334 Balasore Balasore Balasore Purana No.01
2335 Balasore Balasore Balasore Puran a No.02
2336 Balasore Balasore Balasore Purastampur
2337 Balasore Balasore Balasore Purstampur
2338 Balasore Balasore Balasore Puruna Balasore(1) Unit No.31
2339 Balasore Balasore Balasore Puruna Balasore(2) Unit No.32
2340 Balasore Balasore Balasore Raghabpur
2341 Balasore Balasore Balasore Raghunathapur
2342 Balasore Balasore Balasore rahimpada
2343 Balasore Balasore Balasore raisuan
2344 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ramchandrapur
2345 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ransahi
2346 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ransahi
2347 Balasore Balasore Balasore Rasalpur
2348 Balasore Balasore Balasore Rasalpur
2349 Balasore Balasore Balasore Ratanapal
2350 Balasore Balasore Balasore Rupsa samil hasanpur
2351 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sahada
2352 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sahadekhunta unit no 2
2353 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sahajanagar
2354 Balasore Balasore Balasore saharada
2355 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sainkona
2356 Balasore Balasore Balasore Saktiram
2357 Balasore Balasore Balasore Salpada
2358 Balasore Balasore Balasore Samsarpur
2359 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sanadhanari
2360 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sanagobra
2361 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sandeulabada
2362 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sansaun
2363 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sapanikhunta
2364 Balasore Balasore Balasore Saragan
2365 Balasore Balasore Balasore sarathibindha
2366 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sargan
2367 Balasore Balasore Balasore sarswatipur
2368 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sartha
2369 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sasang
2370 Balasore Balasore Balasore Silad
2371 Balasore Balasore Balasore Silda
2372 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sindhia
2373 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sindhia
2374 Balasore Balasore Balasore singarpur
2375 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sitapur
2376 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sobharampur unit no 3
2377 Balasore Balasore Balasore Solapata
2378 Balasore Balasore Balasore Somnathpur
2379 Balasore Balasore Balasore Srikanthapur Unit No.13
2380 Balasore Balasore Balasore Srikona
2381 Balasore Balasore Balasore Srirampur
2382 Balasore Balasore Balasore Suelpur Unit No.22
2383 Balasore Balasore Balasore sunahata Unit No.30
2384 Balasore Balasore Balasore Sunduri
2385 Balasore Balasore Balasore Susa
2386 Balasore Balasore Balasore Taharpur
2387 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tajiabad
2388 Balasore Balasore Balasore Talasingarapur
2389 Balasore Balasore Balasore Talpada
2390 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tapasi
2391 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tentulimundi
2392 Balasore Balasore Balasore tentulipura
2393 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tiakhia
2394 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tigiria
2395 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tikarapal
2396 Balasore Balasore Balasore Tolakdiha
2397 Balasore Balasore Balasore Totapal alias palabaleswar
2398 Balasore Balasore Balasore Uitikiri
2399 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Aladiha
2400 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Amachua
2401 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Anadeula
2402 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Antichak
2403 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Aruhadam
2404 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Asti
2405 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Athabatia
2406 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badakachuapada
2407 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badakasaba
2408 Balasore Balasore Baliapal badamainsadi
2409 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badanpur
2410 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badas
2411 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badasimilia
2412 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Badkhanpur
2413 Balasore Balasore Baliapal bagda
2414 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bahabalpur
2415 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bainchua
2416 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Baliapal
2417 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Balibila
2418 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Balichatara
2419 Balasore Balasore Baliapal balikuti
2420 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Balikuti
2421 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Balrampur
2422 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Baniadiha
2423 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Barakaurdha
2424 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Barbatia
2425 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Basudebpur
2426 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bedhapal
2427 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bela
2428 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Betagadia
2429 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Betana
2430 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhagipentha
2431 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhagirathipur
2432 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhanrasara
2433 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhanupur
2434 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhanupur
2435 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhelpura
2436 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhikagaria
2437 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bhujakathia
2438 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bilakumari
2439 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bindhabalikuti
2440 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bindhakalanda
2441 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Biraparulia
2442 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Biridiha
2443 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bishnupur
2444 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bishnupur
2445 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bisikadeipur
2446 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Biswanathpur
2447 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Biswanathpur
2448 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Biswanathpur
2449 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Brahmanbaisada
2450 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Budhirani
2451 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Bulanga
2452 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chakabaliapl
2453 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chakabrahma
2454 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chakaghantiadi
2455 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chakaraidanki
2456 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chakbasugadia
2457 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chaknatipur
2458 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chamardiha
2459 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chandmani
2460 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chaoudhurikuda
2461 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Charabastakalaroi
2462 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chaumukh
2463 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chhada
2464 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chhayalia
2465 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Chhirasungamuhan
2466 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dagara
2467 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dakshinapara
2468 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dalua-1
2469 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dalua No.02
2470 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dangapita
2471 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dantunida
2472 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Debhoga
2473 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Deula
2474 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dhamatour
2475 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dhananda
2476 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dharmduar
2477 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dimiria
2478 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Dumichak
2479 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gangadharpur
2480 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gangapura
2481 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gangraj
2482 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ganja
2483 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ghantiari
2484 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ghantua
2485 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gobindpur
2486 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gokulanandapur
2487 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gomundia
2488 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gopinathpur
2489 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gosanibindha
2490 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gotamuli
2491 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Guapara
2492 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Guhalpal
2493 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Gunapur
2494 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Harankuli
2495 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Harinakuli No.02
2496 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Harnababipatana
2497 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Hasimpur
2498 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Hatigoda
2499 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Iankadpal
2500 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Indapada
2501 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Itapatua
2502 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jabaka
2503 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jagatipur.2
2504 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jagatipur(3)
2505 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jagatpur No.01
2506 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jagei
2507 Balasore Balasore Baliapal jalaka
2508 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jaleswarpur
2509 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jamatkula
2510 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jambhirei
2511 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jamkunda
2512 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jamunasul
2513 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Japapharabad
2514 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jhaljhalia
2515 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jhinkiria
2516 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Jugadiha
2517 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kachuapada
2518 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kahnupentha
2519 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalajhatia
2520 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalanda
2521 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalasimili No.04
2522 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kaligora
2523 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kaljhatia
2524 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalroi
2525 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalsimili
2526 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kalsimili
2527 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kantabani
2528 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Karanja
2529 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kasipur
2530 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Katakpas
2531 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kataramahal
2532 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kathasagada
2533 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Katisahi
2534 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kaumari
2535 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kaupada
2536 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kesadiha
2537 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khadikapada
2538 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khagadapal
2539 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khaladiha No.01
2540 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khaladiha No.02
2541 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khalamuhani
2542 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Khalapakha
2543 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kuanrapur(2)
2544 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kudamansingh
2545 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kuladiha
2546 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kumari
2547 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kunarpur(1)
2548 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kunduli
2549 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Kusadiha
2550 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Latajodi
2551 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Madhapadhaisasan
2552 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Madhupura
2553 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mahabala
2554 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mahapada
2555 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mainsamunda
2556 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mainsamunda
2557 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Majhikuda
2558 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Majhipara
2559 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Malikuda
2560 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Maniksimilia
2561 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Maniksimilia
2562 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Manpur
2563 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Manunagar
2564 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mayurtung
2565 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mendhapada
2566 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Mundananji
2567 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nabhra
2568 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nachindia
2569 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Naighati
2570 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Naladam
2571 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nangeleswar
2572 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nangudi
2573 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Narayanpur
2574 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nayabali
2575 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nepura
2576 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nikhira
2577 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nuagan
2578 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nuagan
2579 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Nuasahi
2580 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Padima
2581 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Paikabaisada
2582 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Pakmudi
2583 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Palabegunia
2584 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Palapada
2585 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Panchupali
2586 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Panchurukhi
2587 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Parchampei
2588 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Pardipa
2589 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Parulia
2590 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Pratappur
2591 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Purusottampur
2592 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Raidanki
2593 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Raipur
2594 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ramadeichak
2595 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ranikhudi
2596 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Rasalpur
2597 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Ratei
2598 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Rautara
2599 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Rautrapur
2600 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Remu
2601 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sadhuchak
2602 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sainadiha
2603 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sainidiha
2604 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sanamainsadi
2605 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sankarpur
2606 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sankhua
2607 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sarisa
2608 Balasore Balasore Baliapal sarojpur
2609 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sarupunja
2610 Balasore Balasore Baliapal satguhalia
2611 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Saudi
2612 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Saudihi
2613 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Setapura
2614 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sialiagotha
2615 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sipura
2616 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Srirampur
2617 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sujapur
2618 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sunakania
2619 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sunaroi
2620 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sundarkoili
2621 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sungamuhan(1)
2622 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Sungamuhana(2)
2623 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Suradiha
2624 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tahalia No.02
2625 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tahalia No.1
2626 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Taladhananda
2627 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Taladhananda
2628 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Talanendua
2629 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Talpada
2630 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tapandia
2631 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tapandia(1)
2632 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tarapur
2633 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Teluni
2634 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tentula
2635 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tikarpada
2636 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Tirandam
2637 Balasore Balasore Baliapal Trailoki
2638 Balasore Balasore Basta Achhuapada
2639 Balasore Balasore Basta Agarada
2640 Balasore Balasore Basta Agarpada
2641 Balasore Balasore Basta Agatmal
2642 Balasore Balasore Basta Agneswardobha
2643 Balasore Balasore Basta Akendi
2644 Balasore Balasore Basta Akhuari
2645 Balasore Balasore Basta Amakuruchi
2646 Balasore Balasore Basta Ambagdia
2647 Balasore Balasore Basta Anandapur
2648 Balasore Balasore Basta Arjuni
2649 Balasore Balasore Basta Asti
2650 Balasore Balasore Basta Asti
2651 Balasore Balasore Basta Bada
2652 Balasore Balasore Basta Badacharansarpur
2653 Balasore Balasore Basta Badacharigan
2654 Balasore Balasore Basta Badakhudi
2655 Balasore Balasore Basta Badhan
2656 Balasore Balasore Basta Bagaldiha
2657 Balasore Balasore Basta Bagapanchami
2658 Balasore Balasore Basta Bahadulpur
2659 Balasore Balasore Basta Baharbrahmatara
2660 Balasore Balasore Basta Bahariachak
2661 Balasore Balasore Basta Bahrada
2662 Balasore Balasore Basta BAIGANDIHA
2663 Balasore Balasore Basta Baincha
2664 Balasore Balasore Basta Baitipara
2665 Balasore Balasore Basta Bakharabad
2666 Balasore Balasore Basta Balisahi
2667 Balasore Balasore Basta Baniamari
2668 Balasore Balasore Basta Bantuli
2669 Balasore Balasore Basta Barada
2670 Balasore Balasore Basta Barhapal
2671 Balasore Balasore Basta Barida
2672 Balasore Balasore Basta Barmadhia
2673 Balasore Balasore Basta Barunagaria
2674 Balasore Balasore Basta Basangadobha
2675 Balasore Balasore Basta Basantapur
2676 Balasore Balasore Basta Basuchakurai
2677 Balasore Balasore Basta Basulidiga
2678 Balasore Balasore Basta Bathuakoili
2679 Balasore Balasore Basta baulagadia
2680 Balasore Balasore Basta Baunsadani
2681 Balasore Balasore Basta Baunsamukha
2682 Balasore Balasore Basta Baya
2683 Balasore Balasore Basta Begunia
2684 Balasore Balasore Basta Begunia
2685 Balasore Balasore Basta Bela
2686 Balasore Balasore Basta Beldandia
2687 Balasore Balasore Basta Belgan
2688 Balasore Balasore Basta Beli
2689 Balasore Balasore Basta Belua
2690 Balasore Balasore Basta Benapura
2691 Balasore Balasore Basta Bentapur
2692 Balasore Balasore Basta Bhagabanpur
2693 Balasore Balasore Basta Bhagichakurai
2694 Balasore Balasore Basta Bhagirathipur
2695 Balasore Balasore Basta Bhandipur
2696 Balasore Balasore Basta Bhitarbrahmattar
2697 Balasore Balasore Basta Bidydharpur
2698 Balasore Balasore Basta Bilacharansarpur
2699 Balasore Balasore Basta Binjapura
2700 Balasore Balasore Basta Biripada
2701 Balasore Balasore Basta Brahmanda
2702 Balasore Balasore Basta Brahmapur
2703 Balasore Balasore Basta Brundabanpur
2704 Balasore Balasore Basta Chakarjuni
2705 Balasore Balasore Basta Chakbarhapal
2706 Balasore Balasore Basta Chakrada
2707 Balasore Balasore Basta Chaksingipur
2708 Balasore Balasore Basta Chalanti
2709 Balasore Balasore Basta Chandanpur
2710 Balasore Balasore Basta chandipur
2711 Balasore Balasore Basta Charamara
2712 Balasore Balasore Basta Chasipara
2713 Balasore Balasore Basta Chaughari
2714 Balasore Balasore Basta Chhachina
2715 Balasore Balasore Basta Choramarachoughari
2716 Balasore Balasore Basta Churpada
2717 Balasore Balasore Basta Dakhinsarisa
2718 Balasore Balasore Basta Dandanabada
2719 Balasore Balasore Basta Dandi
2720 Balasore Balasore Basta Dandika
2721 Balasore Balasore Basta darada
2722 Balasore Balasore Basta Debhog
2723 Balasore Balasore Basta Depada
2724 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhanhanda
2725 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhapakand
2726 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhenukhoja
2727 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhitipura
2728 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhobachakurai
2729 Balasore Balasore Basta Dhuliuda
2730 Balasore Balasore Basta Dimicha
2731 Balasore Balasore Basta Dolabada
2732 Balasore Balasore Basta dubulia
2733 Balasore Balasore Basta Dubuliya
2734 Balasore Balasore Basta Dudhahansa
2735 Balasore Balasore Basta Dudhakhandi
2736 Balasore Balasore Basta Dunda
2737 Balasore Balasore Basta Dundakot
2738 Balasore Balasore Basta gadapda
2739 Balasore Balasore Basta Gahirasimilia
2740 Balasore Balasore Basta Gambhalundi
2741 Balasore Balasore Basta Gambharia
2742 Balasore Balasore Basta Gambharia
2743 Balasore Balasore Basta Gamunda
2744 Balasore Balasore Basta Ganakdobha
2745 Balasore Balasore Basta Gangadharpur
2746 Balasore Balasore Basta Ganguda
2747 Balasore Balasore Basta Garipur
2748 Balasore Balasore Basta Gholei
2749 Balasore Balasore Basta Gilajodi
2750 Balasore Balasore Basta Gobarghuti
2751 Balasore Balasore Basta Gohiragaria
2752 Balasore Balasore Basta Gopinathpur
2753 Balasore Balasore Basta Gopinathpur
2754 Balasore Balasore Basta Goseinpatana
2755 Balasore Balasore Basta GOTADIHA
2756 Balasore Balasore Basta Gothagadia
2757 Balasore Balasore Basta Guachopi
2758 Balasore Balasore Basta Guhalipada
2759 Balasore Balasore Basta Gundurimara
2760 Balasore Balasore Basta Gundurisahi
2761 Balasore Balasore Basta Hadmod
2762 Balasore Balasore Basta Haladiapada
2763 Balasore Balasore Basta Hatimara
2764 Balasore Balasore Basta Hirapur
2765 Balasore Balasore Basta Idada
2766 Balasore Balasore Basta Jagannathapur
2767 Balasore Balasore Basta JAHATABADA
2768 Balasore Balasore Basta Jalalpur
2769 Balasore Balasore Basta Jamalpur
2770 Balasore Balasore Basta Jamalpur
2771 Balasore Balasore Basta Jamasuli
2772 Balasore Balasore Basta Jamunia
2773 Balasore Balasore Basta Jaynagarpatna
2774 Balasore Balasore Basta Jhimkiria
2775 Balasore Balasore Basta Jhinjipada
2776 Balasore Balasore Basta Junabalada
2777 Balasore Balasore Basta Kadalihanda
2778 Balasore Balasore Basta Kadarayan
2779 Balasore Balasore Basta Kainagari
2780 Balasore Balasore Basta Kainda
2781 Balasore Balasore Basta Kalanda
2782 Balasore Balasore Basta Kalianta
2783 Balasore Balasore Basta Kamargadia
2784 Balasore Balasore Basta Kanchania
2785 Balasore Balasore Basta Kantiadobha
2786 Balasore Balasore Basta Karandichack
2787 Balasore Balasore Basta Karanjia
2788 Balasore Balasore Basta Karua
2789 Balasore Balasore Basta Kasalpara
2790 Balasore Balasore Basta Kasimili
2791 Balasore Balasore Basta Katicharigan
2792 Balasore Balasore Basta Khandapasa
2793 Balasore Balasore Basta Khudardunda
2794 Balasore Balasore Basta Kiadobha
2795 Balasore Balasore Basta Kothapada
2796 Balasore Balasore Basta Kothia
2797 Balasore Balasore Basta Kuchuli
2798 Balasore Balasore Basta Kudia
2799 Balasore Balasore Basta Kudiabatia
2800 Balasore Balasore Basta Kuladiha
2801 Balasore Balasore Basta Kulida
2802 Balasore Balasore Basta Kundhei
2803 Balasore Balasore Basta Kundupur
2804 Balasore Balasore Basta Kuramakhunta
2805 Balasore Balasore Basta Kusadiha
2806 Balasore Balasore Basta Kusadiha
2807 Balasore Balasore Basta kusida
2808 Balasore Balasore Basta Lachhamankhunta
2809 Balasore Balasore Basta Lakshmanpara
2810 Balasore Balasore Basta Machhada
2811 Balasore Balasore Basta Machharanka
2812 Balasore Balasore Basta Machhia
2813 Balasore Balasore Basta Madhubhanda No.01
2814 Balasore Balasore Basta Madhubhanda No.02
2815 Balasore Balasore Basta Madhupura
2816 Balasore Balasore Basta Madhupura alias phakandaganchaka
2817 Balasore Balasore Basta Magura
2818 Balasore Balasore Basta Mahadebsrai
2819 Balasore Balasore Basta Mahladiha
2820 Balasore Balasore Basta Mainsamari
2821 Balasore Balasore Basta Mandirada
2822 Balasore Balasore Basta Mangaldobha
2823 Balasore Balasore Basta Manikpur
2824 Balasore Balasore Basta Masada
2825 Balasore Balasore Basta Mathakunkudi
2826 Balasore Balasore Basta Mathani
2827 Balasore Balasore Basta Mechak
2828 Balasore Balasore Basta Minadobha
2829 Balasore Balasore Basta Mugapal
2830 Balasore Balasore Basta Mukulis
2831 Balasore Balasore Basta Mukundapur
2832 Balasore Balasore Basta mulida
2833 Balasore Balasore Basta Mundimari
2834 Balasore Balasore Basta Nabda
2835 Balasore Balasore Basta Nabhara
2836 Balasore Balasore Basta Nadabani
2837 Balasore Balasore Basta Nahanjara
2838 Balasore Balasore Basta Naikudi
2839 Balasore Balasore Basta Nalabahar
2840 Balasore Balasore Basta Nalitagaria
2841 Balasore Balasore Basta naranpur
2842 Balasore Balasore Basta Narasingdiha
2843 Balasore Balasore Basta Nargoda
2844 Balasore Balasore Basta Natakata
2845 Balasore Balasore Basta Nischintapur
2846 Balasore Balasore Basta Nischintapur
2847 Balasore Balasore Basta Nuagan
2848 Balasore Balasore Basta Odiyasasan
2849 Balasore Balasore Basta Oriyapara
2850 Balasore Balasore Basta Padiharipur
2851 Balasore Balasore Basta Pahana
2852 Balasore Balasore Basta Paikadiha
2853 Balasore Balasore Basta Paikapada -2
2854 Balasore Balasore Basta Paikapara
2855 Balasore Balasore Basta Palasia
2856 Balasore Balasore Basta Palsia
2857 Balasore Balasore Basta Panasapara
2858 Balasore Balasore Basta Panchabatia
2859 Balasore Balasore Basta Panchurukhi
2860 Balasore Balasore Basta Pandorungi
2861 Balasore Balasore Basta Panisiulia
2862 Balasore Balasore Basta Pansa
2863 Balasore Balasore Basta Papharakpara
2864 Balasore Balasore Basta Parikunkudi
2865 Balasore Balasore Basta Paschimasimilia
2866 Balasore Balasore Basta Patapur
2867 Balasore Balasore Basta Pathadurga
2868 Balasore Balasore Basta Patharajhara
2869 Balasore Balasore Basta Pathuria
2870 Balasore Balasore Basta Pegarpara
2871 Balasore Balasore Basta Porapara
2872 Balasore Balasore Basta Punsita
2873 Balasore Balasore Basta Purusottampur
2874 Balasore Balasore Basta Putura
2875 Balasore Balasore Basta Rajuapara
2876 Balasore Balasore Basta Ramachandrapur
2877 Balasore Balasore Basta Ramchak
2878 Balasore Balasore Basta Ranamundali
2879 Balasore Balasore Basta Rasalpur
2880 Balasore Balasore Basta ratnakuli
2881 Balasore Balasore Basta Rautapada
2882 Balasore Balasore Basta Renupada
2883 Balasore Balasore Basta sadanandapur
2884 Balasore Balasore Basta Sadanandapur
2885 Balasore Balasore Basta Sahaspur
2886 Balasore Balasore Basta Sahda
2887 Balasore Balasore Basta Samraipur
2888 Balasore Balasore Basta Sankhudi
2889 Balasore Balasore Basta Sankoch
2890 Balasore Balasore Basta santoshpur
2891 Balasore Balasore Basta Sasansanbar
2892 Balasore Balasore Basta Sendiri
2893 Balasore Balasore Basta Sialiapada
2894 Balasore Balasore Basta Sibagaria
2895 Balasore Balasore Basta Similia
2896 Balasore Balasore Basta Similia
2897 Balasore Balasore Basta Singipur
2898 Balasore Balasore Basta Singla
2899 Balasore Balasore Basta Sitadiha
2900 Balasore Balasore Basta Sitapur
2901 Balasore Balasore Basta Sonapur
2902 Balasore Balasore Basta Sorisa
2903 Balasore Balasore Basta Sundarkuli
2904 Balasore Balasore Basta Sunderhata
2905 Balasore Balasore Basta Tadada
2906 Balasore Balasore Basta Talapada
2907 Balasore Balasore Basta Talatapanda
2908 Balasore Balasore Basta Taraidati
2909 Balasore Balasore Basta Teghari
2910 Balasore Balasore Basta Tenguria
2911 Balasore Balasore Basta Tentula
2912 Balasore Balasore Basta Tentulia
2913 Balasore Balasore Basta Tentulimundi
2914 Balasore Balasore Basta Tigiria
2915 Balasore Balasore Basta Tikarpara
2916 Balasore Balasore Basta Trailoki
2917 Balasore Balasore Basta Ujada
2918 Balasore Balasore Basta Uparatapanda
2919 Balasore Balasore Basta vhelora
2920 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Adamirigi
2921 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Adhangpantei
2922 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Agarda
2923 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Akendi
2924 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Alalbindha
2925 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Alampur
2926 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Alarbasan
2927 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ambchua
2928 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Amidhangadia
2929 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Analia
2930 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Anantapur
2931 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Anatapur
2932 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Andharibalibadha
2933 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Andhia
2934 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Antaroi
2935 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Arangabad
2936 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Aruabruti No.01
2937 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Aruabruti No.02
2938 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Aruapal
2939 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Atakalia
2940 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Babubhaunri
2941 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bachhurikhuada
2942 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badaausa
2943 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badabasuli
2944 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badasarisa
2945 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badhia
2946 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badijaleswarpur
2947 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Badpahi
2948 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bagad
2949 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bagada
2950 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baghadhadas
2951 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baghapanjar
2952 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baghrukhi
2953 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bahadalpur
2954 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baharda
2955 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bahlarpur
2956 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bahlia
2957 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bajitpur
2958 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Balikabar
2959 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Balikira
2960 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Balim
2961 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Balrampur
2962 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bamanbada
2963 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bandhamundi
2964 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bansadiha
2965 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barabaria
2966 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baramandaruni
2967 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barbatia
2968 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barbatia
2969 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barbatia
2970 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barbatia
2971 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bartana
2972 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Barudkhai
2973 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Basudeipur
2974 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Basulipat
2975 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Batagan
2976 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Baunsakhana
2977 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bela
2978 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Belda
2979 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Benabasan
2980 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Benuda
2981 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bhanjabasan
2982 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bhatapur
2983 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bhitarabhaunri
2984 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bhograi
2985 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bichitrapur
2986 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bindhamuhan
2987 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bindhapadmapur
2988 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Biraja
2989 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Biswanathpur
2990 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Bodakotha
2991 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Budhakusumi
2992 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Cahndisingpur
2993 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakabadijaleswarpur
2994 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakaguladiha
2995 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakakahnupur
2996 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakdumeipur
2997 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakisab
2998 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaknaphrai
2999 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaknaskarpur
3000 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakpadmapur
3001 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakpalasia
3002 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaksanjaleswarpur
3003 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaksarbani
3004 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chakua
3005 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Champabanipatna
3006 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chandipur
3007 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chandkusumi
3008 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chandrabali
3009 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chasalim
3010 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaudhuribhaunri
3011 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chauki
3012 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chaulakera
3013 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Chirkula
3014 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dahunda
3015 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dakhinsarisa
3016 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dakshinadabani
3017 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Damodarpur
3018 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Daruha
3019 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Daudpur
3020 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Debadha
3021 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dehurda
3022 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Demburia
3023 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Denura
3024 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Deula
3025 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Digrasi
3026 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dihakakhada
3027 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dobadia
3028 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dubasahi
3029 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dudapal
3030 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dumeipur
3031 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Dwarpatar
3032 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Fatepadia
3033 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gabagan
3034 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gadeibada
3035 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gajipur
3036 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gambharia
3037 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ganeswarpur
3038 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gangubela
3039 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ghantilodi
3040 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ghdapata
3041 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gitakhola
3042 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gobardhanpur
3043 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gobindapur
3044 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gochhidateghari
3045 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Golabagad
3046 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gopalpur
3047 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gopinathpur
3048 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gujadiha
3049 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Gunasarthi
3050 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Guneibasan
3051 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Hadaki
3052 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Hadigochhia
3053 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Handipoda
3054 Balasore Balasore Bhograi harankuli
3055 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Haridaspur
3056 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Haripur
3057 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Haripur
3058 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Haripur (2)
3059 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Hatsarisa
3060 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Hiranandapur
3061 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Huguli
3062 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Iswarpur
3063 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jagannathpur
3064 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jaladha
3065 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jalasaharia
3066 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jaleswarpur
3067 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jalpahi
3068 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jamada
3069 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jaynagar
3070 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jayrampur
3071 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jhadsimilia
3072 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Jhatibani
3073 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kachuadi
3074 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kahnupur
3075 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kahnupur
3076 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kakudibadha
3077 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kalei
3078 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kalyanpur
3079 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kamargadia
3080 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kanchangaria
3081 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kantabania
3082 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kanthibhaunri
3083 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kanyanagar
3084 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Karanjasol
3085 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Karihanda
3086 Balasore Balasore Bhograi kasabakamrda
3087 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kasia
3088 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kasimili
3089 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kasimpiur
3090 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kasoti
3091 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kathkata
3092 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Katisahi
3093 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kaubani
3094 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Keorada
3095 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khadibil
3096 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khadikabadi
3097 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khageswarpur
3098 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khairda
3099 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khalabadia
3100 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khalagadia
3101 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khandidaudpur
3102 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kharasuan
3103 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kharidachaka
3104 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kharidapipal
3105 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khedasahi
3106 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Khejurpur
3107 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kiarda
3108 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kirtaniajalpahi
3109 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kishorepurbindha
3110 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kismatnafarai
3111 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kismatsankhajhuli
3112 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kisoripur
3113 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kochiladangar
3114 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kohla
3115 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Krushnanagar
3116 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Krushnanagarpatana
3117 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Krushnapur
3118 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kuanarjalana
3119 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kuanrsarisa
3120 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kukudia
3121 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kukuleswar
3122 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kulida
3123 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kuliha
3124 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kumbhiragadi
3125 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kundeipur
3126 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kunjabani
3127 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kuruntia
3128 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kuruntiapatana
3129 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Kusuda
3130 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Laichhanpur
3131 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Madhupur
3132 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahadia
3133 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahagaba
3134 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahamadpur
3135 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahamadrejapur
3136 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahespur
3137 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahespur
3138 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mahinsamunda
3139 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Makarpur
3140 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Malarbaria
3141 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Malaruan
3142 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mandari
3143 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mandarsahi
3144 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mandarsahipatana
3145 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mangarajpur
3146 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mankunda
3147 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Manunagar
3148 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Masanabadia
3149 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Masudpur
3150 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Matikhana
3151 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mianpatana
3152 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mirjapur
3153 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mirkasimpur
3154 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mukulispur
3155 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mundabania
3156 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Mundamari
3157 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nachinda
3158 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naguan
3159 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nahara
3160 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naidoli
3161 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naiduba
3162 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nanakar
3163 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Napharai
3164 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naphrai
3165 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naranmohaantypadia
3166 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Narayanpur
3167 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Narsingpur
3168 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nasarabad
3169 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Naskarpur
3170 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Natipur
3171 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nayabanisarisa
3172 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nayapali
3173 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nidhubani
3174 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nijampur
3175 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nilapura
3176 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nimaitpur
3177 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nischintadiha
3178 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Notara
3179 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Nrusinghapur
3180 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Palasia
3181 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Palasia
3182 Balasore Balasore Bhograi palusia
3183 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Panchabatia
3184 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Pandua
3185 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Paniapada
3186 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Panisandha
3187 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Parulia
3188 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Pasaribindha
3189 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Paschimaanalia
3190 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Patharghata
3191 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Pathuria
3192 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Patreswar
3193 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Phulabani
3194 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Phulabanikhas
3195 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Pirbag
3196 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Pithapur
3197 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Praharajpur
3198 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Purbaanalia
3199 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Puripatrabhaunri
3200 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Purusottampur
3201 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Purusottampur
3202 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Putina
3203 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Raebrahmani
3204 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Raghuchaka
3205 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rahemanpur
3206 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Raipur
3207 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Raipur
3208 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ramachandrapur
3209 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ramdeichak
3210 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ranibasan
3211 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ranigada
3212 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rankotha
3213 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Ransinghapur
3214 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rasalpur
3215 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rasidpur
3216 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rautamandaruni
3217 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Relapata
3218 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Rupadiha
3219 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Saentapata
3220 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sahabajpur
3221 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sahapur
3222 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Saharia
3223 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sahebnagarpatana
3224 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sanadabha
3225 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sanateghari
3226 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sanausa
3227 Balasore Balasore Bhograi sankhajhuli
3228 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sankhari
3229 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Santinagar
3230 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Saraswatipur
3231 Balasore Balasore Bhograi sarbani
3232 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sardapur
3233 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sataguhalia
3234 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Shyamanandipur
3235 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sialia
3236 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Siaroi
3237 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sibasahi
3238 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sribachhapur
3239 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Suasuni
3240 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Subhanandipur
3241 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sukasandha
3242 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sultanpur
3243 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sunadharbasan
3244 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Sundaradi
3245 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Taladi
3246 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Tankabani
3247 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Teghari
3248 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Teghari
3249 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Tengaramari
3250 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Thakurbhaunri
3251 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Tiladapada
3252 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Tukuruhajira
3253 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Udayganjpatna
3254 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Udaypur
3255 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Uladi
3256 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Uluda
3257 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Upala
3258 Balasore Balasore Bhograi Upalata
3259 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Adilaga
3260 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Akabarpur
3261 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Akana
3262 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Akhandbela
3263 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Akhua
3264 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Alalpur Unit No.16
3265 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Amapunja
3266 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ambadiha
3267 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ambaliatha Unit No.03
3268 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Arjuni
3269 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Aruha
3270 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Asurdiha
3271 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Badarautapara
3272 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Badatikaetpur
3273 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar badnagar
3274 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baghamari
3275 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baghapunji
3276 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bahalagaria
3277 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baharsardiha
3278 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baiganabadia
3279 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bajarsul
3280 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Balabhadrapur
3281 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baladapada
3282 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Balbhadrapur
3283 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Baliapal
3284 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Balikbar
3285 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Balrampur
3286 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Banida
3287 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bansapani
3288 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Barbatia
3289 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bardiha
3290 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Barhampurpatana
3291 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Barkana
3292 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bartana
3293 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Basulia
3294 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar baunsagaria
3295 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Begunia
3296 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Beherasahi
3297 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bejami
3298 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar belbaria
3299 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Beligopinathpur
3300 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Benathaki
3301 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar beta
3302 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhada unit No.18
3303 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhadua
3304 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhandarkuli
3305 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhanpur
3306 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhatihata
3307 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhitarsardiha
3308 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bhurkumda
3309 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bilaspur
3310 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Bilbelbaria
3311 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Biraspur
3312 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Biswanathpur
3313 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Boitalupada
3314 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Brahmangujari
3315 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Brahmanhijali
3316 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Brahmapur
3317 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chabaman
3318 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chainbasa
3319 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakaarjuni
3320 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar chakabanmali
3321 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakabishnu unit No.17
3322 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakahari
3323 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chak Banamali
3324 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakmadhab
3325 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakmania
3326 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakrada
3327 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chakraghu
3328 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chaksahi
3329 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chalanti
3330 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chamargram
3331 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chandrapur
3332 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chapala
3333 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chengada
3334 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chhotakalama
3335 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chhotakhanpur
3336 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chitmisra
3337 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Choughni
3338 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chudamanipur
3339 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Chudamanipur Unit No.15
3340 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dakhinpaharajpur
3341 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Debkumar
3342 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Demuria
3343 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Deula
3344 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Deulbar
3345 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Deulipanchaghanta Unit No.07
3346 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dhansimilia
3347 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dharastaka Unit no.06
3348 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dianakbarpur
3349 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dibakarpur
3350 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Dihabelabaria
3351 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ektali
3352 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ektali
3353 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gahirbil
3354 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gangtia
3355 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Garurabasa
3356 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gengatabani
3357 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ghantiada
3358 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gholai
3359 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ghuntabani
3360 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gobardhanpur
3361 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gobarghata
3362 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gobindpur
3363 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar gop
3364 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopalprasad
3365 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopalprasad
3366 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopalpur
3367 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopimohampur
3368 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopimohanpur
3369 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gopinathpur
3370 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gouribelda
3371 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gujurisul
3372 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Gurudaspur
3373 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Hasimpur
3374 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ikada
3375 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jaduraypatana
3376 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jagadabha
3377 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jaleswarpur
3378 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jamalpur
3379 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jamalpur
3380 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jamapur
3381 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jamjhatia
3382 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jhadapimpala
3383 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jhadeswarpur Unit No.12
3384 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Jotjngam
3385 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kadkuchali
3386 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kahnupur
3387 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kalama
3388 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kalika
3389 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kalikapur
3390 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kalkapadia
3391 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kalyanpur
3392 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kamarsalia
3393 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kandalia
3394 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kandarahijali
3395 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kankei
3396 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kantapal
3397 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kantapara
3398 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kapasida
3399 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Karanjagouri
3400 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Karimabad
3401 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kasida
3402 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kasidiha
3403 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kasimpur
3404 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kendukhunta
3405 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kesapura
3406 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Khalabdia
3407 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Khalina
3408 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kharadiha
3409 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kharida
3410 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Khuada
3411 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Khudiamajhisahi
3412 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Khuluda
3413 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kiagaria
3414 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kismatgobardhanpur
3415 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kismatgop
3416 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kismatlakashmannath
3417 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kismatpaschimabad
3418 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kismatrautpada
3419 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kotasahi
3420 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Krushnagar
3421 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kunarapur
3422 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Kundalichak
3423 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Lakhananataha
3424 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Madhabpur
3425 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Madhupur
3426 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mahammadanagar
3427 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mahisamari
3428 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mahisamunda
3429 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mahulapuli
3430 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mahulia
3431 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Makarampur
3432 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Malipal
3433 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mangalpur
3434 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mangarajpur
3435 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mankidia
3436 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mathuranath
3437 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Medinipur
3438 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mehilimari
3439 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Militaribajar
3440 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mirjapur
3441 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Mundakati
3442 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Munutunia
3443 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nachhimpur
3444 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nahanjara Unit No.4
3445 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Namkana
3446 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nampo
3447 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nandika Unit no.14
3448 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nangudisahi
3449 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Narayanpur
3450 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Netua
3451 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nilakanthapur
3452 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Nimpur
3453 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pachakhali
3454 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Padhiharipur
3455 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Paikasida
3456 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pakhara
3457 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Palasabani
3458 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Panchaghanta Unit No.01
3459 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Panigrahi
3460 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pasbela
3461 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Paschimbar
3462 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Patapur
3463 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Patharachatia
3464 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Patharpura Unit No.10
3465 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pinchhabani
3466 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pirbag
3467 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Pitambarpur
3468 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Porpara
3469 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Praharajpur
3470 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Purunapani
3471 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Radhanagar
3472 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Raibania
3473 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rajnagar
3474 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rajnagarpatna
3475 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rajpur Unit No.11
3476 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rangamatia
3477 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ranighati
3478 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rautraipur
3479 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rayanramchandrapur
3480 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Rela
3481 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar River Block Unit No.09
3482 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sahadapara
3483 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sahapur
3484 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sahapur
3485 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Salikotha
3486 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Saluki
3487 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sampatia
3488 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sanatikayatpur
3489 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sankasida
3490 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sankhabhanga
3491 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sanrautpara
3492 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Santia Unit No.02
3493 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sardarbandha
3494 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar sarisa
3495 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sarkatia
3496 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sarsida
3497 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sasanbar
3498 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sasanbara Unit No.08
3499 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sasanbhog
3500 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sekhabada Unit No.13
3501 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sekhasral
3502 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Shamnagar
3503 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sikharpur
3504 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Simulia
3505 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Srikanthapur
3506 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Srikara Unit No.05
3507 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Srirampur
3508 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Srirampur
3509 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sugo
3510 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sukhadukhia
3511 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sukula
3512 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sulasandha
3513 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Sultanpur
3514 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Takua
3515 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Taladobi
3516 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Talamadhupur
3517 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Talgachhia
3518 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Taradighi
3519 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Taribatpur
3520 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar tegadia
3521 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Teghari
3522 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Telapata
3523 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Thikarabenapur
3524 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Tilapata
3525 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Totapada
3526 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Ulinda
3527 Balasore Balasore Jaleswar Uttarpara
3528 Balasore Balasore Khaira Abdulapur
3529 Balasore Balasore Khaira Achhutapur
3530 Balasore Balasore Khaira Achhutipur
3531 Balasore Balasore Khaira Agapada
3532 Balasore Balasore Khaira Akhuapal
3533 Balasore Balasore Khaira Alada
3534 Balasore Balasore Khaira Alada
3535 Balasore Balasore Khaira Alarpur
3536 Balasore Balasore Khaira Aliha
3537 Balasore Balasore Khaira Amargaria
3538 Balasore Balasore Khaira Amaria agnipur
3539 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ambagadia
3540 Balasore Balasore Khaira Anantabada
3541 Balasore Balasore Khaira Anantapur
3542 Balasore Balasore Khaira Andailo
3543 Balasore Balasore Khaira Andola
3544 Balasore Balasore Khaira Antara
3545 Balasore Balasore Khaira Arakhapur
3546 Balasore Balasore Khaira Arjunpur
3547 Balasore Balasore Khaira Asurai
3548 Balasore Balasore Khaira Badabahadalpur
3549 Balasore Balasore Khaira Badajaypur
3550 Balasore Balasore Khaira Badanuagan
3551 Balasore Balasore Khaira Badkumari
3552 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bagadia
3553 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bagdia
3554 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bageipur
3555 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baghua
3556 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baharpur
3557 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bainchakhunta
3558 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baishnabpur
3559 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baitanki
3560 Balasore Balasore Khaira Balbhadrapur
3561 Balasore Balasore Khaira balipur
3562 Balasore Balasore Khaira Balkarnapur
3563 Balasore Balasore Khaira Balrampur
3564 Balasore Balasore Khaira Banapur
3565 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bangaria
3566 Balasore Balasore Khaira Banpania
3567 Balasore Balasore Khaira Banthinia
3568 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barabati
3569 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barada
3570 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barahampur
3571 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barajori
3572 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barangia
3573 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barapada
3574 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barapur
3575 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barbatia
3576 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barbhagia
3577 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bartana
3578 Balasore Balasore Khaira Barunapadi
3579 Balasore Balasore Khaira Basindipur
3580 Balasore Balasore Khaira Basindipur
3581 Balasore Balasore Khaira Basudevpur
3582 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bateswar
3583 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baulani
3584 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baulanipatana
3585 Balasore Balasore Khaira Baunsagaria
3586 Balasore Balasore Khaira Begunia
3587 Balasore Balasore Khaira Begunia
3588 Balasore Balasore Khaira Belgaria
3589 Balasore Balasore Khaira Belkula
3590 Balasore Balasore Khaira Betana
3591 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhaskarapur
3592 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhatpada
3593 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhimanathapur
3594 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhitarkanika
3595 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhoanlagadia Mahatipur
3596 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhogapur
3597 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bhudeimula
3598 Balasore Balasore Khaira Binapur
3599 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bishnupur
3600 Balasore Balasore Khaira Bisunapur
3601 Balasore Balasore Khaira Brahmachari
3602 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakabaghua
3603 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakanantabada
3604 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakaohada
3605 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakapada
3606 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakbasantpur
3607 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakmadhusudanpur
3608 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakmahaspur
3609 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakmangalpada
3610 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chakradharpur
3611 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chandagochhi
3612 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chandanpur
3613 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chapulipada
3614 Balasore Balasore Khaira Choudhuripokhari
3615 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chuapara
3616 Balasore Balasore Khaira Chunanati
3617 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dadhibabanpur
3618 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dagarapara
3619 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dahi
3620 Balasore Balasore Khaira Daipur
3621 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dalanga No.1
3622 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dalanga No.2
3623 Balasore Balasore Khaira Damodarpur
3624 Balasore Balasore Khaira Darada
3625 Balasore Balasore Khaira Deuli
3626 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhaligaria
3627 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhanagharpada
3628 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhatrigaria
3629 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhauli
3630 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhedapada
3631 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dhobagaria
3632 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dighi
3633 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dighitentuli
3634 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dokantakhaira
3635 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dularpur
3636 Balasore Balasore Khaira Dungura
3637 Balasore Balasore Khaira Durgapur
3638 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ekadeuli
3639 Balasore Balasore Khaira Erandei
3640 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gabhara
3641 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gagandhuli
3642 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gagania
3643 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gagndhuli
3644 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gagua
3645 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gambharia
3646 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gandhali
3647 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gandibed
3648 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gandua
3649 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gara
3650 Balasore Balasore Khaira Garapokhari
3651 Balasore Balasore Khaira Garari
3652 Balasore Balasore Khaira Garasankha
3653 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gengutia
3654 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ghigaria
3655 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ghusurigadhia
3656 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gobindapur
3657 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gobindapur
3658 Balasore Balasore Khaira Golagan
3659 Balasore Balasore Khaira Goliha
3660 Balasore Balasore Khaira Golihamadhab
3661 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gopaldedha
3662 Balasore Balasore Khaira Gopinathpur
3663 Balasore Balasore Khaira Goudasahi
3664 Balasore Balasore Khaira Guapala
3665 Balasore Balasore Khaira Guhalagadia
3666 Balasore Balasore Khaira Guhalgadia
3667 Balasore Balasore Khaira Hanumantapur
3668 Balasore Balasore Khaira Harekrushnapur
3669 Balasore Balasore Khaira Haripur
3670 Balasore Balasore Khaira Hatimunda
3671 Balasore Balasore Khaira Indipur
3672 Balasore Balasore Khaira Itamundei
3673 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jahniapada
3674 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jaipur
3675 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jalagandibera(1)
3676 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jalangagandibed
3677 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jalda
3678 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jaleswar
3679 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jaygara
3680 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jemadeipatana
3681 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jhatia
3682 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jhingiria
3683 Balasore Balasore Khaira Jhinkiria
3684 Balasore Balasore Khaira Joragaria
3685 Balasore Balasore Khaira Josia
3686 Balasore Balasore Khaira Juanipada
3687 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kabara
3688 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kadmian
3689 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kaduapara
3690 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kahnupur
3691 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kaithagaria
3692 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kakudia
3693 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kalajhatia
3694 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kalamchua
3695 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kalarapal
3696 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kalidaspur
3697 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kaliha
3698 Balasore Balasore Khaira kalyani
3699 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kandada
3700 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kandaragaria
3701 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kanlakunta
3702 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantabani
3703 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantabania
3704 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantabania
3705 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantapara
3706 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantia
3707 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kantigaria
3708 Balasore Balasore Khaira Karanjapada
3709 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kasindipur
3710 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kendubhadali
3711 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khairadihi
3712 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khairapati
3713 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khajira
3714 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khandapara
3715 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khanpur
3716 Balasore Balasore Khaira Khirapada
3717 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kisorinagara
3718 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kochiakoili
3719 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kotapur
3720 Balasore Balasore Khaira Krishnapur
3721 Balasore Balasore Khaira Krushnapur
3722 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kudiasahi
3723 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kumaramauda
3724 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kumarkhani
3725 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kumbhaka
3726 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kunkipada
3727 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kupari
3728 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kurunia
3729 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kurunta
3730 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kusuma
3731 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kusundaspur
3732 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kusunpur
3733 Balasore Balasore Khaira Kutiripal
3734 Balasore Balasore Khaira Machhada
3735 Balasore Balasore Khaira Madhusudanpur
3736 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mahatipur
3737 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mahatipur
3738 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mahisamunda
3739 Balasore Balasore Khaira Maitapur
3740 Balasore Balasore Khaira Makaradhwajapur
3741 Balasore Balasore Khaira Makhanapur
3742 Balasore Balasore Khaira Maliha
3743 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mallikapur
3744 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mangalpara
3745 Balasore Balasore Khaira Manoharapur
3746 Balasore Balasore Khaira Manoharpur
3747 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mantiri
3748 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mathanuagan
3749 Balasore Balasore Khaira Maujampur
3750 Balasore Balasore Khaira Medinipur
3751 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mirijapur
3752 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mirijapur
3753 Balasore Balasore Khaira Miripurkhaira
3754 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mirjapur
3755 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mituani
3756 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mugei
3757 Balasore Balasore Khaira Muhanchuan
3758 Balasore Balasore Khaira Muktabegunia
3759 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mulapada(Sahapur)
3760 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mundahata
3761 Balasore Balasore Khaira Muninda
3762 Balasore Balasore Khaira Mustafabad
3763 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nachhipur
3764 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nachhipur
3765 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nahanga
3766 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nandapur
3767 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nandur
3768 Balasore Balasore Khaira Narama
3769 Balasore Balasore Khaira Naranpur
3770 Balasore Balasore Khaira Narayanpur
3771 Balasore Balasore Khaira Natapara
3772 Balasore Balasore Khaira Natigaria
3773 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nayakhandi
3774 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nijaros
3775 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nimapalli
3776 Balasore Balasore Khaira Niranjanbindha
3777 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nischinta
3778 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nischinta
3779 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nua
3780 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nuaganbad
3781 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nuasahi
3782 Balasore Balasore Khaira Nuasahi
3783 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ogalpur
3784 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ohada
3785 Balasore Balasore Khaira Oladpur
3786 Balasore Balasore Khaira Oliha
3787 Balasore Balasore Khaira Oranda
3788 Balasore Balasore Khaira Osanga
3789 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ostapal
3790 Balasore Balasore Khaira Padana
3791 Balasore Balasore Khaira Paikalpur
3792 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pakharamauda
3793 Balasore Balasore Khaira Palaspur
3794 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pallisajanabad
3795 Balasore Balasore Khaira Palsa
3796 Balasore Balasore Khaira Panchgachhia
3797 Balasore Balasore Khaira Panichhatra
3798 Balasore Balasore Khaira Panisaunli
3799 Balasore Balasore Khaira Panisiali
3800 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pankapal
3801 Balasore Balasore Khaira Parbatipur
3802 Balasore Balasore Khaira Parikhama
3803 Balasore Balasore Khaira Parthi
3804 Balasore Balasore Khaira Patirajpur
3805 Balasore Balasore Khaira Phaguna
3806 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pihanagaria
3807 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pitagadia
3808 Balasore Balasore Khaira Pitapania
3809 Balasore Balasore Khaira Praharajpur
3810 Balasore Balasore Khaira Purastampur alias Khaira
3811 Balasore Balasore Khaira Purbapara
3812 Balasore Balasore Khaira Purusottampur
3813 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rafatpur
3814 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raghunathapur
3815 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raghunathapur
3816 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raghunathpur
3817 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raghunathpur
3818 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raigabia
3819 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raikula
3820 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raintira
3821 Balasore Balasore Khaira Raipur
3822 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ramakrushnapur
3823 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ramchandrapur
3824 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rampur
3825 Balasore Balasore Khaira Randakhajuri
3826 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rapeya
3827 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rasuna
3828 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ratina-1
3829 Balasore Balasore Khaira Ratina-2
3830 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rghabpur
3831 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rostamapur
3832 Balasore Balasore Khaira Rurhungia
3833 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sadikpur
3834 Balasore Balasore Khaira sahapur
3835 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sahapur
3836 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sahdakhunta
3837 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sahidnagar
3838 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sain
3839 Balasore Balasore Khaira Salagaria
3840 Balasore Balasore Khaira Salomadhapur
3841 Balasore Balasore Khaira Salpada
3842 Balasore Balasore Khaira sampel
3843 Balasore Balasore Khaira Samsarpur
3844 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sanajayeepur
3845 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sanakumari
3846 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sananda
3847 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sananuagan
3848 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sanbahadalpur
3849 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sapagria
3850 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sarakhia
3851 Balasore Balasore Khaira Saranga
3852 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sarat
3853 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sardanga
3854 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sarisuakabilajharabandhanatari
3855 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sarsatia
3856 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sarukana
3857 Balasore Balasore Khaira Saundia
3858 Balasore Balasore Khaira Serapur
3859 Balasore Balasore Khaira Shyamasundarpur
3860 Balasore Balasore Khaira Singidi
3861 Balasore Balasore Khaira Singipur
3862 Balasore Balasore Khaira Siripur
3863 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sitapur
3864 Balasore Balasore Khaira Srirampur
3865 Balasore Balasore Khaira Subalayapatana
3866 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sujagarh
3867 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sundarpur
3868 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sundiadihi
3869 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sundiragandibed
3870 Balasore Balasore Khaira Sungada
3871 Balasore Balasore Khaira Suryapur
3872 Balasore Balasore Khaira Talakurua
3873 Balasore Balasore Khaira Talmahuri
3874 Balasore Balasore Khaira Taranga
3875 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tarapur
3876 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tekachandanpur
3877 Balasore Balasore Khaira Teldia
3878 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tentulia
3879 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tentuliapara
3880 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tilada
3881 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tisalpur
3882 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tolapada
3883 Balasore Balasore Khaira Toranipada
3884 Balasore Balasore Khaira Trilochanapur
3885 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tudigaria
3886 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tumbapadi
3887 Balasore Balasore Khaira Tuta
3888 Balasore Balasore Khaira Udayapur
3889 Balasore Balasore Remuna Abdulapur
3890 Balasore Balasore Remuna Achhutpur
3891 Balasore Balasore Remuna Agalpur
3892 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ajodhyagadabatitanki
3893 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ajoyadhanagarpatana
3894 Balasore Balasore Remuna Alada
3895 Balasore Balasore Remuna Alpur
3896 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ambua
3897 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ambulakuda
3898 Balasore Balasore Remuna Anantapani
3899 Balasore Balasore Remuna Anantapur
3900 Balasore Balasore Remuna Angargaria(1) unit No.04
3901 Balasore Balasore Remuna Armala
3902 Balasore Balasore Remuna Athantar
3903 Balasore Balasore Remuna Badapal
3904 Balasore Balasore Remuna Badghai
3905 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bahabalpur
3906 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bahadalpur
3907 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bahal
3908 Balasore Balasore Remuna Baishnambabar
3909 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balgopalpur
3910 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balgopalpur
3911 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balia
3912 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balichaunria
3913 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balipal
3914 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balisuan
3915 Balasore Balasore Remuna Balramgari
3916 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bampada
3917 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bangargan
3918 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bangarganpatana
3919 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bankatira
3920 Balasore Balasore Remuna Banparia
3921 Balasore Balasore Remuna Barakoli
3922 Balasore Balasore Remuna Barapada
3923 Balasore Balasore Remuna Barbanka
3924 Balasore Balasore Remuna Barchhikhunta
3925 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bartana
3926 Balasore Balasore Remuna Baruan
3927 Balasore Balasore Remuna Barunasing
3928 Balasore Balasore Remuna Basudebpur
3929 Balasore Balasore Remuna Basukhunta
3930 Balasore Balasore Remuna Baunshamuhan
3931 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bedipur
3932 Balasore Balasore Remuna Begampur
3933 Balasore Balasore Remuna Begunian
3934 Balasore Balasore Remuna Begunischaka
3935 Balasore Balasore Remuna Belorisamilbarachikhunta
3936 Balasore Balasore Remuna Beluri
3937 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhadrasia
3938 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhagbantpur
3939 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhandeswar
3940 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bharada
3941 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhasuan
3942 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhimapur
3943 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhuinchhara
3944 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bhuinpada
3945 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bideisana
3946 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bidyadharpur
3947 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bidyadharpurpatana
3948 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bighnapur
3949 Balasore Balasore Remuna Biliparia
3950 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bimbaria
3951 Balasore Balasore Remuna Bindha
3952 Balasore Balasore Remuna Biruan
3953 Balasore Balasore Remuna biseikhunta
3954 Balasore Balasore Remuna Boita
3955 Balasore Balasore Remuna Brahmanchhada
3956 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chadeipur
3957 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chadheipur dianchak
3958 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chakabegunia
3959 Balasore Balasore Remuna ChakSrirampur
3960 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chakulia
3961 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chandakundia
3962 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chandatikiri
3963 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chandimandal
3964 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chandipur
3965 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chanpur
3966 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chasakhanda
3967 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chhachina
3968 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chhadachhadia
3969 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chhanapur
3970 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chilapada
3971 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chkramrai
3972 Balasore Balasore Remuna Chunugan
3973 Balasore Balasore Remuna dahapada
3974 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dahigaria
3975 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dakshinpal
3976 Balasore Balasore Remuna Darakuli
3977 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dekhanda
3978 Balasore Balasore Remuna Deulabada
3979 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dhadamandaripur
3980 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dhadapaikali
3981 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dharampur
3982 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dhobeiti
3983 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dhoipal
3984 Balasore Balasore Remuna Digapada
3985 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dighapada
3986 Balasore Balasore Remuna Diharemuna
3987 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dihudia
3988 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dipali
3989 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dolagohira
3990 Balasore Balasore Remuna Duhuni
3991 Balasore Balasore Remuna Dumuda
3992 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gambharia
3993 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gambharia
3994 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ganapatibhandar
3995 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gandarda
3996 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ganeswarpur
3997 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gangapura
3998 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ganipur
3999 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ganjia
4000 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gariapal
4001 Balasore Balasore Remuna Garpada
4002 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gauragan
4003 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ghagrapal
4004 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ghungi
4005 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gobindapur
4006 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gobindapur Samil Jodigohari
4007 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gobindpur
4008 Balasore Balasore Remuna Golapat
4009 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gopalbindha
4010 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gopalpur
4011 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gourdanda
4012 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gourpur
4013 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gourpur samil purusottampur
4014 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gududa
4015 Balasore Balasore Remuna Guhalgan
4016 Balasore Balasore Remuna Gunuda
4017 Balasore Balasore Remuna Haladia
4018 Balasore Balasore Remuna Halupatana
4019 Balasore Balasore Remuna Haraspur
4020 Balasore Balasore Remuna Harichandanpur
4021 Balasore Balasore Remuna haripur
4022 Balasore Balasore Remuna haripur
4023 Balasore Balasore Remuna Haripur
4024 Balasore Balasore Remuna Haripur
4025 Balasore Balasore Remuna Hatagopa
4026 Balasore Balasore Remuna Hatiaganda
4027 Balasore Balasore Remuna Hentasara
4028 Balasore Balasore Remuna Hiratikiri
4029 Balasore Balasore Remuna Inchuri
4030 Balasore Balasore Remuna Isupur
4031 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jagannathapur
4032 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jagannathpur
4033 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jagannathpur
4034 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jagannathpurdianchak
4035 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jambani
4036 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jambeswarpur
4037 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jankharai
4038 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jenabarei
4039 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jhampura
4040 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jhinkamundali
4041 Balasore Balasore Remuna Jogeswarpur
4042 Balasore Balasore Remuna Judapada
4043 Balasore Balasore Remuna Junada
4044 Balasore Balasore Remuna Juruda No.02
4045 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kalidaspur
4046 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kalikapur
4047 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kalyanpur
4048 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kamagan
4049 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kanrali
4050 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kantabania
4051 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kantarda
4052 Balasore Balasore Remuna Karanaghanti
4053 Balasore Balasore Remuna Karanjia unit No.06
4054 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kasimabad
4055 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kasimila
4056 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kasimpur
4057 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kathasingada
4058 Balasore Balasore Remuna Keshapur
4059 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khadu
4060 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khamatana
4061 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khannagar
4062 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khaparapada
4063 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khardigmukhura
4064 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khiri
4065 Balasore Balasore Remuna Khurasali samil Benamuli
4066 Balasore Balasore Remuna Korada
4067 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kuanlahati
4068 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kudia
4069 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kujigaria
4070 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kukumusuli
4071 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kulakunda
4072 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kuligan
4073 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kulsanda
4074 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kumarnandi
4075 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kunarpur
4076 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kundapurastampur
4077 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kurumanpur
4078 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kurunia
4079 Balasore Balasore Remuna Kuruniapatana
4080 Balasore Balasore Remuna Machhiapada
4081 Balasore Balasore Remuna Madagodasahi
4082 Balasore Balasore Remuna Madhipur
4083 Balasore Balasore Remuna Madhupur
4084 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahada
4085 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahadia
4086 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahamadabad
4087 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahantipadadianchak
4088 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahantipara
4089 Balasore Balasore Remuna Maharajpur
4090 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mahashaypatna
4091 Balasore Balasore Remuna Maheshpur
4092 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mairaigan
4093 Balasore Balasore Remuna Makanda
4094 Balasore Balasore Remuna Makundapur
4095 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mala
4096 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mandagan
4097 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mandarpur
4098 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mandarpursamiljaganathpur
4099 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mangalpur
4100 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mangalpur
4101 Balasore Balasore Remuna Maninathpur
4102 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mardarajpur
4103 Balasore Balasore Remuna Medinipur
4104 Balasore Balasore Remuna Meghadambaru
4105 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mendra
4106 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mirzapur
4107 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mouzapur
4108 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mukhura
4109 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mukundapur
4110 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mulagan samil sutanati
4111 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mundigadiachaka
4112 Balasore Balasore Remuna Mundigan
4113 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nachhipur
4114 Balasore Balasore Remuna Naigopalpur
4115 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nandapatibindha
4116 Balasore Balasore Remuna Naraharipur
4117 Balasore Balasore Remuna Natrharipur
4118 Balasore Balasore Remuna Niabaga
4119 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nijampur
4120 Balasore Balasore Remuna Noti
4121 Balasore Balasore Remuna Notipatana
4122 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nuagan
4123 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nuagan
4124 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nuapadhi
4125 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nuapurabad
4126 Balasore Balasore Remuna Nunagola
4127 Balasore Balasore Remuna Olipur
4128 Balasore Balasore Remuna Padabadagan
4129 Balasore Balasore Remuna Padmapur
4130 Balasore Balasore Remuna Paharadaoaukhunta
4131 Balasore Balasore Remuna Paharpur
4132 Balasore Balasore Remuna Palapada
4133 Balasore Balasore Remuna Palasia
4134 Balasore Balasore Remuna Palsandha
4135 Balasore Balasore Remuna Pancharukhi
4136 Balasore Balasore Remuna Panchuputuli
4137 Balasore Balasore Remuna Papharatipur
4138 Balasore Balasore Remuna Parahata
4139 Balasore Balasore Remuna Paribelda
4140 Balasore Balasore Remuna Parichada
4141 Balasore Balasore Remuna Patakashasan
4142 Balasore Balasore Remuna Patanaraipur
4143 Balasore Balasore Remuna Patara
4144 Balasore Balasore Remuna Patpur
4145 Balasore Balasore Remuna Patripal
4146 Balasore Balasore Remuna Pokasalama
4147 Balasore Balasore Remuna Purukhi
4148 Balasore Balasore Remuna Purusottampur
4149 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rabeneswar
4150 Balasore Balasore Remuna radhanagar
4151 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rahaniagadia
4152 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rainagar
4153 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ramchandi
4154 Balasore Balasore Remuna Ramchandi
4155 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rampur
4156 Balasore Balasore Remuna Randapara
4157 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rasalpur
4158 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rautarapur
4159 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rehanga
4160 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rudragopalpur samil naharapatan
4161 Balasore Balasore Remuna Rudrapur
4162 Balasore Balasore Remuna Saharda
4163 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sahardapatna
4164 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sahupara
4165 Balasore Balasore Remuna Salaparhi
4166 Balasore Balasore Remuna Salbani
4167 Balasore Balasore Remuna Salgan
4168 Balasore Balasore Remuna Samalpur
4169 Balasore Balasore Remuna Samkona
4170 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sammanoharpur
4171 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sankarpur
4172 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sankhanpur
4173 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sanprusottampur
4174 Balasore Balasore Remuna Santahati
4175 Balasore Balasore Remuna SarswatIpur
4176 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sasanapada
4177 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sasanbar
4178 Balasore Balasore Remuna Seragarh
4179 Balasore Balasore Remuna Shyamaraipur
4180 Balasore Balasore Remuna Shyamraepur
4181 Balasore Balasore Remuna Silsuan
4182 Balasore Balasore Remuna Singla
4183 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sirakoili
4184 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sireipur
4185 Balasore Balasore Remuna Somanathpur
4186 Balasore Balasore Remuna sribantpur
4187 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srijang
4188 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srikrishnapur
4189 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srikrushnapur
4190 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srikrushnapur
4191 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srirampur
4192 Balasore Balasore Remuna Srirampur
4193 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sunamuhinbada
4194 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sunamunhisan
4195 Balasore Balasore Remuna Surajpur
4196 Balasore Balasore Remuna Sutei
4197 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tabhapal
4198 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tadapa
4199 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tahalia
4200 Balasore Balasore Remuna Talamedhi
4201 Balasore Balasore Remuna Talapada
4202 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tamchhada
4203 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tantereda
4204 Balasore Balasore Remuna Taradei
4205 Balasore Balasore Remuna Telgadia
4206 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tentarda
4207 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tentulia
4208 Balasore Balasore Remuna Thanagaria
4209 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tina
4210 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tolanka Unit No.17
4211 Balasore Balasore Remuna Tundra
4212 Balasore Balasore Remuna Udambar
4213 Balasore Balasore Remuna Udayapur
4214 Balasore Balasore Remuna Udipur
4215 Balasore Balasore Remuna Uparsankia
4216 Balasore Balasore Remuna Uthuli
4217 Balasore Balasore Remuna Uttarchaka
4218 Balasore Balasore Simulia Abajhana
4219 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ada
4220 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ajipur
4221 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ambadiha
4222 Balasore Balasore Simulia Amrutpur
4223 Balasore Balasore Simulia Anandapur
4224 Balasore Balasore Simulia Anantapur
4225 Balasore Balasore Simulia Anatapur
4226 Balasore Balasore Simulia andaria
4227 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ankula
4228 Balasore Balasore Simulia Baduli
4229 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bainsibati
4230 Balasore Balasore Simulia Balihenti
4231 Balasore Balasore Simulia Balikana
4232 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bamotia
4233 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bana
4234 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bangalpur
4235 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bangarkhadigadia
4236 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bangarpada
4237 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bankapatana
4238 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bari
4239 Balasore Balasore Simulia Baria
4240 Balasore Balasore Simulia Barimelak
4241 Balasore Balasore Simulia Barinayada
4242 Balasore Balasore Simulia Basukharji
4243 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bati
4244 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bauripada
4245 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bedapur
4246 Balasore Balasore Simulia Begrajpur
4247 Balasore Balasore Simulia Begunia
4248 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bhagia
4249 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bhubanpur
4250 Balasore Balasore Simulia Biranchipur
4251 Balasore Balasore Simulia Birbrahmapur
4252 Balasore Balasore Simulia Bisunpur
4253 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chaka
4254 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chakradharpur
4255 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chalunigan
4256 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chandighar
4257 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chandoti
4258 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chandrapda
4259 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chhabatia
4260 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chhachinda
4261 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chhatrapur
4262 Balasore Balasore Simulia Chudanga
4263 Balasore Balasore Simulia Dadhibamanpur
4264 Balasore Balasore Simulia Dakshinada
4265 Balasore Balasore Simulia Deopara
4266 Balasore Balasore Simulia Dhumpur
4267 Balasore Balasore Simulia Dianpurushotampur
4268 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gangatiran
4269 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ganipur
4270 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gaudadia
4271 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gaudapada
4272 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gobindapur
4273 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gobindapur
4274 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gopalpur
4275 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gopibinda
4276 Balasore Balasore Simulia Gourgadi
4277 Balasore Balasore Simulia Haliso
4278 Balasore Balasore Simulia Haripur
4279 Balasore Balasore Simulia Harisingpur
4280 Balasore Balasore Simulia Hatmaitapur
4281 Balasore Balasore Simulia Hatuari
4282 Balasore Balasore Simulia Inayetapur
4283 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ishanpur
4284 Balasore Balasore Simulia Iswarapur
4285 Balasore Balasore Simulia Jagannathpur
4286 Balasore Balasore Simulia Jamjhari
4287 Balasore Balasore Simulia kabirapur
4288 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kachapada
4289 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kahneibanka
4290 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kainsi
4291 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kalashuni
4292 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kalaspur
4293 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kanheibindha
4294 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kaniari
4295 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kapura
4296 Balasore Balasore Simulia Khakadpada
4297 Balasore Balasore Simulia Khandaita
4298 Balasore Balasore Simulia Khirkona
4299 Balasore Balasore Simulia Khosalpur
4300 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kotapur
4301 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kuagaria
4302 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kuanarpur
4303 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kuladhardindha
4304 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kundi
4305 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kurkuria
4306 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kusunkharji
4307 Balasore Balasore Simulia Kutari
4308 Balasore Balasore Simulia Maguragadia
4309 Balasore Balasore Simulia Mahamadpur alias parbtia
4310 Balasore Balasore Simulia Maharana
4311 Balasore Balasore Simulia Mainabad
4312 Balasore Balasore Simulia Maitapur
4313 Balasore Balasore Simulia Majhikhanda
4314 Balasore Balasore Simulia Malibrahmapur
4315 Balasore Balasore Simulia Maminabad
4316 Balasore Balasore Simulia Mangrajpur
4317 Balasore Balasore Simulia Mansapada
4318 Balasore Balasore Simulia Markona
4319 Balasore Balasore Simulia Matiapada
4320 Balasore Balasore Simulia Mundamara
4321 Balasore Balasore Simulia Murttunga
4322 Balasore Balasore Simulia Muruna
4323 Balasore Balasore Simulia Nachhipur
4324 Balasore Balasore Simulia naharpada
4325 Balasore Balasore Simulia Naranpur
4326 Balasore Balasore Simulia Narendrapur
4327 Balasore Balasore Simulia Narsinghpur
4328 Balasore Balasore Simulia Nischinta
4329 Balasore Balasore Simulia Nuabaj
4330 Balasore Balasore Simulia Pahitorama
4331 Balasore Balasore Simulia Pandu
4332 Balasore Balasore Simulia Parbatipur
4333 Balasore Balasore Simulia Parmeswarpur
4334 Balasore Balasore Simulia Patuli
4335 Balasore Balasore Simulia Phulagadia
4336 Balasore Balasore Simulia Pratappur
4337 Balasore Balasore Simulia Purastampur
4338 Balasore Balasore Simulia Purbaada
4339 Balasore Balasore Simulia Purusottampur
4340 Balasore Balasore Simulia Radhaballavpur
4341 Balasore Balasore Simulia Radhakrushnapur
4342 Balasore Balasore Simulia Raghubindha
4343 Balasore Balasore Simulia Raghunathpur
4344 Balasore Balasore Simulia Raghunathpursasan
4345 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rambindha
4346 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ramchandrapur
4347 Balasore Balasore Simulia ramkrushnapur
4348 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rampo
4349 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rampur
4350 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rampur
4351 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rasidpur
4352 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rautpada
4353 Balasore Balasore Simulia Ria
4354 Balasore Balasore Simulia Rudunga
4355 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sabanga
4356 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sadanandapur
4357 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sadhubir
4358 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sahajapada
4359 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sahigan
4360 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sajanabad
4361 Balasore Balasore Simulia Samanathpur
4362 Balasore Balasore Simulia Samsunderpur
4363 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sanmadhusudanpur
4364 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sanmaitapur
4365 Balasore Balasore Simulia serpur
4366 Balasore Balasore Simulia Similia
4367 Balasore Balasore Simulia Sungada
4368 Balasore Balasore Simulia Talapada
4369 Balasore Balasore Simulia Teliapada
4370 Balasore Balasore Simulia Tentulia
4371 Balasore Balasore Simulia Tirakhura
4372 Balasore Balasore Soro Adanga Unit no.09
4373 Balasore Balasore Soro Agaria
4374 Balasore Balasore Soro Aharpur
4375 Balasore Balasore Soro Alipur
4376 Balasore Balasore Soro Anantapur
4377 Balasore Balasore Soro Angula
4378 Balasore Balasore Soro Aniri
4379 Balasore Balasore Soro Ankabrahmapur
4380 Balasore Balasore Soro Aria
4381 Balasore Balasore Soro Atapur
4382 Balasore Balasore Soro Badakhuri Unit No.01
4383 Balasore Balasore Soro Baghua
4384 Balasore Balasore Soro Bainandamangarajpur
4385 Balasore Balasore Soro Bainchbanka
4386 Balasore Balasore Soro Balanga
4387 Balasore Balasore Soro Baldia
4388 Balasore Balasore Soro Baleswar Unit No.8
4389 Balasore Balasore Soro Balibar
4390 Balasore Balasore Soro Balipur
4391 Balasore Balasore Soro Balrampur
4392 Balasore Balasore Soro Banasiha
4393 Balasore Balasore Soro Banparia
4394 Balasore Balasore Soro Banshikharji
4395 Balasore Balasore Soro Bantada
4396 Balasore Balasore Soro Barahapur Unit No.19
4397 Balasore Balasore Soro Barchhigaria
4398 Balasore Balasore Soro Baripada
4399 Balasore Balasore Soro Bartana
4400 Balasore Balasore Soro Basudeipur
4401 Balasore Balasore Soro Beherenpur
4402 Balasore Balasore Soro Belada
4403 Balasore Balasore Soro Belpur
4404 Balasore Balasore Soro Bharadapada
4405 Balasore Balasore Soro Bhatpada
4406 Balasore Balasore Soro Bhatpada
4407 Balasore Balasore Soro Bilbankia
4408 Balasore Balasore Soro Binagaria
4409 Balasore Balasore Soro biripada
4410 Balasore Balasore Soro Bodei
4411 Balasore Balasore Soro Brahmansabira
4412 Balasore Balasore Soro Brahmansahi
4413 Balasore Balasore Soro Brahmapur
4414 Balasore Balasore Soro Bundadeipur
4415 Balasore Balasore Soro Chahalima
4416 Balasore Balasore Soro chaka subarnapur
4417 Balasore Balasore Soro Chakghorasahi
4418 Balasore Balasore Soro Chalisamarha
4419 Balasore Balasore Soro Champo
4420 Balasore Balasore Soro Chandatikiri
4421 Balasore Balasore Soro Chatara
4422 Balasore Balasore Soro Chaulsabira
4423 Balasore Balasore Soro Chhatrapur Unit No.13
4424 Balasore Balasore Soro Dagara
4425 Balasore Balasore Soro Daipur
4426 Balasore Balasore Soro Dandaplasa
4427 Balasore Balasore Soro Darkholi
4428 Balasore Balasore Soro Dhaisada
4429 Balasore Balasore Soro Digabhanra
4430 Balasore Balasore Soro Gangei
4431 Balasore Balasore Soro Ghasipada
4432 Balasore Balasore Soro Ghasua
4433 Balasore Balasore Soro Ghodamara
4434 Balasore Balasore Soro Ghodasahi
4435 Balasore Balasore Soro Gobindapur
4436 Balasore Balasore Soro Gopalpur
4437 Balasore Balasore Soro gopinathpur
4438 Balasore Balasore Soro Gopinathpur
4439 Balasore Balasore Soro Guda
4440 Balasore Balasore Soro Guhaldiha
4441 Balasore Balasore Soro Gujadiha
4442 Balasore Balasore Soro Habeligandatara
4443 Balasore Balasore Soro Hajipur
4444 Balasore Balasore Soro Hansipatana
4445 Balasore Balasore Soro Haridagaria
4446 Balasore Balasore Soro Haridapada
4447 Balasore Balasore Soro Hensaguda
4448 Balasore Balasore Soro Isanmunduli
4449 Balasore Balasore Soro Iswarpur Unit no.02
4450 Balasore Balasore Soro Itua unit-7
4451 Balasore Balasore Soro Jagannathapur
4452 Balasore Balasore Soro Jagannathapur
4453 Balasore Balasore Soro Jahnia
4454 Balasore Balasore Soro Jarida
4455 Balasore Balasore Soro Joka
4456 Balasore Balasore Soro Julungia
4457 Balasore Balasore Soro Kahnupur
4458 Balasore Balasore Soro Kahnupur
4459 Balasore Balasore Soro Kamanpur Unit No.11
4460 Balasore Balasore Soro Kamarpur
4461 Balasore Balasore Soro kantabanki
4462 Balasore Balasore Soro kantipur
4463 Balasore Balasore Soro Kasaba
4464 Balasore Balasore Soro Katuni
4465 Balasore Balasore Soro Kedarpur
4466 Balasore Balasore Soro kesaripur
4467 Balasore Balasore Soro Kespur
4468 Balasore Balasore Soro Khajuridiha
4469 Balasore Balasore Soro Khandasahi
4470 Balasore Balasore Soro Khanjamahal
4471 Balasore Balasore Soro Kharida Unit No.03
4472 Balasore Balasore Soro Khasagadia
4473 Balasore Balasore Soro Khirakoni Unit No.20
4474 Balasore Balasore Soro Khunta
4475 Balasore Balasore Soro Kiamundia
4476 Balasore Balasore Soro Kiarpuur
4477 Balasore Balasore Soro kolatha
4478 Balasore Balasore Soro Krushnachandrapur
4479 Balasore Balasore Soro krushnadaspur
4480 Balasore Balasore Soro Kudei
4481 Balasore Balasore Soro Kumbhi
4482 Balasore Balasore Soro Kurunia
4483 Balasore Balasore Soro Kuruniasasan
4484 Balasore Balasore Soro Lakhabindha
4485 Balasore Balasore Soro Madhusudanpur
4486 Balasore Balasore Soro Madhusudanpur
4487 Balasore Balasore Soro Mahisasuri
4488 Balasore Balasore Soro Mahumuhana
4489 Balasore Balasore Soro Mallipur
4490 Balasore Balasore Soro Mangsarpur
4491 Balasore Balasore Soro Manipur
4492 Balasore Balasore Soro Mantri
4493 Balasore Balasore Soro Meghmadhab Unit No.18
4494 Balasore Balasore Soro Mendhagaria
4495 Balasore Balasore Soro Mobarakpur Unit No.14
4496 Balasore Balasore Soro Mudupur
4497 Balasore Balasore Soro Mukteswarpur
4498 Balasore Balasore Soro Mulakaeda
4499 Balasore Balasore Soro Mulesar Unit No.15
4500 Balasore Balasore Soro Mulisingh
4501 Balasore Balasore Soro Nadigan
4502 Balasore Balasore Soro Naharpada
4503 Balasore Balasore Soro Narasinghanagar
4504 Balasore Balasore Soro Natapada
4505 Balasore Balasore Soro Nischintapur
4506 Balasore Balasore Soro Nuagan
4507 Balasore Balasore Soro Nuagansan
4508 Balasore Balasore Soro Nuapur
4509 Balasore Balasore Soro Oada
4510 Balasore Balasore Soro Orsaliasdagarajit
4511 Balasore Balasore Soro Pagadasol
4512 Balasore Balasore Soro Pakhar
4513 Balasore Balasore Soro Palapur
4514 Balasore Balasore Soro Pananda
4515 Balasore Balasore Soro Parsurampur
4516 Balasore Balasore Soro Patulida
4517 Balasore Balasore Soro Purunapalasa
4518 Balasore Balasore Soro Radhaballavpur
4519 Balasore Balasore Soro Raghunathpur
4520 Balasore Balasore Soro Raghunathpur
4521 Balasore Balasore Soro Raipitambar
4522 Balasore Balasore Soro Raipur
4523 Balasore Balasore Soro Raipurchak
4524 Balasore Balasore Soro Ranapur
4525 Balasore Balasore Soro Rangapati
4526 Balasore Balasore Soro Reoda
4527 Balasore Balasore Soro Rosa
4528 Balasore Balasore Soro Rusa
4529 Balasore Balasore Soro Sabira
4530 Balasore Balasore Soro Sadamapur unit No.04
4531 Balasore Balasore Soro Sajanpur
4532 Balasore Balasore Soro Salampur
4533 Balasore Balasore Soro Sampur
4534 Balasore Balasore Soro Sanabrahmapur
4535 Balasore Balasore Soro Santapara
4536 Balasore Balasore Soro Saralia
4537 Balasore Balasore Soro sarsankha
4538 Balasore Balasore Soro Sarupada
4539 Balasore Balasore Soro Shyamraipur
4540 Balasore Balasore Soro Sialigotha
4541 Balasore Balasore Soro Similia
4542 Balasore Balasore Soro Similikhola
4543 Balasore Balasore Soro Sindhua
4544 Balasore Balasore Soro Singakhunta
4545 Balasore Balasore Soro Sirapur
4546 Balasore Balasore Soro Solagan
4547 Balasore Balasore Soro Srirampur
4548 Balasore Balasore Soro Subarnapur
4549 Balasore Balasore Soro Subarntikiri
4550 Balasore Balasore Soro Sujanpur
4551 Balasore Balasore Soro Sultanpur
4552 Balasore Balasore Soro Sunari
4553 Balasore Balasore Soro Talanagar
4554 Balasore Balasore Soro Tentei
4555 Balasore Balasore Soro tentulia
4556 Balasore Balasore Soro Tentuligochhi
4557 Balasore Balasore Soro Thala
4558 Balasore Balasore Soro Thaneswar
4559 Balasore Balasore Soro tilada
4560 Balasore Balasore Soro tundapada Unit No.17
4561 Balasore Balasore Soro Uchhabpur
4562 Balasore Balasore Soro Ullaskhadpur
4563 Balasore Balasore Soro Uttarsar
4564 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri aagiria
4565 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Ajodhya
4566 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Ambajhar
4567 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri ambikapur
4568 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Analapal
4569 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Andara
4570 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Ankurkhunta
4571 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Arabandha
4572 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Astarakhi
4573 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Astia
4574 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Astiapatana
4575 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri badaata
4576 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri badabil
4577 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri badhiachanduapada
4578 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri badia
4579 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bahabalpul
4580 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bainchanaranpur
4581 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Balichua
4582 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Baligohiri
4583 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri baliora
4584 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri balipala
4585 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Banitikar
4586 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bankipada
4587 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bankisahikodamada
4588 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bankishaimahala
4589 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri bankisula
4590 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Banthiapara
4591 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Baradadihi
4592 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bari
4593 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Barudakhana
4594 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Baulagadia
4595 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Baunsabania
4596 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Baunsapal
4597 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bauriora
4598 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Begunia
4599 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Berhampur
4600 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Betakata
4601 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhagabandha
4602 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri bhagasahi
4603 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri bhaktanandapur
4604 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhalukposi
4605 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri bhamhapur
4606 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhandagan
4607 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhaudia
4608 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhaunriabad
4609 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bhemei
4610 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bholdang
4611 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri bidubazar
4612 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri birasahupur
4613 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Bishnupur
4614 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Budarchandi
4615 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chadabadi
4616 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chadipur
4617 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chandanipur
4618 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chandigarh
4619 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chasakhand
4620 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chasunikula
4621 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chatara
4622 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chatarapatna
4623 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chatirikhunta
4624 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chekamara
4625 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chengagadia
4626 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chhatrapur
4627 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chintamanipur
4628 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri chotakanhupur
4629 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Chuliakandavaradapal
4630 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri dakhinakunrapur
4631 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Daldali
4632 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dalimbapal
4633 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri damagadia
4634 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri damburupala
4635 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dharampur
4636 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dhobahati
4637 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dhobasila
4638 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri dholapur
4639 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri dobati
4640 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri durgapur
4641 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dwarika
4642 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Dwarikasuni
4643 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gandamarasahi
4644 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Gangadeipur
4645 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gangapura
4646 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Garadihi
4647 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri ghodadian
4648 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gobara
4649 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gobardhanpur
4650 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gobardhanpur
4651 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gobindapur
4652 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Gohira
4653 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri gokulpani
4654 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri golabandha
4655 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Gopalpur
4656 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Gopinathpur
4657 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Guhalia
4658 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri haladiapatna
4659 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri harekrushnapur
4660 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri hatasahi
4661 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Hatikholia
4662 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri hatimunda
4663 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Huntapur
4664 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Isanandi
4665 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Ishwarpur
4666 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Jadibali
4667 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jadida
4668 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jaganathapur
4669 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Jamudiha
4670 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jamudihi
4671 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Jamuna
4672 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jemadeipur
4673 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Jhaljhalia
4674 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jokagadia
4675 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri jokananda
4676 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Joriapatana
4677 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kadambagari
4678 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kaduani
4679 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kahalia
4680 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kahnupur
4681 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kakudipal
4682 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kalakada
4683 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kaliapadabada
4684 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kaliapa sana
4685 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kalyani
4686 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kandagardi
4687 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kanigaria
4688 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kanjiambabara
4689 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kanjiambasana
4690 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kansa
4691 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kantabania
4692 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kantabania
4693 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kanthipada
4694 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri karadia
4695 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri karanjia
4696 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri karanjia
4697 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kathagochi
4698 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kathaphala
4699 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kendukhunta
4700 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Khadipada
4701 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Khadipada
4702 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kharadiha
4703 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri khasapadia
4704 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Khumatana
4705 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Khuntadiha
4706 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kishorechandrapur
4707 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Koligadi
4708 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kudumipal
4709 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kuinpur lakharaj
4710 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kuinpur mahal
4711 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kulhapala
4712 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kumbhakunia
4713 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kunarabhudia
4714 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Kunchibania
4715 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kuntiatikar
4716 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kusumia
4717 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri kusunpur
4718 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri laichanapur
4719 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri maachua
4720 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Machhabhandar
4721 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Madhukarkhunta
4722 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Madhupuria
4723 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Mainsapata
4724 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Makundapur
4725 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri maladiha
4726 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Mangad
4727 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri mangalapala
4728 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri mardarajpur
4729 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Mardarajpur
4730 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Mareigan
4731 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Matiali
4732 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Mirigini
4733 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nadamahapatrabeda
4734 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri naduapala
4735 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Naranpur
4736 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Narasinghapur
4737 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Narsinghapur
4738 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Naupal
4739 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nayakbandha
4740 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Nijagarh
4741 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nimapala
4742 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Nimnigadia
4743 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nisankhapur
4744 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nityanadapur
4745 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Nuagan
4746 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Nuagansan
4747 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Nuapatana
4748 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri nuasahi
4749 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri oladanga
4750 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri padmalavapur
4751 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Palasabada
4752 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Palasasana
4753 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Paphulahata
4754 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Parasipal
4755 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Patana
4756 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Patanapada
4757 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri patapur bada
4758 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri patharagada
4759 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Pinchabania
4760 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Pithahata
4761 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri podasula
4762 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Pratapada
4763 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri pubagadia
4764 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Puhuni
4765 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Punasia
4766 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Pundala
4767 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri purunagaon
4768 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Radhakishorepur
4769 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri radhikadeipur
4770 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Raghunathpur
4771 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Raigan
4772 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri raipala
4773 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri raipur
4774 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri rajnagar
4775 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri ramachandrapur
4776 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Raulakhunta
4777 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Risia
4778 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sabajapur
4779 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sajanagada
4780 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Saladahar
4781 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sanata
4782 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sanatukipada
4783 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sangrampur
4784 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri sanpatpur
4785 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Santragadia
4786 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sapabania
4787 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri sarupala
4788 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri sasapala
4789 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sathilobalabalia
4790 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri shyamrapur
4791 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Shyamsundarpur
4792 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Siadimala
4793 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Siarimal
4794 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sikidia
4795 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Similia
4796 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri singiri
4797 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sirsasahi
4798 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sridaipur
4799 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Sridharpur
4800 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri sundaripatna
4801 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tanaka
4802 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tartua
4803 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri teliapada
4804 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Telipal.02
4805 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Telipala.01
4806 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tenda
4807 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tentulia
4808 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tiakata
4809 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tihudiabada
4810 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tihudiasana
4811 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tinidesh
4812 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri totapada
4813 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Tukipadabada
4814 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri tutagaon
4815 Balasore Nilgiri Nilgiri Uparadiha
4816 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada agasula
4817 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Aghirapada
4818 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Ambajhar
4819 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada astapatna
4820 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Atasahi
4821 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Badhi
4822 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Bagha ampuda
4823 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada balimundali
4824 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Banguru
4825 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Barapokhari
4826 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Basudeipur
4827 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Benagadia
4828 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Betei
4829 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Bhardabati
4830 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada bijeramachadrapur
4831 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada bikrampur
4832 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada biriha
4833 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada brajakishorepur
4834 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Budakhunta
4835 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada chandratikara
4836 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Chanpur
4837 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada chotatentuli
4838 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Daripokhari
4839 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Darkholi
4840 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada dhimpura
4841 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Dimirichua
4842 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Garasahi
4843 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Garudahata
4844 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada gopinathpur
4845 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada goseinpatna
4846 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada harichandanpur
4847 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada jaganathpur
4848 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Jahniapada
4849 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada jalapanka
4850 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Janikipal
4851 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Jaynarayanpur
4852 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada jogagadia
4853 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Jokagadia
4854 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada kabisula
4855 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada kalajhadia
4856 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada kalarapala
4857 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Kamarpal
4858 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada kanhunaae
4859 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Kasapa
4860 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada kasigadia
4861 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada khaera
4862 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Khuntadiha
4863 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada khuntadihapatna
4864 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Kusunadaspur
4865 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Lakshmisula
4866 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada mahapatri
4867 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Mahulgadia
4868 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Mainsadali
4869 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Majhisahi
4870 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Majhi sahi
4871 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada mangalpada
4872 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada matigada
4873 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada naranpur
4874 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada niankhia
4875 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada niladeipur
4876 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Nuagan
4877 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada nunipada
4878 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada padapatna
4879 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada paidajami
4880 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Paikapara
4881 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Pandua
4882 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Paphetapur
4883 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Paramanandapur
4884 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada patapur
4885 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Pindabasa
4886 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Pratapur
4887 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Raeramchandrapur
4888 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada ramachandrapur
4889 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Rangamatia
4890 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Ranipokhari
4891 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada rodanpur
4892 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada similipal
4893 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Sorisapala
4894 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Talakia
4895 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada tipura
4896 Balasore Nilgiri Oupada Totasahi
4897 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ambabhona
4898 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Antradi
4899 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Babebira
4900 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona BadDarlipali
4901 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Badmal
4902 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Baigapali
4903 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Banjhipali
4904 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Banjipali
4905 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bara
4906 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bardarha
4907 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Barngakot
4908 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Behera
4909 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Beherapali
4910 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Beniapali
4911 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bhainatora
4912 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bhalutal
4913 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bhukta
4914 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bichhana
4915 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bilaigada
4916 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Birjhupali
4917 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Budhipali
4918 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bugbugi
4919 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Bungapali
4920 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Chakramal
4921 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Chal
4922 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Chandipali
4923 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Chicholi
4924 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Chikhili
4925 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Darlipali
4926 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Dekhulia
4927 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Duari
4928 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Dulhapali
4929 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Dungipali
4930 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Dungri
4931 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Gangai
4932 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ganthiapali
4933 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ghughurapali
4934 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Goudpali
4935 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Hathikhuja
4936 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ichhapur
4937 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Jamapali
4938 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Jampali
4939 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Jharpali
4940 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Junani
4941 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kalami
4942 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kandaipali
4943 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kandapala
4944 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kanthipali
4945 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kapasira
4946 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Karla
4947 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kashipali
4948 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kendujharan
4949 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Khairpali
4950 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Khijupali
4951 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Khola
4952 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kumbho
4953 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kusumdihi
4954 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kusumuda
4955 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kutarapali
4956 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Kutharpali
4957 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Lakhanpur
4958 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Leleher
4959 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Lether
4960 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Lmbipali
4961 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ludupali
4962 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Mahuapali
4963 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Mendhapali
4964 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Muchhmalda
4965 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Mundabahal
4966 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Naktichhapar
4967 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Narangpur
4968 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Paruabhadi
4969 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Pikirijharan
4970 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Podapali
4971 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ramkhol
4972 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Rampella
4973 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Ruchida
4974 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Salepali
4975 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Sambalpuri
4976 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Sampali
4977 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona SanDarlipali
4978 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Santhara
4979 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Saraipali
4980 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Saraipali
4981 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Satidarha
4982 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Sauntamal
4983 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Telipali
4984 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Tilaimal
4985 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Udhaipali
4986 Bargarh Bargarh Ambabhona Uttam
4987 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Amajhar
4988 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Amastala
4989 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Amlipali
4990 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Attabira
4991 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Babebira
4992 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Banhar
4993 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Bargad
4994 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Bhoepali
4995 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira BHOITIKIA
4996 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Bhuinpura
4997 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Birkhakata
4998 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Brahmantukura
4999 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Bugbuga
5000 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Chakuli
5001 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Chuldhar
5002 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Dalbi
5003 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Dhemsa
5004 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Dulampur
5005 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Gambharipali
5006 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Gargaddala
5007 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira GAUTIAPALI
5008 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Ghanghati
5009 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Godabhaga
5010 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Gorakhapali
5011 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Haldi
5012 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Hiralipali
5013 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Jahnapada
5014 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Jangod
5015 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Jhankabahal
5016 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Jhilminda
5017 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Jujgan
5018 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Junani
5019 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kadobahal
5020 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kalangapali
5021 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kandapali
5022 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kantal
5023 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Katabaga
5024 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira KENDUPALI
5025 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Khaliapali
5026 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Khaliapali
5027 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Khandagali
5028 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kharmunda
5029 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Khirapali
5030 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kujapali
5031 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kuketira
5032 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kultatukura
5033 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kulunda
5034 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Kumelsingha
5035 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Lachida
5036 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Ladarpali
5037 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Lahanda
5038 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Lambipali
5039 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Larambha
5040 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Larasara
5041 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Lastala
5042 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Mahakhanda
5043 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Manapada
5044 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Naghapali
5045 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira NAIKEN PALI
5046 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Nuabatimunda
5047 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Nuapara
5048 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Paharshrigida
5049 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Paramanpur
5050 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Pithaputal
5051 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Podbadi
5052 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Rengali
5053 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Rengalipali
5054 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Rujhanmal
5055 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Runipali
5056 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Sharanda
5057 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Silat
5058 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Sindurbahal
5059 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Singhpali
5060 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Sodhapali
5061 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Sorna
5062 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Suktapali
5063 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Tamparsara
5064 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Tangarpali
5065 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Tope
5066 Bargarh Bargarh Attabira Tupapara
5067 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Adagan
5068 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Ambapali
5069 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Ambasada
5070 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Badardol
5071 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Bagaibira
5072 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Bagdia
5073 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Baljori
5074 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Banabaspali
5075 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Banda
5076 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Bandanbahan
5077 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Baragaon
5078 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Barahagoda
5079 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Bargharh
5080 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Baunsenpalli
5081 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Behera
5082 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Birmal
5083 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Brahmachari
5084 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Chakarkend
5085 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Chandipali
5086 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Danga
5087 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Deogaon
5088 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Dhamnamunda
5089 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Dhanger
5090 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Dhourakhanda
5091 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Dumbapali
5092 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Dumerpali
5093 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Gaisama
5094 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Gandapali
5095 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Gobindepur
5096 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Goisar
5097 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Gudesira
5098 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Haldipali
5099 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Jamurda
5100 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Jhankarpali
5101 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Kalapani
5102 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Katapali
5103 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Kendpali
5104 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Khaliapali
5105 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Khandahata
5106 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Khuntapali
5107 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Kurla
5108 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Kuruan
5109 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Launsara
5110 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Nileshar
5111 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Nuanpali
5112 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Nuniajampali
5113 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh PadhanPali
5114 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Patharla
5115 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Pipilipali
5116 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Podamunda
5117 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Rungnia
5118 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Sahajbahal
5119 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Salhepali
5120 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Sarla
5121 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Sarsara
5122 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Sauntapur
5123 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Sayan
5124 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Talsrigida
5125 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Telenpali
5126 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Tental
5127 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Tora
5128 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Tumgaon
5129 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Turunga
5130 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Turunga
5131 Bargarh Bargarh Bargarh Ulaba
5132 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Agalpur
5133 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Ainlapali
5134 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Ainthapali
5135 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Ambamunda
5136 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Ambapatra
5137 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Babupali
5138 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Badagaon
5139 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Badipali
5140 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bagbadi
5141 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bahiapadar
5142 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bandhapali
5143 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bandumunda
5144 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Banjipali
5145 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Baraguda
5146 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Barangapali
5147 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Barlabahal
5148 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Barpali
5149 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bhatigaon
5150 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bijenagar
5151 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Bisipali
5152 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Brahmakela
5153 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Burkel
5154 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Charmunda
5155 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Chikinipali
5156 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dalaipali
5157 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dalpatpali
5158 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dhangerpali
5159 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dhaurakhanda
5160 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dhirpur
5161 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Dhubapali
5162 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Gargardala
5163 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Gobindpur
5164 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Gopaipali
5165 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Grindola
5166 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Haladipali
5167 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Jhulopali
5168 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Jhulpiapali
5169 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Julat
5170 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Junabrahmani
5171 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kadalimunda
5172 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kadalipali
5173 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kainsir
5174 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kanabar
5175 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Katapali
5176 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kebar
5177 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kendpali
5178 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Khairpali
5179 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Khemesara
5180 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kumbhari
5181 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Kusanpuri
5182 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Latakera
5183 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Lenda
5184 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Mahada
5185 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Mahulpali
5186 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Munupali
5187 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Padhanapali
5188 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Pataipali
5189 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Patakulunda
5190 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Patrapali
5191 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Phulapali
5192 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Pudapali
5193 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Putrupali
5194 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Rabanguda
5195 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Raksa
5196 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Remata
5197 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Retamunda
5198 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Saradhapali
5199 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Sarandapali
5200 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Satlama
5201 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Sikirdi
5202 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Sujia
5203 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tejang
5204 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tentelpali
5205 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tilaimal
5206 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tingipali
5207 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tinikani
5208 Bargarh Bargarh Barpalli Tulandi
5209 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Amalipali
5210 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Amalipali
5211 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Badapali
5212 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Badmal
5213 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Banjipali
5214 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Baratunda
5215 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Baulasingha
5216 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Beherapali
5217 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bhadigan
5218 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bhajapuri
5219 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bhatli
5220 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bhinjetora
5221 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bichhua
5222 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Bisalapali
5223 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Chadeigan
5224 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Chorgrinbola
5225 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Dablang
5226 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Deultunda
5227 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Dumalpali
5228 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Gaurgan
5229 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Gaurpali
5230 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Gopalpur
5231 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Haladipali
5232 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Halanda
5233 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Harasankri
5234 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Hatisar
5235 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Hulupali
5236 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jada
5237 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jadamunda
5238 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jampali
5239 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jaypur
5240 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jhankerpali
5241 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jharmunda
5242 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Jhikjhiki
5243 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kahenmunda
5244 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kamgaon
5245 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kanakbira
5246 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kandaipali
5247 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Karalakhai
5248 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Karlajori
5249 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kasipali
5250 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kelendapali
5251 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kenduguria
5252 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kesaipali
5253 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Khairat
5254 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Khajuria
5255 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Khaliapali
5256 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kharamora
5257 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kharsal
5258 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kuisira
5259 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kultapali
5260 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Kushanpuri
5261 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Latipali
5262 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Mahada
5263 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Mahulpali
5264 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Mendhapali
5265 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Mulbar
5266 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Murumkel
5267 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Nalichuan
5268 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Narangpur
5269 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Nilji
5270 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Nuagarh
5271 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Pandkipali
5272 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Pandritarai
5273 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Raisobha
5274 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Routpada
5275 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Runipali
5276 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Rusipali
5277 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Samardarha
5278 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Saradhapali
5279 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Sirabahal
5280 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Sirapali
5281 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Sukuda
5282 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Sukuradanbirti
5283 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Sulusulia
5284 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Tala
5285 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Talpali
5286 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Tarakana
5287 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Tejagula
5288 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Temren
5289 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Tukural
5290 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Udhaipali
5291 Bargarh Bargarh Bhatli Urdduna
5292 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Achandapali
5293 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Ainlapali
5294 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Amlipali
5295 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Apamara
5296 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Araiguri
5297 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Arjunda
5298 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Baepur
5299 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bakti
5300 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Balikulunda
5301 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Banipali
5302 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Banjipali
5303 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bargaon
5304 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Barpadar
5305 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Basekela
5306 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bhalupali
5307 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bhangkud
5308 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bheden
5309 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bhoipali
5310 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bhutapali
5311 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Bhutlod
5312 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Brahmanturum
5313 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Budelbahal
5314 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Burda
5315 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Chhalukulunda
5316 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Chichinda
5317 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Dalaba
5318 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Dekulba
5319 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Desakumbhari
5320 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Desbhatli
5321 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Despatharla
5322 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Dhatukpali
5323 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Dhubenpali
5324 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Dunguripali
5325 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Galima
5326 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Gandaturum
5327 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Ganthiapali
5328 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Garbhana
5329 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Ghichapali
5330 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Guduramunda
5331 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Gurupali
5332 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Hatgaon
5333 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Hiromunda
5334 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Ichhapadar
5335 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Ichhapur
5336 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Jampali
5337 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Jampali
5338 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Jandol
5339 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Jharapali
5340 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Jogipali
5341 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kadalipali
5342 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden kamgaon
5343 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Katapali
5344 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kesaripali
5345 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Khagsipali
5346 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Khaupali
5347 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kubedega
5348 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kudopali
5349 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kusanpuri
5350 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Kutpali
5351 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Limchhoda
5352 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Lohakhandi
5353 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Loisira
5354 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Lupursingha
5355 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Mahulapali
5356 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Mahule
5357 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Mahulpali
5358 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Manpur
5359 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Mehena
5360 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Nidhanpali
5361 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Padhanpali
5362 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pandakipali
5363 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pankaeldadar
5364 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Papanga
5365 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pipilipali
5366 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pipilipali
5367 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pottalgaon
5368 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Pudapali
5369 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Remanda
5370 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Resam
5371 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Rijhaipali
5372 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Risamunda
5373 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Rupapali
5374 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Rusuda
5375 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Salana
5376 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Salhepali
5377 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Sankrida
5378 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Saraspali
5379 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Saraspali
5380 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Sialkhandahata
5381 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Singhanpali
5382 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Sunalarambha
5383 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Talmenda
5384 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Tangarapali
5385 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Thuapali
5386 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Tihikipali
5387 Bargarh Bargarh Bheden Udepur
5388 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Ailpur
5389 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Aimal
5390 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Arda
5391 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Badabaunsen
5392 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Badabrahmani
5393 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Badipali
5394 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Badipali
5395 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bairakhpali
5396 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Balanda
5397 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bandupali
5398 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Banjidunguri
5399 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Baraguda
5400 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Baramunda
5401 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Barangbahal
5402 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Barkani
5403 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Baunspola
5404 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Beniachal
5405 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhainropur
5406 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhalubahal
5407 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhalupali
5408 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhatibahal
5409 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhatigan
5410 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhetiapadar
5411 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bhoepali
5412 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bijepur
5413 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Bileipali
5414 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Brahmanipali
5415 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Budadaraha
5416 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Budapali
5417 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Buromal
5418 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Charpali
5419 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Charpali
5420 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Cherengamunda
5421 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Daralipali
5422 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Deheripali
5423 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Dhumapali
5424 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Ganthiapali
5425 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Gudimunda
5426 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jalpali
5427 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jampali
5428 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jaring
5429 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jhalpali
5430 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jhankarsirigida
5431 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jhirlipali
5432 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Jokhipali
5433 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kalangapali
5434 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kalangapali
5435 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kandhdihi
5436 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kandhra
5437 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kanpuri
5438 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Karanapa
5439 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Karle
5440 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Katapali
5441 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Katapali
5442 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kesaepali
5443 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Keutipali
5444 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur K.Gandapali
5445 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Khaliapali
5446 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Khanda
5447 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Khaparalnuapali
5448 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kharmunda
5449 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Khuntapali
5450 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kurkuta
5451 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Kurlamunda
5452 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Laumunda
5453 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Lemdhar
5454 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Litipali
5455 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Luhurapali
5456 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Mahaberna
5457 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Mahulpali
5458 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Majhipali
5459 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Majhipali
5460 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Manikchaura
5461 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Manoharapali
5462 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Manpur
5463 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Masnabahal
5464 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur M.Gandapali
5465 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Mundomahul
5466 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Nuapali
5467 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Nuapali
5468 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Pahandi
5469 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Para
5470 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Patharla
5471 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur P.Gandpali
5472 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Phulerpali
5473 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Pipilipali
5474 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Pradhanmal
5475 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Purna
5476 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Putka
5477 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Putkigrinjal
5478 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Rangamatia
5479 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Rangmatia
5480 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Ranimal
5481 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Rengalipali
5482 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Rengalpatra
5483 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Sadhupali
5484 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Saipali
5485 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Salhedamki
5486 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Samalaipadar
5487 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Sanbaunsen
5488 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Sandhibahal
5489 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Saragipali
5490 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Satabandha
5491 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Shrigida
5492 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Surubali
5493 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Talpadar
5494 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Tangrupadar
5495 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Tengra
5496 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur T.Gandapali
5497 Bargarh Padmapur Bijepur Tilaimal
5498 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Ainlabahal
5499 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Ainlabhata
5500 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Amalipali
5501 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Babebahal
5502 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Badsahajbahal
5503 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Baidapal
5504 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Banchhanagar
5505 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Barhamunda
5506 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Barihapali
5507 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Barihapukhapani
5508 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Beherabahali
5509 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Beheramunda
5510 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Bhangamunda
5511 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Bheluanpadar
5512 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Bhoipali
5513 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Bhundubahal
5514 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Bhutibahal
5515 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Brahmanal
5516 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Burochhapar
5517 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Buromunda
5518 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet changhria
5519 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Chantipali
5520 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Chhindrapali
5521 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Chikhili
5522 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Dangabahal
5523 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Dangarmunda
5524 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Dhaurakhaman
5525 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Dunguripali
5526 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Dunguripali
5527 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Gandpali
5528 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Ganiapali
5529 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Gasilet
5530 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Ghargharimal
5531 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Gidhamal
5532 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Girndolemal
5533 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Gourenmunda
5534 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Guderpali
5535 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Halanknasi
5536 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jadaganjia
5537 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jadamunda
5538 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jammal
5539 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jamutbahal
5540 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jamutpali
5541 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jamutpali
5542 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jankera
5543 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jgalpat
5544 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jhankarmunda
5545 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jhankarpali
5546 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jhimbahal
5547 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jogibandli
5548 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jogimatha
5549 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Jubakhola
5550 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kalangapali
5551 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kamalapadar
5552 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kamalpadar
5553 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kandagar
5554 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kandhumunda
5555 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kansdol
5556 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kantajhura
5557 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Karimunda
5558 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Katabahala
5559 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kathaumal
5560 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kendubhata
5561 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kendumal
5562 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kermeli
5563 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Khalabahal
5564 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Khuntpali
5565 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kudla
5566 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kujamunda
5567 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kuliari
5568 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kundakhai
5569 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Kurlubahal
5570 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Lebdi
5571 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Magha
5572 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Maharpali
5573 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Maidhanumunda
5574 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Malamunda
5575 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Maraghati
5576 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Mundapali
5577 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Natabarpur
5578 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Nathapali
5579 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Nuapali
5580 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Nuapali
5581 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Patrapali
5582 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Phiringimal
5583 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Purmamandapura
5584 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Raisalpadar
5585 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Rengalpali
5586 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Salhepali
5587 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Sandhibahal
5588 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Sankaripani
5589 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Sansahajbahal
5590 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Saradhapali
5591 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Sargipali
5592 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Semelgudia
5593 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Semelmunda
5594 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Soutakhanda
5595 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Talpali
5596 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Telipukhapani
5597 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Temri
5598 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Tengnapali
5599 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Turcha
5600 Bargarh Padmapur Gaisilet Umrad
5601 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Amathi
5602 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Anadibahal
5603 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Angul
5604 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Arhapani
5605 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Badaanaki
5606 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Baitali
5607 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Balangir
5608 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bandamunda
5609 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Barkangari
5610 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Beheradabari
5611 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bhainsadarha
5612 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bhandarjori
5613 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bhandarpuri
5614 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bijadhol
5615 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Bilaspur
5616 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Birabikramadityapur
5617 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chandibhata
5618 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chandramanipur
5619 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chhotakanjari
5620 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chhotanki
5621 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chikhilipathar
5622 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Chiroli
5623 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dabpali
5624 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dava
5625 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dewanpali
5626 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dhanesar
5627 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dhaurabhata
5628 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dungurichadha
5629 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Dunguripali
5630 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Durkidadar
5631 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Gaudamala
5632 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Gedinala
5633 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Ghuchapali
5634 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Gothgura
5635 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Iskinda
5636 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jagadalapur
5637 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jamapali
5638 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jampali
5639 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jatesira
5640 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jharbandha
5641 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Jodhapur
5642 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kandadangar
5643 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kapati
5644 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kasipani
5645 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Khirapali
5646 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kotana
5647 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kraphodganj
5648 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kukuripali
5649 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kumir
5650 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kurlupali
5651 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kuruma
5652 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Kusumdarha
5653 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Laudidaraha
5654 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Lergan
5655 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Loharsinga
5656 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Mahagan
5657 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Mahulpali
5658 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Manipur
5659 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Nalipani
5660 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Nilijipatra
5661 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Nityaanandapur
5662 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Nuapara
5663 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Pagarpani
5664 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Palsada
5665 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Putaka
5666 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Putakidunguri
5667 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Rajendrapur
5668 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Saldihi
5669 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Sankari
5670 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Saramsil
5671 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Sargul
5672 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Shakhadunguri
5673 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Shakti
5674 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Shundadar
5675 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Sikaripali
5676 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Sukumaripur
5677 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Suryamanipur
5678 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Tampar
5679 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Tilaidadar
5680 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Torla
5681 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Tuhungidadar
5682 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Tumripani
5683 Bargarh Padmapur Jharbandh Uredadar
5684 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Amarakhol
5685 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ambabahal
5686 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ambadahan
5687 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ambamunda
5688 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ambamunda
5689 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Antarla
5690 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Arjunnagar
5691 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Badikata
5692 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Badimal
5693 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bagaijori
5694 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bahalurkuma
5695 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Baidapali
5696 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Baitalbhata
5697 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bajenmunda
5698 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bamrit
5699 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bandupali
5700 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Banjhapali
5701 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Banjujhola
5702 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bankikhaman
5703 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Banupali
5704 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Baradapali
5705 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Barbhata
5706 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Barihapali
5707 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Barikel
5708 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur BATI PATHAR
5709 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Beheratal
5710 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Belmunda
5711 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur BENTAKARPUR
5712 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bhaludunguri
5713 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bheluakhola
5714 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bheluapadar
5715 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bheunria
5716 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bhitarkhol
5717 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bijamala
5718 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Birhipali
5719 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bisipali
5720 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Brahmandihi
5721 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bubra
5722 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Budamal
5723 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Buden
5724 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Budhapali
5725 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Budhimal
5726 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bukajhula
5727 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Bukuramunda
5728 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur CHAGARIA
5729 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Chakakhalia
5730 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Chakamakjori
5731 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Chandipali
5732 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Chandrapur
5733 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur CHARADAPALI
5734 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Charpali
5735 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Charpali
5736 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Chitakhol
5737 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dahigan
5738 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dahita
5739 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur DANGACHANKA
5740 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dangaghata
5741 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Darbekela
5742 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Darligura
5743 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Darlipali
5744 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Deuli
5745 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dhaulibahal
5746 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dhauramunda
5747 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dholbandh
5748 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dhumaberna
5749 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dhumabhata
5750 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Duandihi
5751 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dublabahal
5752 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Dungripali
5753 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Fatamunda
5754 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gailgura
5755 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gajendrapur
5756 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gamhardihi
5757 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gandapali
5758 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Garbhanakhol
5759 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Garbhati
5760 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ghanamal
5761 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ghesra
5762 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ghuchapali
5763 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gobindapur
5764 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Goudpali
5765 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur GUNDICHADIHI
5766 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Guthurla
5767 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Gyan
5768 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Halkadadar
5769 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ichhapali
5770 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jamartala
5771 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jamkhar
5772 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jamla
5773 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Janjaura
5774 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jayapur
5775 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jhankarpali
5776 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Jhunangapali
5777 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Judhistirapur
5778 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kabibarpur
5779 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kadalimunda
5780 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kansar
5781 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kansingha
5782 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kantheshwarpur
5783 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kendubhata
5784 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kendumunda
5785 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Keutenbahal
5786 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khairpali
5787 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khaliamunda
5788 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khaliapali
5789 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khatua
5790 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khemedakhara
5791 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khujiani
5792 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khuntabandh
5793 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Khuntapali
5794 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kudasingha
5795 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kudhrenpali
5796 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kudopali
5797 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kukurimunda
5798 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kulanti
5799 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kumunibahali
5800 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Kurlubahal
5801 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur LAHANDIPUR
5802 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Lahangir
5803 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur LAHURAKOT
5804 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Lakhamara
5805 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur lambarjuna
5806 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ledarapali
5807 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Lohakhan
5808 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Loharpali
5809 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Mahanpali
5810 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Mahulapali
5811 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Mahulapali
5812 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Mahulpali
5813 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Matiamahul
5814 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Melchhamunda
5815 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Mundomahul
5816 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Murhapali
5817 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Nagenmala
5818 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Narendrapur
5819 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Nuapali
5820 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Nuapali
5821 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Nuapali
5822 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Padmapur
5823 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Palasapali
5824 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Palsani
5825 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Panchbhaya
5826 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Pandripani
5827 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Pandripani
5828 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Pathri
5829 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Patrapali
5830 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Phirupali
5831 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Phulmatipur
5832 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Pujharipali
5833 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Purelkhar
5834 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Purena
5835 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Ramedega
5836 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Raybahadurpur
5837 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sahajapani
5838 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Salegudi
5839 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Salhebahali
5840 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Samarpali
5841 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sambalpuri
5842 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sampia
5843 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sapalahar
5844 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur SARAGIBAHAL
5845 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur SARAGI JORI
5846 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Saraikela
5847 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sarangpur
5848 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sarasmal
5849 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sargipali
5850 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Satibhata
5851 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Siletpali
5852 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Singhanpur
5853 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Singhimunda
5854 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sukulipahara
5855 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Sulia
5856 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Tala
5857 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Telamahul
5858 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Tendapadar
5859 Bargarh Padmapur Padmapur Tentelkhunti
5860 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Badasampur
5861 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Badibahal
5862 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bahabalamatha
5863 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Banamala
5864 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Barapali
5865 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Baratunda
5866 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Barparlia
5867 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bhagatpur
5868 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bhengarajpur
5869 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bheruamunda
5870 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bhubaneswarpur
5871 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bhuinkhara
5872 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bhutamunda
5873 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bijadihi
5874 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bramhandihi
5875 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Bramhantal
5876 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Butarakhamara
5877 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Cherengajhanja
5878 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Chhatagan
5879 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Chheliamal
5880 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Chhindakilla
5881 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Chuapali
5882 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dandapata
5883 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dengalikendu
5884 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dhandupali
5885 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dharola
5886 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dhinkimunda
5887 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dudakijharia
5888 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dumberhala
5889 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Dungaripali
5890 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Durgapali
5891 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Frezagerpur
5892 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Gadagan
5893 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Gaibahal
5894 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Ganjadabara
5895 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Gondpali
5896 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Guchhapali
5897 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Gurunda
5898 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Haridatala
5899 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Hirapur
5900 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jalgarh
5901 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jamset
5902 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jarjaguda
5903 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jharabandha
5904 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jharamunda
5905 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jhengenadihi
5906 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jhitiki
5907 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Jogindranathpur
5908 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kadoguchha
5909 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kandabibhanji
5910 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kansada
5911 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kapilaspur
5912 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Karlamala
5913 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Katangapali
5914 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kechhodadara
5915 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kenabuda
5916 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Khaira
5917 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Khaliamunda
5918 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Khandijharan
5919 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kharamala
5920 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Khudaripasa
5921 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Khurasapali
5922 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Koknara
5923 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kuapali
5924 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Kutarmala
5925 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Laudimala
5926 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Leregan
5927 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Maharanimeripur
5928 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Majhipalli
5929 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Makhanmunda
5930 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Malapada
5931 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Malda
5932 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal MANABHANGA
5933 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Mandiadhpa
5934 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Mandosila
5935 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Manmathapali
5936 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Maryadapali
5937 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Menekamunda
5938 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Mithapali
5939 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Motipali
5940 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Mundhele
5941 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Muneikela
5942 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Nagadihi
5943 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal NILATHARA
5944 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Nuagan
5945 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Paikamala
5946 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Palsada
5947 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Parasakhanda
5948 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Patharala
5949 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Patrapali
5950 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal PATRAPALI
5951 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Pipalpalli
5952 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Pipilakhunta
5953 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Purena
5954 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Ranjitpur
5955 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Rasamunda
5956 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Sadanandapur
5957 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Salepali
5958 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Sodha
5959 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Sukhatal
5960 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Temeri
5961 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Teramelabahal
5962 Bargarh Padmapur Paikmal Timirimala
5963 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Ainlapali
5964 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Arjunda
5965 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Badaman
5966 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Badipali
5967 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bahalbahal
5968 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Baideshapali
5969 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Baipali
5970 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Balipata
5971 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Banabira
5972 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bandaipali
5973 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bandanabahal
5974 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bandhapali
5975 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bandla
5976 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Banjari
5977 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Barapadar
5978 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Barihapali
5979 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Barpadar
5980 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Barupali
5981 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bataterma
5982 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bausenmura
5983 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Beherapali
5984 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Beherapali
5985 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bhatabida
5986 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bijapali
5987 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bindhanpali
5988 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Biripali
5989 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Birjam
5990 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Birjupali
5991 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Bisipali
5992 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Brahamanidihi
5993 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Brahmanipathar
5994 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Budamal
5995 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chakabahal
5996 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chheptibahal
5997 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chhuriapali
5998 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chichinda
5999 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chitakhai
6000 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Chuhanapali
6001 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Damkipali
6002 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dampali
6003 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dangarkermeli
6004 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dhanupadar
6005 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dhaurakhanda
6006 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dhusarbahal
6007 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Duanpali
6008 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dumberapali
6009 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dumerpali
6010 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dumerpali
6011 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Dumerpali
6012 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Garvana
6013 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Ghens
6014 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Ghumnipali
6015 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Ghununipali
6016 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Gondpali
6017 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Govindpur
6018 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Grinjal
6019 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Haldipali
6020 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Hirapali
6021 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Ichhapali
6022 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jamchhapar
6023 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jampali
6024 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jampali
6025 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jatala
6026 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jhagadjhal
6027 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jhankarpali
6028 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jhar
6029 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jharei
6030 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jharmunda
6031 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Jitapali
6032 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kalangapali
6033 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kalangapali
6034 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kanapali
6035 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kangoan
6036 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Karandola
6037 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Karlamal
6038 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kashipali
6039 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Katapali
6040 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kelenda
6041 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kendbahal
6042 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kendmundi
6043 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kermali
6044 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Khairpali
6045 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Khaliapali
6046 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Khapanpali
6047 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kuamunia
6048 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kuchipali
6049 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kudapali
6050 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kudopali
6051 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kusurda
6052 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Kutharpali
6053 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Lambarupali
6054 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Lebadi
6055 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Machhimora
6056 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Malaikhaman
6057 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Mangalpali
6058 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Marikel
6059 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Muchhbahal
6060 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Nagoan
6061 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Negimunda
6062 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Nuanpali
6063 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Padhanpali
6064 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Pandakipali
6065 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Pandkipali
6066 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Panimora
6067 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Pastamunda
6068 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Petupali
6069 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Pipalkhunta
6070 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Pipilipali
6071 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Rengali
6072 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sadhupali
6073 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sahajbahal
6074 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Salepali
6075 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Salhepali
6076 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Samakata
6077 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sanimal
6078 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sardhapali
6079 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sargunapali
6080 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sarkanda
6081 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Shukalterma
6082 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sidhara
6083 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Sohela
6084 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella srigida
6085 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tabada
6086 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tambimunda
6087 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tandol
6088 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tengarapadar
6089 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tilaimal
6090 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Tungibandhali
6091 Bargarh Padmapur Sohella Turimunda
6092 Baudh Boudh Boudh Adasingha
6093 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ainlajhuli
6094 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ainlapali
6095 Baudh Boudh Boudh Alania
6096 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ambajhari
6097 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ambakana
6098 Baudh Boudh Boudh Amruda
6099 Baudh Boudh Boudh Amthapara
6100 Baudh Boudh Boudh ANADAPUR
6101 Baudh Boudh Boudh Anamunda
6102 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ankur
6103 Baudh Boudh Boudh Babda
6104 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badajharkata
6105 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badakhaligan
6106 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badapal
6107 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baddungripali
6108 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badebanga
6109 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badhigan
6110 Baudh Boudh Boudh Badikata
6111 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baelbeda
6112 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bagadia
6113 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bagadia jungle
6114 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baghiapara
6115 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bahajur
6116 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bahira
6117 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bahlpada
6118 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baidyanathapur
6119 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bakapalli
6120 Baudh Boudh Boudh Balakira
6121 Baudh Boudh Boudh Balandapada
6122 Baudh Boudh Boudh Balasinga
6123 Baudh Boudh Boudh Balidoholi
6124 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baligora
6125 Baudh Boudh Boudh Banapali
6126 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bandhapara
6127 Baudh Boudh Boudh Banki
6128 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baradohili
6129 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barahapathar
6130 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baramal
6131 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barbakula
6132 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bardunguripalijungle
6133 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bargochhapara
6134 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barkholi
6135 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barkoda
6136 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barkuthuli
6137 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barpadar
6138 Baudh Boudh Boudh Barpuduga
6139 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bastampur
6140 Baudh Boudh Boudh Batepanga
6141 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baunsuni
6142 Baudh Boudh Boudh Baurijharkata
6143 Baudh Boudh Boudh Benamunda
6144 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bendheripali
6145 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bererabari
6146 Baudh Boudh Boudh Beriapalli
6147 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhadimunda
6148 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhainamunda
6149 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhaliapadar
6150 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhaliapadar
6151 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bharua
6152 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhudipadar
6153 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhuktapada
6154 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhuktapara
6155 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhutamundi
6156 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bhutmundi
6157 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bijamari
6158 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bijapadar
6159 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bijapadar
6160 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bijapadar
6161 Baudh Boudh Boudh Birigada
6162 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bisiruda
6163 Baudh Boudh Boudh Boudhgarh
6164 Baudh Boudh Boudh Boudhgharnajul
6165 Baudh Boudh Boudh Brahmachari
6166 Baudh Boudh Boudh Brahmanpali
6167 Baudh Boudh Boudh Bramhani
6168 Baudh Boudh Boudh Brindabanbiharipur
6169 Baudh Boudh Boudh Budhikana
6170 Baudh Boudh Boudh Buhibalanda
6171 Baudh Boudh Boudh Burakata
6172 Baudh Boudh Boudh Burgora
6173 Baudh Boudh Boudh Burubura
6174 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chaher
6175 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chandigara
6176 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chandital
6177 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chandrapur
6178 Baudh Boudh Boudh Charada
6179 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chariapali
6180 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chhalanda
6181 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chhataniakata
6182 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chhelibahal
6183 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chuhurakan
6184 Baudh Boudh Boudh Chuhuranali
6185 Baudh Boudh Boudh Churunia Padar
6186 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dahya
6187 Baudh Boudh Boudh Damada
6188 Baudh Boudh Boudh Damada
6189 Baudh Boudh Boudh Damagura
6190 Baudh Boudh Boudh Damapada
6191 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dambarugarh
6192 Baudh Boudh Boudh Damodarpur
6193 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dangakhola
6194 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dangpara
6195 Baudh Boudh Boudh Danken
6196 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dantapali
6197 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dardiringa
6198 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dariguba
6199 Baudh Boudh Boudh Debandha
6200 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhadalpara
6201 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhambalas
6202 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhaurapali
6203 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhimirimunda
6204 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dholpara
6205 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhugurubahal
6206 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhumalagauda
6207 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dhumalkandha
6208 Baudh Boudh Boudh Didingapadar
6209 Baudh Boudh Boudh Digi
6210 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dihikupa
6211 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dimirikhol
6212 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dimiripali
6213 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dimirkhol
6214 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dumuribeda
6215 Baudh Boudh Boudh Dumurijhuli
6216 Baudh Boudh Boudh Durgaprasad
6217 Baudh Boudh Boudh Erara
6218 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ereda
6219 Baudh Boudh Boudh Furuda
6220 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gajarajpur
6221 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gambharipadar
6222 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gandpadar
6223 Baudh Boudh Boudh Garsamgura
6224 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gaundisara
6225 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ghantapalli
6226 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ghorakhoi
6227 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ghughurumunda
6228 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ghughurumunda
6229 Baudh Boudh Boudh Girasinga
6230 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gobindapur
6231 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gochapara
6232 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gochapara
6233 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gochhapara
6234 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gohirakhandi
6235 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gopigan
6236 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gopinathpur
6237 Baudh Boudh Boudh Goutampali
6238 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gudiali
6239 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gudpada
6240 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gundulia
6241 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gunduliajora
6242 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gurabahali
6243 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gurabhanga
6244 Baudh Boudh Boudh Gurabhangajungle
6245 Baudh Boudh Boudh Guriali
6246 Baudh Boudh Boudh Haridapalli
6247 Baudh Boudh Boudh Haripur
6248 Baudh Boudh Boudh Hilung
6249 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ichhapur
6250 Baudh Boudh Boudh Isirisinga
6251 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jadapali
6252 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jagadala
6253 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jagannathapalli
6254 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jagannathpur
6255 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jagati
6256 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jaloi
6257 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jamaghati
6258 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jama Tangi
6259 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jamghatikhandajami
6260 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jampali
6261 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jamukhola
6262 Baudh Boudh Boudh jamupali
6263 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jamupali
6264 Baudh Boudh Boudh Janakipur
6265 Baudh Boudh Boudh JANHAPANKA
6266 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jarapal
6267 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jatipali
6268 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jhankarpara
6269 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jhankarpara
6270 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jharamunda
6271 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jharmunda
6272 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jhimali
6273 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jhugurugaria
6274 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jileju
6275 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jogbereni
6276 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jogibhagora
6277 Baudh Boudh Boudh Joresingha
6278 Baudh Boudh Boudh Juramunda
6279 Baudh Boudh Boudh Jurugura
6280 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kadamdanga
6281 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kadapadar
6282 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kailashpur
6283 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kakatparaga
6284 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kakudichira
6285 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kalapathar
6286 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kamalpur
6287 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kamapadar
6288 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kamarkora
6289 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kamira
6290 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kampara
6291 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kanagun
6292 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kanaguna
6293 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kanakpur
6294 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kanapara
6295 Baudh Boudh Boudh kandhuriapara
6296 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kanekpur
6297 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kangala
6298 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kantha
6299 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kantuani
6300 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karadapada
6301 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karadapadar
6302 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karadipali
6303 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karamangagada
6304 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karamunda
6305 Baudh Boudh Boudh kararapara
6306 Baudh Boudh Boudh Karmapadar
6307 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kasalpur
6308 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kasalpur
6309 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kasuregandha
6310 Baudh Boudh Boudh Katamsinga
6311 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kaudiatola
6312 Baudh Boudh Boudh Keutipali
6313 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khairamal
6314 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khairamal
6315 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khajapadar
6316 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khajurichuan
6317 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khajuripada
6318 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khaliapali
6319 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khaliapali O purmunda
6320 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khamar
6321 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khamaripada
6322 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khambeswarijhuli
6323 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khandikanapa
6324 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khandipada
6325 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khuntabandha
6326 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khuntamardana
6327 Baudh Boudh Boudh Khuntiapada
6328 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kirashara
6329 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kirasira
6330 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kirasirajungle
6331 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kirimakhol
6332 Baudh Boudh Boudh Krushnapali
6333 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kuaghara
6334 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kuakumunda
6335 Baudh Boudh Boudh kuirbhuin
6336 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kulatakhali
6337 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kumarkani
6338 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kumarkanijungle
6339 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kumbharua
6340 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kumurusinga
6341 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kunarpara
6342 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kureipada
6343 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kurukuja
6344 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kurumadapadar
6345 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kurumpadar
6346 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kurumunda
6347 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kurumunda
6348 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kusumjhuli
6349 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kuthulimunda
6350 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kuthulipada
6351 Baudh Boudh Boudh Kutukora
6352 Baudh Boudh Boudh Lahorpada
6353 Baudh Boudh Boudh Laksmhipadar
6354 Baudh Boudh Boudh Lambarujena
6355 Baudh Boudh Boudh Laxmiprasad
6356 Baudh Boudh Boudh Laxmipur
6357 Baudh Boudh Boudh Lochana
6358 Baudh Boudh Boudh Loharkanta
6359 Baudh Boudh Boudh Lundaberani
6360 Baudh Boudh Boudh Madhupur
6361 Baudh Boudh Boudh Madrisuka.
6362 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mahanadi
6363 Baudh Boudh Boudh Maheswar Pinda
6364 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mahule
6365 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mahulejungle
6366 Baudh Boudh Boudh Majhiaghar
6367 Baudh Boudh Boudh Majhisahi
6368 Baudh Boudh Boudh Malikapara
6369 Baudh Boudh Boudh Malikmunda
6370 Baudh Boudh Boudh Malikpada
6371 Baudh Boudh Boudh MaliparaKhandajami
6372 Baudh Boudh Boudh Malisahi
6373 Baudh Boudh Boudh Malitigochhapada
6374 Baudh Boudh Boudh Manakaman
6375 Baudh Boudh Boudh Manesar
6376 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mangalamunda
6377 Baudh Boudh Boudh Manupalli
6378 Baudh Boudh Boudh Marjakud
6379 Baudh Boudh Boudh Maryadapur
6380 Baudh Boudh Boudh Masinapada
6381 Baudh Boudh Boudh Matagura
6382 Baudh Boudh Boudh Maulimunda
6383 Baudh Boudh Boudh Menakasahi
6384 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mendhimala
6385 Baudh Boudh Boudh Meniapaju
6386 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mukundpur
6387 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mundapada
6388 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mundipadar
6389 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mundipadar
6390 Baudh Boudh Boudh Mundipadarjungle
6391 Baudh Boudh Boudh Murushundhi
6392 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nagapali
6393 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nalikuma
6394 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nendana
6395 Baudh Boudh Boudh Netijore
6396 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nuapada
6397 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nuapali
6398 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nuapalli
6399 Baudh Boudh Boudh Nuapara
6400 Baudh Boudh Boudh Olanda
6401 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pabulipara
6402 Baudh Boudh Boudh Padama
6403 Baudh Boudh Boudh Padmanpur
6404 Baudh Boudh Boudh Padmapur
6405 Baudh Boudh Boudh Padmapur Thukla
6406 Baudh Boudh Boudh Paikabahal
6407 Baudh Boudh Boudh Palas
6408 Baudh Boudh Boudh Palasadadr
6409 Baudh Boudh Boudh Palasigori
6410 Baudh Boudh Boudh Paljhar
6411 Baudh Boudh Boudh Palsapat
6412 Baudh Boudh Boudh Panchupali
6413 Baudh Boudh Boudh Panjana
6414 Baudh Boudh Boudh Patalipara
6415 Baudh Boudh Boudh Patalipara
6416 Baudh Boudh Boudh Patuapalli
6417 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pauka
6418 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pingalabeda
6419 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pinjabali
6420 Baudh Boudh Boudh Podabalasa
6421 Baudh Boudh Boudh Podagora
6422 Baudh Boudh Boudh Podakhol
6423 Baudh Boudh Boudh Podhiakuta
6424 Baudh Boudh Boudh Polama
6425 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pudugapatharjungle
6426 Baudh Boudh Boudh Pudugpathar
6427 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ragha
6428 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rakadabaju
6429 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rambhikata
6430 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rameswar
6431 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rampur
6432 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rangamatia
6433 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rangmatia
6434 Baudh Boudh Boudh Ratanpur
6435 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rautabahal
6436 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rengali
6437 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rengali
6438 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rishibandha jungla
6439 Baudh Boudh Boudh Risibandha
6440 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rugudigorajungl
6441 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rugudi Kanapa
6442 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rugurapara
6443 Baudh Boudh Boudh Rugurighura
6444 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sagara
6445 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sahupada
6446 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sahupada
6447 Baudh Boudh Boudh Saldraga
6448 Baudh Boudh Boudh Salepara
6449 Baudh Boudh Boudh Saligan
6450 Baudh Boudh Boudh saloisinga
6451 Baudh Boudh Boudh Samapaju
6452 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sanatumba
6453 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sanbabada
6454 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sanbijapadar
6455 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sandhaipur
6456 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sandhapali
6457 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sandunguripali
6458 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sangochhapara
6459 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sangrampur
6460 Baudh Boudh Boudh Santarabha
6461 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sapadohali
6462 Baudh Boudh Boudh Saragada
6463 Baudh Boudh Boudh Saranda
6464 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sardahpali
6465 Baudh Boudh Boudh sarmundajholi
6466 Baudh Boudh Boudh Saskapadar
6467 Baudh Boudh Boudh Shardhapur
6468 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sialimunda
6469 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sigari
6470 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sikaora
6471 Baudh Boudh Boudh Singhapalli
6472 Baudh Boudh Boudh Singhari
6473 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sitapur
6474 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sobhapapali
6475 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sorisanali
6476 Baudh Boudh Boudh subarnapur
6477 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sunajhari
6478 Baudh Boudh Boudh Sunakhaijhuli
6479 Baudh Boudh Boudh Suryalata
6480 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tabada
6481 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tainjan
6482 Baudh Boudh Boudh Takerigura
6483 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talagari
6484 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talapadar
6485 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talgiri
6486 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talgora
6487 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talpada
6488 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talsarada
6489 Baudh Boudh Boudh Talupali
6490 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tandapada
6491 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tangarpali
6492 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tangiapadar
6493 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tarva
6494 Baudh Boudh Boudh Taterkila
6495 Baudh Boudh Boudh Telibandha
6496 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tendapadar
6497 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tentulipadar
6498 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tetelanga
6499 Baudh Boudh Boudh Thapapali
6500 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tikarapada
6501 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tikarpada
6502 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tilapanga
6503 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tirchipada
6504 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tribenipur
6505 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tulasipur
6506 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tunikhanmar
6507 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tutumsinga
6508 Baudh Boudh Boudh Tututurunsinga
6509 Baudh Boudh Boudh Udabilika
6510 Baudh Boudh Boudh Udamud
6511 Baudh Boudh Boudh Usumilika
6512 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Aadenigarh
6513 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Adapaju
6514 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Arakhapadar
6515 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Atalasara
6516 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ayodhya
6517 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badabagabar
6518 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badabandha
6519 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badagundurisahi
6520 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badakhajuri
6521 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badalasahi
6522 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badanandagaru
6523 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badapankalsahi
6524 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badasubalaya
6525 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badbhurta
6526 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Badkoi
6527 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bagdohali
6528 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Baghapali
6529 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bagharpali
6530 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Baghuakata
6531 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bahali
6532 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bahali
6533 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Baikunthapur
6534 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Baisipada
6535 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balaju
6536 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balanda
6537 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balianta
6538 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balipata
6539 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balipur
6540 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balipur
6541 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balisahi
6542 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Balrampur
6543 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bamanda
6544 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bandhapathar
6545 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Banibhusanpur
6546 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Banjhigadu
6547 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bankarjun
6548 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bankpaju
6549 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bansijor
6550 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Barabani
6551 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Barabankapada
6552 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Baringi
6553 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Barjhuli
6554 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Barmunda
6555 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Basantabahal
6556 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Beherasahi
6557 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Belapadar
6558 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bethiaberini
6559 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhabanipur
6560 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhabapur
6561 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhaliagora
6562 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhandepura
6563 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bharathapur
6564 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhatamunda
6565 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhaunla
6566 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhaunripathar
6567 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhejigora
6568 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhejimal
6569 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bhubaneswar
6570 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Binjhigarh
6571 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Biramchandrapur
6572 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Birapratappur
6573 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Birigura
6574 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Birnarsinghpur
6575 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bishipali
6576 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bishnupur
6577 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Biswanathpur
6578 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Brahmangan
6579 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Brindaban
6580 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bruhaswatipur
6581 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Brundabanpur
6582 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Budhaamba
6583 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Budikana
6584 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bujuni(Bechhapari)
6585 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bukesinga
6586 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Bulura
6587 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Burubuda
6588 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Butupali
6589 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Champamal
6590 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Champapur
6591 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chandananagar
6592 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chandipur
6593 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chandranagar
6594 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chandrasekharpur
6595 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chaunrapur
6596 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chelikhai
6597 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chelilendi
6598 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chhatranga
6599 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chhatrapada
6600 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Chhatrapur
6601 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dakpadar
6602 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dalaksahi
6603 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Damada
6604 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Damodarpur
6605 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dantapali
6606 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Debagada
6607 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Delaganch
6608 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dhalapur
6609 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dhangiamunda
6610 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dharamnagar
6611 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dhipsahi
6612 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dhundu
6613 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dianghat
6614 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Digapadar
6615 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Digsira
6616 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dimirijhole
6617 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dimirijhuli
6618 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Dimirikhol
6619 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Durgapur
6620 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gadimunda
6621 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gandapaju
6622 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gandhigram
6623 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gandisar
6624 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Geredisahi
6625 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghantapali
6626 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghatagaon (Bechhapari)
6627 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghimuhani
6628 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghodadian
6629 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghorada
6630 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghumukodi
6631 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ghungurupara
6632 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gobindpur
6633 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gochhabari
6634 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gochhabari
6635 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gochhasahi
6636 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gop
6637 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gopalpur
6638 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Goradamunda
6639 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gorasahi
6640 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gunduribeda
6641 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gundurisahi
6642 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gundurisahi
6643 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gundurisahi (k)
6644 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Gurupara
6645 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Hadigada
6646 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Harabhanga
6647 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Harekrushnapur
6648 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Haridabeda
6649 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Hariharapur
6650 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Hatagan
6651 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Hinjal
6652 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Indrapur
6653 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jabalpur
6654 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jabar
6655 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jajpur
6656 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jamujhari
6657 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jamupadar
6658 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jatesinga
6659 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jayapur
6660 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jharakata
6661 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jharakhaman
6662 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jhararajing
6663 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jiakata
6664 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Jirada
6665 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kachapaju
6666 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kalakhandi
6667 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kalesar
6668 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kalimati
6669 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kamalapur
6670 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kambhunathapur
6671 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kanapur
6672 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kandara
6673 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kankala
6674 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kantiapadar
6675 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kantipadar
6676 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kantisar
6677 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Karadakotha
6678 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Karadi
6679 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Karadkotha
6680 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Karanjakata
6681 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Karunapali
6682 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Katarada
6683 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kelakata
6684 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khajuria
6685 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khajuripara
6686 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khalgadu
6687 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khaliapali
6688 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khalisahi
6689 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khandabar
6690 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khandahata
6691 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kharabhuin
6692 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kharasankulai
6693 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kharbhuinjungle
6694 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Khuntapada
6695 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kiramaska
6696 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kitangapada
6697 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kochilakhai
6698 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kodasingapaliaphal
6699 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kodasingapandephal
6700 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Koilisuta
6701 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Korapara
6702 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Krushnamohanpur
6703 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Krushnapali
6704 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kuakud
6705 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kuchapaju
6706 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kukuti
6707 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kulimunda
6708 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kumari
6709 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kundurukata
6710 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kursukhola
6711 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kuruda
6712 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kusasinga
6713 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kushang
6714 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga KusumJholi
6715 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kutibari
6716 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kutigada
6717 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kutijhar
6718 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kutiniapara
6719 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kutunijhar
6720 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Kuturumaha
6721 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Laigan
6722 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lambakani
6723 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Landibandha
6724 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Laxmanpur
6725 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lembagochha
6726 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lengerpaju
6727 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lokanathkata
6728 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lokapara
6729 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lundurujhari
6730 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lundurujor
6731 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Lunibahal
6732 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Madhapur
6733 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Madhusudanpur
6734 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mahakurapali
6735 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mahallikpada
6736 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mahibahal
6737 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mahulaburi
6738 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Majhisahi
6739 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Malikpada
6740 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mandale
6741 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mangalpur
6742 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Manikapur
6743 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Manipur
6744 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Marada
6745 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Maradi
6746 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Marding
6747 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mathura
6748 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Maulisinga
6749 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Menda
6750 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Mushada
6751 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Naikpada
6752 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nakuanali
6753 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Naranpur
6754 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nedisahi
6755 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuagan
6756 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuakharsankuloi
6757 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuakodasing
6758 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuapada
6759 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuapara
6760 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Nuapara
6761 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pabulipara
6762 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Padamala
6763 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Paidabhuin
6764 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Paidabhuin jungle
6765 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pakhalkahai
6766 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Palasakutuni
6767 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Palasapata
6768 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Panakhimal
6769 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pandamaska
6770 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Panighara
6771 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pankual
6772 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Paphuljhari
6773 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Paragalpur
6774 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Paramanandapur
6775 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Patadohali
6776 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Patakabali
6777 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Phakirpur
6778 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Phalpaju
6779 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pichkodi
6780 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pipalkata
6781 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Pitambarapur
6782 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Purunakatak
6783 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Radhanagar
6784 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Raghunathpur
6785 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Raipur
6786 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Raithani
6787 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Rajasahi
6788 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Rajing
6789 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ramagarh
6790 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ramanda
6791 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Rambhkata
6792 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Raneesahi
6793 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Raniganja
6794 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ranisahi
6795 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ratanpur
6796 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Ratanpur
6797 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Routpada
6798 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Rsahi
6799 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Rugudipali
6800 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Saberi
6801 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sagajhari
6802 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sahajapali
6803 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sakalaganda
6804 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sakusinga
6805 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Salakata
6806 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sambalpur
6807 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sambarakata
6808 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sampoch
6809 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sanbagbar
6810 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sanbankapada
6811 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sanbhukta
6812 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sandigapadar
6813 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sangundurisahi
6814 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga SanKhajuri
6815 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sankoi
6816 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sankuri
6817 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sansubalaya
6818 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Saradukhol
6819 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sarsara
6820 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Satakhanda
6821 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Semiguda
6822 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Shankharada
6823 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Shankuloi
6824 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sharadhapur
6825 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga shymsunderpur
6826 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sidhhapur
6827 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sijidasahi
6828 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Silichapadar
6829 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Singanibeda
6830 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sitalpani
6831 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Solagadu
6832 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Somanathpur
6833 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sorishapankan
6834 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sripaju
6835 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Srirampur
6836 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sukpali
6837 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sulagan
6838 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sulketi
6839 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Sunakhandi (Bechapari)
6840 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Surtagadu
6841 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Surtaganda
6842 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Surundi
6843 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tabhapadar
6844 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Takur
6845 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Talapadar
6846 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Talbahal
6847 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Talgan
6848 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tangarapali
6849 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tangarkupa
6850 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tarusingh
6851 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tentulipadar
6852 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tentulipadar
6853 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Thelamareni
6854 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Thidikajor
6855 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tileswar
6856 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tilichapadar
6857 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tilukupa
6858 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tiraja
6859 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Titirikata
6860 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Trilochanpur
6861 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tukulunda
6862 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Tukulundajungle
6863 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Uduguj
6864 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Uparkata
6865 Baudh Boudh Harbhanga Yubarajpur
6866 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ader
6867 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ainlachua
6868 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Alikud
6869 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ambagahana
6870 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ambagan
6871 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ambapakhal
6872 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Anuguba
6873 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Arakhpadar
6874 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Asinbir
6875 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Asregan
6876 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badabahla
6877 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badachapapali
6878 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badadeherpali
6879 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badajharmunda
6880 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badakusanga
6881 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badalgora
6882 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badaliapara
6883 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badapala
6884 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badasura
6885 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badrahajora
6886 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badrol
6887 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Badtandamunda
6888 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baghad
6889 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baghamunda
6890 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baghia
6891 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baghiabahal
6892 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Balamtumba
6893 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Balangijor
6894 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Balijhori
6895 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bandhanjhuli
6896 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bandhapali
6897 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bandhugora
6898 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Banjhimunda
6899 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Banjimunda
6900 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baragan
6901 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barahakali
6902 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barahapita
6903 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barapadar
6904 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bardibahal
6905 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bardipadar
6906 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bargan
6907 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bargochha
6908 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barigoba
6909 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barjunani
6910 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barkarlakhunta
6911 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barnasula
6912 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Barpadar
6913 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Basudebpali
6914 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baulapur
6915 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Baulsinga
6916 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Beherapara
6917 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bendaroka
6918 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhadrapali
6919 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhaliapadar
6920 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhaliapadar
6921 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhanjibera
6922 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhatagora
6923 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bhurkipara
6924 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bichanapati
6925 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bichika.
6926 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bikrampur
6927 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bilaspur
6928 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Binayakpur
6929 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Biramunda
6930 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Biramunda
6931 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Birasinpur
6932 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bramhani
6933 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Budhakhola
6934 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Budhimala
6935 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Bukuramunda
6936 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Butumunda
6937 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chamarbahal
6938 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chandaniamunda
6939 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Charbhati
6940 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Charpali
6941 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Charpali
6942 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chatrubhujapur
6943 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chhapapali
6944 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chhapra
6945 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chicheng
6946 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chicher
6947 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Chingudipali
6948 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dahimali
6949 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Damamunda
6950 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dampali
6951 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dangajhola
6952 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dangamunda
6953 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dangapala
6954 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dapala
6955 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dapla
6956 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dedhanmal
6957 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Demuhani
6958 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dengapadar
6959 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Deogan
6960 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Deula Dunguri
6961 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Deuli
6962 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Deuli
6963 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhanakhandi
6964 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhaurkud
6965 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhekalmunda
6966 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhendikuti
6967 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhundiigora
6968 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dhungiapadar
6969 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Digunmal
6970 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dimirijhuli
6971 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dimirimunda
6972 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dinabandhupur
6973 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dolabali
6974 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dumalpakhal
6975 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dumalpalli
6976 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dumurigora
6977 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Dumuripali
6978 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gabajhor
6979 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gadgadia
6980 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gadguba
6981 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gadiajhor
6982 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gaerakana
6983 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gajamara
6984 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gambharigora
6985 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gambharipadar
6986 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gambhirpadar
6987 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gariapali
6988 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Garphephs pepheredi
6989 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gauribenges
6990 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ghantapali
6991 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ghantapara
6992 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ghikundi
6993 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ghorelmunda
6994 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ghulughulapadar
6995 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gidhamal
6996 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gochapada
6997 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gochhagora
6998 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gochhangi
6999 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gopalmal
7000 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gopalpur
7001 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Guabahal
7002 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gudbhelipadar
7003 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gudiali
7004 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Guhipita
7005 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Guhirapali
7006 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gunachitara
7007 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gunjarmal
7008 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gurmenda
7009 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Gurudaspur
7010 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Hatipali
7011 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Hatipali
7012 Baudh Boudh Kantamal HatipaliRangapali
7013 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jagadhatripur
7014 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jalapali
7015 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jalpali
7016 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jamukhol
7017 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jamumal
7018 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jamupali
7019 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Janimunda
7020 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jarmulapadar
7021 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jayadapur
7022 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jhagurupali
7023 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jharmulapada
7024 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jharphepaspemphredi
7025 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jhinkarpali
7026 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jhinkikhal
7027 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jogindrapur
7028 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Jogipadar
7029 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Junani
7030 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kachetmal
7031 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kachharapali
7032 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kadampol
7033 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kahirhana
7034 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kakenjor
7035 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kalarajhuli
7036 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kalarakotha
7037 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kalasulia
7038 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kamghat
7039 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kanavir
7040 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kandhapali
7041 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kanikupa
7042 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kanishimili
7043 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kankutura
7044 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kantamal
7045 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kantiapali
7046 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kapasira
7047 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Karmakhol
7048 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kekmanji
7049 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kendubera
7050 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kendumunda
7051 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Keutipali
7052 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Keutipali
7053 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khairamal
7054 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khairamala
7055 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khairmal
7056 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khajroi
7057 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khaliamunda
7058 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khaliamunda
7059 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khaliapali
7060 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khaliapali
7061 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khaliapali
7062 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khamanmunda
7063 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khamar
7064 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khambeswaripali
7065 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khatakhatia
7066 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khemundigarh
7067 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Khuntigora
7068 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kikirchipali
7069 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kinikupa
7070 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kirla
7071 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Koribahal
7072 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kulihapali
7073 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kulutajor
7074 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kumarkeli
7075 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kumelbandh
7076 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kumpharpadar
7077 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kunasila
7078 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kundamal
7079 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kundipadar
7080 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kurttipali
7081 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kurukupa
7082 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Kurunibhagara
7083 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Labarkahi
7084 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Laera
7085 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lakhaparbata
7086 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lambasari
7087 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Landabahal
7088 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Landapadar
7089 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Landnapara
7090 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Laxmiprasad
7091 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Loisinga
7092 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lokapara
7093 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lunapanga
7094 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lundru
7095 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Lundurubahal
7096 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Machhibandha
7097 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Madarandha
7098 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mahatpur
7099 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mahibila
7100 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mahulbahali
7101 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Majhipara
7102 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Majhipara
7103 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Makariapadar
7104 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Malangi
7105 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Malikpadar
7106 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Malikuda
7107 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mallikapara
7108 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Malpada
7109 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Malpara
7110 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Manikpur
7111 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Manmunda
7112 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Manoharapur
7113 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mardol
7114 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mardolkhandajami
7115 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Masinagora
7116 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Matakupa
7117 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mrutunjayyapur
7118 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Muchelpadar
7119 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mundapara
7120 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mundapara
7121 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Mundra
7122 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nadianabar
7123 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nagara
7124 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nagpur
7125 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Narasinghapur
7126 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Narayanpali
7127 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Narayanprasad
7128 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nendrimal
7129 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nuabali
7130 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nuapali
7131 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nuapali
7132 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nuapali
7133 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Nurpa
7134 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Padarpada
7135 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Padhel
7136 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Padiabahala
7137 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Padmanabhpur
7138 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Padmatoli
7139 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Paichhdadar
7140 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Paikbhal
7141 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pajimuhan
7142 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Palasagora
7143 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Palinkibahal
7144 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Paljhiri
7145 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Panchkhandi
7146 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pandarapita
7147 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pandaripara
7148 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pankualpara
7149 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Paphgnumal
7150 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Para
7151 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Parbatipur
7152 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Paribandha
7153 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Partala
7154 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Patharala
7155 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Patharkhandi
7156 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Patraplli
7157 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Penajor
7158 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Phased
7159 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Phatamunda
7160 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Phatamunda
7161 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Phulabahal
7162 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pindapadar
7163 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pipalpali
7164 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pitabahal
7165 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Podhamunda
7166 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Porapadar
7167 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Pratimal
7168 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Purunapani
7169 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Purunapani
7170 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Purusottampur
7171 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Putaketa
7172 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rabanagora
7173 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rabedi
7174 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rakhyaskuti
7175 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rasbiharipur
7176 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ratakhandi
7177 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ratakhandi Khandajami
7178 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Reghamunda
7179 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rekdol
7180 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rekdol
7181 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rengali
7182 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rengali
7183 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ringapara
7184 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rugudipali
7185 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rugudipalli
7186 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Ruguripali
7187 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rundimahul
7188 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Rundimahula
7189 Baudh Boudh Kantamal RundimahulKhandajami
7190 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sadanandpur
7191 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sahajpita
7192 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Salpali
7193 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Samadanki
7194 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Samakupa
7195 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanasur
7196 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanchhapapali
7197 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanderipalli
7198 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sandhapali
7199 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sangucha
7200 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanjarmunda
7201 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanjhankarpali
7202 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sankarlakhunta
7203 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sankusanga
7204 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanmanmunda
7205 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sanrahajora
7206 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sansulia
7207 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Santandamunda
7208 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Santipali
7209 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Saradhapur
7210 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sargipali
7211 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sargipara
7212 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sariapalli
7213 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sarswatipur
7214 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Satchanguri
7215 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sauribenges
7216 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sauripali
7217 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sekamal
7218 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Selamal
7219 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Selmapali
7220 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Seulmunda
7221 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Shankarpur
7222 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Shunyapadar
7223 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sialijhuli
7224 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sialijhuli
7225 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sigari
7226 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sileimal
7227 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Siletapada
7228 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Siletpara
7229 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Similijor
7230 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Similikata
7231 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Simulipadar
7232 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sindhugora
7233 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sindurpur
7234 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sipalapali
7235 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Soralandanpara
7236 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Srimal
7237 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Srinibaspur
7238 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Subarnapali
7239 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sukhamunda
7240 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sulia
7241 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Sundhipadar
7242 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Surkabhata
7243 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Surkapanga
7244 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tabda
7245 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Talabeda
7246 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Talapara
7247 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Talmalaka
7248 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tambasena
7249 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tangiapali
7250 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Taparnna
7251 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tentulikhunti
7252 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tentulimunda
7253 Baudh Boudh Kantamal thatipalli
7254 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Thelakbera
7255 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Thurubandhali
7256 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tikarpara
7257 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tilakamal
7258 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tilakmal
7259 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tilatinaga
7260 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tileimal
7261 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tokeipali
7262 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Toribahal
7263 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tubura
7264 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tulasikata
7265 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tundumal
7266 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Tunimunda
7267 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Turideul
7268 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Uchhabahal
7269 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Uden
7270 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Udepur
7271 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Uma
7272 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Urer
7273 Baudh Boudh Kantamal Utural
7274 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Aandola
7275 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Adhuan
7276 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ajodhya
7277 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Alabaga
7278 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Amajia
7279 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ananta Pur
7280 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Anatira
7281 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Aparti Pur
7282 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Arandua
7283 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Artung
7284 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Aruha
7285 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ayatpur
7286 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bachhada
7287 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bachhipur
7288 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bada Anandapur
7289 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Badachandrabhanupur
7290 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bada Habalisahi
7291 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bagada Binayakpur
7292 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bahupokhari
7293 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Baikunthapur
7294 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Baincha
7295 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bainsi Patna
7296 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bakharpur
7297 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balapur
7298 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balapur Khasa Mahala
7299 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balaram Pur
7300 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balibindha
7301 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balimed
7302 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Balimunda
7303 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Banapur
7304 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Banian
7305 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Barandua
7306 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Barandua Samil Suan
7307 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Basathi
7308 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Basudev Pur
7309 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Baulapur
7310 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bayalisa Bindha
7311 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Belasaunlia
7312 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhagabanpur
7313 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhagapur
7314 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhairapur
7315 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhanjasahi
7316 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhasahi
7317 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhatapada
7318 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bhuisahi
7319 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bideipur
7320 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bina Danda
7321 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Biras
7322 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Bishnu Bindha
7323 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Brahmangan
7324 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Brajanandapur
7325 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chandan Pur
7326 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chandia
7327 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Charibatia
7328 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Charitikira
7329 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chhatiria
7330 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chhatrapur
7331 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chhenakhia
7332 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chirol
7333 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Chudamani
7334 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Dadhibamana Pur
7335 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Damodar Pur
7336 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Damodar Pur
7337 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Damodarpur No-1
7338 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Damodarpur No-2
7339 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Damodarpur No-3
7340 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Deuli
7341 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Dipaiora
7342 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Dixit Bindha
7343 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Eram
7344 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ertal
7345 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gadala
7346 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gadala Khasa
7347 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Garudapur
7348 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gobinda Bindha
7349 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gobindapur
7350 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gokula Pur
7351 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gopalpur
7352 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Gopal Pur
7353 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Guagadia
7354 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Guagan
7355 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Guhala Dihi
7356 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Harisarana Bindha
7357 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Hatapada
7358 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Iswarpur
7359 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jafarpur
7360 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur JAGANATHI
7361 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jagannath Prasad
7362 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jagannathpur
7363 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jagannath Pur
7364 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jayakrushna Pur
7365 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jayapur
7366 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jemadei Pur
7367 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jigini Pur
7368 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Jireigadi
7369 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Juragadia
7370 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalasia
7371 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalia Boda
7372 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalia Pata
7373 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalidaspur
7374 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalidaspur
7375 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kaligadi
7376 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kaligadi
7377 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kalyanpur
7378 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kamaragadia
7379 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kamargan
7380 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kanjikhia
7381 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kansaripur
7382 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kanthisahi
7383 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kantipur
7384 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kapagadia
7385 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Karanjadia
7386 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kashiabhiram
7387 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kashipur
7388 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kerasahi
7389 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Khanta Khuada
7390 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kharida Binayak Pur
7391 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Khedual Pur
7392 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Khedual Pur
7393 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Khema Pur
7394 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Khusali Pur
7395 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kiapada
7396 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kismat Krushna pur
7397 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kodabatia Bada
7398 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kodabatia Sana
7399 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kuali
7400 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kumar Pur
7401 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kuruda
7402 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Kusunabindha
7403 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Lalita Dei Pur
7404 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Laxmidas Pur
7405 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Laxmi Prasad
7406 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Lunga
7407 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Mabadila
7408 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Machhuaghai Bada
7409 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Machhuaghai Sana
7410 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Madhoi
7411 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Madhusudan Pur
7412 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Makhal Pur
7413 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Mallikadei Pur
7414 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Manmathapur
7415 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Mirjapur
7416 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Misarpur
7417 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Misarpur Patana
7418 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Mohana Pur
7419 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Muladihi
7420 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Nachhibindha
7421 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Naichhana Pur
7422 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Naikanidihi
7423 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Nanda Patana
7424 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Narasinghpur
7425 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Narendrapur
7426 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Nuagan
7427 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Olagada
7428 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Padhuan
7429 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Padmapur
7430 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Pana Pur
7431 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Panchurukhi
7432 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Prabodh Pur
7433 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Purastam Pur No-1
7434 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Purastam Pur No-2
7435 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Purusottampur
7436 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Radhaballavpur
7437 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Radhakanta Pur
7438 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Radhamohan Pur
7439 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Radhanath Pur
7440 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Rahim Pur
7441 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Raipur
7442 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Rajaghara Pokhari
7443 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Rama Bindha
7444 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ramachandrapur
7445 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Ratanga
7446 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Rautara Pur
7447 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Rukunadeipur
7448 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sabara Pur
7449 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sadeipada
7450 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Salamagadia
7451 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Samian
7452 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sanachandrabhanupur
7453 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sana Habalisahi
7454 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sana Krushanapur
7455 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sangram Pur
7456 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sankharu
7457 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sendhagada
7458 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sribachha Pur
7459 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Srirama Gadia
7460 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Suan
7461 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sudarsanpur
7462 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sugo
7463 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sugopatana
7464 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sukadev Pur
7465 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sunguda
7466 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Sureswar Pur
7467 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tambakhandi
7468 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tambakhandi
7469 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tentulia
7470 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tentuli Aadia
7471 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tilada
7472 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tulamtula
7473 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Tulasi Batia
7474 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Uhada
7475 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Unchadiha
7476 Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur Urunia
7477 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Aaharapada
7478 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Amaragadia
7479 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Ambroli
7480 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Anantapur
7481 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Andheipali
7482 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Apartibindha
7483 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Arnapala
7484 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Asura
7485 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Atto
7486 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bagamara
7487 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Baghurai
7488 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bahadalapur
7489 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bahudarada
7490 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bajetola
7491 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Balajitapada
7492 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Balanta
7493 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Balbhadrapur
7494 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Baliarada
7495 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Banatia
7496 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bandha Gaon
7497 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bania
7498 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Banka
7499 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Baradadihi
7500 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Barala Pokhari
7501 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Baranga
7502 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Barapada
7503 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Basahapur
7504 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Basalpur
7505 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Basuapada
7506 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Basudevpur
7507 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Baudapur
7508 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Beka
7509 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bentala
7510 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Betara
7511 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhabanibindha
7512 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhagawanpur
7513 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhaktibramhapur
7514 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhatatira
7515 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhuinyamahala
7516 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bibhutipur
7517 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bijegangadharpur
7518 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bilabadi
7519 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Biripada
7520 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Bishnupur Bindha
7521 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Brahmapur
7522 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chadheya
7523 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chakabentala
7524 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chakasridharpur
7525 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandanpur
7526 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandigaon
7527 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Charampa
7528 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chhatisabirajapur
7529 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chudangpur
7530 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Chunida
7531 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Dahanasuni
7532 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Daising
7533 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Deula Pala
7534 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Dharmasaranabindha
7535 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Dinari
7536 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Edadei
7537 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Elekha
7538 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Erada
7539 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Erein
7540 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gabasahi
7541 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Ganjamala
7542 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Garadapur
7543 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gelpur
7544 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Geltua
7545 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gobindapur
7546 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gohirani
7547 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gopalbindha
7548 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak GORAMATI
7549 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Gujidarada
7550 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Hamirabindha
7551 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Haripur
7552 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Haripur
7553 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Harishankarpur
7554 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Isapafapur
7555 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jagadalapur
7556 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jagannath Pur
7557 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jagannath Pur
7558 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jalanga
7559 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jamugadia
7560 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jayarampur
7561 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jharasara
7562 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jiragambhira
7563 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Jitanaga
7564 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kadapata
7565 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kalahandia
7566 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kalei
7567 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kalidaspur
7568 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kantapada
7569 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kantapal
7570 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kasalpur
7571 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kaupur
7572 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kedarapur
7573 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kesapur
7574 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Khanabadi
7575 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Khandatada
7576 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Khirasahi
7577 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Khoradanga
7578 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kodabaruan
7579 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kodagambhira
7580 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Koranta
7581 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Korkara
7582 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kuansa
7583 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kuapada
7584 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kudiamal
7585 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kuntala
7586 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kursinga
7587 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Kusuna Nagar
7588 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Madhusudan Pur
7589 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Maliaruan
7590 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Mathasahi
7591 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Mirzapur
7592 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak MITUANI
7593 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Mulagaon
7594 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nachhipur
7595 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nalang
7596 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nalgara
7597 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nangudi
7598 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Naripur
7599 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nilakantha pur
7600 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Nurupur
7601 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Ogalapur
7602 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Olanga
7603 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Pagada
7604 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Palasinga
7605 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Palli
7606 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Panchapada
7607 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Panibhandar
7608 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Paribindhamarpur
7609 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Paribindha Rasalapur
7610 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Podapada
7611 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Raghupati Bindha
7612 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Rajpur
7613 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Rajuaali Bindha
7614 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Rambhila
7615 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Randhia
7616 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Rangarajpur
7617 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Ranja
7618 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Rautaragadhiaa Patana
7619 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sabaranga
7620 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Saedabada
7621 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sahada
7622 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sahaspur
7623 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Samaraepur
7624 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Samia
7625 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sana Kedarapur
7626 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sankarpur
7627 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Santhia
7628 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Saramanga
7629 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sarasatiaa
7630 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sargadia
7631 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Serpur
7632 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak SINGADA
7633 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sirapur
7634 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Srirampur
7635 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sukanalia
7636 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Sushiladeipur
7637 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Susuaa
7638 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tagira
7639 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Talanga
7640 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tankuni
7641 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Taragana
7642 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tentuligadia
7643 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Thorada
7644 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tigiria
7645 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi
7646 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Tisalpur
7647 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Toranapada
7648 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhadrak Ukura
7649 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Aadama Pur
7650 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Aakuli Kana
7651 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Aaliha
7652 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Agei Behera
7653 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Akhua Pada
7654 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ananta Pur
7655 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Angara Gadia
7656 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Arei Kana
7657 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Babala Pur
7658 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bada Basanta
7659 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Badakanta Pada
7660 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Badakoli padi
7661 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Badanapanga
7662 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Badarama pur
7663 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bada Sasan
7664 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Baghamara
7665 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bahadala Pur
7666 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bahadula Nagar
7667 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bai gadia
7668 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bali Pokhari
7669 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bali Pur
7670 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bandalo
7671 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Banipadi
7672 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bankamuhan
7673 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Baraha Nuapada
7674 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bayanbana Padi
7675 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bela Gadia
7676 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Beni Pur
7677 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bhagada
7678 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bhatana
7679 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bhutia
7680 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bimbala Bara
7681 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bindhana
7682 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Birabhadra
7683 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Biridi
7684 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Biroli
7685 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bishnupur
7686 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Biswala Sasan
7687 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Bramhapur
7688 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Chandrabhanu Pur
7689 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Chatrubhujapur
7690 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Chhachina
7691 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari CHINGUDIPUR
7692 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Dadeswar
7693 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Dakshinabada
7694 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Damodar Pur
7695 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Deopada
7696 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Deula Padi
7697 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Dollagobinda pur
7698 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Fatepur
7699 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Fatepur
7700 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Gandharba Bindha
7701 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Gilapadi
7702 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Gopalpur
7703 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Guhalia
7704 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Hajipur
7705 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Haripur Bindha
7706 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Helapur
7707 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jagannath Prasad
7708 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jagannathpur
7709 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jalahari
7710 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jalamandua
7711 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jamini Bindha
7712 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Janagadia
7713 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jasotikiri
7714 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jayapur
7715 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jhutana
7716 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Joragadia
7717 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Jora Gadia
7718 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kanti
7719 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kapila
7720 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Karanji Gunapur
7721 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kesa pur
7722 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Khadasinga
7723 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Khapira Pada
7724 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Khariji Kodagaon
7725 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Khariji Piripur
7726 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kobera Gadia
7727 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kodiganbindha
7728 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kodigaon
7729 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kodigaon Bindha No-2
7730 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Koli Gadia
7731 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Korakara
7732 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kotasira
7733 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kulana
7734 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kumbharia
7735 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Kurikana
7736 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Laxmisagar
7737 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Madhiali
7738 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mahisagadia
7739 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mahura
7740 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Majuri Gadia
7741 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Malada
7742 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Malipadi
7743 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mandara Gadia
7744 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Maninatha Pur
7745 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Manohar Pur
7746 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Manta Gadia
7747 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Manta Pur
7748 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Masana
7749 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mirahasana Pur
7750 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mituani
7751 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mobarakpur
7752 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mohammad Pur
7753 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Mudha Pada
7754 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Naguan
7755 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nama Kana
7756 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nami
7757 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nando
7758 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Napanga
7759 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Narayan pur
7760 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nenti Pur
7761 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nerada
7762 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Neulia
7763 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Niladri
7764 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nirgundi
7765 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nouranga Pur
7766 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nuapokhari
7767 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nuapokhari
7768 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nunapadi
7769 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Nuru Pur
7770 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ohabpur
7771 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Olla
7772 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Padinaryanpur
7773 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Pahi Mahura
7774 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Panasa
7775 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Parbati
7776 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Patalasinga
7777 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Patuli
7778 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Piriji Pur
7779 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Piri Pur
7780 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Purasttam Pur
7781 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Puri Pada
7782 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Radho
7783 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Raghunath Pur
7784 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Rahanian
7785 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Rajendra Pur
7786 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Rajendra Pur
7787 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ramchandrapur
7788 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ram Pur
7789 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ranipada
7790 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Ranjeet
7791 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Rebo
7792 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sahu Madha Gadia
7793 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Samamasa Doulata pur
7794 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sampoi
7795 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sanabanka Muhan
7796 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sana Sasan
7797 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari San Banasta
7798 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sankhula
7799 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sarada Pur
7800 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sarapada
7801 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sarasada
7802 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sarifpur
7803 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Saro
7804 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sasana
7805 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Satasola
7806 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sathagaon
7807 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sialia
7808 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sibabindha
7809 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Similia
7810 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Solapur
7811 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Sollama Pur
7812 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Surubana
7813 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Talapada
7814 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Talasitha
7815 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Telipadi
7816 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Tentulia
7817 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Tesinga
7818 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Thaila
7819 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Tikara
7820 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Tulapadi
7821 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Tulasi Pur
7822 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Utara Bada
7823 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bhandaripokhari Uttara Gadia
7824 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Aadia
7825 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Adhalpanka
7826 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ajana Gadia
7827 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Alamanga
7828 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Alauti
7829 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ampora
7830 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Anadhua
7831 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Andhia
7832 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Anijo
7833 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth APANDA
7834 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Aptirasarangi
7835 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Aranji
7836 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bada Barchikanyan
7837 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Badabar Gadhia
7838 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Badahata Trilochan Pur
7839 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Badamahisagotha
7840 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bada Sandado
7841 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Badhi Gadia
7842 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bagada Kashipur
7843 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bahadala Pur
7844 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Baipur
7845 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bali Gadia
7846 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Balikana
7847 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Balipur
7848 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Balipur
7849 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Balo
7850 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bana Pinjara
7851 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bangarapadi
7852 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bankatira
7853 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bantala
7854 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Baradharia
7855 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barakona
7856 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barapada
7857 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barapadi
7858 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barapadi
7859 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barham Pur
7860 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Barungadhia
7861 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Basantia
7862 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Begana
7863 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Belagadia
7864 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Belda
7865 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bhagaram
7866 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bhandargadia
7867 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bharasinghpur
7868 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Binayakpur
7869 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bincha
7870 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Biridihi
7871 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bisalakana
7872 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bodaka Muajiba
7873 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bodaka Patana
7874 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bonth
7875 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Bramha Pur
7876 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chainpur
7877 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chakachina Mali
7878 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chakrapadhi
7879 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chandipur
7880 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Charigaon
7881 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Charigharia
7882 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Charipokharia
7883 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chhayalasing
7884 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Chinamali
7885 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dandabati Tanki
7886 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dando
7887 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Debata Gadia
7888 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dhanaghara
7889 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dhaniojha
7890 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dhoba Talia
7891 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dolapadi
7892 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dolapadi
7893 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Dolapadi
7894 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Erajhatia
7895 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Erendei
7896 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Erendei
7897 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Fula Gadia
7898 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gajendra Pur
7899 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gandagara
7900 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gandakura
7901 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ganijanga
7902 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gavarapur
7903 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gavigadia
7904 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ghantgadhia
7905 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gharpada
7906 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Giridhari Nagar
7907 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gobinda Pur
7908 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gohira
7909 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gohira Padi
7910 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gopala Pur
7911 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Gopinathpur
7912 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Govindapur
7913 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Haladi Pahani
7914 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Haripur
7915 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Hasinpur
7916 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Hata Diha
7917 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Itua
7918 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Jagannath pur
7919 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Jasobanta Pur
7920 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Jayasinghpur
7921 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Jirina
7922 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kadabaranga
7923 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kalapahada
7924 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kandaba
7925 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kandara Gadia
7926 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kantia
7927 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kanti Gadia
7928 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Karandigadia
7929 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Katina
7930 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Khajurigadia
7931 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Khallagadia
7932 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kotagadia
7933 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kuanrada
7934 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kuansa Madhia
7935 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kumbhakarala
7936 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kumbharia
7937 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kundala
7938 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kundi
7939 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kusumanagar
7940 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Kusun Pur
7941 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Mahantia
7942 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Mahula Gadia
7943 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Malatira
7944 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Manguli
7945 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Manhar Pur
7946 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Manohar Pur
7947 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Markandapur
7948 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Mohana pur
7949 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Mohanti Pada
7950 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Mundali
7951 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nahoo
7952 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nalapur
7953 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nalitagadia
7954 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Narajpur
7955 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Narasinghpur
7956 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Narayanpur
7957 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nari Pur
7958 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Niloka
7959 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nimagadhia
7960 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nimapada
7961 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nimbagadhia
7962 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nirmala Pur
7963 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Nuapokhari
7964 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Odanga
7965 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Oladanga
7966 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Olam
7967 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Pachhatira
7968 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Padajhada
7969 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Padakana
7970 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Padhanpada
7971 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Padi
7972 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Padia Pada
7973 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Pahadpur
7974 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Palasa
7975 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Palasa Gadia
7976 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Panapadi
7977 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Pandado
7978 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Pangirasasan
7979 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Panichhatra
7980 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Para Bandha
7981 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Paramananda Pur
7982 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Patakana
7983 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Pata Pur
7984 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Poda patana
7985 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Purushanda
7986 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Purusottompur
7987 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Radhanagar
7988 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Raghunathpur
7989 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Raghunathpur
7990 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Raintira
7991 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Rajanagar (Mangalpur)
7992 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ramachandra Pur
7993 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ramakrushnapur
7994 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ram Pur
7995 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth RAMPUR
7996 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ranipur
7997 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Ratana Pur
7998 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Rautara Gadia
7999 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Rautarapur
8000 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sahadagadia
8001 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sahada Palli
8002 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sahupada
8003 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sakhipatna
8004 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Salakania
8005 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sanabarchikayan
8006 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sanasandado
8007 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Saramara
8008 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Saripala
8009 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sathatira
8010 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sendatira
8011 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sialia
8012 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Silandi
8013 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Sribantapur
8014 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Srirampur
8015 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Suangadia
8016 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Suanpada
8017 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Taiguna
8018 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tajpur
8019 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Talabanka
8020 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Talapada
8021 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tarago
8022 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Telanati
8023 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tikara
8024 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tillo
8025 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Todanga
8026 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Totasahi
8027 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Trikana
8028 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tulipada
8029 Bhadrak Bhadrak Bonth Tunda
8030 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Amara Nagar
8031 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ambiligaon
8032 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ambulo
8033 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ananda Pur
8034 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Andiapata
8035 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ankapada
8036 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Anugruha Pur
8037 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Aradi
8038 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Badaharipur
8039 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bada itagotha
8040 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bada Ostia
8041 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bada Pipala
8042 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Badarupa
8043 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Badasamuka Bhedi
8044 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Badasinghapur
8045 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bada Tilanchi
8046 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baghakolha
8047 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bagha Nata
8048 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bahu
8049 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baincha
8050 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bajarapur
8051 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bajarapur
8052 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balabhadra Prasad
8053 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balabhadra Prasad
8054 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balabhadrapur sasan
8055 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balasahi
8056 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baliapala
8057 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baliara Pur
8058 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baligaon
8059 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balighai
8060 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bali Kuri
8061 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balipada
8062 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Balisahi
8063 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Banchhanidhipur
8064 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bandiarisahi
8065 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bankamuhana
8066 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bansada
8067 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Banuasahi
8068 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Barakolha
8069 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Barehinpur
8070 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Barola
8071 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Batitanki
8072 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Batola
8073 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Baulajoda
8074 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Begunia
8075 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Benichua
8076 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bentalpur
8077 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bhatapada
8078 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bhejiadia
8079 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bhimapur
8080 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bhuinbruti
8081 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bhuin Pur
8082 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bidyutprabha
8083 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bijayanagar
8084 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bijayapatana
8085 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bijipur
8086 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bijipur
8087 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bijipur
8088 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bintara
8089 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Biriadia
8090 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bishnupur
8091 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bishrampur
8092 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Biswali
8093 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Biswanathpur
8094 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Bodak
8095 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Brahmatikiri
8096 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali BuruJala
8097 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chadadia
8098 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chalunia
8099 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chandabali
8100 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chandakuda
8101 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chandanpur
8102 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chandrasekharapur
8103 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chasakhanda
8104 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chhatrapada
8105 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chhedaka
8106 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Chianipahi
8107 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Coconut Island
8108 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dadhibamanapur
8109 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dakshina Damara
8110 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Deobil
8111 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Deuligaon
8112 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dhanakhania
8113 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dhanakuta
8114 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dhirasahi
8115 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dhrubapahalipur
8116 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Dosinga
8117 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Durgapur
8118 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Farasibandha
8119 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Fatepur
8120 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gachhaadia
8121 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gadakolha
8122 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gangadharpur
8123 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gangadharpurpatna
8124 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Garadapur
8125 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Garipur
8126 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ghanteswara
8127 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Ghatapur
8128 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gobindapur
8129 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gobindapur
8130 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Goladia
8131 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gopalapur
8132 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gopinathpur
8133 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gopinathpur
8134 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Goudunipokhara
8135 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gouradeipur
8136 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Gouraprasad
8137 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Guanla
8138 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Guansola
8139 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Haladia
8140 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Harekrushnapur
8141 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Harichandanpur
8142 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Haripur
8143 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Harishapur
8144 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Hatapur
8145 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Hengupati
8146 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Hrudaya Prasad
8147 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Itua
8148 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jagannath Prasad
8149 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jagannathpur
8150 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jagula
8151 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jaladharpur
8152 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jaleswarpur
8153 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Janakadeipur
8154 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jantuali
8155 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jasipur
8156 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jayadurga Patna
8157 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jayakrushnapur
8158 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jenapur
8159 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jhadakata
8160 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jharapada
8161 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jogipokhari
8162 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Junuda
8163 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jyotisinghapur
8164 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Jyotsanamayee
8165 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kaduanashi
8166 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kaithakhola
8167 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kakharudihi
8168 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kaliapata
8169 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kalibindha
8170 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kamal Pada
8171 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kamalpur
8172 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kanakapalli
8173 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kanaka Prasada
8174 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kandagaradi
8175 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kandha
8176 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kandiasahi
8177 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Karanapalli
8178 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Karanapokhari
8179 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Karandimala
8180 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Karanjamala
8181 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kasturikana
8182 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kaudiapala
8183 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kaupuni
8184 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kesarapur
8185 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Khadalapokhari
8186 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Khakadakolha
8187 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Khamarasahi
8188 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Khamarasahi
8189 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Khatuapatana
8190 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kheranga
8191 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kishore Prasad
8192 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kismat
8193 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Koilekha
8194 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Krushnaprasad
8195 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Krushnapur
8196 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kuamara
8197 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kuanrasara
8198 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kuanrikanthi
8199 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kudakanthi
8200 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kuleipada
8201 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kulhi
8202 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kuliadia
8203 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kulibindha
8204 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kusuma
8205 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Kusunpur
8206 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Laxmi Prasad
8207 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Long Wheeler
8208 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Madhapur
8209 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Madhupur
8210 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Mahulia
8211 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Mahulia
8212 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Majhigaon
8213 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Malabada
8214 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Manipur
8215 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Mantapada
8216 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Matto
8217 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Mousuda
8218 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Muan
8219 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Mulakaema
8220 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Murganayani
8221 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nachhipur
8222 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Naikulasahi
8223 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nalagohira
8224 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nalgunda
8225 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nalita gadia
8226 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nandapur
8227 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Narasinghapur
8228 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Narasinghprasad
8229 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Narasinghpurdian
8230 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Narendrapur
8231 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Naugorada
8232 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nayahata
8233 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Neduali
8234 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali NILAMBARANAGAR
8235 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nischinta
8236 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nischintapur
8237 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuagaon
8238 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuagaon
8239 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuagaon
8240 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuagaon
8241 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuagaonichhapur
8242 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Nuasahi
8243 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Olaga
8244 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Oramala
8245 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Orasahi
8246 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Outer Wheeler
8247 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pahadapur
8248 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pahadapur
8249 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pahana
8250 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Paikasahi
8251 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Paikirapur
8252 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Palasapur
8253 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Palatapur
8254 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Panasapada
8255 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Panchapada
8256 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Panchutikiri
8257 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pandita Nilakantha Nagar
8258 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Panduapata
8259 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Panguda
8260 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Paramanandapur
8261 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Patuli
8262 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pithiasandha
8263 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pokharisahi
8264 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pokhari sahi
8265 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Prahyuta Nagar
8266 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Pratappur
8267 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Purastampur
8268 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Purna Prasad
8269 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Purusottampur
8270 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Rabindranagar
8271 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Raipur
8272 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Raja Rajeswari Palli
8273 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Rajendrapalli
8274 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Rajgurupur
8275 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Rameswarpur
8276 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Rampur
8277 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sabitrisarai
8278 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sadanandapur
8279 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sailendrapalli
8280 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sainta
8281 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sampur
8282 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanaharipur
8283 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanaitagotha
8284 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanaostia
8285 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanapanki
8286 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanapimpala
8287 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanasamukabhedi
8288 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanasinghapur
8289 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sanatilanchi
8290 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sankhajodi
8291 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Santapanijharia
8292 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Santara
8293 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Saralapatia
8294 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sarana Ichhapur
8295 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Saraswati
8296 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sarata Prasad
8297 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sasikadeipur
8298 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sasubhuashuni
8299 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sathibankuda
8300 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sendhagada
8301 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Serapur
8302 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Shorts Island
8303 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Shyamadaspur
8304 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Simulia
8305 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Singiti
8306 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sitalapur
8307 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Small Wheeler
8308 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Somapatia
8309 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Subudhia
8310 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sunaripokhari
8311 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Sundarapur
8312 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Talabandha
8313 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tarafaraipur
8314 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tentuliadia
8315 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tentulida
8316 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tentulidadian
8317 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tentulidihi
8318 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Tentulipokhari
8319 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Thokara
8320 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Totapada
8321 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Uttarasahi
8322 Bhadrak Bhadrak Chandbali Utukuda
8323 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Ajmatpur
8324 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Alinagar
8325 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Anahar pur
8326 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Ananda Pur
8327 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Arjunpur
8328 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Astaka
8329 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Asurali
8330 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Baburigaon
8331 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Baghuari
8332 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar BAIDIPUR
8333 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Baikunthi
8334 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Balipada
8335 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Balipatana
8336 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bamkura
8337 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Banasar
8338 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar BANDHA SAHI
8339 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bandhatia
8340 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Baragada
8341 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Batitanki
8342 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bayanga Dihi
8343 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar BedPur
8344 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar BhagabanPur
8345 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bhattasahi
8346 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bidyadhar Pur
8347 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Biruan
8348 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Brahmapur
8349 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chakaspur
8350 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chakua Sahi
8351 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chasakhanda
8352 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chatisbedpur
8353 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chhatisa Samila Nandora
8354 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Chhatrapada
8355 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Daipur
8356 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Daipur Nahabari
8357 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dakhina Bada
8358 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dakhinakorua
8359 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dalanga
8360 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Deula Dihi
8361 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dhamnagar
8362 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dharmagatpur
8363 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dhusuri
8364 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dillo
8365 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dinaja Pur
8366 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dobal
8367 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Dovabil
8368 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Falapur
8369 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Fatepur
8370 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Gadagadi
8371 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Gadiali
8372 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Gohira Pada
8373 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Gothina
8374 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Goudabisi Nuapada
8375 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Govindapur
8376 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Hansa Pur
8377 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Hasana Bad
8378 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Hatiapada
8379 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Hazipur
8380 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar HetamPur
8381 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Hira Rampur
8382 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Ichhadamajfarpur
8383 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Itua
8384 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar JAGANATH BADI
8385 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar JAGANATH SAHI
8386 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jaguli Sahi
8387 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jahangir
8388 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jayanagar
8389 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jayantira
8390 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jaykrushnapur
8391 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Jhardihi
8392 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kakudi Gadia
8393 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kalyani
8394 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kamala Pur
8395 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kanjia Pal
8396 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar KANKARA
8397 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kantada
8398 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kanta Pari
8399 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kantidola
8400 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kantika
8401 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Karada
8402 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kasim Pur
8403 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kasoti
8404 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Katasahi
8405 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kathamunda
8406 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar KELANGA SASAN
8407 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khadimahara
8408 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khadipada
8409 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khapara Pada
8410 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khariji Jhardihi
8411 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khariji Korua
8412 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Korakada
8413 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Korua
8414 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kothar
8415 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Krushnadaspur
8416 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kusuma
8417 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Kuturia
8418 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar LENKASAHI
8419 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Lo Ogera Chhamouza
8420 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Manala Pur
8421 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mankadia
8422 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mirdadpur
8423 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mirija Pur
8424 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mishrapur
8425 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mouda Pur
8426 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mouja Khandi
8427 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar MUNISPATANA
8428 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Mustafa Pur
8429 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nachhipur
8430 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nadiali
8431 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nadigaon
8432 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Narasinghpur
8433 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Narayan Pur
8434 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nasala Pur
8435 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nenjara
8436 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nidhibindha
8437 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nua Pokhari
8438 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Nunia
8439 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Pachhalo
8440 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Padhani
8441 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Pahada Pur
8442 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Palasa
8443 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Palasahi
8444 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Palkiri
8445 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Pangata
8446 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Paramanandapur
8447 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Patri Bindha
8448 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Patrisahi
8449 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Patuli
8450 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Patulia
8451 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Piteipur
8452 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Pokharia
8453 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Purusottampur Bindha
8454 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Radhaballav Pur
8455 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Raghunath Pur
8456 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Raipur
8457 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Rameswar Pur
8458 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sahabajpur
8459 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sahasa Pur
8460 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Salampur
8461 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Samapur
8462 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sanala Pur
8463 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sarapur
8464 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sarei Chudakuti
8465 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sayada Jafar
8466 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Siva Pur
8467 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sodha
8468 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sohada
8469 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Solagaon
8470 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sorisadihi
8471 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sriganga
8472 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Srirampur
8473 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sujansinghpur
8474 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sukadeba Hosena
8475 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Sukadeba Pur
8476 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Suryapur
8477 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Swamipatana
8478 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Talapada
8479 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Talapada samil chaka Ichhapur
8480 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Tampala
8481 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Tentuligaon
8482 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Torabantia
8483 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Uahasahi
8484 Bhadrak Bhadrak Dhamnagar Uttei Pur
8485 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Achaka
8486 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Agiria
8487 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Alala
8488 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Amara Pur
8489 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Amruta Pur
8490 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Anantapur
8491 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Andarei
8492 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Arasa
8493 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Arjuna Bindha
8494 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Aruha
8495 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Babana Bindha
8496 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Badagola
8497 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bada Nahuni Pala
8498 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bahabal Pur
8499 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Baharpal
8500 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Baibala
8501 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bali Chatara
8502 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Balidandi
8503 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Balidandi Dian
8504 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bara Batia
8505 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Barada
8506 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Barasar
8507 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Barika Bindha
8508 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Barika Pur
8509 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Baro
8510 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Barunei
8511 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Belana
8512 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bhanu Pur
8513 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bhatapada
8514 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bhuyanbati Tanki
8515 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bidyadhar Pur
8516 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Birabara Pur
8517 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bodaka
8518 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bodaka Sasan
8519 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Bodhapur
8520 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Budanga
8521 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chabis pada
8522 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chaka Agiria
8523 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chanda Pur
8524 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chandrakata Bindha
8525 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chari Taraf
8526 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Chhatrapada
8527 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Daha pania
8528 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Dapa
8529 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Darapur
8530 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Deula
8531 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Dianban siria
8532 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Dohara Sahi
8533 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Dolasahi
8534 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Doulata Pur
8535 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Dutei Bindha
8536 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Fakir Pur
8537 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Fatepur
8538 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gadadhar Pur
8539 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gajipur
8540 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gobinda Pur
8541 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gola Pokhari
8542 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gopa
8543 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gopala Dohara
8544 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gopala Madhaba
8545 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Guamala
8546 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Gudapala
8547 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Guru Das Pur
8548 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Habuda Singha
8549 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Haladhara Bindha
8550 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Haripur
8551 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Harisingh Pur
8552 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Hatuari
8553 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Indira
8554 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Ishana Pur
8555 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Ishana Pur
8556 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jafara Bada
8557 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jamjodi
8558 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jayapur
8559 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jhinkiria
8560 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jhinkiria
8561 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Jujhara Pur
8562 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kabira Pur
8563 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kain Phulia
8564 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kalimegha
8565 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kamaria
8566 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanatia
8567 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanchan Pur
8568 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kandapur
8569 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kandaragadhia
8570 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanhei Bindha
8571 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanhupur
8572 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kankada Dadha
8573 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanpada
8574 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kanpada Bindha
8575 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Karadi Pal
8576 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kashindi Pur
8577 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kashipur
8578 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kasoti
8579 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kesharpur Dian
8580 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Khadijanal
8581 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Khedara Pur
8582 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kolha
8583 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kuanrchatar
8584 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kubera
8585 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Kurtibasha Pur
8586 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Laxmiprasad
8587 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Madhapur
8588 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Madhupur
8589 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Maharam Pur
8590 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mal Pur
8591 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mamani Pur
8592 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mangala Pur
8593 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mangaraj Pur
8594 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mirija Pur
8595 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Mukunda Pur
8596 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Musanga
8597 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nachhibindha
8598 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nanda Kandarpa
8599 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nandapur
8600 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nandora
8601 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Narasingha Pur
8602 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Narendrapur
8603 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nauria Pokhari
8604 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nilakantha Pur
8605 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nimei Sahi
8606 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nischinta Pur
8607 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nuabandha
8608 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nuagaon
8609 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nuananda
8610 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Nuasahi
8611 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Orada
8612 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Orali
8613 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Pahadi Sahi
8614 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Palia Bindha
8615 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Radhanga
8616 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Rajnagar
8617 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sadananda Pur
8618 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sadara Balia
8619 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sahapur
8620 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Samantaripur
8621 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sana Nahuni Pala
8622 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sandaka Pur
8623 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sankara pur
8624 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Santara Pur
8625 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Santhapura
8626 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sapanibindha
8627 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sasan Khasa
8628 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Satibati
8629 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sati Uti
8630 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Saya
8631 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sena Bada
8632 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Shyamasundar Pur
8633 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sindola
8634 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Sridhar Pur
8635 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Taladapa
8636 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Tala Dumuka
8637 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Talagopa
8638 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Tala Kanpada
8639 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Talapada
8640 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Talapgopa Bindha
8641 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Tarachanda Bindha
8642 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Tuvi
8643 Bhadrak Bhadrak Tihidi Upara Dumuka
8644 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Aaden Dunguri
8645 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Aaenlapali
8646 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Aagalpur
8647 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Amaramunda
8648 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Ambajharana
8649 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Asuramunda
8650 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Babupali
8651 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Babuphasada
8652 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Badatika
8653 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Badipali
8654 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bagajhola
8655 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Baiganakhari
8656 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bakati
8657 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bandabahala
8658 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Banga Bahala
8659 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Banjipali
8660 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bendara
8661 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bhalupali
8662 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bharasuja
8663 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bhoyepali
8664 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Bindhapali
8665 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Budula
8666 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Burobhadi
8667 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Buromunda
8668 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Chhela Khai
8669 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Chungidadar
8670 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Danipali
8671 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Darlipali
8672 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Dengajori
8673 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Dhaura Dadar
8674 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Duduka
8675 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Duduka Munda
8676 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Dumera Pali
8677 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Dunguri Pali
8678 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Fatamunda
8679 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur GandaPali
8680 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur GandaPali
8681 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Ghuchepali
8682 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Gudimunda
8683 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Guhira Munda
8684 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Guhira Padar
8685 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Gunduru Munda
8686 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Haladipadara
8687 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Harabhanga
8688 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Ingasa
8689 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Jemapali
8690 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Jhankarpali
8691 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Jharanipali
8692 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Jharbandhali
8693 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Jharbandhali
8694 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur kajharana
8695 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kalasara
8696 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kanthipali
8697 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Karakachia
8698 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Karana Pali
8699 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Karlajharana
8700 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kasei Pali
8701 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kendumundi
8702 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Khalia Pali
8703 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Khalia Pali
8704 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Khalia Pali
8705 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Khuntuli munda
8706 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kudopali
8707 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Kuta Singa
8708 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Larambha Munda
8709 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Latasara
8710 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Laxmanapali
8711 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Lohara Munda
8712 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Mahakhanda
8713 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Mahula Pali
8714 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Manupali
8715 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Manupali
8716 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Mundapali
8717 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Murasunda
8718 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Naagaon
8719 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Naagaon
8720 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Nuapali
8721 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Nunia Pali
8722 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Pandakitala
8723 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Panderi Dunguri
8724 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Pandesara
8725 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Patharamunda
8726 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Patua pali
8727 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Phasad
8728 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Podhapali
8729 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Pudapadar
8730 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rabana Guda
8731 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rafakhal
8732 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rampur
8733 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rampur
8734 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Ranga Diha
8735 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rengali
8736 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Rinabachan
8737 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Roth
8738 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Sahaj Chhapar
8739 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Salebhata
8740 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Sale Dunguri
8741 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Sanatika
8742 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Sankhua
8743 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Sansa
8744 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Saradhapali
8745 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Simili Munda
8746 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Telenapali
8747 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Tentelkhunti
8748 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Tentuli Gaon
8749 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Uchabahala
8750 Bolangir Balangir Agalpur Upara Bahala
8751 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Aadendunguri
8752 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Aanenla Chuan
8753 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ammamunda
8754 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Asuradunguri
8755 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bada Telena
8756 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Badhanaghora
8757 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Badighora
8758 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Baga Bhadi
8759 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Baghala
8760 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Baghapali
8761 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Baidipali
8762 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Banakeda
8763 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Banghi Udara
8764 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Baragaon
8765 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Barakani
8766 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Barakani
8767 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Barakani
8768 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Barapita
8769 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Barapudugia
8770 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Basupali
8771 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Beniapali
8772 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bhainsa
8773 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bhanapur
8774 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bhundi Muhana
8775 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bhutiarabahala
8776 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bidighata
8777 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bijakhamana
8778 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bijilimunda
8779 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Biramunda
8780 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bishnu Munda
8781 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bolangir Ga
8782 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bolangir Ka
8783 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Bolangir Kha
8784 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Chandan Bhati
8785 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Chantimunda
8786 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Chareimara
8787 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Chikhalabahala
8788 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Chudapali
8789 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dabakani
8790 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Danga Ghata
8791 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Daupali
8792 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhamanasara
8793 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhauradadar
8794 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhoda Mahula
8795 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhubaudara
8796 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhulusara
8797 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dhumamara
8798 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Duanapali
8799 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dudukasira
8800 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dumera Pali
8801 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Dumera Pita
8802 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Fasada
8803 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Fatakara
8804 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Fuljharana
8805 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Gandarela
8806 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Garjana
8807 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Gedabanji
8808 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ghusuradugunri
8809 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ghutupali
8810 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Hadratal
8811 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Haripali
8812 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Janakapur
8813 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Jhankarapali
8814 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Jhareibahala
8815 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Jirata Mala
8816 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kaakhala
8817 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kaangaon
8818 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kalasaye Pali
8819 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kalijharana
8820 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kanakapura
8821 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kankara
8822 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Karlapita
8823 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Karlapita
8824 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kerameli
8825 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khagasa Bahala
8826 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khaira Pali
8827 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khaliapali
8828 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kharlikani
8829 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khasabahala
8830 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khujena Pali
8831 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Khutapali
8832 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kirabahala
8833 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kodasingha
8834 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kota
8835 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kundapani
8836 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kundapathara
8837 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kuten silata
8838 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kuthurla
8839 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kutumadola
8840 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Kutura Pali
8841 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Larkipali
8842 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Madhipali
8843 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Manahira
8844 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Mankada Chuan
8845 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Mayabara
8846 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Mirdhapali
8847 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Naikana Pali
8848 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Naranapur
8849 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Narayanapur
8850 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Nuapada
8851 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Nuniadhipa
8852 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir PakhanaChepa
8853 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Pandar pita
8854 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Pipal Kani
8855 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Pratappur
8856 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Prataprudrapur
8857 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Rabanaguda
8858 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Rajamunda
8859 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ramsingha
8860 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ranipali
8861 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Rinabachan
8862 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sadaipali
8863 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sahajabahala
8864 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sakama
8865 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Salepali
8866 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Salepali
8867 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sana Delena
8868 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Saragada Pali
8869 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sarasapita
8870 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sauntamunda
8871 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Semelia
8872 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sialabahali
8873 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sibatala
8874 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sikachida
8875 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sinakhamana
8876 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sindura Bahala
8877 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Sirisa
8878 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Talajharana
8879 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Talapali
8880 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Tulandi
8881 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Tusura Bahala
8882 Bolangir Balangir Bolangir Ucha Bahala
8883 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Aanila Pali
8884 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Amaghata
8885 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Amba Dahana
8886 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Antarla
8887 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Apamara
8888 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Arda
8889 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Arjunpur
8890 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Babijora
8891 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bada Bahala
8892 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Badabandha
8893 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Badadunguri Pali
8894 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Badhia Munda
8895 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bagada
8896 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bagadola
8897 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bahali
8898 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bairagipali
8899 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Balara Pali
8900 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bandhapada
8901 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bandhapada
8902 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bandhapali
8903 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Banji Bahali
8904 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Banjipali
8905 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bankiamunda
8906 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Baraghati
8907 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Baraha Kuna
8908 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Barakani
8909 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bhalukunda
8910 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bhima Dunguri
8911 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Bilasapur
8912 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Brahmanijora
8913 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Brahmani Pali
8914 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Brahmani Pali
8915 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Budabahala
8916 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Budela Guma
8917 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Chandrapur
8918 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Chata Pipala
8919 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Chipakani
8920 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Choramara
8921 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Dahimala
8922 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Dangara Pada
8923 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Deogaon
8924 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Desanda
8925 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Dhandamala
8926 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Dumerajora
8927 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Dumerapita
8928 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gadadwara
8929 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gaelapita
8930 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gai Bahala
8931 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gailapita
8932 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gambharimala
8933 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gaudagotha
8934 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ghatula
8935 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ghatula Dunguri
8936 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ghuchepali
8937 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Gudakhapala
8938 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Hatisara
8939 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Hirlimala
8940 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Jalia
8941 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Jamajharana
8942 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Jarasingha
8943 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Jhikenramala
8944 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Jurlakani
8945 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kacharapali
8946 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kankapur
8947 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Karuanjhara
8948 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Katapali
8949 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kendu Ghata
8950 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Khairagora
8951 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Khakasi Kana
8952 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Khalipali
8953 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kharasela Dunguri
8954 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kuburimahula
8955 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kuhimunda
8956 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kukura Khai
8957 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kulata Pada
8958 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kulia Bahala
8959 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kumariya
8960 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kundei Mala
8961 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Kuturla
8962 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Landapathar
8963 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Laxmanpur
8964 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Luhakhana
8965 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Luhuren Pali
8966 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Madhupur
8967 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Mahalei
8968 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Makunda Pur
8969 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Matupali
8970 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Mohammadpur
8971 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Mundapala
8972 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Murasingha
8973 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Naikensira
8974 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Nuapali
8975 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Padmapur
8976 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Palasa Khanda
8977 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Pandela
8978 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Paruabhadi
8979 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Phalasa Padar
8980 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Phatamunda
8981 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Pilati Mahula
8982 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Pipala padar
8983 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Puruna Pani
8984 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Raepali
8985 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ramchandrapur
8986 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ratakhandi
8987 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Ratnapur
8988 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Rengali
8989 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Rugudipali
8990 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Rugudi Pali
8991 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sagara Pali
8992 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Salepali
8993 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sandhijora
8994 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sarasa Bahal
8995 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sarasamala
8996 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sargipali
8997 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Satighata
8998 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sikunan
8999 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Siletakani
9000 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Singhahati Mala
9001 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Singha Munda
9002 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sira Bahala
9003 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Siyala Jora
9004 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Sunari Jori
9005 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Talapali
9006 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Tangurupadar
9007 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Telabali
9008 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Teparena
9009 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Thalabandha
9010 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Udara
9011 Bolangir Balangir Deogaon Uparajhara
9012 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Agalapali
9013 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Ambapali
9014 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Antapali
9015 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Babaja
9016 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bachhorpali
9017 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Badibahal
9018 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Badimunda
9019 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Badipali
9020 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bagdia
9021 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bagdunguri
9022 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Banipali
9023 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Banjari
9024 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Banjipali
9025 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bardol
9026 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Barkani
9027 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Belpali
9028 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bhadra
9029 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bhalia Munda
9030 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bhalu Pali
9031 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bhoipali
9032 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bianrpali
9033 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Bijapati
9034 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Birkel
9035 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Brahmani Dunguri
9036 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Brahmani Pali
9037 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Budabahal
9038 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Budel Bahali
9039 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Budhipadar
9040 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Burda
9041 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Buromunda
9042 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha ChhataBahal
9043 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Chhelbahal
9044 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Dandapani
9045 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Dholmahul
9046 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Dumdumi
9047 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Dumerjharan
9048 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Dunguripali
9049 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Falsamal
9050 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Fatabahal
9051 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Fatamunda
9052 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Gerdi
9053 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Ghungi
9054 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Ghusura Munda
9055 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Gopalpur
9056 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Gurji Bhata
9057 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Hirapur
9058 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Jamjuri
9059 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Jamutia
9060 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Jharamunda
9061 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Jogisarda
9062 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kadalipali
9063 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kaindapali
9064 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kandajuri
9065 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha KapilBahal
9066 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Karlipat
9067 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Katapali
9068 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Keuti Pali
9069 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha KhairPali
9070 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Khalipali
9071 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kharamunda
9072 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kumiapali
9073 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kushang
9074 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kushmel
9075 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kutenpali
9076 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Kuturapali
9077 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Lanka Bahal
9078 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Latsar
9079 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Loisingha
9080 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Luchaki Bahal
9081 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Luhurapali
9082 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Magurbeda
9083 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Maharpali
9084 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Mahar pali
9085 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Manasa Pali
9086 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Mandia Padar
9087 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Negipali
9088 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Pandarani
9089 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Panesara
9090 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Paradhia Pali
9091 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Paradhia Pali
9092 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Patharkhandi
9093 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Pipili
9094 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Pipili Pali
9095 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Podhmund
9096 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Rabanguda
9097 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Raghupadar
9098 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Ranipali
9099 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Ratakhandi
9100 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Rengali
9101 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sadhu pali
9102 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Salatara pali
9103 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sanajhankar pali
9104 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Saras Munda
9105 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sargad
9106 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha SemelMunda
9107 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sial Bahali
9108 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Singhanimunda
9109 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sujia
9110 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Sunaripali
9111 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Tabalbanji
9112 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Tali Udar
9113 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Taljuri
9114 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Tebha Dunguri
9115 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Tentulikhunti
9116 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Thakurapali
9117 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Uchhabapali
9118 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha Uparbahal
9119 Bolangir Balangir Loisingha UparUdar
9120 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Aaenlapali
9121 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Aamthimunda
9122 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Ainlasari
9123 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Ainlasari
9124 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Ankariapadar
9125 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Arjunda
9126 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Atagaon
9127 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Badanakata
9128 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Badburkabahal
9129 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bahalapadar
9130 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bahalbuka
9131 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bairasar
9132 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Banabahal
9133 Bolangir Balangir Puintala bandhan bahal
9134 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bandhapada
9135 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Barandabahal
9136 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bargaon
9137 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Beherapali
9138 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Belbahali
9139 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Belbahali
9140 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bhadrapali
9141 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bhainsapali
9142 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bhaler
9143 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bharatbahal
9144 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bhursipali
9145 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bichhupali
9146 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bihibandh
9147 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bijabahali
9148 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bilaisarda
9149 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bileikani
9150 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Brahmaniplai
9151 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Brahmaniplai
9152 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Bubel
9153 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Budhisindol
9154 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Burobhadi
9155 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chandrapur
9156 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Charbahali
9157 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Charpali
9158 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chemtala
9159 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Cherengabahali
9160 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chhakodimal
9161 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chhatamakhana
9162 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chhatapipal
9163 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Chichindapali
9164 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Dahimal
9165 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Daspur
9166 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Duhel
9167 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Dumerbahal
9168 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Dumerpali
9169 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Durgapali
9170 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Gadaramunda
9171 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Gadatiamunda
9172 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Gaintala
9173 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Gandabahal
9174 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Jaljad
9175 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Jaljadpali
9176 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Jamgaon
9177 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Jamsar
9178 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Janipali
9179 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Jharbalangir
9180 Bolangir Balangir Puintala junapadar
9181 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kadalipali
9182 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kalibhana
9183 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kalijharan
9184 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kandagad
9185 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kandapali
9186 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kandeigad
9187 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kanheimunda
9188 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kankaria
9189 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kankaria
9190 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kasabahal
9191 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kasrupali
9192 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kesarkela
9193 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Khairmal
9194 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Khaliapali
9195 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Khamarmunda
9196 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kharjura
9197 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kulerbahali
9198 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kulthipali
9199 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kundamal
9200 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kureibhana
9201 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kurlupali
9202 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kurul
9203 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Kutenpali
9204 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Lakhapali
9205 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Lastala
9206 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Leaderbahal
9207 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Lepta
9208 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Lokapada
9209 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mahadevpali
9210 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mahimunda
9211 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Malamunda
9212 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mangalamunda
9213 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mangalapali
9214 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mehermunda
9215 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mendhipali
9216 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Michhapali
9217 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Motijharia
9218 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Mundapala
9219 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Nagapali
9220 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Naikenpali
9221 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Niljipali
9222 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Nuapali
9223 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Odiapali
9224 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Padiabahal
9225 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Padmapur
9226 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Pankelbahal
9227 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Patharla
9228 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Phalsapadar
9229 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Phatkara
9230 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Phatkara
9231 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Pipalbahali
9232 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Pipirda
9233 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Podapali
9234 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Puintala
9235 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Raghavapali
9236 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Raksimunda
9237 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Randa
9238 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Ranikata
9239 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sanburkabahal
9240 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sankarbhoji
9241 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sauntpur
9242 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sikabahanga
9243 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Siletpada
9244 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sirabahal
9245 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sudra
9246 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Sundaribhana
9247 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Talgaj
9248 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Talpali
9249 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Tandamunda
9250 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Tendipali
9251 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Thapapali
9252 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Thelkomunda
9253 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Timapali
9254 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Umuria
9255 Bolangir Balangir Puintala Uttarbahal
9256 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Aatgaon
9257 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Amgaon
9258 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Badangomunda
9259 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Badtarakmunda
9260 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Bagbahali
9261 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Bakbahal
9262 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Barla
9263 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Belgaon
9264 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Bhatrapali
9265 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Bhoegura
9266 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Bhuanpada
9267 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Biramunda
9268 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Budhakhaman
9269 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Buromal
9270 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Chandanpali
9271 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Chantipadar
9272 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Chinched
9273 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dahimal
9274 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dangapathar
9275 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Daseimunda
9276 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Demuhana
9277 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Deulgudi
9278 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dhanghara
9279 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dhanpur
9280 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dudunga
9281 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dulikana
9282 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dungibahal
9283 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Dunguripali
9284 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Gambhariguda
9285 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Ganjiagabha
9286 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Gavarasa
9287 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Ghuna
9288 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Gudungamal
9289 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Gudvella
9290 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Gunimunda
9291 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Jambhel
9292 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Jammunda
9293 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Jamut
9294 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Jogimara
9295 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kamasingha
9296 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kandhenbahali
9297 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kanersingha
9298 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kapsila
9299 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Karlakhaman
9300 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kendupadar
9301 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kharda
9302 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kotgaon
9303 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kukedmal
9304 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kulkusam
9305 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kumbharpadar
9306 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Kurebhana
9307 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Lakharpadar
9308 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Lartara
9309 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Likhiria
9310 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Lukapada
9311 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Lurki
9312 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Madhekela
9313 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Madhiapali
9314 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Madhupur
9315 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Mahipur
9316 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Mundapala
9317 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Nagaon
9318 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Narasinghpur
9319 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Nimursingha
9320 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Nuapada
9321 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Pendimunda
9322 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Pipalmunda
9323 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Rahenmal
9324 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Rajkel
9325 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Ranimal
9326 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Raxivata
9327 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Rugudipali
9328 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Rusuda
9329 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Samara
9330 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sandangargaon
9331 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sandhisara
9332 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Santarakmunda
9333 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sargada
9334 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Shasanpali
9335 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sindirabahali
9336 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sindurmunda
9337 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sirabahal
9338 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Sirjapali
9339 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tandigaon
9340 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tarsuguda
9341 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tebadamunda
9342 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tentulikhunti
9343 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tikripada
9344 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tilkamal
9345 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tirchabahal
9346 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Turla
9347 Bolangir Balangir Tusra Tusra
9348 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Aadamunda
9349 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Aanilapali
9350 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Aenlabhata
9351 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Amabanji
9352 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bagadora
9353 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bagaudara
9354 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bahabala
9355 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bahabala
9356 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Balikhamara
9357 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Banamala
9358 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bangomundabahala
9359 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Barabahala
9360 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Barabera
9361 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Beheramunda
9362 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Beijala sagara
9363 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Belapada
9364 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bhalubahali
9365 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bhalukhai
9366 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bharuamunda
9367 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bharuapali
9368 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bhatapara
9369 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bhuliabandha
9370 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bhutungapara
9371 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bichubahali
9372 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Bilaimara
9373 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Budamunda
9374 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Budhabhata
9375 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Chacherabenga
9376 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Chandrapur
9377 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Chikhili
9378 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Chuinnara
9379 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Daharmunda
9380 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dahimala
9381 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dakara
9382 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dangarapada
9383 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dangaratala
9384 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Darlipali
9385 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Debripali
9386 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dhourakhamana
9387 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dhumabhata
9388 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dhungiamunda
9389 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dudukamala
9390 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dumerabahala
9391 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dumeramunda
9392 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dunguriguda
9393 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dunguripali
9394 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Dunguripali
9395 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Fulkani
9396 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Gambhari
9397 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Ghagara
9398 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Ghagarula
9399 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Gidhamala
9400 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Godabhanga
9401 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Guhuriapadar
9402 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Hatakata
9403 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Jaliaa
9404 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Jamajuri
9405 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Jamakhari
9406 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Jhankiripali
9407 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Jharapaphatamunda
9408 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Juba
9409 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kadali
9410 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kandenajhula
9411 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kansapala
9412 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kanut
9413 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kapani
9414 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Karlabahali
9415 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Karlabahali
9416 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Katapali
9417 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kenakeba
9418 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Khairamala
9419 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Khalakhali
9420 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Khalipali
9421 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Khalipathara
9422 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kharabahali
9423 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kharakhara
9424 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kindritala
9425 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kumbharakhuna
9426 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kurenabahala
9427 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Kusakhunta
9428 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Lathakend
9429 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Madhyapur
9430 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Malapara
9431 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Malapara
9432 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Malapara
9433 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Malijhar
9434 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Mandala
9435 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Matikhai
9436 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Munapali
9437 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Mundagaon
9438 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Mundapala
9439 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Mundodarha
9440 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Muribahala
9441 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Nagafena
9442 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Nunahada
9443 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Padmapur
9444 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Palesira
9445 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Pandakimala
9446 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Pandarijora
9447 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Parlimala
9448 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Patrapali
9449 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Radabahala
9450 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Raikhal
9451 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Rengali
9452 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Sagunabhadi
9453 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Salandi
9454 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Saramuhana
9455 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Sargigura
9456 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Sargimunda
9457 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Satachuan
9458 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Semelaplai
9459 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Sihini
9460 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Suanbahala
9461 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Sulekela
9462 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Talabhata
9463 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Tanla
9464 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Tara
9465 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Tentulimunda
9466 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Thodhibahala
9467 Bolangir Patnagarh Belpara Uding
9468 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Ambabahali
9469 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Anakamara
9470 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Andalamundi
9471 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Badagurjibhata
9472 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Badaudena
9473 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Badimala
9474 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bagadia
9475 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bagajharana
9476 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bagamunda
9477 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Baliabahala
9478 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Banakera
9479 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Banamala
9480 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bandanamala
9481 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bandepadar
9482 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Banjipali
9483 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Banjipali
9484 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Baratia
9485 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Behera Pani
9486 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bendara
9487 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bhaluchuan
9488 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bhaludunguri
9489 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bhanapur
9490 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bharuamunda
9491 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bharuamunda
9492 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bharuamunda
9493 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bhatali
9494 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Bheluakhola
9495 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Brahmani
9496 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Budhachhapar
9497 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Budhibahala
9498 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Buromala
9499 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chahakapara
9500 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chancharabhata
9501 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Changharia
9502 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chaulabanji
9503 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chauladia
9504 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chhanchanabahali
9505 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chita Kutana
9506 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Chitikamala
9507 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Choramunda
9508 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Damanimala
9509 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dameipali
9510 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Danamala
9511 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dangia Bahala
9512 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dedaraha
9513 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dhandamunda
9514 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dudukipadar
9515 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dudungadaraha
9516 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Dundela
9517 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Ganbhatali
9518 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Gaudapali
9519 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol Ghagara
9520 Bolangir Patnagarh Khaprakhol